Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera (c) by John J. 23-Apr-00

Christina Aguilera stood at the podium as she finished her acceptance speech for the "Young Singer of the Year" award. Britney sat at her table and fumed, but she politely clapped. Britney got angrier and angrier, the more she thought about Christina and how the girl had stolen away at least a dozen awards and contracts that she felt were rightfully hers. Many people came up to Christina and shook her hand and congratulated her on her latest win.

After some of the crowd had cleared, Britney walked up to Christina and shook her hand firmly and said, "Congratulations."

Christina smiled and said, "Thanks. I really hope you meant that."

Britney smirked, "Of course I meant it. I meant it as much as you would if our roles were reversed."

The two young stars were both public and private rivals. They didn't like each other, and they made no attempts to hide it.

Christina smirked as well as she replied, "I see. So, what exactly do you want? I have things to do."

Britney replied, "Nothing. I just wanted to talk."

Christina sighed, "I'm sorry. I really am busy right now. Call my agent, and we'll make some time to have a chat."

Christina turned away, ignoring her irritated rival. Britney grabbed Christina's arm and spun her back around.

She said nastily, "That was rude. We're not finished talking yet."

Christina said loudly, "Yes, we are finished. I have nothing more to say. Now get your damn hand off my arm."

Britney raised her voice as well, "No! Not until we've finished our conversation."

Christina yelled back, "It is over, bitch! Now get out of my face. What the hell is your problem?"

Britney fumed, "You're the damn problem!"

Christina chuckled as she put her hands on her hips, "And what the hell does that mean?"

Britney smiled nastily as she replied, "You're a bright girl, I'm sure you can figure it out."

Christina glared back, "Figure out what passes for logic in that peroxide poisoned head of yours? Nobody is that good. Why don't you enlighten me?"

Britney fumed, "The problem, you snotty little upstart brat, is that you are stealing all the awards and other perks that are rightfully mine. And you're going to stop doing it, got it?"

Christina laughed, "No, I don't get it. You can shove your temper tantrum up your ass. It seems to me that the problem is that the judges have taste, and they aren't thinking with their zipper. I know I don't have the boobs that you have, but I can sing better than you any day of the week. And the judges seem more interested in that, instead of your boob job!"

Britney's anger exploded as she fired back, "We'll just see how well you can sing with my hands wrapped around your throat or my 'new boobs' smothering your face."

Christina glared, "If that was supposed to scare me, try again! Any time you want a piece of me, honey, you know where I am."

Christina and Britney stared each other down for several minutes. Christina thought Britney had wanted to fight. When she didn't make a move, Christina turned away and started to leave. As Christina turned her back, Britney lunged and tackled the other singer to the floor. Britney tried to hold Christina down and secure a pin hold on her while Christina fought against the hold.

As Christina twisted and flailed around, a lucky hit from her knee connected with Britney's chin and Britney pulled back. The two young singers quickly got to their feet and faced off again. Britney charged in, while Christina was still getting up. Christina barely ducked in time to avoid Britney's haymaker, which whizzed above her hair. The powerful punch twisted Britney around, and Christina took advantage.

She fired a couple quick kidney punches into Britney. The bigger blonde spun back the other way, and back-fisted Christina across the mouth. Christina staggered back and backed off while Britney chased after her. Christina ran out of room, as her back hit the wall.

Britney smiled as she said nastily, "Don't worry, I'll make this quick."

Britney fired a huge punch at Christina's jaw for a knockout punch. Christina ducked at the last second, and the fist hit the wall hard.

Christina laughed as she said, "Well, I won't end it quick, bitch!"

Christina came up fast and head-butted Britney in the chin with the top of her head. Britney staggered back as Aguilera chased. Christina snapped Britney's head around like a pinball as she hammered lefts and rights into the bigger girl's jaw. Britney took a number of punches before she got her defense set, and blocked Christina's blows.

As Britney blocked a right from Christina, she countered with a right of her own into Christina's soft belly. The smaller girl coughed as the punch knocked the air out of her. Christina backed up quickly and Britney's follow-up punch sailed past her head, missing its target. Christina used her speed and closed in with Britney, figuring that a short-range fight would be more to her advantage.

Christina hammered a series of short punches to Britney's tits as the two blondes clinched together. Britney found her hitting power again, with short-range blows, and nailed Christina with a hard shot to the ribs. Christina gasped in pain and brought her head up fast, whacking Britney again with a head-butt to the chin. The bigger girl staggered back dazed. Christina backed up to get room and unloaded a huge spinning kick to Britney's head. Britney fell to the floor, once again dazed by the smaller girl.

Christina strutted over to her downed rival and yanked her to her feet by the hair. Christina clamped on a headlock and put Britney down again with a bulldog. Christina got up fast and pulled Britney into a standing headscissors. As she tried to lift Britney's legs into the air, however, Britney used her strength to topple the smaller blonde.

Christina suddenly found herself on her back with Britney looming over her. Christina coughed as Britney nailed her in the tits with an elbow drop. Britney hoisted Christina up to her feet by the hair and whipped her against the nearest wall. Britney charged in after her and splashed her against the wall. Christina groaned as Britney crushed her body.

Britney stepped back a step and pounded her knee up into Christina's pussy. Christina shrieked in pain as Britney's knee hit at full speed. Christina's knees buckled and she fell to the floor.

Britney roughly pulled Christina by the hair into a standing headscissors, and then lifted her legs up high. Britney held Christina there for a few moments just to let Christina see what was going to happen to her. Britney kicked out and let Christina fall on her head in a perfect piledriver. Christina was dazed and in pain as she tried to clear her head.

Britney continued her attack as she grabbed Christina by the hair and pulled her up again. She held Christina in a headlock and rammed her head into the wall a couple of times, but two elbows to the gut forced Britney to release her rival. Christina pulled away as she tried to catch her breath and regroup. Britney didn't intend to give her opponent that time though.

Britney rushed in and slammed her knee into Christina's gut. Christina doubled over in pain. Britney put her down hard on the floor with an ax-handle to the back. Britney grabbed Christina by the hair again and yanked her up to her feet. She again put the smaller blonde into a headlock and slammed her head into the wall a few more times. Britney released Christina and watched as she dropped to the floor, nearly in tears.

Christina scrambled away on her hands and knees, but Britney chased after her and stomped at Christina's tits and back as she tried desperately to escape. Christina knew that the wall was getting closer and closer, as did Britney. Christina suddenly reversed direction and started to roll toward Britney who barely avoided having her legs taken out from under her by Christina.

Christina did manage to grab Britney's leg and almost took her down. That gave Christina just enough time to get to her feet before Britney was on her again. Christina dodged a big haymaker from Britney that probably would have knocked her out. As Britney spun around from her wild swing, Christina hammered her back with a series of kidney punches. Britney grunted as the punches landed.

Britney retaliated. She spun around and backfisted Christina across the jaw. Christina stumbled back and Britney chased and kicked her in the ribs. Christina winced as she grabbed her bruised ribs. Britney continued her attack as she pounded another kick into Christina, this time to the jaw. The smaller blonde went down with tears trickling down her face.

Britney stood over her rival and hissed, "Are you ready to give, yet?"

Christina fought off the tears and yelled, "No way, bitch!"

Christina lunged at the bigger girl and forced her back toward the wall. Christina got in a couple punches, before Britney countered with a right that backed her up. Britney faked a right to the jaw, which Christina reacted to, leaving herself wide open to the pussy kick that came next. Christina shrieked in pain as she dropped to the floor, crying.

Christina sobbed, "OK, OK. I give! Please stop!"

Britney hissed, "Too late, slut! I asked, and you refused. Now you're getting your beating!"

Christina cried even louder as Britney moved in and yanked her up to her feet by the hair and whipped her against the wall. Britney dropped her again with another pussy kick, while Christina continued to sob.

Christina pleaded, "Please stop! I give up! No more!"

Britney yelled, "Stop your damn complaining, and take your beating like a woman, instead of a whiny little girl!"

Christina sobbed but kept her mouth shut as Britney hoisted her up again and shoved her against the wall. Britney pounded the smaller blonde with punches to face, tits and belly, leaving her bruised all over. With a big haymaker to the side of the head, Christina went down in a heap. Her eyes were glassy and she didn't move except for her breathing.

Britney stood over Christina and kicked her. She rolled in reaction to the kick, but did nothing else.

Britney snarled, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5...."

Christina showed no indication of moving any time soon. Britney continued, "6... 7... 8...."

Christina was still unmoving, but she did start to open her eyes and regained her alertness.

Britney finished up with, "9... 10...! YOU'RE OUT!"

Christina just cried as Britney placed a foot on her back and raised her arms in victory.

Britney fixed her clothes and hair and made herself presentable before she left, leaving Christina on the floor barely conscious.

A few days later, Britney went to the producers to gloat over her victory and to demand some of Christina's contracts as the prize for her victory. The producers declined. They said that the award show banquet room had closed circuit cameras and they saw the whole fight. They were disappointed in how she blind sided and beat-up on a smaller, weaker girl the way she did. They explained that fighting was fine, as long as it was a fair fight; that they didn't intend to deal with a bully and that when she was ready to settle things like a lady, they would talk with her again.

Britney stormed off in anger, now more enraged at Christina than ever.

The end.