Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears (I) by anonymous (Nov 1999)

These two pop stars went at it in an all out apartment catfight. They decided to go at it in bikini's Britney in a pink and Christina in a green. The match begins as each girl circles the other slowly. Christina is a little more cautious because this was her first match as opposed to Britney's two. The two blonde beauties inching closer and closer feigning little moves back and forth.

Surprisingly Christina struck first, lashing out with a fast open hand slap across Britney's right cheek. Britney's head jerked violently left her blonde hair flying all over. Christina was quick to act on her surprising move grabbing Britney's head and pulling it to her side in a firm headlock. Christina paraded Britney around the room like a trophy taunting her the whole time.

"Come on baby is this all you got??"

Christina was so caught up in her own actions she paid little attention to Britney until she felt a burning in her crotch and shrieked in pain. Looking down she say Britney's hand firmly grasping her crotch.

"OUUUUUUUU let go bitch!!!!"

Christina released her grip on Britney and tried to pull away from the crotch claw. As Britney was released she came up hard with an uppercut connecting firmly on Christina's jaw sending her stumbling backwards into the corner. Christina lay against the wall her head ringing, she looked up in time to see Britney's body flying at her. The two collided slamming Christina hard into the corner moaning in pain. Britney quickly grabbed Christina's tits in her hands and squeezed them for all they were worth. Christina howled in pain as Britney laughed at the pain she was inflicting.

Christina sobbed loudly her tits felt like they were about to come off!! She did the only thing she could think of and punched Britney square in the left tit. Britney yelped in pain as her tit was mashed against her ribcage, but she had no time to recover and Christina slammed fist after fist in Britney's firm pride. Now it was Britney's turn to cry as Christina began to unload on her tits bruising them all over. Quickly Christina had turned the tables, backing Britney into the opposite wall she grabbed her bikini top and yanked it off revealing Britney's black and blue orbs.

Britney leaned against the wall her bruised and exposed tits screaming with pain, "Please Christina no more!!!!!"

Britney pleaded for mercy from her blonde tormentor but got none. Christina unloaded a fist square into Britney's left nipple and was rewarded with a scream of agony from Britney. Christina was going for the ultimate victory. She wanted to do what almost every girl in America wanted to do, destroy Britney Spears tits. Christina squeezed and twisted Britney's nipples with her fingers as Britney moaned and tears ran down her face.

"Give up you fucking slut!!!" demanded Christina.

Sobbing Britney slid slowly down the wall wailing loudly as her breasts were crushed. As Britney fell the final foot to the floor she kicked out straight as hard as she could and caught Christina firmly between the legs. Christina wailed like an injured animal, she had never been kicked in the crotch and was now in the most intense pain in her life. A few feet away Britney was in no better condition, still crying she cupped her aching tits trying to catch her breath. Both girls lay on the floor for what seemed like hours breathing deeply massaging their aching bodies. Britney's chest burned with every heaving breath while Christina's legs felt like Jell-O. Christina was the first to rise shakily getting to her feet approaching the still downed Spears.

"You fucking bitch that hurt!!!!"

Christina kicked out slamming her foot into the side of Britney's head. Britney's head slammed into the wall with a sickening thud. She cried out as her head was smashed into the wall. Christina then wrapped her legs around Britney's body pressing her chest into Britney's back. Christina them slammed on the pressure while her expert hands once again attacked Britney's chest. Britney shrieked in pain at this new attack and began sobbing uncontrollably.

"I give please stop!!!!!! Please I give!!!!" Britney sobbed out until Christina finally released the hold.

"That was pretty easy bitch, next time I'll really show you who the star is."
Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears (II) by Shiai (Nov 1999)

One of the problems with fame is that you often find yourself getting just what you asked for.

At first glance, this might not seem like such a bad thing. But think about it...imagine literally having your wishes come true, no matter if you really want them to or not. Picture yourself having to guard against everything you say, for fear that someone will take your offhand remark literally and make it a reality.

Adult celebrities tend to learn to tame such impulses, lest some nearby sycophant take it as gospel. But famous youngsters usually forget to think before they speak.

And so it was with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Both teenaged pop superstars, neither one yet old enough to vote, shot to overnight stardom by mining the same vein of bubblegum music. It's not all that surprising that their styles and careers mirror one another so closely; both have followed the same basic strategy for success, beginning with acting stints on "The Mickey Mouse Club." In those earlier, more innocent days, they might have even become friends but for their over-protective managers and agents who jealously kept the budding ingenues isolated from their costars, lest they be tainted by "commoners." As a result, Christina and Britney grew up vaguely hostile to one another, without ever really knowing why.

When Britney hit the top of the charts first, it wasn't difficult to elicit some catty remarks from a still-struggling Christina. Inevitably, these verbal jabs found their way to Britney's ear. And when Christina's debut album began to out-sell Britney's, the flow of petty insults was reversed.

None of this is a new phenomenon...highly competitive women have been sinking daggers into one another for many thousands of years. And it usually leads to nothing more vicious than a snub or two being reported in public. Unless, of course, the circumstances are right for something far more vicious....

And so it was that both Christina and Britney found themselves staying at the same hotel in Manhattan on the same day. And it wasn't a good day for either of them, with a dozen little frustrations slowly bringing their Pop Princess tempers to a boil. Knowing full well that the other was staying under the same roof, they began to aim their frustrations at the other.

When Britney's breakfast wasn't brought up to her room quickly enough, she complained loudly that the kitchen must be backed up trying to fill the order of, "that fat ass!" And when Christina learned that a particularly handsome limo driver she preferred wasn't available to chauffeur her around the Big Apple later that day because he had already been retained by Spears, she grumbled darkly of a, "conspiracy" and complained, "I saw him first."

At some point, both girls remarked rather forcefully that she would like nothing better than to kick the other's derriere.

Enough said.

Each camp's hangers-on scrambled to fulfill their queen's edict. Arrangements were quickly made to secure an empty suite for the fight, and the overzealous flunkies ran back to relay the good news.

Suffice to say, neither Christina nor Britney were anxious to have any sort of confrontation with one another. Trash-talking is one thing, but an actual fight is something else altogether.

But then the obvious was pointed out to each of them: The other would probably show up, declare her no-show rival a coward, and spread the word throughout the media. Suddenly, pride...and their marketable celebrity status...was on the line.

As a result, both Britney and Christina steeled themselves for the showdown. Each had a plan, hoping to crank up the attitude and intimidate the other into turning tail and scurrying away. Actually, it was just a hope, not a plan. But it was the best they had.

Accompanied by their loyal camps for moral support, the two teenagers met in the center of the large suite's main room. Each screwed on her best "bad ass" facial expression and, in menacing tones, began insulting one another. They punctuated their slurs with shoves to the other's shoulder. All in all, it was rather comical, yet neither was willing to back down.

Then, for some unknown reason, both crossed the threshold together. In the same instant, they went for each other's hair, and began to yank and tug one another across the floor.

In between the pained squeals came more profanity-laced insults and demands of "let go!".

This awkward tableau continued for more than two minutes before Britney tried another tactic. She hooked her foot behind Christina's leg and pushed her backwards. The desired effect was achieved, with Christina falling haplessly to the floor. Unfortunately for Britney, she failed to realize that, with the blonde still firmly holding her own long locks, she was going down with her.

Both girls hit the carpeted floor with a thud. And then suddenly, like wildcats, they began rolling across the floor, hissing and scratching. It was a feral display that shocked and horrified the spectators.

There was certainly no grace or skill in their combat. Neither pampered pet had ever been in an actual fight before. Yet, instinctively, crudely, they knew what to do to hurt the other.

Before long, Christina found herself on top, straddling her squirming foe. For the first time, her savageness gave way to a more calculated attack: Striking at Britney's ego!

"Well, well, well," Christina cooed. "Let's see if me can deflate these K-Mart Blue Light Special boobs of yours."

And with that, she sank her claws into Britney's left breast and squeezed and began peppering her other fist into the brunette's right orb. Britney let out an guttural roar that was part agony, part rage. With a Herculean burst of energy, she rolled over and pushed her tormentor off of her.

Bellowing, "THEY'RE REAL!!!" Britney went berserk!

Christina had pushed the wrong button, the one guaranteed to drive her rival blindly insane...much to the blonde's immediate regret.

In fact, Christina had reason to regret her blonde locks at this particular moment, as they were the focus of Britney's attack.

"That's funny," Britney said. "I don't remember you being a blonde back in Orlando."

Grabbing the flaxen tresses close to the scalp, Britney began tearing large handfuls of black-rooted hairs out of her screaming rival's head! "Oh lookie, there's your real color!"

The searing pain was too much for Christina to take, and she screamed for Britney to get away from her. With a smug sneer, Britney stood up, gave Christina a swift kick to the ribs, and hobbled back to her waiting entourage and headed back to her penthouse suite. She didn't look like much of a winner: scratches and bruises marred her skin, her hair was matted, her clothes ripped. Black mascara trails ran down her cheeks from the tears of pain she had cried. But she seemed to radiate the glow of a champion!

As for Christina, soon as she had collected herself, she snapped an order to a waiting flunky.

"Get me someone who can teach me how to fight! That 'Stone Cold' guy, or someone. Then get me Spears!"