Christina Aguilera vs. Toni Braxton by wildword

The two sexy singing divas meet backstage at a music award show. Christina is in her dressing room applying makeup. Toni walks in very angry, saying Christina's in her dressing room. Christina orders Toni to 'get out' stating SHE is the star of this show.

Toni replies, "You're no star sweetheart, but you will be SEEING stars if you don't get out of MY dressing room!"

Aguilera states, "I've got no time for this. I've got to get ready for my performance."

Toni replies, "I am going to do a performance on your ass if you don't get out."

With that, Aguilera tries to push Toni out the door but Toni slaps Christina across the face and the fight is on. Both women grab each others hair. Braxton swings Aguilera's head from side to side, pulling out long strands of her blond locks. Christina fights back, kneeing Braxton in the stomach and throwing her to the floor by her hair.

Aguilera kicks Braxton in the side, stomach and ass several times while she's on the floor.

Christina taunts her while she's down, "You're just a Jennifer Lopez wanna be, Toni. All you're good for is for wearing slutty dresses like her to these award shows. If you really could see your ass in that slutty dress of yours you'd know it looked real fat."

Toni Braxton has had enough and gets up swinging. She connects with several punches to Aguilera's face.

Toni spits, "In your case, I'd have changed the title of my song to 'You're not Woman Enough for Me!"

She grabs Christina's long blond locks and uses them to slam Aguilera's head into the wall until she is woozy and almost out cold, then she drags the groggy Christina over to a couch and pulls her down across her lap.

"Remember when I said I was going to do a performance on your ass?" Toni reminds her. "Well, here it comes sugah lips!"

Toni pulls a thick wooden hairbrush from under the couch and proceeds to blister Aguilera's bare bottom with it. Christina can only kick her feet and cry like a baby during the paddling since Toni has her effectively pinned with one leg over Christina's legs and her arm levered up behind her back.

Meanwhile, Christina's howls and cries have attracted some attention. One passer-by, Janet Jackson, actually opens the door and looks into the dressing room. When she sees what's happening, Janet walks in and locks the door behind her.

She smiles at the scene in front of her as she tells Toni, "Girlfriend, you sure have done a number on that bony pale ass of hers! I haven't seen an ass that red since LaToya got her last strappin' years ago!"

Toni states, "Yeah? Well, I'm not done yet!"

Toni jerks Christina's head up by the hair and asks the red-faced diva, "So, whose dressing room is it now?"

Christina gasps between sobs, "Its yours, take it. Just, please, let me get out and I won't bother you again."

Toni says, "Okay, I'll let you go, but not just yet. You got one more duty to perform before you earn your freedom."

Toni smiles up at Janet Jackson and winks.

"My feet are tired from practicing my songs and I'm sure Janet's are too."

Toni and Janet are giggling as they remove their shoes.

"Start licking, blondie," Toni demands.

Christina, fearful of another spanking, dutifully obeys as she drops to her knees and proceeds to lick both Toni and Janet's bare feet for the next thirty minutes. Smiling and laughing, Janet and Toni then order Christina out of 'Toni Braxton's dressing room.' As Christina struggles to her feet, Janet sends her on her way out the door with a swift kick on her red sore ass.

Janet hugs Toni and tells her, "That was fun. We'll have to do it more often."

Beaming, Toni nods in agreement and asks, "Good idea. When's the next awards show?"

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