Christina Aguilera vs. Aaliyah Haughton (Dominatrix Match) by New 3/30/01

After Christina Aguilera's performance at the "MTV Music Awards" she returned to her hotel room still wearing her red leather costume that she performed in. She told her body guards not to let anybody in since it was obvious the blonde pop star was dead tired. She locked the door shut behind her she stormed to her master bedroom, hoping to just jump on her bed and fall asleep. She was shocked to find Aaliyah was waiting for her dressed in a tiger skin dress.

"What are you doing here?" Christina snapped. "You better get out before I call my body guards to come and kick your skinny Black ass out," sneered Christina.

"Kick my ass? I'm pretty sure the only things gonna be kicked here is your bony asscheeks," mocked Aaliyah. She continued, "Is it true what you said about me to the media before the Music Awards? You think I'm a lesbian dominatrix?"

"Yeah! Well, after seeing that rare video tape on the Internet of you and Mya having a little dominatrix fun, I thought you wanted everybody to know," sniped Christina.

Aaliyah faced Christina chest to chest and the two young beauties examined each others bodies looking for any signs of weakness. Then, in a flash, the two clashed into each other with their claws entangled in the others long silky hair as they battled for position. It didn't take long before they fell to the floor and rolled on the carpet, trading dominate positions over each other. After several switches, Christina tried a different strategy and clamped her thighs around Aaliyah's thin waist and began to squeeze the fight out of her.

Aaliyah groaned in pain but lashed out with two short jabs to Christina's face before she broke under the terrific pressure and began weeping on the floor. Christina clamped her legs shut, crushing Aaliyah's abs into her stomach as the Ebony beauty soon found herself losing conciseness. In desperation, she jammed both of her thumbs into Christina's eyes and began to gouge.

Christina leapt off her opponent and jumped up in pain only to be brought down again when Aaliyah pulled her legs, making the pop star fall straight down on her face. Both ladies were quick on there feet as Aaliyah forcefully speared Christina onto her king size bed and began to send slap after slap across her perky cheeks.

Now it was Christina losing conciseness. With each stroke, her eyesight would blur from tears. After one last punch, Christina was laid out on the bed in a mess as she were exhausted from a performance. Christina's small young body heaved from pain while her face was turning bright red from the slaps. To make things worse, Aaliyah cruelly grabbed the end of the bed sheet and ripped it out from beneath Christina, tumbling the dazed blonde back down onto the carpet. Christina slowly began to crawl away from the dominatrix but Aaliyah spied Christina's perky ass cheeks quivering as she tried to crawl.

Using her own wide knowledge of life on the road as a singer, Aaliyah knew every pop queen kept a special dildo to carry around with her for those nights when male companions were unavailable or she wasn't in the mood to put up with a lust-driven, horny guy groping her.

Aaliyah began to rummage through Christina's luggage and sure enough, she quickly found Christian's 'little silver friend' laying right on top of her 'special' red satin panties. Aaliyah turned her eyes back on Christina's jiggling ass cheeks and watched as they shook. Just as Christina reached the door, Aaliyah jumped on her back, grabbed the tight red leather waistband of her pants and pulled them up. The material cut right up into Christina's ass crack, leaving little to Aaliyah's imagination.


She groaned as her panties became wetter and wetter as Aaliyah hiked the back of her pants up so far that a huge tear formed right down the center seam of the seat, revealing a pair of white lace panties. Christina began to cry as after the tear lengthened in her expensive dance costume. Then she felt a sharp pointy object poke her right in the center of her ass.

Christina shuddered when Aaliyah positioned herself and crashed her weight down across her back, smashing the blonde face first into the carpet. Aaliyah quickly locked her thigh's around Christina's mid-section to make sure she wouldn't struggle away from her. The blonde could only let out cry for help as Aaliyah ran the dildo up and down the crease of her tight ass, pressing the tip against her lace panties and wedging the material into her crack little by little until they were like a thong.

Aaliyah let out a cruel, low, laugh as she teased the blonde. She could feel Christina's body quiver from fear so, after one last stroke, she pulled Christina's panties aside and plunged the tip of the dildo between the blondes puffy, swollen pussy lips.

Christina bit her lower lip as she grabbed the carpet for leverage and fought to keep herself from orgasming, but with skill born of years of practice, Aaliyah only needed a few minutes to get the wiry blonde's small body worked up to a fever pitch. Christina didn't need too much urging before she exploded! White gooey cum squeezed from her pussy as Aaliyah pumped the dildo and ran down the insides of the teenagers thighs and spilled onto the floor. Christina screamed as her body tensed, shook and then went limp. She had nothing left to give. Christina just surrendered and took what Aaliyah handed out as she moved her body with the dildo, wedging it deeper and deeper inside her. If Aaliyah didn't know better, she'd think Christina was enjoying it.

Indeed, both ladies found this very entertaining, almost like Christina was forcefully trying to swallow the dildo and Aaliyah was forcefully trying to tear apart the teen princesses pink cunt lips. When Aaliyah felt Christina was about to explode again, she pulled out the dildo and began to spank it on Christina white asscheeks. Christina began to beg for Aaliyah to put it back, but instead she found herself shocked to feel the wet dildo plunge deep into her asshole instead.

"NNNNOOOO!" screamed Christina as Aaliyah chuckled at her startled reaction.

Aaliyah began to ram the dildo in and out of Christina's tight asshole till the whole length of the vibrating thing was inside the small sex hole. Christina cried out in pain as she let out short scream. Blood began to drip out from the side's but to make things even worse, Aaliyah climbed off her sweaty victim, lifted her up and dropped her right down across her knee in an atomic drop, driving the entire vibrator up inside the young blonde pop star. Christina passed out from the pain and collapsed sprawled out on the floor with her own dildo lodged tight inside her skinny body.

Aaliyah stood up and straddled the body of the poor, unconscious blonde as she looked at her self in the mirror. There wasn't a scratch on her so after making phone calls to the local TV news and the hospital, Aaliyah left the room with her hands on her hips as she triumphantly walked out of Christina's hotel room and made her way back to her own house.

Later that night, she learned on the news that Christina Aguilera had issued a challenged to Aaliyah and any five of her friends to take on she and five friends in a special, "Black vs. White Dildo Tournament."

Aaliyah called the TV station and told them to let Christina know she accepted - eagerly.
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