Paula Abdul vs. Samantha Fox w/Janet Jackson and Jessica Hahn by Bob

It begins in a movie studio in 1989, where British pop singer/Page Three model Samantha Fox and popular American singer Paula Abdul are both auditioning for the same role in a new musical. Samantha, realizing her singing talent was really limited, knew she needed an edge over the competition for Paula was also a terrific dancer as well as a good singer and clearly had the edge for the role. So Samantha began to get really catty, calling Paula names and hinting the dancer had slept with everyone in the music business to get ahead. Paula naturally took exception to the busty blonde's remarks and soon a scuffle broke out. Unfortunately the two girls were pulled apart but a crafty agent who witnessed the altercation suggested they settle it in the ring on a PPV event!

The fight was billed as the "Catfight at the KO Corral" and, naturally, it took place in Las Vegas. A preliminary bout pitted two of rock singer Prince's old girlfriends, Appollonia and Vanity. The PPV was a huge money-maker and the ad posters, picturing the four scantily clad women, with Fox and Abdul having the larger photos, went for big bucks - three times as much for the limited edition autographed versions!

In the main preliminary bout, Vanity had her way with the over-rated Appollonia and after three rounds of punching the busty brunette at will, Vanity ended the match with crushing left to the gut that left Ms. Kotero face down on the mat writhing in pain and unable to get her breath. The ten count was a mere formality as it was obvious by 'three' Vanity had no wish to continue.

By the time the main event began, the crowd was in a frenzy. Paula came out first, accompanied by her 'close friend' Janet Jackson, who woud work in Paula's corner. Paula looked spectacular in a blue and gold outfit reminiscent of her old Lakers Girl costume with shorts and a tight top. Next Samantha pranced out in an outfit far more revealing than sensible for a fight; a tiny black g-string thong and low-cut black bra that could barely contain her mouth-watering 36Ds. The crowd really went wild when they realized who the busty redhead was in Samantha's corner, none other than the infamous Jessica Hahn!

The two opponents met in the center of the ring where the introductions were made. Samantha grabbed the mike from he announcer and proceeded to tell everyone there just what she had planned for the evening, "It's going to be all over for this little bit of fluff. I'm gonna pound her silly, then flatten those little things she called knockers!" Samantha told the crowd in her Cockney accent. "I'm really gonna beat the pants off you, love!" she sneered, then she swatted Paula's ass with the microphone, sending a loud WHUMP over the hushed arena's sound system.

But Paula wasn't intimidated and she grabbed the mike from Samantha, hissing, "Listen to me, you fat Limey cow! After tonight, there won't be a music producer in the world who'll give you a second look! You're history, Ms. Big Tits!"

After that exchange of pleasantries, the celebrity referee, Suzanne Somers, sent the fighters to their corners. At the bell, fight began and right away, Samantha used her weight advantage to force Paula back into the ropes again and again. The busty Brit tried to finish off the dark-haired beauty quickly and it appeared that was likely as she landed several shots to Paula's jaw that had her wincing and shaking back tears. But Paula somehow managed to avoid the potential knockout blows and finished the first round upright, although looking shakey.

While ring girl Judy Landers strutted around holding up a card saying "2" Samantha and Jessica were pointing and laughing at Paula and Janet who had their heads together plotting strategy. When round two began Samantha again tried to bully Paula into the ropes but the lithe dancer side-slipped again and again to avoid Samantha's head-down, bull-like lunges.

"Oooooh, if you'd just stand still I'd kill you, you twit," Samantha hissed.

Paula just laughed at Samantha's frustration as she launched her counter-attack. A sharp left to the nose brought tears of pain welling up in Samantha's eyes, then the brunette followed up with a hard right to the stomach that brought an agonized gasp from the blonde. After that, it was all Paula as she rained blows down onto her hapless opponent. Samantha staggered weakly back toward her corner groaning and whimpering and Paula followed, her face set in a grim countenace, peppering the reeling blonde's body with sharp lefts and rights.

With her back pinned against the turnbuckle right in front of a wide-eyed Jessica Hahn, Samantha managed to wrap her arms around Paula and, before the black girl could get loose, Jessica reached around and nailed Paula with a cheapshot punch to the nape of her neck. Paula's knees buckled and her guard dropped. The British bitch took advantage of her pal's dirty trick, pushing Paula away and then landing punch after punch on the reeling, retreating brunette.

"How do you like that, bitch?" Samantha taunted. "Can't take it, huh?"

Across the ring, Janet Jackson went berserk with anger over the sneaky tactics employed by Hahn. Hiking up her short skirt, Janet stepped through the ropes and charged into the ring. Running right past Paula and Samantha, Janet leaped into the far corner, grabbed Jessica by her long red hair and yanked pulled her up over the rope, then flipped her ass over teakettle onto the canvas. Jessica landed flat on her her back with a loud grunt and Janet dove on top of her. All four women were in the ring going at it like alley cats and the crowd was cheering like mad; having the time of their lives and not regretting for a second having paid the outrageous ticket prices!

Jessica never recovered from her trip to the mat and within seconds Janet was soon showing Jessica the error of her ways, landing a flurry of punches to the redhead's reconstructed tits and face. The big bimbo threw a few wild punches that didn't connect and when Janet ripped away her top, Jessica's usual haughty attitude disappeared right along with her sheer lace bra to be replaced by terror as she realized Janet was going to beat the living hell out of her!

"! P...please! was a m...m...mistake," Jessica blubbered as Janet's fists beat her big boobies flat. "I quit! OK?"

"Should've thoughta that 'fore you got involved, you plastic bitch!" Janet hissed through clenched teeth; punctuating her advice with a fierce uppercut just below Jessica's panty line. Jessica's eyes crossed, her legs seemed to turn to rubber and she froze in place as her gaping mouth twisted into a silent and agonized "o".

While Jessica was getting her tits handed to her by Janet, Samantha had taken advantage of the confusion to land her best Sunday punch and it had dropped Paula to the mat on her butt The beaming blonde model, her massive breasts out-thrust, pumped her fist in the air celebrated her seeming victory. Referee Suzanne Somers wrapped her arms around Samantha and tried to steer her to a neutral corner but Samantha hadn't finished gloating over her downed adversary and she shoved Suzanne aside and resumed posing with her legs straddling Paula, even leaning over to talk trash....until Paula snapped her foot up and wedged her toes deep in Samantha's wide-open womanhood! The blonde let out a single strangled cry as she rose up on her toes, a look of pure agony on her pretty face.

" cunny!" she whimpered as she staggered away, her hands covering her smashed pussy.

As Paula struggled to her feet, Janet was blasting away at Jessica, landing rights and lefts to her face and boobs as Jessica lay on her back sobbing; pleading and begging for mercy, yet the Black Beauty just kept pounding away until the red-headed bimbo was beaten and exhausted to Janet's satisfaction. Then Janet began to slowly strip Jessica of her skimpy outfit. The crowd cheered as Janet tossed one torn article of clothing after the other from the ring; then a final long, looping right hand put Jessica down for the count. As she crashed to the mat, Jessica's long legs shot up into the air, then dropped to the mat as she lay spread-eagled, tits up, vacant eyes staring blindly up into the overhead lights.

While Janet was divesting Jessica of her clothing, Paula had gotten to her feet and was dishing out a beating that the people who were lucky enough to witness are still talk about! Within a minute, Samantha's bra was history and her bikini bottom slowly slipped down her trembling, shapely legs. Paula had lived up to her promise and had literally beaten the pants off her rival. But that wasn't all! Paula pounded Samantha's big tits until the blonde howled in pain.

"Owww! Ooooo! For God's sake stop!" Samantha begged as Paula slugged her heavy jugs, whipping her fists back and forth; bouncing the heavy bags one way, then the other with Samantha helpless and unable to stop it. "You c...can't do this to me! I'm a!" Samantha babbled.

Those 36D's Samantha flaunted so proudly in her photos were soon red, raw and aching and all she could do about it was to stumble backward with her arms dangling limp at her sides as tears streamed down her flushed face. Paula moved her attack upward to hammer punches into the unresisting blonde's face and the bimbos head bobbed up and down like a toy. Finally tiring of beating on Samantha's face, Paula eagerly returned to her favorite target! She backed Samantha into a corner where the brutal black girl held her up with one hand while she dug mean uppercuts to the undersides of Samantha's aching, overhanging breasts until the battered blonde couldn't take any more pain.

"NO! No more….please! win! You're the best - you're the queen! I can't take any more!" Samantha whined. "Just st...stop hittin' my sweet boobies!"

Paula giggled, "That sounds like a great title for a song! Maybe I'll use it for my next video!"

Then her smile faded, she glared fiercely at her beaten rival and brought her right fist up from the floor. It impacted Samantha's slack jaw and smashed her head back onto the ring post. Samantha staggered forward two steps into the ring, then slowly collapsed to her knees and toppled over on her chest; ending up face down with her luscious, lovely ass raised in the air. Paula and Janet high-fived each other before they draped their battered and unconscious opponents over the top ropes and posed with them as the cameras flashed the famous pictures of the exhultant winners and devastated losers.
Two weeks later and even a girl whose been publically humiliated like Samantha eventually gets bored hiding out. She decided a night out on the town would make her feel better. So she put a heavy coat of makeup on to disguise her still black and blue and puffy eyes and although her glorious breasts were still badly bruised, she wore a low-cut red party dress that displayed her impressive cleavage at its best.

"Gotta give the public what they want!" she told herself as she checked out her image in the mirror. "Not too bad!"

Still, when she thought about Paula's flashing fists pounding her tender titties until she wept and begged for relief it sent a shiver up her spine. Despite her humiliatingly public devastation by Paula, before long, Samantha was partying at a popular LA disco; shaking her booty and enjoying being the center of attention once again. After working up a good sweat on the dance floor, Samantha went back to her table, caught the eye of a waiter and ordered a drink.

As she sat sipping the wine spritzer, she heard a familiar voice behind her, "Well, if it isn't Samantha 'The Punching Bags' Fox!" Samantha went pale and she froze as she looked up and saw Paula Abdul! Paula strolled over wearing a big grin. "How ya doing, Titsie?" Paula purred cattily.

Paula stepped up behind the trembling blonde sexpot’s chair, standing with her hands on Samantha’s shoulders as she peered down into the blondes massive cleavage at her big knockers shaking like jello. Paula chuckled as she felt Samantha tremble in fear at her touch and the sound of her silky voice.

"I thought you'd know enough to stay outta my way," Paula said softly, giving Samantha’s shoulders a firm squeeze.

Samantha's voice trembled as she answered, "P...P...Paula! I...that is....I d...didn't know you would here! Honest!"

Paula giggled at the fear she heard in Samantha’s voice, leaned down and softly brushed her cheek on Samantha’s as she whispered in her ear, "Sugar, you sound nervous. Could it be that beating I laid on these fat knockers last time we met? Hmmmm?"

Paula dropped her hand to Samantha’s sides, then pushed both hands down the front of Samantha's dress and cradled her still-tender boobs, pulling the massive mountains of soft flesh up out of their cradle and holding them gently in her palms in the open air. When Paula squeezed, Samantha's eyes filled with tears.

"P...p...please, Paula. D…don't hurt my precious boobs again! They're still so sore from last time I can barely touch them!"

Paula laughed out loud, "Well, so you know who's the boss around town - here's something to help you remember!"

The cruel dominating black woman gave Samantha's big tits a hard squeeze, crushing both black and blue boobs in her fists, making Samantha squeal with pain and shiver. Samantha, too intimidated to resist, clutched the table edge in both hands as she sat stock still; too terrified to move for fear Paula would resume the terrific tit thrashing she'd dished out before. Everyone in the place began laughing at Samantha's utter humiliation as tears ran down her red cheeks and dropped like raindrops onto her bare breasts. Once she had Samantha sobbing uncontrollably, Paula stopped squeezing, dropped Samantha’s boobs back in her dress and mussed her hair playfully.

While Samantha sat sobbing, a quaking, disheaveled mess, Paula strutted out of the club with a jaunty wave to the gaping on-lookers. Samantha dropped her head in her arms on the table and wept in shame from the fear and embarrassment Paula had once again subjected her to!