Aaliyah Haughton vs. Mya Harrison by Mike

***NOTICE Contains anal penetration and peeing. Over 18 only.***

Aaliyah first came to the ring wearing her usual red and blue Tommy Jeans and a matching Tommy Tube Top while Mya came to the ring wearing her mini blue flower skirt with black bicycle shorts and a matching blue flower jacket with a black bra on.

When the match got started Mya quickly charged Aaliyah and took her down with a clothesline, then without warning began to send slap after slap across Aaliyah's face. The slaps echoed through out the stadium as Aaliyah's face was turning bright red from the pain.

Mya laughed as she trapped Aaliyah in a school girl pin but Aaliyah managed to bring her legs up and around Mya's waist in a scissors hold. Mya quickly tried to get up but Aaliyah sexy legs where squeezing all the fight out of her. Mya then managed to unhook Aaliyah's legs and send a fist right between the black singers legs. Aaliyah screamed in pain as she clutched at her pussy trying to soothe the pain but Mya didn't give her time and pulled down Aaliyah's baggy pants down to her ankles revealing Aaliyah's black stockings and a leather g-string.

Mya then grabbed the front of the leather g-string and pulled up high on them making the rough material disappear into the black women's pussy. Aaliyah in desperation grabbed onto Mya's black bra and ripped it completely off. Mya now only had her flower jacket on witch was barely covering her breasts so Mya let go of the wedge hold and tried to cover herself up. This gave Aaliyah some time to get up and go behind Mya and apply a backwards bear hug.

Aaliyah held this hold for about 2 minutes then she lifted Mya up and atomic dropped her about 3 times before letting her fall face first to the ground. Aaliyah then walked around the ring still picking out her wedge then she came to Mya's legs and applied a leg spread hold. Mya's mini skirt was bunched up above her waste and the shorts became almost wedged up her nice round ass so now the crowd could get a good look at her pussy. Aaliyah held this hold for about 3 min. and soon both fighters bodies were covered in sweat making both of there clothes almost see-through. Mya screamed in pain as her legs where being pushed to the breaking point but using her strong sexy legs Mya managed to break the hold. Aaliyah was very mad that she got out so she picked Mya up by the head and tried to put a standing kiester bounce on but Mya just fell back like a falling tree and smashed Aaliyah to the ground.

Mya then quickly got up and managed to pull Aaliyah's tube top down reveling two black breast and began to squeeze them with everything she got. Aaliyah screamed in pain as her breast where on the point where they were going to explode as little veins popped out and white milk began to peak out of her nipples but in pity Mya let go. Mya then picked Aaliyah up in a reverse piledriver and held her there for about 15 seconds before dropping her down on her head. Mya then rolled Aaliyah across her knee and began to send slap after slap into Aaliyah's round ass. From each smack Aaliyah's ass would jiggle and become bright red so Mya having enough let Aaliyah go and applied a stomach claw. She then started pumping Aaliyah's stomach in and out almost as if she was giving CPR but in a matter of seconds Aaliyah's fear had consumed her and she let out a big stream of piss.

Mya in disgust quickly let go and said, "Looks like you haven't been house broken yet!"

Then she held the back of Aaliyah's head and began to rub it into her own piss. Mya laughed wickedly as she was having fun as Aaliyah was completely embarrassed.

After about 5 min. of that, Mya went for her finishing move. She lifted the black singer to her feet and spun her around so that her back was facing Mya's front. She then pulled down Aaliyah's piss soaked g-string and spread apart Aaliyah's ass cheeks and shoved the g-string in as far as it can go.

She stuck her left hand deep inside Aaliyah sore asshole forcing them as deep as they can go. After Mya got the feel of this position she took her other right hand and wrapped it around her neck and jumped on her back and locked her legs around Aaliyah's legs and then she began to slowly choke the life out of Aaliyah who just slowly fell to the ground almost knocked out.

Mya then began to rock back and forth in a half kiester bounce and pussy claw. Aaliyah was in to much pain to tap out or give up as her pussy was being ripped apart. Mya, feeling that this move was worthless, let go and had a better idea. She then turned to the crowd and asked if she can take a survey she winked at the news paper reporters who grabbed there video cameras and recorders.

"Whose ass do you like better mine or the black slut who's passed out on the ground?"

She then pulled down her bicycles shorts and mooned the crowd. The crowd went wild as Mya walked around the ring with no shorts then she walked over to Aaliyah and picked her up over her shoulder.

She said, "Or do you like her ass?"

She walked around the ring slapping at Aaliyah's ass like a dog. The crowd almost went silent as Aaliyah's ass looked flabby so Mya said, "Well then, its time to put this slut to waste."

She dropped Aaliyah legs spread over the top rope and left to get something she place under the ring. She brought out a small electrical razor and walked over to Aaliyah. She was to knocked out to do something so she just sat there on the top rope witch was cutting into her sore and bruised pussy.

Mya ran the razor through Aaliyah's bush and said, "Give up or I'll finish the job."

Aaliyah just looked down in shock, so Mya continued till her bush was completely shaved.

"Do you give up or do I have to stick the razor somewhere else?"

Aaliyah weakly said, "Go fuck yourself."

Mya, with a wicked grin, said, "If you say so!"

She then unbuttoned her top and slowly moved her breast above Aaliyah's mouth slowly smothering her. Aaliyah's body soon went limp and the she passed out.

Mya got up and said, "Well, since you said I should go fuck myself I think I need a little help."

She straddled Aaliyah and began to rub her sweat soaked pussy all over Aaliyah's face, smearing her make-up. Soon the bell was rung as Aaliyah was completely out. Mya danced around the ring as she had totally killed Aaliyah.

The winner Mya!