Grudge Match #1-Laura Prepon vs. Nikki Cox by Bob

Laura Prepon arrived at the door about twenty seconds after the gym opened and immediately began stretching. She was wearing a black two piece bikini, her large chest fairly oozing out of the filled-to-overflowing cups.

Then Nikki Cox strutted into the gym and immediately started trash talking, laughing as she said, "I thought you'd be too chicken shit to show."

Nikki continued her taunting as she removed her blouse and slacks, revealing a one piece tiger print suit that showed off all of her voluptuous curves. With a cruel smile, Nikki continued to taunt Laura.

"Looks like you're gonna have to start eating salads because you've got the type of body where you'll gain weight if you don't watch what you eat."

The curvaceous redhead continued to scream at Laura, who had a real struggle to ignore her taunts. However, the more Nikki trash talked, the angrier the taller and heavier redhead got - which was exactly what Nikki wanted the bigger woman to do.

Laura continued stretching, trying not to look at her tormentor for she wanted to give the curvy big mouth a sound beating. Since the first day Nikki appeared on the set as a guest star of "That '70s Show" she'd bad mouthed Laura; making fun of her acting ability, teasing her about the type of body in which she had would required her to always watch her weight and worst of all, telling the young star she looked more masculine than feminine. Finally Laura had enough and challenged Nikki to meet her at the gym where she worked out.

Nikki could see she was getting to the younger celebrity so she continued barking insult after insult. There was no doubt in her mind that she could beat her taller foe, but Nikki was certain that getting Laura so mad she couldn't think straight would make the task even easier. As Nikki continued to insult her, Laura finally lost it and charged Nikki swinging wildly.

Nikki easily blocked the first swing at her head and unleashed a knee to Laura's groin that put her on the floor writhing in pain. Nikki stomped on Laura's right tit, squirting it clear out the top of it's cup as Laura bellowed in agony and rolled away so the slightly shorter redhead couldn't subject her to any further abuse.

Nikki laughed as she walked over to the redheaded giant who was still lying on the gym floor and grabbed a handful of Laura's red hair. She easily lifted Laura up by the hair and, still holding her hair, Nikki smashed her fist into Laura's stomach - twice! After punching Laura in the face once, Nikki released her hair and proudly watched Laura slump to the floor holding her gut.

Laura's cheek was already black and blue where Nikki had blasted her and she slowly rocked back and forth moaning as Nikki reached down to grab her by the hair again. But this time as Nikki bent over, Laura rolled onto her back and kicked up with both feet, smashing them into Nikki's mountainous breasts and crushing her tits between her heels and her own ribcage. Nikki let out a loud moan as she grabbed her boobs and stumbled backward wide-eyed.

Seeing that the beauty with the dark redheaded beauty was stunned, Laura scrambled to her feet and charged, knocking Nikki to the ground. Laura's momentum brought her down as well and the cantankerous redheads quickly locked up as they rolled around on the floor, each trying to wrap their muscular legs around the other in a scissors. After about thirty seconds of jockeying for the advantage, Laura managed to clamp her powerful legs around Nikki's waist in a side scissors. Nikki grimaced and tried to catch her breath as Laura's powerful legs crushed her small waist.

Laura grabbed a handful of Nikki's dark red hair and pulled as she crushed her between her legs. Then she ripped open the front of Nikki's suit and dug her fingers into the shorter redhead's right tit, painfully crushing the fleshy orb and viscously twisting it. Nikki's body twisted and turned wildly, frantically trying to escape Laura's scissors, while at the same time trying to grab Laura's hand to pry the giant redhead's fingers off of her battered tit.

Unable to twist free, Nikki did manage to turn her body slightly so she was facing Laura, then started punching her taller and heavier foe in the stomach repeatedly. Laura grimaced with each blow, but refused to release the vice-like scissors and even mustering the strength to squeeze Nikki's waist harder. Nikki moaned as Laura's scissors began to take a toll on her as her sides ached from the crushing pressure of Laura's powerful legs.

Nikki was beginning to tire and in desperation she raked her nails across Laura's pretty face, drawing blood, then slammed her fist down on Laura's large right boob, flattening it on her chest. Laura yelled and let go of Nikki's tit to shield her own boob and prevent Nikki from landing more punches to the throbbing area. Now, with Laura covering up, Nikki went on the offensive; slamming her left fist down on Laura's left tit, knocking it out of it's cup. Once again, Laura screamed in pain then released her scissors as her body collapsed on the floor.

With Laura's arms crossed over her torso holding her left tit in her right hand and her right tit in her left, Nikki was finally free and able to roll away from her taller foe. She'd seriously underestimated Laura's strength, but now that she knew what Laura could do, she wanted to go on the attack and dish out the punishment that she had planned to give to Laura when she first accepted the challenge.

Nikki got to her feet rubbing her right boob that was still sore from Laura's mauling while Laura slowly rose to her feet still holding her left breast. Before Laura was set, Nikki attacked and landed a hard right to Laura's unprotected right tit. Despite her pain, the taller redhead managed to block a second right aimed at her sore left tit, however, Nikki hit her with a left to her right boob that sent Laura staggering backward.

Nikki chased after Laura, grinning as she started punching Laura's tits with rapid-fire lefts and rights. She trapped Laura against the wall as she landed haymaker after haymaker into Laura's huge globes. Her fists sank deep into Laura's tits with each punishing blow as Laura frantically tried to stop the flow of punches to mount a counterattack. Another hard uppercut to the right breast left Laura screaming out in pain as she dropped to a knee, hunched over covering her tits with both arms in an effort to protect them from further harm.

Nikki bent down, grabbed Laura by her large tits and sank her talons deep into the soft, throbbing mounds of tenderized tit. Still holding Laura by her large melons, the viscous Nikki pulled the taller redhead off the floor to her feet. Laura stood cowering and defenseless, sobbing uncontrollably as her huge tits felt like they were on fire. Nikki released Laura's tits only long enough to drive her knee into Laura's stomach and, as Laura doubled up in pain, Nikki brought her other knee up and flattened Laura's exposed tits. The giant mountains of flesh were crushed between Nikki's knee and Laura's chest. Laura, in a lot of pain, collapsed to the floor holding her aching tits.

Nikki laughed and then resumed the taunting she had been doing all week, "What's the matter tough girl, stomach and chest hurt a little?"

Nikki enjoyed the sight of Laura sobbing in pain on the floor, rubbing her throbbing tits so much that she kicked her in the ribs and then laughed some more as Laura's body bounced and jiggled from the force of the kick. Next Nikki got down on the floor behind Laura and lifted her body slightly so she could wrap her legs around Laura's waist. As she squeezed Laura in the scissors, Nikki laughed and grabbed Laura's hair, pulling until a handful came out.

She reached around Laura's arms and grabbed both tits, As Laura grabbed desperately at her wrists trying to stop her, Nikki slammed Laura's huge tits together making Laura scream again. Then she twisted at Laura's large nipples as she continued to tease, taunt and torment her rival. She pulled one of Laura's tits out from her chest and slapped the side, then did the same to the other breast. Even after all this torture, however, Laura still wouldn't submit - which made Nikki happy. She enjoyed torturing and battering Laura's large tits unmercifully but as she prepared for the next round of torture, Laura let out a yell and drove her head back into Nikki's nose breaking it in a spray of blood!

A stunned Nikki, screamed, "Oh shit!"

She released Laura's tits and grabbed her nose to see how badly it was bleeding. When Nikki saw the blood covering her hands, she released the scissors and rolled over onto her back with her face covered in her own blood.

Laura was still in a lot of pain and she'd taken quite a beating but despite the pain she was in, especially her throbbing breasts, she rolled over on her stomach and slowly got to her knees glaring at her prone foe. Laura slowly stood up, walked over to Nikki, grabbed her by the ankles and raised her legs as high as she could. Then she turned and sank her teeth into Nikki's left ankle. She held the ankle in her teeth several seconds, waiting until she could taste Nikki's blood before releasing the bite. Still holding Nikki's legs high in the air, Laura then bit Nikki's other ankle, again biting until Nikki's ankle was bleeding.

Now the giant redhead was ready to inflict some serious pain and she slammed her foot into Nikki's cunt, causing her to cry out like a wounded animal. Laura laughed at the sound of Nikki's crying as she slammed her foot into Nikki's cunt repeatedly, making Nikki's ass cheeks and breasts bounce as each kick was driven home with mind-numbing force. The kicks were doing a lot of damage to the prettier and more popular Nikki and after Laura's ninth kick, Nikki was totally devastated.

Twisting Nikki's body around and dropping her legs, Laura jumped in the air and came down ass first on Nikki's stomach, knocking the wind out of her. While Nikki gasped and struggled to breathe, Laura ripped off the rest of Nikki's top and buried her fingers deep in Nikki's incredible breasts, her hands vigorously massaging the gigantic tits as she pulled and squeezed them like a madwoman intent on revenge for the beating her own tits had taken from her now defenseless foe.

Nikki was barely conscious but Laura still was far from satisfied and she started to punch Nikki's red tits over and over until her only movements were reflex actions of her body from Laura's devastating punches pounding into it. Laura kept punching down onto Nikki's sore melons until the shorter redhead passed out from the pain. Only then did Laura stop punching and started to smile as she reached back and ripped off the rest of Nikki's suit.

Still not satisfied, Laura kicked Nikki over on her stomach, got up and again grabbed Nikki by her ankles. She lifted her legs and started to drag her on her tits across the rough carpeting of the floor. Laura kept dragging Nikki until she finally awoke screaming from the pain of having her tits scraped and scuffed along the carpeting. Laura laughed as Nikki begged her to stop.

Now it was Laura's turn to do some taunting, "So bitch, what do you have to say about me now? Maybe you'll think twice about who you tease. Just gimme a call and let me know if you want a rematch."

Laura dragged Nikki around for a few more seconds as Nikki screamed. Finally, she dropped a sobbing and bloody Nikki and, after a final kick to the cunt that left Nikki curled up wailing in anguish, Laura turned on her heel and stomped off to the locker room.

Thirty minutes later, Laura returned to find Nikki was still lying on the floor where she'd left her. Laura, who had brought a change of clothes, had showered, cleaned herself up, put on makeup on to hide her cuts and bruises and was now dressed as if for a date. As Laura stepped over Nikki's body, she paused briefly with her feet on either side of Nikki's head, giving her a good long look up her skirt before she continued out the door with a jaunty swing of her hips.

Nikki remained lying on the floor until the pain subsided and she was able to get up, then she started sobbing again as she thought about the humiliating defeat. Finally, she staggered to the locker room, showered, changed and left the gym. As she headed home, she had to pull over for a few minutes when she started crying again so hard she couldn't see the road. Every bone in her body hurt and she was embarrassed at how badly her younger, tougher foe had beaten her. This would be one fight Nikki would remember and think about for many months to come.
Grudge Match #2 - Madonna vs. Cher by Bob

Cher and Madonna never liked each other so when Cher found out Madonna was shooting a music video at Venice Beach she decided to show the bitch up. When Cher arrived, Madonna and her crew were going over last minute preparations. Cher strolled over to the area where Madonna was sitting under an umbrella being fawned over by her entourage. As much as Cher hated Madonna, when she saw her up close she had to admit the pop diva looked pretty hot in a black bikini.

When Madonna looked up and noticed Cher, she snidely asked, "Planning to take part in my video? I don't think we have any openings for an over-the-hill ex-diva!"

Cher smiled, "Not really."

"Good," Madonna replied, "because I want this to be good."

"Then perhaps you should let me do the video instead of you," Cher replied with a toss of her long hair.

"What? You think you got more talent than me?" Madonna asked incredulously.

"Yeah," Cher said. "And unlike you, I'm telling you to your face I've more talent. In fact, I have a better body too."

Cher bent from the waist as she slid down the sweatpants she was wearing, then pulled off her top, exposing an even skimpier bikini than the one Madonna had on. Madonna couldn't stop gaping at Cher's body! For a woman in her mid-fifties, Cher still had a pretty amazing body.

"Usually men look at me that way," Cher said with a knowing smile. "Are you still into women?"

Then Cher put her hands on her hips, turned around and bent over, shaking her bare ass cheeks at Madonna. With a snarl, Madonna reached back and whipped her open hand across Cher's ass with a loud CRACK! The old brunette let out a yelp as she straightened up and started to turn around. But as she turned, Cher turned right into Madonna's backhand and the whipping blow rocked the ancient rocker back on her heels.

"How dare you accuse me of being a lesbian. Maybe it's you who wants to get me in bed!" Madonna said as she thrust out her chest brazenly.

But now it was Cher's turn and instead of an open hand, she swung her left fist, slugging Madonna in the right eye. Madonna stumbled back and grabbed her right eye, already sensing from her long experience that it was going to be black in the morning. But recovering quickly, Madonna lunged at Cher, grabbed her by the throat and squeezed. Cher gasped for air as Madonna's powerful hands cut off her air.

Realizing the younger Madonna was much stronger and would probably have better endurance, Cher knew she had to put her hated rival away quickly. She also realized she wouldn't be able to pry Madonna's hands loose, so she brought her foot up with a loud thud as it landed squarely on Madonna's groin. Although Madonna's grip loosened slightly and she winced in pain, she still held Cher by her throat.

Looking the dark-haired diva in her eyes, Madonna gasped through clenched teeth, "Do NOT try that again!"

As Madonna continued to choke her, Cher almost passed out. She had kicked Madonna solidly and Madonna should have released her grip but not only hadn't she released her, Cher had never expected Madonna to look her in the eye and warn her not to kick her again. If Madonna was trying to mask her pain and scare her she had done a good job because Cher was unsure what she should do next. Finally, she realized if she didn't want to pass out from the choke she HAD to try one more kick. Again, she snapped her foot up and gave Madonna a hard crotch kick.

Instead of letting go, the blonde tightened her grip and said, "I told you not to do that again. You should listen. Maybe that's why you can't keep a man and have to date immature guys half your age."

Normally, Cher would have been scared by the fact that two kicks to the groin twice hadn't secured her freedom, but that remark by Madonna's had really fired up Cher. Her eyes flashing angrily, Cher punted the blonde superstar flush in the pussy a third time. This time, Madonna had to let go of Cher as her face went white and she slowly dropped to the sand on her knees with both hands shoved between her thighs.

With Madonna down, Cher intended to end the matter quickly. She reached down and rolled the blonde over on her stomach and then mounted the blonde superstars back. Cher took two handfuls of bleached blond hair and shoved the flailing superstar's face down in the fine sand. Cher could feel Madonna's struggle between her thighs as she continued to grind her face in the sand like she was stubbing out a cigar.

As Madonna's struggling weakened, Cher lifted Madonna's head and moved up so she could wrap her long, strong legs around Madonna's neck. Once she had Madonna trapped in her powerful head scissors, the black-haired beauty knew she could really torture and humiliate Madonna. Grabbing a handful of sand, Cher scrubbed the sand in Madonna's wavy blonde hair as a way of further taunting her.

Madonna was struggling frantically to free herself, but Cher's legs were very powerful and the older, more experienced fighter was now able to easily control her younger foe. Picking up another handful of sand, Cher rubbed the sand down Madonna's bare back, abrading the pale flesh with the rough silica. Madonna tried to scream but she couldn't find the air. Next, Cher grabbed another handful of sand and this time she jerked Madonna's head up by the hair and rubbed the sand in her face.

Cher was having more fun than she'd had since she beat Kathleen Turner years earlier and she couldn't believe Madonna wasn't fighting back harder. She'd heard all the stories about how Madonna was so tough, that she'd destroyed several singers in fights. Now, however, Cher realized that just like Diana Ross and Tina Turner had kicked Madonna's ass in the seventies, she was doing the same thing in 2001.

Cher turned to look back at Madonna's video crew and ran her fingers through her hair as she asked, "Are you shooting the fight?"

One of Madonna's staff members nodded and said, "Oh yeah! Mo's gonna wanna copy after she wins."

"Wins!!?" Cher screamed. "You guys aren't too smart. Hey, would ya like to see some tit?"

All the members of the crew (evenly divided male/female) quickly and eagerly cried, "YES!" They even cheered louder when Cher surprised everyone by grabbing her bikini top and lowering it slightly. She still had a great body - a tribute to the armies of plastic surgeons who'd slaved over it for the last thirty years! The dark-haired singer then reached behind her and with one quick motion, released the catch on Madonna's bikini top and threw it to one of Madonna's crew.

Cher held the blonde by the wrists as she rolled over so Madonna was on her back. After rolling her over, Cher let go of Madonna's wrists and then grabbed Madonna's bare tits and dug her fingers into Madonna's the soft flesh.

As Cher squeezed, Madonna finally spoke, "You can't keep me in this scissors much longer. I can feel your legs weakening old woman and I'm not even tired. You may have strong legs, but I've been doing meditation and I can't feel any pain. As soon as your grip loosens a little more, I'm gonna hurt you real bad old woman!"

Cher laughed, "Are you really? I don't know why people think you're tough. So far beating you's been easier than most of my conquests."

"Well babe," Madonna hissed. "Your luck's about to change!"

She grabbed Cher's ankles in both hands and grunted as she planted her feet and arched her back. Slowly, her biceps bulging, the young blonde slowly pried the aging singers legs apart. When she had them spread, Madonna slid her head out and then grabbed Cher's wrists, jerking them away from her breasts. As Cher strained to get her legs back around the blonde, Madonna let go of Cher's wrists, turned around and slammed her fist between Cher's eyes.

"You bitch," Cher screamed as her nose started to bleed.

Madonna dove on Cher and grabbed her wrists, forcing them to the sand as she mounted her older opponent. Flat on her back on the sand, with her wrists pinned, Cher could only knee the blonde in the back trying to unseat her. But Madonna let go of one of Cher's wrists and cracked her across the face with her palm.

"I don't like being kneed. You knee me and I'm going to slap you again. Oh, and by the way, you DO realize your bikini is coming off, right you old dyke?"

Cher didn't know what to say. She was busily trying to figure out how she could get the blonde off her. Once again, Cher brought her knee up and slammed it into Madonna's back. Madonna quickly retaliated, releasing of one of Cher's wrists and cuffing her across the face with another hard slap that sent a spray of blood onto the sand. Then Madonna let go of Cher's other wrist, grabbed her long dark hair and pounded her head into the sand three times. Cher was surprised at how hard the course sand felt! Madonna gave Cher another hard slap, then rose slightly and shifted position before she came down again, this time driving her knees into Cher's upwardly thrusting firm breasts.

Cher grimaced as Madonna's weight flattened her tits, then Madonna slowly spread her legs, letting her knees slide across the firm breasts and down the sides of her chest. Madonna ended up straddling Cher's chest, then she gave Cher another hard slap before she reached behind her, grabbed the waist of Cher's bikini bottom and started pulling. As Madonna tugged on the bikini bottom, she gave a couple of jerks that bounced Cher's butt on the sand.

But suddenly, Cher reached up and caught a fistful of Madonna's blonde hair and with one quick move, yanked the blonde sideways and then back. Cher continued to pull Madonna backward until she was eventually able to work her arm around Madonna's neck and roll her over so Cher once again was on top of the blonde who ended up sprawled in the sand on her belly.

Now back in her favorite (dominant) position, Cher leaned forward with all her weight on Madonna's shoulders and head. She continued to squeeze Madonna's throat as tightly as she could as Madonna gasped for air while Cher squeezed to shut off her oxygen. Madonna tried getting to her knees, but she couldn't overcome Cher's weight and leverage. Madonna continued struggle, desperately trying to get to her knees to throw Cher off her back. Every time it seemed Madonna was just about to get to her knees, Cher would shift her weight forward and drive Madonna back down onto her stomach.

Not until Cher finally sensed she'd taken all the fight out of Madonna, did she let the blonde go. Cher rose and stood with her long, muscular legs straddling the back of her fallen foe as Madonna lay clutching her throat and gasping.

Cher laughed, taunting Madonna, "Come on tough girl, get up and fight. Fight like a woman, a real woman. You bragged you were gonna to beat me. Well, come on. You're not going to let me beat you are you youngster? Get up," she said as she kicked Madonna in the ribs.

Madonna heard Cher's words and as soon as she was able to breathe again, she intended to get up and show this aging prima donna just who the real woman was. Cher continued to taunt the blonde until Madonna finally got to her feet. Madonna tried to throw a punch, hoping to catch the over-confident Cher off guard, but Cher snapped her head forward and butted Madonna square on her nose. Madonna dropped straight down in the sand on her ass and sat there stunned a moment before she started to cry as blood poured from her busted beak. Not having heard Madonna say that she gave up, and despite her being wobbly from butting Madonna, Cher grabbed the blonde by the hair to bring her back to her feet. But to Cher's surprise, Madonna, despite bleeding profusely from her nose wasn't ready to quit yet.

Madonna grabbed Cher's bikini top, digging her fingers into the top of the twin cups and yanked it straight down and then off! As Cher looked down at her bare breasts in surprise, Madonna threw her own head forward, smacking Cher between the eyes. Cher covered her face as she stumbled back but Madonna followed the dark-haired beauty, grabbing her by the waist of her bikini bottom.

As Madonna tried to yank them off, Cher whipped her head forward one more time, her forehead striking Madonna just above the eyes. As Madonna tumbled backward, she pulled Cher's bikini bottom off with her. Again, Cher's head butt had done almost as much damage to her as it had to Madonna but she realized how much damage the head butts were doing to the blonde. Lowering her head, Cher ran at Madonna, and rammed her head into the blonde's stomach as she tried to get to her feet. Madonna gasped and tumbled over backward, landing flat on her back with her arms and legs spread.

Cher looked down at the blonde, wondering if she was going to get up and hoping she wasn't. Despite being on her back, however, Madonna was gradually starting to sit up. Seeing Madonna wasn't finished yet, Cher ran to the blonde, left her feet at the last second and leaped feet first, planting both feet solidly in the blonde's stomach.

Madonna wasn't going to get up from this one - the fight was finally over. Cher, herself dazed and groggy, struggled just to stand up. Once she was on her feet, she proudly planted a foot on Madonna's bare chest as she raised both hands in the air and bounced her bare bosom as she acknowledged the cheers of the crowd that had gathered to watch the epic confrontation.

After acknowledging their cheers for a minute or two, Cher staggered toward the parking lot holding her aching head. She opened the door on the passenger side of a car and collapsed into the front seat beside the driver. Mustering what little strength she had left, she proudly told her girlfriend, "I did it, I laid that slut out. I won." The car then drove off.
Grudge Match #3 - Priscilla Barnes vs. Lynda Carter by Bob

Nearing 30 years of age, Lynda Carter was one of the hottest stars in the late 1970's and early 1980's. And after the young Priscilla Barnes replaced Suzanne Somers and Jennilee Harrison on "Three's Company" she too quickly became a rising star at just 22. Although Priscilla enjoyed the fame, she was envious of Lynda. Whenever Priscilla watched "Wonder Woman" in a commercial, her blood would boil and she would boast she was not just hotter than the brunette but had more talent besides.

Whenever Priscilla was interviewed by the tabloids, she invariably said she'd love to fight the "Wonder Woman" star to show her who the real Wonder Woman was. Needless to say, Linda Carter didn't appreciate Priscilla's boasting and she finally vowed that she was going to grant the jealous "Three's Company" star her wish! She called her agent and told him to get her a guest shot on an episode of "Three's Company". Naturally, the show's producers were honored to have one of the hottest stars 'begging' to appear on the show.

Finally, the day of Lynda's guest shot arrived. She talked to the director and after telling him how honored she was to be on the show, she headed straight to Priscilla's dressing room.

Lynda walked in without bothering to knock, quickly sized up the woman she planned to fight and said, "So, you're going to show me who the real 'Wonder Woman' is? I'm not sure why you want to fight, but I can see why you're so envious. I thought you were very pretty, but honey, without make-up you're not have as pretty as I thought."

Priscilla stared at the brunette with her mouth open a moment, then said, "That's funny babe, but looking at you, I'm not sure why I was so envious. Eat your heart out hon, you'll never have what I got."

Lynda laughed, "I certainly can thank my lucky stars for that. I didn't want to be on your stupid show but the reason I accepted their offer was just to meet you, to see if I like you - which I don't - and then kick your sorry blond ass."

The dirty blonde moved toward the brunette until their firm chests were touching and said, "Big words, let's see you back them up."

Without waiting for a better invitation, Lynda lashed out, cracking Priscilla's cheek with the back of her hand. Priscilla took a couple of steps back, then put everything she had behind a right Lynda never saw coming. It was lightning swift and rock hard and Priscilla's fist plunging deep into the soft mound of Lynda's big right tit. She'd been caught completely by surprise and she grimaced as she staggered to the side, doing everything she could just to stay upright and on her feet. As the brunette stumbled back, Priscilla moved in and hit her in the jaw with a right cross. That punch dropped Lynda to the floor with a loud CRASH!

As the big-breasted brunette hit the floor, Priscilla grinned and danced around her downed foe, shouting, "Yeah!"

The well-stacked dirty blonde reached down and ripped away Lynda's white dress, leaving the dazed star in just her bra, panties and heels.

While Priscilla's first punches had hurt, Lynda was more shocked and surprised than badly damaged and she got to her feet ready to go on the attack before Priscilla stopped celebrating her knockdown and landed any more punches. Lynda started swinging, sending a flurry of lefts and rights at Priscilla. While some of Linda's laser-like punches missed badly, others landed solidly, splatting on the dirty blonde's tits and face. Within seconds, Priscilla's upper lip was bleeding, her jaw had a dark red bruise and both eyes were starting to swell closed.

With each blow, Priscilla's head snapped back, causing her whiplash and more and more pain. Lynda was much stronger than Priscilla had expected and what was worse, she could fight. Priscilla knew she had to do something to change the complexion of the fight. She began moving her head, bobbing and weaving from side-to-side, covering up while regaining her composure.

The fluid movement made Lynda's punches miss even more often and once the dirty blonde had cleared her head and thought the time was right, she started punching back. The rapidity of Priscilla's punches took the busty brunette by surprise and soon the two Amazons were standing toe-to-toe trading blows.

Priscilla could sense Lynda was getting the worst of it, which only made her fight harder. As the powerful brunette started to back up, the dirty blonde stayed right with her, not giving Lynda room or time to regain the momentum. Lynda was taking a lot of punishment and eventually she became unable to punch back as her hands dropped to her sides. The dirty blonde chased Lynda around her dressing room, steering her with punch after punch until Linda's white bra and panties were stained with the blood from her nose, mouth and cuts on both cheeks.

Finally, the muscular dirty blonde pinned Lynda against the wall and caught her flush under the point of her chin. Lynda's eyes rolled back as the brunette's body slid down the wall and crashed to the floor between Priscilla's legs. She'd always been a fighter and now Priscilla was prepared to inflict as much damage as possible. She followed the brunette down the wall, driving hard punches with both fists that flattened Linda's large tits, devastated her belly and ripped her face. Landing an incredible number of punches at a furious pace with both fists.

Priscilla was strong and in excellent shape, but after the hard fight she was tired. She'd never thrown so many punches that had landed before and her hands were almost numb. She needed a rest so she slowly climbed up off of Lynda and stood over her limb body with her fists cocked.

The dirty blonde glared defiantly down at the fallen brunette and challenged her, "Come on chickee, get up so I can knock you down again."

Slowly, with agonizing pain, Lynda got to her knees, resting her hands on her quivering thighs as she staring up in disbelief at the dirty blonde towering above her. Lynda had matured early as a girl and her new breasts had targeted her for constant teased by her jealous classmates. She had always been very strong and a natural fighter, indeed, no one had lasted long when she fought.

Lynda had been shocked when Priscilla survived her earlier attack and now she was stunned to find herself in pain and looking up at the tough blonde. Lynda wasn't used to being hit and she wondered if she'd made a huge mistake challenging this dirty blonde, who was far tougher than anyone she'd fought before. The battered brunette briefly thought that Priscilla was an animal.

As the two busty stars stared at each other, Lynda's body was recovering from the trauma of her beating. She was sore but at least she now had regained some feeling in her arms and she felt ready to resume the fight. However, she decided it was wise to try to lull Priscilla into a false sense of security first. Rising, Lynda leaned on the wall, pretended to be more hurt and tired than she really was. She even staggered as if she were having trouble standing.

The "Three's Company" star fell for Linda's acting and recklessly approached the seemingly shaky brunette. Suddenly, Linda's foot whipped up and caught Priscilla in the jaw. The lightning kick sent Priscilla's head sideways and for a second or two she thought her head was going to fall off her shoulders. The kick was so hard, Priscilla was left with a large, deep bruise that would mar her beautiful face for several weeks afterward.

Priscilla fell back, but managed to stay on her feet as Lynda quickly attacked the muscular blonde, again throwing hard punches at a rapid pace. Although Linda's kick had rocked her, it also got Priscilla's blood boiling and she vowed to fight fire with fire. She ducked under Lynda's lightning quick punches, tackled the brunette's muscular but beautiful legs and lifted just enough to dump the brunette on the floor.

As soon as Lynda hit the floor, Priscilla was on her like a predator ready to devour its prey. She slammed Lynda's head against the floor half a dozen times, leaped to her feet and tried to kick the brunette in her stomach but Lynda managed to grab the dirty blonde's foot. She gave a quick twist which made Priscilla fall. She went down hard and her head hit the floor.

Lynda quickly got to her feet and smashed her foot down on Priscilla's large breast. Priscilla squealed in agony and curled into a ball. Lynda smiled, took her foot off Priscilla's chest and advanced to kick her again.

Priscilla sprang cat-like to her feet, surprising Lynda who's foot barely grazed the dirty blonde's ribs. Priscilla looked like she was about to attack and Lynda crouched slightly, looking to tackle the dirty blonde. But to Lynda's surprise, the blonde leaped in the air and drop kicked her in the breasts. The kick slammed Lynda's back against the wall and she was dazed as she leaned on the wall trying to recover from the kick. Priscilla was all over her, digging talon-like fingers into Lynda's beautiful breasts, twisting them brutally as the brunette actress screamed and pawed at Priscilla's hands.

After several seconds of digging her nails in Linda's breasts, Priscilla held the brunette by the hair with one hand while she backhanded her back and forth across the face with her other hand. Lynda was being humiliated, but she wasn't about to lose this fight she'd initiated. Somehow, she managed to fight back. Fighting with desperation and relying on instinct, the battered brunette kneed Priscilla in the groin to gain a moment of respite from the pain in her chest.

With Priscilla down on the floor, Lynda quickly moved to stand over her fallen foe. She started kicking the blonde's large tits, delivering kick after kick, landing nearly ten hard kicks before Priscilla rolled over to her stomach to protect her assets.

Lynda stopped kicking and dropped, driving both knees to the small of Priscilla's back, then grabbed her by the hair and smashed Priscilla's face on the floor, splitting her forehead open and making it bleed profusely.

Lynda paused to watch as Priscilla's bloody face bounced off the floor. Then she again grabbed Priscilla's hair and yanked, pulled and twisted her head until she maneuvered the blonde into position where she could get her powerful legs around the muscular dirty blonde's waist.

Priscilla screamed as she felt the power in the tough brunette's scissors. Holding her hands under the blonde's armpits to stretch her upper body back as her legs pulsed the powerful scissors below, stretching her lower torso in the opposite direction. It was as effective as tying Priscilla up in a torture rack.

"Leggo!" Priscilla screamed as she tried to buck out of the hold.

However, the brunette was not ready to let go and she continued to stretch Priscilla's body as hard as she could. As the dirty blonde weakened, Lynda whipped her hands up to grab Priscilla's head like a coconut and bang it on the floor five times as if she was trying to crack it wide open.

"Submit Priscilla! Admit I beat you and that I'm the better woman."

The dirty blonde shook her head and tried to spit in Lynda's face but her efforts were futile and the brunette angrily kept banging Priscilla's head on the floor until the back of her head to split open. Priscilla's eyes were glazed, her face and the back of her head were bleeding copiously and her arms were flayed out aimlessly.

Lynda demanded, "Say it; say you give."

The dirty blonde's spirit had been broken and she knew she was beaten, "I give!" Priscilla sobbed, "You win."

Still, Lynda wasn't ready to let the dirty blonde off so easily, "Say it louder!"

She smacked the dirty blonde's head on the floor three more times until Priscilla relented, "I give! Okay, you win."

Then Lynda smiled and taunted cruelly, "Beg!"

Priscilla broke down and began begging, "Please! Please get off me. You win. go."

Lynda got up, then reached down and tore off Priscilla's dress. After stripping Priscilla of her panties and bra, Lynda wiped the bra and panties all over Priscilla's bloody face.

"Know what I'm going to do with these?" she asked menacingly.

"No; not that," pleaded Priscilla. "Please, not that!" as she weakly raise her hands in an effort to ward off what she knew was coming.

Lynda kicked the dirty blonde in her groin and as she doubled up clutching her groin and screaming in agony, the brunette knelt down and yanked the blonde's head back by the hair. As Priscilla screamed in pain, the victorious brunette stuffed Priscilla's sweaty, bloody panties in her open mouth. The blonde passed out, her last vision a blurry picture of Lynda standing over her with a faint grin on her lips as if saying, "Looks like I'm the real Wonder Woman."
Grudge Match #4: Jane Leeves vs. Bebe Neuwirth by Bob

Bebe Neuwirth had appeared as a guest on the TV show "Frazier" several times playing Frazier's ex-wife, Lillith. Although she enjoyed doing the guest shots, she and Frazier co-star Jane Leeves never got along. There was always a lot of tension when the two were together on the set, but both were professionals and they managed to set their differences aside while they were working.

Bebe had just completed a scene in which she and Jane were supposed to exchange insults and the 5'4" brunette Bebe was sitting in her dressing room relaxing, when there was a knock on her door. When she opened the door, she was standing face to face with the 5'10" blonde Jane who was wearing a short skirt and sweater, and heels and hose. There was fire in Jane's eyes and it was obvious she was angry about something.

Before Bebe could ask the British spitfire what was bothering her, the tall blonde hauled off and hit her on the chin. Bebe, who was wearing a robe, hose and heels, grabbed her chin as she fell to the floor. The brunette didn't know why Jane was angry, but if the tall Brit wanted a fight, Bebe would be happy to give her one. Bebe was a veteran Broadway actress and she'd learned early in her career that on Broadway, you had to fight when your position in a play was threatened, either by another star or an understudy!

Bebe's robe flew open as soon as she hit the floor and she shrugged it off as she got to her feet. Bebe sprang forward and grabbed Jane's tits, clamping down hard and pushing the much taller blonde back. Jane screamed and dropped to her knees as Bebe twisted the under-wires of her bra into her tender titflesh. The skinnier brunette kept twisting Jane's bra until the tall Brit slammed a fist into Bebe's crotch, knocking her backward and making her lose her grip.

Jane quickly got up and then kicked Bebe in the stomach as the veteran dancer started to get up. The force of Jane's kick hurt the shorter brunette, who grabbed her stomach and doubled over in pain. Jane grabbing a handful of Bebe's lustrous hair and pulled her into a headlock. She threw Bebe over her hip and the slender brunette's body crashed to the floor. Her head hit the floor hard when she landed on her back.

Bebe's head was spinning as she tried to get up, but Jane moved in behind the shorter brunette and kicked her in the ass, sending Bebe flying forward onto her stomach. Jane planted a foot on Bebe's ass and pushed down, pinning her hips to the floor for several seconds as she taunted the smaller woman.

When Jane removed her foot from Bebe's ass, she immediately grabbed the brunette's feet and dragged her to the middle of the room where she jumped astride her back and straddled her waist as she shoved the shorter, thinner brunette's face in the carpeting. Bebe screamed her face turned red from the carpet burns she was receiving.

After scrubbing Bebe's face on the carpet for about thirty seconds, the tall British beauty grabbed Bebe's wavy hair and pounded her face on the floor until blood started to flow from her nose. Then Jane got off Bebe and put her right foot on Bebe's back and started to grind her spiked heel into Bebe's flesh. Bebe grimaced in pain as Jane continued grinding her heel into her bloodied back.
Still, despite the beating she was taking, the thin brunette wasn't ready to quit. She was an accomplished dancer and because of her training in dance her arms and legs were very strong. Although she'd had a few fights in her life, the most recent had been several years ago - when she had fought Kirstie Alley on the set of "Cheers." Although Kirstie wasn't as tall as Jane, she was heavier, more muscular and tough. Kirstie had also been beating her before the wiry brunette managed to stage a comeback to overcome the early beating and rally to win a permanent role on the show. If Bebe could beat Kirstie Alley she figured she should be able to beat Jane Leeves.

Bebe screamed as she decided it was time to forget about her pain and use her strength to overcome the British beauty's fighting skill and size advantage. Bebe struggled, but managed to rise only to her knees. Still, it was enough to cause the taller blonde to lose her balance and topple off to the side. Jane tried to regain the advantage and get back on top of Bebe, but the thin brunette grabbed her and wrestled her to the floor where Bebe managed to wrap her muscular dancer's legs around Jane's waist.

Jane screamed at the pressure the brunette was applying to the scissors. Now, the aggressive brunette was able to maneuver so that she could force the taller blonde onto her stomach. Despite still holding Jane in her powerful scissors, Bebe was able to maneuver herself around until she was sitting behind Jane. Bebe wrapped her right arm around Jane's throat, then grabbed Jane's left arm with her left arm and pulled it up behind Jane's back in a hammerlock. Bebe continued to squeeze Jane's rib cage with her scissors, causing her to cry out in pain. Jane kicked and clawed at Bebe's muscular legs with her right hand but couldn't free herself from Bebe's scissors.

Despite Bebe's arm wrapped around her throat and her struggle just to breathe, Jane was able to mumble, "You're going to break my ribs you bitch," in a soft but gruff voice.

"Good," replied Bebe. "Then maybe you'll think twice before starting anything with me again!"

Gradually, Jane weakened under Bebe's constant pressure and stopped struggling to free herself from the scissors. Bebe released the hold, stood up and walked around to stand over the blonde's waist as Jane panted and sucked in some badly needed air. Bebe grabbed Jane's blonde hair and dragged the wheezing blonde to her feet. She pulled Jane's hair so hard her head snapped forward and she was forced to bend over at the waist.

Bebe reached behind Jane, grabbed the back of the blonde's sweater and pulled it up over the blonde's head. Then Bebe, still holding the back of Jane's sweater over her face, started punching the blonde in her back and stomach until Jane's legs buckled. That's when Bebe let go of the sweater, took a step back and screamed, "Timber!" as Jane slid out the bottom of the sweater on her knees, then toppled over face first on the floor - out cold!

Bebe quickly got dressed, then grabbed the British stars ankles and dragged her out the door and down the hall to her dressing room. She opened Jane's dressing room door, dragged her in and dropped the blonde's legs, leaving the beaten topless star's body lying in the middle of her dressing room floor. Bebe walked over to the chair in front of Jane's make-up table and sat down, then waited patiently until the blonde awakened.

When Jane woke up, she looked around and asked, "What happened?"

Bebe looked down at her beaten foe and said, "We fought. You lost."

The still groggy blonde mumbled, "Wh….where am I?"

"In your dressing room," Bebe answered. "But I've got some bad news for you. The fight's not over yet."

The brunette put her foot on the blonde's stomach shoulder and kicked, "Roll over!"

"What?" Jane gasped.

"You heard me cunt! Roll over."

"Why?" the blonde asked.

"Because I'm not finished with you. Now roll over or you'll be even sorrier," Bebe commanded.

Jane started sobbing as she rolled over on the stomach. Bebe crouched down with one knee in the small of Jane's back, then pulled the British actress' skirt up over her pink lace panties. Bebe started spanking Jane's firm, round bottom, laughing as the submissive blonde Brit howled, kicked her legs and begged for mercy. But Bebe wasn't going to stop spanking her rival until her arms were tired and both of Jane's cheeks were very, very red.

When Bebe finally let Jane go, she got up and strutted out of the badly beaten blonde's dressing room wearing a big smile and feeling ten feet tall.