Mariah Carey vs. Jessica Alba by Kharis & friend (CWC3)

The lights go out and brightly colored spotlights begin to pan across the darkened arena. "Loverboy" by Mariah Carey begins to play over the speaker system as Mariah emerges in the dressing room in skintight black spandex pants, showing off her spectacular ass. The pants are so tight that her thong panty line is visible. She's also wearing a skintight white tank top with a plunging neckline that shows off her ample chest to good advantage. It's obvious she has no bra just from how much cleavage is showing. She makes her way to the ring with her ever so sexy walk, throwing in a few dance steps along the way.

She gets in the ring and grabs a microphone, "I saw J-Lo come out a while back and issue a challenge for a face-sit match. A challenge that was eventually accepted by Tara Reid. First of all let me say, go Tara!!! Anyway, that got me thinking. I'm twice the diva "J-Ho" is," Mariah continues in a mocking tone. "And if she can do it, I can do it twice as good. To prove it, I'm here to issue a challenge for a face-sit match. Anyone who thinks they can handle me...try it!!!"

There's no response for some time and Mariah became tired of waiting.... "Is everybody afraid of me? Jennifer's facesit match got accepted and I understand why! Hell, she's an easy win!! Good for you Tara..take it to her!!!! But me...I'm not easy...and that scares some of you little bitch celebrities off!!!! I can understand you not wanting my pretty little ass on your face...but somebody show some guts!"

Finally, Jessica Alba came strutting down to the ring in a black vinyl bikini, entering through the ropes to confront Mariah.

"No need to shout, honey. I'd gladly wrestle you in a facesit match, right now if you prefer. Just let me know when you want to get it on, 'cause either way I'll smother you into dreamland girlfriend."

A smile crosses Mariah's lips. A challenger has finally stepped up; "If you think you're so tough, why didn't you come out here when I first issued this challenge?" Getting in Jessica's face, Mariah yells, "Huh, bitch!!!" poking her in the chest.

"But that doesn't matter because you're here now. Big mistake! We'll see just exactly who's the one doing the smothering!"

Mariah drops the mike and motions for Jessica to bring it on.

"I wanted to keep you waiting.," Jessica replied calmly while Mariah motioned for her to make a move.

Then a small smile creases her full lips as Alba sees how eager the songstress is to tangle. She's not too eager to make any sudden moves as she'd rather feel out Mariah for the time being. Staring at Mariah some more, Jessica turns around and bends at the waist, showing Mariah the thong in back of her bikini.

"Take a good look at this ass, because you'll be seeing it up close and personal a lot," Jessica taunts.

Mariah can't help looking at Jessica's gorgeous ass when she turns around. Needless to say, the young starlet doesn't impress her. Mariah knows Jessica would kill to have a body as good as hers, but this isn't a battle of bodies! Mariah knows this is a fight and she quickly tires of waiting for the Dark Angel to make a move.

Mariah steps up to Alba and raises her hands over her head, wanting a test of strength... and Jessica's smile broadens a bit. She doesn't have a hard body like Mariah, but she's no slouch to look at either and she uses her natural softness to work her fans in the audience as she inches closer to the busty songbird, clearly not intimidated.

Clasping hands with Mariah, Jessica channels the strength in her deceptively soft looking arms to force down Carey's arms until they're at their sides with their chests almost touching. Sensing an opportunity, Jessica lunges forward, tripping Mariah to the canvas!


Mariah hits the mat hard on her back and the next thing she knows, the fabric from Jessica's thong is grinding on her face as her arms are pinned down as Jessica hikes herself up and plants her butt on the singers face while she pins her hands down. Then Jessica begins to do a seductive bump and grind with her ass on Mariah's face.

"Mfnfmnfmnfmnfn!" Mariah protests as she writhes on the mat, bucking her hips and struggling. "


'No, I can't let it be this easy,' Mariah thinks to herself.

Mariah swings her legs up, wedges her feet under Jessica's arms and then extend her legs, thrusting Jessica forward off her. Jessica goes sprawling on her chest above Mariah's head, landing with a grunt. Mariah rolls to the side quickly shaking her head and rubbing her face. A little confused, she jumps back up to her feet and whirls to face Jessica. The fight is just beginning!

Jessica scrambles back to her feet at the same time and they again circle; Mariah carefully watching every move Jessica makes while edging closer and closer. When they closed the distance, both lunged simultaneously, their arms flailing for purchase for a few brief instants before they snare the other in a tight headlock; their arms choking off the others' breathing as they stumble and stagger around before crashing to their knees. They shift their grip to the waists their opponent, trying to force the other into a position of disadvantage. In a few seconds, Mariah sees her opening when Jessica tries to grab her hair.

Mariah flips Jessica hard onto her back, spinning around so she's facing Jessica's legs and dropping her wide ass onto Jessica's up-turned face. Mariah does a savage imitation of the bump and grind that she'd earlier been subjected to. But like Mariah before, Jessica uses her legs, lifting them and clamping them around Mariah's throat. Jessica kicks her legs out, trying to unseat the sexy songbird.

As Mariah rubs her spectacular ass over the young actresses face, she is pleased with performance so far, until she feels Jessica's legs close around her neck. Her eyes bulge out as she feels her throat being squeezed and her air being cut off. She lifts up her hands to pry Jessica's legs apart but now she isn't even smothering Jessica any longer. Jessica easily toppled Mariah onto the side and continues squeezing with her strong legs as Mariah desperately searches for a way out of the trap.

Realizing that pulling Jessica's legs apart won't work, Mariah pounds her fists over and over on the thighs of the Dark Angel until....she shifts position beside Mariah, hindering the angle of her fists striking her. Jessica plants her thong-covered backside directly on the singer's face and, reaching over, Jessica grabs Mariah's calves and leans back, bending her long legs spread-eagle upward. Jessica's move exposes Mariah's bikini-clad crotch for all to see as she hooks Mariah's ankles under her armpits. Jessica bears down on Mariah, a small smile playing on her face that the songstress can't see. But even in this unenviable position, Mariah stays calm as she thinks her way out of her predicament.


Mariah is totally unable to breathe with the Dark Angel's ass covering her face. She tries to think what went wrong as she struggles to get herself out of her position...


The lack of air has really started to affect her and as Mariah writhes and struggles she's no longer remaining calm.


As Mariah moans and groans, her muffled screams are hardly heard as she desperately tries thrusting and kicking her legs. Using all her strength, Mariah hopes to unseat the young actress and topple her off of her.

Jessica hadn’t expected Mariah to mount a counteroffensive at this point, but one ferociously desperate kick caused her to lose her balance just enough that Mariah was at least able to get her breath. As Jessica bent over at her supple waist, the inertia of Mariah's ankles thrusting against her forced her to tumble forward. At the last instant, Jessica wrapped her legs around her foe, her thighs pressing on the sides of Mariah's neck. But with Mariah’s legs still free, she slapped them around Jessica in retaliation, locking the scissors under her armpits. Mariah rolled them both over on the canvas so that she was again astride Jessica.

Despite the tight leglock cinched around her throat, Mariah worked to plant her derriere back on Jessica’s face. Sitting on the once dominant actresses face once more, Mariah's spandex clad ass completely engulfing Jessica’s face. As Mariah wiggled a bit to better settle herself in position, she started bouncing up and down in a show of her domination. Mariah grinned as she waved to the crowd as she heard Jessica’s muffled attempts at breathing.

But Mariah realized she had to get the young actresses legs from around her neck quickly, so the sexy singer slid her arms between Jessica's legs and bent her elbows apart until she finally pried them open. Mariah quickly pushed Jessica’s legs away from her and leaned forward holding them down. When Mariah moved a bit higher on Jessica’s face, the camera could focus on her nervous eyes. Mariah's ass, however, was still supplanted heavily on Jessica's nose and mouth.

"You aren't so tough....," Mariah teased.

Alba's angry reply was muffled.

"What’s that?" Mariah asks mockingly as she starts to rub her ass slowly back and forth, rocking Jessica's head back and forth in synch with her hips.

That was when Jessica reached around Mariah's thighs and began raking them with her sharp fingernails; tearing the soft flesh as the songstress bore down on her with her butt. At the surprised scream coming from Mariah, Jessica repeated the move, raking her nails the length of Mariah’s thighs, leaving a second set of fresh scratches beside the first.

While Mariah's attention is drawn to this, Jessica lifts her legs again and wraps her calves around Mariah’s neck; kicking her legs viciously until she topples Mariah. But Mariah manages to wrap her own legs around Jessica on the way down, trapping the actress between her heavy thighs.

Mariah thinks the position could be worse since she couldn’t have taken much more of Jessica’s scratching. But the Dark Angel actress maintained her tight grip around Mariah’s neck which was making it hard to breathe. Mariah, though was confident that her grip was stronger and she began squeezing tightly.....then tighter....thrusting her thighs...over and hard as she can!

The two women remained locked in their war of legs; Mariah prying at Jessica's legs and trying to roll herself back up onto the actresses face. Choking for breath as Mariah's thighs crushed her windpipe, Jessica reflexively tightened her own scissors to return the favor; cutting off Mariah’s air while struggling to shift her body weight to the side to regain her position of advantage.

With a sudden jerk of her hips, Jessica thrust herself to the side and tried to straddle Mariah who used the inertia to roll with her and keep their bodies rolling over and over. Within moments, the warring women were rolling across the ring fighting for dominance. Before either of them knew what was happening, they rolled into the ropes and when they stopped, Jessica was on top. Tearing at Mariah’s thighs with her fingernails, Jessica struggled to free herself from the woman’s thighs. Wrenching her head out from between Mariah's sweat-slick legs, she leaned back with her full weight to grind her ass on Mariah’s face.

Mariah once again was being humiliated as the young actress rubbed her ass on her face.

Mariah was struggling just to breathe.


As rough as the fight had been so far, the older Mariah was starting to wear down. Not only was the face sit really affecting her but her legs weren't moving with as much power as they had earlier.


Mariah reached up her hands and shoved at Jessica’s firmly planted backside, trying desperately to get some air.


But Jessica, sensed she had the upper hand and wasn't willing to relinquish her dominance at this point. Smiling a little, she ground her derriere on Mariah's face while grabbing the songbird's ankles and pulling them up, spread-eagling her again. With Mariah’s legs securely trapped, Jessica grinned as she went back into her sexy bumping and grinding. Mariah fought and struggled, but Jessica was in total control and there was no way out


The singer moaned and groaned helplessly and desperately; she screamed muffled screams of frustration.


Even if Mariah could get free, which she couldn't; she had hardly any fight left in her air-starved body. She’d been reduced to a human chair, forced to lay on her back and take whatever humiliation Jessica wanted to impose on her.

Jessica sensed that victory was within her grasp and she was confident she could force a submission from her fading opponent. Using her assets toward that purpose, Jessica bore down hard on Mariah’s face, further hindering her ability to breathe as her thong-covered backside pressed down on the blondes flushed face.

In a few moments, Mariah was squirming and flopping around like a fish out of water beneath Jessica's bouncing bottom, apparently fearful that she’d pass out if she didn't get air soon.

Jessica, smiled as she lifted her ass up just enough so Mariah could hear a single, whispered, word, "Give?"

As Jessica mercifully lifted her wonderful backside, Mariah sucked in what air she could. She heard Jessica’s question but offered no answer - refusing to give her the satisfaction of hearing her cry out her submission. Mariah knew she couldn't fight back, so the little air she had inhaled would probably come in handy. She felt so humiliated after issuing a challenge like that and then getting beaten so soundly. It was more than embarrassing, it was humiliating!

Not hearing a verbal submission, Jessica resumed straddling Mariah's face; doing a lascivious bump and grind directly on the embarrassed countenance of the pop singer; cutting off her breathing. After a few more moments, Jessica lifted up again, turned back to stare into the almost beaten woman's eyes and asked her again if she were ready to submit.

Mariah moaned and groaned, her eyes barely open. Her brain told her to move her limbs but her body couldn’t respond. Her only sign of life was the muffled attempts to breathe and her moaning and groaning. Again, Jessica ask if she would submit but the stubborn singer again offered no response. But she knew she couldn’t take any more of Jessica's ass in her face!

For the second time, Mariah refused to submit to the dominant woman astride her even though it is obvious that Jessica’s very close to victory. As if ultimately disinterested in her winded opponent's stubbornness, Jessica lowered herself back down on Mariah’s face and increased her bumping and grinding. Tightening her grip on Mariah's spread-eagled ankles, Jessica pulled them farther back toward her as her thong-covered rear bounced and ground on her opponent.

Jessica was so frantic in her movements that Mariah’s nose had worked itself all the way into the crack of her ass. Mariah’s breathing was all but completely shut off. Still, Jessica just smiled as she continued her movements as Mariah’s struggles diminished to almost nothing. It was just a matter of time before Jessica fulfilled her promise to send the songbird off to dreamland. Mariah realized the end was near as her chest began to burn as she gasped in desperation.


The feeling of the younger actress sitting astride her face so dominantly was totally embarrassing, but Mariah couldn’t fight it any longer.


Her entire body stopped moving and things slowly went dark. Her body gently relaxed, going completely limp as she passed out under the soft pillowy globes of Jessica's round, thong covered ass.

Jessica remained seated on Mariah for a few moments longer to ensure she wasn’t playing possum, then she stood on shaky legs and raised her arms above her in triumph. She stood proudly, her nubile body awash in the cheers of her fans! At last done, Jessica turned her back on the unconscious singer, stepped through the ropes, walked up the aisle and left the arena.