Aaliyah Haughton & Mya Harrison vs. Tyra Banks & Jennifer Love Hewitt by Spike (12-26-00)

Tyra Banks and Jennifer Love Hewitt had recently formed a new alliance and were hoping to take the Celeb Wrestling Federation by storm. But before they made a name for themselves, they must prove themselves worthy enough to beat the jobber team of Aaliyah and Mya who had been on a very depressing losing streak. Tyra and Jen knew it would be tough to win a tag team match when their opponents are well known for their teamwork, but still they took their chances and signed for an 'Anything Legal Match.'

Tyra and Jen were first to enter the ring. Tyra had on a red mini-skirt with matching red thong and a white tank top, while Jen had on a blue tube top with matching blue hotpants. The crowd gave out loud cheers as the unlikely duo stepped into the ring and showed off their assets to the wild audience.

Next came Aaliyah and Mya and the crowd soon turned to boos as they were the 'heels' in this match but nonetheless they looked very sexy as Aaliyah was wearing a cotton leopard print bikini shorts with a matching tube top and Mya had on a blue spandex pants with a matching blue spandex tank top just like the one she wore in her new video "Free".

As the two ebony women entered the ring, the crowd gave out some cheers but mostly boos as they always liked to watch the two small ebony girls get dominated by their opponents. Aaliyah and Mya ignored the crowds rude comments as they fixed their clothes and made sure they were beautiful for the cameras.

"You dirty sluts don't stand a chance against us and by the end of this match we will not only strip you of your cloths but you pride and dignity too!" sneered Aaliyah

The match got under way with Aaliyah and Tyra standing face to face as they locked up in a test of strength but surprisingly Aaliyah managed to throw the thicker women down. Tyra was enraged as she got back up and went for it again but once more Aaliyah threw her to the mat. The crowd got a good laugh since though Tyra was twice as big as Aaliyah she was still being pushed around.

Enraged, Tyra locked up one more time but she sneakily shot her foot between Aaliyah smooth thighs which caught her off guard. Aaliyah was forced on her knees and Tyra began to gloat as she bent Aaliyah arms back causing the young girl to cry out in pain. Tyra quickly began to stomp away on her as she buried the women with kicks to her chest but Aaliyah quickly recovered and caught one of Tyra's feet.

She extended her arms causing the taller women to come crashing down on her ass with Aaliyah straddling her. She began to unleash her own punches as she began to tear at Tyra's beautiful face. Finally, Tyra's size advantage took over as she reached around Aaliyah slim waist and grabbed the back of her leopard shorts to give the poor girl a huge wedgie! The cotton material cut up in her soft jiggley ass as Tyra tugged with all her strength.

Finally, Aaliyah got up and rolled out of the way as Tyra followed up with a hard clothesline that leveled the poor girl. Tyra grabbed Aaliyah by her silky bangs and started to drag her around the ring by them until she pulled the singer back to her feet and threw her in the turnbuckle. Tyra stepped back a few feet before she ran at her with a full head of steam as she completely swallowed the actress in her body. Tyra stepped back as she watched Aaliyah fall out of the corner like a tree so she set her up once again in the corner but this time as Tyra began to run at her Aaliyah ducked out of the way and Tyra landed front first into the hard padding.


Tyra wobbled backwards clutching her huge chest but before she could regain feeling, Aaliyah sneakily grabbed Tyra's mini-skirt and yanked it down, giving the crowd a good view of her very large ass. Tyra was tripped up by her skirt and fell over her own feet and landed right on her forehead. Aaliyah returned the favor as she grabbed hold of Tyra's long bangs and dragged the huge women around the ring by them. Tyra began to squeal as she never felt so violated as Aaliyah was making a point that they should never be taken lightly. As Tyra came to a halt on the ground she had developed a huge red rash on her chest as Tyra clutched at it hoping to cease the burning.

Aaliyah showing no remorse felt very happy as she turned the big model on her stomach and sat on the small of her back. She reached over and gripped onto Tyra's red thong and on her throat where she began to rock back and forth making the material disappear into the dark ass. Tyra reached out for Jen as her eyes became watery but with each tug on her thong sent a cold chill through out her body not to mention a sharp pain in her ass.

Tyra gripped onto the mat for leverage as she desperately tried to keep from making a mess of herself. In desperation she reached back and grabbed Aaliyah's long hair again and flung her forward. Aaliyah quickly was unseated from her big pony but she tried to regain control as she went for the thong again. Tyra flipped around and gave her a nasty kick right between her chocolate thighs. Aaliyah gave a glass-shattering scream as she fell forward, coming to rest in Tyra's sweaty lap.

Tyra sat up, reached over, grabbed Aaliyah's dark hair and tied it to the back of her leopard shorts so every time Aaliyah leaned forward her head would pull her shorts and give herself a wedgie. Aaliyah whimpered as Tyra pulled down her tube top and clamped onto her hard nipples. Tyra began to tug and twist the two knobs as Aaliyah let out short yelps of pain while Tyra ravished her tits to the point of exploding.

Aaliyah had worked up a lot of sweat which made her leopard shorts easy to rip so when she jerked her head forward very hard, the shorts ripped out of her ass, leaving a rash in her vagina. Aaliyah let out a sigh of relief as she grabbed her swollen breasts and started to fight back with punches to Tyra's twin peaks. By now Aaliyah breasts where purple and had lost all feeling, so this made it easier for Aaliyah as she staggered the tall model backwards until a dirty low blow from Tyra kneed Aaliyah right in the center of her already swollen pussy.

Tyra dug her claws into Aaliyah's pussy lips and began to pump her hands in and out, fisting the poor singer. In desperation, Aaliyah wrapped her legs around Tyra's waist and locked on a scissors hold. Aaliyah couldn't help but release some of the leg tension when she suddenly let out a stream of orgasmic juices on Tyra's hands, making the fisting much easier and less painful. Just as the fisting was taking affect on Aaliyah, Mya unable to wait any longer, ran in and gave out a sharp punch into Tyra's face knocking out her front tooth.

Tyra dropped Aaliyah in a puddle of her own juice where she lay with her chest heaving and love juice gushing from her pussy while Tyra turned her attention to Mya. Mya landed a hard slap that knocked the spit out of Tyra's mouth, then grabbed her large breast and threw her to the opposite turnbuckle. Mya began to pummel away at Tyra's orbs as she beat them from side to side.

Jen stepped through the ropes and prepared to splash Mya from behind but Mya ducked and Jen landed chest-first on Tyra! First Jen fell on her back in front of Tyra, her legs spread; then Tyra toppled headfirst onto Jen's pussy - delivering a mistakenly low head butt.

The crowd cheered as Mya grabbed both ladies by their hair, lifted them up, then slammed their skulls together. They fell to the mat with a thud as Mya went over to help her fallen partner, Aaliyah. The two ebony girls climbed the turnbuckles and waited for their victims to get up but they weren't prepared for what happened when Jen and Tyra stumbled back against the ropes, knocking both Aaliyah and Mya off the turnbuckles. They landed split-legged across the padding.

The crowd was enjoying this as they watched Aaliyah and Mya straddle the top buckle with a sick look on their faces. After Tyra and Jen noticed what they'd done, they pulled Aaliyah and Mya off and laid their heads on the lower turnbuckles. Tyra sat her rear end on Aaliyah's face as Jen stood about 6 feet away from Mya. Jen unbuttoned her hot pants and pulled them down, revealing a very nice looking bush and ass.

When Jen signaled to Tyra, they both performed their signature move as Tyra slammed her huge ass into Aaliyah face rubbing it back and forth to smother Aaliyah as Jen leaped spread-legged onto Mya's face, rubbing her sweaty cunt all over her face. They did this for about 3 minutes before they got up and dragged the two ebony women in the center of the ring.

Tyra ripped away Mya's clothing leaving her bare naked in the ring with Aaliyah as they laid the two singers in the middle of the ring on top of each other. The crowd went crazy and grabbed their cameras as they saw Aaliyah and Mya put bare naked in a 69 position on top of each other. To put the icing on the cake, Tyra and Jen climbed the turnbuckle and leaped off with a huge hang time, then splashed the poor girls. Mya and Aaliyah where almost smashed into each other as now both of them where flat as a pancake, drooling on top of each other. Tyra and Jen finally picked them up, bent them over their knees and began to slap them awake.

Tyra grabbed Aaliyah's soft ass and said, "Look at this Jen, no meat at all. This is just bone."

She began to pinch it while Jen did the same to Mya. Finally, when the ebony girls awoke to realize the position they where in, they begged for mercy. Tyra and Jen both started to slap their nice, round, asses telling them to sing their number one hit singles.

Aaliyah and Mya weakly began to sing. Mya sang her new song, "Free" and Aaliyah sang, "Try Again" but with each smack Jen and Tyra would deliver the songs become more off beat as they wept and stuttered.

After both songs where over, Tyra locked a bow and arrow stretch on Aaliyah while Jen did a hangman to Mya. Jen hung Mya on her back as she paraded around the ring, displaying her power. After one last victory lap, she fell backward - smashing Mya into the mat. Jen took Mya by the ankles, spread them as she looked down at Mya who was pleading and shaking her head, then extended her knee and smashed it straight into Mya's crotch.

Mya let out a loud, "Uunnnffff" as Jen dove between her thighs and began to finger fuck the poor girl.

Mya screamed as Jen's long nails were jammed in her vagina, scratching at her inner walls. Just as Mya lost control, however, Jen released her grip and clamped Mya's lips shut, trapping in her juices. A burning sensation arose in her pussy as Mya cried out in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Tyra had Aaliyah in a full body pin where she had thrust her tail bone into Aaliyah flabby belly, crushing her insides. Aaliyah grunted each time Tyra's hard ass came down into her stomach, but to make things worse, Tyra then turned around and set her dripping wet ass just inches above Aaliyah mouth, bent down and grabbed her neatly trimmed bush and pulled! With each rip of pubic hair, Aaliyah would scream which was muffled by Tyra's ass as she had Aaliyah's face wedged deep in her dark butt.

Tyra was nearly drowning Aaliyah whose her hands waved frantically, but before Tyra could shove Aaliyah's whole head(!) between her cheeks, Kelly, Beyounce and Michelle of the group 'Destiny's Child' came running down to the ring.

Tyra and Jen quickly got off their victims and looked at each other questioningly. Before Jen and Tyra could figure out why they were there, it was too late!

The Destinies girls began to pound away at both Tyra and Jen. The three girls easily pounded them into the mat, then ripped away all of their clothing, leaving Tyra and Jen nude in the hands of Kelly and Michelle. Beyounce comforted Aaliyah and Mya, helped them up and pointed to Michelle and Kelly who where still beating Tyra and Jen's nude bodies senseless.

Finally Aaliyah and Mya decided to finish them off in a special way. Aaliyah straddled Tyra in a reverse position and wedged her pussy tightly down over Tyra's sharp nose. Mya did the same with Jen. Then the two girls reached forward, grabbed both of their opponents legs and pulled them up. On the count of three, the two girls started to bump and grind the pleasure right out of Tyra and Jen's faces. Aaliyah and Mya went all out as they thrust their hips in and out and up and down, feeling every little bump,

Soon they were sweating and pouring out their love juices all over their opponents pretty faces. Mya won that race since she managed to get off a little before Aaliyah. They sat up and found Tyra and Jen covered in juices and both were nearly knocked out and desperately gasping for air.

Mya and Aaliyah gave each of them a final hard kick in the snatch before insolently laying on Tyra and Jen to win their first ever match with a double pin - courtesy of the help from Destiny Child.

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