Aaliyah Haughton vs. Carmen Electra by Mike 11/12/00

Aaliyah has not yet won a match in her catfighting career so, in hopes to avoid her being voted the number one jobber, she booked a match with Carmen Electra who had a much higher ranking. Once Carmen received the message that Aaliyah had challenged her to a match, she let out a long laugh before signing the contract and dreaming about all the publicity she would get if she totally humiliated Aaliyah.

The next day the match was set as the two ladies entered the ring but what Aaliyah wasn't aware of was that Carmen had come ahead and made this a special mud wrestling match. Aaliyah was shocked to see a bunch of men pour wet dirt and mud all over the ring. Carmen on the other hand was already in the ring wearing a two piece lace black bra and panty with a cowboy hat that said "Pussy" on it in silver rhinestones.

Aaliyah slowly stepped into the mud ring in a pair of tight leather jeans that stuck to her soft black skin like paste, a brown cotton mid-rift, and her over the left side.

The two ladies approached each other as they stood chest to chest as it was obvious that even though Aaliyah was one inch taller but Carmen was thicker and had a much better body; her chest was about 5 times bigger then Aaliyah's and her ass was much more plump.

Carmen shoved Aaliyah back as she wanted some breathing room, but Aaliyah immediately got in her face and gave her a little push. Carmen didn't want to make this fight personal as she had nothing against Aaliyah, so she just turned around and started to walk to her corner waiting for the bell but in a cheap shot Aaliyah grabbed the back of Carmen's brown hair and flung her into the mud. Carmen groaned as mud splattered all over the place covering her whole backside but before Carmen could get back on her feet Aaliyah jumped on her body and started to ram her head over and over into the mud. Carmen screamed as she was being forced to take some mud in her mouth but, in desperation, she grabbed a handful of mud and flung it into Aaliyah's eyes.

Aaliyah stumbled back to wipe the dirt off her face but just as she was able to see again, Carmen was there to splatter more mud into her eyes. Aaliyah wildly started to swing around hoping to connect with a lucky punch but Carmen, using her quickness, ducked all the punches and landed a hard fist to Aaliyah's flabby belly. Aaliyah's stomach jiggled back and forth from the impact as she was doubled over in pain. Aaliyah was quickly back on her feet as Carmen shoved a hand full of wet mud down the back of her pants.

Aaliyah was just coming to but Carmen quickly punched her in the gut and followed up with a piledriver. Aaliyah's head smacked into the mud as her hair was being plastered down. In some revenge, Carmen gripped a handful of Aaliyah's hair and started to rub her face in the mud. Aaliyah was forced to swallow all the mud if she didn't want to pass out. After a couple of seconds, Carmen pulled Aaliyah to her feet and left her standing there in a complete mess with mud completely covering her body.

Carmen and Aaliyah soon got in a mud throwing fight as they both slammed handful of mud at each other but when Aaliyah was preparing to throw a mud ball at Carmen, Carmen connected with a very fast pitch that exploded right in the center of Aaliyah's cunt. Carmen began to play a little baseball as she slammed ball after ball into Aaliyah's body till she knocked the poor girl over.

Carmen grabbed Aaliyah's hair and began to violently drag her body all over the mud as Aaliyah cried out in pain. In desperation, Aaliyah used Carmen's tactics against her. She grabbed a handful of mud and slammed it into Carmen's face. Carmen fell back as she wiped the mud away but it gave Aaliyah a respite as she got back to her feet and splashed Carmen into the ground. She began to jam her fist all over Carmen's body hoping to crack a few bones, but just as Carmen was about to throw her off, Aaliyah gripped onto Carmen's chest and began to tear into her breasts.

Carmen's huge melons where being pulled apart as her breasts where starting to go numb. Hoping to throw Aaliyah off she shot her legs up behind Aaliyah and locked them under her armpits to throw her backward. Aaliyah though, held her position as she began to facesit the poor model. Aaliyah jammed her crotch into Carmen's face. Carmen's screams where muffled as Aaliyah smothered her with her pussy but, just when Aaliyah thought she had the match won, Carmen bit down and sank her fangs into Aaliyah's black cunt.

Aaliyah jumped up as she shot her hands down her pants trying to rub away the pain - but Carmen managed to get up behind her and catch her in a bearhug. Carmen began to tear Aaliyah apart as she desperately tried to crush her waist while Aaliyah still had her hands down her pants trying to stop the bleeding. Before Aaliyah could nurse her cunt anymore, Carmen slammed Aaliyah in a legspread across her knee. Aaliyah lay there motionless on her knees but to add more insult to her injury, Carmen rolled Aaliyah on her knee ass out, then pulled down her pants. Aaliyah's tan bare ass stuck out in the air as Carmen began to spank.

She slapped her hands across the dark ass making the jiggley blubber shake back and forth. With each smack Aaliyah cried out in pleasure and her ass soon turned bright red. With one last smack, Carmen rolled Aaliyah off her knee and into the mud. Aaliyah clutched at her plump ass as she was rubbing the pain away, but Carmen showed no remorse as she grabbed a handful of mud and started to jam it down Aaliyah's shirt - mocking her as if she was getting implants for her unusually small breasts.

The crowd laughed as Carmen filled Aaliyah's shirt with mud, then began to send chops to her chest making loud splats. Aaliyah covered her breasts with her hands as she tried to protect herself, but Carmen just ripped away her cheap tank top and gripped onto her nipples. Aaliyah had no idea what Carmen was doing since she wasn't pulling or hurting her nipples but instead rubbing them.

Aaliyah was enjoying this as she felt her body go into orgasm but soon felt her nipples start to burn as Carmen was starting to give her a tit burn. She tried to pull away but it was no use. Her breasts were turning bright red so, after one final hard twist, Carmen let go and paraded around the ring.

Aaliyah curled up in a ball hoping that someone from the back would save her but before she could run, Carmen sent a fist right into her pussy. Carmen's fist sank into her pussy and she began to pump it in and out, stretching the cunt lip as far as it would go. Aaliyah begged Carmen to let her go but it was no use; she was determined to tear and embarrass her.

Aaliyah soon exploded into multiple orgasms as her juices flowed out and spilled into the mud as Carmen was still held her pussy claw. Aaliyah was losing energy as Carmen sucked the life out of her. After one last pump, Aaliyah passed out as her orgasmic juices made puddles in the muck at Carmen's feet. Carmen grabbed Aaliyah by the back of her hair and lifted her back on her feet where she then delivered one more hard knee bust to her swollen crotch before lifting her up in a military press.

Carmen slammed Aaliyah midsection first over the middle rope and left her draped over it like a towel. Aaliyah was a complete mess as mud dripped off her body mixing with the juices that flowed from her cunt like a faucet. Carmen took a steel chair from ringside and stepped behind Aaliyah's ass and laid the chair right across her plump ass. Carmen swung the chair swung back and, with every single bit of energy she had left, slammed it into Aaliyah's ass bone. The impact gave out a loud smack and this shot may had broke her tail bone!

Aaliyah let out a loud scream before falling back into the mud. Carmen had done what she came to do and only wanted to do one thing before she left; that was to humiliate Aaliyah because she had already broken her in half. Carmen pulled down her own panties revealing her sweat soaked ass cheeks and began to purposely spread some of the mud onto her plump ass then positioned herself over Aaliyah's face. She reached down and grabbed Aaliyah's busted up vagina and started to tear at her pussy lips until she felt Aaliyah's mouth open. Carmen dropped her ass perfectly over Aaliyah's mouth and began to hump Aaliyah into blackness.

Aaliyah soon stopped struggling as she laid motionless in the mud while Carmen got up and raised her hands in the air as if she had won this match. Aaliyah was starting to roll out of the ring, but Carmen grabbed her legs and dragged her back into the center where she once again jammed her hands down on Aaliyah's hairy crotch. Carmen gripped onto her bush and began to tear it apart pulling out every last pubic hair she had left until she was completely bald.

Carmen then blew a kiss to Aaliyah who looked on in fear as Carmen sank her hands deep inside Aaliyah's pussy again, tearing at her clit and vagina walls. Aaliyah's body went into spasms as she lost control of herself and began to cry as she felt another huge orgasm coming. Just as Aaliyah was about to explode, Carmen grabbed a handful of mud and jammed it inside her vagina plugging up the hole so that Aaliyah would have to witness new pain. Aaliyah was turning sick as Carmen was totally dominating her as she just lay in the mud hoping Carmen would finally stop but Carmen had no intention on stopping. She began to ravish her womanhood.

Just when Carmen was on the verge of ripping Aaliyah's cunt in half, Aaliyah's friend Mya came running out to save the day. She slid into the ring with a chair and slammed it across Carmen's head knocking her on her back in the mud. Mya stripped the rest of Carmen's cloths off and began to brutally beat her senseless with the chair, but Carmen managed to roll out of the ring to safety leaving Mya in the ring to help Aaliyah. The two ebony girls hugged each other even though Aaliyah had been dominated once again. Mya still remained her friend as she helped nurse Aaliyah's swollen crotch. Before the two girls hopped out of the ring they made a challenge to any tag team that wishes to face them.

The End