Denise Richards vs. Christina Aguilera by bbb4 09-May-00

Denise climbs into the ring opposite Christina, wearing a hot pink, strapless bikini. She wears her hair a bit shorter than normal, drawn back in a ponytail over the ears and long in back. The hair has a hint of dirty blonde to match her dirty fighting techniques. Her height advantage over the smaller girl is immediately obvious as she parades past her younger opponent, flaunting her tanned and toned body. The small pink briefs hug her wide, well shaped hips and buns, and her top barely conceals her pair of full, firm breasts, each crested with a swelling teat. She makes a quick move toward Christina, as though to attack the smaller girl, but only smiles as Aguilera skitters away. The intimidation in Aguilera's eyes is clear.

Christina has a wonderful body herself, a trim and firm behind under a wasp like waist, and large breasts topped off with large, protruding nipples. A light string bikini, made of a loose, off white colored material gathered in bunches, hides her well shaped bottom and large, pendulous breasts. Her shorter, lighter colored hair is obviously dyed, blonder near the ends than at the roots. Her smaller frame, however, just cannot compete with Denise's Amazon body, as the older woman just has more of everything, more breasts, more tanned flesh and more size. Denise completes her intimidation of the smaller girl, walking to the center of the ring and peeling off her top. Denise's tanned cleavage ends in a stark creamy white line as her tits pop out from the confining top. Dropping the useless bra aside, her already sweat glazed breasts swaying pleasantly from side to side. She strokes her finger across her full breasts, crossing the soft sweaty flesh with her red fingernails, causing the large, rosy nipples to rise in response.

Denise flashes her beautiful, toothy smile, motioning to Christina to drop her top too, "Is this what a girl wants?"

Aguilera declines, but is clearly rattled by Denise's willingness to expose herself. Christina's nerves show as jumps in fright when the bell clangs at ringside.

Christina comes out of the corner like a Christian coming to meet the lion, timidly circling the larger girl. She shifts her off white string bikini, covering her trim hips and large breasts before finally closing on the tan amazon. Denise lunges, light on her feet, but recovers quickly when Christina slips out of her grasp. The Amazon wants a test of strength, but Christina knows better than to challenge Denise's upper body strength, and merely circles away, further frustrating Richards. Denise closes, trying to cut off the ring, but Christina is far too quick to be cornered so easily.

Finally, Christina gives up her thought of fleeing the bigger girl and approaches the statuesque brunette, raising a single hand to test strength with Denise. Only offering one hand, Denise warily closes and grasps Christina's hand. The two immediately grasp their second hands and press together, twisting each other's wrists and fingers. Staring into each other's faces, the two crash into each other, trying to bull rush the other across the ring. As their sizable breasts press together, Christina's younger, firmer tits actually give her an advantage, pressing Denise's naked tits back as the material of Christina's bra rubs Richards' sensitive nipples. Richards lets out a tiny gasp as her tips are brushed back and forth by the coarse material of Christina's top.

Denise's power begins to show through, as Christina is slowly forced to her knees, grimacing as her wrists are bent back. First to down one knee, then both, Christina looks up at Denise's face as she pours more and more weight into Aguilera's wrists, threatening to snap them. Richards grins maniacally, as she adds a twisting motion to the painful hold. She leans forward, letting her swaying breasts dangle over Christina's face, dripping melon sweat down onto her opponent.

Desperate to escape, Christina quickly pulls Denise's hand toward her, biting the elder woman on the thumb. As Denise cries out in pain but doesn't release the hold. Christina again desperately rams her forehead into Denise's pubic mound, feeling the hard pelvic bone bang against her head. Another head-butt to her groin sends Richards down to one knee as she releases Christina.

Standing up, Aguilera deftly slides under Denise's other arm and behind her, putting Denise in a chicken-wing arm lock. She wrenches upward on Denise's wrist causing her to stand again. Barely able to reach her neck, she loops her free arm around to add a choke hold. Aguilera lifts the arm with all her might, wrenching Denise's shoulder and earns a pained whine from the taller girl. Denise grabs at her shoulder, trying to ease the strain on her tortured limb. After working the arm hold for a few seconds, Christina mischievously releases the choke, reaches forward with her free hand, and cups Denise's large bare mammary in her small hand before digging her nails into the soft flesh. Feeling the soft, warm flesh melt in her strong grip, Christina pumps the breast, squeezing and releasing several times.

Denise's whines become shrieks of pain as she weakly grabs at Christina's wrist, trying to pry her talons away from her soft flesh. With one hand ful of Denise's tit, and the other hand lifting Denise's arm, Christina uses the last appendage she has available and gives the taller girl two swift knee lifts between the legs from behind. Richards clamps her legs together after two of the nasty cunt busting knee lifts, but Christina continues to press her advantage, driving her knee into Denise's rounded ass cheeks time and again. Each blow buckles Denise's knees and sends her briefs a bit higher up her shapely behind, but she cannot fall for fear of further injuring her already sore arm.

Finally, Christina forces her to go down on her knees, realizing the benefit of maintaining the higher ground. Denise's earlier confidence has evaporated as the smaller girl dominates her, twisting her arm and kneading her tit, while kneeing her repeatedly in the ass and groin.

Denise tries her best to twist away from the smaller girl, but each time, Christina manages to keep her controlling grip on Denise, wrenching her arm or twisting her tit to keep her in line. After a particularly nasty knee to the ass Denise, accidentally gets her wish. She snaps her head backward in pain and feels the crunch of Christina's cheek and nose against the back of her head. Quickly she snaps her head back again and lands another backward head butt, staggering the smaller woman. Denise is immediately satisfied with another crunching face shot, and she feels the pressure on her breast ease and her tortured arm released. Denise sags forward, clutching at her aching arm, rubbing it and trying to reestablish some circulation, but she knows she has to take advantage of this window of opportunity.

She turns slowly, cradling her injured arm against her torn tit, finding Christina sitting on her butt, holding the side of her face. Denise sidles over to the brunette and opens her legs, preparing to scissor the smaller girl. She pulls Christina's struggling body between her firm thighs and closes them just below her opponent's breasts. Christina fights the whole way, scratching at Denise's inviting tits and taut belly, but Denise's first surge of power into her legs ends Christina's nascent struggles.

After a few rib crushing pulses of power to soften Christina up, Denise loosens her thighs and gathers Christina in, before reapplying the crushing scissors across Christina's tits. Squashing down on the smaller girl, she can feel Christina's stiff nips press against the inside of her steel thigh as she grits her teeth, pouring on the pressure. Wrapping her arms around the smaller girls shoulders and arms and pulling her close, Denise keeps the pressure on her opponent's breasts and ribs. Denise uses her size advantage to it's best, muscling the smaller girl into a sort of combination bear hug and body scissors. Denise smiles to herself as she crushes the life out of the younger girl, feeling Christina's hot breath on her bare breast as she squeezes her. She smiles, listening to Aguilera groan and wheeze with every crushing pound of pressure on her breasts and ribs.

After a few seconds of the bruising combination of holds, Denise releases one of her arms and presses Christina's face into her nearby breasts, attempting to smother the little brunette. Christina's face fits neatly into Denise's dripping wet cleavage, and Richards leans into the humiliating hold grinning as Christina's face is mashed into her milk. Aguilera's moans are stifled by Denise's large tits, as she presses them into Aguilera's face, blotting out light and air. Christina's desperate struggles become too hard to manage and rather than release her scissors hold, Denise breaks the tit smother after half a minute. Christina falls out of the hold, futilely gasping for air as her soaked face emerges from between Denise's wonders, but Richards flexes her thighs again, and crushes any remaining air out of Christina's lungs. Christina's head is thrown back in abject agony as the last of the air leaves her lungs and her well shaped tits are mashed into her ribs.

Taking a little revenge, Denise frees one of her hands and roughly grabs Christina's large breast, popping it out of the scissors hold. She viciously squeezes the base of the tit, swelling Aguilera's already large nipple even further. Denise then tickles the engorged nip before digging her thumbnail into the stiff flesh. She continues to maul Aguilera's breast with her hand and squeeze the rest of Christina with her legs until she is almost sure the little brunette is passed out. When Christina's groaning stops, Denise unclamps her thighs, quivering and burning from the effort. She shoves the little brunette out from between her thighs, but is in no way done with her. The little blonde needs a lesson in humility.

Still sitting behind Christina, Denise grapevines her opponent's legs, intertwining her ankles with Christina's. Denise smiles as she spreads her legs, taking Christina's thinner legs with them. She snugs herself behind the slumping brunette feeling her brimming nips press pleasantly against Christina's warm, slick back.

Slowly she wends her hands down between Christina's spread thighs, snaking her hand under the waist band and down the front of Christina's string bikini briefs. Feeling the hard pubic bone and the warm wetness of Christina's sweaty mound, Denise grabs her first pinch of Christina's pubes, tugging them violently. Aguilera's eyes open wide as her crotch explodes in burning pain. She opens her mouth to scream, but only a squeaky yelp escapes her lips.

Aguilera grabs at Denise's wrist, trying to pull her opponent's hand away from her most private area, but the taller brunette keeps tugging, first relaxing then yanking violently on her snatch hair.

Resting her chin on Christina's shoulder, Denise whispers in Christina's ear as she mauls her crotch, "How's that feel, little girl?"

Having yanked out a clump of short curlies, Denise withdraws her hand and drops the pubes slowly in front of Christina's face, spreading them on the canvas in front of her.

"Not a natural blonde, or so it seems...."

After mauling Christina's muff, Denise's hand makes a return trip, this time moving her hand down the winding path leading to the leg hole of Christina's bottoms. She unties one half of the bikini bottom and from the side this time, enters Christina. Aguilera's womanhood is probed and explored by Denise's inquisitive fingers. Aguilera lets out a gasp as Denise's index and middle finger enter her, drilling deep into her wetness. Again paralyzed by Denise's actions, Christina's eyes fill with tears as Denise delivers unbelievable punishment to her unmentionable area. After a few moments probing Christina's womanhood, Denise begins to finger her, slowly and methodically ramming and withdrawing her fingers.

Unwillingly, Christina's breathing and moaning begins to synchronize with Richards' pubic punishment, as her chest heaves in unison with each thrust. Closing her eyes in bitter humiliation, Aguilera bites her tongue, fighting back Richards' finger induced orgasm, but she fails miserably. Screaming through clenched teeth, she wets the canvas with her juices. She slumps visibly as Denise withdraws her fingers, leaving Aguilera's bikini bottom half torn away.

Bringing her fingers to her nose, Denise whispers into Christina's ear, "Smells like fish..... Rotten fish."

As Christina leans forward cupping her aching groin and pouting lightly, Denise roughly brushes the small triangles of cloth protecting Christina's breasts completely aside. Denise first grabs each of the warm, sweaty, smooth, milky, mounds of flesh gently squeezing her opponent's breasts. She slowly increases the pressure on her tits, until Christina's hands are finally torn away from her groin. She latches her hands onto Denise's wrists weakly, again trying to pull Richards' attacking hands away from her firm breasts. Finding Christina's stiff nipples pressing against her palms, Denise shift her attack, concentrating on the large ovals of darker flesh. Aguilera's squeaky scream is heard again throughout the arena as her teats are twisted cruelly. Denise smiles widely as mauling takes its toll on the already crushed younger woman.

Listening to her moaning and feeling her hot, shallow breath on her arm, Denise knows she can defeat the smaller girl anytime, but instead continues to dig her thumbnails into the resisting flesh of Christina's nips. Richards again bores with playing with her opponent's and releases Christina's teats. The smaller brunette covers the tips of her tits protectively, rubbing them tenderly.

Denise, by this time, has refocused her attack again, moving her hands to the unprotected undersides of Christina's titty. Pinching the soft, sweat soaked tissue for the first time, Denise again smiles as Christina gasps in pain. Each twist of the supple flesh between her fingers, brings another teeth gritting, grunt from the gutsy little woman, as perspiration from Christina's breasts runs down Denise's hands.

Again frustrated that Christina won't cry out her surrender, Denise releases Christina's tender breast tissue, now bruised and reddened, and clasps both hands, joining her fists just below her opponent's breasts. Richards quickly draws the smaller woman in toward herself, crushing the wind from Christina's lungs in a bear hug from behind. Aguilera grunts and her eyes pop open in shock. Feeling the pleasant pressure of Christina's squirming form against her ample tits, Richards pours on the pressure. Denise's large, pert breasts mushroom outward under her bulging biceps as Christina's sweaty back is pressed into her chest. Christina struggles, writhing against the crushing power of Denise's arms and shoulders, but with her arms pinned at her sides, she begins to droop forward, unable to breathe.

Her shoulders burning with exertion, Denise finally releases the smaller brunette, allowing her to slump forward, her eyes lolling near unconsciousness. Denise rolls her over and immediately begins the end, dropping her cream white breasts into Christina's face. Richards leans forward, forcing her tits into Christina's face, pushing her down onto the mat. She finally straddles her and begins to work her titty smother with authority, pressing her breasts together to increase the cleavage and bury Christina's face.

Aguilera struggles fiercely, but for only a few seconds before succumbing totally to Denise's wonders. Denise continues to rub her breasts in Aguilera's face, relishing the feel of the soft flesh against Aguilera's friendly facial features, but finally rises up, looking down at the sleeping Aguilera. Richards rises, still sitting across Christina's lower abdomen. She playfully raises Christina's arms slaps her now pancaked tits from side to side, watching the nipples dance on her opponents fluid tits as Denise entertains herself. Denise slaps Christina's head from side to side, waking the sleeping beauty up from her suffocation induced nap.

"Wakey, wakey..bitch. Time to say 'I give!'."

Christina groans once, turns her head and immediately begins coughing and hacking, spitting the taste of Denise's tits out of her mouth. Denise encourages her a bit more, slapping her again and again, until the younger girl covers her face.

"What's the matter? Isn't that what a girl needs?"

Once she is certain that Christina is more aware of her surroundings, Denise scoots her butt up Christina's chest, resting her laurels on Aguilera's liquid assets. Besides crushing the smaller girls already aching tits, Denise again manages to squeeze the air out of the younger woman again.

"Give?" asks Denise, rubbing her bum against Christina's milky tits.

Unaware that Aguilera is out of breath again, Denise repeats her self, "Give, bitch!"

Christina only squeaks helplessly, wanting to submit to Denise, but finds herself unable to draw a breath.

"Say Uncle, and I'll climb off of you." Denise again shows her frustration, "OK, then, it's time to go night, night again!"

She scoots even further forward, her bikini bottom swallowing Aguilera's narrow face. Clamping her thighs together, Denise begins to rock back and forth in a front facesit. Even the thin layer of material between Aguilera's face and Denise's womanhood can't stop the warm glow that begins develop between her glistening thighs. Aguilera screams out, but the rough feel of the spandex against her face is too much and she begins to waver in that foggy land between consciousness and darkness. Denise works hard, closing her eyes and rubbing and grinding her crotch against Aguilera's face, feeling the pleasure begin to boil in her groin.

Denise vividly remembers the humiliating time she spent with her face wedged between the powerful thighs of Jamie Lee Curtis... her cheeks rubbing against the inside of Jamie Lee's slick thighs. The feeling of razor stubble and pubic hair against her face. Her nose rubbing against Curtis' bare, wet crotch until Jamie Lee had shuddered to a peaking, herky-jerk stop, finishing herself and flooding Denise's face with her juices. Still fresh in her memory are Jamie Lee's two final hip thrusts, and the gloating look of ultimate satisfaction on her opponent's face after being facesat. As she begins to peak, Denise slows her motion, savoring the explosion between her legs, breathing deeply.

Opening her eyes, she slides to the side with an exhausted, "Yessssss...."

As Denise rises, she bends at the waist, languidly peeling down her wetted bikini briefs. The tight spandex and rubberized bikini slides over her soaked thighs and down around her calves before slipping over her wrestling boots. Smiling with satisfaction that only a good face sit can deliver, she plays to the crowd, wiggling and jiggling her firm butt for everyone to see. In front, her tanned hips again give way to a milky white valley, with a thin tuft of pubic hair, groomed to her bikini line. From behind, her firm buns look like two hams, gliding into her long thighs. Giving a sly, satisfied smile, she discards the briefs, tossing them aside. She kneels down next to the still slumbering Aguilera, sitting at her head.

Denise leans over to whisper in Christina's ear, "Give?"

Waiting a moment she continues with her ear over Christina's mouth, "What was that? I didn't hear you say 'I give.' You know, that was a looooootttt of fun, but I don't think you got the full effect... Maybe another will loosen you up a little."

Denise quickly arranges Christina's hands and scoots up to the 69 position for a reverse face sit.

"How about a little 68? That's when I sit on your face and you'll owe me one."

With an evil laugh, Denise gently lowers her bare womanhood onto Christina's face, pinning both of her opponent's hand to the mat with her ankles. A light giggle is all that escapes her lips as her warm, fuzzy crotch touches down on Aguilera's unsuspecting face.

"Oooohhhh....that's definitely what a girl needs."

A soothing smile settles in on Denise's face as she grows comfortable with Aguilera's mug wedged between her thighs and buns. Slowly, Denise begins to rock back and forth, smothering Christina with her ass and rubbing her now exposed pussy on her opponent's face. It takes only a few seconds for Denise to find her rhythm, but once into it, her eyes flutter and then close. Her breathing quickens. Throwing her head back in ecstasy, Denise is much more vocal during this ride, moaning and screaming as she approaches orgasm. Rocking back and forth violently, her large breasts swing freely back and forth adding to the physical frenzy when she reaches an orgasmic crescendo, loosing her fluids all over Christina's face again.

Instead of dismounting her annihilated foe, Denise simply collapses to the side, completely exhausted by her orgasmic exploits at Christina's expense. Lying lazily on the mat recovering from her wonderful ride, Denise's whole body heaves and sweat pours off of every inch of her completely nude form. Denise rolls over onto her back, smiling expansively, spread eagle, and takes a few moments to rest, her bare chest heaving. Denise slowly rises from the mat, crawling over to Christina, she grabs a handful of hair.

Richards then rises to her feet, dragging the semi conscious Aguilera with her. Christina's lifeless arms hang at her side as Denise lifts them up, locking her fists across Christina's lower back.

While face to face, Denise whispers, "Don't pass out on me now, Honey. We're almost there."

Denise closes with Christina and picks her up off the mat in a front bearhug. Her first jolt of crushing power electrifies the smaller girl clamped in Denise's arms. Aguilera arches her back in agony, letting out a low, aching groan. Her exposed breasts sway from side to side as she tries to loosen Denise's grasp across her lower back. After a few seconds, she realizes the futility of breaking Denise's grip and jams her thumb into the brunette's ear, again and again.

Denise carefully sets Christina and drops her crotch first across her knee. Aguilera screams out and slumps forward, resting her head on Denise's shoulder, pouting lightly.

Denise leans forward, whispering in her ear, "Had enough?"

Aguilera gently nods her head, and Denise responds, "I thought so."

She softly pushes Christina's off her knee, feeling her opponent's wet womanhood slide across her perspiration dampened skin. Aguilera curls into a fetal ball, her fingers rubbing her aching pussy.

Denise stands and puts one foot on Aguilera's ribs, posing like a hunter over her freshly killed African lion. She flexes and her arms, her perfect white breasts jutting proudly from her tanned chest, and her tightly flexed buns squeezed together beautifully. After a few seconds, she bends over and yanks Christina's head back to look into her eyes.

Lovingly stroking a single finger through her still damp womanhood, she says, "That was lots of fun. Let me know if you ever want to do it again."
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