NEWS ITEM: What everyone is talking about is the kiss, the reaction, and the other kiss. Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien and Shaun Robinson were in New York where they witnessed it all. At the Playstation after-party, Shaun talked to Christina Aguilera.
"Tell me about the kiss," asked Shaun.
"She has very soft lips, she's a very lovely kisser, and I've kissed her numerous times at this point because at every rehearsal she wants to do it right on every time," revealed Christina. "I had no problem kissing her."
Backstage Madonna and Britney posed cheek-to-cheek for photos, but on the way to after-parties, Ms. Spears was in too big of a rush to say much. "It was awesome, amazing," Britney told Access Hollywood.
However, Christina was more than happy to speak for her old pal, "Britney was a little shy at first. Madonna kept having to go, 'Britney kiss me, kiss me,' and of course Britney gets on there trying to do the open mouth thing, and Madonna knew she wanted closed mouth tonight," said Christina.
"Did you tell her, 'C'mon Britney, loosen up; this is nothing at all'?" asked Shaun.
"Well overall I think she needs to do that, but it's OK," admitted Christina.
Kissin' 'n' Clashin' Cuties: Madonna, Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera by TNT

"That was good blondie, but you did her better," the angry words flying from the beautiful young singer pierced and irritated Madonna's heart as she returned her attention to freshening up for the wild party to follow after her steamy kiss scene at the VH-1 VMA show.

"What's it to you? You had fun and everybody went wild. Hell, you were the icebreaker, bitch," Madonna continued her peevish one-sided dialogue with the lovely, but quite rude Britney, who had abruptly charged into her dressing room. "Don't believe in knocking? Afraid this'll tarnish your hot little reputation for innocence, Miss Cutie Pie?" Madonna continued, adding a bit of demeaning sarcasm to her verbal barrage.

"Kiss me again, only better this time," Britney snarled as she moved quickly into Madonna's space and reached for her hair, "Stand up big girl, I want more!"

"OUCH! Careful little girl, you've no idea what you're getting yourself into," Madonna warned.

Madonna slapped Britney's hand away; the rough hairpull leaving her scalp throbbing. She stared at the beautiful young woman standing so close. Britney was a doll; gorgeous, perfectly tanned with a lovely face, luscious silky hair, firm full breasts - nipples at the point, Madonna couldn't help noticing with a shiver of excitement. She stared intently into Britney's angry lust-filled fiery eyes. She'd been face to face with angry, lusty women before and the result had almost always been a helluva good catfight. Britney was well on her way to becoming Madonna's next opponent - and whether that was her intent or not was fast becoming irrelevant as Britney inched slowly, deliberately, closer; snarling, hissing, cussing and calling Madonna names.

"Wanna good smooch or a good beating...or both, huh Britney?" Madonna snapped as she took the final step to ultimate bitch to bitch closeness; two drop-dead beautiful singers now as one, face to lovely face, breast to full, firm breast. Madonna smiled as she felt Britney's nipples push into her breasts....neither rival wore a bra this night! Their passionate, open-mouth kiss, had proved to be enjoyable for both, a mutually delightful surprise. Madonna had always thought of facing Britney in an all-out catfight for the sheer pleasure of it; plus of course, to take a rival bitch down a couple of notches to keep her in her place!

"OUCH! Uhhhhh!" Madonna's involuntary yelp and groan as Britney suddenly slid her hand up and painfully squeezed her left breast just as she simultaneously yanked her hair was the starting signal of World War III - Pop Singer style!

"Oh you little bitch! I'm gonna kill you now," Madonna snarled as her fingers reached for Britney's lovely throat and a knee slammed up into the now gasping lovelies pubic mound. THUD!!

"Hey, wha...What's goin' on here? Wait just a sec you two, lemme in on some of the action!" Christina Aguilera stepped through the door just in time to catch the start of the fight. "Madonna, why are you fighting her? Well, at least you're not kissing her," Christina grumbled. "Come on, I wanna kiss you again girl. You were goooood. Hurry up and finish Miss Britney Thang off so WE can have some fun."

Christina moved in close to watch the erotic fight which was moving at warp speed. "Madonna, LOOK OUT!" she shouted as she saw Britney grab the front of Madonna's beautiful black dress.

RIPPPPP. Britney, already in a world of hurt and gasping for air with Madonna's strong fingers clamped around her throat and her groin on fire from her rival's kneecap, in desperation had decided to strip the gorgeous 'Material Girl'.

"So that's how you wanna play, huh?" Madonna snarled as she the cold air on her erect nipples as the front of her dress gave way. She released her choke hold and exchanged it for a painful face claw. "You're going down fast, Britney sweetie," Mo snapped as she drove her other fist hard and deep into Britney's ripped abs. Britney was definitely reeling as Madonna hooked a leg behind hers and used the face claw hold to force the lovely singers head back farther and farther until her balance was ready to give way.

"AIIEEE!! OOF!" Britney yelped as she tripped and dropped hard on her tight ass, then sprawling on the floor her beautifully muscled legs waving in the air.

"Nice move Mo, now we can really have some fun," Christina chirped as she approached the angry - but oh so beautiful - Madonna.

"Your dress," Christina pouted with mocking disgust as she reached up and ran her fingertips over the singers sexy sheer plunging black lace bra that had been exposed when Britney ripped her dress open. "Your beautiful new dress, awwww! Here, lemme help you fix that nasty tear," Christina reached for Madonna's dress as she moved in, then suddenly grabbed the blonde beauty and pulled her close, cocking her head in perfect kissing position as she puckered.

"Wrong! Stupid idea you little slut," Madonna snarled as she grabbed the up-close-and-personal pretty young singers hand and gave her wrist a vicious twist in the instant before Christina's groping fingers closed on Madonna's firm left breast.

"YEOOOWWWW!" The sound of a young hot pop singer in agony echoed in the dressing room; sweet music to the other young pop princess moaning and groaning on the floor after her own encounter with the 'one and only Madonna.' Britney looked up at the beautiful but oh so pissed Madonna and watched with barely disguised glee as she gave Christina her fair and justly deserved treatment for daring to interfere; at least, that's what Britney thought anyway.

"Gawwwwwd is she beautiful when she's angry," Britney smiled, getting warm all over at the sight of her idol Madonna working over the very surprised and now-hurting Christina.

"You stupid little blonde bimbo, you're worse than Britney, you cunt," Madonna snarled.

She wrenched Christina's arm painfully behind her back in a hammerlock, then slipped behind and put her in a chinlock, jerking her backward. Christina screamed; her luscious body writhed and squirmed; her full breasts bulging out of her tight, low-cut top. Britney was thoroughly enjoying the sights and sounds, hoping her biggest rival's boobs would pop out of her top. Maybe that would make Madonna hot for something had to get her going.

"Yeah Madonna, get her!" Britney encouraged as Madonna released Christina's arm, reached around and grabbed the blondes stomach in a brutal stomach claw; digging her fingers deep into smooth, soft, golden goodness just above the panty line.

“AAIEEEE....aaaaaaaaaaa!" Christina cried as she struggled furiously, her lovely face contorted in agony as beads of sweat popped on her forehead.

"Yeah, that's right Mo, go for 'em!" Britney smiled, cheering Madonna on as she saw the lovely woman's fingers slowly start to slide up, then hook under the front of Christina's top and begin to pull down; slowly but firmly. Christina's full beautiful left breast slowly was exposed as if in a delightful, up-close, slow-motion movie scene. "Yeah!"

"ARRGGGHH!!" The beautiful blonde captives' yell as Madonna clamped onto the fully exposed breast meat sent tingles clear through Britney.

"Get her Mo! Strip her! Squeeze that tart's tits!" Madonna looked down at Britney and smiled, furthering those delightful little tingles and the giggles.

"Should I listen to your nice little friend Britney?" Madonna asked as she jerked Christina's head back by the chin and gave her erect nipple a painful twist that brought Christina up on her toes wriggling in pain.

"Mmmmphhh...umppphhhh!" Christina's muffled cries of desperation as she squirmed and thrashed, wildly kicking were taken by Madonna as concurrence and she leaned back, lifting the young pop singer's feet off the floor as she pulled on her chin and breast. Christina's wildly flailing legs send her sandals flying across the dressing room.

"Ummmmmm bare feet," Britney thought. "How sexy!"

Madonna was thinking the same thing, secretly devising a plan that definitely included more bareness than just feet. "Quit struggling or I'll snap your pretty little neck," Madonna warned as she slowly released her angry squirming captive. Feeling instant relief, Christina's mind moved rapidly from the survival mode back to her more usual 'I'm sooooo horny' mood.

"What the hell? Madonna, why are you lettin' her go?" Britney shouted as she jumped to her feet and headed for the two beauties.

"Stay out of this! This is between me 'n' her," Madonna warned as she reached out, grabbed Christina's hair and pulled her into her, then gave the pretty blonde her second (and oh-so-much-better) open mouth kiss of the evening.

"Hey, what're you doing?" Britney screamed. "I'm the better kisser! Madonna stop that! She's a slut; stop it NOW!"

Britney rushed toward the two women and came to a screeching halt three feet away from the two women still locked in a most erotic liplock and pleasurable game of tongue-tag.

"Sorry Britney hon," Christina said when she finally broke the kiss. "She just likes me better; thinks I'm better'n you. She found that out our first longggggg kiss!" Christina smirked, taunting the angry and more than a little bit jealous Britney. She’d broken the passionate kiss when she saw the angry Britney moving in fast. She delighted at Madonna's kiss, but the chance to taunt Britney and make her mad brought even more pleasure. "Shoulda gotten more fun with Justin, virg Britney; you'd be better at it by NOW!" she continued the teasing as she leaned into Madonna who put an arm around the pretty blondes waist while Christina slid her hand up and cupped the tall singers full left bra-clad breast, feeling Madonna's nipple stiffen as it poked against the sheer materia. When she heard her new special friend moan, Christina turned just enough to see the angry look on Britney's face.

"Get away from her, I want her; at least another kiss. Get away from her NOW!" Britney shouted as she lunged forward grabbed a handful of Christina's beautiful blonde hair and jerked her towards her.

"OUCH! You stupid bitch, leggo me," Christina snarled as Madonna grabbed her arm and pulled her to her while Britney yanked trying to pull her back.

"OK, take this you lezzie slut," Britney snapped as she suddenly let go of Christina, danced in and fired a punch to her rival's beautiful and completely exposed breast.

"YEEOOOWW!" Christina howled in pain.

"OWWWCCCH!" Britney's immediate sense of 'gotcha' screeched to a halt as Madonna jumped forward, grabbed Britney by the hair and pulled her close. THUMP! A headbutt stunned Britney and Christina, her chest throbbing felt a bit better as she watched Madonna deliver a series of hard, fast, slaps to Britney's startled, lovely, face.


The almost erotic grunts and groans Britney made as Madonna's slaps sent her staggering and backpedaling was better than her own finest music.

"Yeah, get her, slap the snot out of her," Christina cheered; "What the hell? NOOOOO!" the cheering blondes joy turned into angry jealousy as Madonna suddenly grabbed the whimpering Britney, pulled her close and planted a long wet passionate one on her. Britney rolled her eyes in delightful disbelief as Madonna slipped her hungry tongue in her mouth, she looked over at her angry rival's surprised jealous face and gave a "Look who's having fun now, you stupid loser bitch," expression that put Christina into a jealous anything goes catfight rage.

"Ummmmmm," Britney moaned as Madonna cupped her breasts, squeezing them firmly as she pressed her beautiful body against her. Forcing herself to break the kiss, Britney asked the burning question, "I am better than her, aren't I?"

"AIIEEEHHHHHH!" Christina's angry combo scream and attack bellow forever hid Madonna's answer and pierced Britney's desperate for the answer ears. Whoosh. Thud! Madonna twisted her lovely torso violently, her long luscious leg blazed up and out, her foot instantly finding the charging blondes groin. "ARGGGGGGH!" Christina's agonized look as her charge came to a post painful and disappointing end brought a smile to Britney's face.

"THANKS, she had that coming!" she chirped. "OUCH! What's that for? OWW!"

Madonna grabbed Britney's hair and jerked her face to her ear as she whispered, "If you want me, you'll have to fight for me."

"What? Are you serious? You want me to fight her? That loser who's nothing but a little blonde slutty pea-brain; nothing but a whore singer who does a poor job of imitating me... ME! Well, if that's what you want, Madonna; then I guess I'll have to oblige."

Britney looked down in disgust at the bent over Christina. She couldn't see her lovely rival's face, but maybe that was a good thing.

"Wazzamatta sweet little Christina? Got kicked to the curb by your lover? Oh, that's just so paaaaanfully hurtful! By the way you stupid blonde wannabe bitch, Madonna told me to kick your ass!" Britney enjoyed every word she fired at her rival as she crouched low and moved in for the kill.

"Take this! Ughhhhhh!" Britney's punch missed as Christina twisted her lovely head the last second, then turned and fired her own punch that thudded into Britney's belly with her hard knuckles skewering Britney's naval. In a flash she was fully erect on her feet; "Wazzup Brit, got a bellyache? Awww, that's toooooo bad! Now its your turn, take this," she hissed as she snapped a punch to the groaning singers chin snapping her head; then fired off three fast punches. One to Britney's ribs and one to each of her firm breasts; her hard fist pancaking the fleshy orbs which mushroomed out around her fist as it burrowed into yielding mounds. "Wanna dance Britney dear," she rasped as she dug her fingers in her beautiful silky hair, then viciously twisted and shook her head back and forth.

"UHHH! OHHHHH! UHHH!" Britney moaned her beautiful body in a world of hurt from each painful assault.

"Nice, very nice," Madonna observed, calming watched the two beauties go at each other tooth and nail. The effect was far better than the best aphrodisiac for Madonna simply loved catfights whether she was in them, watching them or 'arranging' them.

She'd played with the two young singers emotions all evening. The now famous kiss was the sizzle and this fight was turning into the delicious mouthwatering steak. "Come on Brit, fight! Show her whatcha got! C'mon girls, pull hair, scratch, punch, slap, go for those boobs! Oh yeah, that's it go there too!"

Madonna's instructions and cheers continued as the erotically entertaining fight slowly escalated as both gorgeous singers anger and jealousy grew as did the ferocity of their struggle. She wiped perspiration from her face, it was obviously 100 degrees plus in her dressing room judging by the sweat rolling down her cleavage. CRASH! She was snapped back from her reverie by a loud crash; the temperature just jumped another ten degrees.

"I gotcha now and you're not getting away," Britney shouted as she grabbed her dazed rival's hair and threw Christina into the elegant makeup table.

Christina's loud scream was barely louder than the double sound of the stand, its contents, crashing to the floor and the beautiful mirror shattering on the cement floor.

SLAP! "Uhhh!" SLAP! "UHHH!" Britney's hard slaps put her beautiful rival in a whimpering mode. RIIIIIPPPPPPP! Britney's angry face morphed into a delightful, 'gotcha good' grin as she tore Christina's top down to her waist revealing a pair of beautiful firm breasts. "Mind if I have a squeeze?" Britney hissed as she latched onto Christina's twin peaks. "ARRGGGHH!"

"I sure as hell do!" Christina shouted as she grabbed Britney's wrists and dug her sharp nails deep into the tender flesh. Britney's cry of pain turned into a gasp as Christina's knee slammed up hard and fast into her crotch. "Now its my turn, cunt!" she hissed as she twined her hand in Britney's hair, jerked her off balance, moved to one side as she thrust out a hip and dropped low. With a loud groan and a burst of energy, Christina hip-tossed the screaming Britney to the floor! THUD. "AUHHHH!" Britney landed with a thud hard on her back, her beautiful long legs kicking up and out in a V. Christina caught her flailing feet, spread them further and then slammed her foot down so hard that even Madonna winced as Britney wailed in agony. Christina just calmly smiled as she dropped her rival's legs, flashed the victory sign to Madonna then dropped her ass on Britney's belly.

"Whatsa matter Brit, you don't look so good. Here, maybe this'll make you feel better," Christina snarled as she leaned forward to cup Britney's full, firm breasts; squeezing firmly, slowly, through her thin white top. Britney moaned with the combination of pain and pleasure filling both she and Madonna with sweet catfight lust. Britney's long stiff nipples threatened to poke right through the skimpy fabric.

"Girl, you're almost ready to fall right out," Christina giggled as she pushed her rival's pleasure mounds up, edging them toward that oh-so-close-to-freedom spot at the top of her blouse. "Always wanted to squeeze these real good," Christina cackled. "Does this bring back memories of Justin?"

"Go to hell bitch!" Britney snarled as she squirmed and kicked frantically. WHACK! Christina slapped Britney hard, then ripped down her top to expose her left breast. With a yelp of joy, Christina grabbed her lovely rival's erect nipples and pinched - hard!

"Gawwwwwwd stop it please," Britney bawled.

"Hey Mo, which one hurts worse do ya think?" Christina queried.

"Couldn't tell," Madonna said, smiling as she moved closer to get a good look at the erotic sight. "Lets go with the naked little left puppies' nose," she giggled.

She was probably right for in her embarrassing predicament and double-tipped pain, Britney knew her skimpy little white top offered no protection for her captive 'pride and joys.' She had to come up with a plan, a good plan REAL FAST!

"Yeah hit her, smack her good, Madonna," Britney suddenly shouted.

Christina turned quickly toward Madonna, ducking the incoming blow - a punch that would never come.

WHACK! "Wha...WHOAAAAA!" The split-second diversion paid off for Britney who slapped the gullible blonde's hands away from her chest as she gave a helluva pelvic thrust and buck that sent Christina flying.

"Nice! Very nice move, Brit," Madonna smiled as she watched Britney get to her feet tenderly rubbing her bare breasts and aching groin, trying to ignore the fiery pain. Madonna's delicious smile of approval charged Britney with "kickass" energy.

"Well, whaddaya waitin' for, go get her Britney!" Madonna said.

Madonna's excitement increased as Britney lunged at Christina, grabbed her hair jerked her to her feet and gave her a series of quick forehand/backhand slaps to the face and breasts. Madonna was pleasantly surprised by Britney's cunning deception and by the fact that Christina had thought Madonna would punch interfere to punch her while the two lovelies fought.

"Uhhhh...ohhhh...stop, please!" Christina screamed as she tried desperately - and unsuccessfully - to block Britney's angry blows.

Her lovely breasts already bore bright pink handprints from the openhanded slaps of her feisty blonde rival.

"Gonna twist that head right offa your pretty little neck, slut," Britney snarled as she buried her fingers in Christina's silky blonde hair, then jerked, pulled and yanked every which way but loose.

"AWWWWWRGGGH!" Christina bawled as a lovely leg hooked hers and Britney shoved her down.

Christina landed on her hands and knees where two beautiful 'steel cable' legs wrapped themselves around her waist.

"Wanna wrestle, er, uh, I mean, wanna struggle? Wanna gasp for air; you blonde cunt?" Britney hissed.

Britney slowly wrestled her struggling, squirming beautiful rival to the floor, then tightened her legs in a perfectly executed, beautiful and oh-so-very-crushingly-painful leg scissors.

"Oh gawddd, not that too....please, lemme goooooOHnoooo," Christina squealed as Britney positioned herself atop her and then latched onto Xtina's right breast, digging her fingers in, squeezing, twisting, pinching the firm mound even while her beautiful strong long legs constricted ever so slowly, her thigh and calf muscles straining. Christina's loud screams rapidly faded in volume and frequency as she began gasping for air. Britney yanked Christina's hair with one hand, jerking her head back, while the other mauled her full ripe breast as her legs fulfilled their own torturous mission.

"Nice work, Britney hon!" Madonna gushed as she dropped to her knees beside Britney and cupped Christina's free breast, squeezing and tweaking the nipple tenderly, grinning as their captive blonde moaned under the double assault on her tender titties. Britney suddenly switched her boob mauling to boob pleasuring and Madonna followed suit, laughing softly as she leaned forward and locked lips with Britney; engaging in an erotic game of tongue tag.

"Oh gawwwwd…" Christina moaned. "You two are like so pathetic! YEOW-OUCH!” Her comment brought a couple of quick, nasty and painful nipple pinches and twists from both Madonna and Britney.

Madonna broke her liplock with Britney long enough to snarl, "Christina my girl, that was a mistake, a biggggg mistake!"

"YIIEEEEE!" Madonna emphasized her tough talk by crushing Christina's nipple in her fingers, then slapping the lovely breast hard as she got to her feet.

"Squeeze away, Brit!" Madonna grumbled, giving Britney's raised ass a gentle squeeze of approval.

"Most glad to sugah," Britney chirped and she redoubled her squeezing assault on her whimpering foes waist and breasts.

"Sheesssh," Madonna thought as she looked into Britney's lust-filled and oh-so-horny beautiful eyes. The pop singer looked like she was ready to "pop" for Madonna who returned the smile, her hard eyes focused first on Britney's face, but then slowly roaming down to take in her incredible body.

"Please....oh pleaseeeee...let me gooooOH!" Christina moaned in a barely audible gasp.

"Let her up Brit," Madonna snapped gruffly. "You've had enough fun for the time being!"

"But, I wanted ta..."

"NO! I said let her go now and you'll do as you're told or else!" Madonna shouted, gesturing angrily at Britney to move her hand.

Britney's face wrinkled in an expression of, /I'm soooo pissed and soooo deprived/ as one hand had already slipped down in her captives outfit and had almost reached Christina's ‘valley of paradise.’ But Britney angrily pulled her hand of exploration back, unwrapped her gorgeous legs and released the captive breast - but not until she gave it one last hard nipple pinch - then slowly pushed Christina away with her legs and got to her feet glaring angrily at Madonna.

"Oh, here, lemme help you up," Madonna's said, offering her hand to Christina; her voice suddenly all syrupy sweet and pleasant.

The dazed and hurting Christina slapped Madonna's hand away at first, but then she finally took it and allowed herself to be pulled, huffing and red of face, up onto a pair of wobbly legs.

"Hey, why are you being so nice to her?" Britney pouted.

"HEY nothin'! I'll be nice to who I wanna be nice to, little Miss Highass," Madonna snarled as she suddenly lunged, her hands open, palms out and WHUMPP slammed her open hands into Britney's full breasts, shoving her hard backwards.

"EEEEEK!" Britney's involuntary squeak revealed the sudden stinging pain in her boobs as she stumbled three steps back, her face turning bright red with anger, embarrassment and pain.

"ARRGGGHH!" Just then, Madonna's lower back burst into pain from Christina's doublefist hammering into her kidneys.

"You call THAT being nice, huh?" she rasped. "Why you old washed up dirty slut cunt!" Christina shrieked, her voice crackling. "I can take care of myself, thank you very much."

RIPPPPP! She grabbed the neck of Madonna's black dress and yanked down so hard she almost lost her balance. Madonna, still gasping from the kidney blow, let out a scream as her dress was ripped almost completely off her.

"Yeah, we can BOTH take care of ourselves, Madonna girl!" Britney snipped as she grabbed the front of Madonna's loose black dress and RIPPPPP! The erotic sound of cloth tearing filled the room.

WHUMP! "Uhhhhhhh!" Britney's fist slammed hard into Madonna's tight abs. Her fist sank in only an inch before it bounced off but the punch took Madonna by surprise and stole a bit of her wind.

"Now I get to see YOUR body," Britney cackled as the torn dress slithered down Madonna's body to her feet, revealing her lovely toned curvy feminine body. "Nice bra, Madon…unnnhh!" Britney's complement ended with Madonna's fist smashing into her chin and snapping her head back. Britney groaned as she frantically backpedaled with her hands up in a 'don't hit me' gesture.

"Gotcha!" Christina yelled as she wrapped her arms around Madonna's waist from behind.

Madonna grabbed Christina's right wrist and started to back up, then she suddenly stopped. She intended to ram Christina back into the wall, then totally cream her, but she suddenly had a change of plans when she felt her attackers firm little breasts pressed into her back, the erect nipples poking into her skin as Christina tightened her grip. Madonna felt the blonde hanging on for dear life and thought to herself, "Naaaw, take these two nice and slow...have some fun!"

"Oh, you are SO gonna get your smartalec ass kicked, lover dear," Christina snarled as she put Madonna in a full-nelson. "I'm good, really good!" Christina boasted. "I'm strong and a great catfighter; look I can even handle the great Madonna. C'mon Brit, get up off your ass and get in here, lets beat this bitch and then strip her," she shouted.

"Help, let me goooooo, please..." Madonna bawled, her face getting red.

"Hold her still Christina, can you at least manage to do that?" Britney said sarcastically as she gave Madonna a hard slap, then moved in close. "Gosh, you're beautiful," Britney rasped as she ran her fingers through Madonna's hair, caressed her face, and finally gave her a long, passionate French kiss. As she kissed, Britney cupped the older woman's left breast, squeezing it through her thin bra. Suddenly Madonna jerked her head away and Britney angrily slapped her. "I thought you wanted it," she hissed.

"Let me loose and you'll see exactly what I want, you egotistical little bitch," Madonna snarled.

"No way! Hold her tight 'tina!"

WHAM! THUD! Britney's fist slammed down into Madonna's naval, then she introduced her knee to the 'Material Girl's' pubic mound. Madonna groaned, her face contorted in pain as her legs began to buckle. Britney's right hand latched onto Madonna's left breast while her left dropped down, curling up in an excruciatingly painful crotch claw; digging her talons into Madonna's silk, French-cut panties. The stabbing pain forced Madonna's body to jerk and her hips jut back as she instinctively tried to escape the awful pain.

"Madonna my sweet," Britney purred. "This is what we call a catfight hold; you ever been in a REAL catfight girl?" she giggled. "Well, you sure don't act like it," she rasped and Christina broke into a fit of giggles, losing her grip as Madonna's entire weight was dropping down until she was on her knees. "Hold her, damn you!" Britney snapped as Christina lost her grip. But she quickly recovered and with a quick move, reached down and unsnapped Madonna's bra.

"How's that Miss Madonna?" Christina snickered as she pulled away the bra and grabbed for Madonna's hair.

"Time to bring this show to a close and wrap these two little twinkies up," Madonna thought as she looked up at Britney who was trying to keep her two excruciatingly painful holds in place while maintaining her precarious balance.

WHAM! Madonna's fist slammed into Britney's chin and her other hand reached up to grab Christina's wrist. She jerked down hard and THUD one descending blondes forehead smacking the top of the other blondes head. A quite lovely sound to Madonna who rose up and delivered a karate chop to Britney's lovely throat. She gave her a hard shove, sending the singer tumbling backward.

"EEEEEIIIK!" Britney's squeal brought a smile to Madonna's lips as she pulled Christina into a headlock, jerking her off balance as she fired a punch up under her left breast. In a flash, Madonna was on her feet behind the dazed topless Christina.

"Now we'll see who's the best, OK Missy Christy? I've always wanted to teach you manners. Dammit, if you're gonna be a slut, at least be a classy one!" she hissed.

Madonna grabbed Christina's tattered top and whipped a blistering backhand to her face. RIPPPPP! The skimpy white outfit split right down the middle as the singer reeled away. Madonna pulled and tugged, twirling Christina like a top as she stripped the last tattered remnants of clothing from the screaming Christina, leaving her in only her most erotic thong.

"That figures!" Madonna laughed as she grabbed her near naked captive by the nipples and pounded a knee up into her crotch, then did it again and yet again!!

"Uhhhhh...uhhhhh...uhhhhh," Christina moaned, her hands flapping wildly like a wounded pigeon as her eyes rolled back and her legs began to buckle. Madonna grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, slipped her free hand down between her bowed legs and closed her fingers around a tuft of pubic hair which she pulled and twisted viciously. AIEEEEE! Christina shrieked in agony, her face pale as her eyes filled with tears. "AAAARRRRGGGHHH! Uuhhhhh!" Their eyes met just before Christina's lungs filled with another scream and Madonna spun around and flung Christina into the onrushing Britney.

"I don't want her, I want YOU bitch," Britney screamed as she nimbly sidestepped Christina and threw her arm out, only slightly breaking Christina's fall. "Stupid blonde bitch, I knew she couldn't fight like I can, no wonder you don't want her," Britney shouted as she hopped over her fallen 'partner' and continued her charge toward Madonna, snarling with talons bared.

"WHA...AOWWWWW!" Britney's surprised yell came as she found herself desperately clutching thin air as, with the quickness of a jungle cat, Madonna eluded her charge the last split-second. Madonna's leg lashed out, catching Britney low in the belly and down she went on her knees, her mouth gaping and her eyes wide in shock and pain.

"Time to face the music," Madonna hissed as she grabbed a handful of Britney's luscious silky hair and jerked her to her feet.

"ARRRGGGH!" A pained gasp as Britney sucked air followed by the delightful RIIIIIPPPPPPP of Britney's top being torn off of her beautiful chest.

"Such nice firm tits," Madonna sneered as she spanked Brit's beautiful boobs.

"Ouch! OUCH! OWWW-CH!!!" Britney reached out and grabbed Madonna's bra. "Now we're even....oh my, they're nice too!"

Britney, though desperate and in just a bit of a hurry and a mite of agony, still wasn't too hard-pressed to observe some very beautiful scenery and comment upon it. She smiled as Madonna's nipples stiffened in the full exposure. 'She must really like this, bet she wants me really bad,' Britney surmised smugly as she took a long hard look at Madonna's goodies.

"C'mere, lets talk, or maybe you wanna dance, kiss or something like that, huh, Britney sweetie?" Madonna taunted as she raised her hands and crooked her finger, gesturing for Britney to move closer. Britney, who had taken up a defensive stance, was doing a comical combination of shadow boxing and some kind of "prance-an-dance" when Madonna feinted an attack and Britney hurriedly backpedaled, losing her balance and almost falling. Madonna's laughter angered her and as she righted herself, Britney lunged at Madonna who quickly recovered from her hilarity to grab Britney's hands and they locked fingers in a most erotic, but determined, test of strength. Britney struggled hard but she was no match for Madonna and the older woman's shoulders, biceps, arm and leg muscles bulged as they tightened.

WHUMP! "Uhhhhhhh..." both women groaned as Madonna jerked Britney's arms out straight, then slammed her back against a wall. Four beautiful breasts mashed together, their erect nipples performing their own erotic territorial battle as they flattened then Madonna moaned as the younger woman's long stiff nubs stabbed into hers signaling their intentions.

THUD! Madonna snapped her beautiful hard head forward into Britney’s and Britney grunted, the victim of a double headache. Her eyes began to glaze over as Madonna grabbed her by the throat and pulled her off the wall. Another utterance of discomfort escaped her lips as Madonna's long, strong, arms wrapped around her upper back in a boob-crushing bearhug. A most erotic struggle followed during which Madonna lifted the ever-weakening Britney off her feet and shook her like a pit bull with its chew toy!

"Please, enough! I've had enough, I give," Britney gasped.

Madonna smiled, gave one last long hard squeeze, then slowly released the sensuous but devastating hold and let Britney drop to the floor, her foggy mind barely registered an all-to-familiar sound. RIPPPPP! When Britney looked down, she saw she was almost naked, left wearing only her favorite pink silk panties - a gift from a previous lover.

"You might wanna rethink any idea about you being best at anything, Brit m’love," Madonna laughed as she reached down, grasped the waistband of the pretty pinks and jerked up hard! Britney groaned as the tough fabric all but disappeared into her light brown pubic patch as the "gardens" owner kicked her legs wildly, frantically until her pretty pinks finally succumbed to the strain and flew past Britney's face which registered pained relief.

"Tsk-tsk-tsk…unnhhhhhh!" Madonna's happy clucking ended unexpectedly with a groan of pain as Christina’s solid but weak punch slammed into her still aching lower back. Knowing full well how to deal with the problem, she swept her arm back, her hand clutching a fistfull of long blonde hair, then she yanked hard.

"AWWCCK...leggo!" Christina howled realizing her stupidity yet again.

"Get up you stupid little bitch," Madonna snarled as she jerked Christina's hair, pulling her to her feet.

Christina felt two firm breasts pressing into her own wounded treasures, the hard nipples inverting her sensitive pleasure nubs as a moist, pink, eager tongue forced its way into her open mouth and wrestled hers into submission. "UHHHHHHHH!" Christina’s moan of pleasure echoed the warm sensation building in her loins as strong fingers squeezed her sweet ass cheeks. "ARGGGGHH! OUCH! NO….leggo, pleaseeeee!" Pleasure turned to agony as Madonna's firm erotic buttcheek squeezing became a ten finger digging party by her ten sharply manicured fingernails. The anguished blonde diva of pop bawled and squirmed as her own nails carved into Madonna's bare back. “YIIEEEEE!” WHUMP! Christina's scream ended when she flew over backward and landed on the slowly recovering Britney.

"You stuuuuupid blonde bitch, you're the reason we're in this mess," Britney snapped as she grabbed Christina's hair in one hand and a firm breast n the other. Finding Christina's erect nipple, Britney clamped down hard and Christina responded, grabbing Britney's hair. But when she pulled, she got no response so she grabbed Britney’s boobs which received an immediate response!

"No, its your fault,” Christina fired back. “She kissed you first, but she kissed ME the longest, remember? I'm the best by far you cun….YIIEEEE!"

Christina's long, irritating, soliloquy ended abruptly with her thong being torn off by an irate Britney and the two naked lovelies fell into a full-blown, hair-pulling, tit-twisting, nipple-pinching, cunt-clawing catfight as the bemused Madonna stood off to the side squeezing and fondling her full breasts, her nipples erect with arousal at the erotic catfight scene unfolding before her.

"Time to end this little skirmish, once and for all," Madonna sighed as she licked her lips and slipped out of her panties.

"What the hell? I was just gonna finish her off," Christina protested angrily when she felt Madonna's fingers yank her hair.

Britney screamed as her pubes were yanked Christina who was also crushing Britney's left nipple when she was stopped by Madonna pulling her off of Britney who breathed a deep brief sigh of relief when Madonna almost broke Christina's fingers before she finally released her captive curlies. Madonna took Christina by the throat and threw her down, then pounced on her straddling her waist and began to slap her face and breasts. The painful breast torture quickly got the angry blonde in a much more submissive frame of mind as Madonna’s skillful fingers and her talented tongue sweetened the pie (so to speak).

Christina’s weak, half-hearted, but loud, "NOOOOOOO!" was muffled by Madonna as she slid onto Christina's face and it wasn’t long before her delightful victory ride reached its climax with Britney watching in dazed delight until Madonna's shrieks of pleasure and ecstasy snapped her back to erotic reality.

"Let me…pleaseeeeeeee…" Britney heard herself whisper in Madonna's ear as Madonna made her "dismount." Leering, Madonna grabbed Britney by the ear and pulled her onto Christina.

"Mount up!" she gruffly ordered her new protege.

"NO…..NOOOOO WAY!" Christina protested. "AIEEEEEE!"

A double pubic pull by both Britney and Madonna quickly changed Christina’s tune, however, and Britney mounted Christina to began her randy ride. Halfway to paradise, Madonna slipped up behind Britney, grinding her ass on Christina’s bucking pubic mound, cupped Britney’s firm breasts and let her fingers work their magic as Britney’s head tilted back and her lips parted, surrendering a long, heated French kiss to the elated Material Girl.

"UHHHHHH! OHHHHH! OHHHHH GAWWWWD YESSS! YESSSSssssss...... " Britney panted between kisses.

Soon, an exhausted but oh-so-happy Britney was basking in the warm after-glow of sweet release which suddenly turned angry hot as she was jerked to her feet by the hair by a strong pair of hands. Britney's "friend" felt the same - well not quite - as Christina also shrieked when her groin felt on fire as Madonna jerked them both up by their "hair." Two strong hands found two vulnerable gasping throats and gave a mighty pull. THUNK!! Two hot young naked blonde pop singer's heads, (so hard, so empty) collided and two beautiful faces went blank as four eyes glazed over. WHUMP! “Uhhhhh” “UNNNH!” Two pairs of pouty, quivering lips were mashed onto two firm mounds.

"OK girlies, do it, now or else!" Madonna hissed as her erect nipples stiffened to the music of two trembling tongues.

Soon, Madonna was holding the backs of two pretty, hard, empty, blonde heads to her bosom as the young beauties kissed and sucked her pleasure nubs hungrily until she was well satisfied.

"AIEEEEE!" The twin titty pleasure ended with another throat grab and one lovely went down courtesy of a hair pull while her ‘sister’ enjoyed a nice trip.

"You, North, and you, South! And you better know your geography," Madonna snapped. Britney cupped one lovely breast and began to suckle the other noisily. "Oh yeah, this girl can take directions," she giggled as she watched Christina's face slowly disappear between her spread thighs. Madonna's muscles tensed, then begin to relax as she started to moan with pleasure at the dual worshipping by her submissive blonde girls.

Then Britney stopped her most enjoyable activity and came up for air, "Hey, I AM better’ she is, right?"

Madonna said, "Yeah, you are!” Then she gasped and moaned loudly, shrieked in ecstasy as all her gorgeous muscles spasmed and her arms flailed. Britney grabbed the older woman to save her from falling and Madonna smiled.

"Oh yeah, Britney girl; you're the best," she smiled as her voice trailed away.

"Good! Ya hear that Christina!? Madonna just said I'M THE BEST!"

Christina's head stopped moving for a second, then resumed at a feverish pace.

Madonna groaned as Britney cooed, "Yeah, I'm the best….Justin said so."

But Madonna’s thoughts had already started to turn to the subject of her next 'renovation' project, Pink!