Spelling House Rules: Sandra Bullock vs. Jessica Alba by Lonewolf

The phone rang a third time before Tiffani Thiessen answered with a gruff, "Hello."

"Hi Tif, it's Tori. I just wanted to let you know everything's set for tonight."

"Great. Who's it gonna be this time?" asked Tiffani.

"Jessica Alba."

Tiffani smiled, "Lemme be the one tonight."

"Sorry," Tori replied, "someone else has a special interest in this one."



"SANDRA?! Jesus Tori, she'll kill her!"

"I know," Tori giggled. "See you tonight."

This was Jessica's first invitation to the Spelling mansion. The parties were legendary and everyone who was anyone was always invited. Jessica entered wearing a strapless sequined gown slit high up on the left thigh. She drew her own share long looks as she gazed around the room filled with celebrities. Although they were separated, Demi was with Bruce, about whom Jessica had heard had a fetish for catfights. Arnie and Maria were there, of course. Nicole and Tom both seemed to be with Penelope Cruz which made Jessica look twice just to be sure her eyes weren't playing tricks. Naturally, Jack was there with Lara - another guy Jessica had heard stories about! Tori and Tiffani were standing by the buffet table as Jessica walked past and gave them a perfunctory nod.

"There she is," Tori whispered. "It shouldn't be long now!"

"Are you sure about this?" Tiffani asked. "I can't believe Jessica's gonna be too much to handle for Sandra. Remember how she kicked the crap out of Demi?"

"Well, we won't have to wait long to find out," Tori hissed as she nodded toward the front door. "She's here."

Sandra entered the room wearing a silver beaded halter-top velvet gown with sexy stilettos and a sexy side slit that rose high up her leg. She was greeted by several other guests before making her way over to Tori and Tiffani.

"Is she here?"

Tori turned and pointed to one of the adjacent rooms, "She's right in there."

Sandra immediately turned and headed toward the room with Tori and Tiffani in tow.

"This is gonna be good," Tori giggled.

Tiffani answered with a slight smile but in her head she knew it was gonna be a massacre. As they entered the room, Jessica was talking to Leonardo DeCaprio with her back to them. Sandra walked up behind Jessica, grabbed her by her long hair and pulled her back, dragging her to the floor. The whole room went silent as Jessica looked up at Sandra with a look of shock.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm doing do to you what I've been wanting to do for a long time now, bitch!" screamed Sandra.

Jessica started to get up but Sandra started kicking her in the side. Three hard strikes landed as Jessica was stumbling to her feet trying to get her bearings. Then the pain in her scalp began and she scream again as Sandra snatched a handful and began viciously pulling her around the room. Guests scattered in all directions as Bruce and Jack elbowed their way to the front of the crowd. But none came to Jessica's aid - that was just one of the Spelling house rules.

Jessica was sent flying across the room, She tumbled over a chair and crashed to the floor. In Sandra's right hand was a large hank of Jessica's hair. As Jessica hit the floor, her gown slipped a bit and her right tit popped into view. She quickly realized what had happened and was busily tucking it back in place when Sandra flew over the fallen chair and landed on top of her!

As they thrashed around on the floor, Sandra's nylon clad legs became more visible through the slit in her skirt. Both women's breasts were mashed together with Sandra's bulbous boobs almost completely engulfing Jessica's smaller, firmer ones.

Jessica managed to throw Sandra off her and she briefly gained the upper position. Jessica flailed her hands in Sandra's face hoping for a lucky strike. She was rewarded by landing two slaps to Sandra's cheeks before she received a wicked left cross to the chin in return. Tiffani grimaced as Sandra's fist connected but Tori, standing beside her, was enjoying herself.

Sandra easily rolled the dazed Jessica off of her and Jessica soon began groaning after Sandra wrapped her strong, sexy legs around her stomach. With each hard crunch of Sandra's rock-hard legs, Jessica replied with a loud groan. Jessica spread her legs and raised her hips, trying desperately to pry open her legs with her hands, but Sandra had them locked tight.

"What's wrong little girl. Don't like my strong legs wrapped around your worthless body?"

Sandra squeezed again to add emphasis to her question just as Jessica dug her painted nails into Sandra's thighs as she tried to force her to open up.

Sandra cried out in surprised pain, "You little bitch!"

In a fury, Sandra grabbed the front of Jessica's gown and pulled it down exposing both of the young girl's perky breasts. She grabbed each nipple between a thumb and forefinger and began twisting. Jessica screamed and immediately stopped scratching Sandra's legs as she tried to get a hold of her wrists to stop the breast attack. Jessica was feeling lightheaded from the pain in her bosom as well as the fact that after screaming she found it difficult to get a breath with Sandra's powerful legs constricting her tight young abs.

Jessica began crying uncontrollably, slapping and throwing punches at Sandra. It took three punches to Sandra's face and one to her left breast before she finally released Jessica's tits. But Sandra quickly grabbed both of Jessica's wrists and actually bit into her left palm. Jessica cried out from this new assault and was able to jerk one hand away.

"Now I'm gonna show you what my legs can really do!" Sandra said as she slightly eased the pressure around Jessica's midriff.

As she allowed Jessica a brief relief, Sandra moved her gorgeous legs higher around Jessica's chest covering her bare breasts and trapping her left arm. Then, with a cruel smile, Sandra began to squeeze her legs for all she was worth. Jessica cried out in agony as her tits were crushed unmercifully into her chest. With her left arm trapped under Sandra, Jessica could only slap helplessly at the legs that squeezed her with her right hand.

Tiffani looked at Tori, "Don't you think we should stop this? She's had enough."

"No way!" Tori gasped, her hand busily working under her dress. "It's just gettin' to th' good part!"

Tiffani turned back to the fight as it continued right in front of them. Sandra had removed her legs from Jessica's chest and now had them wrapped around the young beauty's head. With Jessica's breasts again exposed, Sandra went back to work on them with her fists, punching down onto them with her free hand. Jessica's cries were muffled by Sandra's legs but everyone could clearly hear each punch bring another scream of pain.

Some of the guests heard Jessica mumble something but with Sandra's legs covering her face they weren't sure if she was surrendering or just complaining about the pain in her breasts.

"What's wrong princess?" asked Sandra, giving Jessica's tit another smack. "Wanna give up?"

This time everyone could hear Jessica mumbling and quite clearly saying, 'Yes!' Sandra moved her legs from around Jessica's face and moved them back down over her chest.

"What was that? I couldn't quite hear you? Did you say Yes?"

Jessica, crying uncontrollably, whined, "Yes…please?"

Sandra opened her legs and released Jessica, then she stood up, towering over the sobbing young brunette and stuck out her leg. "Alright then bitch," Sandra snapped curtly. "Then kiss my foot!"

Jessica meekly rolled over onto her hands and knees, bent forward with her bare breasts swinging freely beneath her chest and placed her lips on Sandra's foot as she did as she was commanded. Sandra smiled cruelly as Jessica looked up at her with tears in her eyes, hoping she had satisfied the cruel woman. But then Sandra turned around, lifted up her dress and revealed her firm, panty-clad ass.

"Before you go, you got one more thing you have to kiss!"

Jessica hesitated a moment but when Sandra looked back and glared at her, Jessica shivered. She realized what would happen if she didn't do exactly as told. She rose up on her knees and meekly pressed her lips to Sandra's ass and kissed. Sandra laughed, dropped her dress and, arm in arm with Tori, she pranced proudly out of the room leaving Jessica sobbing on her knees.

Tiffani went over and knelt beside Jessica, helping her get to her feet and trying to straighten up her disheveled dress. Tiff couldn't help feeling sorry for the young star as she put her arm around her and led her toward one of the guest bedrooms.