Christina Aguilera vs. Avril Lavigne by newbie

"Keep on dreaming you trashy slut!" Avril growls, as she approaches the cocky ex-Mouseketeer. Avril, dressed in tight leather pants and black form fitting t shirt, looks Xtina up and down with disdain. "You really think you’re a match for me? I'm going to enjoy putting you in your place, you talentless bimbo!" She shoves Aguilera back hard, then unleashes a backhand towards her American rival's face.

"Whatever, you pathetic Canadian whore!" Xtina, wearing tight white crop top and tight blue shorts to show off her long legs, tight abs, and perfect rack, blocks Avril's backhand and returns the favor with a shove to her shoulders, knocking her Avril backwards. "You have no chance against me, you pathetic Canuck! I'll send you back north of the border never wanting to come back to the US." Xtina sends a slap toward Avril’s right cheek, then grabs Avril's dirty blonde tresses with a vicious two-handed hairpull, "How’s that feel bitch!"

Xtina cries in agony as Avril digs her nails into her wrists. She pulls harder on Avril's dirty blonde tresses, but her wrists are in burning pain as Avril digs and scratches her talons into her skin.

"LEGGO OF MY HAIR, WHORE!!!" Avril yells as she scratches Xtina's wrists.

Xtina growls, "LET GO OF MY WRISTS, SLUT!!!"

The pain becomes unbearable for Xtina. As red marks appear on her wrists, she lets go of Avril's tresses and reaches behind her back. Avril's triumph to force Xtina to release her hair is short-lived because Aguilera begins scratching and tearing at her shirt, attempting to strip it off. "OK you wimpy Canuck, let's see how you fight when your pathetic body gets exposed."

Xtina starts pulling and ripping Avril's black top off while scratching her back, eventually ripping it to shreds, partially exposing Avril black bra underneath. Not to be outdone, Avril reciprocates, grabbing the back of Xtina's white crop top with both hands.

"Not so fast slut! Let's see how YOU like getting stripped!" Avril snarls as she rips and pulls Xtina's crop top, exposing a red bra. Both girls throw the remnants of their opponents top in the corners. Each stare daggers at each other while surveying her opponents' body, not backing down as they circle each other around the room....

Avril stares at Xtina with a look of pure hatred as the two songbirds slowly circle each other. "You tramp! I'll make you pay for ruining my shirt, I'm gonna humiliate you so bad you'll never show your ugly face in public again!!"

Avril lowers her head and charges, catching her enemy around the waist and sending both women back against the wall. Avril squeezes tight, hoping to crush the air from Xtina's lungs, but Aguilera manages to shut out the pain long enough to land a few solid blows to Avril's back, forcing the young Canadian to release her hold and limp backwards to regroup.

Her back hurting, Avril moves back in with fury, grabbing at her rival's skirt, "Lemme get you in a position your more suited to bitch!! naked and flat on your back!!"

Xtina is initially shocked as Avril starts pulling and tearing down her tight blue skirt. But instead of fighting it, Xtina eventually decides to fight fire with fire. "You want to make this a strip fight slut? I'll take off these cheap leather pants so we can see why the pasty Canadian are hiding your pathetic legs!"

As Avril pulls down her blue skirt to her knees, Xtina punches her in the stomach, causing Avril to fall over in pain pulling Xtina's skirt with her to the floor bent over. Xtina, now only in red bra and matching thong, quickly pounces on Avril and unzips her black leather pants from behind. She pulls them down to show the Canuck's pasty white legs and black lace panties. "Wow you're blinding me with your pale white skin, you pathetic Maple lump. Don't you get any sun up north?"

Avril, enraged at being stripped to just her lingerie, sends a kick to Xtina's stomach, knocking her backwards into the wall with her black leather pants in hand. "Take that you pathetic whore! You'll be on your back like that the whole night!"

Avril recovers first, while Xtina eventually rises as well. Both songbirds are breathing heavily, bent over at the knees, but staring daggers at each other in pure hatred. Avril taunts, "Looks like your just like you wanted slut, naked and beaten down like the whore you are!!!"

"Whatever…bitch!" Xtina retorts. "It's obviously you're jealous of REAL diva's body since you wanted to strip me so bad. After stripping you, now I know why you would want to HIDE your pathetic body. You must scare people away with that crappy figure!" She flaunts her larger breasts at Avril, cupping her hands under her red bra cups. "THIS is what a REAL songbird looks like!"

Avril, now in only a black lace bra and panties, recognizes a challenge and she walks undaunted to Xtina, proudly sticking her chest forward in response, unwilling to be shown up by her trashy rival. Avril thrusts her chest out proudly, bumping Xtina, trying to knock her backward.

"You whore, I'll make you admit MY body is superior - just like my singing!" Avril hisses.

She backhands Xtina hard across the face and seeing her stumble back, Avril presses her advantage - going for her hair to control Xtina's head. But before Avril can get a firm grip, Aguilera responds with an attack on Avril's milk white breasts! The young Canadian lets out a scream of pain, releases Xtina’s hair and covers up as she backs up against the wall where she leans rubbing her breast and glaring at Xtina.

"OH YOU STUPID SLUT, YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!!" Avril growls as she kicks at Xtina's knee. Xtina releases Avril's white breasts to grab her right knee in agony after being kicked.

Avril, still rubbing the pain in her tortured chest, retorts, "That’s what you get for messing with my tits! You’re just jealous ‘cause mine are BETTER, you lyric whore!"

Xtina chuckles at her language, stands up and mocks Avril, "Are you kidding? That perky rack hasn’t a chance against my fine firmness! You're lucky you’re wearing a bra for protection or I’d have torn those weak boobs APART, you pathetic Canuck Cunt!"

Xtina suddenly unclasps her red bra and tosses it aside, then challenges Avril, “I'll face you topless and prove what a REAL songbird's rack looks like up close and how it handles the pressure. You up for that, you rock whore!"

Unfazed by the display, Avril immediate unhooks her black bra in defiant response and throws it on top of Tina’s, "Whatever, you wannabe Latina slut. I'll show you what tough tits are all ABOUT!"

Both women are now topless; Avril wearing black panties and Xtina a red thong. Xtina's chest is somewhat bigger than Avril's, but that doesn’t stop Avril from cradling her previously tortured breasts in her palms and shaking them at Xtina in challenge.

"How pathetic! Your weak breasts are no match for THESE!" Xtina says as she starts to cup her own terrific, tanned, boobs.

Avril quickly advances, hands up in front of her and grabs Xtina's tanned breasts, digging her sharp talons into the tender flesh. "THIS is revenge for earlier…slut! How’s your weak rack feel NOW?"

Xtina shrieks at pain and at first try to pull Avril's wrists away. Unsuccessful, Xtina is forced to reciprocate the pain with an offensive attack on Avril's milky white boobs once more. Both women scream in pain; both unwilling to let go of the other in their battle to see who can take more pain; digging well manicured nails into the other's chest. Avril using her black painted nails and Xtina slashing with her red painted nails.

Screams fill the room as each of the songbird's holds on each other racks is unrelenting. Neither willing to give. Avril shakes her head wildly, moaning as she tries to ignore the pain shooting through her tortured tits. Twisting Xtina's nipples hard, Avril tries to force her to release her grip, but Aguilera hangs on; stubbornly showing more determination then the Canadian diva expected.

A wave of fear passes through Avril as her eyes start to water from the agony. Unwilling to break her grip first, she slams Xtina back up against the wall. "Give it up bitch!! You'll never beat...UNNGH!" she starts to taunt, but her words are cut off when Aguilera’s knee slams up hard between her spread legs. Eyes widening, Avril lets out a muted sob of pain as she drops to her knees gasping. Her crotch aching, her eyes starting to tear, Avril moans out loud as her grip on Xtina’s breasts starts to slip.

"OOWWWWW............NOOOO YOU bitch!!" the Canadian cries, releasing Xtina's breasts to massage her wounded sex.

Xtina senses a bit of relief after sending a knee toward her Canadian rival's crotch. The nipple torture that Avril was doing on her tits was starting to get the best of Xtina, so Aguilera knew she had break the stalemate. Still rubbing her now tortured rack and nipples, Xtina walks toward Avril, who's now bent over holding her wounded pussy.

"How does your pathetic sex feel Canuck? Does your poor little pussy hurt?" Xtina taunts as she approaches to grab Avril hair. "Time to have some fun Maple Le....AWWWWWW!!!!" Xtina’s words are interrupted as Avril sends a closed fist hard to Xtina's crotch!

“How that's feel you pathetic American whore?" Avril retorts, still recovering and rubbing her own crotch.

Xtina's backs away writhing in pain and rubbing her pussy area. Avril approaches and mocks, "I'll show you some fun Aguilera!" The Canadian songbird Lavigne grabs the back of Xtina's red thong and pulls up viciously.

"OHHHH CRAP!" Xtina screams in pain as Avril gives her crotch a vicious thong wedgie.

"What’s wrong Xtina? You pathetic pussy can't handle the pressure?" Avril mocks, enjoying Xtina's agony. "That's what you get for wearing a thong, you dumb bitch!"

Xtina, in agonizing pain, realizes she must retaliate. She reaches behind Avril ass for her black lace panties and starts her own vicious wedgie on her Canadian rival.

"AWWWWWW!!!" Lavigne yells as her wounded sex feels some sharp pain again. This causes Avril to pull even harder on Xtina's red thong. Xtina's moans louder but matches Avril vicious hard pull on her red thong with a vicious pull up on Avril's black lace panties.

It becomes a battle of wills over whose crotch can take more punishment, the American Pop Diva or her Canadian songbird rival. Eventually, both Xtina's red thong and Avril's back lace panties start ripping apart from all the pressure. They tear away from the their asses in each divas hands. Both Avril and Xtina throw the remnants of in disgust and relief from the pain stopping. Both divas back away from each other to recover from the wedgie battle. Both songbirds are now bare naked. Xtina tanned skinned body contrast with Avril white skinned body.

Xtina rubs the pain away in her wounded crotch, yet taunts, "What wrong Maple Leaf, lose your panties and couldn't handle the pain?"

Avril retorts, "You should talk, Latina slut! You lost your red thong and your pathetic crotch couldn't handle the agony!" Then Lavigne challenges the American diva, "Why don't we go body to body bitch? Or are you AFRAID that I'll prove to have the better body?"

Avril strikes a challenging sexy pose toward Xtina who responds, "No problem maple leaf whore? I'll prove the OBVIOUS that my body DOMINATES in a woman-to-woman, body to body showdown."

Xtina strikes a sexy competitive pose in response and Avril yells, "BRING IT ON SLUT!!!"

Avril rushes Xtina arms extended, "HERE I COME WHORE!!!"

Xtina charges toward Avril as well and as they meet in the center of the room, they wrap their arms around each other back in a double bearhug and songbirds legs intertwine. Both the American and Canadian diva squeeze for all it's worth, as their bare boob, abs, legs and crotches rub violently together in a mutual excruciating embrace. Both Aguliera and Lavigne scream in agony and anger as they each try to overwhelm their rival's body assets with their own proud womanly assets. Xtina's tanned skin provides and distinct contrast with Avril's white skin in their tight mutual bearhug and leg embrace.

Both divas scream in agony and anger, each trying to ignore the pain while trying to overwhelm the other. Eventually Xtina looks down and sees her brown nipples and tanned flesh doing battle with Avril's pink nipple and white flesh. Xtina begins putting more focus on this battle, thinker her larger tanned boobs can envelop Avril's more perky white boobs.

As her rack slowly starts to overwhelm Avril's rack, Xtina's taunts as she senses Avril start to weaken. "What's wrong pathetic Canuck? Can't handle a BIGGER set of boobs? That why I'm a better SINGER with a BIGGER voice. My larger rack means better set of pipes and lungs, maple leaf bitch!!

Xtina's taunts ring loudly in Avril's ears, the pain in her already tortured breasts is immense as she struggles for position against her hated rival. The Canadian diva moans in agony as she feels Aguilera's larger breasts pinning hers down, flattening them against her chest.

"NOOOO!! YOU'LL NEVER BEAT ME YOU BITCH!" Avril cries, but her voice sounds less convincing then when this battle began. Knowing she can't take much more, Avril tries to pull loose from Xtina's embrace. But Aguilera holds on tight, and as Avril pulls back, she loses her balance, falling hard to the floor with Xtina on top of her.

"UNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!" A tortured groan escapes Avril's lips as she lands roughly, her head bouncing off the floor, the air rushing out of her from the force of her enemy's landing on her battered breasts and belly. Her vision blurred, head spinning, Avril moans weakly, her hands slide off Xtina's back as she tries to regain her senses.

Xtina now lies on top of Avril. Realizing the Canadian songbird lies beneath her in a semi prone position, the American diva decides to display another tactic to display her female dominance. Xtina taunts, "Are you HURTING there you PATHETIC Maple Leaf? Now it's time to get an UP CLOSE and PERSONAL look at what caused your eventual DEMISE!"

Xtina releases her bearhug and grabs Avril's dirty blonde tresses, pulling the Canuck's face between her larger, somewhat bruised, breasts. "Time to GO TO SLEEP my puny Canuck between a REAL rack!!" Xtina rubs Avril's face and noise between her sweaty tanned orbs.

"MMMFFFH! MMMFFFH!" Lavigne's muffled screams only eggs Aguliera to continue this tactic toward eventual submission through breast smother.

"WHAT'S WRONG, can't breath?" Xtina taunts. Realizing she’s having trouble and in desperate straits, Avril must do something to turn the momentum around so she opens her mouth and bites Xtina's left breast. "OOOWWWWWWWW!!" Xtina yelps and quickly releases Avril who backs off holding her wounded orb in both hands.

Once Avril catches her breath, she retorts, "Looks like someone's got a hurt boob. THAT'S for putting your DISGUSTING COW UDDERS in my face, you fake Latina slut!" Angry at the humiliating tactic, Avril walks up to Xtina and viciously kicks her in the gut. Grabbing Xtina's light blonde tresses, Avril taunts, "You're not the ONLY one who can BREAST SMOTHER!" She grabs the Latina songbirds head and quickly rubs her face between her perky, black and blue breasts.

"MMMFFFH! MMMFFFH!" Now it's Xtina's muffled cries that fill the room.

Avril mocks, "SUCKS not to be able to breath, don't it?" But Avril's breast smother isn’t as effective as Xtina's, so the American diva has the strength to return the favor from earlier, and bite down on Avril's right boob. She screams, "AWWWWWWWW!!!" She releases the blonde hair and backs away holding her wounded white left boob.

Xtina retorts, regaining her breath from Avril attempted breast smother, "What’s wrong you Canuck whore? Weak little boob hurt?" Her tanned orb still sore from Avril's earlier bite.

Avril responds, releasing her wounded white orb, "Not as BAD as your face is gonna feel after this SLAP!" She quickly whistles a SLAP to Aguilera's left cheek.

"YOU BITCH!" Xtina retorts, holding her cheek for a second, but immediately responding with a hand slap of her own to the Canadian's right cheek.

What begins is a slap fight between the pop divas with wrath and vengeance, each trying to redden her rivals face as much as possible, making them quit first, while ignoring the immense pain building in their cheeks....

Avril stands on wobbly legs, her breasts and head throbbing as she tries to match Xtina SLAP for SLAP. The two singers screams of pain fill the room like a sadistic duet, their faces starting to swell from the constant abuse.

But the pain in Avril's head from her earlier fall puts her at a disadvantage, and soon her eyes are blurry and glazed, each shot from Xtina jars her aching head worse and worse. Her legs rubbery, Avril tries to cover her face, but her defensive posture leaves her battered breasts exposed again, and her rival quickly capitalizes by raking her nails hard across the already wounded tit flesh.

With a howl of pain, Avril slumps back against the wall, clutching her poor, aching breasts. Her head bowed, barely able to stand, Avril knows she's almost out of fight, desperate, she tries to dark past Xtina, needing to put some distance between her and her enemy to try and recover.

Xtina overcomes her pain and fatigue as well, as she notices that Avril is slowly scampering away after their slap fight showdown. Recognizing that the Maple Leaf songbird is tiring and battered more than her so far in their catfight, Xtina walks slowly toward Avril.

With the Canadian diva on the rubbing her cheek and trying to recover her sore breasts on the ground, Xtina begins taunting, "What's wrong Canuck whore? Does your face and perky boobs hurt a little? Let me help with those pathetic tits of yours!" She grabs Avril by her pink nipples and hauls her to her feet. "This is for grabbing my nipples earlier! How does it feel Maple Leaf?"

"OWWWWWW!!!" Avril yelps as she feels a sharp pain in her nipples for the first time. Avril, in almost desperate pain, realizes the hurt she caused Aguilera when she grabbed her brown nipples earlier, decides she must fight back and go on the offensive to have any chance of a comeback. Avril reaches forward with her hands and grabs Xtina's brown nipples.

"AHHHHHHHH!!" Xtina yelps in sudden pain as her bruised nipples are pinched viciously again.

Running on pure adrenaline, the Canadian songbird yells angrily, "I’M GONNA RIP YOUR PATHETIC BROWN NUBS OFF, YOU FAKE LATINA SLUT!!" She twists and pulls Xtina's brown nipples with a wrath unexpected by the American diva.


As the nipple twisting and pulling duel continues, Xtina slowly realizes that her nipples are in worse shape in this duel since Avril attack them earlier in the catfight. Avril senses that she has an advantage in the match now, even though her nipples on agonizing pain as well. Xtina begins backing off and Avril senses the advantage shifting to her.

The Canadian songbird mocks the American through her own pain, "What's wrong SLUT? Brown nubs can't handle the PRESSURE?" Xtina finally releases Avril's pink nipples and reaches up toward the Canuck's dirty blonde with an intense hair pull. Avril responds by giving Xtina's nipples one last pinch before release to matching the vicious hair pull on the American's light blonde tresses. "WANNA PULL HAIR BITCH? BRING IT!!"


The intense hairpulling duel is on, as both rivals start pulling random strands of hair out by the roots. Both pull each other to kneeling positions, with watery eyes closed and faces toward the ceiling as each pull downward. This causes their chests to press forward, forcing their already tortured boobs and nipples to press together. Screams of pain and insults fill the room, as the anger and hatred grows between these rival singers....

The two diva's continue their desperate struggle for dominance, their scalps burning, breasts aching. Neither one willing to give an inch, but after a few minutes the pain becomes too much, and Avril starts to fade. Feeling her grip loosen, Xtina wastes no time, slamming hard into the Canadian's battered breasts, and driving her onto her back. Avril's head bounces off the hard floor again, and her eyes glaze over, a weak cry of agony escapes her lips.

Sensing the end is near, Xtina moves to straddle her opponent's belly, squeezing Avril's ribs with her thighs as she renews her attack on the fallen diva's breasts. Howling in pain, the groggy Canadian tugs desperately at Xtina's wrists, but this time there is no escape. Aguilera holds on tight, sinking her nails deep into Avril's smaller breasts.

Before long, Avril's cries of pain become sobs, her breasts feeling like they're being ripped off, covering her face with her hands, Avril desperately sobs, "OOOWW GOD!! S...STOOPPPPP!! PLEASE!! PLEASE, TINA!! I SUBMIT!!"

Xtina is relieved at the submittal from the Canadian songbird. White her tanned body is racked with pain from the bruises and scratches from the arduous battle, Xtina's feels a sense of joy at gaining Avril's surrender as she straddle the songbird around her waist. But she has one more humiliating move to proclaim her symbolic victory over her Canadian rival.

"Now to SEAL my victory over this all talk pathetic Canuck, time to put you to a LONG sleep with a REAL Ass Smother!" Xtina moves up and places her nude tanned sweaty ass on Avril’s exhausted, white, face. "You'll REMEMBER this in your dreams my little Maple Leaf Bitch. Sleep tight!!"

"Mummmpfh!! Mummmmph!!" come the muffled screams from Avril as the Canadian songbird eventually falls into an unconscious slumber.

Once the Canuck diva is out, Xtina lifts her pained, bruised, body off her rival diva, collects the tattered remnants of her clothing and leaves the hotel room; victorious in another bold challenge to a rival pop diva. As she rides down in the elevator, Xtina calls her agent on her cell phone and asks, “That’s done. Now, when’s Jessica Simpson gonna be in town?”

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