Victoria Adams vs. Mel B by pifobis 6/9/01

For a while, Melanie Brown (aka Mel B) had been bugging Victoria and making fun of her. Even sometimes in public and when the girls were together Mel would sometimes slap Vicky's ass, grab it or push her about and play Domme.

Victoria was pretty stuck-up herself didn't like anyone to Domme her, even playfully. In the end it got too much. She told Mel to stop it and if she didn't she'd regret it. Victoria was in a bad mood that day so maybe she did overdo it a little.

But Mel just laughed at her smaller bandmate and gave her a push. She found Vicky's anger amusing and she wanted to take advantage of this situation.

"And who's going to make me regret it Vic? You??" Mel laughed even harder at her own remark and looked at Victoria who was now glaring back at her.

"Yes me." Victoria said in an ice cold voice as she glared at her dark bandmate.

Melanie was a little surprised. She didn't expect such a cold answer from Victoria but she was not ready to lose face. So she gave Victoria a push and glared back at her.

"OK Victoria. I say we both strip down to panties and settle this right away. You need to be taught a lesson, Posh girl!"

This time it was Victoria who looked a little surprised. But she soon returned to her calm and cold look and brushed a hand through her short dark hair. After all she knew what she could expect from Mel and she wouldn't even be surprised if this was the kind of thing Mel would enjoy. But just as she thought that Victoria felt her own nipples grow a little hard under her top and she couldn't help blush.

"So Vicky? Are you scared of doing this?" Mel said in a mocking voice.

Victoria blushed even more but then gave Mel a hard push which sent the bigger girl back a few steps.

"No I'm not afraid of you. What are you waiting for? Get down to panties and let's get going then!"

Melanie glared at Victoria but then stripped down to just a tight pair of black thongs. Her big breasts were brown and so were the nipples which were clearly hard. Victoria looked at them and gasped a little and then she started stripping too until she was down to a pair of white panties. The nipples on her pert breasts were slightly hard too and Melanie seemed to notice. She smiled and then laughed.

"What's that Victoria? Are you getting off on this?"

Victoria blushed again but gave a quick snappy answer.

"Look who's talking! Your melons must be very sensitive from the look of your nipples!"

Just as Mel was getting ready for a reply she was stopped and surprised by Victoria who slapped her across her big breasts, the hand hitting hard against her dark nipples. Mel yelled and took a step back and looked surprised. Her nipples actually hurt from that slap. But it was going to get worse for Mel because Victoria who saw how her hard slap had had an effect decided to take advantage of this surprise attack and she landed a hard kick on Mel's thigh which caused the dark Spice Girl to stumble back more and yell again. Victoria's kick had been hard and precise and Melanie reached down with both hands to grab her hurting thigh.

And that was an invitation to Vicky.

Victoria took a step back and did another kick, but this time higher. Her agility combined with her long legs made for a dangerous weapon which Scary Spice found out the hard way as Vicky's foot connected with her left breast and send her stumbling back until she tripped and landed hard on her ass with a yelp, her big breasts wobbling.

Victoria smiled in a confident way as the dazzled Mel landed on her ass and grabbed her big brown hurting breast. But Vicky didn't waste her time. She quickly grabbed the dark girl's feet and pulled hard so Mel fell down on her back on the floor. She yelled and started thrashing about, but Victoria quickly spread Mel's legs so she stood in between them, holding them up and spread by the ankles.

Mel looked up from the floor and saw the smiling Victoria. The slim girl with the pert breasts and short dark hair had her down already and it made Melanie blush pretty much. She pressed her hands against the floor and tried to get up but when she did Victoria stepped backward and started dragging the dark Spice Girl along the floor. Whenever Mel would thrash too much Victoria kicked her inner thighs or her ass hard. She knew Mel was way too strong and that she would break free if not kicked.

This went on for a while and Victoria was actually enjoying herself. Her nipples grew visibly harder and Melanie observed this too. But she was too busy struggling to do any of her usual smart remarks. In the end her struggles paid off and she got one foot loose and started kicking at Victoria who was hit hard on her thigh and her stomach before she let Mel go and stepped back and out of the dark Spice Girl's reach.

Victoria was rubbing her sore thighs and stomach as Mel stumbled to her feet, blushing and clearly surprised at the outcome of the fight so far. She had expected to just throw Victoria down on her back and sit on her and pull on her nipples till she screamed her submission. But that was not how things had gone.

Melanie stepped closer slowly. She was wary now. She knew Victoria was not someone to be toyed with as she'd thought.

Victoria herself wanted to kick Mel again. She knew she had to keep the dark Spice Girl at a distance because if she got too close there was not much Victoria could do. Mel was both bigger and stronger.

But Vicky's thighs hurt still so she backed away slowly as Melanie started to get closer.

"What's that?" Melanie sneered. "Are you scared you little stuck-up bitch?"

Victoria frowned and circled around Melanie who kept her hands up to catch any kick should they come.

"I'm not scared of you Mel! Does that big breast of yours hurt again?"

There was something in Victoria's cocky voice that made Melanie fume. She knew she shouldn't lose her temper now but she just couldn't help it. Victoria needed to get her ass kicked NOW!

Mel suddenly rushed at Victoria who was surprised but who quickly sidestepped and kicked at her opponent, hitting her hard in the stomach. There was a thwacking sound as Vicky's foot connected with Mel's stomach and the bigger Spice Girl grabbed her belly and stumbled as she panted and gasped for air.

This time Victoria was starting to lose her temper too. She grabbed Mel's dark frizzy hair and pulled it hard. Mel screamed and she screamed even more when with her other hand Victoria grabbed the already hurting nipple and started tweaking and twisting it.

"Stop it you bitch!!" Melanie Brown screamed as she slapped away at Victoria who took the pain bravely though those slaps hitting her nipples did cause her to yelp.

Victoria kept pulling Mel's head back and forth by the hair and it caused the dark Spice Girl to feel dazzled and confused. And her head hurt as well. She leaned against Vicky who was still torturing her dark nipple which actually hurt a lot now. Then Victoria let go of Mel and took a step back and looked at her opponent whose legs were weak now, so she swayed a little as she rubbed her big hurting breasts and then her scalp which didn't feel much better after Vicky's wild hairpulling. But Victoria wasn't just enjoying the sexy view of Mel, she was actually about to perform a rather bad move on her opponent.

Melanie never really knew what hit her, she just felt immense pain as Victoria did another of her hard fast kicks, this time hitting her crotch. Mel let out a scream and then she fell to her knees and grabbed her pussy through the tight fabric of the dark but moist thong. The pain was immense and it was like it was throbbing.

Mel was throbbing as she tried to gasp for air and she could feel tears down her cheeks, unable to believe what Victoria had just done to her. But Victoria was without mercy. Having sensed she could not only win this one but actually win without getting much hurt and thus teach Mel a lesson for life, she quickly went on with her work. Victoria grabbed Mel by the hair again and Melanie screamed.

"Oh shut up now, will you?" mocked Vicky who only wished the other Spice Girls were here to see this. She then pulled Mel down on her back hard by the hair and Melanie didn't have the strength or energy to muster up much of a fight now. That kick to her pussy had totally wrecked her and she was unable to fight back. Mel now felt how Victoria sat astride her stomach, rubbing her ample ass back and forth and clearly enjoying the dominant position. Vicky giggled and grabbed Mel's hands and after a brief struggle she had them pinned against the floor. Melanie looked up at her Posh opponent who looked a little sweaty but apart from that just fine. She groaned and tried to buck harder and she managed to pull one hand free.

But that came to no avail because Victoria quickly reached down behind her and grabbed Mel's crotch through the now wet thong and then she squeezed hard, causing Mel to scream and shake under her. For quite a while Victoria did this, enjoying every minute of it and all the time Mel grew weaker until she just sobbed and started begging Victoria for mercy. Victoria, now feeling all dominant, stayed on Mel's stomach and kept squeezing the already hurting crotch in her hand.

"Do you admit I'm the better Spice Girl Mel?"

Mel did so right away. She didn't even try to resist or dare a smart reply. She knew she'd been beaten and all she could do was hope maybe she'd have the luck some other day. But for the time being, it was Vicky on top.
Victoria Adams vs. Geri Halliwell: Schoolgirl pin by pifobis 4/27/01

It was midnight. Victoria was knocking at the door of Geri's flat after receiving a phone call inviting her with the intention of remembering together the good last times as members of the Spice Girls. Geri opened the door with a strange smile in her face. Once inside, the two sat in the hall and began to chat in a friendly way about the glory days.

"Do You want a glass of wine?" Geri said, taking a bottle.

"Yes, thanks," said Vicky.

Geri filled Vicky's glass with wine, then put the bottle back on the table.

"Don't you like wine?" Vicky asked.

"I can't, I'm taking medicine," answered Geri.

They continued speaking and drinking during 2 hours. After all, Vicky started to feel drunk.

"I believe I'm drunk. Everything seems to be spinning," Vicky mumbled.

"You've had a lot of wine," Geri said smoothly. "Come to my bedroom and lay down."

As Vicky wasn't able to stand, Geri helped her. She drove Vicky to the dormitory and put her in the bed on her back. Vicky fell into a deep dream .

Two hours later Vicky woke up surrounded in a suffocating smell and feeling something sticky, warming and fleshy wrapping her stomach. Also she felt a heavy pressure upon her cunt. While she was trying to open her eyes she realized somebody had taken the annoyance to undress her. She was only wearing her panties and bra . At last when she was able to open her eyes, she realized that this sensations were. Geri was sitting astride her stomach resting her gorgeous ass upon her panties. She was in topless smearing moisturizing cream on her tits. Geri saw her, opening her eyes, but she didn't pay attention to her, she was going on with the massage.

"What are you doing seated upon me? " - ask Vicky

As Geri didn't answer her, Victoria began to struggle and remove herself underneath Geri.

"Come on Geri," Vicky protested, as she began to laugh a little, "Get off of me." Vicky began squirming around a little, trying to get out from beneath Geri.

Geri ignored the trapped brunette, and as she smiled down into Vicky's face, Geri grabbed Vicky's wrists, and held them down to the bed next to her head. In a quick move, Geri slid her butt up a little on Vicky's body, and was now seated just below Vicky's breasts. Geri pressed her knees onto Vicky's arms, between her shoulders and elbows, effectively pinning the brunette firmly down beneath her.

For two minutes Geri dominated Vicky. Totally helpless now, Vicky began to passively roll back and forth. Geri reinforced her pin by using the insides of her thighs to squeeze against Vicky's head. Their eyes met. Geri's were full of confidence and vindication. Vicky's were full of desperation.

Ten minutes passed with Vicky occasionally going through bursts of energy where she would buck feverishly, throw her weigh from side to side, and roll. It was pathetic that Geri never even budged. Most of the time she just lay still and looked up submissively at the ex-Spice , or kicked her legs weakly.

"So Vicky," Geri said as though they were having a normal conversation and as though one girl wasn't straddling the other's

"Are you ready to surrender?"

"Okay. Just let me up," Vicky begged.

"Shut up, bitch. I'll let you up when I feel like it.

"Okay, but can I ask you a question?," Vicky begged.

"Yes", Geri answered.

"Why are you pinning me?"

"I heard you call me fat in an interview," Geri answered. "You're staying here until you apologize."

In a quick move, Geri slid forward a little on the pinned brunette and sat comfortably just below Vicky's breasts. The blonde's knees were now past Vicky's shoulders, resting on the bed near the sides of the brunette's head. With Vicky's shoulders now trapped under her shins, Geri released the brunette's wrists, and sat more upright astride her pinned friend. Using her hands, Geri flipped her blonde hair away from the front of her face until most of it flowed down along her back. The blonde let her hands relax on the tops of her thighs.

"Take it back yet?" Geri asked Vicky, as she continued to smile down into the brunette's face.

"No way!" Vicky replied quickly. "I'll get out of this."

"No you won't." Geri said to the brunette as she slid her knees in a little, clamping the sides of Vicky's head securely between them.

"Ouch!" Vicky moaned. "Stop it!"

"Stop what?" Geri laughed, as she pressed her knees harder against the brunette's head, just below her ears.

"You're hurting me!" Vicky moaned again, a little louder this time. "Stop!"

"Do you apologize?" Geri asked, smiling down into Vicky's stuck face between her knees.

"Yes!" Vicky quickly replied. "I'm sorry!"

Geri let up on the pressure to Vicky's head, but did not move her knees away. She put her hands on her hips.

"So tell me what you're sorry for?" Geri asked, as she continued to sit astride the brunette Spice, just below her breasts.

"I'm sorry for saying you're fat," Vicky replied somewhat meekly, "And... I'm sorry for calling you a cow."

"Good!" Geri laughed, satisfied with Vicky's apology. The blonde slid back slightly on the brunette and sat down astride Vicky's stomach. Keeping her knees pressed onto Vicky's shoulders, she looked down into her friend's face. The brunette placed her hands back onto the blonde's knees, and submissively looked up at Geri sitting astride her stomach.

"You're... heavy!" Vicky complained, as she smiled up at the blonde Spice straddling her. "You need to lose some weight!"

"Oh really?" Geri replied sarcastically to her pinned friend beneath her. In a quick move, the blonde Spice slid up forward on the brunette to where she was sitting right on top of Vicky's breasts. Geri slid her knees in and clamped her bare thighs against the sides of Vicky's head. Keeping Vicky's shoulders securely pinned under her shins now, the blonde released her

wrists and sat more upright astride the brunette. Geri placed her hands on her thighs and smiled down into the brunette's stuck face between them.

"Do my legs feel fat to you?" Geri laughed. "I don't think so!"

"Owww!" Vicky moaned, as she felt Geri's thighs press up against the sides of her head.

Vicky slowly brought her hands in, and placed them onto the blonde Spice's thighs, near her knees. She looked up very submissively at her friend towering over her.

"You're not fat." Vicky replied meekly. "I was wrong..... I'm sorry."

"I don't care how sorry you are." Geri said to the trapped brunette, smiling down into her cute face. "I'm not letting you up for awhile. I need to teach you a lesson!"

"No!" Vicky seemed to beg. "Please... let me...up!"

"No way!" Geri laughed. "You're staying right here. Get used to it!"

Vicky lay almost motionless on the bed, not even trying in the least to force the blonde Spice from her dominating perch astride her breasts. Geri reached over towards a night stand, and took hold of one of her Video-cassettes and put it into the player while she kept the brunette Spice securely pinned to the bed.

"We are going to see the Spice World movie," Geri said, as she press the play button. Looking straight up, Vicky could see the TV.

"We're going to remember our acting careers, since we're not doing anything else," Geri smiled.

The blonde Spice continued to watch the movie, all along keeping her position astride the brunette's breasts as she pressed her thighs up against the sides of her friend's head. After about 90 minutes or so, the movie ended and she turned off the TV and turned her attention back to her friend. Vicky had hardly moved at all. She was just laying there, with her eyes closed as her hands rested on the tops of the blonde Spice's thighs, near her knees.

"Wake up!" Geri laughed, as she smiled down into Vicky's cute face between her thighs.

"I AM awake!" Vicky replied quickly. "Will you let me up NOW?"

"Maybe," Geri smiled.

"You're really good at this." Vicky said. somewhat quietly from her pinned position beneath the blonde Spice.

"I had lots of practice." Geri replied to the pinned brunette.

In a quick move, Vicky brought her legs up from behind the blonde Spice and tried to get them wrapped around Geri's body, just as her friend did to her a moment ago. But Geri was too experienced to be trapped like that, and leaned forward enough to avoid being caught between the brunette Spice's legs.

"Trying to get up, huh?" Geri sarcastically said to Vicky as she began laughing.

Vicky tried one more time to get Geri between her legs, but her attempt at freeing herself was useless. Vicky's legs soon relaxed outstretched on the bed of the bedroom. Geri made herself comfortable astride Vicky as she sat just below the brunette Spice's breasts. Keeping her knees firmly planted on Vicky's shoulders, the blonde continued to smile down into Vicky's face.

"I'll keep you pinned like this all night long. Then, in the morning, I'm going to call Mel B and invite her over. I bet she'd like to pay you back for what you did to her too."