Jessica Alba vs. Manuela Arcuri by Mr. Chris

The arena crowd eagerly awaits the start of this match between two evenly matched opponents. The announcer starts making the introductions, “Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner, from Latina, Italy, standing 5’9” and weighing 130 pounds; she measures a majestic 36-25-38…MISS MANUELA ARCURI! The raven-haired Manuela steps out from her corner dressed in a skimpy white bikini, which displays her curvaceous figure and robustly ripe breasts, which threaten to burst out of the containing fabric. She is absolutely gorgeous – yet another in Italy’s seemingly endless supply of the most beautiful women in the world – spellbindingly stunning in both face and figure.

“And her opponent, from Pomona, California, standing 5’7” and weighing 127 pounds, with measurements of 35-24-35, she is…JESSICA ‘The Dark Angel’ ALBA!” The sultry, big-eyed American actress confidently smiled and raised her arms to accept the applause of her fans. The young brunette wore a black-bikini that showed off her tan and toned body to good effect.

The introductions completed, the bell clanged and the match began. Manuela began the proceedings by slowly taking off her bikini top, revealing those large luscious Mediterranean melons. She smiled at Jessica, implicitly daring her to do the same. Without missing a beat, Jessica – staring Manuela right in the eye – proceeded to remove her top as well and cast it aside. Jessica’s boobs, while not as big as Manuela’s, were perfectly classic in shape and appeal, of the sort that many would prefer over the Italian’s.

“You Americans,” Manuela sighed and shook her head. “You just never seem to have it – up HERE!” she sneered, cupping her heavy breasts and hefting them…and needed two hands to accomplish the task!

“We don’t favor milk cows, this side of the ocean,” snarled Jessica. “Besides, what I have is more than enough to smother you out!” She cups her own breasts and continues, “In fact, normally I’d just end my match by knocking my opponent out with punches and kicks, but tonight - because you’ve been nasty and ‘dissed’ my beautiful boobies, I’m going to smother you out with them.”

“We shall see, won’t we Americana?” replied Manuela coyly.

The match was of interest to stateside fans because - while they were familiar with Jessica, they’re not as well acquainted with the Italian Arcuri. The program notes indicated Manuela was Numero Uno contender for the lightweight title of Italy’s Organizzazione dei Attore e Modelli che Combattono (OAMC). It appears that Italy’s longtime OAMC lightweight champ, Paola Barale, had yet to have the title wrested from her tight grasp.

The two combatants circled, and then suddenly the athletic Jessica surged forward and nabbed Manuela in a headlock. Jessica spread her legs wide as she jerked on the Italian’s head. Manuela was surprised – as many of Jessica’s opponents are – by the strength of Jessica’s headlock. The slender American has that wiry kind of strength that is not always apparent on the surface.

Jessica pulled at Manuela’s head like she was trying to rip it off, yanking Manuela around the ring. Then Jessica leapt forward, hopped up, and brought Manuela down hard to the mat with a Bulldog. Manuela was dazed, allowing Jessica to hop to her feet and stand in front of her, then she shoved Manuala’s head between her thighs.

The foxy American pulsed her steel thighs as she put the Big Squeeze on Manuela’s head. Her head had first been crushed by Jessica’s Headlock, now by the Standing Headscissors. As with the headlock, Jessica’s leg scissors generated more power than Manuela would have thought. Without being immediately aware of it, Manuela suddenly realized she was moaning out loud from the scissors pressure.

“You do know that I could knock you out right now if I wanted to,” Jessica boasted to her Italian foe, and she pulsed her thighs tightly together. “But what fun would that be? Oh this is so boring,” Jessica stretched and gave out a theatrical yawn. “I think I’ll just make it a quickie tonight.”

She loosened her legs and dragged Manuela – dazed from the brain squeeze - up by the hair. Jessica looked her in the eye, smiled and shook her head in disdain, and then pulled Manuela’s head forward and forced the Italian’s face into her bare boobs and began to crush her head between them. With her hands pressed into the raven hair of her opponent, Jessica held the head firmly in place.

“Now you can get a real good view of my tits!” Jessica threw back her head and grinned with triumphant pleasure as she reflected on how she had both started and finished this match in record time with the trifecta of Headlock, Headscissors, and Headcrush into her own boobs.

But of course it would not be that easy – Manuela was no jobber. And she showed her pedigree as she blindly grabbed Jessica and lifted her up off the mat, then slammed her straight down tailbone first across her extended knee. The surprised Jessica was jolted, and she staggered away from Manuela, stunned, her mouth agape in a silent scream.

Manuela shook her head out and twisted her neck muscles to bring full sensation back, then strode toward Jessica , turned into her, grabbed her head and Snap-mared her to the mat! Jessica landed hard on her back and Manuela grabbed her wrists and brought them together and sat heavily down on Jessica’s arms, pinning them down onto the mat above her head. Manuela looked down on those breasts that had so recently been used in a Smother attempt.

“You insult me!” Manuela said in her Italian-accented English. “Trying to smother me out with such puny breasts.” Then the raven-haired beauty plunged her talons into Jessica’s tit-flesh. “Here, let me help make them bigger.” Slowly Manuela began to stretch Jessica’s comparatively modest mammaries.

Jessica cried out, “Oh! OH NO! Pluh…please…don’t!”

But Manuela played dumb on the language understanding. “Non capisco,” she giggled. Then Manuela gave one more long savage pull before she released the stretched boobs. “Yes, I believe they ARE bigger now.” She stepped up off of Jessica and dragged her to her feet.

Jessica massaged her bruised breasts, looked at Manuela defiantly and said, “I’m going to make you regret doing that, bitch!”

Manuela feigned a look of fear on her face and dropped to one knee, hands held up prayerfully as she mockingly said to Jessica, “Oh, please don’t hurt me! Have mercy!”

Before Jessica realized the trick, Manuela thrust a Knife-edge Chop straight up into Jessica’s unprotected pussy!

“Aaarhh…” Jessica blurted out and her hands came down to her crotch and she began to fall forward. Manuela reached one arm between Jessica’s legs and hooked her neck with the other and effortlessly lifted the Dark Angel off of the mat in position for a Body Slam, but first, she paraded around the ring carrying Jessica chest-high.

“You are easy to beat,” said Manuela. “I should stay in America and become champion here. Who is your lightweight champion? I want to fight her next.”

Jessica replied, “Biel is the champ, and she would break you in half. Except you’re not going to get that chance, because tonight I’m gonna send you back to Italy in an air-ambulance.”

“I don’t think so, mia amica.” Manuela ran forward a few steps, leaped and Power Slammed Jessica into the mat.

The Italian kept her body lying heavily on the smaller woman for a few moments, then peeled herself off and stood up. She pulled Jessica’s head up and shoved it between her thighs, which she then snapped together. Leaning over her trapped foe, the raven-haired beauty wrapped her arms around Jessica's waist and, with a grunt, lifted her upside down. With her strong arms clamped tight about Jessica’s waist, Manuela demonstrated her strength as she carried her slowly around the ring while Jessica flailed her legs, trying in vain to break free and moaning as Manuela increased the pressure.

Then Manuela stopped in the center of the ring, took a moment to adjust her grip, then Piledrived Jessica headfirst into the mat. The raven-haired Italian easily pinned Jessica’s shoulders, hooked a leg and smiled as the referee counted…


But Jessica kicked out before the THREE! Manuela had a look of wide-eyed shock on her face, and her shock allowed Jessica to scramble away and put some distance between them. Jessica got to her feet and raised her fists and Manuela did the same, then they closed and Jessica lashed out with a thundering Punch that clipped Italian chin and sent Manuela stumbling back. Jessica shouldered heavily into her chest and drove her further back as she drove her fists over and over into Manuela’s rippling belly. Jessica continues to shoulder Manuela back into a corner where the tough American began to pummel Manuela’s belly and ribs.

After a full minute of abuse, Jessica mockingly cupped Manuela’s chin with her left hand as she drew back her right fist, wound up theatrically and then SMACK clocked Manuela a good one, dropping the Italian beauty to her knees. Jessica held Manuela’s head down and drove a Rabbit Punch to the back of her neck. Then clasped her fists together and smashed an Ax-handle onto her foe’s back which drove her flat on her stomach. Jessica dropped to her knees beside Manuela, locked her left arm around Manuela’s neck, and she slid her right between Manuela’s thighs, then began to draw her arms together; a rarely-seen On-The-Mat Backbreaker!

Jessica put her knee in the small of the Italian’s back for leverage and continued to slowly bring the neck and thigh closer to each other. The pain for Manuela was intense - almost unbearable. The ref asked Manuela if she wanted to submit, but she was able to grunt out a “NO.”

Jessica released the unusual hold and maneuvered so as to place Manuela in a waist scissors. Jessica linked her ankles together and began to scissor together her legs. “You felt these around your head, but here’s where I really can do some damage,” Jessica said.

She squeezed down harder and Manuela gasped; wriggling her body and clawing Jessica’s thighs for relief. Jessica pressed down on the mat with her hands, lifting her own body off the mat as she tightened her legs until the suffering Italian’s ribs produced a slight (crack). Manuela desperately began to punch and claw at the imprisoning thighs and continued flopping her body around. Jessica squeezed for a few seconds more, but then released the hold – it didn’t appear that she would be able to gain a submission or knockout due to the Italian wildcat’s resistance.

Jessica rose off of Manuela, who began massaging her crushed midsection as she lay on her back sucking in big gulps of air while Jessica bounced to the nearest corner, climbed to the top rope, then launched herself into the air. She Spashed down on top of Manuela, knocking the wind out of the Italian. Jessica got up, and with a smile on her face, reached down and grabbed Manuela by the hair and dragged her up. She wrapped her arms around the Italian’s middle and held her up. Looking her in the eye, the American said, “I don’t know who set this match up for you, but you moved WAY up in class when you took me on. And now - - it ends”

Jessica tightened her grasp, lifted Manuela high, then slammed her down on her knee. The Atomic Drop worked to perfection as Manuela eyes widened and she forlornly muttered something in Italian just as Jessica let her fall to the mat. Jessica pinned her shoulders and hooked her leg, then the ref counted…


But this time, Manuela kicked out! Jessica slapped the mat in disgust and began arguing with the ref, claiming the count was slow. By the time she turned around, Manuela was on her feet and they were facing each other; both panting; both fatigued by the exertion of the match.

They close, and fall into a Collar and Elbow Lock-up. With each push, the heavier Italian slowly backed Jessica up so she quickly disengaged from the lock-up and grabbed Manuela’s arm, intending to Irish Whip her into the ropes. But Manuela reversed the move, and instead it was Jessica flying headlong into the ropes, then rebounding back out to the waiting Italian. Manuala promptly caught the smaller brunette and lifted her up off the mat, holding her briefly horizontal across her torso before slamming her down, her ribs smashing into Manuela’s extended knee. Jessica screamed as Manuela lifted her a second time, holding her shoulder high before she once more she slammed her ribs down onto the knee.

After the second Rib Breaker, Jessica audibly gasped, “Oh my Gawd…”

Manuela shoves Jessica off her knee onto the mat, grabs the American’s legs and twists, flipping her onto her belly. Still holding both legs, Manuela backs up until she has Jessica’s limp body trapped in a back-wrenching Boston Crab. Jessica is beyond agony as she feels her back bent to near the breaking point. When Manuela begins to bounce up and down with the crab, inflicting all the pain she can, Jessica couldn’t take any more!

”STOP! I give! No more!” screams Jessica. “I submit…” she sobbed.

The referee calls an end to the match. Manuela stands with her arm raised high, one foot triumphantly on the body of the quietly sobbing Jessica. As she basks in the applause, Manuela thinks she may extend her stay in the United States for a while. Like so many before her, Manuela Arcuri saw the popular blond models and actresses, women like Charlize Theron, Natasha Henstridge, Gena Lee Nolin, Cameron Diaz, Kaley Cuoco, Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith and realized the US was indeed a “land of ‘golden’ opportunity.”