Christina Aguilera & Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt & Britney Spears by kit 27 Jul 2000

Christina Aguilera and Sarah Michelle Gellar were enjoying their drinks in the newest club of Miami's hot spots. They hadn't been there long, but long enough to get a table so they could watch the door and see if any of their various celeb friends showed.

"Look what just slithered in," said Sarah in a small tone of voice.

Christina's eyes scoped in on the door. "Oh shit," she moaned.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Britney Spears let their eyes adjust to the various colors of the club as they stood in the doorway before making their way over to the bar.

Jennifer and Britney placed their drink order and then turned around to check out the crowd. Both girls swayed to the heart beating music as they looked the place over.

"Look who's here," said Jennifer touching Britney's arm and pointing.

"Fuuuuuck," groaned Britney as she saw who Jennifer was pointing too. "What the hell are they doing here?" she asked aloud.

The four young girls gazed at each other from across the room. Sarah and Christina were talking back and forth as they kept their eyes trained on the two at the bar.

"I hate that bitch," said Britney sourly.

Jennifer nodded, "Yep, and her friend is a bitch also."

For the next several minutes the four stayed in their places, but continued to stare and glare at each other. Words really weren't necessary, they all knew what each other was saying and thinking.

The situation remained calm until the four found themselves on the dance floor. Jennifer and Britney slowly danced towards Christina and Sarah. The guys who they were dancing with had no idea what was happening as the girls danced in and around each other. The floor was crowded, but still allowed enough room for some good moves.

In a silent, but mutual agreement, a little dance competition broke out among the girls. Britney and Christina took each other on as Sarah and Jennifer began a little challenge of their own. Small snarls and catty glares went back and forth between the four as the heat of the competition increased.

All four looked sexy and were dressed to kill. Britney wore a white satin mini-dress that hugged her hips and exposed plenty of juicy leg and thigh. Her matching top was cropped, showing off her slender, smooth waist. The top was sleeveless and tied around the neck.

Christina was equally hot and sexy in her black leather mini-skirt that formed perfectly around the heart of her ass. Her red leather vest-style top was sleeveless and buttoned up the front. It too was cropped, but was a little longer.

Sarah wore a delicious candy apple red mini-dress, that was sleeveless with a plunging V-neck. The clingy cotton material molded to every curve of her body, and her tan legs coming out of it seemed to go on forever.

Jennifer was to die-for in her stylish faded jean shorts that were a little too short and tight. She wore her white, cotton, sleeveless blouse unbuttoned, but tied up under her breast.

By the time the song ended, all four girls were winded from shaking their shit at each other, but plenty pissed at the same time. Their blood was boiling and they were at a fever pitch.

Jennifer and Britney stormed off to the bar and Sarah and Christina marched back to their table.

"That fuckin' slut is really asking for it," snapped Christina as she gulped down her drink and stared at Britney.

Britney fumed as she glared towards Christina. "I've had about all of that bitch's shit that I'm gonna take."

"Yep," said Jennifer. "That slut she's with really has me pissed."

Britney turned her back on Christina and flipped the back of her dress up so that she flashed her sweet ass at the two.

"That does it!" growled Christina slamming down her glass on the table. "Are you with me?"

"Damn straight. Those bitches need a lesson," spat Sarah getting up with her.

They made a beeline towards the bar, but not enough to attract attention.

"Here they come," whispered Jennifer as Britney turned back around.

The two girls leaned on the bar as Christina and Sarah approached.

"Well, well," teased Britney. "Look who's here," she said towards Jennifer but keeping her eyes locked with Christina's.

Christina leaned forward and asked with a snarl, "What's your fuckin' problem?"

Britney gasped playfully, "Me!? Problem? Hey, Jen, do I have a problem?"

Jennifer glared with Sarah, but said, "Yeah, Brit, you do have a prob...and it's right in front of your pretty, little face."

Christina and Sarah didn't like the way that they were being treated so disrespectful, and they leaned in further and glared harder.

"You think you're so fuckin' hot," said Sarah to Jennifer.

Jennifer shifted her weight. "Hotter than you'll ever be, bitch."

"How would you like your problem to scratch up that slut face of yours, bitch?" asked Christina to Britney.

Sarah put her hands on her hips and stepped nose-to-nose with Jennifer. "You're full of shit, slut."

Britney shook back her hair and snarled at Christina, "Oh, bitch, I wish you'd try."

"Try? Shit! I will, you fake titted slut," hissed Christina.

Britney stood straight up and asked, "You want your ass kicked here and now or out in the parking lot?"

"You're the fuckin' slut, you 'ho," spat Jennifer back at Sarah.

"No, no," Christina said shaking her head, "not here, stupid bitch, or out in the parking lot. I don't want a mob prying me off of you. I know a place on the beach just down the road from here."

"Just lead the way, tramp," said Britney giving Christina a gentle shove.

"I'll see you later, bitch," Sarah said to Jennifer as she turned to follow Christina out to the car.

As the girls drove down the road they all talked about how they were going to kick the other's ass. Britney could see herself scratching Christina's eyes out while Christina swore she'd rip off Britney's tits. Jennifer and Sarah pictured themselves tearing each other baldheaded.

It came as no surprise to any of the four that they were going to fight. The surprise was in why it had taken so long to come about. For several months each had secretly wished, dreamed and hoped for the fight that was about to happen.

Christina took them to a small secluded strip of beach that was nestled in between some high dunes with tall grass. A few weeks earlier she had made love on this same spot with a guy she picked up in a bar.

Finally the moment of truth was here as they faced off against each other. The girls kicked off their heels and paired off, each hurling insults and threats back and forth.

Christina and Britney called each other a 'bitch' as they lunged together and started pulling hair. Jennifer and Sarah did likewise as their hands sank deeply into the other's silky hair and pulled.

"Oooowwwee!" squealed Sarah as the brunette shook her by the hair.

Jennifer's head was jerked back and forth by the blonde. "Oooouch!"

Britney and Christina were flat ripping it up. Their rivalry was clearly more heated and it showed as they cried and cursed. The two sexy pop singers were shaking each other so hard that their feet tangled and they tumbled to the sand in a pile of arms and legs.

"You fuckin' cunt!" shouted Britney as she tugged hard on Christina's hair and rolled on top.

"Eeeooo! Slut!" howled Christina as she jerked Britney off by the hair.

Christina and Britney briskly rolled over and over and over each other on the soft sand. They continued tearing at each other's hair, even pulling out a few loose strands, as their legs coiled in and out and over and under each other repeatedly.

Sarah and Jennifer continued staggering about the beach in their hairpulling catfight.

"Yeeeoowwwee!!" cried Jennifer as Sarah ripped forth a clump of her hair out by the roots.


Sarah's cheek burned as Jennifer's palm left it's mark.


The blonde turned the brunette's head as her hand smacked across.


Jennifer and Sarah traded single handed slaps to each other's pretty faces as they continued to keep one hand firmly embedded in hair.

As Christina and Britney rolled back and forth on the sand, Christina suddenly found Britney's left tit on her face. Opening her mouth, the pinned blonde bit down on the inner part of the firm orb.

"Aaaaarrrgggg!!!" screamed Britney as only the material of her top kept the skin from being broken.

Britney immediately rolled off holding her tit as Christina scrambled after her shouting, "Get back here, you bitch. I'm not finished with you,"

Jennifer had just slapped Sarah to the sand when she looked over and saw Christina perched upon Britney's waist slapping her face with one hand and squeezing her right tit with the other. Britney was frantically trying to block the slaps, free her tit and pull Christina off by the hair, but nothing was working.

"I'm gonna tear these fake fuckers off, bitch!" threatened Christina as she grabbed Britney's white top and pushed it above her braless tits.

"Yeeeeooo!! Ooooowwwee!!" Britney screamed as Christina's nails sank in and squeezed.

Just about that time, Britney was saved further damage as Jennifer barreled into Christina knocking her off. Britney curled up in a ball holding her tits while Jennifer straddled Christina's backside and yanked back on her hair.

"Ooouch!" squawked the blonde as her neck bowed back from the force of the hair pull.

"Get off her, bitch!" ordered Sarah as she hair jerked Jennifer off her friend.

Sarah's two-fisted pull hauled Jennifer to her feet. Jennifer reached around and tried to pry her hair free by scratching Sarah's arms, but Sarah held firm and gave her a swift knee up the ass. Jennifer's body jolted forward, and then she was suddenly assaulted from the front as Christina got up and slapped her across the face.

"You bitch!" shouted Christina as she grabbed the front of Jennifer's open blouse and pulled it apart, exposing her bra.

"Tear it off!" demanded Sarah still controlling Jennifer by the back of the hair.

"Noooooo!" squealed Jennifer in fear as she started kicking out with her feet and pawing at Christina with her hands.

Christina managed to pull the right cup down under Jennifer's tit before she caught a glancing blow to the crotch by Jennifer's kneecap. The blow was just enough to back the blonde up for a few seconds while Jennifer twisted herself around enough to deliver a fist against Sarah's ribcage.

As Christina reached for the back of Jennifer's blouse, she was suddenly yanked backwards by the hair. Britney had regained her composure and came to her friends defense.

Christina fell back against Britney, and the force took the back to the sand with Christina semi-falling on top but with her backside against Britney's front.

Meanwhile, Jennifer had given Sarah another punch to the midsection and freed her hair completely. Now she and Sarah were going after each other's tits. Jennifer's blouse was already torn open and half her bra down, so Sarah had little trouble in pulling down the other half. Jennifer had ripped Sarah's dress down the middle and had gotten her hands underneath the bra.

"Aaaauuggg!!" cried Jennifer as Sarah pinched and twisted her nipples.

Sarah roared out as her tits felt Jennifer's nails dig in and scratch.

On the sand, Britney had her legs locked around Christina's trim waist and pulling on the top of her hair. Christina moaned and grunted as the golden thighs around her pumped on her stomach. Christina began clawing Britney's legs in an attempt to escape the scissors.

"Eeeeeooowweee!!" cried Britney as her thighs quickly had red welts brought on them.

Christina broke loose and rolled away quickly in the direction of Sarah and Jennifer. Those two were dancing on their toes in a circle as they continued to maul away at each other's breasts.

Jennifer and Sarah tripped over Christina and the fall broke them apart. Christina reeled around and dove on Jennifer as Britney pounced on Sarah.

"You cunt!" shouted Christina as she got two fists of Jennifer's hair.

"Oooouch! Bitch!" Jennifer cursed, getting her hands on Christina's hair.

Sarah and Britney buried their hands in hair, and the foursome began a grueling hairpulling, wrestling catfight. Jennifer and Christina pulled wildly on each other's hair as they rolled back and forth. Britney and Sarah pulled like hell on each other's hair as they both had the other's neck stretched to the breaking point as they rolled much slower across each other until finally locking their legs tightly together and coming to a halt on their sides.

"Oooo!! Fuuuuuuck!!" cried Britney as Sarah tore out a handful of hair.

"Eeeeoooowwww!!!" screamed Sarah as her left nipple was suddenly pinched and pulled.

Sarah grabbed Britney's thick, full nipple between her fingers and treated her the same. For several moments the two divas pinched, pulled and twisted on the other's nipple while still yanking on a handful of hair.

Jennifer sat straddled across Christina's waist and had torn her vest-style top open and her bra down. Both girls were shedding tears and gritting their teeth as they squeezed and scratched each other's creamy, young breasts.

Britney and Sarah were in great pain. Their torrid nipple pinching had turned their once pink nipples now a deep shade of blue and purple. It was becoming more than either could bear.

Sarah felt the burn of her scalp as a wad of her hair was being extracted out by the roots. She let go of Britney's nipple and started slapping her across the ass.

"Yeeeoooo!!" Britney winced loudly as she let go of Sarah's nipple and started tanning her hide as well.

"Aaaaarrrrgggggg!!" screeched Jennifer as the right side of her face received a nasty set of nails down it.

"Uuugh!" grunted Christina as Jennifer rolled off, but gave her a parting fist in the tit.

Britney and Sarah had taken all they could stand from each other, so they broke apart and rolled.

For a brief moment all four girls softly sobbed and tried to push back the pain and exhaustion. None of them had expected a catfight such as this.

"Have you sluts had enough?" asked Jennifer in a heavy breath.

"Have you, bitch?" asked Sarah looking at her.

Sarah and Jennifer stared at each other for a second. They both knew what the answer was.

"Fuck you," Jennifer said softly.

"Y'all aren't nothing but a pair of cheap cunts," stated Christina slowly rolling to her knees.

"Your the cheap cunt, bitch," said Britney. "How else did you ever make it, because you sure as hell can't sing, so you must fuck."

Christina began to rise as she said, "Bitch, the only one singing around here is you. You're gonna be singing my name before I'm done with you."

"Let's go, you blonde bitch," snapped Britney on her feet.

Sarah and Jennifer were on their feet as Britney and Christina charged together. With a sudden burst of new-found energy, the foursome resumed their very violent and savage catfight.

Britney and Christina rammed together tit-to-tit and combed their hands into each other's hair, grabbing high around the back.

"Ugh!" groaned Christina as Britney's firmer tits flattened hers out across her chest. "Ooooeee!" she winced as her hair was viciously pulled.

"Yeeeooww!" squealed Britney as her hair was yanked and tugged.

Sarah and Jennifer waded into each other, landing a series of hard, crisp slaps to each other's cheeks before getting firm grips of hair. The fur was really flying as these two ripped and tore into the other's fine, silky hair. With their feet firmly planted in the sand, Sarah and Jennifer shook each other back and forth and sideways. Their cries and curses echoed between the dunes as their classic hair pulling catfight raged. The sandy beach around their feet was soon littered with light and dark strands of hair.

Britney and Christina tripped to the sand with Britney landing on top. Christina grunted as her tits were mashed flat by Britney's. Christina tried pulling Britney off by the hair, but Britney was able to semi-straddle her and hook her legs around the pretty blonde. With her hips squarely planted above Christina's, Britney was able to use her lower torso to control Christina's lower half.

"Get off, you fat pig," grunted Christina as she shook Britney's head from side-to-side by the hair.

"Fuck you, slut," huffed Britney as she beat the back of Christina's head into the sand by the hair. "I'm gonna crush the fight out of you," she added as she tried to lower her chest down on Christina's chest.

Christina could feel Britney's thick, hard nipples scraping across hers. "No you don't, bitch," she said, pulling back hard on Britney's hair and bucking with her hips.

"Eeeeeooowweee!!" howled Sarah as she felt another wad of her blond hair being pulled out by the roots.

These two were still on their feet tearing at each other's hair. Both had tears streaking down their cheeks as they cursed through gritted teeth.

"Uuugh!" grunted Sarah as her tummy soaked up Jennifer's tight fist.

Sarah fired back with a midsection punch of her own that caused the brunette to moan deeply. Trying to control each other with a handful of hair, Sarah and Jennifer traded belly and breast blows.


The girls were doubled over and swinging away as the slowly sank to the sand on their knees. Jennifer slapped Sarah across the face, knocking her the rest of the way down. Jennifer followed with her since Sarah still had her gripped by the hair. Diving their hands back into the other's hair, they snaked their legs together and rolled slowly back and forth as their breasts rubbed and ground together.

Britney stopped Christina's bucking as she started bouncing her hips up and down until she was able to re-pin Christina's ass to the sand.

With their short, little skirts riding high upon their hips, Britney and Christina were crotch-to-crotch with only their skimpy, little panties between their womanhood. Britney started rolling and grinding her crotch with that of Christina's.

"You're mine, you little bitch," she said rubbing her hips up and down. "Now to finish you off," she added as she tried to lower her tits down.

"Go to hell," hissed the pinned blonde.

Christina made an attempt to dislodge her rival by going for her tits. Britney caught her by the wrists just as Christina's nails sank into her flesh, and stabbed them to the sand above her head.

"Oooh nooo," moaned Christina as she saw the gleam in Britney's eyes.

"Oh yes, bitch," smirked Britney lowering her firm, enhanced breasts on Christina's perky, round boobs.

Sarah twisted Jennifer's nipple and rolled on top of her, straddling the brunette's waist.

"Aaaarrrggg!" wailed Jennifer as her nipple was turned. Grabbing Sarah by the hair, Jennifer yanked back hard.

"Fuuuuck!" cursed the blonde as she continued pinching the nipple and added a set of nails down Jennifer's cheek.

"Eeeeewwwwooo!!" screamed the brunette. Jennifer dropped her hands down Sarah's backside and grabbed hold of the blonde's panties from under her raised skirt.

"Weeeeoooowwweee!!" squealed the blonde as her panties were roughly hiked up her sweet buttcheeks, burning her pink asshole.

Jennifer added a hard slap across the face that knocked Sarah off. The blonde rolled and tried to pull her panties out of her ass, but Jennifer pounced on her like a cat.

"Fuckin' slut!" she shouted as she grabbed hold of Sarah's nipples and jerked back.

Christina's globes were being crushed and engulfed by Britney's large, firm tits. She grunted and moaned as Britney's hard, pointy nipples poked and jabbed into hers, bending and pushing her little pink nipples in all directions. She was definitely outmatched in this area, but down below, where their crotches were engaged, she was giving Britney all she wanted.

"Oh bitch," Britney said pumping her cunt with Christina. "I hate your fuckin' guts!"

The brisk, rough crotch fight had caused their panties to slip up the folds of their pussies so that the outer regions of their vulvas could rub flesh-to-flesh as their curly pubic hairs tangled and knotted together.

"You miserable slut," moaned Christina humping her crotch upward into Britney's. "I'll get you for this."

"Not today, you bitch," said Britney as she started bouncing her tits up and down on Christina's.

"Ugh, ugh, umph," grunted the blonde as her tits pancaked across her chest.

Jennifer sat straddled across Sarah, and the two sexy divas were mauling away at each other's young, creamy tits. Like they had done all night, the blonde and brunette battled each other evenly as they pinched, pulled, squeezed and scratched each other.

"Damn you, bitch!" wailed Jennifer with a wrenched expression as she backhanded Sarah across the mouth, splitting open her lower lip.

A second backhand had Sarah's ears ringing as blood began to trickle from her busted lips. A stiff jab straight down her right tit had Sarah's eyes bugging out as her tit was nearly busted in half.

Britney could feel Christina now wilting underneath her. Her breast bouncing had knocked nearly all the wind from the trapped blonde and she was no longer humping her crotch up and down. Britney poured on the pressure as she threw her remaining strength into her ample and able breasts.

"Uuuuuummmph...oooof....uuuuuuuuuummph," moaned Christina weakly.

Britney's tits rolled like two balls of steel, mashing and flattening the tits underneath them. Her thick nipples slashed and dragged, and poked deeply into Christina's pink areolas, turning her nipples all the way in as they bent under the mighty nubs of Britney's nipples.

"Better give it up little girl," ordered Britney grinding with her tits and bumping with her crotch. "You're no match for a real woman."

"Aaaaarrrgggg!!! Aaaarrrrgggg!!!" screamed Sarah as her face took a nail scratching down both cheeks.

"Gonna scratch you to ribbons, bitch!" hissed Jennifer as her nails now sliced down Sarah's sagging sore tits. "Who's the better actress, bitch! Who?" she demanded with a backhand across the face.

"I...I...give," whimpered Christina. "I can't...please, no...more."

Britney sat up on her waist and gave her tits a hard squeezing, "Are you sure, bitch?"

"Give, you slut! Give, bitch!" Jennifer demanded as she wrung Sarah's nipples with her fingers.

Sarah was motionless and limp.

"Alright, bitch," said Britney, "but just one more thing before I let you go. Let's see how you like having your tits bitten."

"Nooooooo!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggg!!!" screamed Christina as she passed out from having her nipple bitten cruelly.

Jennifer saw that and decided to give Sarah an impression of her teeth as well. Sarah's body jerked and she managed a bloody, curdling scream as Jennifer's teeth took her areola in whole and bit down.

Jennifer and Britney teetered on their heels over their defeated rivals. It had been a savage catfight and they had gotten more than they wanted. Never again did they want to tangle with these two.

Britney and Jennifer exchanged relieved high-fives as they helped each other back to the car. Sarah and Christina lay defeated and humiliated on the sand for the next several minutes. They had learned their lesson as well. Never again did they ever want to meet up with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Britney Spears.