Jessica Alba vs. Jessica Biel by The Walkin' Dude

Haddonfield, Illinois was small town middle America at it finest. With a population of a little over ten thousand, it was guaranteed that you were going to run into someone you knew when you went to the grocery store, post office or just out for a walk. Indeed, everybody knew (or at least knew of) everybody else and most folks tended to get along just fine. Tonight, on this not too horribly hot evening in mid July, a good number of the town's male populace had piled into the old Haddonfield Armory, a looming old brick building on the outskirts of downtown. They had packed the place to the rafters for a good reason.

The ladies were wrestling tonight in Haddonfield and the card was being headed up by an amazing main event. Jessica Biel was set to take on Jessica Alba, known to her legions of fans as "The Dark Angel". And this match was sure to be a brutal affair thanks to the bad blood brewing between the two ladies. The ill will stemmed from an incident several months ago when after an especially dominating victory over Jessica Simpson, Ms. Biel had gotten on the house mic and proclaimed herself to be the, "Only Jessica that could actually wrestle." She went on to add that anybody (named Jessica or not) that wanted to dispute this claim could face her in the squared circle and discover its veracity the hard way. The fact that she made this speech with her ass planted on top of her defeated foe's face did nothing to dissuade her audience from believing the boast.

Of course, there's always someone who isn't impressed and in this case it was The Dark Angel. Feeling a bit slighted by Biel's tirade, she answered the blonde's challenge after winning her next match in convincing fashion. She also threw in a few choice adjectives describing her new rival's sexual habits that did nothing to foster good feeling between the two. Well to make a long story short, a war of words began with each exchange becoming more bitter and acrimonious. Eventually the two agreed to meet each other in a special match that would finally settle this question of who was the best Jessica. Haddonfield just happened to be the venue chosen for that nights card and thus those lucky enough to be in attendance were going to witness a violent spectacle. And now that the back story has been sufficiently explained, the erstwhile Ring Announcer can do his job.... The audience in the armory cheered as the Announcer climbed into the middle of the ring. Along with his microphone, he was carrying a medium sized burlap sack with something fairly heavy inside.

Quieting the crowd he begins to speak, "Ladies and gentleman it is time for our Main Event. Now before I bring out the ladies, let me introduce the third participant in tonight's match." With a small flourish, he flips the bag over, spilling its contents onto the mat. The audience ‘ohh’s’ and ‘aahh’s’ as about ten feet of fine steel chain pools onto the canvas. The more astute members of the crowd notice the single loops at either end, the perfect size for slipping a wrist through. Grabbing one end of the chain in his hand, the Announcer explains, "The following contest is a Chain match! One lady will have her wrist secured in this end of the chain while her opponent will be fastened to the other end. They will not be released from the chain until the match is over, either by pin-fall or submission. Until then they can use the chain in any way they see fit! It should go without saying that this match is No Disqualification and will NOT be stopped on account of blood. Now lets bring out the combatants. Introducing first, she is five feet eight inches tall, ladies and gentleman I give you Jessica Biel!"

The opening riff of Slither by Velvet Revolver hits the speakers as Jessica makes her way through the curtain and strides purposefully towards the ring. For her war with the Angel, Biel has chosen a two piece bikini that's a light brown, the color of coffee with too much cream. The outfit stretches and holds to all the right places on the girl's athletic figure. Modest is not a word one could use to describe it. Her pads, boots and wristbands are also brown, but they are much darker, almost black. Biel rolls into the ring and acknowledges her supporters with a confidant grin before slipping one end of the chain over her wrist. She throws several mock punches as the Announcer summons her opponent.

"And introducing her opponent, at five feet seven inches tall, her fans call her the Dark Angel….she is Jessica Alba!"

Halo by Soil crashes through the armory as Jessica makes her appearance. The tanned brunette is clad in her trademark black leather trench coat that covers everything but her black boots as she heads to the ring. As she nears the edge of the ring, Alba slides under the bottom rope and enters. Standing across the ring from her adversary, Jessica removes her coat in one smooth motion, revealing the black vinyl bikini and more traditional elbow and knee pads beneath. The Dark Angel moves with a liquid grace as she takes the other end of the chain and slides her wrist through it. She retreats to her corner for the brief calm that comes after the announcer leaves and before the referee rings the bell. Both Jessica's locked eyes, their expressions promising pain in the immediate future for the other

The bell chimed and the match was underway. Moving slowly, the two Jessica's circled each other warily, neither wanting to be the first on the receiving end of the chain. Methodically, each began looping several twists of chain around their captive hand, the intent unmistakable. Then, as if by unspoken mutual consent, the blonde and the brunette charged each other, the chain making a slithering noise on the canvas. Reaching the center of the ring before Biel, Alba fires a chain wrapped fist at her opponent's jaw. Biel saw the punch coming though and easily ducked under the arcing fist, Biel snapped off a punch of her own, looking to punish the other Jessica for her mistake. But the brunette dodges the shot from the blonde and she attempted another punch, this time an uppercut to Biel's unguarded chin. Again, Jessica is disappointed in her efforts as her rival deftly maneuvers out of the way.

Biel, seeing that the opposing Jessica was open after missing the uppercut pulls her arm back and buries her chain enhanced fist in the smooth plane of Alba's stomach. The brunette doubled over as the air rushed out of her. Moving fast, Biel twirled another length of chain around her forearm. Using her free hand, she yanked Alba up by the hair. Jessica was still recovering from the first punch when her blonde adversary smashed a chain covered forearm across her jaw. Alba went to the mat in a heap, while Biel stood over her gloating.

"What's the matter Jessie?" she said in a taunting voice "Did the chain hurt your pretty little face?"

The downed girl's response was only a pained groan. The chain shot felt like it had loosened a few teeth. Changing course, Biel let the wrapping fall from her arm, pooling on the canvas next to her. Reaching down, she grabbed a length and fashioned it into a large loop. Rearing back, she raised her arm high and brought the metal whistling down, meaning to whip Alba across the nearly bare expanse of her back. But Jessica was far from out of it. When she heard the clanking of the chain being raised, she rolled away fast, escaping the painful lashing by inches. Being attached to her opponent by the chain prevented her from rolling too far however, so she immediately jumped to her feet, facing off with the angry Biel.

"You can't get away from me bitch." Alba smirked. "Now let's reel your slutty ass right on in!"

Biel gripped the chain in both hands and gave a titanic yank, meaning to pull Jessica off balance. But Alba surprised her by running in the direction of Biel's tug, charging right at the exposed blonde. When she was within feet of the other Jessica, Alba secured about an eight inch length of the chain in both hands. Still moving at top speed, she crouched and sprang holding her hands wide in front of her. The chain caught Biel directly across the throat and the blonde dropped to the mat instantly gagging and rubbing her injured neck. The crowd went wild at Jessica's modified Clothesline. The vinyl clad beauty rewarded her followers with a smug smile before addressing the downed Biel.

"What's wrong Biel? The chain crush your windpipe? That'll teach you to talk shit about me. And if it doesn't I'm sure this will." She knelt at Biel's head and wrapped a length of chain around the prone woman's throat. Pulling the gagging Jessica up, Alba wrapped her strong legs around Biel's waist and cinched them tight, throwing in a body scissors to go along with her blatant choke. Alba rolled onto her side taking the blonde with her, the chain still digging into her larynx. Enjoying Biel's helpless flailing, Alba pulled the chain tighter and whispered in her foe's ear. "Come one little girl, this is supposed to be a FIGHT! How disappointed are these people going to be if I can choke your pathetic ass out in two moves? I can't believe you had the nerve to call yourself the best Jessica in wrestling. You're nothing but a blowhard bitch."

Biel listened to Jessica's scolding with a growing fury. Grunting as the chain cut off most of her air, the blonde managed to get her free hand between the chain and her throat. Although the metal links dug painfully into her hand, she was able to draw several deep breaths. Knowing she couldn't stay trapped in the choke for long, Jessica centers her energy and rolls to her knees and one hand, Jessica still riding her back with the choke. Grunting with exertion, Biel pushes with all her might and rises to her feet, now carrying Alba almost piggyback. In desperation to escape, Jessica reaches awkwardly behind her and grabs a huge handful of Alba's dark hair. Pushing down on the brunette's head with all her strength, Biel falls to her knees, driving the other Jessica's chin into her shoulder with a modified Jawbreaker.

Her tormentors grip slipped away on impact and Biel spent the next several seconds just enjoying the power to breathe uninhibited. Her rival lay a few feet away, rubbing her injured jaw. Both ladies regained their feet at about the same time, amidst the cheers of an audience that was going nuts over the several displays of brutal ingenuity they'd witnessed in a match that was only a few minutes old. Facing off, both Jessica's began wrapping their trapped fist in the chain again. Biel raised her hands into a boxers stance and moved in on Alba, wanting to pay the brunette back for the brutal choke. Alba also assumed a fighter's stance, bringing her fists up to parry the blonde's assault. Getting within striking range, Biel fired off several jabs, leading with her unwrapped hand, hoping to catch the opposing Jessica with a chain sheathed fist when she wasn't prepared. But if surprise was her goal, Biel was to have the tables turned on her. Alba dodged and blocked all her efforts with practiced ease and when the blonde left herself open for just a moment, Jessica cracked a hard snap kick right across her ribs. Biel groaned as Jessica delivered two more quick kicks to her chest, the last one driving her to her knees. Slowly, she sought to regain her footing. When Biel had achieved her full height, Alba tensed and fired a vicious spin kick at the blonde's head. But this time it was Biel who dodged, nimbly avoiding the speeding leg by ducking under it.

As Alba's kick passed harmlessly overhead, Biel saw a golden opportunity. Pulling tight a length of the chain that had piled under the Dark Angel's feet, Jessica brought it up like a vertical trip wire. The chain smashed into Alba's defenseless womanhood and the brunette shrieked in agony. Biel smiled at the other girl's pained cry and gave another upward thrust on the chain. Alba could only gasp and fall silently to the canvas, the chain still snaked between her thighs. Smirking at Alba's agony, Biel stood up and stalked the injured woman. With no trace of emotion, the dominant blonde twined a length of the chain down her whole arm, making it a bit awkward to move, but infinitely more dangerous. Seeing that Jessica was still incapacitated, Biel grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to her feet. Seizing Alba's wrist in a claw like grip, Biel pulled the stunned brunette toward her while lunging forward herself, extending her link encased arm. The Clothesline took Alba right across the chest and she went to the mat in heap, coughing and moaning, her one wrist still in her opponent's claw. Biel gave her enemy no rest however. She pulled Jessica up by her wrist again and smashed her with a second Clothesline that hit her under the chin.

Alba spun through the air on impact, doing an ungainly spin in the air before landing unceremoniously on the mat, completely at Biel's mercy. Jessica knew that her like named adversary was wounded and she loved it. She unraveled the chain from her arm while she joked with the fans urging her on. " So that's the Dark Angel huh? I thought this was supposed to be a challenge! Don't worry though boys, I'll make sure to make her suffer as long as I can before I put her down for good. I'd hate to think you weren't getting your moneys worth.!" The crowd roared at Jessica's promise of violence yet to come. Indeed they didn't have to wait long as the blonde tormentor began encircling the chain around her fist again, not stopping until she could hold no more. Taking a second to steady her aim, Biel jumped and brought her fist down onto Jessica's forehead with a viciously augmented Fist Drop. Alba flopped like a fish out of water when Jessica attempted to cave her head in.

She was only vaguely aware that Biel had pulled her to her feet. And her head was still foggy when she felt the chain loop around her neck yet again. She only began to struggle when the blonde stood back to back with her, the chain pulling the back of her head tight against Biel's shoulder. Alba struggled valiantly but it was too late for her to break free. With one more pull on the chain, Biel sat out, her butt landing hard on the canvas. Alba was taken for the ride, the base of her neck crashing violently against Biel's shoulder before whipping forward. Unfortunately, when that happened her beleaguered neck was drawn tight against the chain and she faced another bout of retching and gagging as her breathing was impaired. The Reverse Neckbreaker had taken a lot of the fight out of Alba and she was unresponsive as Biel flipped her onto her back. The blonde slowly draped her sweating torso across her rival's before hooking one slack leg and going for the pin. The referee went to make his count and reached 2.5 before Jessica managed to roll a shoulder up. The crowd went wild, some because they wanted Alba to win the match, while others just wanted to see Biel dish out some more punishment.

Relishing the chance to hurt her adversary some more, Biel yanks Alba to her feet and whips her hard into the ropes. As the brunette bounds back at her, Jessica plants her feet and goes for another Clothesline. But as she swings her arm, Alba drops low and slides between Biel's legs, like a runner stealing home. The blonde has a moment to contemplate the chain that's now snaked between her legs before her foe pulls up fast, the chain cutting into Biel's crotch. Jessica gives the chain another hard pull and Biel is flipped head over heels, hitting the mat hard. She gets to her knees and moans, holding her injured groin in both hands. Biel had just begun to stand when Jessica charged at her and crashed a knee into Biel's temple. Jessica saw stars and fell to the mat as the Dark Angel plotted her vengeance. Standing dominant over the crippled blonde, Jessica decided payback was necessary. The brunette wrapped her hand in the chain right before spreading Jessica's legs wide and slamming a fist into her defenseless mound. Biel and the crowd screamed simultaneous with the blow, but for very different reasons. Pressing her advantage, Alba straddled Jessica's waist and fired a series of punches against her opponents head. Every few punches the brunette takes care to stop and grind the chain links over Biel's protesting features. The ref wanted to pry the Dark Angel off Jessica, but a chain match is by nature a no disqualification affair so he could only watch helplessly as Jessica is pummeled.

Finally Alba gets what she is looking for when one of her punches opens a cut on the blonde's forehead. As if the flowing blood were a sign, Alba stops punching and let the chain drop from her fist. But despite the seeming show of benevolence she is far from done. Shifting her weight, she is able to roll the blonde onto her stomach. Still straddling her foe, Jessica takes a length of the chain in her hands and holds it high above her head. Smiling callously she says to the crowd "If you thought what I was doing hurt, wait 'til you get a load of this!" Moving quickly she brings her hands down and loops the chain under Biel's face. When she's satisfied with the chain's position, the brunette pulled back with all her might. The crowd gasped as they realized what Alba was doing to her foe. The length of chain was pulled tight across Biel's mouth, actually forcing her maw open and grinding against her teeth. The blonde's screams were oddly distorted as the Dark Angel tortured her nemesis. Biel's long legs slapped uselessly against the mat and her hands grasped futilely at the chain cutting into her head. All the while Alba taunted her victim.

"How's that feel you twat? I drew first blood and now I've finally figured out a way to keep your mouth from running! If you give up right now, I might just let you go." Hearing Alba's taunts in her ears infuriated Jessica. Fighting the excruciating agony of the chain as best she can, she plants both hands on the mat and shoves upward. The move caught the brunette off balance and she fell back momentarily, just long enough for Jessica to regain her knees. Alba was quick to get back behind Biel, pulling the chain tighter than ever. Although she was still trapped, Jessica had reached a kneeling position and that gave her something to work from. Trembling with effort, she slowly pushed her way to a standing position. With the chain still cinched tight, she slipped a loop of chain over her fist and fired it over her shoulder as hard as she could. The whole of Alba's concentration had been devoted to maintaining her tortuous hold, thus she was completely unprepared for Jessica's fist flying at her face. The punch caught her flush along the forehead, forcing her to finally release the chain across Biel's mouth.

When the blonde felt the chain loosen and then fall away, her first instinct was to simply breathe and enjoy being free. But then she realized that the other Jessica would only be stunned for a second or two and if she didn't want to feel the chain in her mouth again, she'd have to drop her rival long enough to get her wits back. Keeping that in mind, Biel spun on her heel and latched on to Alba's wrist. With no wasted motion, she hurled the brunette into the ropes. Alba had made it back to the center of the ring when Biel crouched and grabbed her around the waist. Pushing off the mat, the furious blonde spun and drove her opposition back first into the canvas with a brutal Spinebuster. Alba arched her back and wailed, trying to shake off the shock of Biel's surprise maneuver. The blonde wasn't faring much better though, she was sitting on her knees, massaging her mangled jaw and trying to come up with a suitable plan of attack.

Finally deciding she had recovered enough, Biel gets to her feet and brings the moaning Alba to hers a moment later. Moving quickly, the blonde drags the Angel to one corner of the ring and begins pounding her head against the top turnbuckle. The crowd counts in time with the impacts, reaching 10 before Biel releases her grip and lets the brunette slump in the corner. After gathering her strength for the maneuver ahead, Biel once again ensnares Alba's throat in the chain before lifting the girl up and sitting her on the top turnbuckle, facing out towards the audience. Turning her back to Alba, Biel reaches back and cinches both of her hands around the brunette's chin, lacing her fingers for the strongest possible grip.

"Hope you have a strong neck Jessie," she said. "’Cuz if not, this'll take your head right the fuck off!"

Speaking no more, the blonde lunged towards the center of the ring and leapt forward. Alba was pulled off the turnbuckle and she was dragged through the air for a good 2 seconds before she and her opponent fell to the canvas. The impact on Biel was minimal, a mere shiver ran through her as she hit the mat. For Alba though the impact was worse than anything she'd ever experienced. The entire length of her body slammed against the canvas from a height of at least 6 feet, the back of her head and neck taking the worst of the fall. And on top of all that, Biel's Hangman's Neckbreaker actually had a noose to go with it this time, the loop of chain digging painfully into her throat from all sides.

The crowd roared as Biel went for another cover, all but the staunchest Dark Angel supporters believing that Alba must be finished. But the brunette would reward her loyal fans by kicking out just as the refs hand came down for the three. When Jessica kicked out of the Neckbreaker, Biel got angry. Annoyed that her wicked maneuver had not been able to defeat Alba, she got to her feet, bringing the brunette with her. As Alba stood shakily before her, Biel grabs her by the throat and looks deep into her foe's eyes.

"So you're the Dark Angel huh? Well let's show these people what angel looks like in mid-flight." Her threat completed, Biel held her grip on Jessica's throat while she reached her other hand down between the brunette's thighs. Visibly straining, the blonde muscled Alba off her feet and held her over her head in an awesome example of a Military Press. Smiling as she held Jessica aloft, Biel walks around the ring, proudly displaying her prey for all to see. "So do you guys want to see the angel fly?" she cried and the crowd responded YES they’d very much like to see that!

Her grin growing wider still, Biel actually began doing reps with her trapped foe, bringing her up then down, then up again, all to the delight of the assembled audience. When she had proved her strength to all in attendance, Biel pushed up hard one final time before stepping forward and letting Alba make the unprotected fall to the mat almost 8 feet below. Biel smiled as she felt the brunette slam gut first into the canvas. Turning around, she slowly and leisurely straddled Jessica's chest, her round ass pressing down on her rival's tits. Biel flexed her biceps for the crowd while the ref counted her victory. The confident blonde was shocked when Alba managed to get her shoulder up before the three.

Furious, Biel came to her feet and hauled Jessica up for another Military Press Slam. But the Dark Angel had other ideas and as Biel lifted her overhead, Alba slipped loose and landed on the mat behind her opponent. Acting on instinct, Alba throws a length of the chain around the blonde's neck and twists it tight, turning so that the Jessica's are standing back to back. Savoring her imminent revenge, Alba leans forward hard, pulling the surprised Biel up on her back with her feet flailing a foot or so off the canvas. Now it's the blonde's turn to suffer in a Hangman as Jessica bounces up and down forcing the chain to dig deeper into her already damaged neck. The Dark Angel holds Jessica helpless for roughly thirty seconds before releasing the hold. The blonde falls to her hands and knees, gasping and trying to get her breath back. Remembering how Jessica treated her earlier, Alba grabs the prone blonde and pulls her up into a hard Front Face Lock. The brunette held the position just long enough to deliver a stinging slap to Biel's ass before dropping all her weight back and slamming her foe's face to the mat with a DDT. Biel's face hit some of the excess chain with a loud wet crunch that did the Angel's heart good.

Pushing Jessica roughly onto her back, Alba hooked the leg and went for the cover, getting a two before Biel was able to kick free. "I'm glad you don't want to quit yet" Jessica sneered to the bleeding blonde "I still have a lot of hurt I want to dish out." Getting to her feet, Alba brought Biel up and whipped her hard into the corner. The brunette grinned with sick satisfaction as her opponent's back made hard contact with the turnbuckles. Approaching the girl draped in the corner, Alba grabs hold of the top rope with both hands. Using it for balance, she smashes a series of kicks into Biel's heaving chest. The blonde's tits are battered and bruised by several of these blows before Alba ceases her assault.

With Biel still dazed in the corner, Alba maintains her grip on the top rope, while placing both of her feet on the bottom rope. Using it as a makeshift springboard, the Dark Angel leaves the ropes, jumping high into the air. When she's reached the highest point of her jump, she lashes a foot out that catches the slumped blonde directly in the temple. Biel falls forward and lands hard on the mat, in too much pain to do anything but cradle her abused head. She's oblivious to all but the pain as Jessica stalks her with evil intentions. As Biel stumbles to her feet, Alba springs into action. Taking a long length of the chain, she wraps it tight around the blonde's waist, pinning her arms to her sides. Jessica struggles against the steel coils but the Angel just wrenches it tighter, causing her to cry out. Satisfied that her rival isn't going anywhere, Alba moves in and wraps her arms around Biel's waist, squeezing hard. The taller girl grimaces as Alba's arms add to the crushing pressure around her middle. Gazing into Jessica's pain glazed face, the brunette mocks her helpless foe.

"Lookit you Jessie, all wrapped up and nowhere to go. Let's take a little ride shall we?" Jessica said this and then tensed her legs; pushing up and twisting her hips and taking Biel to the canvas with a hard Belly-to-Belly Suplex with all the brunette's weight crashing down on the blonde's chain wrapped mid-section.

The impact drove all the air out of Biel and it temporarily dazed Jessica as well, the chain being indifferent to whom it hurt in the landing. The brunette had to stop and get her breath before she attempted the cover on the blonde Jessica. Even with her arms tied at her sides, Biel managed to kick free of the pinning predicament. Her fans cheered uproariously as the blonde proved she was still in the battle. Like her opponent earlier in the match, Alba was growing frustrated with her inability to finish off her rival. Kicking the chain free of her adversary, Jessica dragged her to the middle of the ring and positioned her just where she wanted her. Leaving Biel lying prone, Alba went to the corner and began to climb the ropes. She had just placed her foot on the top rope when Biel gave the chain a huge jerk and pulled her off balance. The surprised brunette flailed her arms, trying to stay put, however gravity wasn't in her favor and she fell awkwardly to the canvas landing on her back. The Dark Angel was on her feet fairly quickly after the fall but Biel was waiting for her. As Alba turned around, the blonde absolutely mowed her down with a shoulder block. Jessica's head smacked against the mat again and she saw stars as Biel yanked her to her feet.

Looking to avenge the attack in the corner, Biel drags Alba to the corner by her hair. Getting into position for her attack, Biel sits on the top turnbuckle, her back to the audience. Moving quickly, she twirls a length of the chain around Alba's throat and pulls back hard. The brunette is lifted off her feet and held aloft by the choke, feet dangling uselessly in the air. Biel holds the choke as long as her diminishing strength will allow, letting Alba down several times before yanking her up again. Finally, her arms grow cramped from the choking and she lets Alba fall to the mat where she collapses, doing nothing more than hitching weakly for breath. Though every part of her is sore, Biel's assault is far from over. Securing a handful of sweaty brown hair, she drags Alba back to the center of the ring, forcing the badly beaten woman to kneel in front of her. Biel gave the kneeling girl one titanic slap before grabbing her head and forcing it between her sweating thighs, putting the Angel in position for a Pile-Driver. Gripping Alba's waist, Jessica hoists her upside down, holding the brunette inverted for the audience to take in.

Holding the position Jessica prophecies her victory, "After I CRUSH this bitch’s face, I'm going to SIT on it and ride her all night long!"

Then she fell to the mat, driving the top of Alba's head into the pile of chain that had pooled up beneath the two combatants. Alba fell spread-eagled to the mat, a perfect victim as Biel mounted her in a Front Face Sit. The blonde's face was seductively grim as she ground her crotch on Alba's face as the ref counted. No one could've believed that the Angel would kick out milliseconds before the referees hand hit the mat a third time. Biel's response was one of insane fury. Screaming wordlessly, she hauled Alba up and threw her at the ropes at top speed. The blonde followed her foe towards the ropes intent on driving her through the ring with another Spinebuster.

But just before the brunette bounced off the ropes, she leapt into the air and landed balanced with both feet on the top rope, her arms gripping it to keep from tumbling to the outside. In a move that would impress a professional gymnast, Alba back flipped off the rope, soaring over the incoming Biel. As she flew over her rival, Jessica snaked an arm around her foes neck before landing on her feet behind Biel, the blonde now bent painfully backwards in a Dragon Sleeper. The crowd uttered a collective gasp when Alba dropped to the mat, taking Biel with her and smashing the back of her captive's head and shoulders into the mat with a Reverse DDT. The crowd went insane, urging the Dark Angel to cover Jessica who was writhing on the mat, trying to ease the pain in her neck. But Biel's combined attacks had worn down the resilient brunette. She could do nothing more than push the hair out of her eyes and breathe, while trying to find the energy to stand. Both Jessica's staid on the canvas fro quite a long time. The official had almost reached nine in his count when both ladies pushed their way to a standing position.

For a moment they stood and did nothing but listen to their breathing which by this point in the contest had become heavy and labored. The constant chain attacks hadn't helped either and both were uneasy about the steady pain that inhaling and exhaling brought on. Like in the beginning of the match, the two women suddenly broke their truce and lunged forward realizing that the end of their war was nearly in sight. Whoever made the next mistake, no matter how small would most likely be defeated in a most ignominious fashion. With barely a foot of clearance separating them, the dueling Jessica's began throwing punches with reckless abandon. Fists glanced off cheeks, jaws and foreheads. They slammed into breasts, midriffs and navels, neither showing any compassion for the pained cries their barrage brought on. Finally, Biel connected with a huge punch to Alba's gut. Her fist sank into the Angel like she was a squishy pillow and the brunette sank slowly to her knees. As the brunette knelt before her, Biel grabbed as long a length of chain as she could get and began wrapping it around her rival's neck. When she’d used as much of the chain as she thought possible, Biel yanked Alba to her feet, her chain hand locked at the brunette's throat while her free hand clutched Alba by the armpit with death grip like ferocity.

Leaning close to her nemesis, Biel spoke for what she knew in her heart was the final time, "After all this time Jessica, I'm finally going to send you to hell. Enjoy the ride bitch!"

Without a word, she lifted Jessica off her feet, the chain still wrapped around the brunette's neck. When the blonde's arm is fully extended, she hurls it down, tossing Alba into the mat with sickening force. Biel's diabolical variation on the Choke Slam has done its job. The Dark Angel looks done as Biel lays across her chest awaiting the three. But the Angel kicked out. Biel absolutely could not believe it. She pushed Alba's shoulder down at once and went for another cover. Again Jessica kicked out. Her mind incredulous over Jessica's stubborn refusal to go down, Biel stands and looks around the ring, frustrated beyond belief.

As her eyes wander the ringside area, she spots something that guarantees Alba will stay down. Dragging her semi conscious foe to the edge of the ring, Biel slides under the bottom rope to the floor. Ignoring the leers and catcalls of the audience she approaches the Ring Announcer and shoves him out of his chair. His steel folding chair. A smile of cruel malevolence split's the blonde's face as she snaps the chair shut. It makes a loud clang, even in the noisy confines of the arena. Still fascinated by the chair, Biel feels a tug on the chain and turns back toward the ring. Taking a step back just in case the brunette had recovered, Biel is relieved to see that Jessica has only just know made it to her knees. As Jessica watched, the crippled Angel placed both hands on the mat and gingerly rose to her full height.

Biel decided it was time to finish this. Gripping the chair, she slid into the ring and stood up, raising the chair high over her head. She waited just long enough for the brunette to look up (she wanted Jessica to know what hit her) before bringing the chair down through the air. As the chair was descending, Alba dug deep and kicked Jessica in the gut as hard as she could. The chair stopped in mid swing as Biel doubled over, she wanted to clutch her aching middle but she wanted even more to keep holding the chair. Fighting the pain, she straightened up and looked to swing again. This time, the brunette grabbed for the chair as well and soon the two devastated beauties were engaged in a silent tug of war, each looking to possess the thing that would secure their triumph. After an especially hard tug from Biel, Alba felt her grip on the chair slipping. As she jerked violently on the weapon trying to get her grip back, a stroke of genius occurred to her. She gave the chair as hard a tug as she could, hoping that the blonde would hold on. Biel did and she yanked back just as hard.

When Alba felt her rival begin to pull, she gave the chair a monstrous shove, increasing its momentum by quite a lot. Biel never saw the move coming and she had no time to react as the chair slammed forward directly into her face. Her hands fell away from the chair and she dropped to one knee, nursing her battered face. Holding the chair in both hands, the brunette waited for Biel to regain her feet and go on the attack. When Jessica did rise, the Dark Angel threw the chair at her head with everything she had left. Amazingly though, the blonde was able to catch the chair seconds before it would have caved her head in. Seconds later the chair did drive forward and slam into her face, knocking her off her feet this time. In the instant it had taken Biel to catch the chair, Alba left her feet and shot a Spinning Crescent Kick into the chair, initiating the sick collision with Biel's cranium. See, the Angel had intended for Jessica to catch the chair, and the blonde had fallen for the trap beautifully.

With Biel semi conscious on the canvas, the brunette took possession of the chair and placed it on the mat by her feet. Turning her attention to the blonde, she brings Biel to her feet and stands behind her. Alba wraps the chain around her nemesis's neck one final time before bending her painfully backward, holding her in position for another Reverse DDT. Taking a deep breath, Jessica cinches a handful of tights and lifts Biel off the mat, while still holding her head under her arm. The blonde's legs float out uselessly in front of her as she reaches the apex of her upward momentum. As Alba feels Biel begin to descend, she pivots her waist and falls to the canvas, bringing Biel's damaged neck and shoulders down across the flattened steel chair. She had just nailed her finisher, an Elevated Reverse DDT called "The Future Shock" on top of a steel chair with a chain looped around the victims neck. When Biel hits the chair, one lone spasm runs through her body before she lay still, the chain hanging loose around her throat. Jessica drapes herself wearily across the fallen blonde and lets the ref count to 3. His hand hits the mat for the third time and the roof comes off the place.

No one in attendance can believe what Jessica has just done and they cheer wildly as the Dark Angel regains her feet a moment later to begin celebrating her victory. Finally able to extricate herself from the chain, she does so, tossing the thing aside. Looking over at the losing Jessica, Alba smiles coldly and walked over to her, standing over the blonde with either leg on one side of Biel's uncomprehending face. Basking in her foe's utter annihilation, Jessica slowly sinks until the fork of her sweating crotch is resting directly against Biel's chin. Remembering Jessica's promise to ride her face after the match, Alba decides to return the favor. She sinks two claws into her rival's dark blonde hair and pulls her face deep into her crotch. Jessica moans with pleasure at the enjoyable pressure of Biel's mouth and nose rubbing against the slick vinyl of her bikini. As the roar of the crowd steadily increases, so to does the rhythm of Jessica's face ride.

Recalling how humiliating it was when Sarah Michelle Gellar did it to her, Alba pulls Biel's face in even closer, grinding the slack features hard against not just her thinly veiled snatch but her strong thighs as well. The redlining crowd sounds like a roaring ocean as the Dark Angel finally reaches her limits and erupts, the non existent layer of her bikini doing nothing to keep her juices from soaking Biel's face. A shiver runs through her as she drops Biel's head and lets it flop to the mat.

Seeking one final insult, she slid her steaming groin over the entire length of the blonde's face, starting at her chin and slowly grinding all the way up to her forehead. Jessica took special care to thrust against Biel's mouth and nose, making sure the bitch would never forget the smell or taste of this defeat. Finally satisfied, Jessica rose to her feet and made her way back to the locker room, leaving a roaring crowd and a devastated Jessica Biel in her wake.

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