Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears & Shania Twain in 3 Fights by bbb4

Britney opens to the door to the stuffy gym and is immediately assaulted by the smell of gym sweat and musty air that hasn't circulated for some time.

"Whew!" she says waving her hand in front of her face. "Couldn't they find a place with air conditioning?"

Shania follows her, gently pushing Britney through the door, silently encouraging the youngster. Britney jumps as the door slams behind them, lending an air of finality to the decision to fight Christina and Mariah in her first no holds barred match.

"You wouldn't want someone to stumble into our little fun time would you?" ask Shania, again pushing her partner toward the ring.

Britney is a young lady, immature in many ways, very mature in others. She loves showing off a firm young body, driving boys, and opponents, crazy. She wears a blue two piece swimsuit with a pink T-shirt to the ring, the neoprene Body Glove bikini with the bottom tight and high cut around her trim hips. Her T-shirt open at midriff, over a strapless neoprene bikini top. The T-shirt is thin and tight, accentuating her natural curves, and it comes off before she climbs in the ring.

Tossing the shirt to the nearest chair, Britney adjusts her top and climbs into the ring alone. The suit hugs her lean thighs, well shaped derriere and hips, riding the curve of her sexy buns in the back. A strapless top strains to contain her large, exceptionally firm tits but even the thick, stretchy rubberized cloth can't hide the erect nips as she slides between the ropes into the canvas floored ring.

The door slams again, momentarily highlighting two young ladies entering the arena. It closes and is locked with a satisfying SNICK.

As the two young ladies parade into the light, Britney gets her first look at her opponent for the night, Christina. Climbing into the ring with her tag team partner Mariah, both young ladies stare down the teenager across the ring. They try to intimidate the younger girl, staring at her firm body and whispering. Mariah pauses a moment to glance at Shania, her next opponent, then pats Christina on the behind and climbs out of the ring.

At just 21, Aguilera is surprisingly, the most experienced of the ladies in the ring; yet young enough that she doesn't know to be afraid of the daggers her opponents are staring into her firm, young body. Her thin frame and red plaid push up bra accentuate a pair of large, firm breasts, while the matching plaid briefs scarcely cover her petite ass and pubic mound. She wears her blond hair long, hair straight down at the top quarter of her back.

Street fighting led Christina to the ring. Numerous conflicts over boys always seemed to lead to her attacking (and subduing) her rivals - by whatever means! Although Christina had never climaxed during a match herself, she frequently subdued opponents and forced them to perform humiliating acts on her, including going face down on her muff.

Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears by bbb4

Shania climbs down the apron, and gives Britney a last nod before reaching down to ring the bell at ringside.

"So, you finally decided to get in the ring with that old hag, huh?" Christina says snidely, nodding at Shania. "She won't do you any good in here, I am gonna hurt'll wish you never laced up those boots."

Christina crosses the ring, quickly trying to corner her younger opponent but Britney slides away and comes to the center of the ring, ready to wrestle. She gives away maybe half an inch to Christina, but they're fairly close in weight. Christina holds out two hands, encouraging the younger girl to test her strength. Instead of grabbing her hands though, Christina grabs just one of Britney's hands an pulls her into a short clothesline across her massive tits. Holding Britney's hand, Christina bites her fingers, then grabs a handful of Britney's hair and jerks her into a side headlock. Keeping the handful of Britney's long hair, Christina twists the headlock, wrenching the blonde's neck with a series of twisting, turning, jerking pumps.

Britney puts her hands on Christina's trim hips as she tries to regain her equilibrium but Christina wrenches the hold again, all the while keeping a handful of Britney's golden locks clenched tightly in her fist. Christina too takes a bit of a rest, brushing her hair out of her eyes before hip-tossing Britney to the mat. Britney grunts when Aguilera lands on top of her, making sure her weight lands square on Britney's solid tits. As she lays on her rival, Christina grinds her hips provocatively on the twin mounds to make the hold just a little more painful. Christina smiles, taking pleasure in hearing Britney's moan as her chest flattens.

"What's the matter, Brit? Your boobies hurtin'?"

Christina continues rubbing her hips on Britney, using her thin frame to mash Britney's breasts on her chest. Finally, Britney rolls Aguilera off of her and tries to get to her feet again to toss the blonde off of her, but Christina stubbornly maintains the side headlock, welding her arms to Britney's head and wrenching the teenager's neck again and again. Eventually, Christina is forced to her feet, but she doesn't go willingly, twisting Britney's neck and rubbing her taped wrists on Britney's pink face.

Britney wails in pain when her face is rubbed and scratched by the rough athletic tape. Britney, her head still wedged at Christina's side, rests her hands on the slim waist of her opponent, but then in a very quick move, she jams her thumbs into the waist of her opponent's red bikini bottom and gives them a tug. In a wink, they're down around Christina's knees.

Britney tries to escape the headlock, expecting a mortified Christina to pull her bikini bottom up, but instead the older blonde takes an half step forward and bulldogs the teenager's face on the mat, again rubbing her face against rough material.

Britney lays stunned, her head spinning and her face burning as Christina strips her bikini bottom the rest of the way down and kicks off the small elastic article. She mounts Britney's back and flips her bikini over Britney's head around her throat. Britney's first cry is strangled when Christina hauls back, choking the teenager.

Britney claws at the sweaty bikini as her air passage is closed. Gagging and spitting after a few red-faced moments of throttling, she finally manages to slip out of the choke and tosses the briefs away, but Christina hardly seems to mind. Undoing Britney's bikini bra, Christina slips it up Britney's heaving chest toward her throat. Britney is better prepared this time and is able to fend off the older girl's attempts to choke her. Like Christina's bottom, Britney's top is discarded but Christina takes little notice as she moves to her next mode of punishment.

Pulling back on Britney's neck, Christina starts a form of camel clutch, wrenching Spears' neck as she pulls on her chin. Freeing one hand Christina moves South, clasping one Britney's soft breasts and squeezing. When she feels the nipple hardening on her palm, Christina releases the breast and begins to twist the stiff oval of pink flesh. Britney's earlier whining is easily surpassed by her wailing now, despite her chin still being held shut by Christina's other hand.

"What's the matter? That nasty ol' boob hurting again?" Christina taunts.

Twisting the nipple even more, she demands, "K, how 'bout now? Feel any better?"

Britney's only answer is a stifled cry of anguish as her assets are liquidated. Christina suddenly moves her hand up and claps it over Britney's mouth and nose, silencing her and sending the already panicky teen into a wide-eyed frenzy of kicking and thrashing on the mat.

"Shut up! Shut Up ! SHUT UP!" Christina screams as Britney flails about..

And as ordered, Britney's protests slowly begin to fade once she' s unable to draw a breath.

Just as it appears the Spears is about to pass out, however, Christina releases the smother, muttering, "No, not yet! I got something special for you."

Christina points at Shania, who at ringside is helpless to aid her partner without disqualifying herself. She grits her teeth as she sees Christina again fondle young Britney's ample breast, teasing the nipple into an aroused, erect state before digging her thumbnail into the yielding flesh. After mauling the teens breast to her heart's desire, Christina releases the blonde and lets her collapse back to the mat.

Christina slides her naked ass across Britney's sweaty shoulders and back, and down past her slim waist. Sitting on the mat, she crosses Britney's ankles in a toehold or grapevine-like maneuver. The pressure to the teenager's ankles elicits another baleful moan, but Britney can't reach back to get at Christina to break the hold. Christina grabs the back of Britney's bottom and yanks, turning the thick rubberized cloth into an instant thong.

As Christina yanks over and over, Britney's cries increase in pitch and volume. Shania winces as Britney cries out, begging Christina to stop.

"I give. I give....let me go....please. No more."

"I TOLD you, I have something special for you. Something you're gonna love."

Aguilera takes a few moments to slap Britney's ass a few times, leaving red hand print's on her tight cheeks. With Britney's ankles crossed, Christina eases one hand up and down the inside of her thigh, caressing Britney's soft, sweaty flesh. Not knowing what to expect from the cruel blonde, Spears squeals as Christina indelicately touches her private area.

Britney struggles to escape, but Christina's grip on her legs and ankles is too strong. As Christina moves her fingers a bit farther up the divas thigh, the tickles the teen with dainty, gentle, slow, brushing strokes. Soon her fingers reach Britney's exposed sex and she presses her digits on the hot wetness. Christina wedges her fingers in and begins to slowly stroke, rubbing up and down Britney's swollen crease.

The younger girl responds immediately, her bikini bottom getting damp as she moans and closes her eyes, surrendering to the sensation.

"What are you....uhhhhhh....oohhhh....Don't ....ohhhhhh...I Just....I Give...ohhhhHHHHhhhhh..."

Britney's panting becomes louder and more pronounced; she has a hard time squeezing out words the way Christina's expert fingers are working between her spread legs. Feeling the rubberized neoprene bikini bottom soaking up Britney's free-flowing juices, Christina increases the pace and pressure, shortening her stroke and concentrating on the diva's clit until she's nearly in a foaming sexual frenzy.

Just when it appears Britney is ready to explode in orgasmic pleasure, Christina removes her hand and strokes Britney's inner thigh again, calming the nearly red-lined girl back down until she's merely a breathless heap of naked flesh.

Thinking the worst is over, and near to passing out from exhaustion, Britney gasps, "I give...."

But it isn't to be!

"Oh no. Not yet. I'm not quite ready," explains Christina.

She moves her hands onto Britney's sweaty bottom, kneading the supple flesh. Britney collapses face-first on the canvas, her arms under her blushing face. Thinking the match is over, Britney is almost grateful she hasn't been humiliated even worse by her arch-rival, but then she feels it! Christina's hands stimulating her again, rubbing her fingertips lightly up and down Britney's sodden briefs, feeling fresh warmth ooze out of the teen. Quickly, at the first show of weakness by Britney's overheated body, Christina begins stroking and rubbing in earnest again. Christina watches the muscles tense in Britney's back as she arches up, lifting her torso, her bare breasts rising off the canvas as she throws her head back - mouth open, eyes closed tight - until only her hard, erect nipples touch the mat.

Britney beats her fists the mat, biting her lip in effort to control her orgasm, to hold back the tide about to overwhelm her needy teenage body so riddled with hormones that it's near impossible to control.

"No....I ....Oooooooooooohhh Noooooo!"

In the end, as always, Christina wins; driving Britney's overheated body to a volcanic orgasm. She screams out a throaty roar, drags her fingernails across the canvas and her groin explodes in pleasure! Her young body is racked by successive convulsive waves of delight that roll over her until she collapses in utter exhaustion; her clothes soaked in sweat and her own juice.

Christina, smiling broadly after having forced this young pretender to a climax, reaches up and uses a handful of Britney's damp, matted hair to haul the limp teen queen to her feet. Standing for the first time since losing her own bikini bottom, Christina's thin body and trim hips are decorated with the tan lines of a tiny thong, barely big enough to cover her well-trimmed blonde patch. She straightens her bra, unconcerned about her exposed buns and bush. Britney, embarrassed by her now dark and sodden bikini bottoms, blushes as she tries in vain to shield her wetness from Shania and Mariah, crossing her hands over her crotch.

Christina silently and efficiently goes about her business - punishing this teen. She backs Britney into her corner where she unloads a few well-aimed shots into Britney's bare breasts. Britney staggers back as her creamy white melons are targeted again and again by Christina's well aimed jabs.

Known for her especially cruel breast punishment techniques, Christina reaches out and grabs Britney by her still aroused nipples and pinches the stiff pink tips with her fingers. The oblong buds crowning each of Britney's exquisitely firm tits is twisted and then mauled as Christina backs the stumbling Britney all the way across the ring into the corner. Finding herself hemmed in by the ropes and Christina's unrelenting rain of tit punches, Britney desperately covers her breasts with both hands and drops her shoulder, trying to break out of the corner. Christina simply tucks the rookie's head under her arm and falls backward, using Britney's own momentum to monkey flip the teenager on her back in the middle of the ring. Christina holds Britney by the hair again as she puts her in a reverse headlock, setting her up for a hanging suplex. But first, Christina reaches down between Britney's legs and gropes her soggy bikini bottoms.

Lightly fingering the wet clothing, Christina laughingly adds, "Looks like you had a little fun.... a little finger fun."

Britney pouts, totally humiliated as Christina playfully rubs the inside of her thigh and crotch some more, all the while grinning wickedly. Suddenly, Christina grabs the bikini bottom and uses them to hoist Britney into the air with surprising power. She hesitates an instant, then lets her crash back to the mat. Britney bounces once and rolls onto her left side, clutching her aching back. Christina, still smiling, sits up and scoots over to straddle the aching blonde. Pinning Britney's hands at her sides with her sexy thighs, Christina reaches behind herself and releases her bra.

"No...," Britney gasps, her eyes widening when she realizes what's about to happen to her.

She tries to squirm out from between Christina's thighs, but her attempts prove futile. Her panic grows as Christina has trouble opening her top to get her perky boobs out for smothering.

Christina's brilliant blue eyes twinkle mischievously as she hesitates then grins and says, "Ohhhh yeah Brit. Here they come, girl. Enjoy the view."

Frustrated by her bra clasp, Christina finally pulls her red plaid shoulder straps down over her shoulders and turns the bra around so she can fiddle with it in front. When she undoes the catch, her tits fall free and Britney gets a look at them for the first time in her life. Christina smiles as her equally rigid breasts pop out of her bra, the pink nipples on each large sphere thicken in the cool air, jutting straight out proudly as she leans forward over Britney's face. The fleshy tits slap the teen diva right in the face, mushroom over her features and envelop her face.

Britney struggles against the darkness, even as Christina's sweaty flesh swallows her entire face, cutting off light and replacing the fresh air with foul, sweaty, titflesh. Britney kicks and scratches weakly, but her earlier orgasms have weakened her almost completely. Desperately trying to take in air, instead Britney gets a mouthful of hot tit and salty sweat. The perspiration from Christina's boobs stings Britney's eyes as even her ears are covered by Christina's breast smothering. She tries turning her head from side to side, but Christina's too strong and the hold expertly applied after years of practice. Britney's lungs are on fire; she squirms, trying to free her legs to kick free - but Christina's legs snake around her calves in a grapevine, sequestering her weakening limps and spreading her legs as Christina adds a little crotch grinding to her tortures of the damned!

Clouds start to form in Britney's brain as asphyxia sets in. Christina's in her groove, rubbing her damp melons all over the teen's face and mouth until, almost mercifully, it's suddenly lights out for the young blonde. Still, Christina continues rubbing herself against Britney's face until she is sure the youngster is completely out, smothered into unconsciousness.

Rising slowly, Christina cups her breasts, thumbing the swollen nipples and rubbing the tender flesh after using it to smother her hated rival Britney. She looks down at the unconscious blonde teen, utterly dispassionate, noting the trickle of drool and spittle from the corner of Britney's mouth expended in the her final moments struggling for air that never arrived.

Standing, Christina pulls off her sweaty bra and stuffs it lightly into Britney's mouth, slapping her sharply afterward to awaken the defeated girl.

"Wakey wakey, little girl...."

Slapping her a little harder finally opens the teen's eyes, though still unfocused and cloudy. Britney immediately gags and begins to cough, spitting out the sweat soaked bra before rolling over in fits of racking coughing.

Reaching down, Christina gives tortured blonde a playful, but firm pinch on the cheek before she adds, "That was fun, sweetie, lets try it again real soon."

Christina struts her nude body around the ring, glistening with dew under the hot overhead lights. Smiling, Christina invites Shania to the ring see to the condition of her partner. Britney lays in the center of the ring, sobbing and shamefacedly trying unsuccessfully to hide the telltale stains on her sodden briefs.

Remembering her own first match, Shania comforts Britney, telling her, "We'll get our chance to show them. Don't you worry about that."

"But she rubbed me in the ....until ....I ....."

Her eyes begin to tear again as her body was racked by renewed sobbing.

"I couldn't help it..... I tried to stop her but she was holding me down.....and rubbing me...she wouldn't stop until I....."

Shania helped the youngster to a sitting position and patted her belly just above her waistline.

"Gotta get rid of those..." she says, indicating the sopping wet briefs.

Sniffling, Britney nods and pulls down the wet tights, displaying her thin stripe of sandy blonde muff. Shania hands her a towel to wipe herself and cover her privates, comforting the teen with an arm around her shoulder.

"Don't worry about those two... We'll get them soon enough," spits Shania, as she watches the nude Christina climb down from the ring and into the waiting arms of her tag team partner for a congratulatory embrace. They hug and high five, giggling as they replay Britney's orgasm.

Mariah points at the teen, mimicking her as she moans, "OH.....OOOhhhh....OOOOOhhhh." and pumps her groin suggestively.

Both girls laugh raucously, causing Britney to burst into tears again.
Mariah Carey vs. Shania Twain by bbb4

Shania sits young Britney down at ring side and climbs into the ring, crooking her finger at Mariah, "You and me bitch, right now!"

Shania peels off her sweatshirt, revealing two, large, mature tits, momentarily concealed behind a string bikini. Shania quickly undoes the bikini top, letting the small triangles of rainbow colored material hang loose over her awesome wonders. Flipping the top over her head, it is clear that Shania is already primed up for a fight as her large, dark, oval nipples quickly rise to meet the occasion.

Mariah climbs into the ring, peeling off her jog bra as she goes, her rosy teats popping to attention as she straightens to her full height. The large, twin orbs of flesh hang loose, swaying side-to-side as she moves. Looking at Shania, Mariah is amazed by the older woman's figure. Her heavy breasts hang, waiting for a victim to smother. Mariah rests her hand on one hip, watching with mock disgust as Shania continues, untying her briefs, allowing the string bikini to fall to the mat. Her butt and hips are a bit wide, but firm and well-shaped. A small patch of dark pubic hair covers her mound, a spot of dark on an expanse of otherwise pale white hips.

"Ohhhh Gaaawwwwddd....I didn't need to see your fat ass...I just want to beat you up know... pinch your titties, sit on your face .... get the big "O".... then go home."

Seeing the befuddled look on Shania's face, Mariah raises her hands over head, crossing her wrists and begins to gently thrust her hips back and forth, while looking directly at Britney.

"You know, ..... big "O"?"

Mariah giggles playfully and continues taunting Shania and Britney. Her hip thrusts become more and more pronounced and quicker and quicker as she continues.

Closing her eyes she begins, "OHHHhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! OOOHHHH!"

She giggles as Shania's eyes widen in disbelief. Mariah has just threatened to face sit her until she reaches orgasm, the big "O". Mariah continues baiting the heavier woman, pointing at her nude crotch, "You had to drop your ...eeeyyych!"

Mariah pretends to vomit over the ropes.

Pointing at Shania's wider hips, "That's a big, fat, nasty ass."

"All the better to smother your big, fat, nasty mouth," Shania answers as she charges across the ring, crashing into her and backing her into the ropes. Filling a hand with Mariah's tinted blonde hair, she rams her fist into the smaller girls head again and again, not so much aiming, just venting. Maria is pounded relentlessly as Shania screamingly hammers left after left into her head. Two swift knee lifts attack Mariah's abs as Shania takes out her fury, punishing her relentlessly. Shania releases Mariah's hair and begins alternating lefts and rights to head, her fist snapping Mariah's head side to side. Mariah shots back a weak punch to Shania breasts, slapping the large titty with a girlish open handed shot. Shania answers with a vicious shot to Mariah's unprotected breasts.

Another pair of knee lifts sends Mariah reeling to the ropes and turnbuckles. Shania grabs the front of Mariah's jog shorts and pulls her forward, delivering a knee between her thighs that knocks Mariah right back to the corner. Shania grabs Mariah's hair once again and leans back to deliver a pulverizing head butt to Mariah's temple but Mariah collapses forward, her shapeless body folding against Shania who is her only support.

Shania reaches both hands under Mariah's armpits and digs her long nails into the soft, slick flesh. Mariah winces as her tender flesh is rent by Shania's slicing nails, her face contorted in a scowl of pain. Mariah tries to drop to her knees, but Shania holds her up, using the claw holds on Mariah pecs to draw a squealing moan from the younger girl. Her weight proves to be too much, however, and as Mariah's knees collapse rather than release her, Shania also drops to her knees. The two kneel on the mat face to face and Shania cracks a slight smile.

She rubs her proud nipples against Mariah's equally rigid assets and Mariah cringes as Shania's stiff flesh dances across the softness of her tits, brushing her nipples aside. Shania laughs as she pushes the erect brown tips of her own impressive assets deep into the soft, yielding flesh of Mariah's steamy tits, watching as Mariah's head slowly droops off to one side and her eyes flutter.

Shania wrenches her grip on Mariah's armpits to bring her back to life with a screaming start. Even though she's rapidly tiring from the orgy of pain she has dealt out, the feel of her breasts dominating Mariah's is just too good to stop. The nipple rubbing and breast domination continues for a few minutes, with Shania continuing to use her vice-like grip on Mariah's underarms to keep her in line. Shania begins to moan too as the tips of her breasts rub on Mariah's firm young breasts. Before things get out of hand, Shania releases the her grip on Mariah's aching muscles and drags her away for further punishment. Taking Mariah by the hair for a third time, Shania drags her to the ropes and drapes her waist over the middle rope. Still on her knees, but now behind the singer, Shania slides her hand up the lathered expanse of Mariah's inner thigh.

"Time for you to get some lovin'...," she hissed. "Just like that skinny little bitch. You're gonna liiiiikkkke this."

Shania slides her hand in the leg hole of Mariah's briefs and eases her fingers inside the singer. Moving her digits back and forth in a slow, practiced move, Shania immediately gets Mariah's full attention as evidenced by her groaning sigh. Mariah looks up and is nearly face to face with her helpless partner Christina.

Shania cackles with glee, "Mmmmmm....yeah...just like that. How about here?"

Shania adjusts her probing fingers, much to Mariah's reluctant delight. Then Mariah lets out a scream as Shania drives deep into her womanhood. Looking back, Mariah grabs for Shania's wrist, trying to the stop or at least, slow, the inexorable pace of the attack on her womanhood. But Mariah is too weak and Shania's work continues, gathering speed and intensity. Shania looks over at Christina, who is helpless at ringside as Shania gives her partner the business. Christina winces with each pant and groan and every one of Shania's drilling probes up into her partner's gaping pussy.

The veteran Mariah, however, refuses to fold under the pressure on her groin. A desperate mule kick from her position draped over the ropes catches Shania flush in the breasts. Each of Mariah's boots flattens one of Shania's wonders, dropping her on her ass behind Mariah. Mariah keeps kicking, a second and then a third kick land with deadly accuracy as Shania tries to protect her heavy tits. A fourth mule kick catches Shania flush in the face and the fifth, and final, kick to Shania's unprotected boobs leaves her laid out on her back, flat on the canvas!

Mariah untangles herself from the middle rope, delicately adjusting her briefs where she had been violated. Her face reddens as she feels the dampness between her thighs and a sticky trickle run down the inside of her thigh, brought on by Shania's shameless fingerfucking. Mariah quickly tries to arrange her shorts so the damp spot won't show, but gives up when she sees Shania stirring and roll on her side as she struggles to get to her feet. Mariah reaches into a pocket inside her own briefs and withdraws a small square of sandpaper. Peeling back a piece of athletic tape on her index finger, she inserts the sandpaper and tapes it down just as Shania sits up onto her elbows. Mariah is immediately on top of Shania, rubbing the square of the abrasive material in Shania's eye. She barely covers herself as the wildcat jumps on her, straddling her chest as she rubs the sandpaper square across her face, smiling the entire way.

With Shania blinded, Mariah sits back a moment, rubbing her armpits where Shania's claw marks have left crimson streaks of agony. Mariah rubs the damp spot between her legs and decides she'd better discard her grey shorts. She does and exposes the thin tuft of dark hair crowning the mound where her long legs meet. Slipping around behind Shania, Mariah wraps her thighs around the older woman's middle, squeezing her ribs between her strong legs. The hold is not without some pain, as Mariah recalls the probing pleasure of Shania's recent attack. But with the tables turned, this time it's Shania letting out the loud, exhausted grunt as Mariah clamps her muscular thighs onto the brunette's ribs as she squeezes the air out of her lungs.

Shania tries to slip the hold, pressing up on the back of Mariah's knees, grunting and trying to break the body scissors. But Mariah takes a page from Shania's book and reaches under her arms, grabbing the sweaty muscles of her underarms and pecs. She smiles as Shania's pressure on her knees diminishes as her arms wither under the pressure on her underarms. Shania wails in pain as Mariah continues to squeeze her ribs and claw her pecs. Mariah shifts her attack, reaching under Shania's arms and easily finding the much softer flesh of her bouncing tits.

Both of Mariah's hands fill with Shania's feminine bounty and she immediately clamps down, squeezing and kneading the soft titflesh with her hands. Again in this match, Shania bellows in pain as Mariah clinches with her, squeezing, releasing and squeezing again the delicate fleshy orbs. But Shania shows no signs of submission. Clearly frustrated, Mariah releases the scissors and breast mauling, slamming a forearm to the back of Shania's head. The brunette collapses on the mat cradling her pillaged chest tenderly.

Beginning to tire herself, Mariah backs off and clambers to her feet, taking a short break. When Shania stirs, sitting up, Mariah instantly attacks again, driving her wrestling boot into the back of Shania's skull with a concussion-inducing stomp. Shania crumples forward holding her head but Mariah is too tired to follow on the attack. Still dizzy from the skull stomp, Shania leans back, resting her hands on the mat to support herself as she tries to stop the bells ringing in her head. Meanwhile, Mariah walks around behind Shania, stepping on both of her hands and pinning them to the mat; leaving Shania defenseless in front of her.

Mariah adjusts the small square of sand paper taped to her index finger as she tells Shania, "Give up cow...or I'm gonna scrub your nipples off."

She leans forward and gently fills her hands with Shania's sweat soaked wonders. Softly playing with the oblong, dark skinned nipples until she feels them rising under her adept tutoring, Mariah nibbles Shania's ear and gives her a last chance to surrender.

"Are you sure, 'cause these babies are starting to stiffen up..."

Shania shakes her head vigorously, angrily trying unsuccessfully to get her hands from under Mariah's boots.

Feeling the pleasant pressure of Shania's engorged nipples on the palms of her hands, Mariah says and gives them a little flick with her thumb.

"Well, it looks like these turkeys are done! Time to squeeze the stuffing out of them!"

Mariah begins slowly, twisting both nipples outward, expertly mauling the stiff flesh as she goes before again asking Shania, "Give?"

After pausing for a deep breath, Shania shakes her head, refusing to submit. Mariah lives up to her reputation as an expert breast mauler, reaching beneath the swollen melons to seek out the soft white flesh beneath each breast, then pressing her nails into the pliant flesh, squeezing harder and harder.

"I love white meat!" Mariah cackles. "Ready to give?" she asks again, pressing her nails deeper into the mounds of soft white flesh.

Shania, tears streaming down her cheeks, mumbles something that Mariah doesn't hear, but shakes her head. Mariah crouches down a bit lower, working the soft flesh on the underside of Shania's tits before again turning her attention to the large, throbbing nipples and using the sandpaper to scrape the sensitive nipples raw. Shania bellows in pain as her gems are plundered by the young fighter.

Feeling Mariah's body rubbing the back of her head, Shania desperately slams her head back, catching Mariah flush in the pubic mound with the head butt. At the crushing blow, Mariah lets out an agonized squeal and as her knees buckle, she takes another shot to the pubic mound for her trouble. This time she falls back cradling her aching crotch. Shania too collapses to the mat, cradling her injured assets, delicately caressing her tender nipples.

Both girls lie on the mat taking deep breaths as they plot their next moves. Both stand, circling in a grappler's stance, their breasts swinging in rhythm with their feints and lunges, holding their hands out, each too suspicious of the other to make the first move. After a few ploys, they lock up in a sort of test of strength, pressing their chests together in a collision of sweat soaked mammaries; their arms held wide, fingers intertwined.

The two women circle together, each trying to push the other back, each using her dripping melons to try to dominate the other. Stiff nipples slide and roll off each other and into the soft flesh of the others breasts; poking, prodding and jabbing. Shania is the first to show weakness as Mariah's tit mauling pays dividends. Shania grunts when her rigid nipples slip under Mariah's rigid teats. Seeing Shania wince, Mariah rubs her breasts back and forth, crossing and re-crossing Shania's torn ovals with her own increasingly hard teats. Shania is forced to take a step back but Mariah presses forward, continuing to nipple rub her. Her lips trembling, Shania backs up another step, then another and then another. Suddenly Mariah finds herself stumbling forward out of control, turned 180 degrees and thrown into the corner with Shania's body slamming solidly in on top of her.

Shania, still holding both of Mariah's hands, drives a kneelift to the lower abs, ramming her upper thigh across Mariah's stomach above her pubic mound. Three more knees follow, each a little lower than the one before, until the fourth and final knee lands squarely on Mariah's pussy, crushing her mound.

Shania's face twists in wicked glee as she devastates the singer with knee lift after knee lift to her taut abs. Shania loops Mariah's arms over the top ropes, exposing her tight abdomen for several more punches and knees, all centered on the lower abdomen and groin. Mariah's trim hips offer no protection as Shania pounds her muscular abs one devastating blow after another. Each shot, slapping knuckles on flesh, elicits a wincing, agonized scream. The same way Mariah's early concentration on punishing Shania's breasts paid off, so too does Shania's attention to Mariah's belly and groin. Mariah groans as she collapses to the mat, gasping and clutching at her no-longer-tight abs.

Shania kneels beside her, rolling Mariah on her back before applying a humiliating gut claw, digging her nails into the red skin below Mariah's navel and just above her pubic mound. Using both hands, she kneads the supple flesh, digging her fingers in the muscles and twisting, wrenching Mariah's gut. Mariah's large breasts roll from side to side on her chest as she is almost disemboweled by the gut-wrenching agony of a stomach claw. Mariah lets out an extended wail as Shania's fingers do the twist on her knotted abs, ripping at her innards. Mariah grabs Shania's arm, clawing it before fumbling her way up to Shania's equally sore breast. Mariah gives the tit a hard, groping squeeze and Shania gasps in pain as Mariah's fingers juice her delicate tit.

Shania has to release the gut claw to slap Mariah's hand away from her breast. Mariah's hands go to her belly, covering the red claw marks left by Shania's brutal claw hold. Undeterred, Shania simply moves her claw higher, digging into Mariah's unprotected boobs. The double breast claw has the desired effect as Mariah shrieks in pain, grabbing and dragging Shania's hands away from her assets. Shania doesn't hesitate to release the breast claw and, instead, just punches Mariah in the stomach, rolling over her now naked body.

After resting briefly, Shania picks Mariah up by the hair and asks, "Did you stretch out before the match...because I think you're a little tight."

She slaps Mariah's stomach before lacing her legs though Mariah's and applying a brutal abdominal stretch. Mariah whimpers as her abdominals are stretched and then torn by Shania's expert application of the submission hold. Shania's free hand repeatedly drags across Mariah's belly, raking the soft flesh and leaving red welts and scratches on her belly. Mariah's blue eyes fill with tears until she finally bursts out in sobs, unable to stand the punishment any longer. With a look of utter disgust, Shania releases her, letting Mariah collapse to the mat holding her belly.

Shania bends down next to her and holds up two fingers, close together, "You wanted the Big O? Here's your chance...."

Shania flips Mariah onto her belly and wedges her knees apart. Mariah whimpers, trying desperately to keep her legs closed, but a punishing blow to the belly button pops Mariah's thighs apart. Sliding two fingers inside her rival, Shania smiles as Mariah arches her back in a weak protest. Feeling wetness, Shania starts a slow stroking motion, extending her fingers fully to reach far into Mariah's warmth. Mariah lets out a muted groan as the expertly applied fingerwork begins to tell, and a toasty glow begins to spread from her groin.

Mariah's eyes close as her hips rise to eagerly greet Shania's fingers. The country singer increases the speed of her fingering a bit while using her other hand to stroke and fondle Mariah's womanhood, incubating the eruption that she knows from long experience lurks below the surface. As Shania increases her finger speed again, Mariah's resistance melts away. Shania strokes the young woman's tortured abs, knowing the combination of pain and pleasure is the fastest way to break down resistance and increase her humiliation.

This time it is Mariah's turn to run her fingernails up and down the canvas as she explodes in a white hot ejaculation of girl goo on Shania's fingers. Shania finishes Mariah hard, wringing every screaming drop of energy from the defeated singer until she collapses on the mat, completely spent yet unaware Shania still strokes away. Finally Shania slowly withdraws her fingers, leaving the sweat drenched singer spread-eagle on the mat, wrung dry and completely, totally and utterly spent.

Mariah barely resists when Shania wipes her sticky hand on the inside of her thigh then mounts her belly, straddling her hips with her thighs and leaning down to press her swollen nipples and breasts over Mariah's perspiration-drenched face while pinning Mariah's hands with her own. Mariah turns her head slightly to either side, struggling to escape Shania suffocating breasts. But she soon realizes Shania's big tits are fully capable of engulfing her face entirely and panic sets in.

As Mariah frantically thrashes left and right, Shania keeps riding her bucking hips as she keeps the asphyxiating breast smother firmly in place; massaging her pale tits forward and backward, up and down on Mariah's face, rubbing her soft flesh into every crevice. As dark clouds of unconsciousness begin to gather in Mariah's brain, her struggles slow and weaken, becoming less and less until her feet stop moving up and back and her thighs lay flat on the canvas.

Shania keeps grinding her tits on Mariah's face, her groaning changing in tone every time one of her sore nipples press into Mariah's face. Shania looks up at Christina, standing on the apron at ringside and smiles, then she sits up. Shania puts her hands on the back of her neck so Christina can get a good look at her chest as her sweat drenched melons sway triumphantly over Mariah's ashen face while she straddles the unconscious Mariah's body.

Rubbing her sweaty breasts together, Shania purrs, "Ohhhhhh....that felt soooooooo good."

She makes a kissing motion to Christina then slowly climbs off of the ravaged dirty blonde, finally allowing Christina to come to aid her partner. As the two naked battlers brush by each other Shania pats Christina's bare butt and whispers, "You're next, bitch!"

Christina glares at Shania, then suddenly reaches up and pinches her injured nipple. Shania cries out as she stumbles back, pulling her breast out of Christina's grip.

"I know how to hurt you Shanny my dear," Christina sneered. "Get in my way and you'll never breast smother anyone again."

Christina pushed the buxom brunette and went to help Mariah up, slapping her gently and trying to breathe some life back into the lithe wrestler. Finally helping her to her feet, Christina pulled one of Mariah's arms around her shoulder and staggered across the ring supporting her weight as Mariah stumbles in the usual post titty smother haze back to their corner.

Shania met Britney in their corner with a hug but the celebration was cut short when Britney's firm tits pressed on hers. Shania's wince reminded her again of the mauling her breasts had taken at Mariah's hands. Seeing her wince, and the red welts and swollen nipples, Britney handed Shania a wet towel to hold over her ransacked tits.

Her bosom still heaving from her effort, Shania sighs, "You're going to have to start the tag chest is just too sore. I need some rest."

Seeing the doubt in Britney's face, Shania reassured her, even after the orgasmic calamity that was the first fall.

"We'll do it just like we practiced... you start and try to get Mariah in the ring, so we can keep beating on her belly. Watch out though! She loves pinching titties."

Britney nodded quickly, unsure what to say. Shania sat on the stool in the corner, her arms hanging limp over the ropes like a tired boxer. Britney sprayed cool water on Shania's tits and gently toweled it off. Shania winced, but Britney continued holding the cool towel to her breasts, sopping up the sweat and easing the burning in her chest.

"Mariah's beaten. You've gotta get Christina out of the ring. I can help with the rest. Just don't let them double team you." With a sense of foreboding, she adds, "And don't let them get you in their corner...."

Britney nods her head, but clearly is wondering exactly how to take out the girl that not only dominated her but fucked her brains out in the process.
Tag Team Match: Christina Aguilera & Mariah Carey vs. Britney Spears & Shania Twain by bbb4

Across the ring, Christina was taking care of Mariah, fanning her with a towel and trying to revive her from her stupor. "Come on Mariah, snap out of it..."

But the singer lolled to one side, spitting and coughing into the bucket at the corner. Each breath was a labor and Mariah's hands rarely left her minced midsection. A good splash of icy water in the face seemed to help, Mariah sat up and shook off the water as it streamed down her bare chest onto belly and disappeared between her legs.

" stomach. I think I pulled something."

Mariah tried to sit up but quickly grabbed the ropes and sat down holding her stomach, "Wha.... happened? Ohhhhh.... my head is killing me too! Where? What happened?"

"She got you with the ab stretcher, then....she....tit smothered you," answered Christina sullenly.

"Bitch!" hisses Mariah, spitting the aftertaste of Shania's salty sweat out of her mouth.

Seeing Britney rising across the ring, Mariah points at her nude body, and says, "We'll get her, and sit on her face til she squeals like a piggie!"

After what seems like only a few moments, a timer goes off in the corner. As before, Britney jumps as if she's been shocked. She turns to see Christina stalking toward her, holding up one finger, motioning Britney into the center of the ring to start the match.

Christina's fierce blue eyes glow with a venomous mischief, as she hold out her hands, asking Britney to lockup. Her nude body glistens with a light sheen of sweat as she crouches in a fighting stance, her bare breasts swaying gently with each motion. Britney looks to Shania, who silently climbs back through the ropes out onto the apron, leaving Britney and Christina in the ring alone. Shania grabs the tag rope and smiles at Britney, but she knows, now that the threat of disqualification is gone, she may have to enter the ring at any moment to help her partner and lover.

The two young ladies circle a bit, both crouched and ready. Britney extends a hand, looking for a wrist or hand to grab but Christina quickly slaps it away and makes a grab at the wrist; but she misses. Both girls circle again until Christina manages to catch Britney's wrist. She tries for the side headlock she used but Britney slips away and, after grappling for a moment, ends up with a face to face mutual bearhug. Both girls struggle for supremacy, purposely jabbing their stiff nipples into the soft flesh of the other's milky tits; neither gaining an advantage but both grunting and groaning as both girls breasts are poked and probed by the rigidity of the other.

As their damp breasts rub on one another, squeezing and grunting with effort, first one then the other throws her head back in pain as her nips are roughly forced aside and her soft, supple breast is probed by her opponents hard nipple.

Mariah yells encouragement, "Squeeze the little bitch, Christina!"

Shania too supports her partner, "Hold on Brit! Make her beg!"

But neither girl is able to gain an advantage and soon, both are whimpering in pain. Finally, Christina breaks away from the younger girl, turning her back to tend her bruised breasts. Stinging from the nipple rubbing, but in less pain than Christina, Britney wastes no time unloading a shot to Christina's lower back followed by another up between her legs from behind. Christina goes to her knees on the mat, sucking in a hasty breath. Britney, still smarting herself, takes a couple of wicked chops and hacking punches into her back as she kneels.

Christina falls forward to all fours and scrambles toward her corner, tagging out to Mariah, who enters the ring against Britney for the first time. The two circle until Britney is facing her own corner. She momentarily glances back at Shania, looking to tag and leaning against the top ropes in her corner. But that opening is enough time for Mariah. She strikes; a lightning quick jab to the tits that's followed on by two swift kneelifts that pound Britney's tight young midsection. Two more jabs to her taut abs and Britney is bent double at the waist clutching her churning belly. Wisely, Mariah forces the youngster back into her corner where Christina is waiting, ready for a double team session.

As soon as Britney is in range, Christina reaches out and takes two handfuls of blonde hair. Britney screams as she is hair-hauled back to the corner turnbuckle. As Christina pulls Britney into the corner, Mariah follows, nailing Britney with several punches to her unprotected breasts. With Christina holding Britney, Mariah goes to work landing upper cuts to the chest that send sweat flying from Britney's firm tits. Each punch is accompanied by a pained grunt as Mariah's knuckles pound the supple flesh.

Thinking Britney won't surrender to her rain of breast punching, Mariah does what she does best. She grabs one Britney's breasts and squeezes it unmercifully. As the teat gorges with blood under the mauling pressure, Mariah uses her other hand to tweak and twist the nipple. Taking the large disk of pink flesh in her fingers, Mariah mangles the stiff bud, grinning as Britney's feet do a tap dance as she howls in agony. Christina releases Britney's arms, but the pain in her breasts is so great she can only slap weakly at Mariah's hands.

Shania can stand listening to Britney wail in agony any longer and climbs into the ring to save her struggling partner. As she crosses the ropes, Shania runs head-on into Christina who has already crossed the canvas to intercept her. Shania's not fully through the ropes when Christina lands a drop kick that sends Shania crashing to the concrete floor outside the ring.

Christina yells to her partner, "Toss her over here, lets put the big squeeze on this cunt!"

Mariah grabs Britney's breasts and uses them to heave her out into the center of the ring, where Christina is waiting. Christina kneels next to Britney and wraps her thighs around the teenager's lower abdomen. Mariah takes a similar position on the same side, with her back to Christina and her legs wrapped around Britney's chest over her swollen tits.

Both ask in unison, "Give?"

Just as Britney starts to respond, they both put on a huge squeeze and her tits mushroom out under the pressure of the chest scissors. Instead of a submission, all that comes out of Britney's mouth is "Guuugggggggggaaaaaah!"

The two women sadistically squeeze the life out of Britney, their butts lightly rubbing against each other as they work the double body scissors. They take turns, one squeezing while the other rests for a few seconds, then squeezing while her partner rests. Britney's face turns red as the air is forced from her and, with both of her opponents surging power into her abdomen and crushing every molecule of air out of her sweaty little body, she's unable to take in any fresh air. Britney moans pitifully as she is punished by her two laughing opponents, who are thoroughly enjoying their dominating position.

Outside the ring, Shania slowly regains her sense and hears Britney wailing in agony. Forgetting the pain in her back and legs from where she crashed down on the concrete, Shania climbs back into the ring. Neither girl sees the enraged brunette as she climbs back into the ring and are totally unaware of her until Shania's boots begin to rain down on their skulls.

Shania stomps the blonde and her partner mercilessly, Alternating kicks to the heads of both opponents. Even after they both curl up, releasing Britney to protect themselves from the brunette whirlwind, Shania aims blows to their crotches, breasts and bellies.

"Bitch! You wanna fight?" screams Shania as she vengefully picks up the heel of Mariah's leg and delivers a crushing blow to the singer's groin.

Mariah flops around on the mat like a fish out of water, but Shania has already moved on to Christina. Adding another stomp to Christina's breasts, she shifts targets again and delivers a crushing kick to Mariah's lower back. Britney stirs and finally manages to get to all fours, watching her partner delivery blow after blow to the opponent's as they lie helpless on the canvas. Shaking the dew from her now sweat damp hair, Britney grabs the middle rope and pulls herself to her feet, clutching her ribs and stomach, unable to even draw a deep breath.

She staggers over to Mariah as her partner heads back toward Christina. Shania unloads a kick to the blonde's belly and as she bends over, clutching her belly, Shania takes two handfuls of long blonde hair and forces her head between her legs into the pile driver position, then she reaches underneath her chest and grabs Christina's dangling breasts by the nipples, pinching and squeezing the stiff flesh.

Christina moans as Shania destroys her prizes but things just get worse for the blonde when Shania hefts her up for a pile driver. Holding the thin blonde upside down, her head wedged between Shania's pearly thighs, all of the blood rushes to Christina's brain, giving her a sickening dizzy spell. Things end when Shania drops flat on her bottom, pulping Christina's head into the hard canvas covered mat. Shania releases Christina's head from between her legs, but re-closes them on her head.

Resting the back of Christina's head on her pubic mound, Shania locks her ankles and begins to crush Christina's skull between her creamy thighs. Christina's cries are muted as the muscles in Shania's thighs compress Christina's ears, thrusting her hips forward and squinting her eyes as she flexes her thighs.

Christina desperately tries to pry her opponent's legs apart, but after running her hands over Shania's thick thighs she gives up on that idea. Moving her hands north, however, she finds gets hand into Shania's lush pelt. First, she rakes the thick fur, which lessens the pressure on her head, but without breaking the hold. Next, she grabs a pinch of the damp, curly hair and begins pulling, trying to rip the thick hair out by the roots. She's too weak to bald her, but every tug eases the pressure on her head. Finally, Shania's legs spring open and Christina is free of the hellish head scissors.

Shania rubs her pelt, stinging from the vicious pubic pull, while Christina lies motionless on the mat, staring into the lights over the ring. Her view is interrupted when Shania face rakes her, dragging her nails spitefully across Christina's face and eyes. Ever the veteran, Shania doesn't give up on the scissors hold. She grabs the thin blonde and maneuvers herself to Christina's side, wrapping her legs around the blonde's now sweat soaked tits., compressing the soft flesh. Grabbing Christina's nearest hand, she sits back and again begins to squeeze the buxom blonde's breasts, content in her dominating position.

Britney meanwhile pins Mariah down to the mat, sitting across the singer's belly, pinning her arms at her side. Seeing her partner maul Christina's erect nipples, Britney follows suit, taking handfuls of Mariah's jiggling breasts and squeezing violently. As Mariah begins to buck her off, Shania sits up and rams her ass into Mariah's devastated abs. Rising again, she drops her butt into Mariah's stomach again. A third butt drop end Mariah's struggle and lets Britney to return her attention to Mariah's pale breasts.

Grabbing and squeezing the fleshy orbs, she smiles for the first time when Mariah moans in anguish. Britney rubs Mariah's tits, massaging the soft spheres until the nipples swell and rise, then she pinches them mercilessly as the helpless singer squirms, kicks and struggles under her. Realizing breast mauling alone wont' get a submission from the veteran, Britney lowers herself, keeping Mariah's hands pinned at her sides as prepares to smother her. Mariah again struggles, trying to buck the teenager off, but she quickly tires under her weight. Mariah looks up to see Britney's large, tanned breasts hovering over her, dripping sweat in her eyes.

This close, she can see the ridges and creases of Britney's nipples as they approach her face Suddenly, the world is blotted out. Britney's firm tits fall on Mariah's face, cutting her off from the outside world. Britney works the tit smother roughly, pressing her tits on Mariah's face but constantly breaking and reapplying her tits, trying to adjust her position to make better use her assets.

Britney marvels the panicked look in Mariah's face as she covers it with flesh again and again; at the feel of Mariah's face wedged firmly between her tits and, finally at the gentle sucking in her cleavage as Mariah's mouth struggles to get a breath before finally passing out. She continues to rub and massage her hooters in Mariah's face even after her resistance fades and Mariah's hands fall limp on the mat as Mariah lapses into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, Shania reaches down and grabs Christina, snuggling her between her bare thighs. She pulls Christina toward her, before clenching her thighs together in a rib cracking, breast smashing vice. Holding the smaller girl between her legs, Shania enjoys the warm, sweaty sensation of Christina's ribs rubbing massaging her womanhood as she applies pressure to her. Christina's stiff breasts melt under the pressure of Shania's powerful thighs and Shania allows herself to smile. She glances down at Christina's face as she struggles, weakly pawing Shania's rock hard thighs, her tits mushrooming out from under the pale flesh of her legs. Shania squeezes extra hard, feeling the burn and smiling again when Christina lets out a pitiful grunt as her prized tits and chest are flattened.

Shania gestures to Britney, "Come here."

As the nude teen squats beside Shania, the older woman points to Christina's crotch, "Do her."

Britney is perplexed for a moment, "What do you mean, do her...?"

Even as she finishes the sentence, she realizes.

"You mean now? I should..."

Shania points at Christina's groin again and orders her, "Do her. Now. Stick your fingers between her legs and teach her

a lesson"

Seeing the doubt in her eyes, Shania reminds her, "Remember what she did to you? Remember screaming and scratching at the mat while she had her fingers between your legs? Are you going let her do that?"

Looking down at Christina, Shania orders her, "Spread'em."

Christina looks up, hate filling her eyes as she spits out, "Fuck you bit....yyyyaaahhhh!"

Shania has cut off her response by flexing her mighty thighs and powerful butt. As her cheeks harden, Christina's resolve weakens and she grudgingly opens her thighs - an inch or so.

Through clenched teeth, Shania adds bitterly, "Further, bitch. Spread' em wide."

After another pathetic groan and Christina's legs part slowly, exposing her snatch to Britney.

Relaxing her burning thighs slightly, Shania lets Christina take a breath, "That's better."

Looking up at Britney, using a soothing voice, different from her earlier orders, Shania gently instructs her.

"Just like she did to you....warm her up a bit and then give her the nasty finger."

Unsure of herself, Britney begins to stroke the sweaty thigh of her helpless foe. She feels the soft, clammy flesh of Christina's thigh tighten as she anticipates the punishment to come. It soon slackens, however, as Britney's fingers massaging the taut muscles begin to weaken her resistance.

Shania encourages her partner, "That's it, she's almost ready."

With that, Christina lets out a low moan and her juices flow.

Britney gives her full attention to the task at hand until Shania nods and holds up two fingers, indicating she should give Christina two fingers. Britney's digits are wedged into Christina's tight opening with surprising difficulty, even though she is apparently primed and ready.

Britney gives her the three knuckle thrust and Christina responds, arching her back and squealing through clenched teeth. As begins to pump, Britney and Christina find a mutual rhythm, Britney leading their dance and Christina following along, albeit reluctantly and completely involuntarily.

Shania reassures Britney as she plunges her fingers in and out of Christina, "Slowly.... make her wait. Make her beg for it."

Britney obediently slows her increasing pace for a while and when she feels Christina tensing, slows to allow her to back off a bit and delay her orgasm. But Christina is soon redlining again as Britney keeps pumping, banging her knuckles against the wet warmth of Christina's clit hood with each lunging thrust. Soon, it's obvious Christina won't wait any longer.

As Christina crests the summit she screams in an amalgam of agony and gratification as Shania clamps her thighs together with all her remaining strength. Shania's burning thighs quiver as she pours every last ounce of clinching might into her thighs and buns.

Christina's initial cry is unaffected, but unable to refill her lungs, her subsequent cries are squelched. Now only Shania's screams are heard as she slaps her own thighs, exhorting her fiery muscles to spend the last of their energy. As she releases Christina, who has passed out in a heap of naked flesh and running juices, Shania collapses to her side, pushing Christina's limp body from between her thighs.

Shania's legs wobble and tighten as she tries to stand. She's short of breath, but looks at Britney's brilliant smile and knows it was all worth it. Just one more lesson to teach the youngster and her wrestling assignment will be over for the day. Just one more hold. One more humiliation to pile onto their victory....and this one was going to be fun.

Pointing at Mariah's still fetal form, Shania asks Britney, "Can you drag her over here? Put them head to head. We have one more lesson to teach tonight before going home."

Britney grabs the singers arms and drags her to Christina, dropping her so her groaning body is a few inches from her partner's, head to head.

"We're going to do a little facesitting. It's time we had a little fun...."

Shania rises to her feet, asking, "Who do you want?"

Unhesitatingly, Britney points at Christina, who's beginning to stir from her suffocated sleep. Shania climbs aboard Mariah, slapping her tits and face to be sure she's awake to know what's happening. With ample butt on Mariah's stomach, Shania bounces up and down a few times, punishing the singer and jiggling her large breasts. Britney rolls Christina on her back and belly punches her a few times, ensuring she'll be wide awake for the ride of her life. She too mounts up and bounces her narrow ass on Christina's firm abs.

Shania slides forward, "Aaahhhh..."

She looks down at Mariah as her buns slip and slide on Mariah's sweaty breasts, crushing her proud nipples and flattening te firm titflesh beneath her ass.

"How's that feel, bitch?"

Mariah shakes her head from side to side, looking to escape, but knowing she's powerless under the relentless weight of Shania's butt. Shania takes it slow, grinding her derriere on Mariah's chest and enjoying the feel of her unyielding nipples rub the back of her thighs and her soft breasts melt under the power of her ass.

Not as patient as Shania, Britney quickly positions herself, just like she's seen Shania do several times before. She uses her ankles to trap Christina's arms at her side, then inches her crotch up to Christina's face, pressing her muff against the slender blondes chin. Looking to Shania, Britney notices that she too is gazing down and studying her opponent's face, staring into her fear-filled eyes.

"You knew this is how it was going to end, didn't you?" she asks. Mariah just grunts. Looking over to Britney, Shania asks, "Ready?"

Realizing what she is about to do and suddenly unsure of herself, Britney responds, "Uuhhh, I think so..."

"Come, on, you've seen me do it. Just close your knees and slide forward like this..."

Shania slowly closes her knees, blotting out Mariah's face as she slides forward at a glacial pace, savoring each tic of Mariah's facial features as they rub on her thighs, her womanhood, and finally her butt.

"You'll know when you in the right....ohhhhhaaahhh," she stammers, closing her eyes in abject pleasure..... "...position."

Britney closes her thighs, silencing Christina pleading cries for help and slowly makes her way forward, feeling all of Christina's features rub her in all the right places until she washed over with a pleasure-filled shiver. Her nipples stiffen with excitement as though a cold breeze were blowing through the stifling gymnasium. She arches her back gently, thrusting her breasts forward, as the wave washes over her and passes. Seeing the reaction from her partner, Shania realizes that all the pain taken and inflicted was worth the while.

Shania continues her lesson, "Gently now, start making little circles, back and this."

Shania's eyes flutter as she grinds on Mariah's face, slowly and gently at first, but with increasing vigor. Shania reaches out and holds Britney's hand as, together, they find a rhythm, grating themselves against their opponents faces. Britney's eyes are wide open as she watches her partner, blushing and biting her lower lip in pleasure. Eager to keep up, she concentrates, again grinding herself into Christina's face with renewed ardor. Britney feels the pressure on her hand as Shania clenches her fist, but the sensation is quickly overwhelmed by the growing elation she feels elsewhere. The glow grows and grows, washing over coming her until she begins screams and summits, then erupts! Britney feels a hot, wet gush from between her thighs, just as before, only this time she is exhilarated with the results.

Engulfed in the afterglow, Britney's face humping pace slows and she turns her attention to her partner, who is still roughly pounding away on Mariah's face. Oblivious to Britney's vocal celebration, Shania continues to grind, biting her lower lip, her eyes clenched shut in ecstasy, her large, pale breasts swinging and slapping her chest and one another as her fervor increases.

Tiny nips of pain shoot up Britney's arm as Shania clenches her hand, throws her head back and lets out a primal scream as her final thrusts finish her orgasmic explosion. As her fluids wash over Mariah's face, Shania gives two last exaggerated thrusts, finishing the job.

When Shania opens her eyes, the first thing she sees is Britney's face, smiling broadly. At first she's embarrassed by her vocal performance but then she realizes what she has passed on to the teenager, a skill that will come into use many times in her future. Britney rises and helps Shania to her feet, on wobbly legs. Shania smiles and embraces her partner, as they step off their vanquished foes.

Britney says, "Ahhhhhh....that was great. Thanks, partner."

The two ladies don't look back as they leave their foes flat on their backs, unconscious and covered in womanly fluids. Upon reaching the corner, they both grab damp towels and wipe the sweat and grime from their bodies, before climbing out of the ring. Britney pauses, and picks up her pink T-shirt and the two head off to the showers, leaving devastation in their wake.