Beach Battle: Christina Aguilera vs. L’il Kim by stargazer

First on the beach was the young Christina Aguilera, her long blonde hair flowing past her shoulders with red streaks that made her look even hotter than usually. She had a determined expression on her face but a cute smile too as she strutted in her tight pink bikini. She did a few dance moves and shook her breasts which bounced in the little bikini top before she put her hands on her hips to wait for her opponent.

L’il Kim arrived wearing a tight leopard print bikini and a tough look on her face that showed she didn’t think much of her slim blonde opponent. She danced around a little too, then turned her back to Christina and shook her ass which jiggled and caused the blonde to pout as she watched.

After exchanging insults both girls finally looked ready to rumble and so the match started.

The girls started circling and both looked cautious, but L’il Kim proved the more aggressive of the two as she went for the first attack. She charged straight at Christina, grabbed her blonde hair getting a grip with both hands and yanking. There was a yell from Christina who was temporarily stunned by the pain which meant L’il Kim got the better start of the fight.

Soon she was yanking and pulling Christina’s hair and causing the blonde’s head to go from side to side as she whined and held L’il Kim’s wrists, no longer thinking about retaliation. This went on for some time with L’il Kim smiling wickedly as she inflicted pain on her opponent but in the end Christina managed to force one of L’il Kim’s hands out of her hair which was a release.

L’il Kim kept pulling with the other hand though and several times Christina was close to losing her balance but she held on to L’il Kim’s wrists and kept struggling. Christina planted her feet sturdily in the sand and began fighting back, pulling and twisting L’il Kim’s wrists, slowly but surely getting L’il Kim off balance. L’il Kim realized what was about to happen and let go of Christina’s hair but it was already too late. She tumbled to the sand with Christina landing on top of her.

“Oooumph!” exclaimed L’il Kim as she Christina landed on her with her full weight.

Christina felt a little confused too but she grabbed at L’il Kim and got hold of her long dark hair. Soon, L’il Kim was groaning as Christina was pulling her hair as she tried to straddle her. It proved difficult as the dark girl kept squirming and bucking. In the end, Christina fell on her side next to L’il Kim but kept pulling the rapper’s hair.

The dark girl returned the favor and soon both pop stars were rolling around in the sand, pulling and tugging at each other’s hair battling for control. In the end Christina ended on top as she managed to use her being a little taller to some effect. She spread her legs over L’il Kim’s and managed to keep the dark girl pinned for a while, though it was difficult because even though L’il Kim was small, she was strong for her size and she didn’t like having a blonde on top of her.

L’il Kim reached around Christina’s body and grabbed her ass, getting a good handful of the soft, pale flesh with each hand as she squeezed. Christina sensed the pain right away, groaned and instantly let go of L’il Kim’s hair. She reached behind her trying and pry L’il Kim’s hands away which she managed to do partly. Now it was no big deal for the rapper to roll the teen popper over and soon they were struggling and rolling around in the sand again. Both girls were groaning and sweating after some time and neither could gain the upper hand. In the end they parted and both got to their knees and glared at each other while panting a little.

L’il Kim was acting tough and laughed at her opponent, “What’s that Christina? getting tired already? We hardly started yet!”

The blonde Aguilera glared back at her dark opponent and pouted, “I see you’re panting too L’il Kim. Maybe you shouldn’t waste your energy on talking!”

L’il Kim blushed a little, she didn’t like being talked back to by any blonde like that at all. She hurled herself at Christina and they started wrestling on their knees. Soon they were bearhugging and their bikini-clad breasts mashed together as they struggled, causing them both to let out moans and groans as they were sweating and gasping. Again L’il Kim reached around her opponent’s back and slid her hands down to Christina’s round ass and grabbed her cheeks, digging in her fingernails. This caused Aguilera to squeal and shudder a little, but she retaliated by pulling an even smarter move.

She too reached around L’il Kim but instead of grabbing the rappers shapely butt, she grabbed the dark girl’s leopard print bikini bottom by its sides and pulled up hard. This caused L’il Kim to moan out loud as she bumped into Christina hard. The wedgie caused the fabric of L’il Kim’s bikini bottom to ride up against her slit and partly into it which had caught the rapper by surprise, giving Christina the upper hand for now.

L’il Kim moaned as she felt the fabric of her thong ride up her slit and she dug her fingers into Christina’s ass cheeks even deeper. The blonde yelped at the attack but she kept wedging L’il Kim who was beginning to shudder a little and let out aroused gasps. She could feel her pussy heating up which made her blush and she hated that. She let her hands slide up from Christina’s ass to grab her blonde hair. She started tugging on it to pull the young pop singer away from her. In the end she succeeded, but Christina held on to the thong and the fabric strained until, in the end, it gave and the thong slid up L’il Kim’s crack and off. Her thick dark thatch of dense pussy hair could now be seen by all.

Christina stumbled to her feet and giggled as her opponent’s dark pussy was being put on show. L’il Kim groaned and tried not to blush because her pussy was wet. She got to her feet too and went straight for Christina grabbing her by her pink bikini top. Christina was taken by surprise and she tried to step back but it was too late. L’il Kim had a firm grip on her top while her other hand slapped the blonde singer across her pretty face.

Christina yelped as she felt the slap’s sting, but it got worse when she heard a ripping sound and she realized her pink bikini top was being torn open, then off. The flimsy material fell from her breasts which bounced a little as she moved, her nipples were pink and hard. Now it was L’il Kim’s turn to laugh. But she didn’t laugh long because, in a fit of rage, Christina, blushing, went for the rapper’s top. Soon, she was tugging on it with both hands. L’il Kim groaned and reached for Christina’s hands and tried to keep this young blonde from stripping her naked. The two hot girls struggled like this for a while and both were close to losing balance several times.

After a long and exhausting struggle Christina finally managed to get L’il Kim’s bikini top off, revealing her huge dark brown breasts and hard dark nipples. But the irate rapper gave Christina a shove and the blonde pop singer stumbled back in the sand, careful not to fall down on her ass. L’il Kim was now completely naked but she seemed to not care anymore. She just wanted to get at her blonde opponent. She was fuming!

Christina was on the retreat as the dark rapper attacked with slaps to her breasts as the blonde tried to cover up as much as she could, but her breasts were bouncing from the hard slaps that did land and they weren’t just a few! L’il Kim reached for Christina’s hair, grabbed it and started yanking, causing the blonde pop singer to yell and groan as she was forced to bend forward, her arms flailing wildly. It was clear L’il Kim had the upper hand!

Christina was being pulled about by the hair, whining, yelping and trying desperately to grab L’il Kim who continued the hair mauling to great effect. Christina could feel tears down her cheeks as her hands grabbed meekly at L’il Kim’s wrists. But L’il Kim refused to let go. She sensed she had the fight now and she could see she was inflicting pain pulling and yanking Christina’s hair, weakening her by the minute.

The blonde singer was whimpering as she failed again and again to break L’il Kim’s vise-like grip on her blonde locks, but it didn’t help; she was feeling very frustrated and in pain too. After much tugging, L’il Kim threw Christina down in the sand on her knees whimpering.

L’il Kim took her time, smiling wickedly as she slowly approached Christina and once again grabbed her blonde hair. The rapper looked down at her, holding her blonde hair in both hands as she forced her head back, then she pulled. Hard! Very hard!

Christina let out a desperate scream! She just wanted the match to end. She was about to shout out her submission when L’il Kim started smacking her with punch after punch. Blood was flying from Christina’s nose and lip as the little black girl kept punching away. Finally, Christina collapsed out cold. L’il Kim dropped Christina on her face and danced around her limp body. Then, after spitting on her, L’il grabbed Christina’s ankles, lifted her legs up and gave the blonde a hard kick in the pussy!

Christina’s body lay sprawled face down in the sand as L’il Kim strutted away laughing that, “White girls can’t fight!”