Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears by newbie

The night had FINALLY arrived. After weeks of back and forth trash-talk, verbal sparring, and amazing hype. Britney Jean Spears and Christina Maria Aguilera, arguably the 2 bitter rivals and female pop sex icons of the millennium were here to decide who was the one and only SEXIEST WOMAN in pop music. Tonight, both divas would match their assets and womanhood against each other in a physical and sexual showdown to ultimately prove who was the SEXIEST FEMALE POP ICON of the MILLENIUM.

It all started when Britney, upset with all the attention Christina was received in the press with the recent release of her latest album "Back To Basics". The reviews and hype were positive, many claiming Christina had gained the mantle of the only teen pop goddess to survive the 1990's and become the new queen of pop. Britney, taking a break from the music scene, was not used to being out of the limelight. Although she was working on a new album, it's release would be a while before she could gain some attention again. Not used to being outshined by her rival Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears wanted to make a splash and derail Christina's media hype for her new album. They had both debuted in the late 1990's, with Britney always one step ahead of Christina. But as the millennium moved on, the tide was slowly turning to Christina's favor. Britney knew she had to put a stop to it, while Christina thought she was gaining the pop talent crown that was rightfully hers.

As Britney set out her public challenge, Christina quickly accepted. A no-holds barred sexfight/catfight showdown in the nude, in front of a live arena audience and PPV, where ultimate collapse and submission would be the only way to decide a victor. As the date approached, both divas traded barbs in the press, insulting each other supposed "musical talent" and supposed well-conditioned bodies. Both extremely confident in their abilities and bodies to dominate the other. The hatred and language grew to personal attacks and eventually peaked at the pre-fight news conference. Both divas almost came to blows after an emotional screaming match, where both Britney and Christina had to be held back by their supportive entourages, needing to save their energy for the match tonight. The seditious rivalry had reached a boiling point just in time for tonight's showdown.

As the lights in the arena dimmed, the crowd cheered in anticipation as the rival divas were about to introduced. The crowd of fans split about 60-40 in slight favor of Britney over Christina, so the tensions and emotions were boiling over in the arena, both groups wanted their ICON to win this eagerly anticipated showdown. Suddenly the speakers start blasting the hit song "Dirrty", which only means Christina Aguilera was about to enter the arena. Christina's fans scream and rise in anticipation, waiting for their aspiring diva to enter.

Spotlights focus on the west tunnel as Christina enters to her famously sexy song. With her flowing light blonde hair tresses and wearing a amazingly hot pink robe tied at the waist, Christina shakes hands with her fans located on that side of the arena as she walks down the aisle toward the ring. As she walks up the steps and enters the ring through the ropes, excited fans get a quick tease of her tight nude firm ass underneath. As her sexy song "Dirrty" blares in the arena, she begins a slow striptease dance in the center of the ring. Sexily removing her hot pink robe, untying the belt, she opens the robe and throws it into the crowd, revealing her stark naked toned and tanned body. Christina shakes her small tight ass for the crowd, then cups her firm perky boobs with her hands shaking them for the crowd as they roar their approval.

Christina then grabs the PA mic and confidently states, "Eat your heart at Britney! Your pathetic excuse for a body doesn't have ANYTHING to offer against THIS!" As she lifts her hands over her lithe conditioned body, shaking her firm breasts and tight ass in the spotlight, her fans give a thunderous cheer. As Christina slowly returns to her corner, her "Dirrty" song finishes playing. She and the crowd eagerly awaits the entrance of her longtime female pop rival.

Suddenly, Britney Spears' hit song "Toxic" starts blaring from the arena speaker. Britney's fans rise cheering the arrival of their cherished pop diva. As the spotlights move toward the east tunnel, Britney appears at the tunnel. Wearing her trademark long dirty blonde tresses with a eye catching sexy hot red robe tied at the waist, she enters the ring shaking hands with her fans to her erotic song. As she enters the ring through the ropes, she gives her the crowd a glimpse of her famous naked breast underneath her robe.

Purposely not making eye contact with Christina, Britney walks toward the center of the ring and does start her own sexy strip dance to her "Toxic" song. As she removes her hot red robe and throws it to the crowd, she reveals her own stark naked light skinned body. She shakes her larger boobs for the crowd, she then turns around and shakes her larger ass, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy.

She then grabs the PA mic and defiantly retorts, "You don't want any of THIS Christina! This is what a real women's body looks like!" Britney then cups each of her larger breasts in her hands and challengingly shakes them toward Christina. Although she is seething on the inside at Britney's tactics, Christina knows she must let Britney have her equal moment. Christina just stands in her corner, staring daggers at Britney during her "show".

Seemingly unfazed by Britney's display, Christina stands undeterred with hands on her hips, proudly thrusting her firmer perky boob rack toward Britney. As her "Toxic" song finishes, Britney returns to her corner, and matches Christina's stance. Hands on her hips, thrusting her larger famous chest rack back at Christina. Both keep constant eye contact, stared cold daggers, anxiously waiting for their long anticipated nude sexfight/catfight body-to-body showdown to begin…

As the crowd noise dies down a bit, Christina steps toward Britney, continuing there silent staredown. As Britney starts approaching the center of the ring as well, she confidently holds her ground. As they are about to meet at the center of the ring, Britney is met with a shocking slap to the face by Christina's right hand. Christina smirks, "By the way, the name is Xtina, just like I'm gonna X you out tonight, SLUT!!"

Christina stands there with hands on her hips, stark naked, bare chest thrusting out proud challenging nature, as Britney holds her face, waiting defiantly for Britney's response. As Britney refocuses, she quickly responds with a right hand slap to Christina's cheek. "It's on WHORE! Get ready to be crushed back down", Britney responds defiantly, hands on her hips thrusting her own slightly larger bare chest forward, stark naked as well.

What follows is slap fight like no other, Christina and Britney exchanging slaps, neither backing down. Soon they are sending simultaneous slaps toward each other, instead of exchanging. As their cheeks get redder, tears start flowing down both their eyes. Soon both stop as the pain is too great, backing away holding their cheeks, turning away.

After few seconds, Christina turns around and says: "Hey SLUT, have you had enough already? Let's start the sexfight with a titfight. Are your saggy cow udders up to it?" Christina cups her firm breasts and shakes them at Britney.

Britney turns around, cups and shakes her larger breasts in her hands and walks toward Christina. "Oh please ya JEALOUS WHORE! You think your perky 14 year-old tits can match up with these treasures? I am the queen of the titfight!"

"I'm not afraid of your OVERRATED sacks! Why don't we go chest to chest and find out? My firm tits will FLATTEN your cow tits." Christina stands defiantly. First hands on her hips then they move behind her head shakings her breasts. "Let's titbox, SLUT"

"Fine! You are so over WHORE!" Britney follows suit with hands behind her head. They approach each other and once their tits touch, both start swinging their torsos. Britney's tits are slightly larger, but Christina's are firmer, so both try to use that to their advantage to dominate.

After a few minutes, Britney sees titboxing is Christina's edge cause of her firmer boobs. So she changes tactics and goes for the bearhug to overwhelm Christina's chest with her larger boob mass by wrapping her arms around Christina's back. Christina responds in kind, wrapping her arms around Britney's back. Britney starts turning the tide as she slowly overwhelms Christina. But then Christina brings her nipples into play, rubbing her hardened nubs on Britney's flesh. Britney responds in kind, with her slightly smaller nubs. As Britney's mass matches Christina's firmness, it now becomes a battle of the nipples, as their nubs lineup face to face, to see whose will bend first...The crowd goes WILD as the Icons battle goes toe-to-toe in this first phase of the sexfight...

Britney has a slight advantage in this mutual bearhug as her arms are on the inside of Christina's for better leverage. As their nipples lineup, Christina sneaks one arm inside of Britney so that leverage advantage disappears.

As the bearhug tightens, both squeeze for all it's worth, increasing the pressure. The pressure causes both women's pair of breasts to spill out from the sides, Christina's more than Britney's because of Britney's breast mass advantage. But since Christina brown nipples are a bit longer and larger than Britney pink nipples, it helps neutralize this mass advantage.

After 10 minutes, they pretty much reach a stalemate. For Britney, her larger boob flesh slowly overwhelms Christina slightly perky boobs, causing significant discomfort for Christina. At times during the mutual breast rubbing, Britney traps one of Christina's boobs between her mass cleavage. When Christina tries to match this with her own cleavage trap on Britney's breast, she is eventually outmatched in this cleavage showdown. But Christina firmer nipples and breasts cause Britney sharp discomfort as well. When the showdown rubbing is face up nipple to nipple and rack firmness showdown, Christina eventually comes out on top. Eventually forcing Britney nips to bend and her breasts become concave a bit more than Christina's into their bodies.

Both women sense the stalemate. Their breasts have become almost painfully numb from the mutual punishment.

Christina, seeing this as an advantage by her rack standing up well against Britney's famous rack, is about to lay down the next sexfight challenge, but Britney one-ups her by saying: "Hey SLUT, lets go pussy to pussy, since your perky tits are definitely NOT up to the task against my treasure chest rack."

"Whatever WHORE!" Christina retorts. "My firm breasts have taken everything you can offer from those overrated cow udders. Now it's time to show how a REAL women uses her pussy to please a man!"

"Whatever SLUT! I'll be making you cum so much you're gonna faint! At the same time, my breasts will continue to flatten your perky tits!" Britney responds, as she slowly releases the bearhug to get her legs ready to scissor with Christina as a open challenge to pussy fight and breast fight at the same time.

"In your dreams WHORE!" Christina responds, exposing her pussy between her legs in kind. "You'll be begging for mercy as my pussy sucks yours dry, as my firm tits and nips do the continue torturing your saggy cow udders and weak nubs!"

"Let's scissor up SLUT, while keeping our bearhug titfight going at the same time. You'll soon find out soon who the REAL sex icon is...Britney Spears!!" Britney responds as they are about to connect.

"Bring it on, WHORE! We'll find out who really is THE female icon after tonight, which is Xtina Aguilera!" Christina retorts.

Both grunt in pain and pleasure as their pussies meet, while continuing their torturous stalemate bearhug titfight going. Neither sex icon wanting to back down, wanting to prove who's best at all costs. Now their ENTIRE bodies are at war! The crowd reaches yet another crescendo, as the Pop Icon sexfight reaches the next level...

Both pop singers are putting everything they can into this battle. As their legs scissor up and wrap around each other's thighs in V-formation. Each trying to get the top position with their pussies for better leverage. Their bearhug titfight continues, switching between rubbing, cleavage showdown, nipple fight, and true firmness. Each one trying to force the other into their advantage.

As the pain builds, so does the hatred between Britney and Christina, as both women start using their well-manicured nails to scratch each others back, causing more pain and red marks down each other back from the butts to the necks. As the groans and screams of pain became higher paced, both Britney and Christina start sending insults back and forth. Heads on each other shoulders screaming into each other's ears....

"Give it up SLUT!" Britney demands as you sense the pain and exhaustion. Scratch marks, bruises, and perspiration start spreading across her body.

"No way, you're the one losing it WHORE!" Christina responds, as the pain and fatigue also rings from her high pitched voice. Scratch marks, sweat and bruises building on her body.

Sensing the first orgasm cumming from Britney, Christina ups the ante by grabbing Britney's dirty blonde tresses high on the shoulders. Britney yelps but responds in kind, grabbing Christina's blonde tresses in kind. This hairpulling duel adds even more pressure between their breasts, forcing even more discomfort. It causes their chests to push forward even more, as their heads are pulled backward by the hair. Each screaming their vocal cords off, eyes closed. Britney and Christina looking toward the sky, both screaming in pain...

Down below, Britney senses she is on the verge, but she increases the pressure. Shifting her pussy in place with Christina's, pumping for all its worth. Christina responds in kind, knowing she is close as well. Although the winner must submit from exhaustion, both know that whoever forces the first orgasm will help them gain a psychological edge.

"You're gonna cum first WHORE!" Christina screams almost bragging at Britney through her own pain.

Britney can't hold it back anymore longer and concedes as she cums first onto Christina's snatch. "AHHHHHH!!….DAMN IT!! This is a war not a battle. I'll be standing alone when this is done!"

Britney orgasm vibrations causes Christina to cum and moan as well, "OHHHHH!!!" A few seconds later, she also spews her sex juices into Britney's crotch.

The crowd roars its approval, as Christina wins the first psychological round. Each exhausted they finally pull apart, nursing their wounds and recovering from the orgasmic releases.

Although almost as tired, Christina taunts Britney. "What's up CUNT? Couldn't take a good body to body sexfight showdown from a real SEX icon? You should just give up now!"

Britney retorts, regaining her energy. "Whatever SLUT! You came just after me. I'll be the one standing when this is OVER. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Besides, we all know who the crowd thinks has the BETTER body."

Britney works the already revved up crowd, shaking her large yet firm ass, rubbing her nipples, shaking her larger tits, and displaying her legs in provocative poses in the center the ring..

Christina responds defiantly. "Look at you WHORE? You just cummed first and you thing you're still hot shit? Whatever. I'll be standing at the end, just like now. Plus, we all know the crowd knows who has the BEST body!"

Christina walks toward the center of the ring shoves Britney out of the way, and starts her own provocative poses. Shaking her smaller firm ass, shaking firmer boobs, rubs her bigger nipples, and stretching her sexy legs. The crowd screams in excitement.

Britney shoves Christina and retorts. "You want a mid-match BEST BODY posedown? Bring it on! Pose for pose, body part to body part, asset to asset, I will prove Ms. Spears are the BEST! Let the crowd decide before we continue my eventual sexfight/catfight conquest." Britney knows she has a 60-40 fan advantage with the crowd, so she needs this to regain the psychological advantage.

Christina responds, not afraid of going heads up with Britney in any competition. "You're on SLUT! Legs, arms, chest, abs, pussies, hair, and facial beauty. This crowd will finally see a REAL woman and decide once we compare out assets side-by-side. That Xtina is the BEST! Just another thing to add before my sexfight/catfight triumph!"

Both women's battered bodies lineup side-by-side. Then they turn and face each other before the posedown. Nose-to-nose, face-to-face, nipple-to-nipple, breast-to-breast. Britney has an inch in height on Christina, so Christina must stand on her toes a little to lineup.

Britney states. "This posedown is my round, SLUT!" She pushes forward her larger chest into Christina's perky firm boobs.

Christina responds. "This posedown will prove just like how I made you cum first in the 1st round, people will see how OVERRATED your body is next to mine!" She pushes her rack forward as well, tighter with Britney. They are so close their foreheads and eyelashes are touching....

After a few seconds, the women eventually back away to begin the posedown. First category is facial beauty, despite the sweat on their faces and running makeup, both still have natural gorgeous natural looks. Side-by-side, they both smile than pucker their juicy lips in sexy face pose. From the crowd reaction, Britney gets the slight edge in this category 55-45. Britney smirks while Christina returns a cold stare. She's up 1-0.

Next are arms. Both lay their arms side by side and flex. Both are fit, with Britney have a bit more mass, but Christina more muscle. The crowd reaction shows about a 50-50 tie. Christina retorts. "Let's have an arm wrestling match to prove the MY arms are stronger WHORE!" "Sure. I'll easily down your puny arms!" Britney readily accepts thinking she can win. After a few minutes of straining stalemate, Christina surprisingly bring Britney wrist down to the mat. Britney is shocked by Christina's arm victory. Christina smirks and says, "It's tied up SLUT!"

Next are legs. They pose their legs side by side. Christina's legs are nice, but Britney's are more shapely and proportional. Crowd reaction gives Britney the victory, 65-35. Britney winks at Christina, "I'm up 2-1 SLUT!"

Next are asses. They both turn around and jiggle their asses towards the crowd. Both have nice asses, but Christina's is smaller and more firm, while Britney's is larger is and has a little softness. The crowd goes for Christina slightly, 53-47. Christina retorts, "All tied up again WHORE!"

Next is stomach abs. Both have great abs, very flat with some definition. The crowd ends up giving them another 50-50 tie. Britney challenges Christina, "Let's have a gut-punching contest, see if flabby abs can last SLUT!" Christina retorts, "Let's go WHORE! I'll knock your flabby abs to Jello, just like your flabby ass!" First they alternate punches, then go for simultaneous blows to each other abs. Neither one relents, until about a few minutes into the bout, when both fall at the same time from simultaneous blows. It's ends up a tie. Both are upset they couldn't a last a little longer than the other. The score is now 2-2-1.

Next are pussies. Britney has a slightly thicker bush with her dirty blonde hair, while Christina is neatly trimmed with the lighter blonde hair. From the earlier round, the pussy rubbing duel had caused some of the other's hair to mix into each other's crotches. Both are rubbing their hands around their pussy area. It's about to be a another 50-50 tie, until Christina sticks 2 fingers into her hole and the crowd surges toward Christina. Britney responds in kind to match, but whoever thought of that tactic first probably would've won, so Christina wins out 55-45 with the crowd. She is up 3-2-1.

Britney reacts, "Only a WHORE would do that to win."

Christina responds, "Anything it takes JEALOUS SLUT! That's what makes a me a REAL sex icon."

Next are breasts. Britney, knowing she has to win to force a test of strength tie breaker, immediately cups her larger boobs in her hands shakes them, then lifts them each up to her mouth to lick her nipples. Christina immediate responds in kind, but her perky boobs are just big enough for her nipples to reach her tongue. Then both shake their bare breasts at the crowd, with Britney's larger pair jiggling more Christina firmer set. Christina, sensing she is behind, then challenges Britney to a cleavage test, pushing her breasts together with her upper arms. Britney immediately responds, showing that she can create a bit more cleavage with her mass boob flesh. They each flex their boobs during this cleavage pose down. Crowd goes wild as they both sexily move their assets while pushing them together. In the end the crowd goes for Britney, 63-37. The tiebreaker is needed since it is 3-3-1.

Britney taunts, "Just couldn't handle my treasure chest ya JEALOUS WHORE!" As she shakes her larger boobs at Christina.

Christina retorts, "Whatever SLUT! Your overrated udders are still pathetic! Let's just do the test of strength to see who really has the BEST body!" Shaking her boobs back at Britney, not backing down. Then she brings her hands up for the test of strength. "Well you scared, SLUT?"

"Hell no WHORE. I'll take you perky body down!" Britney retorts, as she walks toward Christina, hands extended.

As their hands interlace, both dig their long fingernails into the back of each other hands, causing more screaming pain. First, Christina goes down to one knee. Then she gets back up and forces Britney down to one knee. Then Britney gets back up. Now both put all their efforts into winning this epic battle of mercy. Legs, arms, ass muscles. Eventually their arms fall down to their sides.

As they reach a stalemate, both divas realize they need to find another way to ware down their rival. As their arms come down, Britney begins pressing her larger boob rack against Christina's more perky set. Christina responds in kind, not backing down from Britney's chest, since she is proud of her own assets to take her to victory. At first, Christina's rack stands up well, but as fatigue sets in, Britney rack slowly overwhelms Christina's, as they both slowly fall to both knees.

This test of strength has eventually becomes a battle of breasts, since everything else evens out. Both women rub their boobs together, trying to overwhelm the others chest. Christina starts butting breasts, hoping her firmer rack can win out with this tactic. Britney responds in kind, knowing the tiebreaker has come down to this. Christina stands her ground for the 10 minute duration, but eventually Britney, tired and in pain, but not as much Christina, pins Christina on her back breast to breast, as Britney's boob mass finally wins out. The crowd erupts as Britney wins the tiebreaker and posedown.

Britney eventual gets up, massaging her treasure jugs. Her breasts are worn down and red, and only a bit better shape than Christina's rack. As Christina gets up holding her pained boobs. Britney taunts, "What do you think now SLUT!?!? I told you I had a BETTER body!"

"Whatever WHORE!" Christina responds, gaining her wind back, "You barely won even with this crowd in your slight favor. Now why don't we go back to who's the REAL sex icon. A sexfight to the end is how you'll find out that I'm the only REAL woman in this ring!"

"Fine SLUT! Let's go crotch-to-crotch, pussy-to-pussy, until you can't go any longer!" Britney responds.

"You're on WHORE! Just like how I made you orgasm first and won the pussy match in out body showdown, I'll pump and grind you and your pussy into submission!" Christina taunts standing in her corner, aiming her crotch at Britney in challenge. "Plus, I'm NOT done softening your saggy cow udders!" As Christina also cups her reddened, yet firmer, boobs at Britney.

"Bring it on SLUT! After tonight, you'll bed ridden for years." responds Britney, aiming her crotch forward in challenge, "Plus, you'll be back to a training bra with as much punishment your rack goes through against mine!" Britney cups her larger, yet reddened, orbs back at Christina.

Both women approach the center ring, ready for this next round. The crowd can't believe it's reached this far...

As the women approach, both sit down on the mat, spreading their legs, glaring daggers at each other. The loud cheering of the crowd almost ignored, as both women focus on the second sexfight showdown.

As they shift their legs over each other in V-interlock formation, Britney breaks the silence, "Just like I wore you down in the posedown, you'll be the one cumming first this time AgulWHORE!" as she rubs her pussy in taunting anticipation.

Christina retorts, "In your dreams SLUTney! Just like the first time, you're weakass pussy will be cumming like a banchee!" She rubs her pussy in defiant response.

Both slide closer together, leg over leg, rubbing their crotches tauntingly with their hands. Just before they are about to connect as the back of their pussy rubbing hands touch, Christina decides she wants some payback from the triumph Britney gained on her boobs during the previous test of strength.

"But first, time for some revenge from last round SLUT!" Christina suddenly reaches forward with both hands and grabs Britney's bare boobs in a punishing breast claw. Britney shrieks in surprise and pain as Christina sharp talons did into her larger supple boob flesh.

"This is for that pathetic stunt of turning our test of strength into titfight! How do those cow sacs feel now SLUT?!?!", Christina pulls Britney's boobs apart then pushing them together, while digging her manicured nails into her flesh. "I find no treasures here."

Britney shocked from Christina's move initially tries to pull her hands off her proud rack by hitting, scratching and grabbing at her wrists. "Let go you WHORE!". But it is to no avail, as Christina continues with a wry smile. Her torturous grip on her Britney's boobs is strong and unrelenting.

After a few seconds, Britney decides to fight fire with fire. So she sends her hands and talons forward onto Christina's firmer perky boobs. Christina now yelps in sudden pain, as the unsuspecting grab on her firmer breasts, forcing her to soften her grip on Britney's larger rack.

Britney, in little relief, yells in a pained voice, "You jealous WHORE! You want to claw tits? I'll rip your pathetic perky rack right off! Just like how I flattened them into submission!"

Christina responds and refocuses through the pain in her own breasts, "I'm gonna rip these cow sacs off and mount them on my wall next to my Grammies SLUT! I'll prove that my firmer boobs are BETTER! This a real test of stamina!"

Both are maintaining their sitting positions, leg over leg, but it has become an epic battle of whose rack can stand up the others torturous claws on each others' boobs. Each push the other's breasts together then pull apart, with the divas high pitched screams filling the arena. After a few minutes, the scratch marks on Britney's breasts turn to cuts, as blood starts appearing on Christina's nails around Britney's lighter colored boob flesh. Britney yelps, but increases the urgency in her own talons on Christina's tanner boob flesh. Seconds later, Britney nails cause blood to appear Christina breasts scratches. Both women scream and cry in pain as it appears they have reached a stalemate, as they both focus on damaging and scratching up the others assets with their well-manicured talons. Tears start falling from their watery eyes.

After a few minutes, Britney is slowly losing her grip and in retreat. Christina senses this, reenergized, and taunts, "What's wrong SLUTney? Cow sacs can't take it?"
It results that Britney's larger and softer boob flesh is an eventual disadvantage in this contest, as Christina has more flesh to grab and punish compared to Britney's grasps on Christina smaller firmer rack. In immense pain, Britney realizes she must change tactics. Feeling Christina's long erect brown nipples in her palms for some time, Britney switches grips and starts pinching her areolas and nips between her thumb and forefingers.

Christina suddenly shrieks as a sharp pain rushes from both her brown nubs. Her grip on Britney's rack softens as she Christina retreats a bit as well. Britney, with a renewed sense of hope, retorts, "Just like your perky boobs, your weak overrated brown nubs can't take a pinching AguilWHORE!" Britney pulls Christina's nips away from her areolas.

In horrific pain, Christina counters by finding Britney's smaller erect pink nipples in her palms. She starts pulling and pinching Britney's pink areolas and nips in kind. Britney yelps as well, as Christina responds in glazed pain, "Your cow sacs can't take it, now your small pink nips will follow SLUTney!"

The breast claw suddenly turns into a nipple pinching duel, as both women reach another short stalemate. Both women screaming while extending and punishing the other nips between their fingers. Slowly Christina's grip on Britney pink nips start weakening. Turns out the pain in her longer brown nips was becoming too immense that she can't reciprocate on Britney's pink nips. Britney, in a relief and less pain, recognizes Christina's retreat in the nipple pinching duel and taunts, "Can't take me in any tit battle, can you WHORE!?!?"

Christina is enraged by those comments, yet through all the pain, releases Britney pink nips, and decides to return to her breast claw on Britney's larger boob flesh to try to regain her advantage. Britney yelps in shock again, "Time to end this SLUTney! Your overrated jugs are mine!" Christina retorts, as she torturously return to mauling Britney boobs.

Britney, in blind pain, still counters by pinching and pulling Christina nips with EVEN more wrath and motivation. "Your pathetic nips are over AguilWHORE!"

It has now becomes nipple pinch versus breast claw war. Which assets can take more, Britney's larger boob flesh or Christina longer nipples? The crowd roars in anxious anticipation. For another 5 minutes the stalemate continues, both in immense pain but neither willing to give. Britney switches to nails on Christina nips to pinch to match Christina's talons on her boob flesh. Scratches, bruises, and blood stain covers each women racks. Neither has ever experienced such pain in their proud assets.

Eventually, both scream "ENOUGH!" and let go simultaneously. Each turn around, crying in tears of pain, holding and massaging their tortured boobs and nipples. Both Britney and Christina take a few moments to recover, as the crowd gives them a standing ovation.

After healing their breasts up a bit, Britney speaks, "It's about time you let go FIRST! Your pathetic brown nips were tearing apart in my talons WHORE!"

Christina retorts, "Whatever SLUT! Your cow sacs were turning into cottage cheese in my claws. That why YOU let go FIRST!".

"Yet despite your sneak attack, my larger treasure rack is still standing WHORE!" Britney challenges by shaking her tortured breasts and rubbing her pink nips to the crowd then at Christina, even though the tactic causes her some sharp pain now, but displaying her precious rack is still standing from despite her Christina's efforts.

Christina quickly responds, "Looks like my firmer boobs are still here SLUT! Just like these long nipples." As she shakes her firmer perky chest and rubs her nipples for the crowd and at Britney in kind despite her own strong pains, proving that her respectable rack has stood up to Britney's larger assets. The crowd is amazed by the women's' stamina after that torturous battle.

"Enough of this staging SLUT!" Christina snides, still rubbing her pained nipples, "Time to prove it, woman to woman. Stop stalling SLUTney!" She walks toward the center of the ring, sits down, legs open.

Britney quickly joins her also, still rubbing her breasts, and retorts, "WHATEVER AguilWHORE! You needed a useless sneak breast claw attack to avoid the showdown before when we were about to go. Seems to me your afraid that everyone will see who is the REAL sex icon...Britney Spears!"

"Whatever SLUTney!" Christina replies, as they scoot together leg over leg. "Time to prove you and everyone here who the sex icon REALLY is..Christina Aguilera!"

Wasting no time, their crotches connect and they start bumping with immense despise toward one another. Each with loud grunts and cold dagger staredown eye to eye. Britney and Christina seemingly ignoring the pain in their precious racks. The crowd erupts in gasping applause as the sudden beginning of the pussy-to-pussy sexfight ICON showdown...

The divas continue pumping their pussies at a feverish pace, each looking for an early advantage. Unlike the first showdown, this was all about the crotches, thighs, and pussies. As they continue the pumping, both Britney and Christina emits groans of pleasure and pain, as each slowly start feeling the orgasmic tide rise in their bodies.

To tighten the contact, both grab each others leg with one hand, pulling their crotches even tighter together. The tighter contact forces the pumping to turn to grinding and rubbing between their pussies, causing Britney's thicker dirty blonde bush to rub roughly against Christina trimmed lighter blonde bush, causing another sharp surge of pain between their crotches.

Christina yells, "This is all about our pussies SLUTney! In this real test of icon womanhood, my pussy is gonna grind your pathetic snatch into submission and suck it dry!" She lifts her ass in the air to gain better position, trying to get her pussy on top of Britney's.

"Whatever AguilWHORE!" Britney retorts, "Your weak cunt is gonna be cumming like a banchee by the time a real sex women's pussy when this is over!" Britney lifts her ass in the air to match Christina's tactic, then uses her other hand to lift her body even higher, giving her better leverage over Christina for the moment.

As Britney starts grinding at a faster rate, Christina quickly feels and sees she is at a disadvantage. So she also uses her other hand to lift her torso higher in the air. Now both young divas are at equal levels, as they grind their pussies together with reckless abandon. Christina also tightens her toned thighs around Britney, causing Britney to gasp in pain and slow a bit.

As she starts hearing Britney gasp, Christina taunts, "What's wrong SLUT? You about to feel the your orgasmic cum?"

Britney responds by tightening her slightly larger thighs around Christina. Christina gasps in sharp pain and slows her pussy grinding a bit. Britney retorts, "What's up WHORE? Can't handle real pussy beatdown?!?!"

Christina tightens her legs even more. Britney responds in kind, as they each tighten their leg grips. Each diva holding their bodies up with one hand while seemingly connected at their crotches. Each woman's incredibly conditioned bodies being stained to the ultimate limits.

As both Britney and Christina feel the orgasmic surge quickly approach, the grinding becomes slower and more selective, each trying to save their energy for a final grind to force the other to cum. As fatigue sets it, both try to hold back their orgasm as long as they can, trading pumps and grinds. Their pussy lips and bushes are in constant contact, so each movement brings them closer to the edge. Britney's dirty blonde pubes mixing even more with Christina light blond pubes.

For a few minutes, the women trade selective sequence of pumping grinds. First Britney, than Christina, than a simultaneous thrust. The feminine groans of pleasure and pain accompany each successive crotch thrust. After a particular simultaneous thrust, both Britney and Christina feel their pussies vibrate a little. A sign that they each are right on the cusp of cumming. Unable to hold it back anymore, both know the next thrust could be it.

Christina taunts confidently, "I feel your weak pussy quivering SLUTney! Looks like your about cum like a waterfall, just like last time!" As she preps for the potential final pussy thrust.

Britney taunts back, "That was your pathetic snatch shaking AguilWHORE! After the next pussy-to-pussy thrust, you're gonna find out whose womanhood is queen!" As she prepares for the final epic clash.

"Whatever SLUT!" Christina responds, "After this last thrust, I'll be standing proud!"

"Bring it on WHORE!" Britney replies.

Britney and Christina tighten their thighs, lift their asses as high off the mat as they physically can, and lift their bodies with their hand to get the best leverage possible. To emphasize the vial hatred and rivalry between them, both let go of the other legs reach over with their other hand to grab the other's now slickened blonde tresses causing yet another rush of pain.

"Be prepared to go down again, SLUTney!!" Christina yells.

"You're going down this time, AguilWHORE!!" Britney responds.

Each woman simultaneously sends the strongest thrusts they can while screaming the insults "WHORE!" and "SLUT" at each other. Their pussy lips have pretty much sealed together from all the grinding. Each scream in mind-numbing pleasure and pain. Amazingly, both start cumming at the exact SAME time, literally flooding each other's snatch with the orgasmic explosion. Both Britney and Christina collapse to the mat, almost fully exhausted from the energy release. The crowd screams in rush of excitement, but not knowing who came first. Both divas loosen their legs and roll over the mat, each of their pussies still convulsing, pulsing, and cumming a little, in what was probably the biggest orgasms of the young ladies' lives. Cum almost covering each other's torsos and thighs.

After a few moments, both women regain some of their strength. The crowd giving them both a standing ovation. Both Britney and Christina know the orgasms were pretty much simultaneous, but definitely feel they made the other spew more cum than the other.

"I told I'd make your pathetic pussy cum like a banchee WHORE! What a sorry excuse for a woman you are!" Britney taunts defiantly.

"Whatever SLUT!" Aguilera defiantly retorts, "Everyone knows most of this cum was spewed by your weak ass snatch! What a sorry excuse you are for a female! In fact, I'm gonna take this stuff and use it as lather to rub down my real set of FIRM boobs in a victory dance for the crowd!" Christina slowly wipes the cum off her thighs with her hands and rubs it over her perky firm rack. Driving the crowd crazy.

Britney quickly retorts, "You're in sorry denial WHORE! We all know who the REAL winner is. Most of this cum came form your pathetic pussy! This is my deserved lather of rewards." Britney wipes the cum from her torso and rubs it on her larger breasts, turning the crowd into more of a frenzy.

As both do their dueling victory dances for the crowd, they are about to leave ignoring each other, confident in accepting their victory....until someone throws a double-headed dildo toward the ring. It lands in the center. Upon seeing this, the crowd starts chanting for an encore and another level of their epic SEX ICON showdown. Britney and Christina stare down at the double-headed dildo than at each other, knowing in the back of their minds that their was not a clear victor. They know they MUST take this showdown the ULTIMATE level, to prove who is the REAL female icon of this era.

Britney speaks, "Are you ready to REALLY connect AguilWHORE? Or are you scared to screwed by a REAL ICON!?!?"

Christina retorts, "Bring it on SLUTney! When this is done, that dildo will be permanent STUCK in your pathetic pussy by a REAL woman!!!".

Both walk slowly toward the center of the ring, hair frazzled. Their slicked down bodies covered with sweat, bruises, scratches, and still some cum from their last amazing showdown. Both reach down and grab an end of the dildo. They then move closer, holding the dildo, it what looks to be the FINAL staredown. Breast to breast, nose-to-nose, and nipple-to-nipple.

Christina confidently says, "After this, only ONE woman is walking out of here conscious Ms. Spears, and that is gonna be the SEX ICON queen Christina Aguilera, you naive SLUT!"

Britney mockingly retort, "Ignorant as always Ms. Aguilera. After this, the only way you are leaving this ring is on a stretcher, while the ONE and ONLY Britney Spears gains the crown of SEX ICON, WHORE!"

The crowd rises in ultimate excitement at the trash talk and event they are about to witness. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in the ultimate test of female pride and womanhood...

The divas continue their staredown, undaunted, and equally confident of proving themselves. Although their bodies have been battered, tested, and punished to unforeseen levels, they both know neither can backdown now...

The crowd surges to their feet toward the ring in rockish anticipation for what they are about to witness. Only in their wildest dreams did they think it could come to this. A sense of nervous anticipation crosses through the divas minds, knowing the winner of the SEX ICON crown must force the loser to ultimate submission and exhaustion.

After a long silence, Christina confidently states, "This is it SLUTney! In a few moments, my womanhood and pussy muscles are gonna drive this dildo so far into your snatch, you'll be begging for mercy!"

Britney defiantly responds, "Whatever AguilWHORE! Once my pussy muscles take control of this dildo, you'll be in so much blind pain as a REAL woman makes you surrender!"

Still holding the 8-inch double headed dildo, both sit down on the mat, spreading their legs in V-formation, continuing their staredown, never losing eye contact. Both holding the dildo over each other heads, Britney and Christina try to wrest away control, both wanting to insert their end of the dildo first into their waiting pussies.

"Let go of my dildo SLUTNEY!" Christina demands.

"You let go AGUILWHORE! This will be my dildo and I should get to insert it first! Britney retorts.

"Whatever SLUT! This dildo will be mine, but let's insert it at the same time and see whose pussy can take their side whole. Or is the little Brit scared her weak snatch can't handle a REAL set of cunt muscles?" Christina challenges

"I'm game WHORE! You'll be moaning from the start once you feel the power of a REAL woman!" Britney responds.

With that, both women bring the dildo down to their crotches. They insert the end into their pussy holes. Subtle moans escapes their mouths from the first feeling of the object inside of their cunts. Immediately, both tighten their pussy muscles around to hold it in place. They scoot together closer together, leaving only 1 inch of the dildo exposed.

Britney takes the first thrust, pumping the dildo into Christina. "OHHHH!", moans Christina, not expecting
Britney's pre-emptive move. "Get used to that WHORE!" Britney taunts.

Christina quickly responds with her own thrust. Britney gasps "AHHHHHHH!", as she feels the dildo move inside her.

"You were saying SLUT?" Christina retorts.

Eventually, the dildo pumping begins in earnest, as Britney and Christina secure their cunt grips around the dildo as strong as they can. As they alternate thrusts, the dildo slides back and forth between their pussies. Each move forward, trying to force the dildo further into their hated rival. Soon, the dildo disappears from view, completed enclosed inside their crotches. Now their cunts as close enough where Britney's thicker darker blonde bush starts brushing against Christina's trimmer lighter blonds bush, while the dildo moves between them.

Successive gasps and moans fill the ring as the divas quickly start feeling the orgasmic pleasure rush rise in their bodies. The pain increase in their crotches as the pumping increases at a faster pace.

" stupid SLUT!", Christina screams, as she feels her first orgasmic cum release approaching.

" you cum you ignorant WHORE!", Britney taunts, knowing Christina is on the verge, even though she's not that far behind.

"OHHHH you whore, I'm cumming!!!!", yells Christina as she orgasms first. Spewing cum over Britney's snatch.

"YEEEEESSSS!!!" Britney celebrates then groans, "AHHHH!", as her pussy orgasms closely afterward on Christina pussy area.

Both women fall to their backs trying to recover, still connected at the dildo. Few moments later, Britney sits up and taunts, "Ready to submit WHORE? I made you cum first with this double dildo like a REAL sex icon! Time to finish you off Ms. Aguilera!"

"Whatever SLUT! I'm far from done!" Retorts Christina. She immediate rises and starts pumping the dildo into Britney, vowing to not lose the next round. "You're going down this time Ms. Spears!"

"AHHHH!!!" Britney gasps but quickly responds in kind, pumping away as thrusts the dildo back. "You're pussy is pathetic WHORE!"

Both divas start pumping like crazy, the pain in their snatches reaching unbearable levels. As the second orgasmic climax approaches, Britney is closer to the edge as her pussy lips start quivering. Although she is on the verge as well, Christina senses this and adds a few more dildo thrusts to put Britney over the top.

"OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!!" Britney moans, as she orgasms again, releases more cum between her and Christina cunts.

"YEAAAH....What's wrong SLUT? Can't take it?" Christina taunts, then moans herself as she orgasms, mixing her cum mix with Britney's again. Get ready to submit Ms. Spears!"

Britney enraged, "Not this time WHORE! You're gonna feel the true power of womanhood now!" Instead of resting, Britney goes right back at Christina, initiating another dildo thrusting duel.

Christina responds, "Fine SLUT, let's keep going to the ultimate finish!", as she equally pumps the dildo with equal rates.

Both women are pumping with amazing stamina, seemingly ignoring the pain rising in their amazing bodies, especially their crotches. The dildo violently moves back and forth between their pussies, both tirelessly using their crotch muscles to desperately keep control of the dildo. As the 3rd climax is reached, both start moaning in high pitched voices.

"OHHHHHH!!!.....AHHHHHH!!!!", Britney moans.

"AHHHHH!!!,,,,OHHHHH!!!:, Christina gasps.

Each diva realizes they are about to orgasm at the SAME time again, like before. As they release cum, both their bodies seemingly vibrate and stiffen simultaneously, as their cum liquids mix upon release. Both women collapse to the mat in unthinkable exhaustion screaming in more pain than pleasure now, yet still connected at by the double-headed dildo. The crowd's excitement has turned to surreal shock. Amazed that each of these divas have gone this far prove their sec iconism. After a few minutes to recover again, both Britney and Christina sit up. Although their crotches are in amazing pain, neither wants to rub the pain away, not wanting to show any sign of weakness to their rivals...

As they sit up and make eye contact, Britney says, "This is it AguilWHORE! Time to finish WOMAN-TO-WOMAN!"

Christina nods, "Bring it on SLUTney. My body against yours to show which woman is the real SEX ICON...Christina Aguilera!" As they move closer together.

Britney vehemently retorts, "That will be Britney Spears' name on the crown, you ignorant WHORE!" Preparing for the final showdown.

"Bring it on SLUT!" Christina screams.

As the dildo pussy pumping begins, as if by hidden signal, both reach forward and grab each others blonde tresses behind their heads. While pumping below, they begin a hairpulling duel, causing both scream in even more pain. This causes their angelic boobs to brush against each other again. As the epic showdown reaches it ultimate finish, both Britney and Christina want to bring in all their female assets to prove once and for all who's the BEST woman. Pumping the dildo between their pussies, pulling hair, they both bring their breasts into battle again. They start butting breast and violently rubbing their boob flesh and flicking stiff nipples together in the ultimate final rack show.

The hairpulling becomes so intense that each start pulling strands out of the back of each other's head, as their dark blonde and light blond strands slowly fall to the ground, causing both women to shriek when their hairs are pulled. Down the dildo thrusting duel below has become more physical battle of the pussies than sexual now. All the previous orgasms have sucked both Britney and Christina almost fully empty of their sexual cum juices.
As both women reach immense pain, another epic stalemate is reached. Both Britney and Christina realize they must consider another tactic to win this SEX ICON showdown.

Through her watery eyes, Christina looks down toward the dildo pumping duel below and see Britney's thick dark blonde bush pubes around her pussy. As they continue their battle, Christina releases Britney's hair from her shoulders. Unaware what's going on, Britney sees this as Christina slowly quitting and signs in slight joy and relief.

Instead, Britney feels another sharp jolt of pain from her pussy area. To her shock, Christina had dropped one of her hands toward Britney's pussy area and started pulling and ripping on her thicker dark blonde pubes. Britney responds in kind, opening her watery eyes to locate Christina trimmer lighter blonde bush in he pussy area and starts pulling as well to match. But since Christina's pussy hair is neatly trimmed, Britney is unable to match the level of pain Christina is doing on her thicker pussy hair. After a few moments, both start hurling insults toward each other through the incredible pain.

"YOU'RE GOING DOWN SLUTNEY SPEARS!!!!", Christina screams.


Both women are about to reach the ultimate thresholds of pain, one of their bodies is about to submit. Both women keep moaning in pain trying to hold their bodies until the end. Slowly pumping the dildo between their pussies, pulling each others' hair and pubes with their hands, rubbing and banging their boobs and nipples together. After one final simultaneous pull at each other's pussy hair pubes with their hands, one of the divas bodies finally falls in silent submission. This divas' body couldn't take anymore and falls into unconsciousness, while the victors slowly falls on top in imminent exhaustion and relief.

After a few moments, the exhausted diva on top sits up, opens her watery red eyes, and lifts her hand to the crowd. They scream in excitement, awe, and shock as they can finally crown a FEMALE POP SEX ICON. The PA announcer speaks,

"And the winner and crowned FEMALE SEX ICON of the MILLENIUM....CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!!"