Mariah Carey vs. Christina Aguilera by Wright

Mariah Carey was reluctant to produce and direct a music video for Christina Aguilera. Christina had joined her as one of the premier vocal talents and on numerous occasions had asked Mariah to duet with her. Mariah always declined; she figured Christina just wanted to try to overpower her vocally in front of everyone. Inside, Mariah wasn't sure if she could equal the young diva's amazing voice. Mariah burned with jealousy and resentment because the high money endorsement contracts also started to come in at a fast rate as Christina's became the voice everyone wanted.

At a video session for an endorsement, Christina was to sing and dance in the video spot. She was having a bad day; had a bad head ache and just wasn't feeling herself. She requested a day off, which she was given. Mariah was paid handsomely to be the director of the video and, despite her feelings for Christina, she accepted. After Christina had left, one of the executives present had spoken to Mariah.

"Christina wasn't feeling good. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get the shoot done."

Mariah snorted, "Ha, not feeling good! From what I saw, she's not that great a dancer and she IS a spoiled brat who needs a good spanking. If she pulls this tomorrow, I may just turn her over my knee and give it to her myself! When I was doing videos, we took pride in ourselves. I don't see what people see in her, at all. Why don't you consider letting me do the video, and forget all about Christina Aguilera."

The executive replied, "Well, Christina's the hottest singer out there. She must be doing something right. I think we'll just stick with her and have you direct it. Thanks for the suggestion."

Mariah muttered under her breath as he walked away, "Yeah, you just wanna sleep with her, you old perv."

The next day Christina felt much better and returned to the set to finish the video shoot wearing a hot yellow bikini. As the day progressed, word about Mariah's comments got back to Christina. At the end of the shoot, she walked up to Mariah and blocked her path.

"We need to talk."

Mariah shot back, "No we don't. Now get out of my way."

Christina stayed in place and said, "I heard what you said about me. I know you tried to get them to replace me with you. What the hell is your problem? Are you really THAT jealous of me"?

Mariah stepped in and said, "You're the problem. If you were a better singer and dancer, then I wouldn't have had anything to complain about. You were terrible yesterday. I was overruled anyway, and you kept the contract, so just get out of my face."

Christina fumed, "Better singer and dancer? Listen bitch. I'm getting more contracts than you ever dreamed about. I know why you'd never duet with me, in fact, we both know why - don't we bitch?"

Mariah's face was beet red, but she said nothing.

Christina glared at Mariah and shook her finger in her face, "Now you listen to me. You keep that cute little button nose of yours OUT of my business and my endorsement contracts or you're gonna have problems with me. Are we clear?"

Both women noticed that a crowd had built up around them as Christina's voice rose with anger.

Mariah said, "We should go finish this discussion in private Christina, everyone's listening."

Christina smiled, "I couldn't agree more."

Mariah led Christina back to the motel suite she was staying in during the video shoot. They both went in and Christina started right back up on Mariah as soon as they got in the doorway. She put her finger in Mariah's face again and Mariah's temper snapped! She slapped Christina across the face as hard as she could, staggering the blonde back several steps as she rubbed her red cheek.

Christina's eyes got huge as she glared at Mariah, "You just made a big, BIG mistake bitch!"

She raised her arms and came forward as they faced off. They circled for a few moments, then Mariah lunged. Christina sidestepped and caught Mariah's arm as she passed, twisting it up behind her back and driving Mariah to the wall face first, pinning her there.

"Ohhh" Mariah screamed as Christina pounded punches into her lower back.

Mariah quickly retaliated. She spun around and backhanded Christina across the mouth and then came toward her. The two beauties closed as they circled and watched each other. Mariah tried to sidestep as Christina's foot shot up, but she wasn't quick enough! Mariah doubled over as Christina's foot connected solidly and sank into her belly. Christina dropped her larger adversary to the floor with a double ax-handle to the back.

Christina got a firm grip on Mariah's hair and yanked her up roughly as Mariah cried out in pain. Mariah tried to grab Christina, but Christina kicked her away with a high heel to the chest. The two beautiful singers faced off again as they quickly locked up in a test of strength. Mariah felt more confident with her advantages in both height and weight. Their arms strained as each tried to overpower the other and force her down. They groaned as they staggered around the room, each struggling to gain control.

Despite her size, Mariah discovered she was no stronger than Christina and, eventually, Christina's youth started to pay off as she forced Mariah back toward the wall and pinned her arms firmly. Mariah struggled mightily for release with a slightly panicked look on her face, but Christina was just too strong. For the first time, Mariah's eyes showed fear as she looked at her blonde rival.

Christina bent Mariah's wrists downward, forcing the beautiful singer down to the floor where she straddled her as Mariah cried out, " Please, you're breaking my wrists!"

Tears began to roll down her cheeks. Christina finally released Mariah's wrists and sat on Mariah's stomach where she taunted Mariah saying, "What, you don't have anything to say? Run your mouth NOW, bitch!"

Mariah squirmed helplessly beneath Christina. This was all seeming surreal, it appeared she was just no match for the younger singer physically, despite outweighing her by some 15 lbs.

"Damn, this girl is so strong," Mariah thought as Christina slapped her face really hard - back and forth four times in rapid succession.

When she paused, Mariah was crying and began to beg, "Please, you win! I've had enough. Please don't hurt me ... please?"

The pretty blonde stood up and hair-hauled Mariah to her feet, then batted her back against the wall with repeated jabs to her ample boobs. Christina ripped away Mariah's top and resumed the breast beating as Mariah desperately tried to cover her sore boobs.

Christina stopped and shook her own firm boobs at the quaking brunette.

"These are the tits men want now!"

Then Christina latched onto Mariah's nipples and jerked her away from the wall. Mariah wasn't even fighting back now, she let the young blonde pull her around by the nipples as she wept. Once in the middle of the room, Christina held her rival by the hair, set her feet and turned her hips into a devastating punch deep into Mariah's stomach. Mariah's heels lifted off the floor and then she suddenly doubled over. Christina swung her leg up and put her knee in Mariah's face - hard enough that Mariah flopped down on the floor with a bloody nose. She lay wallowing on the carpet as Christina stood over her calmly with her hands on her hips.

"You really need to work on your abs," Christina giggled. "You are waaaay too soft, old lady."

Christina took a moment to catch her breath, then went right back on the attack as she delivered a barrage of kicks to Mariah's big, strong thighs and ass. Mariah rolled over and over across the floor trying to escape the brutal attack, but Christina just kept after her. She finally reached down and got a firm grasp of Mariah's hair again and jerked her upright. Christina leaned in her face as she held her. Mariah sobbed and trembled as Christina asked her if she knew who the boss was yet.

When the beaten brunette opened her mouth to answer, Christina delivered four more fast slaps that snapped Mariah's head from side-to-side. She was clearly dazed by the flurry of slaps and Christina stepped in closer and smiled. She wrapped her fingers around Mariah's throat and started to choke her. Christina continued to smile as Mariah's eyes widened in terror.

While Christina throttled her, Mariah started to struggle again and Christina secured the choke. In desperation, Mariah's hands closed on Christina's bikini top and in the struggle, Mariah ripped it off. She dug her manicured nails into the healthy mounds and squeezed as hard as she could.

Christina gritted her teeth as she worked her fingers in the choke. Mariah was seeing flashes of light and she was almost out when, mercifully, Christina released the overpowering death grip and kicked Mariah again; this time a wicked pussy kick! Mariah gasped as she gulped in fresh air even as her hands lost their grip on Christina's breasts and went to ease the throbbing pain in between her quivering legs. But the blonde gave her no respite, she delivered another brutal belly punch and Mariah collapsed on the floor. Christina moved around, grabbed Mariah's legs and twisted them, rolling her over onto her stomach.

Christina bent Mariah's legs back over her butt as she straddled her and bent the brunette's body into a painful Boston Crab. Once again, Mariah was forced to moan aloud in pain as, through gritted teeth, she began to beg for mercy.

"Oh my God! Please Christina you're killing me! I'll do ANYTHING you say, anything. OH GOD, please somebody; please help me! PLEASE!!"

Mariah's lower back took the brunt of the pain as Christina leaned into the brutal hold. Suddenly, Christina got up and stood over Mariah, smiling coolly. Slowly, she straddled her badly beaten rival's chest, then she sat down and wrapped her hands around Mariah's throat to began choking her still again. Christina was smiling as she poured it on until Mariah's eyes were bulging from their sockets and her pleas for mercy were silenced.

Christina stopped just short of choking Mariah out completely. She was having too much fun to let it end. She switched tactics and lowered her gorgeous tits onto Mariah's terrified face. She held her older rival by the hair as she secured her face between her tits. Mariah struggled a little, but her resistance soon stopped - her face was no match for Christina's tits - her body went limp as she was smothered unconscious. Christina slapped Mariah's face to wake her and then stood up. Mariah just cried uncontrollably as Christina towered over her.

"Please," Mariah croaked. "I'll do anything you say. Just please, don't hurt me anymore."

"Anything eh?" Christina whispered as she stroked her chin in thought.

The blonde teenager smiled as she sensuously worked the tight bikini bottom down over her hips and ass, baring a beautiful lush blonde bush.

"You're going to service me, you whore. Do you understand? You're going to do it and do a good job of it or I'll continue to beat your ass until you change your mind."

"Yes, OK!" Mariah agreed quickly, the fear showing in her eyes.

"If you do a good job of satisfying me, I'll stop beating that fat ass of yours," Christina said as she jabbed at Maria's asscheek with her toe. "Is THAT clear?"

Again, without even pausing to think, Mariah said, "Yes! Oh God yes! Anything, just pleeeeease, don't hurt me anymore!"

Christina sat in front of Mariah and spread her gorgeous legs wide, then she snapped her fingers and pointed to her sweet honey hole.

"Get busy, pussy licker..........LICK!"

Mariah scrambled onto her hands and knees and pushed her pretty face toward Christina's hot snatch. Closing her eyes, Mariah slowly licked the entire length of the pretty blondes slit. It wasn't nearly as bad as Mariah had imagined it would be. She'd never eaten pussy before in her life, but she was so terrified of Christina right now she was going to lick the young singer like her life depended on it - and perhaps it did! Mariah had her orders and she would do anything to survive this ordeal.

"Ahhh, I think you've done this before you little lesbian tart," Christina giggled. "You LOVE doing this don't you?"

Mariah actually moaned as she worked her tongue as deep into the squirming teen as she could. Mariah licked, sucked, slurped and even kissed Christina's pussy, making loud smacking sounds to satisfy her tormentor.

Mariah kept hearing Christina's voice in her head, "If you do a good job of satisfying me, I'll stop beating your fat ass."

For fifteen minutes Mariah devoured the pussy of her young rival as if she were Christina's horny lover who'd been pussy- starved for months. Then Christina began to breathe quickly as she exploded in an orgasm - grabbing Mariah's hair and holding her face tightly to her crotch, soaking it with her love honey. Unsure what to do next, Mariah continued to kiss and lick Christina's crotch lovingly.

"Just as I thought," Christina sighed with satisfaction. "You really love it don't you! You want more?"

Christina stood up and pulled her beaten foe up by the hair one last and snarled, "From now on pussy licker, you keep your big fat ass outta my business and out of my endorsements. If not, the next time you're REALLY going to get your ass whipped. Got it?"

Mariah sobbed, "Yes. I understand."

Christina demanded, "And?"

Mariah quickly added, "I'm sorry! It'll never happen again, I promise. Oh God please, don't hurt me anymore...Please?" Christina smiled as she patted Mariah on the head like a pet dog, "Good little pussy licker!"

She threw Mariah back down on the floor and stepped over her body. Christina changed her clothes and left Mariah on floor crying in humiliation. By the way, it seems Christina's video turned out to be a HUGE hit. You probably remember it, Mariah certainly does!