La Guerre d’Amour: Jessica Alba vs. Neve Campbell by The Walkin’ Dude
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This has been a year and a half in the making, ‘La Guerre d’Amour’ pits ‘Dark Angel’ Jess against ‘Scream Queen’ Neve. It’s different from my usual stuff, but still pretty good; “steamier” than a typical Fanninverse match but there’s still not as much ‘sex in your violence’ as many others - who do it better than I. Hope you enjoy!

July 4, 2006...
Sitting alone at a table not very far from the ring, Neve Campbell sipped her drink as she watched with the clinical eye of a professional as Jennifer Lopez put the finishing touches on Rose McGowan. Nodding in appreciation of the curvy diva’s impressive display of power, the Scream Queen muttered, “Welcome aboard Jen; I think you’ve got a bright future ahead of you.” Continuing to nurse her drink as Rose was picked up and carried from the ring, Neve was about to go in search of conversation when a svelte, lean young woman in a midnight blue miniskirt strolled up beside her table and pulled a chair to the opposite side.

Jessica Alba smiled and said as she sat down without waiting for an answer, “Hi Neve, mind if I join you?”

Neve smiled and shrugged, “Feel free. I was about to go looking for someone to chat with.”

Jessica only nodded and in the few seconds it took her to sit down and pull up to the table, Neve noted what hordes of fans had been proclaiming since Jessica had arrived on the scene a few years ago. Simply put, the Dark Angel was an impressive sight. And Neve was perfectly aware that Jessica was more than a pretty face. She was a superbly gifted athlete and in the ring she fought with an intensity that few could parallel. It also occurred to the Scream Queen that she and the Dark Angel had never squared off in a one on one match. It was something Neve decided she’d have to remedy in the next couple of months.

Finding her voice, Jessica tugged at the straps on her dress and said; “I was wondering if you could help me with a question. I’m looking into a fairly little known arena of female combat and after some fruitless searching I was pointed in your direction.”

Neve looked thoughtful for a moment and then answered, “Ask away. I’ll try to help out if I can.”

Jessica nodded. “What can you tell me about ‘La Guerre d’Amour’?”

Neve’s brow crinkled thoughtfully and she answered Jessica’s question with a question, “What do you want to know?”

Jessica’s eyes lit up. “Anything and everything. History; rules; all of it.”

Neve took a deep breath and said, “There’s not all that much, but I’ll tell you what I know. La Guerre d’Amour - or The War of Love as it’s known in English - was invented by Andre Linoge who was a publisher of pulp magazines way back in the old days - long before either of us were born. They called the era ‘The Halcyon Days’, it was the late 60’s and early 70’s and from contemporary accounts, Linoge was a real tool; but he had enough money to buy himself his share of friends and to indulge all of his favorite vices.”

“Vices?” Jessica asked, her eyes widening. “Like what kinda vices?”

Neve grinned, “The two biggest were watching women fight and that timeless post-adolescent fantasy…girl-girl action of a more…um…romantic, type.”

“So he liked to watch women make out with one another?” Jessica blushed.

Neve nodded. “And other stuff that went waaay beyond just making out! Anyway, the story goes that one night Linoge was putting a party together and couldn’t decide whether to have ‘sex’ or ‘violence’ as the theme for his guests. Deciding not to shortchange either fetish, he decided to have both. Thus, La Guerre d’Amour was born.”

“What were the rules?” Jess leaned forward over the table as she asked, the mellow light of the nearby torches glowing in her dark eyes.

“There really wasn’t anything concrete about the contest. Basically it’s an eclectic mix of classic mat wrestling, no rules cat fighting and erotic domination. The whole point of the ‘War of Love’ was not to simply pin your opponent or force her to submit. The goal was utter mental, physical and ultimately sexual domination. To win the match, one had to force a verbal surrender - but that was only the beginning. The twisted little stipulation that Linoge included was that the loser would ‘belong’ to the winner until the first light of dawn, so the contests were held late, often at one or two in the morning.

“It wasn’t uncommon for these types of fights to go for two or three hours, but even if they went well into the night, the winner always got a few hours to cement her dominance of the loser. As for what went on in those little post match sessions, it’s mostly speculation and rumor - but at the very least we’re talking smothers and other tactics that’d get us barred from most places, especially if we tried to do them at one of Rich’s shows. Nothing was off limits during the session as long as the winner didn’t scar her opponent or carve her face up, pretty much anything else was fair game. That’s about all I know.”

Jess leaned back in her chair, satisfied for the moment. After staying silent for nearly a minute, she looked up at Neve and asked, “Do those types of matches still take place today?”

Neve winked knowingly, “Probably. You know the Porn Star Club? I’m told they do them there on a regular basis. I guess there aren’t nearly as many now as there used to be even fifteen years ago. There aren’t many girls willing to take that kind of risk without a LOT of financial (or other) incentive. That whole ‘billionaire fight club promoter’ type died out back in the early nineties and whatever’s happening now is very private. Of course you can see it on the ‘net, but that’s almost all faked; girls just putting on a lesbian show.”

Jessica seemed satisfied with Neve’s answer and asked another question. “If you had to name five girls on the active roster who had participated in this kind of fight, and been successful at it, who would you pick?”

Neve cocked her head and looked quizzically at the blonde. Choosing her words carefully, she said, “Why do you want to know? And why do I have the feeling you already knew what I just told you?”

Jessica smiled knowingly, “Just indulge me; I mean, purely for research purposes.”

Neve sighed and leaned back on the couch, sifting through her memory. “If I had to pick five, I’d say Christina Ricci, Alyssa Milano, Katherine Heigl, Rose McGowan and Reese Witherspoon.”

Now it was Jessica’s turn to nod. Staring directly at Neve she replied, “I figured those names would be on your list. To be honest Neve, I’ve already talked to all five and asked them the same thing I asked you - including that last question. Their lists were pretty much the same as yours but you left off one name they all mentioned. Guess who they all had at the top of THEIR lists?”

Neve cocked an eyebrow and stared directly at the blonde, “Another question we both know the answer to.”

Jessica’s face was dead serious as she said, “They all mentioned YOU. Every one of them said you were the absolute best when it came to La Guerre d’Amour. They also said you quit three years ago, walking away with a perfect 19-0 record. I had to buy Reese drinks all night long to get her talking, but she finally told me something very interesting. She said, ‘When Neve wins; she doesn’t just beat you, it feels like she owns you. And it doesn’t end when the sun comes up; she breaks a girl down and won’t ever...ever let you forget who it was that defeated you.” Jess paused a moment and then asked, “All I want to know is one thing; why’d you quit?”

Neve’s face was dark and far away as she answered, “I didn’t like the person I was during those matches. I did things in them that I’m not proud of. I got into this business to prove I was the best wrestler in the world, but what goes on during the War of Love isn’t wrestling. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I know that I grew to hate it and wanted no part of it. And since I’ve answered your questions, it’s time for you to answer mine. Why are you asking about this after all this time? What fascination does La Guerre d’Amour hold for Jessica Alba?”

Jessica locked eyes with Neve as she said, “I beating Ricci two nights ago. It brought my record to 19-0.”

Neve’s face remained inscrutable, but the picture was becoming crystal clear. “Congratulations,” she said in a nonchalant tone. “I’m sure you’ll break my record.”

Jessica’s voice was low and calm when she replied. “It’s not the record I want to break…it’s the woman I beat to break it. YOU! I’m challenging you to La Guerre d’Amour.”

Neve shook her head, “Sorry. I told you I don’t fight those anymore. I don’t care about the record Jessica, it’s yours if you want it - but you won’t beat ME to get it. Call Theron. She’s been involved in those at the Porn Star Club, I’m told. She’s pretty good; should give you a credible opponent and make the record legit.”

For the first time in their conversation Jessica looked angry. “You CAN’T refuse me, Neve. You’ve got two options. Either face me in the War of Love; one night only, winner take all, no audience, no one knows who wins but you and I.”


“Or refuse. But IF you turn me down, I’ll hound you every waking moment until you give in and agree to face me. I will interfere in every match; I’ll follow you home; I’ll use any and all means necessary to disrupt your life until you agree.”

Neve stood up and stepped forward, not backing down a bit as Jessica did the same. Going nose to nose with the tawny blonde, Neve whispered, “You would do well to remember that I do NOT respond well to threats!”

Her gaze never wavering, Jessica answered back, “This isn’t a threat, it’s a promise. Give me what I want and I’ll go away. One fight, that’s all I want.”

Neve still wasn’t ready to concede just yet, “Why is this so important to you?”

I’ve beaten everyone I’ve ever faced in La Guerre d’Amour. I could have the record, but it doesn’t mean anything if people know I never beat you. I want to know....I want YOU to know, that I can not only out-fight you, but I can out-think you as well. I want you to hit me with everything you’ve got and I’m going to throw everything I have back at you. I’m going to use you up and when you’re defenseless, I’ll make you BEG for mercy. You’ll smother under my ass but that’s just the beginning. When the sun comes up, you’re going to know that no one crushes a girl like Jessica Alba…and you won’t ever forget WHO it was that beat you.”

Neve’s eyes got flat and cold as she replied, “ Fine, you’re on! But you don’t know what you’re asking. Everything you think you know about me doesn’t apply in La Guerre d’Amour. If you lose this fight, you’re going to suffer worse than anyone I’ve beaten in this promotion. Are you willing to risk that?”

“You know I am! When do you want to do this? I’d prefer not to wait too long, I’ve never been one for prolonged suspense.”

“Neither have I. I won’t make you wait. See you soon Alba.”

Jessica grinned slyly and cooed, “Just one more thing before I go...” Before Neve could say anything, Jessica stepped forward and pressed her lips to Neve’s, surprising the brunette with an aggressive French Kiss. Refusing to be undone by the ploy, Neve returned the embrace with equal force, not stopping to breath until the Dark Angel pulled away. Wiping her hand lightly across her lips, Jessica said, “Just something to put in the right frame of minduugggghhhhhnnn.”

Her last word trailed off in a low moan; the cause of which was the three-fingered claw that Neve had slipped between Jessica’s thighs during the impromptu embrace. Jessica bit her lip and pulled away from the brunette, yanking the Scream Queen’s Claw from her groin. Quickly adjusting her skirt, Jessica looked at Neve and smirked, “Looks like you’re in the right frame of mind already. Just remember, all’s fair in love and war, and I mean to do whatever it takes to win this fight.”

Neve smiled and rubbed the fingers on her clawing hand together. Looking at the blonde she purred, “You’re strong now Jessica, but you won’t be so confidant when I’m done. You’re gonna know what it’s like to have all five senses overwhelmed with abject defeat. See you soon Angel.”

Jessica’s smile was cold and predatory as she fired her parting shot, “Don’t be so sure, Neve. You’re going down. And I’ll make sure you stay there all night. You’re gonna bow to me Scream Queen.” Then she turned on her heel and strolled away into the crowd, leaving Neve alone with her thoughts.

Looking toward the water and the dark beyond it, Neve whispered, “The only kneeling I’ll do in this match is right before I sit on your face Jessica. You don’t know what you’re in for Angel. But you will. By the time the sun comes will.”


May 31, 2007...

The antique grandfather clock at the end of the hall had just struck twice when Neve opened the door that would lead her to her opponent for the evening. Slipping into the suite on the top floor of Charles Dexter Ward’s isolated Vermont mansion, the pale brunette was pushing the door shut behind her when a familiar voice called, “Hello Neve. Right on time I see.”

The Scream Queen turned around and saw Jessica curled up in a leather easy chair. Noting something different about her rival, Neve titled her head to the side and observed, “So, you’re a brunette again.”

Jessica smiled and pushed out of the chair. Clad in one of the short silk robes Ward provided for the combatants, Alba would be a stunning sight in any hair color. Running a hand through her dark curls, she replied, “Thought it was time for a change, besides being a brunette works better with the ‘Dark Angel’ moniker.” She paused and sauntered a few steps closer to the Scream Queen. “Of course, it could also be a subtle psychological ploy, being brunette again. You know, anything you can do, I can do better?”

Neve kept her eyes level with Jessica’s as she said, “Of course, if it was a subtle psychological ploy, it lost any effectiveness it might have had because you told me about it.”

Jess’s smile gleamed in the mellow light of the suite. “Maybe! Are you ready to get started? 2AM is the traditional start time for battles such as this.”

Neve didn’t respond, she just brushed past Jessica and padded to the center of the plushly carpeted room. With her back to the other brunette, Neve undid the sash at her waist and slipped the robe off her shoulders. Tossing the garment onto a nearby chair (the one Jessica had occupied, perhaps a subtle psychological ploy of her own?) Neve was wearing a simple black bikini, not much different than her ring-gear, though a little more revealing at the hips and bust, but not wildly different. The Scream Queen had never been one for ornate battle attire anyway.

Turning to face Jessica Neve said, “Ready when you are.”

Arching an eyebrow, Jessica commented. “Interesting you chose black, when I...” she trailed off as she picked at the sash and wriggled the robe off her shoulders and let the robe puddle at her feet, “...chose white.”

For her twentieth La Guerre d’Amour, Jessica was wearing a white one-piece with blue piping around the edges. But calling the swimsuit a ‘one-piece’ as like calling a Ferrari a ‘car.’ It had no sides and almost no back. Aside from a thin strip of material around her hips to complete the back of the bottom, the only fabric on her back were spaghetti-thin midnight blue straps that helped the wondrous creation defy gravity. The overall shape of the fabric was a U atop a skinny triangle. Your narrator doesn’t have any clue if the Dark Angel ever planned to wear this particular ensemble in public, but trust me when I say that if she did, she’d have a whole new legion of fans.

Smiling at Neve’s non-reaction, Jessica kicked the robe aside and answered, “I’m ready. Just let me take care of one little detail.” She turned, reached for the door knob and set the lock with a quiet ‘CLICK’ before she turned to face Neve. With the tiniest hint of a smile, the tawny brunette strolled across the plush carpet and got nose-to-nose with Neve. Silently pleased that the Scream Queen hadn’t even twitched in the wake of her approach, Jessica took a deep breath and said, “I’ve been waiting ten months for this!”

Neve’s dark eyes remained steady on the Dark Angel as she answered, “My apologies, I had a certain blonde bitch who needed to be dealt with. But if it’s any consolation, you never left my thoughts. I’ve been pondering all the ways I’m going to make you suffer tonight.”

The other brunette licked her lips. “Great minds think alike! Have you figured out what you’re going to try?” There was a highly sarcastic edge to the word ‘try’ as if Jessica doubted the Scream Queen would even have a chance to indulge her whims.

The pale brunette leaned in and put her lips against Jessica’s ear. “I have an inkling. But it’s going to be a surprise. It’ll be so much more fun for me if you have no idea what’s coming.”

Not missing a beat, Jessica whispered back, “I already have an idea of what’s coming tonight. She’s standing right in front of me. And I think it’s time we got started. Any particular test you’d like to fail first?”

Neve drew her head back, but the Scream Queen’s nose was still brushing her opponent’s. With a smirk twinkling in her eye she answered, “You challenged me Jessie, that means you get start.”

What remained unsaid was ‘like it’ll make any difference.’ but Jessica had a plan and she meant to show Neve that it would make a difference. A whole HELL of a lot of difference in fact. Taking a single step back, Jessica brought up her right hand and laid it palm down against Neve’s bare abdomen. Squeezing gently the Dark Angel chided, “Think your belly can handle a little clawing? I know you veterans have a lotta miles behind ya, so I’d hate to start out with TOO big of an advantage.”

Making a mental note to shove the v-word down Jess’s throat before the night was over, Neve placed her right hand against Jessica’s stomach and curled her left behind the Dark Angel’s neck, inviting the other brunette to do the same. When Jessica’s hand was across the base of her neck, Neve patted Jessica’s paunch and said, “Whenever you’re ready Angel.” The last word had barely passed her lips before Jessica’s hand went from flat to talon and DUG into her pale midriff.

Neve’s face contorted for a moment but she steadied herself and returned the favor by forcing her fingers into Alba’s abs. Using Neve’s claw to spur her on, Jessica jiggled her grip and twisted her hand left in a subtle but painful corkscrew. Smiling despite the sharp talons digging at her belly, Jessica rested her forehead on Neve’s and asked, “I thought you were supposed to be some sort of hardbody Neve? But this...” She increased the pressure on the Belly Claw for effect. “This is all dough! Guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, what given your nasty pastiness and all.”

Neve grimaced and then redoubled her efforts to force her fingers through Jessica’s abs. Alternately increasing and relaxing the pressure, she fired back, “You’re one to talk. Given what I’ve got a hold of down here I’m surprised you’ve never tried to press your gut against the newspaper just to read the comics backward.”

Snickering softly, Jessica replied, “Just wait until I’m pressing my gut into your face. When I’ve got you down and sobbing against my abs I’ll see if I can’t get ERRGGGHHHH!” The Angel’s threat never got finished because a sudden new pain had flared up in her midsection. Glancing down her eyes widened when she saw Neve had grabbed the stud in her navel with her thumb and forefinger, then Neve started to slowly twwwiiiiiisssst the jewelry.

Pulling her hand away from Neve’s paunch (a quiet part of her mind gleefully noted the crimson streaks her nails had left behind) Jessica wrapped her fingers around the other brunette’s wrist and clamped down in a death-grip. The pressure on the piercing let up so Jessica took the opportunity to demand, “What the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

Neve just smirked and gave the piece of silver a nasty little tug, “No rules remember? Word of advice Jess, it’s not smart to wear anything like jewelry into La Guerre d’Amour.”

Nodding imperceptibly, Jessica muttered, “I’ll remember that!” She buried her unencumbered hand in Neve’s dark hair and YANKED savagely, bending the Scream Queen’s neck at an awkward angle. Resisting the urge to go for Neve’s throat too early in the fight, Jessica taunted, “Your ASS is mine, too bitch!”

Loathe to acknowledge the fiery burning in her scalp, the pale beauty countered, “It sure is Jessica. But not until I say so.”

Before Jessica could answer her, Neve lifted her hand from around the base of Jessica’s neck and slithered it around to the side of the tanned brunette’s face. With asp-like precision, the unofficial champ of La Guerre d’Amour hooked two fingers in her rival’s mouth and pulled back hard, wrenching the Dark Angel’s neck and distorting her face with a Fishhook highly illegal in any other arena. Arms trembling as they tried to maintain their respective holds, Neve and Jessica held on for several more seconds before releasing one another almost simultaneously. Putting some distance between them, Jessica rubbed at her jaw for a moment before moving her hands south to undo the stud in her belly. Placing the piece of body jewelry on a small nightstand near the couch, she turned her attention back to the smirking Scream Queen.

“You know I’m going to slit your throat every chance I get don’t you?”

Neve just shrugged her shoulders, she’d heard it all before. “I don’t plan on giving you many opportunities.”

Settling into a grappler’s crouch, Jessica stalked forward and started circling to her left. “Of course you’re not going to GIVE them to me; I’m going to TAKE them; that’s what makes it fun...”

Jess’s words trailed off as she lunged for the pale brunette with both claws extended. Neve was ready for it though and she met the Angel in a tight clench in the center of the suite. What she was NOT ready for was the knee lift that Jessica buried between her thighs shortly thereafter. Holding the sagging Scream Queen against her for a moment, Alba purred, “That’s for trying to rip out my stud.”

Spinning around behind her groaning opposition, she snuggled in close and curled her left arm across Neve’s windpipe. Crushing down on the Sleeper, Jessica ground her crotch against Neve’s squirming rump even as she used her free hand to grope the other brunette’s chest. Insolently clawing Neve’s bounty through the thin material of her top, Jess continued, “This is for making me wait to get my hands on you...” Her fingers found the nub it was looking for and she twisted viciously, forcing an indignant shriek from her captive. Riding out Neve’s thrashings in relative comfort, the Dark Angel finished, “And THIS is just the first of many actions that will prove I’m better than you.”

Yanking up hard on her choking arm, Jessica exposed Neve’s throat to an audience that wasn’t there. Releasing her hold on the Scream Queen’s rack, Jessica formed her hand into a fist and lifted it to just under Neve’s chin. Extending her thumb she placed the digit against the curve of Neve’s neck and drew it across quick and clean, ‘slitting’ the struggling brunette’s throat for the first time that evening. As you may have guessed, this tactic wasn’t as lethal as the name implies, merely an unofficial scoring system combatants used to keep track of how many times in the battle they’d had their foe helpless. Looking forward to doing that over and over, Jessica released her Half Sleeper and kicked the Scream Queen away.

Hips tilted in an expression of pure insolence, the Dark Angel brushed a stray hair off her forehead and murmured, “God that felt good.”

Disgusted that Jessica had been able to draw first blood on her (at least in the figurative sense) Neve dropped into a crouch of her own and snarled, “This won’t.”

Neve exploded forward to tie Jessica up in another clinch, but as the Dark Angel rushed in to meet her, Neve dipped low and whirled around behind her. Faster than Jessica could blink, her opponent had reached out with both hands, grabbed her ankles and pulled them out from under her, sending the lithe vixen crashing face-and-chest-first onto the carpet. Scrambling up the fallen brunette’s trembling frame, Neve took a rough seat on Jessica’s shoulders just a second before she plunged her left hand into the Angel’s dark mane. Cranking her foe’s head back at an odd angle, Neve reached across Jessica’s throat and drew it back. With the score tied up again, Neve slammed Jessica’s head down into the carpet with a dull THUD!

Pushing to her feet, Neve put her hands on her hips and one foot on the back of Jessica’s neck. Grinding her foot back and forth, she sneered, “And just like that, I’m in charge again. Get used to it Angel.” Done with her command, the Scream Queen strutted away so the prone brunette could regain her verticality.

Moments later, Jessica did just that and now all the mirth was gone from her face. In it’s place was a cold, dark anger and the obvious desire to subjugate her rival. Adjusting her suit, Jessica snarled, “Enjoy that while you can Neve, pretty soon you’ll be begging me to stop.”

Neve choked back a laugh and taunted, “I doubt you’re THAT good - with your tongue!”

Growling low in the back of her throat the Dark Angel sank into a crouch and hurled herself at the other brunette. If all went according to plan, she’d force the Scream Queen to ground and have her sobbing for mercy in a...


Thoroughly enjoying her current position, Jessica tightened her grip on Neve’s left wrist and leaned waaaaaaay back, putting sadistic pressure on the Scream Queen’s elbow with the Cross Armbreaker. Bicycling her shoulders into the thick carpet, the Dark Angel twisted and bent the captured brunette’s fingers any which way she could as she said, “You know what’s so beautiful about this Neve? I could just snap your elbow and your career ends. Nothing fancy, no sledgehammers involved, but it’s over nonetheless.” She cranked back a little harder to illustrate her point.

Glowering up into the mellow overhead lights, Neve clawed ineffectually at the brunette’s ankles and asked, “Why don’t you just do it then?”

Speaking to her victim in the same tone one might use with an especially daft child, Jessica replied, “Because breaking a joint would end the fight, even one with no rules. And you’re not getting out of this room THAT easily. I want to DRAIN you before I destroy you. Besides, if I broke your arm, you wouldn’t be cogent enough to resist when I did this!” Without releasing Neve’s wrist, Jessica folded up the leg that was resting across her foe’s neck (that would be her left) and placed the sole of her foot directly against Neve’s face. Mashing the Scream Queen’s features, Jessica’s formerly teasing tone grew threatening as she snarled, “Kiss my feet bitch! KISS THEM!”

Hating the feel of Jessica’s soles against her face, Neve refused to comply with the Angel’s demand, but that didn’t mean she was any closer to freeing herself. Indeed she had to suffer through the foot-buffing for several more seconds before the Jess straightened her leg out and went back to the more traditional Armbreaker. Nipping the tips of Neve’s thrashing fingers, Jessica paused in her chewing long enough to say, “You can’t resist me forever Neve. Why not give up now and save yourself the embarrassment of being thoroughly outclassed?”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Neve planted her feet in the carpet and grunted, “I don’t need to resist you forever Jessica. Just long enough to make you my bitch.”

The words were still coming out of her mouth when the Scream Queen arched up and rolled into the pressure of the Armbreaker. The move was sudden enough to allow her to lock her hands thus relieving most of the tension, but it wasn’t enough to make Jessica break her Scissors. Wanting nothing more than to wriggle free of this predicament, Neve continued to push forward in an effort to roll Jessica onto her shoulders. Unfortunately this tactic worked a little too well because the moment the Dark Angel was stacked up tight she popped her ankles and shifted her legs so that they were framing Neve’s neck as well as her arm. In the blink of an eye Jessica clamped down again and forced Neve onto the carpet with an expertly applied Triangle Choke, a move that was by all rights even more painful than the Cross Armbreaker.

Again, Jessica had Neve right where she wanted her. If this was a regular wrestling match she could have just kept squeezing until the Scream Queen’s pale face went beet red and she either passed out or tapped out. But this wasn’t a regular match. This was the War of Love and her victory wouldn’t be complete if Neve could even twitch after she’d surrendered so she didn’t apply as much pressure as she could. Of course, she was still crushing down on Neve’s neck with wicked force, and having the other brunette’s chin thrust tight against the crotch of her one-piece? Well, that was just a bonus.

Gently thrusting her hips into Neve’s chin, Jessica reached out with her unoccupied hand and wiped a bit of sweat off the trapped brunette’s forehead. Stroking Neve’s flushed cheek, Jessica whispered, “Since you’re already down there, why don’t you just kiss my crotch and get it over with?”

The glaze that had been forming over Neve’s eyes faded away as she spat, “Fuck you Jessicunnhhh!”

Jessica took the opportunity to swipe her fist under the shelf of the other brunette’s chin, slitting her throat for the second time since the door had closed. Smiling coyly, Jessica took a handful of Neve’s dark hair and pushed her head down hard, forcing the brunette’s helpless features against the thin barrier veiling her center. Bucking her hips in time with Neve’s struggles, Jessica pleaded, “C’mon Neve, I’m not asking for much. Just one tiny kiss and I might think about switching to a hold you can actually fight out of.”

Doing everything she could to ignore the steaming press of Jessica’s groin, Neve quashed anything resembling panic and thought only of escape. Pushing up onto her knees without meeting any resistance, Neve darted out her free hand and didn’t stop questing until she’d found Jessica’s throat. Helping herself to a Chokehold of her own, the Scream Queen pushed to her feet, rolling Jessica up onto her shoulders once again. But this time Neve was able to maintain her footing and with a single hard SHOVE she tore her head free of the Angel’s thighs and pushed Jessica onto her belly with a muted PLOP.

Refusing to take time to regain her equilibrium, Neve POUNCED on the downed brunette and hooked both hands under Jessica’s chin. With just a few movements the Canadian grappler had threaded Jessica’s arms across her thighs, rendering her helpless for the time-being. Resuming her grip on the Angel’s chin, Neve leaned forward for just a second before pulling back as hard as she could. Jessica uttered a distorted groan as her upper body was lifted off the carpet and pulled well past the 45-degree angle mark.

Once her Camel Clutch was cinched in perfectly, Neve lifted up and then sat down again, dropping all her weight down across Jessica’s lower back. Relishing the pained grunt that came from her trapped opposition, Neve pulled one hand away from the Angel’s chin only to cup it over her nose and pull back even harder. Intent on doling out hurt and humiliation in equal measure, Neve kept bouncing and jostling Jessica’s back even as she tried to mangle her face with an assortment of mean-spirited Fishhooks, Eye Rakes and general Face Gouging. After nearly a minute of this treatment, Jessica still hadn’t started bawling so Neve decided to up the ante. Hooking a handful of Jessica’s locks just above the hairline, Neve cranked back on her grip, pulling the Dark Angel’s head back at a nasty angle.

Lips trembling against Jessica’s ear, Neve whispered, “I can already feel you running out of gas Jessica. You started off hot, but you get used up way to fast. Me on the other hand, I can do this all.... night... long.” As those last three words left her mouth she placed her right thumb against the left side of Jessica’s neck and sloooowly drew it across, slitting the Angel’s throat and tying the score at two all.

Hearing the deliberate smugness in the Scream Queen’s voice nearly drove Jessica insane with rage and she started bucking and twisting in an effort to free herself from the Clutch. She managed to tear her right arm free but before she could do anything with her freedom, Neve took her head in both hands and WHAM slammed her face into the carpet. Jessica quivered and offered a low groan as her only resistance as Neve pushed off her back and got to her feet.

Rubbing her hands, Neve said quietly, “I think it’s time you understood what you’ve gotten yourself into.” Getting nothing useful from Jessica, Neve pulled the sinewy beauty to her feet and spun around behind her. Moving slowly enough for Jess to realize what was coming, Neve hooked her opponent in an Abdominal Stretch and bent the other brunette over her thigh. With one hand free, the Scream Queen traced a nonsense pattern along the Angel’s bare side and asked, “You know why I love this hold Jessica? Because I’ve got you all tied up and a hand free. You know what that means?”

Gritting her teeth, Jessica sneered, “It means you can scratch yourself while you try to work this pathetic stretch.”

Neve shook her head, “Oh, so close. It means I OWN you.”

Trying to struggle free, Jess muttered, “Fuck you NeveUGGHhhhh!”

Neve dug her fingers into the trapped brunette’s ribs and twisted hard, applying the Belly Claw a second time. Kneading the Angel’s tummy like an especially stiff dough, Neve chided, “Like I was saying, I own you. That includes your stomach...” She gave the claw another squeeze and then released it. Moving north, she clasped her fingers around Jessica’s throat and started to strangle her. “and your throat...” When Jessica started gasping, Neve pulled her hand away only to settle it over the swell of her right breast. Yanking the slick white material aside, Neve clamped down on the bared globe and listened to the Angel groan. Pinching the brunette’s bounty, Neve went on, “and your nasty tits.”

Literally trembling with rage, Jessica endured the dual holds and roared, “LET… ME… GO!”

To her surprise, Neve did let her go, or at least, she released the Breast Claw. Nuzzling her cheek in against the Angel’s, Neve cooed, “There’s one more part of you I need to put my stamp on...”

Trailing off, she reached her hand down Jessica’s stomach and lightly slapped her crotch. As Jessica tried to tear free, Neve pulled her hand away only to slip it under the edge of her foe’s one-piece just above her left hip. Sliding her hand towards Jessica’s center, the Scream Queen said, “I could end this right now....” Her fingers curled into a slight Crotch Claw and she squeezed hard enough to ensure Jessica felt it. Just as Jessica was biting her lip to prepare for Neve’s assault, Neve pulled her talon free. Reaching up, she rubbed her hand across Jessica’s face and finished, “But I’d rather make you THINK about it.”

Unable to hold back a cold little laugh, Neve continued to mash her palm in Jessica’s face for a few more seconds. Finally satisfied, she balled her hand into a fist, popped out her thumb and snikked it across her foe’s neck, going up on make-believe points as quick as a....


Holding Jessica’s left ankle in a snug, two-handed grip, Neve extended the tawny limb to its full length, not because she had an appreciation for Jessica’s muscle tone, but simply because she wanted more to stomp on. Twisting the Dark Angel’s ankle, Neve pulled her right leg back, held it there for a second only to snap it forward, driving her heel into the quivering meat of her opponent’s thigh. Jessica (who up to now had been suffering this latest attack in stubborn silence) let out a low moan and that brought a smile to the Scream Queen’s lips. Flipping some hair off her face, Neve glanced down at her opponent and asked, “What’s the matter little Angel?” She drew back her foot and lashed another kick against Jessica’s gam. “Muscles starting to tense up?” Another kick came crashing home. “Are they beginning to feel like lead?” Yet another kick and another groan from Jessica. “Imagine what it’ll be like when your whole body feels that way...” Neve placed her kicking foot against the crotch of Jessica’s bikini and ground it back and forth. “Imagine what I’m going to do to you AFTER you’re already helpless.”

Using her anger as a means to overcome the Scream Queen’s latest attack, Jessica dug her elbows into the carpet and pushed up. Glaring daggers at her nemesis, the downed brunette sneered, “I don’t know how to tell you this Neve, but I’ve survived far worse and I’ll survive this. If this is the best you can do to me, I’ll be sitting on your face when the sun comes up.” She ended her statement by pulling back her free leg and kicking it out but Neve saw the strike coming and pivoted just in time to avoid the blow.

A cruel, knowing smile on her face, Neve answered, “You think this is my best Jessica? This is just foreplay. If you want a taste of my best...”

The pale brunette trailed off right about the time she shifted her grip from Jessica’s ankle all the way down to her knee and LIFTED the Dark Angel’s lower body up into the air. In one smooth motion, Neve flipped Jessica onto her belly, stepped over the trapped girl’s body and sat down hard on her upper back, just below the shoulders. Taking a moment to tuck Jess’ trapped ankle under her right armpit, Neve kept one arm looped around the Dark Angel’s shin while she used her other hand to cup her rival’s knee. Grinding her ass against Jessica’s back, Neve leeaaaaaaned back as far as she dared, bending Jessica into a torturous shape that most resembled a letter C.

Wondering if she had it in her to turn the C into an O, Neve jerked back even harder on the Single Leg Crab, she really wanted to kick Jessica in the back of the head but, alas, she was a few inches short of her goal - not that it didn’t mean Jessica was in any less pain! Indeed, the Scream Queen’s sadistic hold was putting terrible pressure on the other brunette’s leg, back and abdomen. In fact, if anyone had been there to see it, they would have noticed all the muscles on the Angel’s flat belly standing out in stark relief as Neve tried to break her in two. Much to her credit, Jessica was resisting the hold as well as anyone could, but the trapped vixen knew she had to find a way out fast, otherwise she might pass out from the pain. And while that guaranteed an end in just about any other match, in La Guerre d’Amour it just meant Neve would have free reign over her until she woke up, and Jessica wasn’t ashamed to admit that that thought terrified her.

Digging her fingers deep into the plush carpet, Jessica managed to lift herself a few inches off the ground but just when she was starting to believe she might have a chance, Neve rose up and dropped her butt down across those bronzed shoulders and Jessica was sent back to the carpet with a muted THWUMP! Glancing over her shoulder, Neve looked down at the back of Jessica’s head and asked, “Where you going Jess? There aren’t any ropes that are going to save you. Of course, I might be willing to release this hold if you screamed my name.”

Jess blanched at the thought. “Screw you bitch; I’m not giving up that easy.”

Neve continued to stretch and twist her foe’s knee as she answered. “Oh that wouldn’t be a submission Jessie. I just like making sure outmatched little nothings know who’s kicking their ass.”

“Go to hell Neve...” Jessica swung her free leg up hard and fast in hopes of catching Neve in the forehead. Sadly, the Scream Queen wasn’t taken by the ploy and she turned into the strike, taking it on the shoulder.

Shaking her head in disgust, Neve taunted, “All right bitch, you’re finally ready to play rough? Then let’s play rough.” Pulling her hand away from the Dark Angel’s knee, the domineering brunette curled it into a wicked spade which she immediately drove into the front of Jessica’s briefs. With the agony of a Crotch Claw stacked on top of the considerable pain she was already in, Jessica could no longer hold back her torment and she screamed long and loud into the carpet as Neve tried to mangle her. Digging her fingers into Jessica’s center in a vile, corkscrewing motion, Neve worked the Claw as slow as she could, she wanted Jessica to feel every second of this. Breathing through her nose, Neve found her voice and asked, “You ready to say my name now Jessica? Or maybe you want to quit all together?”

Sweating profusely, Jessica shook her head ‘no’ as best she could and growled, “Go fuck yourself!”

Unable to believe the other brunette was still resisting her, Neve snarled back, “Right after I’m finished fucking YOU!

She buried her claw in the sweaty white fabric again in hopes that she could end this thing right now. Much to her surprise (and joy) a few seconds later her opponent sobbed, “Neve!”

The Scream Queen paused. “Excuse me? I’m not sure I heard you.”

Trembling from head to foot, Jess repeated, “NEVE CAMPBELL! Now let me GO!”

Satisfied for the moment, Neve replied, “I’m sorry Jessica, you misunderstood my offer. I said I’d release this HOLD if you screamed my name, I never said anything about letting you GO.”

When the other brunette started to protest, Neve let Jessica’s leg fall from her hands. In the same move, she shifted her position so that she was laying on the brunette’s back facing her head, while at the same time Scissoring her legs together, keeping Jessica’s left leg bent and trapped between her thighs. To complete her hold she looped her left arm under Jessica’s chin and locked her hands together. With the STF in place, Neve pulled back as far as gravity would allow, now putting pressure not only on Jessica knee and back, but her neck as well. Feeling the Dark Angel wriggling in her grasp, Neve put her lips against Jessica’s ear and purred, “No escape this time Jessie. Just surrARRRRGGGHHH!”

Jessica grabbed hold of her tormentor’s choking arm and forced it up so that the crook of Neve’s elbow was resting against her lips. As soon as she felt bare skin, Jessica opened her mouth and bit down HARD. She only had to keep up her chewing for a few second before Neve released her hold and went scrambling away. Running on adrenaline and a DEFCON 5 level of Pissed Off, Jessica roared to her feet and went after the stunned brunette. Before Neve could even get off her knees, the Dark Angel blasted out with her right knee and caught the Scream Queen in the forehead. The simple blow was enough to cross the penitent brunette’s eyes and send her flopping onto her back in a woozy sprawl. Not even close to finished with her retribution yet, Jessica hopped into place on Neve’s right side and then leapt into the air only to come down on her foe’s chest with a hateful Splash.

Feasting off the powerful spasm and the ‘UNNNGH’ that rocked Neve’s body, Jess stayed in position across the Scream Queen’s chest just long enough to say, “Now I’m going to hurt you. But first...”

She formed her right hand into a loose fist, extended her thumb and slashed it across Neve’s throat, making it three all just like that. Having tied the score, Jessica pushed off her dazed foe and rolled her onto her left side. Molding herself against the Scream Queen’s back, Jessica grabbed Neve’s right leg and folded it up, forcing the brunette’s heel against her own butt. In the same instant Jessica Scissored both legs around Neve’s thigh and crossed her ankles to lock the folded limb in place between them. Almost there, Jess hooked Neve’s right arm with her own and pulled it back at a sharp angle to apply a makeshift Armbar.

Finally, using her left hand she reached around Neve’s neck and cupped her chin. Yanking back hard, she forced Neve’s head backwards with variation on the basic Chinlock. With all her holds in place and Neve thoroughly tied up, Jessica cranked back on all three moves, a tactic that bent Neve in ways folks weren’t meant to bend. Licking her lips as she stretched Neve like a rubber band, Jessica lowered her head to Neve’s and kissed her captive on the cheek.

Beaming as Neve tried to pull away, Jess kissed her again and whispered, “You’re not the only one in this room that knows how to wrestle. And you’re also not the only one in this room that’s undefeated in La Guerre d’Amour. Now you get to find out why...”

Releasing her grip on Neve’s chin, Jessica reached down and settled her hand on Neve’s left breast. Peeling the black triangle of fabric aside, she pinched her foe’s nipple between thumb and forefinger and TWISTED as hard as she could. Neve sobbed and tried to pull free, but Jess had her locked up tight and all she could do was writhe as Jessica continued to torture her breast.

Giggling into Neve’s ear, Jessica purred, “I bet you taste better when you’re scared.” She ran her tongue from the Scream Queen’s ear all the way to the point of her jaw. Smacking her lips theatrically, Jessica cooed, “Yummmm, delicious!” She clamped down on the Breast Claw a little tighter and offered, “Scream my name and I’ll let you go.”

Fuming and disgusted, Neve panted, “In your dreams.”

Grinning, Jess murmured, “How true.” and resumed her callous pinching. After a few more seconds of silence she added, “Scream my name right now, or I’ll sit on your face and let you mumble it a little later on.”

Knowing she didn’t dare risk suffering through a Face Sit right now, Neve gathered her voice and croaked, “JESSICA ALBA!”

Extremely pleased with herself, Jessica kissed Neve’s cheek again and whispered, “Good girl. Just one more thing and I’ll let you go.”

Pulling her hand away from Neve’s bounty, she slid it under the Scream Queen’s chin and slashed across her neck. Pushing the pale brunette away, Jessica rose to her feet and strutted around her fallen adversary. Reflecting back on the match so far, Jessica believed she was getting the better of Neve. True, Neve had started strong, but Jess had turned the tables on her in a...


Jessica wasn’t sure how much time had passed, all she knew was that she was in control of the War and that was a very good thing. Laying on her back, Jessica looked up into the lights as she adjusted her grip on the Facelock and the Scissors. She had slapped the Guillotine Choke on Neve sometime before and after a brief bout of resistance, the Scream Queen’s counterattacks had dwindled to occasional spats of weak punches to her ribs. Grinding Neve’s face against her side, Jessica stretched her legs to their full length and squueeeeezzzzed as tight as she could. Neve shivered violently and once again tried to free herself, but Jessica worked the Facelock like a champ and Neve soon slumped back down onto her captor’s belly. Absolutely LOVING the feel of her opponent draining into her, Jessica rubbed her thighs against Neve’s hips even as she bounced her crotch into the trapped beauty’s midsection.

Glancing down the curve of Neve’s back like a Queen surveying her latest conquest, the Dark Angel let out a content sigh and asked, “You still with me Neve?”

Neve groaned and dug her hands into the carpet. “Lemme go.” she growled.

Jessica smirked, “Not right now sweetie. You can still twitch, that means I haven’t squeezed enough out of you YET!” She tensed her whole frame and Neve went wild as the Angel attempted to cut her in half. Trying her best to ignore the pain in her ribs, the Scream Queen planted her hands in the carpet and tried to push up, but she’d gained no more than a few inches before Jessica shifted her grip on the Facelock and tugged down, forcing the captive brunette back to the carpet.

Taking steps to ensure that Neve’s face was wedged in tight against the swell of her breast, Jessica continued her constrictions as she said, “Go ahead and keep fighting Neve. It just means you’ll wear yourself that much fastUNNNGHHHH!”

The Angel’s taunt turned into a pained wail as Neve finally succeeded in wedging her right hand between their bodies. Before Jess even felt its presence, Neve twisted her fingers into a Claw and dug into her tormentor’s groin. Eyes watering from the pain of the clawing, Jessica fought the instinct to simply release the hold and pull away. She knew she had Neve right where she wanted her, she just needed to immobilize the Scream Queen’s arms. An idea suddenly occurred to her and despite the numbing pain, she smiled. Releasing the Facelock, and pushed her way to a sitting position. Perched on Neve’s lap, Jessica slipped her hands under the other brunette’s armpits and shoved them through, forcing Neve’s arms out like the top of a T, not to mention breaking the Crotch Claw.

Locking her hands again, Jess secured the Butterfly Lock and really bore down on it. Bouncing on Neve’s thighs, she leaned all her weight down on the Scream Queen’s back, nearly folding her in half in the process. Slamming her hips forward into Neve’s midriff, Jessica spat, “How you gonna claw me now bitch? Why don’t you just quit before I break your back!” She pressed down on Neve’s shoulders again, bending the trapped brunette even further.

Fighting the hold as best she could, Neve hated to admit it, but if this had been a regular match, she probably WOULD have tapped to the Butterfly Lock by now. The move was deadly in Jessica’s hands and every extra second she spent in it was an agony Neve didn’t want to consider. But if she gave up now the Angel would own her until the sun came up, and though Neve couldn’t be sure of the time, she was positive they were still a couple hours from dawn. Refusing to even consider surrender, Neve mustered her reserves and tried to think of an escape plan. In spite of everything she knew about submissions and counter-wrestling, she was only able to come up with a single scenario - and she didn’t have that much faith in that.

Turning her head to face Jessica’s torso, she waited for her tormentor to bounce again, and when she did, Neve darted her head forward and BIT down on the Dark Angel’s right breast. Jessica’s shriek of pained surprise was muffled but that didn’t stop Neve from hearing it. Or feeling the considerable slackening of her opponent’s grip. Not wasting a second, Neve tore her head and arms free of Jessica’s grasp and drove three hard Punches into the other brunette’s face. Jessica grunted and the Scissors around Neve’s waist finally fell away.

Grateful for the reprieve, Neve pushed to her feet and scrambled away. Though she’d never admit it, she really needed a breather. She’d made it about three steps when Jessica lashed out her foot and tripped her, sending the Scream Queen sprawling onto the carpet. Staring a murderous hole through her splayed foe, the Dark Angel got to her feet and staggered over to Neve’s feet. Eyes locked on the back of Neve’s head, she growled, “That’s the LAST time you’ll ever lay a hand on me.”

When Neve didn’t do anything but groan, Jessica bent down and grabbed Neve’s legs before bending them back and crossing them, forcing them against the Scream Queen’s butt in a rough X. Holding her victim in place, Jessica scooted forward, placing both knees against the small of Neve’s back. With one hand she held her foe’s feet in place while she slipped the other under Neve’s chin, cupping it tightly. Ready to act, Jessica pulled back hard, rolling to the carpet on her back, while bringing Neve up onto her knees in a perfect application of the Bow and Arrow. Rocking her knees up and down, Jessica tried her damnedest to break Neve in half.

Digging her nails into the shelf of the other brunette’s chin, Jessica chided, “What’s the matter Neve? Did you want to be looking at the lights when you finally gave up the fiAAAHHHH!”

Quicker than most could blink, Neve grabbed the hand pulling on her chin and tugged it to her lips. With a single chomp she bit down on three of Jessica’s fingers, causing the pained scream we just heard. Jessica’s grip faltered and that was all Neve needed to go back on the offensive. Twisting around, she rolled off Jessica’s knees only to drop down onto her chest with a sweaty SPLAT. Laying comfortably across the struggling Angel, Neve Scissored up the tawny brunette’s right arm between her thighs and trapped her left arm with both hands. Holding her opponent flat with the Crossbody Pin, Neve took a deep breath and said, “That’s more like it.”

Trying to squirm her way out of the cover, Jess grunted and sneered, “What’re ya gonna do now asshole? Pin me and hope a ref shows up?”

Locking eyes with her wriggling adversary, Neve leaned down until her lips were almost brushing Jessica’s nose. “You’ve got it all wrong Jess. I’m not going to PIN you. I’m going to EMBARRASS you!” Neve darted her head forward and thrust her mouth against the Angel’s, treating her to a forceful kiss. There was nothing romantic about the gesture though, it was all domination and it was the kind of treatment Neve wanted Jessica to be very familiar with by the time the sun came up. Feeling the need to breathe, Neve pulled back and panted into Jessica’s flushed face. “You taste like loser.”

Beyond furious at the demeaning treatment, Jessica surged up with all her might and roared, “LET…ME…GO!”

The Scream Queen allowed Jessica to maintain the bridge just so she could push up and then drop back down, pounding Jessica back to the carpet with a meaty SMECK! Pulling one hand away from Jess’ wrist, Neve drew her index finger across the Angel’s throat in a variant on the typical throat slash. Soaking up the other brunette’s sweaty indignation, Neve cooed, “Be careful what you wish for Jessie.” The words were still hanging between them when she smashed a short, hard Forearm shot down on Jessica’s face.

With the Dark Angel twitching beneath her, Neve released the Crossbody only to pull her up to a sitting position. Scooting around behind her opponent, Neve wrapped her legs around Jessica’s waist and locked her ankles even as she was snaking her right arm across the Angel’s chin and forcing it back into the crook of her armpit. Just like that, Neve had trapped Jessica in a Dragon Sleeper and if it wasn’t bad enough already, she had one hand free. Swatting Jessica’s flailing hands aside, Neve grabbed the tanned brunette’s left shoulder-strap and peeled it down, then she repeated the process with the right shoulder strap, leaving Jessica stripped to the waist.

Feeling the cool air of the suite on her bare breasts caused Jessica to redouble her escape attempts. It wasn’t the being topless part that bothered her, if that was it she would have been phenomenally dumb to get involved with La Guerre d’Amour in the first place. What bothered her was the ACT of being forcibly stripped which implied she’d lost control of the situation. She HATED that. So bucking and squirming, she tried to get her teeth against Neve’s arm, but the Scream Queen had done an excellent job of securing her head and Jess couldn’t get a good angle. All Jessica could do was hold out and try to get her hands on something that she could twist, pinch or maul enough to engineer an escape.

Back on the domineering side of things, Neve continued to bend her foe with the Dragon Sleeper but as nice as that was, she couldn’t resist the temptation offered by the Angel’s defenseless juggs. Reaching out with her free hand, Neve tweaked Jessica’s nubs a few times and then applied a torturous Breast Claw to the right orb. Digging in deep, Neve wrenched the helpless flesh and snarled, “How do you like pinching tits now Jessie?”

Out of her mind with pain and rage, Jessica shrieked, “BITCH I’LL FUCKIN’ KILL YOU!”

Neve crushed down on the Angel’s nipple even harder. She didn’t care what hurt more, the pain or the humiliation. All she knew was that Jessica needed to be overwhelmed with both. Releasing her hold on Jessica’s neck, Neve scooted up into a sitting position and cupped Jessica’s rack in both hands. Sinking her claws in, Neve hissed, “Not if I kill you first!” then RAAAAKED in two directions at once, doing even more damage to Jessica’s bounty. Through with her assault for the moment, Neve pecked a taunting little kiss against the sobbing girl’s cheek and cooed, “Toughen up Jessica, the worst is yet to come.”

Peeling herself off the Angel, Neve got to her feet and tried to recover as best she could. Watching Jessica tremble at her feet, Neve knew the battered brunette was contemplating revenge, but she didn’t care. After escaping the Butterfly Lock and the Bow and Arrow, Neve was confident she could destroy all of Jessica hopes and dreams in a single blinding...


Settling into her new perch, Jessica was silent as she hooked the straps of her oddly designed one-piece and slipped them back into position over her shoulders. After pulling the blue and white fabric back into proper alignment, Jessica let out a tired sigh and ran both hands through her hair to smooth it out a little. Just because there was no audience didn’t mean she couldn’t look good, right? Turning her focus down, the lissome brunette brought her hands down and placed them on the gentle curve of her thighs.

Smiling brightly, the Dark Angel said, “I gotta tell you Neve, there was a second there when I thought you had me. But as we can both PLAINLY see...” She squeezed her thighs together, putting a subtle but menacing pressure on the Scream Queen’s head. “...all is right with the world again.” She laughed again and thrust her hips forward, forcing the fork of her groin against Neve’s chin.

Growling her rage, Neve planted her feet and tried to bridge up, but Jessica’s seat was too high on her chest and she couldn’t get enough leverage to buck the Angel off her. Enjoying the flattened woman’s squirming, Jessica adjusted the edges of her briefs, snapping them tight against her center. Tapping Neve on the nose, she asked, “Why’re you fighting it Neve? I thought you WANTED me to sit on your face.” She ground her hips forward a second time. She might not actually be sitting on the Scream Queen’s face at the moment, but a minor adjustment was all she needed to change that.

Trying and failing to turn her head to the side, Neve locked eyes with her captor and sneered, “I didn’t want this disgusting thing anywhere near my face! I’m surprised it doesn’t bother you more, though I guess you’ve already gotten used to dead fish smell!”

Jessica’s mocking smile turned into a hateful leer. Jabbing out her right hand, she buried her fingers in Neve’s hair and pulled her head up, lifting Neve’s protesting features even closer to the blast furnace at her core. Forcing Neve to breathe her in, the Angel purred, “Trust me kitten, you’re going to be INTIMATELY familiar with the way I smell by the time the sun comes over the horizon. In fact, I think it’s time for your first lesson.”

Speaking no more, SLAM she drove the back of Neve’s skull onto the carpet. The Scream Queen let out a dazed little moan but that was all the resistance she offered when Jessica slid forward and pressed her groin onto Neve’s face. With one hand in Neve’s matted hair and the other resting on the point of her hip, the Dark Angel rocked and rolled her hips forward, forcing her opponent’s frantic features through the thin barrier that kept her from total nakedness. Keeping her rhythm steady, Jessica threw back her head and moaned, “Go ahead and keep begging Neve. Words make this all the more mmmmhhhhh... enjoyable.”

Nearly gagging on the cloying musk, Neve tried to resist the Crotch Smother but she knew unconsciousness was the only way out if she didn’t do something fast. And as satisfying as it would be to sink her teeth into the sweating muscle of Jessica’s thigh, she knew that one wrong twitch from the Angel could snap her neck and she wasn’t willing to risk her career - yet. Fixing upon the only other tactic she thought could work, Neve planted her feet against the carpet and pushed up fast. Her legs swooshed up in a wide looping arc that ended under Jessica’s armpits. Cheering in muffled triumph, she surged forward in an attempt to yank Jessica off balance but at the last second the other brunette clamped down on her ankles and leaned all the way forward, turning what had once been a plain old FaceSit into a humiliating Matchbook Pin.

With her forehead resting comfortably against the carpet, Jessica caught her breath and taunted, “What’s the matter bitch? Am I too much for that motor mouth of yours? Well if you don’t like this version, perhaps another permutation will do.”

Flinging Neve’s legs back, Jessica straightened up and spun around. Eyes going wide, Neve managed to turn her head to the side a split second before Jessica plopped her ass down on the Scream Queen’s face. Saddling up for another ride, Jess was about to go into high gear when she realized she didn’t feel the telltale point of Neve’s nose wedged between her glutes.

Glaring over her shoulder, she reached back, grabbed a handful of sweat-drenched black hair and sneered, “GET your face in there slut!” Lifting up a bit, she turned Neve’s head forward and then dropped back down, molding the Scream Queen’s nose to her buns. Wiggling her hips from side to side, Jessica performed a slow, teasing lap-dance of a ride of Neve’s face, the kind of tactic that would have had the audience on their feet and howling for more if it had taken place in a more public venue.

As it was, Neve was the only one around to experience it and her view wasn’t one that allowed for a whole lot of detail. Savoring every second of the chill that ran up her spine as Neve continued to fight, Jessica placed her hands against Neve’s chest and gently tugged the black fabric aside. Taking each nipple between thumb and forefinger, Jessica sighed, “You did a number on my tits earlier tonight Neve. Now I’m going to show you how it’s really done.”

Bouncing her ass into Neve’s face once more, Jessica suddenly pinched down on her grip and TWISTED her hands in opposite directions, as if trying to tune an especially stubborn radio. Under her, Neve’s screams went up several decibels and that just encouraged her to twist harder. After almost a minute of this torture, Neve’s flailing became increasingly erratic before failing altogether. After several seconds, the Scream Queen mumbled something into the damper covering her face. Not sure of what her victim was saying, Jessica relaxed her grip and slowed the Face Grinder to a nearly imperceptible pace. Licking her lips in anticipation, the Dark Angel asked, “What did you say sweetie? Was it, I GIVE UP?”

Silence for a moment, then came the roaring response. “I SAID YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD!”

Then a blur of motion streaked towards Jessica’s head. Jessica tried to counter the blow but Neve’s distraction had worked too well and she was helpless to stop the pale brunette’s knee from landing with a THUNK against her forehead! The Angel saw stars and those stars started to twirl as Neve slid out from under her and their positions were reversed. The tawny vixen’s vision was still clearing when Neve dropped the full weight of her ass down on Jessica’s cheek. Pausing just long enough to tug her top back into the socially acceptable position, Neve rose up and slammed her backside down on Jessica’s stunned countenance a second time. Breathing in a hateful, ragged pant, Neve snarled, “I always wanted to find out if you were as good a ride as Sarah said you were.”

Hearing the name of her oldest nemesis cleared some of the fog in the Angel’s head and she growled, “When I get out of here I’ll make everything I did to the Slayer look like child’s play.”

Despite the pain, Neve offered up a weary little laugh. “Rubbing her cheeks against the Angel’s, she countered, “You’re not getting out of here Jessica. Not unless you kiss my ass.”

Denying the possibility any credence, Jessica screamed, “NEVER!”

Helping herself to a handful of Jessica’s damp mane, she forced the Dark Angel’s face into position before nuzzling her backside down on the other brunette’s panicked face. Slipping into a routine that was more sensual than savage, Neve relished the cries reverberating off her undercarriage and whispered, “That wasn’t a request bitch.” She was about to add a follow-up swipe when Jess tensed and shot her legs up at Neve’s neck. Thinking fast, Neve swatted the left leg aside and hooked the right, trapping her victim in a Matchbook Pin of her own. Wiggling the fingers of her free hand, Neve smirked down at the defenseless curve of Jessica’s groin and said, “I don’t care what Shannen says, I OWN this move.”

Falling silent she slipped her fingers under the line of Jessica’s togs and DUG her talon into the Angel’s center. But this time she wasn’t looking for agony, she was looking for ecstasy. A climax might not mean the end of the fight, but having survived a couple in previous encounters, she knew it was almost impossible to fight back afterward. Working the maneuver with a practiced sadism, Neve demanded, “Give it up to me Jessica. Give it up before I RIP it out of you.”

Locked in the sweating, steaming inferno of her opponent’s smother, Jessica gritted her teeth, it wasn’t much resistance, but it was all she could muster against the growing fire in her loins. Mewling in desperation, Jessica waited until Neve pressed in on her and then CHOMPED down on the Scream Queen’s intruding cheek. From somewhere above her she heard Neve cry out and then she could breathe again. Rolling onto her side, Jessica curled into a ball and tried to summon her reserves. She wasn’t feeling too great right now, but she wasn’t beat yet and as long as she was still conscious that meant things could change in a...


It had taken a while, but the battle had finally started to take a noticeable toll on both combatants. Whereas the opening skirmishes had seen lightning fast exchanges of holds, counterholds and an almost endless stream of verbal barbs, Neve and Jessica’s last few clashes had grown slower and more methodically grinding as each tried to expend as little energy while also doing the greatest amount of damage. The trash talk had lessened too, but it hadn’t gone away entirely. Whenever it seemed that the fight was destined to become a silent affair either the Dark Angel or the Scream Queen would fire off an especially nasty insult in hopes of getting inside her foe’s head. It was on the heels of one of those insults where we rejoin their battle.

Holding one of Jessica’s knees in either hand, Neve caught her breath and spat, “Talk all you want bitch, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re the one stretched out on her back.”

Still sucking wind thanks to a brutal series of Knee Lifts to her abdomen, Jessica brushed the hair out of her face and hissed, “I’ll be stretched out on TOP of you before too lonGUNNNNGH!”

Neve released her nemesis’ knees just long enough to drive a crisp trifecta of punches into the Angel’s gulping paunch. Resuming her control over the other brunette’s legs, Neve crossed her opponent’s ankles on top of one another and then pressed down on the inside of her knees, forcing Jessica into a position that was like an extremely relaxed version of Indian style. Encountering no real resistance from the other brunette, Neve trudged forward, placed her shins against Jessica’s thighs and bore down with all her weight, forcing the trapped limbs flat against the carpet at an unhealthy angle. Making sure she kept out of reach of the Angel’s swiping claws, Neve rested her hands on her thighs and said, “It took you a while Jess, but you’ve started to get soft. Give up right now and I promise to THINK about letting you lose consciousness for what I’ve got planned after the fight’s over.”

Balancing on one hand, Jessica pointed a finger at Neve’s face and panted, “Make all the threats you can Neve. Because I PROMISE you, when this fight ends, you will be DRIPPING, both literally and figuratively, out of my hanTHWAP!”

Neve balled her hand into a fist and snapped another punch into Jessica’s stomach, just above the line of her trunks. Unprepared for the blow, the Angel collapsed onto her back and tried to protect her gut, but Neve just brushed her hands aside. Resetting her stance, Neve locked eyes with her adversary and demanded, “GIVE UP!”



Neve slammed her fist down again, just a little bit lower this time. Grinding her knuckles into the curve of Jessica’s belly, Neve threatened, “Last chance bitch.”

Unbroken, Jessica smiled and fired back, “And yet I’m still ignoring yo…OHHHGOHHHD!”

Neve pulled back her hand and PISTONED it down into the center of the Angel’s crotch, sending a lightning bolt of agony racing out from her center. And Neve wasn’t just satisfied with one blow either. Looking to completely overwhelm her rival’s resistance, Neve fired a brutal litany of short, undefendable shots into the other brunette’s nether regions. And when she got tired of punching, she jabbed her fingers into the ropy muscles of Jessica’s thighs and clawed as hard as she could. To Neve, it was all right if Jess didn’t give up right now, because after this attack, there’d be no way for the tanned grappler to defend herself. Continuing to work the Thigh Claw, Neve glanced up to make sure Jess was still wriggling and helpless only to find that the Angel had SOMEHOW pulled herself up and was ever so slowly reaaacching towards Neve’s burrowing hands.

Choosing brutal nastiness over her usual finesse, Neve muttered, “I don’t think so cunt.” She immediately transferred her Claw to the Dark Angel’s groin. Working the hold like a garden claw through loose soil, Neve bore down on her vile grip and roared, “GIVE IT UP JESSICA! GIVE IT UP BEFORE I CLAW RIGHT THROUGH YOU!”

A few feet away, Jessica had to bite down on her tongue to keep those two traitorous words from exploding out of her mouth. Choking back a sob, the sweat-drenched brunette pushed up on her elbows again and gathered the reserves she had left. Setting her sites on Neve’s hands, she waited for the latest burst of anguish to fade and then darted her left hand out. Amazingly, she snagged a hold of Neve’s wrist and was able to stop the clawing if only for a second. When Neve paused to look up, Jess TUGGED forward with all her might and as the Scream Queen was yanked off balance, Jessica drove a stiff-fingered Spade Jab right into the hollow of her windpipe.

Neve’s eyes bugged wide as she made a frightful gagging sound in the back of her throat. Marshaling what little energy she had left, Jessica kicked the retching beauty off of her and rolled her onto her belly. Moving faster than she had any right to, Jessica pounced on Neve’s back and wrapped her legs around the Scream Queen’s waist. Flopping over onto her side, Jessica used her left arm to pull Neve’s arms over her head and wrap them in an inescapable Scissors. Breathing wetly into the pale girl’s ear, Jessica chuckled and muttered, “Funny that it would come down to something this simple. But then again, I always knew my legs were stronger than yours.”

Struggling to get free of the trap Jessica had sprung on her, Neve wriggled her shoulders and muttered, “I think all that crotch pounding has made you delusionALLUUUNNNGHHHHGODDAMMIT!”

Jessica SQUEEZED down on the Scissors and pulled back at the same time, bending Neve into something like a stretched out C. Snuggling her chin into the hollow of Neve’s shoulder, Jessica ran her tongue up the side of Neve’s face and cooed, “I’m sorry, you were saying something funny?” When Neve just cursed at her, Jessica pulled back a little and then thrust her hips against Neve’s trembling buttocks. Grinding down on the Scissors as she pounded her crotch into Neve’s ass, Jessica hissed, “C’mon bitch; I wanna hear you scream! So before I break you in half, you better say ‘JESSICA (smeck!) ALBA’S (smeck!) LEGS (smeck!) CRUSHED (smeck!) MY (smeck!) DUMPY (smack!) ASS!” (smack!) That last pelvic thrust tore a humiliated groan from the Scream Queen’s lips - but nothing else of note.

Infuriated by the lack of response, Jessica relaxed her grip just enough to ensure that she wouldn’t exhaust her legs. Using her free hand, she walked her fingers up Neve’s belly, over the curve of her chest and down the slope of her throat. Extending her thumb, she pressed the nail into the side of Neve’s neck and drew it across the Scream Queen’s neck, slitting her throat for the first time in a long time. Biting coyly at her victim’s ear, Jess whispered, “You’re done baby. I can feel you starting to melt. If you want to have any chance of walking out here tonight, you better groveling right now.”

Speaking in a reedy, atonal whisper, Neve replied, “Please Jessica... please....”

Jessica leaned forward and said, “Please what Neve?”

“Please stop... sucking…so goddamned much!”

Face twisting in hate, Jessica sneered, “OK bitch, that was your last gasp!”

Settling her hand around Neve’s throat, Jessica clamped down and added a stranglehold to her Scissors. Systematically squeezing the life out of her nemesis, Jessica was about to add even more pressure to the choke when Neve started to rasp out a terrible grinding noise that might have been laughter under normal circumstances. Genuinely surprised, Jessica asked, “What’s so funny candyass?”

Drawing in as much air as she could, Neve gasped, “I knew you’d have to do it this way. You don’t have... have the will... to make me quit. Face it Jessie... any loser can choke someone out. It takes a REAL fighter to make her opponent... suh.... surrender.”

Knowing full well she was being bated, Jessica rolled Neve onto her stomach and straddled her hips. Resting her hands on the back of Neve’s shoulders, The Dark Angel asked, “You think I can’t make you QUIT?”

Neve’s upper body rose and fell sporadically and this time her laughter sounded like laughter, “I KNOW you can’t.”

Staring down at the undefended expanse of Neve’s back, Jessica dug in her nails and RAAAAAKED them down the Scream Queen’s back. Nodding her approval as Neve shied away from her touch, she purred, “I am SO going to enjoy making you eat those words. And a few other things...”

Feeling rejuvenated by her abuse of the other brunette, Jessica lurched to her feet and thought about what she was going to do next. And if she chose well, this war would be over in a...


Throughout the course of her career, Jessica had never been truly exhausted. She’d been tired during her wars with the Slayer, worn out by her battles with Eliza Dushku, maybe even a little gutshot at points during her more recent battles with Ashley Scott, but exhaustion? Real, honest to God, nerve dulling, bone deep exhaustion? She’d never known that until now and she never wanted to experience that feeling again. But despite all her aches, pains, bruises and scrapes, she was feeling pretty good. Ya know why?

Because she was standing.

And Neve wasn’t.

At the very moment this chain of thought was running through her skull, the Dark Angel was looming over the Scream Queen and Jessica could taste victory within her grasp. Summoning the last little bit of her reserves, the tawny brunette shuffled forward and sank to her knees, taking a seat just above the Scream Queen’s hips. Satisfied with her perch, Jessica laid down on her helpless opponent, smearing all her weight across the flattened brunette. Pinning Neve’s wrists over her head, Jessica went cheek-to-cheek with Neve to guarantee the most flesh-on-flesh contact. Working smoothly, Jessica snaked her shins around Neve’s gams and made a luxuriant show of forcing her victim into position for the Double-Leg Grapevine.

With her grip in place, the Dark Angel slowly started to stretch Neve as she added an occasional violent smash of her hips to compound the pinned vixen’s anguish. Continuing to ratchet up the pressure on the submission, Jessica laid her lips next to Neve’s ear and whispered, “Game over baby.”

Neve’s eyes flicked open and even though she couldn’t lock eyes with the Angel, it didn’t stop her from replying, “Excuse me, did you submit when I wasn’t paying attention?”

The pale wrestler tried to slip her hands out of Jessica’s grasp but the domineering beauty just dug her nails into the Scream Queen’s wrists and spread her out a little further. Grinding the full weight of her 5’7” frame against the protesting brunette, Jessica purred, “You’re the one that’s going to submit Neve. You may not realize it now, but you’re going to soon.” To illustrate her point the Angel pushed up, held her position for a moment and then dropped down, squashing the Scream Queen with a sweaty SPLAT! Neve moaned and Jessica smiled. “Keep sobbing bitch, I love hearing you cry. In fact...”

She rose up a second time, grinned into Neve’s face and then SPLAT! mashed Neve into the carpet with another Full Body Press. Neve shivered and wriggled but she was still held fast in the Angel’s clutches. After a third belly-to-belly collision, Jessica lifted her upper body off of Neve and glanced down into her face. With her hair brushing against the Scream Queen’s features, Jessica began to craaaaannnnk her legs wider and wider in an attempt to snap Neve’s hamstrings like a rotten strip of gauze. Glowing with victory and the thrill of anticipation, Jessica waited just long enough for a few beads of sweat to drip off her nose and ‘plink plink’ onto Neve’s forehead and then said, “You’re gonna give it up RIGHT NOW Neve or you’re going to have a shattered pelvis to go along with your double hamstring pull.”

Intent on proving the veracity of her claim, Jessica lifted her hips and then THRUST them down against Neve’s center. The pinned brunette winced and bit her bottom lip in an attempt to keep from screaming. Through pain-lidded eyes, Neve sneered, “That all you got Angel? I thought you were trying to make me submit.”

Blowing a breath of hot air into Neve’s crimped face, Jess lifted her hips only to drill them down with battering ram force. Grinding her center back and forth against Neve’s, Jessica taunted, “Don’t you get it Neve? You lose! You’re going down and you’re going down hard! But if you’d rather come before you go, I think I can help you with that.”

Falling silent on the heels of her prurient little joke, Jessica raised her hips a final time... and that’s when Neve wrenched her right hand free. Pulled off balance, Jessica was more intent on maintaining her mount and that gave Neve just enough time to drive a short, brutal palm strike into the point of Jessica’s chin. CLACK! The Dark Angel’s teeth came together and the slight quiver in her arms became a noticeable tremble. She might have been able to hold on if Neve hadn’t hit her again, but the Scream Queen was more than happy to paste her with another palm strike and that shot sent Jessica slumping towards the carpet. Gritting her teeth as Jessica landed atop her, Neve wrapped her arms around the other brunette’s shoulders and ROLLED her hips to reverse positions with her adversary.

Slithering her legs between Jessica’s, Neve split her foe with a loose Grapevine of her own, but that wasn’t what she was really interested in. As Jess started to writhe and thrash, Neve wrapped her right arm around the back of Jessica’s neck, then takes hold of her captive’s right wrist, bending her arm up beside her head. In less than a heartbeat, Neve darted her left hand up and grabbed her own wrist, trapping the Angel’s head and arm in a tight loop. Before Jessica can buck free, Neve clamped down and yanked forward, putting intense pressure on her opponent’s head and neck.

The Anaconda Vise had just been slapped on perfectly and with the Grapevine cinched in too, Jessica only had her left arm to attempt an escape. Trying to fight the panic rushing up from her gut, Jess balled her free hand into a fist and started hammering short, frantic punches into the Scream Queen’s side. Mere inches from her squirming victim, Neve reared back on the choke to cut off even more of Jessica’s air.

Noting the cessation of punching with no small amount of satisfaction, Neve smiled down into Jessica’s flushed face and said, “No offense Jessica, but if you’re going to make a bold statement, you better make FUCKING sure your opponent’s really done. Take me for example. I’m not going to say your my bitch until you’re mewling and begging.” Growling ferociously, Jessica tried to tear her way out of Neve’s grip, but the controlling brunette rode out her every twitch even as she continued to strangle the life out of the Angel. Watching Jess’ face go from flushed to crimson, Neve smiled and said, “I purposely left you one hand free to tap out. Ya know, since you can’t really say anything coherent right now.”

Radiating pure, unadulterated hate up at the Scream Queen, Jessica slashed out her left hand, aiming her nails for Neve’s eyes. But Neve turned her head to the side and as Jessica’s nails grazed off her cheek, she whipped her head back around and BIT down on the intruding digits. Shaking Jessica’s hand like a terrier shakes a rat, Neve gnawed until she tasted copper and then spat her foe’s hand aside. Licking a dab of blood off her bottom lip, Neve spat, “All right Angel, have it your way.”

Slipping her right leg out of the Grapevine, Neve wedged her knee between Jessica’s thighs and then drove it home with a sickening WHUMP! Savoring the agonized scream that bubbled up from Jessica’s lips, Neve pulled back her knee and slammed it forward again and again, punctuating each shot with her heartless demand. “GIVE (WHUMP!) IT (WHUMP!) THE (WHUMP!) HELL (WHUMP!) UP! (WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP!)”

That last trifecta of shots got one more boneless shiver out of the tanned brunette and then the arch went out of her spine and she slumped back to the carpet. Knowing better than to think Jessica was done for good, Neve adjusted her grip on the Anaconda Vise even as she continued to grrrriinnnd her knee on Jessica’s crotch. Neve was just about to open her mouth and demand surrender when Jessica gurgled and started to laugh. Expecting just about any other reaction, the Scream Queen steadied her two grips and asked, “Care to share?”

Not even bothering to open her eyes, Jessica continued her tuneless giggling as she said, “It’s just funny. You tried to make me feel like.... like a... like a poser for having to choke... you out. But... but you had to do the exact same... thing. You’ll never make me quit Neve. You don’t have it in you.”

Much to the Dark Angel’s surprise, Neve laughed herself and replied, “What makes you think I’m going to let you sink into unconsciousness? I just needed to wring EVERY LAST DROP out of you. Now the fun can really begin...”

As Neve’s voice faded into nothingness, Jessica felt herself lifted off the carpet and forced into a sitting position. Unable to do anything but breathe, Jessica’s dark eyes shown with the first tremors of fear as she saw everything leading up to this moment pass before her in a single blinding...


The bright light had just started to fade from Jessica’s skull when Neve moved in for the kill. Without a word, Neve sat down behind her opponent and grabbed a fistful of her top in either hand. Breaking her silence, Neve said, “I think we can dispense with this for good.” and with one slow tug, she peeled the sweat-soaked material down Jessica’s torso leaving her naked to the waist. Listening to a phantom crowd go wild, the Scream Queen filled her hands with Jessica’s bounty and gave the captured rack a gentle squeeze. Digging her chin into the hollow of Jessica’s shoulder, Neve asked, “So you talked to some of my old opponents did you? Did they have the guts to tell you how I made them concede? If they didn’t, I’d be happy to fill in the gaps. Several of them surrendered during one of the many stages of this hold you’re about to experience. Katherine Heigl for instance, didn’t make it much beyond here...”

Neve’s voiced trailed off again as she began to pinch the semi-conscious brunette’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Rolling the pliant flesh slowly and painfully as Jessica’s face crumpled in pain, Neve continued to torture her foe’s jugs even as the history lesson rolled on. “See, Kat’s a hell of an opponent. Big, strong, willful and tough as nails. But she’s got one BIG weakness... well, two actually... And by the time I was done with her, all I had to do was BREATHE on her tits and she started sobbing.”

Unwilling to succumb to the other brunette’s mind games, Jessica shook her head ‘no’ and muttered, “Gonna take more than that to beat me bitch...”

Nodding her approval, Neve purred, “I thought it might. So let me show you what made Jennifer Garner hang it up...”

Changing tactics, Neve released Jessica’s orbs only to seize the tawny brunette’s right wrist with her left hand and her left wrist in her right. Pulling back, she criss-crossed the Dark Angel’s toned arms under her chin and pulled her back into an ingenious modified straight-jacket, forcing Jessica’s glistening, battered chest to be put on display for Neve’s redlining imaginary crowd.

After tracing the curve of Jessica’s neck with the tip of her tongue, Neve whispered, “Jennifer got about this far, but unlike a lot of my opponents, Garner wasn’t afraid of pain or embarrassment. It was being helpless that really got to her. Even when we were the only two souls in the room, she’d start to blush when I had her tied up. Let’s see if you fare any better...”

Moving onto her next test of Jessica’s mettle, Neve slid her legs down the Dark Angel’s gams, wedging her feet between them, then sloooooooowly started forcing them apart with a Leg Stretch. With her hands and arms trussed over her own throat, Jessica could only sit and squirm as Neve cranked her lean legs wider and wider until they were split almost a full 180 degrees. If there had been anyone on the opposite side of the room, they would have had an unobstructed view of Jessica’s crotch. Jessica could understand how that could start to weigh on Garner. But she wasn’t Jennifer Garner; she was Jessica Alba and it was going to take a hell of a lot more than some mind trick to make HER quit.

Turning her head as best she could, Jessica sneered, “I’m only embarrassed because you thought this might actually work on me. What else you got sweetie?”

“Lots!” Neve answered as she increased the pain of the devilishly clever hold even more, bouncing her hips into Jessica’s ass as she pulled back on her arms, tightening the straight jacket. Jessica face was burning with asphyxia and pain as Neve stretched her well beyond her usual limits. Over all the other tortures, Jessica felt Neve’s lips again and this time the Scream Queen’s voice was more vibration than sound. “Tell me you quit!”

Defiant to the end, Jessica countered with, “Tell me when you start trying.” The Angel ended her retort by trying to jerk her hands free of Neve’s manacle grip, but a swift yank on her wrists and a single thrust of Neve’s hips put a stop to the rebellion.

Running on little more than fumes herself, Neve decided it was time to put an end to her stubborn nemesis. After a taunting nip of Jessica’s earlobe, Neve said, “Only a few girls made it to where I’m about to take you. And of those few, Reese held out the longest. She was never the same afterward of course, but it was still an admirable effort. I wonder of you can outlast her?”

Fighting the encroaching darkness with words, Jessica moaned, “I beat her and I’ll BEAT YOU!”

“We’ll see,” Neve said, and there was a calm finality in her words that chilled the Dark Angel to her very core. Finally unloading the big guns, Neve shifted her grip a little, putting both of Jessica’s wrists in her right hand which freed up her left for any number of nefarious purposes. Walking her hand down Jessica’s torso, she laid it flat on Jessica’s thinly veiled crotch and paused so Jessica could mull what was about to take place. Absolutely feasting on the minute tremor she felt roll through the other brunette, Neve asked, “Do you surrender?”

Baring her teeth in a murderous smile, Jessica mocked, “Do you ever shut up?”

The reply was still coming out of her mouth when Neve dug in and that’s when Jessica started to scream for real. Looking for the hairline crack that could shatter her victim, Neve twisted her foe’s white briefs, then YANKED up hard, Wedging the material deep into the Angel’s center. Keeping an ear open for any sort of gurgle or blubbering that sounded like ‘I give,’ Neve repeated the Wedgie several times, sawing it up and down, each jerk diggin the togs a little tighter and deeper.

Hating the feel of the tears burning their way down her cheeks, Jessica kept trying to pull her way to freedom, but her situation was akin to that of a coyote in a bear-trap. She might be able to chew her way free, but even if she did, she’d be missing a leg and the bitch that was torturing her would just have a new weakness to exploit.

Less than six inches away, Neve leaned her head forward and spoke to Jessica again. “Reese had already given up by this point. No shame in tapping out now.”

Summoning the last of her fury, Jessica shrieked, “KISS MY ASS!” which was remarkably impressive considering that her own arms were clamped tight across her throat.

Neve didn’t speak again, she simply released the bunched material of Jessica’s bottoms, curled three fingers into a hook, then with a deftness honed by nineteen La Guerre d’Amour victories, she jammed the Claw deep into the Angel’s womanhood. Jessica sobbed as Neve’s fingers filled the void and the mob in Neve’s head started cheering her name as she began to drag her hapless nemesis kicking and screaming up the trail to her climax.

Up until a few seconds ago, Jessica truly believed she still had a chance to win this thing, but when Neve reached inside her, she began to realize the gravity of her situation. She knew that a ‘Forced Climax’ wouldn’t make Neve the winner but she also knew she’d be worse than useless once she allowed it to happen. That thought had just winked out when several deep spasms rippled through her. Unwilling (or perhaps unable) to quit, Jessica gritted her teeth against her demands of her traitorous body for several seconds before her jaw unhinged and she moaned in abject humiliation as Neve’s domineering legs forced her already painfully stretched thighs a little wider still, allowing easier access to her defenseless sex.

After an especially strong shiver threatened to snap her spine, the last of the Dark Angel’s iron will finally crumbled and she broke down in great blubbering sobs, “YUH...(gasp) YUH…(sob) YOU WIN! (whimper) LEMME GO!”

Neve just shook her head and said calmly, “Too late for that now Jessica!”

“I GIVE UP! I GIVE UP! I’M BEGGING YOU, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY?” Jessica was pleading; anything to save herself from the indignity Neve had planned.

“Say anything you think can save your pathetic career.” Neve answered simply.

Simultaneously with the first wave of her eruption surging through her, the last vestiges of the Angel’s pride vanished and she screamed loud enough to be heard two floors below, “NEVE MADE…MADE ME HER BITCH! I…I’M SORRY I CH…CHALLENGED HER! IQUIT! IQUIT! IQUIT! IQUIT! IQUIT! IQUIT! IQUIT! (sob, sob, sob) IOOOOOHHHHHGHHHHHAAAAWWWWWD!”

Jessica’s orgasm was ripped from her loins like a living creature; a spitting, hissing, screaming, squalling, Rosemary’s Baby of a nightmare thing that lived on for a good thirty seconds before it mercifully died and left its mother in something like peace. Jessica’s body slumped limp in her grasp. Neve released her holds on the Angel’s wrists, thighs and crotch and kicked her away. Rising shakily to her feet, Neve trudged forward and made it a point to step on Jessica’s upturned butt as she headed towards the bureau. Helping herself to one of the bottled waters that Ward’s staff had provided, Neve twisted off the top and muttered, “And Jessie makes twenty. Congratulations to me.”

With no one around to second her toast, the victorious Scream Queen put the bottle to her lips and proceeded to down the contents in single feverish chug. She had just put the cap back on when she heard the laugh. It started off low and bubbly before building to a hysterical crescendo and dropping off once more. Turning around, Neve saw Jessica sitting up on her haunches, her shoulders rising and falling with the last echoes of her mad laughter. Not moving from her place by the door, Neve asked, “You wanna tell me what’s so funny?”

Jessica looked over her shoulder and answered, “You might have been able to beat me, but you didn’t beat the clock.” Neve followed her glance to the windows on the far side of the room and saw the first traces of dawn peaking up over the Vermont hills. Interrupting the silence, Jessica mocked, “The winner owns the loser until the first light of dawn. Looks like your ownership was short-lived bitch.”

Putting the water bottle back on the chest, Neve padded her way over to the windows. Smiling at her reflection, she said, “Poor little Jessica. Haven’t you figured out that in this room, at this particular moment, I’m your Queen?” She reached up and took hold of the pull cord. Looking over her shoulder, she added, “And in this room, at this particular moment, I control everything…even the dawn!” She pulled the cord and the heavy drapes swoooshed across the glass, plunging the room back into the darkness of 2AM.

Eyes going wide, Jessica scrambled back on her hands and knees as Neve strutted towards her, stammering, “ c…can’t duh…duh..DO this! It’s ahh…against the roo…roo…rules!”

Looming over the battered Angel, Neve dropped to one knee and buried a hand in Jessica’s hair. Pulling the defeated brunette’s head back, Neve said softly, “Uh-uh hon. Winners make the rules! That’s just one of the many things I’m gonna teach you before you leave this room. Now, before we begin the lesson, I OWE you something...” Bringing up her free hand, Neve placed her thumb against Jessica’s throat and pulled it across, evening one last score. Dark eyes tossing sparks, the Scream Queen whispered, “I told you you had no idea what you were in for. Are you ready to find out?”

Jessica just whimpered, so Neve went to work. She had a lot to accomplish before she opened the curtains and allowed the sun to ‘come up’!

Mr. Skin