Aaliyah Haughton vs. Kiely Williams by New 3/11/01

(Kiely Williams of the girl group of "3LW" faces one of our web page regulars.)

The first girl to be introduced to the ring was Kiely Williams, a newcomer in this exotic sport. The young first timer's made it her mission to wow the crowd in this, her first match. It won't be an easy one, however, she's been put in a match against a veteran catfighter, the singer Aaliyah.

As Kiely walked to the ring in a very skin tight purple jeans with a matching purple/silver tube top she held her nose high in the air as she took a good look at all her cheering fans who applauded her all the way to the ring. She strutted her stuff as she posed for the camera and showed off a very sexy petite figure; dancing in front of the camera's. But her dancing was interrupted as Aaliyah's entrance music came on and she stepped through the curtains.

Aaliyah wore leopard skin pants that hugged her round ass and a white midriff tank top that showed off her magnificent stomach and a chest that stuck out brazenly in the air. She bounced her way into the ring where she stepped in front of the younger girl and grabbed a microphone from ring side.

"Do ya really think you can make a impact in this business by starting off fighting me? Well, if you think I'm going to be easy on you, lets make this my signature match, a Lesbian Bush Trimming Match," challenged Aaliyah as she grabbed her crotch and gave it a firm tug.

Kiely was shocked at Aaliyah's offer as the crowd went crazy over this. But it didn't take long until Kiely accepted due to peer pressure from her fans. The bell was rung and the match was soon on as they were both armed with a pair of shaving blades.

Kiely let out swing after swing to Aaliyah's face hoping to connect with a solid punch. Using her quickness, Aaliyah rasily dodged all the punches and lashed out with her own; something she learned from her brief time on the making of the movie, "Romeo Must Die".

It didn't take long before Aaliyah began to chop away at Kiely's small breast hitting her two orbs back and forth till her chest was fiery red so, with one last hard slap, she gripped Kiely's purple tube top and pulled it above her face, blinding the poor women.

Kiely's breast were finally bare to the crowd and her small chest heaved up and down from the beating. Before she could pull the shirt down off her face, Aaliyah grabbed both of her hard nipples and began to throw her around the ring by them. Kiely let out shrieks of fear as she was thrown from side to side till Aaliyah's sweaty hands lost grip of her breast and she fell tumbling to the ground.

Aaliyah wiped her hands of the little surprise juices that Kiely left behind and straddled the young girls back. With both of her hands free, Aaliyah hooked Kiely's two arms and pulled back, locking on a surf board stretch as Kiely gushed tears as her upper body was being ripped away from her lower regions.

Kiely let out a final cry as Aaliyah used all her power in her leg muscles to lift the little girl onto her back and then up in the air. The crowd was shocked to see the newcomer overcome her pain as she reversed the hold on Aaliyah and began to stretch her out. Aaliyah quickly broke down in tears as she knew the shirt she had on was way too small. Her breasts spilled out from the top as the crowd got a good laugh at her expense.

Aaliyah begged Kiely to stop - she felt herself being snapped in half but in just a few seconds her shirt ripped and her huge black melons bounced freely in the cool air. Both girls were struggling against each other and both were covered in sweat as stains showed up in the crotch of their pants.

Jamming a knee into Aaliyah's wet ass cheeks, Kiely flung the girl down and pulled the back of her leopard jeans down to the bottom of her butt cheeks, reveling her leopard-print thong bikini. Kiely grabbed hold of the thong and lifted up - the soft material dug into Aaliyah's tan ass and cut into her crotch as she cried in pain and kicked her legs wildly.

"Hey, this is cruelty to animals! Just think of the poor leopard that was killed just to cover your diseased pussy?" laughed Kiely.

It didn't take long before the thong ripped and Kiely threw it to a lucky crowd member as she then grabbed her razor and jammed it into Aaliyah's asshole. Aaliyah let out a shriek as Kiely turned on the razor and it began to cut away at her ass hairs. Aaliyah quickly put that to a stop as she lashed out with a hard back kick to Kiely's mid-section. Kiely dropped the razor as she clutched at her stomach, giving Aaliyah time to pull her pants back up over her plump ass and get back to her feet.

As Aaliyah stumbled to her feet, she fell into the corner and hiked up her pants as the sweat made it very easy to see through it to her cunt hairs. Not a moment later, however, Aaliyah was smashed by Kiely who leaped high into the air and slammed her body chest-first into Aaliyah's chest.

Aaliyah fell face down on the mat as she laid on the ground. Her body just splattered onto the surface but in shock she felt someone grab both ankles and pull them aside. Aaliyah looked back with her eyes and saw Kiely standing on the outside with a firm grip of her parted ankles with the sharp metal corner pole between them.

Aaliyah cried out in pain when Kiely pulled and slammed her cunt up against the poll. Kiely pressed Aaliyah's hot crotch up against the cold steel, stretching as far back as she could. Aaliyah shuttered in shock but Kiely smiled back at Aaliyah and gave one last tug as she managed to perfectly wedged the pole right between Aaliyah's pussy lips.

The crowd was in "wow" as Aaliyah lay with the pole jammed as high as it can go between her legs - right against her ass cheeks and pussy lips. Aaliyah let out a quiet sob as Kiely dragged her out of the corner and back in the ring were she sat the poor singer on her knee and placed her hand inches above Aaliyah's beaten ass.

With a couple of quick strokes, Kiely told Aaliyah to sing, "Try Again" (her only number one single) while the younger - and more toned beauty - began to slap her ass, giving Aaliyah the finally humiliation.

With each stroke Aaliyah's voice became more off beat and she stuttered as Kiely let out sharp, strong slashes across the two mounds of Jell-O, watching the blubber wave back and forth. Once the song was done, Kiely sent one more slap to Aaliyah's plump ass before picking the girl up on her shoulder and slamming her back down to the mat.

Aaliyah's body jiggled from the impact as she sprawled out on the mat. Kiely went under the ring and pulled out a huge silver dildo that she'd hidden before the match. She climbed back into the ring carrying it.

Kiely wanted to leave her mark in the federation and she planned to do it 'lesbian style'.

She rolled Aaliyah on her stomach and sat in front of her ass teasing the Ebony clit with the dildo as she began to slap it against her tight clenched butt. Kiely again pulled down Aaliyah's wet, wedged, leopard pants and wrapped her arms around Aaliyah's waist and lifted her up on all fours (doggy style) then began to pump the huge dildo in and while thrusting her hips at the same time.

Aaliyah bit her lip trying to keep the tension in her body as she gripped the mat and cried out in short pains but soon the dildo was to much for her and Aaliyah exploded into a huge orgasm; her love juices spilling all over the place. Aaliyah's body was impaled and as soon as her orgasm was done she collapsed face down on the mat from excitation and passed out.

Kiely picked up the razor and pressed it to Aaliyah's bush where she then ran the blades up and down 'til the thick patch of short pubic hairs disappeared and the Ebony skin beneath was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

The bell was rung and Kiely was pronounced the winner of the match! Aaliyah had been beaten and shaved in her own signature match. Kiely had the crowd in her hand - they cheered loudly and told her not to finish but show some respect to the beaten girl.

Kiely gave Aaliyah a little pat on the ass before grabbing a handful of Aaliyah's short pubic hairs and passing them around to the crowd.

Once again, poor Aaliyah had bitten off way much more then she could chew!