"Invisible": Jessica Alba vs. Pam Anderson by Raccoon

Jessica Alba stopped at the door to gather herself; what she was about to do might not end well for her. But she felt that there was no other way. She inhaled through her nose and exhaled through her mouth trying to calm down. The young woman was dressed in her Invisible Woman costume.

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Not only did it look good on her, it was in fact very comfortable. The costume fit snuggly on her body, so snuggly that it didn't hide anything. But then again she had nothing to hide. She recalled how the tight costume had at first made her very self-conscious but after some encouraging words from others she had realized that she had no reason to feel insecure - she looked great in it! She smiled as she remembered how her male costars on the other hand had to wear padding under their costumes to be comfortable.

Today Jessica looked even better than when she had first donned the costume. She had always been in great shape but lately she had trained hard and managed to add some size and a lot of definition to her muscles. It was something she had wanted to do ever since Flipper but she had been discouraged to train too hard as muscles on a woman would not appeal to the masses. Or that was what she had been told. Not even as the Dark Angel had she been allowed to train. "I don't want to look like a bodybuilder," she had said, "I just want some definition; I want to look my part!" But the answer had been no. But thankfully things were changing - today women could show muscles and not be scorned; Jessica Biel was a good example of this. Strength training was not all Jessica had done; she had also taken extra training in unarmed combat. She might not yet be a martial artist, but at least she looked like she could go toe-to-toe to with a genetically enhanced ninja-assassin-killer-cyborg-maniac. She was so hoping for more physical action as the Invisible Woman in the next Fantastic Four movie...

And that thought reminded her of why she was here today...something, or rather someONE, threatened her future as the Invisible Woman!

"Okay, here we go," she thought. Her hearth began beating faster as she opened the door. Inside the room was an impatient Pamela Anderson...dressed as her character in the Superhero Movie - the Invisible Girl.

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* * * * *
Jessica closed the door behind her. She said nothing; she just stared at the questioning busty blond. Pam's costume was very similar to Alba's with a few exceptions of which the most obvious was that Anderson's costume was open in the front showing her ample breasts.

The reason Jessica had arranged for Pamela to be here was that she had heard rumors that Pam had enjoyed being the Invisible Girl so much that she wanted to replace Jessica as the Invisible Woman in the next Fantastic Four movie. And that was naturally unacceptable for Jessica! She now had a plan...a ridiculous plan some might say, but a plan nonetheless.

Jessica had prepared herself in advance and dug up all the information she could find on her unsuspecting adversary. They were about the same height, even though face to face Pam appeared taller...but that was due to the stiletto heels on her boots. "And I had to wear these low heels so that I wouldn't be too tall next to the men," Jessica thought bitterly.

According to Jessica's sources Pam was 20 pounds lighter which was hard to believe...considering the mass up on her chest. Pam looked fit...more muscular than Jessica had expected, again something that made Jessica doubt that the info about Pam's weight was correct - muscles weight more than fat. It was impossible to believe that all Pam did to stay in shape was yoga. "Yeah, right!" Jessica thought, "An Biel played chess in preparation for Blade!"

Pam looked tougher than expected but Jessica had no doubt she would prevail.

"Do you know why I'm here," the unsuspecting Pamela asked, "my agent told me to be here, in costume and all."

Jessica locked the door before she replied, "I've heard that you want to take my part in the next Fantastic Four movie," Jessica made her best to sound confident, "that you want to be the Invisible Woman."

"You're right," Pam replied, "I think I look more like the real Invisible Woman-"

"No you don't!" Alba snorted, "First off, you're too old...but that doesn't matter. I'm here to 'persuade' you to forget the notion."

"Pray tell, how are you going to accomplish that?"

"Simply, I'm gonna kick your ass," Jessica said.

"Really?" Pam looked amused, " *You* are going to kick *my* ass?" As she spoke she flexed her arms. Pam was known for showing off her arms - the internet was full with pictures and videos of her flexing. Jessica had seen them all and yet she was shocked as Pam's arms looked even more powerful in real life than in the pictures. Pam's cut arms were most definitely larger than her own. Jessica went visibly pale, had she bit off more than she could chew?

Pam could not help but grin. "You do know that you don't really have any superpowers?" Pam said, walking confidently up to Alba, "You're not a superheroine...just an actress..."

"I could say the same thing about you," Jessica growled taking a fighting stance, "You overrated blond bimbo!"
* * * * *
Jessica had thought that thanks to her martial arts training it would be fairly easy to dominate the older actress. She had found nothing on the internet that would have indicated that Pam could fight. Sure, she had nice muscles but those were just for show. As Jessica was about to find out the information found on the net is not always accurate or up to date...

"You're old!" Jessica said punching Pam, "Too old! And too out of shape!" Pamela dodged the blow but while doing so she ended right in front of Jessica's knee that sunk into Pam's abdomen. "And you're not beautiful enough!" A fist to Pam's side.

"Just admit that I am the Invisible Woman...and you want nothing to do with it," Jessica said watching Pam grimace in pain, "then I don't have to beat you and we can both go home."

"Too late," Pam said, "there will be a beating today... And as everybody else who has challenged me...since Baywatch times, you will be begging for mercy!"

Jessica saw it coming, but couldn't react fast enough. She saw Pamela turn to her right, pivot on her left foot and while swiveling around she saw Pam's right foot raise up and bend slightly and then extend with incredible speed and power. She saw Pam's foot hit her chin; luckily it was the front of the foot and not the sharp heel that hit. Jessica didn't register the pain; part of her mind was trying to figure out how Pam was able to perform the kick in those high heels, the other part was marveling how good she looked doing it.

As Jessica crashed against the wall she was trying to figure out the name of the kick...spinning kick, no, it was a spinning hook kick. With that realization came the pain.

Suddenly Pam was in front of her. Jessica put up her hands and arms to protect herself from the inevitable blows. But Pam's blows could not be blocked as they rained down on Jessica's midsection. It became clear that Pam's muscles were not just for show! The power in each blow was incredible and Jessica knew she couldn't take this for long. Despite the pain she could not help wondering how strong the blond had been in her prime?

Jessica had lately been training, mostly for fun, with Jessica Biel [as mentioned in the story Lacey Chabert vs. Alexandra Paul]. And as everybody knows, Biel's tough. It's no surprise that Alba's proud that she was able to win seven out of ten matches against Biel these days. And now she was getting pummeled all too easily by this blond muscle babe.

Pam stopped the beating and grinned, "Please, don't hurt me!" she mocked, "Oh please Jessica, you're too strong and tough for me!" She took a few steps back and performed a perfect side kick that dropped Jessica to the floor.

"I can see that you've been training - you're no longer that skinny girl you used to be," Pamela said, "I like that - you look good! Maybe after I'm finished kicking your ass we can have some fun together..."

While Pam was talking Jessica was recovering. Suddenly Jessica wrapped her legs around Pam's ankles and twisted, toppling (the top heavy) blond. Like a jungle cat Alba was up and pounced on Anderson. Her knee sunk in between Pam's legs while a punch hit the blond woman's jaw. As Pamela saw stars it was now Jessica's turn to let loose. " *I* am the Invisible Woman!" she screamed as her punches hit Pam's head and upper body.

The savage beating only ended when Pam managed to catch Jessica's hands with her own. Try as she might, Jessica couldn't get her hands free from Pam's viselike grip. Desperately she decided to push down and trap Pam's arms against the floor. The muscles on Jessica's arms and shoulders bulged as she tried to pin Anderson... but this didn't work either and at this point the fight turned into a wrestling match.

For several minutes Invisible Girl and Invisible Woman rolled around on the floor - two strong, beautiful women fighting for dominance. They were quite evenly matched, a fact that surprised both of them. After a while Jessica had to admit that her opponent was stronger, not by much but stronger nonetheless. That she could have dealt with, but when it became evident that Pam was also slightly the better fighter, Jessica knew that this would end badly.

Soon Pamela had Jessica in a strange hold that prevented Jessica from moving at all. Jessica's mighty muscles had been conquered by even more powerful muscles.

"So," Pam puffed. "Who’s the Invisible Woman?" She squeezed with her impressive legs making Jessica to scream in pain.

"You," Jessica cried.

"What? I didn't hear you!"

"YOU!!" Jessica cried. "You…you’re the one…the only…Invisible Girl…Woman…whatever!"

"Not even close," a beautiful voice said from behind. Pam turned her head and was instantly stunned. Jessica didn't know what had happened but when she felt Pam's hold relax she immediately broke free. Jumping up on her feet she turned to face the door...and froze at the sight of a divinely beautiful young woman standing in the doorway.

So enthralled by the woman's beauty were they that neither noticed she was also dressed in a Fantastic Four costume; but her material was different - it looked like it was painted on her and didn‘t just show every inch of her flawless body, it appeared to showcase it!

The woman was simply perfect! Perfect blond hair, perfectly shining blue eyes, a playful (and perfect) smile on her lips...and even the white teeth that were visible between the lips were perfect! Her skin was smooth and...well, perfect. And the girl's body...it would be an understatement to call it 'perfect'...it was simply divine! Neither Pam nor Jessica could take their eyes off the woman.

"I’ve been watching this travesty long enough," the young woman said with a voice that sounded like angles singing. “It's time to put an end to it!" She walked up to the two still stunned women. Even her walk was perfect, graceful and confident. "Unfortunately neither of you is the Invisible Woman or the Invisible Girl for that matter! Not at least the way you behave!" She stopped a few steps away from Jessica and Pamela, putting her hands on her hips, "Time to show you your place!"

* * *

A moment later heavy thuds, footsteps perhaps, could be heard from the other side of the door. The door opens and a huge, orange rock-like head peeps in, "There you are Suzie. We've been looking for you through half the known realities. You can't just take the dimensional transp…"

The "thing" stops talking and looks at the two women on the floor, "What's going on?"

"It's OK, Ben," the woman said. "I had something I needed to take care of. We can go now - I'm done." She looks at Pam and Jessica, telling their unconscious bodies, “But I'll be back if you continue to demean my name!"

With that the REAL Susan Storm - the Invisible Woman - left the room. The way the nipples on her perfect breasts were pointing forward it was clear she had enjoyed dominating the actresses. The Thing remained for a moment, looking at the two women with a questioning look, then quickly followed the Invisible Woman.