Aaliyah Haughton (The Vampire Akasha) vs. Jennifer Lopez (Flesh Eater Jen) by KiDKicKs

On a cold dark night after Akasha's long night sleep she arose from her wooden coffin with a hunger for blood as the vampire flew into the dark city in her skimpy costume looking for her new victim like she does everyday. The towns people new that every night would be a scarifies to one of the pedestrians as Akasha was the head vampire and flew around the city freely.

On this cold night as Akasha went around town she picked up a strong cent of blood coming from a huge park in mid city.

The dark queen flew into the fogging muddy park as she dove blindly at an object which she had thought was to be a human. Akasha was surprised to see a tree covered in red blood as she quickly tried to stop herself from going into the tree but it was to late as she landed head first into the hard limber. As Akasha arose from her fall she was quickly brought back down with a hard punch to the back of her head. She automatically knew her attacker had to be a flesh eater as they were the only race brave enough to fight her. As Akasha stumbled back to her feet she arose only to find herself face to face in front of a dark shadow.

"You cant be the Queen of the Damned. I thought she was supposed to be intelligent. This is just an ugly slut who thinks she's an Aaliyah look alike," mocked Jennifer, the leader of the flesh eaters.

"As a matter of fact, I AM the Queen of the Damned. My name's Akasha, Queen of all Vampires! How dare you mock me with that rude comment," sneered Akasha.

"Well then, it looks like I found the right person. You may not know me, but my name is Jen and I've been sent to destroy you. Don't worry, this kill will be painless...well at least for me," sneered Jen.

Jen jumped on Akasha and immediately began to bite her face, trying to cut through the skin. But it was no use as Akasha lifted her hands and grabbed Jen's throat. With all her power, Akasha lifted the petty girl into the air and began to hang her by her own throat as she laughed at how weak she was.

Akasha flung Jen hard against a tree which her impact caused a limb to fall and splash in the mud. Akasha searched for Jen but lost her in the brushes. She was quickly snapped back to reality when Jen lashed out from behind her with the thick branch, slamming it across Akasha's back. The Queen fell on her knees from the attack, but before she could get prepared to block the next one, Jen grabbed another branch and swung them from opposite sides - connecting with Akasha's head.

Akasha fell face first in the mud and felt herself being dragged back to her feet by her hair where she received several gut-wrenching punches to her soft stomach. Akasha let out a loud groan but burst into an angry rage as she slashed her claws across Jen's eyes, blinding her. Akasha again grabbed Jen by the throat and lifted her in the air where Jen kicked wildly hoping to force the Queen to drop her.

A lucky kick between Akasha's legs made the vampire drop Jen and reach down to her lower regions and attend to her wounded cunt. Jen again tackled Akasha, sending them both to the muddy ground were Jen gripped Akasha hair for leverage and began to ram her head over and over into the mud. Akasha screamed in pain as she felt herself being knocked out. Using her powers Akasha flew high in the air with Jen clinging to her front, then began a nose dive back to solid ground.

Jen let out a scream of fear as she saw herself approaching the earth. In a second, both ladies crashed into the mud, sinking about 10 feet deep in the soft oozing muck. Both lay out, soiled in mud and it took time for both of them to arise but, in the end, Akasha was the quicker to recover. She grabbed Jen by her hair and slammed her face into her knee. Jen fell back crying out in pain but it didn't take long for Akasha to go on the attack again. She ripped away all of Jen's clothes leaving her naked and freezing in the mud.

"Well, well," Akasha mocked. "It looks like you'll be a great feast. I especially like that round ass of yours - it kind of reminds me of this female I drank back in Hollywood. Come to think about it, I recall her name was Jen too!"

Akasha slowly straddled Jen and ran her hands up and down her curvy body, examining her fresh meat. But as her hand came across Jen's matted bush, she quickly jammed a finger inside her pink vagina, then took it out and gave it a long, slow, lick.

"Nope, you're still not done yet; about ten more minutes of ass beating should do it though," sneered Akasha.

Akasha grabbed hold of Jen's hair and pulled her back to her feet, then picked her up in a military press and flung her all the way across the field into the street where she landed with a THUD!

Jen began to crawl away, hoping to get away from the mess she'd started but she was quickly stopped when she was knocked onto her back by a hard leg drop. Jen cried out in pain and begged Akasha for her freedom, but the queen just grabbed a handful of hair and swung her around in the air. Akasha let go and Jen flew head first through an apartment window into someone's bedroom. Jen lay sprawled on the carpet trying to catch her breath. When she looked up, she saw Akasha in pursuit but to her relief the two lesbians in the bed beside her were afraid of what they saw. (Ed. Note: Jen's naked body scared them no doubt!) Akasha, feeling herself start to lose her energy due to a lack of blood, turned instead on the two girls and asked them who they were and what they were doing there.

"Please, don't hurt us," one lesbian pleaded. "My name is Tyra and this is Mya. We're both celebrities and we have a lot of money...."

But before they could finish, Akasha leaped on both of them and got a quick refill - giving Jen a chance to escape and get away. After Akasha drank the two girls dry, she turned around only to see Jen's limp nude body stumbling down the hall. She slowly followed behind Jen, but as she turned a corner after Jen, Jen lashed out with a heel kick, hitting Akasha right in her teeth. She let out a loud scream as Jen grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it down leaving her bottomless.

"You know what I found out that really hurts vampires even more the garlic" Jen asked rhetorically. "A good cross up your ass, you dirty slut!"

Akasha screamed as Jen grabbed a near-by cross off the wall and rammed it up between Akasha's legs. Akasha fell to the ground trying to pull the cross out of her vagina and when she did, she threw it as far away from her as she could. Before Akasha could gather herself, Jen was gone once again!

Akasha let out a loud groan as she quickly hobbled after Jen down the hallway, limping from her cuntbust. But, once again using sneaky tactics, "Jen The Flesheater," jumped out of a door way and tackled the limping vampire to the ground. Jen quickly went on the attack as she bite down on Akasha's left breast, bringing a sharp scream from the vampire's mouth. Then, just like last time, Jen again disappeared from Akasha's view.

Akasha slowly made it back to her feet as she stumbled from side to side trying to catch up to Jen. It was obvious that Jen's plan was working as she knew if she wore Akasha out she'd be too tired to fight back. Finally, Jen stopped and stood toe to toe with Akasha. She began to send blow after blow into her body, knocking Akasha in every direction until the vampire finally fell on her ass in a pile of sweat.

Jen reached into Akasha's mouth, grabbed both of her fangs (being careful not to cut herself) then, with all her power, ripped the two sharp fangs out of her mouth and held then aloft as a trophy. Akasha breathed heavily as Jen mocked 'The Queen' while she pressed her throat up against Akasha's mouth - feeling her desperately trying unsuccessfully to suck on it.

Akasha cried out when Jen locked their lips in a long kiss, then stripped her completely nude, grabbed her two ankles and flipped her over onto her stomach, then placed her toe between Akasha's ass cheeks.

"Well, well, it looks like the Queen has been beaten. I must say, you put up a good fight but now it's time for me to live up to my reputation as the leader of the ass eaters," whispered Jennifer as she sat down in front of Akasha's gorgeous ass and split the two sweaty cheeks apart.

Akasha moaned in agony as she felt Jen's soft tongue run up and down her ass crack 'til it came to rest on her hole. With one last blow, Jen dove in and started to eat the girl out as Akasha broke down into tears of both pain and pleasure. She gripped the carpet for leverage, but it didn't take long before 'The Queen' lost control of herself and sprayed all over the place.

After a last chomp, Jen wiped her mouth and gave Akasha's perky ass cheeks one final spank before tying her up with her own clothes and hanging her outside of the hallway window to await the rising of the morning sun . Then she left her nude body hanging there and disappeared.

Later that morning, after the sun rose, Jen came back to see how her little victim was doing. To her shock, Akasha had (somehow?) freed herself. The only sign of her having been there was a bloody message scrawled on the wall. The message mentioned Jen by name and vowed she'd return for revenge.