Traci Adell vs. Ann Nicole Smith by Southgate

At a playmate pool party at the Playboy mansion, the young Swede Victoria Silvstedt has had a bit too much to drink. Hanging out with her girlfriend Anna Nicole Smith after their very successful look-alike photo shoot, Vicky has been infatuated up with all the attention from both the party guests and from Anna. But with the unexpected arrival of Traci Adell, the two blondes find themselves temporarily eclipsed. Anna is fuming as the voluptuous Adell, wearing an almost non-existent red bikini, is fawned over by a crowd of fickle admirers. Victoria, determined to impress her girlfriend, stands, steadies herself and marches across the lawn. Shoving her way through the crowd, Vicki gets right in Traci's face and confronts her.

"You're fat," the young Swede pronounces.

"You're drunk," laughs Traci.

"So what! I say your fat and you should leave," slurs Vicki.

Traci mocks the blonde, waving her hand in front of her face, "Get some coffee before you get hurt."

Traci turns away, posing for a group of photographers. Vicki takes a few moments to consider what has happened. Flushed, she grabs Traci by the arm and spins her around. Nose to nose, Vicki challenges Traci.

"Did you just threaten me, fat girl," shouts the very agitated Silvstedt.

Traci is not laughing now. She grabs Vicki's hand, bending her fingers back as she pulls it from her arm.

"Go away, you moron," Traci commands.

Holding Victoria's hand, Traci twists Silvstedt's wrist hard to make her point. Adell turns to walk away. She gets no further than 10 steps. Victoria rubs her wrist, then runs after Traci and tackles her around the waist. They tumble in the grass. Vicki has latched onto Traci's long brown hair. After a brief struggle, Adell rolls the inebriated blonde over and straddles her, sitting heavily on Victoria's chest. Adell captures, then pins each of Victoria's arms down on the grass. The blonde struggles clumsily, but can't budge.

"Get your fat ass off me," screams Vicki.

"Get off of her," snaps Anna Nicole, who has come over to help her girlfriend. Adell looks up. She's startled to see how trim Anna has become.

"Your little friend here is drunk. She's going to get hurt," Traci retorts.

Anna steps forward and grabs Traci by the hair, jerking her sideways.

"I said get off," roars Anna. She throws Traci to the ground.

Adell stands quickly. "That was a mistake," she hisses.

The women glare at each other, each sizing up the other. Traci can see that Anna Nicole, now 32, has lost a bunch of weight and gotten herself in terrific shape. Anna eyes the 30 year old Traci. She is a big, curvy brunette-not as beefy as Anna in her heavy days, but nonetheless, she is a big woman. Anna figures that she spots Traci 10-15 pounds, but she is confident that her rejuvenated hard body can take this soft looking bitch.

The women slowly circle each other as the crowd gathers around them. Anna quickly slaps Traci's face and slips out of range before Adell can grab her. Twice more, Anna moves in fast, cracks her palm against Traci's cheek and escapes untouched. Adell throws a hay-maker at Smith, but the blonde slips it easily. Anna raises her fists. Bobbing like a professional boxer, she is on the attack, stalking Traci with confidence.

Adell is not quite sure whether to stand up to Smith, but the blonde's aggressive posture puts her into reverse. Anna advances steadily, her fists leaving their mark on Traci's ribs and arms. Smith blocks almost all of Traci's offense. Anna staggers Traci with a brain rattling upper cut that explodes into Traci's chin. The blonde beats a left, right left into Traci's belly, doubling her over. Anna throws her left arm around Traci's head, holding her bent far forward in a reverse headlock. Smith thunders her right fist repeatedly into Adell's left side. The big brunette wraps her arms around the blonde's waist, but savvy blonde shifts her attack, working over Traci's belly from the inside.

As Adell tries to pull away, Anna slams an uppercut into the brunette's chin as she releases Traci's head. Adell's feet are planted but her body straightens right up. She hangs in the air for a moment, then tips forward. Again, Anna traps her in a reverse headlock and goes back to work pounding on Adell's ribs and belly. Traci is reeling or rubbery legs, her body recoils with each hit. Traci's ribs and belly soon show the bruising effect of the persistent pounding. Ready for a kill, Anna wraps her left hand in Traci's hair and yanks her upright. Anna's her right fist mashes into Adell's right tit. Adell howls. Smith takes hold of Traci's hair with both hands.

Pulling the brunette forward, Anna spins her around in circles then throw her into the crowd of spectators. Traci lands collides with a bystander both fall to the ground. Smith wades into the crowd, bends down to hair-haul Traci to her feet. The brunette comes up faster than Anna expects and head-butts the blonde. Anna is knocked off her feet. She lies on the grass holding her head. Traci straddles her waist, grabs her hair and proceeds to beat Smith's head into the ground.

Silvstedt, who had been content to watch Anna take the brunette apart, now lunges forward. She grabs Traci by the hair and hauls her off of Smith. Traci spins as she come up and head butts Vicky. The befuddled blonde crumples to her knees and pitches forward on her face.

Anna is shaking off the effect of the head butt. She is on unsteady feet. Traci turns her attention back to Smith. She wraps her hands around the back of Anna's head and drives her knee into Anna's belly. Smith's taut stomach absorbs the force of Traci's initial attack, but Traci follows up with two more knee drives the explode full force in Smith's belly. Traci steadies her target for a moment, then drives her knee up again, this time scoring a direct hit on Smith's crotch. Anna hands drop to cover her bruised crotch, leaving her belly unprotect. Adell drives her fist deep into Anna's gut, doing some real damage this time. Traci, with an all business look on her face, grabs Smith by the shoulders, pulls her in as she pumps her knee deep into Anna's belly. As Anna pitches forward, Adell nails her in the chin with a wallop that knocks Anna onto her ass. Smith lands with her arms outstretched behind her. Traci in hot pursuit, moves quickly and twice stomps Smith in the gut.

Anna rolls to her side. Adell, with the efficiency of an assassin, drops her knee into Anna's ribcage, shoves Anna onto

her back and drops with both knees into Smith's belly. Anna is gasping for breath as Adell stands, reaches forward and hair

hauls the blonde to her feet. As she comes up, Anna backhands Traci with a left hand slap that cracks into her cheek. Traci's

head snaps back but she still holds the blonde's hair. Adell backhands Smith across the mouth. Smith slaps Traci across the mouth, splitting her lip. With the warm taste of her own blood in her mouth, an angry Adell jerks Smith's head down and crashes her knee into her the blonde's head. Anna is thrown off her feet, landing heavily on her back. Adell, moving quickly to the prone blonde, drops her left knee into Anna's crotch.

Smith's eyes bug open, her legs still set wide apart, allowing Traci to jam her knee back up into the wounded target. Traci hair-hauls Smith to her feet, pulls her forward, trapping Anna in a reverse headlock. Holding Anna Nicole in place, Traci repeatedly bashes her knee up into Anna's belly and crotch, lifting the blonde's feet off the ground with the force of each hit. Traci reaches over Anna's back, grabs her thong bikini and yanks up, digging the material Anna's hurting crotch. Adell forces Anna's head low, trapping it in between her big thighs. As she squeezes down on Smith's neck, Traci grabs her foe's bikini now with both hands, saws the thong back and forth. Anna sinks her fingernails into Traci's fleshy thighs, scratching and ripping to escape. Adell lets go of the bikini, locks the fingers of her hands together and rains ax handles down on Anna's back, driving her to her knees.

Traci unlocks her thighs, grabs Anna's hair and hauls her to her feet. The brunette slams her fist into the blonde's gut. Anna spins away, reeling from the pummeling. Turning her back on Traci is a big mistake. Adell thuds her knee into Anna's back, grabs the lighter woman around the head and bulldogs her face into the grass. Traci again hauls Anna to her feet, slams a fist into her crotch. She twists Anna's arm, trapping her in a hammerlock.

Putting her head close to Anna's ear, Traci whispers, "I grew up with three brothers. I can beat you and your drunk girlfriend any day, any time."

Traci cranks up the pressure on Smith's arm. Smith is cursing and struggling mightily to break free. Adell forces Smith to her knees, then shove her to the ground. Traci straddles Anna's back as she twists away on her arm. Smith is screaming and cursing.

"Wait, if you think this hurts, you'll love this," taunts Adell.

Traci digs her fingernails into bicep of Anna' hammer locked arm. Smith curses, kicks her feet and bucks. Traci looses her seat but manages to maintain the hammerlock as a frustrated Anna makes it back to her feet. Traci pummels her fist repeatedly into Smith's lower back while she cranks up on Anna's arm. Smith's knees begin to wobble. Traci finally releases the hammerlock. She grabs Anna's hair, bends her far forward. Spinning Smith around in circles, Adell drives the blonde face first into the lawn. Anna lands hard, eating a face full of grass and dirt. Traci walks to the fallen blonde, grabs her hair and twists Smith onto her back. Standing at her head, Traci steps onto Anna's hair. Traci squats down, seizes Smith's nipples and straightens up, stretching Smith's tits to the limit. Screaming, Anna arches her back, trying to break free, but Traci takes a half step forward and drops her big broad butt down on Anna's face. Smith sinks her teeth into Adell's ass hard enough to break the flesh. Traci leaps from her perch, holding her ass. Anna lies on the ground, rubbing her sore boobs.

Traci moves in again, hair-hauls Anna to her feet. Anna, on one knee, buries her fist deep in Traci's gut as she rises. Traci stands motionless for a moment and Smith drives another fist deep into her belly. Frozen for a moment, Traci suddenly backhands Smith across the mouth. As Anna's body twists to the side, Adell grabs her by the hair and yanks the blonde's head down into her knee. Anna's knees buckle, but Adell scoops Smith up before she falls. Lifting the blonde waist high, Traci body slams her to the ground. Anna lies motionless, holding her head.

Traci decides to have some fun. She struts over to Anna, stripes off Anna's bikini briefs. Grabbing Smith's nose and cheeks, Traci forces her sweaty briefs into Anna's mouth. Quickly she spins around, lowers her butt even with Anna's head and slams it back into Anna's face. Traci mashes her big ass all over Anna's face, humiliating the big blonde for a full minute. When she has had her fun, Adell stands up and jerks Smith up to her feet. Smith spits out the thong, choking and gasping for air. Wrapping her arms around Anna's waist, Adell locks herself chest to chest with Smith and clamps her arms tight. Anna screams as Traci tightens her bearhug and lifts the blonde off her feet, shaking the thinner woman like a rag doll. Four big boobs mash together as Traci constricts her arms tighter yet. Anna's ribs fell like they're going to collapse. She can barely draw a breath as Adell crushes her ribcage.

"Let her go, let her go," screams a nearly hysterical Silvstedt, who has finally gotten to her feet.

Adell drops Smith to the grass. Turning to Victoria, Adell commands, "Come finish what you started."

As the crowd makes way for her, Vicki rushes at Traci. Adell catches the still woozy blonde in a headlock throws her to the ground. Vicki makes it back to her feet, but Adell quickly catches her in another headlock. Adell bends the blonde down and

starts wringing her neck. She doesn't see Smith slowly get back to her feet.

Crack, Anna, slams an ax handle in the side of Traci's head. The big brunette lets Vicki fall as she spins away to defend herself. Anna's foot lashes out and buries itself in Traci's gut. As Traci doubles over, Smith slams an uppercut into her chin that straightens her up. Anna's fists beat into Traci' belly. Like a single purpose machine, Anna pounds Adell's gut, driving her backward and into the crowd. Adell trips backwards and falls down, but Smith hair-hauls her to her feet. Smith twists Adell's arm out straight. Holding the armbar, Anna kicks Traci's belly relentlessly, jerking her to her feet whenever the wobbly-kneed brunette, begins to fall. Anna twists Traci's arm into a hammerlock.

"Now I'm going to break off your arm and feed it to you," shouts Smith.

Traci reaches backward and grabs Anna's head. Adell attempts a snap mare, but as she shifts her weight up for leverage, Smith, with a tremendous demonstration of her strength, shoves one hand in between Traci's legs, squats down, then straightens herself, lifting the heavier Traci off her feet. Adell screams in agony nearly her full weight is added to the pressure of Anna's hammerlock. Smith holds the brunette suspended in the air for an agonizing moment then throws her to the ground. Traci lands hard, holding her arm.

Smith is on her immediately, rolling the brunette to her belly, Anna drops down beside her. Smith wraps her steel thighs around Traci's neck and her arms around the brunette's waist. Smith tightens her grip as Traci struggles desperately to break free, her legs kick and thrash for a few moments. Anna's face is a mask of concentration as she puts everything she has left into her scissors and waist lock. Adell is soon completely exhausted. Nearly unconscious, she offers not resistance. Anna finally relaxes. She shoves Traci away.

Silvstedt rushes over to Anna, helping her to her feet. Victoria marches over to Traci and pours a drink out on her face.

"Anna kicked your ass," she hoots.

Smith, tired and aching, turns to her girlfriend, "Next time, Vicky if you start something you'd better be able to finish it yourself. "

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