Aaliyah vs. Mariah Carey (hardcore match) by New 5/28/01

After her humiliating lose to Aaliyah, Mariah wanted revenge but after the way Aaliyah had pushed her around first she had to spend several months working out and taking private wrestling lessons. Mariah finally felt ready! She had gained weight while at the same time trimming down and tightening her soft body; overall, the effect made her very sexy indeed.

The next day was revenge day. She booked a hardcore match with Aaliyah. When Aaliyah got the message she let out a confident laugh and immediately signed. The very next day, both women were in the ring. Mariah was seeking her revenge.

Mariah had on a two piece gold string bikini and it was obvious she'd been to the gym. Her hair was tied in braids so they wont be used as a weapon like last time. On the other side, Aaliyah stood very calmly wearing a leopard bikini bottom with a matching crop top. She wore her hair down as she began to fix it to make it look nice.

"Mariah, you don't think you can really beat me? All I see is a 120 pound bag of shit," sneered Aaliyah.

"I'd watch my mouth, girlfriend. You don't have your lesbo friends around to protect you this time. I'm gonna get real pleasure from beating you down," replied Mariah.

As the bell rang, the two women stood in the center of the ring and Aaliyah signaled for a test of strength just as in their last match. But this time, as Mariah locked fingers with her, Aaliyah delivered a very dirty kick to Mariah's crotch which made the singer fall flat on her back. Aaliyah mocked her as she began twisting Mariah's arms back and showing off her muscles. But Aaliyah was shocked as Mariah fought back and Aaliyah soon found herself being pushed back until Mariah powered her way back up to her feet.

Aaliyah began to worry as Mariah was forcing her down. She flung Aaliyah onto the ground and began to try to break her arms. She cried out as Mariah began using her power to dislocate her arm but Aaliyah quickly kicked both feet into Mariah's midsection and flipped her over backward. The two girls where quickly back on there feet and Aaliyah sent a hard dropkick to Mariah's head which knocked her down on her back. Aaliyah climbed to the top turnbuckle and leaped off, flying through the sky. As Mariah was shaking of the hard blow to her head she looked up just in time to see Aaliyah land on her.

Aaliyah jumped up and down as she paraded around the ring blowing kisses to the crowd, but when she turned around to finish the job, Mariah had already got up and shoved her hard into the corner post. Mariah began to pummel away on Aaliyah as she rocked the poor girl from side to side with punches before she sent one hard uppercut which dazed the actress. Mariah ran back a few feet and charged, leaped into the air and splashed her; mashing Aaliyah between the metal turnbuckles and her newly hardened body. Aaliyah slowly stumbled out of the corner, spun around and fell face first to the mat like a fallen tree.

"Oh you're not so big now are you? Hope I didn't squash you to hard, I don't want to have to pry you from my body." snickered Mariah.

Then, Mariah left the ring, grabbed a huge garbage can that was filled with hard-core weapons for this match and brought it back into the ring with her. She grabbed the tin garbage can lid and, just as Aaliyah got back on her feet, smashed it across her skull leveling the poor girl again. Mariah took a bundle of barbed wire and spread some across the corner turnbuckle, turning it into nothing but sharp spikes. She lifted Aaliyah up by her hair and threw her into the wire! Aaliyah let out a sharp yelp as her body twitched from the pain.

Mariah backed up a few more feet and prepared to splash Aaliyah again but this time as she leaped high into the air, Aaliyah rolled out of the way and Mariah came crashing down chest-first onto the barb wire. Aaliyah's back was bloody, but it didn't affect her as Mariah carefully pried her siliconed breasts off the sharp spikes and massaged her mangled mams.

Meanwhile, Aaliyah had a steel chair and just as Mariah turned around, she smashed it over her skull, wrapping the chair around her head like a necklace. Aaliyah got a long strand of barbed wire and started wrapping it all around Mariah's body, making sure the barbs stabbed into her most sensitive private areas. As Mariah staggered around the ring a bloody mess, Aaliyah risked injury herself, picking Mariah up and body slamming the singer to the mat. The wire jabbed into Mariah's body even more. Once again, Aaliyah pranced around the ring with her arms raised, heading back to the weapons where she pulled out a jar of thumb tacks. The crowd 'ooooohed' as she spilled the whole jar in the middle of the ring.

"Ooohh Mariah, look at you!" Aaliyah mocked her hated rival. "You're in so much pain and this was supposed to be your revenge match. Here, I'll do you a favor and end your suffering really quick."

Aaliyah carefully picked Mariah up and stood her in front of the pile of tacks. Mariah just stood there still not knowing what was going on as she tried to unwrap the barbed wire from her body. Aaliyah walked forward as she were about to push the dusky singer into the tacks, but at the last minute, Mariah lunged out with her barbed wired body and grabbed Aaliyah in a bearhug. Aaliyah screamed in pain as she was pressed against Mariah's barb wired body. To make things even worse, Mariah then threw Aaliyah face first into the pile of thumb tacks.

The crowd went wild!

Aaliyah quickly popped back up with silver tacks stuck all through the front of her, especially her chest since that was the first thing that hit the canvas. Aaliyah screamed at the top of her lungs as she danced around in pain, giving Mariah time to pull off rest of the barbed wire. The wire had taken a toll on Mariah, however, her whole body had scratch marks covering it. She looked down at Aaliyah who was trying to pull the tacks out of her front one at a time. But Mariah, still fired with a desire for revenge, grabbed a pool cue and broke it over Aaliyah's head. Aaliyah fell straight over backward, landing flat on her back with her legs spread. Her chest moved slowly up and down, the thumb tacks sparkling in the spotlight. Mariah walked over to the knocked out actress and grabbed hold of her leopard skin briefs.

"Now look at this, think of the poor animal that was sacrificed just to rub up against a dirty pussy like this. Think of the number of times she sprayed in this or let out," mocked Mariah as she began to pull up on it, wedging it into Aaliyah's hairy pussy.

"Look, Aaliyah's fat ass is trying to eat it. If you want to see me rescue this poor leopard skin and then stick the pool cue up her ass, say yes," crowed Mariah.

The crowd erupted in a loud, "YESSSSS" so Mariah flipped Aaliyah on her belly and pulled the soiled leopard briefs off her and threw them into the crowd. The crowd went crazy. Aaliyah was now bottomless, her plump butt sticking up in the air making it easy for Mariah to make good on her other promise. She chalked the tip of her pool cue and lay down between Aaliyah's legs facing her ass. Taking aim, Mariah rammed the stick halfway into the tight, black hole. Aaliyah screamed and her body bucked when the stick entered her, but to her relief Mariah pulled the sticky cue out and tossed it to a fan in the crowd.

As Aaliyah writhed in pain, Mariah took both of her ankles and dragged her on her chest and belly through the thumb tacks; back and forth until her whole front was studded with tacks.

Then Mariah picked Aaliyah up and threw her on her ass back in the pile of tacks. Aaliyah screamed as the tacks pierced her soft, famous ass and lodged in her blubbery butt. Aaliyah rolled out of the bed of tacks and lay sobbing with her head resting on the bottom turnbuckle. Not giving her a moment's respite, Mariah picked up a bowling ball and a fire extinguisher. As she approached Aaliyah, she had a huge grin on her face.

"I can pin you right now and get my win or I can spend hours torturing you for revenge," said Mariah as Aaliyah looked up at her with a dazed expression.

Mariah sprayed the ice cold fire extinguisher over Aaliyah's limp body, numbing her before she dropped the bowling ball between Aaliyah's open legs, 'knocking down all the pins.' Mariah laughed as Aaliyah cried out for in pain and begged for mercy. Mariah just shook her head, then slid out of the ring, returning with a ladder and a table which she set up parallel to each other.

Mariah kicked Aaliyah in her head a few times, then dragged the actress up by the hair and threw her across the table which was spread with another layer of tacks. As Aaliyah squirmed, Mariah climbed the ladder and looked down at Aaliyah's body just before she leaped. . . but Aaliyah rolled out of the table and Mariah landed ass-first in the tacks, splintering the table as she crashed to the mat bellowing in pain and rage.

The crowd cheered during the nearly three minutes it took until both ladies were able to get back on their feet, but when they did, they both managed to climbed the ladder from opposite sides. They met at the top, ten feet high, and began to try to knock the other back down. Mariah looked like she was winning until Aaliyah raked her nails across Mariah's eyes. As Mariah grabbed her face, Aaliyah shoved her backward. As Mariah windmilled her arms trying not to fall, Aaliyah grabbed Mariah's gold bikini bottom and held on to it so the big brunette was suspended in the air. The material cut like knives into Mariah's soft cunt as she desperately slapped at Aaliyah to make her let go.

But their combined weight and all the rocking and struggling became too much for the ladder which finally collapsed. Mariah fell to the mat, landing on her back with her bikini wedged tightly up between her legs. Aaliyah came down straddling the ropes with her legs split by the top rope. She balanced there just for a moment then, stunned and in pain, she toppled over and fell to the mat.

Both women struggled to get back on their feet after another long period of time and each grabbed a bundle of barbed wire. Aaliyah swung at Mariah with the string of blades but missed; Mariah held her barbed wire and slammed it right between Aaliyah's thighs. Aaliyah dropped her roll of wire and cried out, but Mariah followed up her advantage by three times kneeing Aaliyah's crotch. Aaliyah fell to the ground and Mariah swung her roll of wire down and smashed it onto Aaliyah's already bruised and battered pussy. Mariah picked up the disoriented lady and atomic dropped her down across her knee adding to the damage already done by the barbed wire to Aaliyah's cunt.

Aaliyah sat there on Mariah's knee for a while, her arms limp, her mouth open, feeling the pain. Both women were by now nearly exhausted, but Mariah's quest for revenge drove her on. She lifted Aaliyah up one more time but into an inverted atomic bust this time, and laid her across her knee. Aaliyah was a bloody mess, her whole front had sprung thousands of leaks, not to mention her bloody red ass. Mariah was also mess, her signature full round butt was still studded with hundreds of thumb tacks and her chest was bleeding from where Aaliyah's barbed wires had lacerated it.

Next, Mariah used a long strand of barbed wire to wrap around Aaliyah's two breasts like a lasso before she flung Aaliyah over the top rope while holding on to the other end. Aaliyah cried uncontrollably, hanging by her breasts as the blades cut into her soft mountains of tender flesh. Mariah finally let go when her own hands could no longer stand the pain, but she dragged Aaliyah back into the ring and threw her face down on the canvas mat.

Mariah grabbed a handful of thumb tacks and held them in her hand as she began to repeatedly beat Aaliyah's soft ass, causing the layers of fat to jiggle as Aaliyah screamed in pain. By now, Aaliyah had lost too much blood and was helpless in Mariah's grip as she beat her two round cheeks. Mariah made sure Aaliyah's ass would never be the same; she left huge gashes on it that would surely become scars. After a last spank, Mariah felt she'd left her mark and knew she had to finish it.

As Aaliyah lay helpless, Mariah took all the barbed wire and wrapped it around Aaliyah's body covering her in all the right places. Then she took a bunch of wire and pressed it up against Aaliyah's little hairy cunt. Aaliyah eyes widen as Mariah began to rake it up and down her soft womanhood giving the poor girl a new experience of masturbation. Aaliyah lost control of herself and broke down in tears. Mariah made sure Aaliyah would never forget who did this to her as she tore apart her pussy and jammed the wire in her ass.

Mariah flipped Aaliyah over on her chest and locked in a Boston crab. The referee quickly tapped her shoulder and Mariah had won the hard-core match. As a final insult, Mariah stuffed the actress in the garbage can, sealed the lid with a hot glue gun, tipped it on its side and rolled it off the ring onto the hard cement.

In the back, Mariah got off lucky as she only needed three stitches to her breast and had twelve tacks removed from her large ass. On the other side, Aaliyah had to have one hundred and forty-five tacks removed from her body and got eighteen stitches in various parts of her anatomy. She was in a full body cast for five days.

Aaliyah was watching TV in the hospital when she heard the shocking news on "Entertainment Tonight" that since she was unable to finish making the movie, "Queen of the Damned" the production company had hired Mariah Carey to replace her. She was outraged and swore to exact her revenge on Mariah. Still, many questioned if she'd ever return to the ring and even Aaliyah knew it would be a long while before she would be able, either physically or mentally, to get back in a ring.

The End