Jessica Alba vs. Shannen Doherty from CWC (by Kharis/Hawkeye/bbb4)

"Jessica's so fervent in her movements that her adversary's nose is nearly all the way into the crack of her ass and her breathing is all but completely impaired now. But Jessica just smiles and continues her movement as her opponent's struggle fades to almost nothing. At this point, everyone knows it's just a matter of time before she fulfills her promise to send the songbird to dreamland."


"Mariah's entire body stops moving as things go dark; her body slowly relaxes until it's completely limp. She passes out beneath Jessica's round, thong covered ass. Jessica remains sitting for a few more moments to make sure Mariah isn't playing possum, then she stands on her long, shaky legs and raises her arms over her head in triumph, awash in the cheers of her fans in attendance. After accepting the cheers of her fans, she turns her back on the singer's unconscious body, steps through the top and middle rope and walks up the aisle to exit the arena."

The ritual was always the same. Shannen always felt reviewing the tape of her opponent's finest victory in the minutes before the match sharpened her desire to win... more than dominate! Seeing Jessica butt smother Mariah Carey unconscious on the big screen in her private locker room got Shannen's competitive juices flowing.

"That bitch has another think coming if she thinks that fat ass is touching my face," Shannen muttered as watched the final seconds of the tape where Jessica sauntered out of the camera's range.

Giving her boot laces a final tug, she knots them. Standing, she looks in the mirror and snaps the waistband of her now patent baby blue thong against her hip. The baby blue matches her porcelain white skin. She smiles broadly as the DVD of the match skips and static fills the screen. Looking back, she makes one last tiny adjustment to her bra, again smiling for the mirror. Then she opens the door to the tunnel.

Across the arena in her dressing room, Jessica Alba was checking her reflection in the mirror. Dressed in the black string bikini that she'd put on for the match with Shannen, Jessica took time to adjust the material around her chest and hips admiring her own body.

She hadn't bothered to do anything with her hair since a grueling match was probably on the horizon and anything she did would be ruined so she allowed it to hang straight and free down over her shoulders. Deciding she looked good, she peeled on the black vinyl catsuit that gave her the appearance of a Dark Angel turned away from the mirror and exited from the dressing room.

As she walked down the hall toward the ring, she spotted a few people here and there who glanced at her briefly and she regarded them with detached interest focusing her thoughts on the match she'd be making her entrance for in a few moments; feeling the rising excitement at the thought of crushing Shannen between her legs and then doing to her what had been a requirement in her match with Mariah.

As she passed through the doors into the arena and walked toward the entrance ramp, she felt a tingle at recalling Mariah's futile struggles beneath her facesit and she imagined how long it might take before she had Shannen doing the same.

The overhead house lights warmed her skin through her costume as she headed down the entrance ramp to the ring. The crowd roared in anticipation of seeing the Dark Angel star in action against the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star; probably wondering what she was wearing under the catsuit and hoping it was something skimpy. As she neared the ring, Jessica imagined Shannen was probably deep in study of her tactics from her fight with Mariah and would be ready for what Jessica had in mind for her. But there were a few other tricks up her sleeve that Shannen wouldn't likely be ready for, tricks that would win this match for her.

Climbing through the ropes, Jessica basked in the admiration of her fans in attendance, taking in the frenzied cheers of those who had come to see her beat Shannen; grateful there were still people supporting her career even though her show had been canceled. She chose a corner and waited calmly for Shannen to make her entrance.

The silent chill of the dark tunnel quickly gives way to the bright, raucous, heat of the arena; the intense spotlight so bright it warms Shannen's skin even from the rafters. Looking to each side at the rows of fans assures her that security has managed to corral the crowd in her path. She confidently strides toward the ring, basking in the sudden warmth of the humid arena. A profound excitement fills Shannen as she walks toward the ring; her legs a little rubbery, as they always are before a match. Continuing on, a deep breath helps, as does the pleasant brush of spandex against her rapidly ripening nipples. As she reaches the stairs to the ring, she looks across the ring. Even the wattage of the spotlight fails to ward off the chill arising from the pit of her stomach. Jessica, in a skintight catsuit, is facing the crowd. The vision of Jessica's tight behind...



Mariah's entire body stops moving and things go dark. Her body slowly relaxes, going completely limp...she passes out beneath Jessica's round thong covered ass...


Gritting her teeth in determination, Shannen steps through the ropes, determined not to be intimidated by the taller, younger girl.

"Made bitches twice as tough as her beg me for mercy... beg!" she mutters, but the chill seeps in around her; goose bumps rise on her perfectly round ass, her forearms and legs.

Walking to the center of the ring, she's in her element and about to do what she does best...inflict pain and humiliation. Buttressed by the crowd's enthusiastic whistles for her near-naked body, Shannen points at Jessica. So many insults cross her mind, so little time.

"What's with the kitty cat suit," Shannen spits with a dramatic pause, "...pussy?" Waiting a beat, she continues, "Afraid to wrestle like a real woman?"

"The catsuit's psychological warfare," Jessica returned evenly, not reacting to her opponent's taunt. A smile crosses her face as she steps just a little closer. "What's more, judging by your reaction on the way down here, it's worked like a charm."

Shannen seemed to internally bristle at Jessica's response, as if the way Jessica handled herself just now had thrown off her strategy and she was visibly indecisive about what to do next.

Taking a couple steps toward Shannen, pressing her advantage, Jessica continued, "I'm ready to start rasslin' 'less you're scared."

Almost immediately on the heels of her challenge, Jessica sprang forward, ducked low and dodged right as she hooked her arm under Shannen's left armpit, spinning around as she hooked her leg behind the calf of the 90210 actress and sent her crashing to the canvas. Deftly kicking off her boots, Jessica approached Shannen and slammed her bare heel into the actresses bare midriff, jackknifing her body as she was forced upright.

Jumping down onto her lap deftly, Jessica slid her legs forward around Shannen's sides, locked her ankles at the small of Shannen's back and began to squeeze hard! Jessica's legs worked that sensitive area between Shannen's ribcage and hips, her discomfort increased by the black vinyl that fit her thighs like a second skin. Hearing an involuntary groan from Shannen's lips, Jessica redoubled her effort, squeezing harder.

"As you're learning, there are other convenient uses for my catsuit.... Twat!" Jessica hissed.


Shannen grunted as Jessica alternately squeezed and released her midsection, driving her powerful upper legs into Shannen's abdomen. Both of Shannen's hands shot down to her waist as she tried to push herself up out from between the raven-haired beauty's thighs - to no avail! Jessica simply squeezed a little harder, forcing out a little more air. Shannen's training took over as she immediately raked her fingernails down Jessica's legs, only to realize the cat suit is armor against her raking talons. The taller Jessica leans back on her hands and squeezes extra hard to Shannen's waist and lower back.


Another involuntary groan bleeds from between Shannen's lips as the air is squeezed out of her for a third...or was it fourth ...time. Shannen presses down on Jessica's legs again, trying to slide out of her prison between Jessica's now hot legs. Again, Shannen unconsciously reaches into her bag of dirty, dirty tricks! Reaching up quickly with one hand, she tries to rake Jessica's groin. But instead of finding the soft flesh of Jessica's breadbasket, her nails merely whisk harmlessly across the vinyl of the catsuit.

"OOooohhhh....that tickles," Jessica murmurs, smiling, muffling a light giggle. Tensing her thighs again, Jessica's smile grows as she returns to the business at hand, watching Shannen wince in agony. "How about that? Does THAT tickle?"

Desperation... darkness and desperation... begin to creep into Shannen's mind as Jessica squeezes her. She looks up at Jessica's face and, disgusted with her grinning face, Shannen turns her face away in desperate agony... and sees Jessica's bare feet. Quickly reaching over with both hands, she grabs Jessica's top foot, one hand on the big toe and the other grabbing smaller toes. Pulling them apart with all of her remaining strength, Shannen is rewarded with a pained scream. Jessica's thighs, a steel trap only moments before, spring open like a sprung bear trap.

Without even pausing for breath, Shannen rolls toward Jessica's feet - and keeps right on pulling, tearing at Jessica's bare foot with a strength borne of pure spite and vengeance. Still screaming in torment as Shannen rips at her bare foot, Jessica is momentarily paralyzed by the pain, her wide-opens eyes seeing the devil Shannen viciously pulling her toes apart. Taking aim at Shannen's bare behind, Jessica slams her free foot onto Shannen's ass, once.... twice... three times! Each kick pushing the brunette a few more inches away. Finally, kicking Shannen away entirely, Jessica pulls her injured foot back.

The two hellcats separate slowly, Shannen breathing hard and clutching at her ribs as Jessica scoots away on her buns, rubbing her lacerated foot. Each with a newfound respect for the other. The pain in Jessica's foot is almost unbearable as she gets to her feet favoring her wounded toes as she makes a point to rest her weight on the ball of the foot not putting unnecessary pressure on her toes.

Shannen regains her own footing, standing a fair distance away from Jessica and, for a few moments, they just stare at one another. Then, as if by an unspoken signal, they begin to slowly circle, sizing each other up and testing the other's resiliency, each favoring the parts of her body that has been attacked by the other. Jessica winces as her foot occasionally comes down on the toes; the discomfort from Shannen's retaliation traveling up her spine and into her head; thinking she should have left her boots on.

Shannen makes an effort to catch her breath while rubbing her sides where Jessica's vinyl-clad legs had crushed her, wishing Jessica had showed up in something that would allow her easier access to acres of her smooth, bare skin.

As they continue circling, they drew closer and closer as the distance between them gradually diminished from five feet ... to four feet ... to three ... to two ... until they are again within striking distance of one another. The women visibly tensed, each expecting some sort of offensive from the other; then they realize no assault is being mounted by either!. A few more seconds pass with nothing ... until Jessica slowly raises her hands over her head, extending her arms as far as her reach will allow and curling her fingers at the 90210 actress twice, inviting Shannen to engage in a test of strength.

Shannen grows tense, not trusting the invitation from her opponent, but Jessica waits patiently, her eyes seeming to reassure Shannen that a test of strength is all she has in mind - at least for now. Tentatively, Shannen lifts one arm to clasp fingers with Jessica, their digits interlacing tightly above their heads. Feeling a little more confident, Shannen lifts the other arm, clasping her fingers with those of Jessica's other hand, feeling her palm nestling into Jessica's as they find themselves staring into each other's eyes.

Jessica is the aggressor, channeling power through her muscles to force Shannen back on the canvas. Shannen instinctively pushes back, standing her ground as she fights to force Jessica back in retaliation. Neither is willing to budge and eventually the inertia of their physical exertions forces them closer until their torsos are almost touching. Shannen's bare waist lightly brushes Jessica's vinyl-clad midriff.

In another few seconds, flesh bumps into vinyl as their mutual endeavors cause their bodies to slam a bit harder together. Both are close enough now that they can each hear the other's heavy breathing, feel her hot breath on her necks as they strain harder and harder to push her opponent back.

Seeing there's a stalemate, Jessica twists her wrists, bending Shannen's palms up as Jessica re-channels her efforts into pushing Shannen down, seeking to force her to her knees. Unprepared for this, Shannen is unable to effectively resist and Jessica slowly begins to successfully force the 90210 actress to her knees.

Shannen redoubles her effort to force her way back upright but Jessica senses her advantage and shoves down harder, bending Shannen's wrists into an uncomfortable angle as Shannen continues gradually sinking to her knees. Both women's arms are trembling from the amount of energy they're pouring into this test of strength as Jessica continues to pour pressure on her helpless opponent as Shannen sinks lower and lower until she finds one knee and then the other, firmly planted on the mat underneath her.

Shannen's face level with Jessica's stomach; her kneeling position making her feel vulnerable. To her near horror, she discovers Jessica is still pressing her advantage, still pushing the test of strength in her effort to fold Shannen over backward which would put her into an even more vulnerable position. Steeling herself, Shannen begins to push upward harder, rebelling against the powerful arms forcing her down; fighting with renewed vigor to get off her knees and back on her feet. Their arms tremble more violently in their exertion until somehow, Shannen is able to regain her feet!

Then, reaching back into her bag of tricks, Shannen suddenly steps forward as Jessica prepares to shift her vinyl-clad body into a more comfortable position. Shannen lifts her foot and stomps hard on Jessica's injured toes. The pain registers on Jessica's lovely face and she shifts her foot instinctively as Shannen had done before. Shannen senses her chance has come when she suddenly feels the hard impact of a vinyl-clad knee slamming into her lower midriff, just above her groin. It was Jessica's other leg that she had somehow managed to lift into the air to mount a counterattack against Shannen before she could capitalize on her sudden maneuver.

The impact of Jessica's knee is enough to knock the wind out of Shannen who stands stunned as Jessica falls backward to the mat, pulling Shannen over with her by their clasped hands as she raises her foot with the wounded toes and slams her heel into Shannen's pussy. She uses the momentum to flip the 90210 actress into the air, sending her crashing to the mat on her back with a resounding THUD.

More wind is knocked out of her by this impact, and before Shannen knows what is happening, Jessica's vinyl-clad legs are wrapping themselves around her neck, locking together behind her head and shutting off her windpipe and choking off her breathing.

"Bittttttch!" Shannen spat, more angry with herself, than her brunette opponent. Test of strength with Dark Angel? ...that was stup... "AAAAAccckkkk!"

Jessica again crushes Shannen between her thighs, something that's becoming something of a habit for the younger girl. Knowing she can't scratch, claw, scrape or rake her way out of the neck scissors, Shannen tries to let her teeth do the work, biting Jessica's thigh, but the vinyl, now wet with saliva, slips between her teeth before she can really bite down on Jessica's firm, muscular leg. Stupid catsuit!

Again desperate for air, Shannen swivels her head left and right, squirming so that Jessica's deadly thighs are over each ear, more of a head scissors than a neck scissors. Jessica watches suspiciously, trying to hold Shannen down, pushing her back and slapping the bare flesh of Shannen's back and sides with her open hand. Each resounding SMACK is heard in the farthest rows of the arena. Shannen's pained grunts, on the other hand, can only be heard by Jessica as she winds up and leaves another red hand print on Shannen's pallid butt. Despite Jessica's attempt to hold her in place, Shannen squirms around until Jessica is sitting on her ass with Shannen's head wedged between her raised legs.

Shannen tries to flip forward onto Jessica in a somersault, but Jessica catches her by the hips and pushes her back, delivering another punishing SMACK!! to Shannen's bare behind. Another somersault try ends the same way, with Shannen right back where it started, face down with her head wedged between Jessica's python thighs and her butt stinging.

"Where do you think you're going, shrimp?" asks Jessica. "I'll spank your skanky ass til it bleeds," she says with another reverberating SLAP to Shannen's bottom as exclamation. Reaching down, she pinches Shannen's round, red, cheek where it joins the thigh, twisting the flesh in her fingers.

"AHHHHH!!" screeches Shannen as Jessica maliciously works her cheek.

Unable to thrash her way free, Shannen puts one hand on each of Jessica's knees and drives her hands downward. After only a few seconds, Jessica's quivering thighs begin to open. Releasing Shannen's behind, Jessica concentrates on frustrating Shannen's nascent attempts at freedom. Fatigued from expending the energy trying to crush Shannen, Jessica is surprised her opponent is able to force her legs apart so easily. She stubbornly, and some would say stupidly, fights to maintain the hold and squash Shannen's head even as Shannen pries her legs farther and farther apart.

The two young beauties are engaged in another test of strength as Shannen pushes down on Jessica's knees and she resists her all the way. The burn in Shannen's shoulders slowly seeps into arms, which quiver with fatigue. Shannen knows she'll eventually lose this battle too, so as soon as her head is free, she leans back withdrawing her head from Jessica's bear trap thighs. Jessica falls back on both elbows, exerting all the pressure she can until Shannen escapes her scissors again. Or not...

Instead of freeing herself and escaping, Shannen throws herself forward, ramming her head and shoulder into Jessica's groin and stomach. Feeling the soft stomach muscles and hard pubic mound slam into her shoulder and the top of her head, Shannen powers forward, pounding her whole weight into Jessica's lower abs. Shannen feels Jessica's expelled breath rush across her sweating back and heaves a sigh of relief. Finally, she had broken through!

Separating herself from the tangle of arms and legs, Shannen feels the blood rush to her head in a moment of dizzy euphoria, the bright lights blinding her. Her ears, now released from their vinyl earmuffs, hear every whistle, catcall and boo in the arena. Staggering to her left, she looks down as Jessica rolls over in a fetal ball in front of her. Shannen looks down at the "Fallen Angel" and sees the zipper at the back of her catsuit under the tangle of her sweaty brunette locks. Stupid catsuit!


Shannen unzipped Jessica's catsuit from the base of her neck all the way down to the small of her back. There was a brief moment of confusion on Jessica's part as she wondered what was happening as she felt cool air on her back, then the searing pain of Shannen's fingernails raking her back from her shoulder blades, over her bikini strap all the way down to her waist. The sensation of the sharp nails tearing into her flesh was enough to make Jessica straighten out from her fetal position as the 90210 actress used her nails to score her flesh a second time.

The pain of Shannen's second nailing was worse than the first and Jessica was about to get into a better physical position from which to retaliate when she felt Shannen's bare waist slam into her from behind and a muscular arm coil around her throat, pulling her face up off the canvas. From her position under her, Shannen wrapped her legs tight around Jessica's waist, crossed her ankles and dropped her heels just above Jessica's crotch as she began to tighten her thighs; compressing Jessica's ribcage with a crushing vice grip.

Jessica winced from the physical strain of the scissors pressing remorselessly into her sides. She immediately took to returning the favor for the attack imposed on her earlier, curling her fingers into claws and raking Shannen's shapely thighs. Sucking in her breath from the pain of Jessica's fingernails gouging her skin and leaving bright red welts on her gorgeous legs, Shannen squeezed tighter in a quick, reflexive jerk as her hands reached up to the top of Jessica's catsuit, gripping the material as tight as her thighs held Jessica's body.

In a harsh motion, Shannen yanked the suit down over Jessica's shoulders, peeling it off her arms down to her waist. Then she eased her legs just enough to lift them above the vinyl material, then locked them around Jessica's now bare midsection again.

"There, that's more like it, bitch - woman to woman!"

Just as she was about to retort, Jessica visibly winced as her waist was crushed by the unrelenting pressure of Shannen's legs as her scissors compressed her waist into a progressively smaller space. Taking to claw at the strong legs again, Jessica's moves were frustrated by Shannen whose arms slipped under her armpits, reached up and interlacing her fingers behind her neck in a full nelson.

With the dual holds secured, Shannen leaned back and clamped her legs on Jessica's waist as the full nelson held Jessica's arms fast, preventing her from mounting a counterattack on her legs as they mercilessly continued to squeeze the air from her lungs. Jessica grunted through clenched teeth as her body was systematically compressed tighter and harder by the tight python-like grip of Shannen's arms, her own arms totally ineffective because of the full nelson. Sensing Jessica's helplessness, Shannen rocked back onto her back and pulled Jessica with her as her legs squeezed tighter still, almost as if she were determined to cut her body in two.

Shannen worked her legs hard against Jessica's sides, wrenching another pained grunt from Jessica's lips that only encourages the 90210 actress to squeeze tighter still. For a few moments it appears Jessica may fold under the pressure... then, drawing as much breath as she can, she begins to work her arms against the full nelson, struggling to wrench free of the arms holding them in place. Surprised that her prey is fighting back, Shannen struggles against Jessica's attempts to extricate her arms from the hold; muscles straining against each other as both women struggled fitfully toward their respective goal; Shannen to maintain the full nelson, Jessica to break it.

Their arms fought against each other for what seemed an eternity until finally, through sheer determination alone, Jessica began to see the first results of her effort. Feeling Shannen's interlaced fingers loosen just a little Jessica was readying an attempt to further her efforts when Shannen, knowing she couldn't allow Jessica to steal the advantage, squeezed her legs again on Jessica's waist as hard as she could.

This time when Jessica unclenched her teeth and opened her mouth; a long-winded cry of pain escaped her lungs as she felt the crushing pressure of Shannen's limbs at her midriff. But this in turn encouraged Jessica to work her arms harder against the full nelson, heaving a quick sigh of relief as she felt Shannen's fingers loosen behind her neck a little more.

Jessica began to strain her arms harder against the hold as it became clear Shannen wasn't about to let her go without a fight. But Jessica was gaining momentum and wasn't to be denied. Grunting under the pressure of Shannen's legs, she worked her arms harder and harder until, finally, there was enough space for her to wriggle and pull her arms out of Shannen's. Now with her arms free, she prepared to mount a counterattack on Shannen's legs when Shannen snapped her legs around her waist in another Herculean compression.

Throwing her head back and crying out again, Jessica raked her nails brutally over the encircling thighs that were slowly crushing the life from her. Again and again and again, her sharp nails left a series of fresh scratches parallel to the first. Then she slid her hands under Shannen's thighs, gripping the sensitive muscles in back as tight as she could with her fingers in an effort to weaken them.

This part of the contest took about as long as the previous one, but finally Jessica was able to gain a big enough opening in the scissors to wriggle her body free, but not without some effort as Shannen fought mightily to keep the scissors tight.

Jessica finally slid out of it and, freed from Shannen's clutches, she rolled away and regained her footing as quickly as possible, bending down to peel the catsuit away from below her waist down her legs and kick it from her body, revealing the black vinyl bikini underneath.

Shannen was getting back to her feet too, obviously pissed off that Jessica had successfully escaped her crushing legs. She charged Jessica with her arms out planning to catch her in a bearhug, but Jessica kicked out at the last instant, catching Shannen just above the groin and doubling her over with a shocked expression of pain on her cherubic face.

Jessica stepped forward and pulled Shannen's head between her thighs, bent down and wrapped her arms around under Shannen's waist. Lifting her until Shannen upside down, Jessica executed a prefect drop, smashing her head to the mat hard enough to daze the actress for just enough time for Jessica to set up for her next move. Letting Shannen drop face down on the canvas, Jessica slowly walked around behind to Shannen's feet, turned around with her back to Shannen and grabbed her ankles. Hooking her feet under her armpits, Jessica sat down hard on the middle of Shannen's back, folding her legs back agonizingly as she bore down with her full weight, then she turned and looked back at Shannen over her shoulder, grinning proudly at the ease of her reversal of fortune.

"It's payback time, bitch!!"

Shannen could taste the dust, sweat and salt from a thousand previous body slams, choke-outs and teary submissions as her face lay on the mat. Her cheeks scrubbed against the rough canvas as Jessica shifted her weight, adding to the pain and humiliation of the Boston Crab. When Jessica leaned back it compressed every vertebrae in Shannen's spine, stretched her abs and generally flattened Shannen's proud tits on the mat. Jessica smiled as she bounced up and down, her vinyl clad cheeks gently abrading Shannen's bare butt cheeks. Another hop twisted Shannen's back even more, forcing a high-pitched squeal of pain from the older woman.

"How’ya doin’ down there? Wanna give it up?" asked Jessica, but hoping Shannen was too proud to quit just yet.

Shannen flexed her abs and strained her legs, vainly trying to toss the bigger girl off her and back. Jessica winced in pain at Shannen's effort as she felt her power pressing against her bruised ribs and flanks.

"Gonna have to try harder than that, Beverly Hills bitch... a LOT harder than that!"

Shannen reached out, her fingers clawing for the ropes, but they seemed miles away. Jessica again leaned back again, bending Shannen's tender back another inch or two. Shannen beat her fists on the mat in agony, crying through clenched teeth. Reaching out again, she flailed her hands fruitlessly, then gave up trying to reach the ropes or crawl toward them. Groping backward instead, her hand found Jessica's heel and, grabbing hold of the foot like a sailor grabbing a life line, Shannen dug her thumbnail into the soft flesh just behind the ankle.

Looking down in horror, Jessica saw that Shannen again had her bare foot in her clutches, the same foot Shannen earlier tortured. Pain rocketed up Jessica's leg as Shannen's sharp nails dug into her flesh. Reaching down, Jessica grabbed Shannen's wrist and tried to pull herself free of the older woman's talons... just at the moment Shannen summoned her remaining strength and kicked her legs out!

As Shannen kicked out, Jessica was thrown to the mat face first, slamming her delicate mug onto the thinly padded canvas. Her addled brain saw shooting stars and fireworks as she lay face down, wondering which way was up as Shannen, still reeling from the agonizing seconds spent in the Boston Crab, curled up with her knees at her chest; stretching her back muscles and trying to rearrange her spine.

Climbing slowly to her knees, then to her feet, Shannen turned to see Jessica's bikini-covered butt rising slowly like a full moon on a starry night - and just as lovely to look at. Still on all fours, Jessica's bottom was a perfect target for Shannen's rage and the older brunette took aim and planted her foot right between Jessica's shaky thighs. The younger girl's world detonated in another fireworks display and she dropped to the mat with both hands wedged tightly between her thighs, pawing at her wounded womanhood as she mewled in pain as the crowd sat hushed before returning to their riotous cheering and, in Shannen's case, booing!

Still hobbling from the Boston Crab, Shannen stumbled to the fallen angel, holding the top rope for support until the numbness left her legs only to be replaced by searing agony of muscles stretched beyond limits. Taking a minute to adjust the thong which had ridden dangerously high up between her blood-streaked thighs, Shannen approached the youngster with new-found respect. Stepping over Jessica's prostrate body, Shannen grabbed the top rope with both hands as she dropped to one knee, driving the other into Jessica's lower back just above the back of her briefs.

"HOW'S...THAT...FEEL...bitch?" Shannen asks, punctuating each word with another cheap knee to the lower back.

Not waiting for Jessica's answer, assuming she was in any shape to give one, Shannen continued; repeating the brutal knee over and over, pounds the knee into Jessica's kidneys. After a few more, Shannen's catty smile returned for the first time as she dragged Jessica's limp body to the middle of the ring and dropped her face down.

"You like breaking people's backs, huh?" Shannen asked rhetorically.

Then she jumped in the air and slammed her tight butt down in the center of Jessica's lower back, adding more pain to the already damaged area. Scooting forward a bit, Shannen paused briefly to pop the clasp of Jessica's top, freeing her assets but leaving her bra in place. Using two handfuls of Jessica's long, dark hair, Shannen reared back, pulling her head and shoulders into the air. She quickly switched her grip to Jessica's shoulders, sliding a knee into each of Jessica's sweaty armpits.

"This is called a camel clutch," Shannen said, leaning back and filling her hands with Jessica's hair again, pulling her back with her derriere hovering inches from Jessica's own tautly clenched ass as she strained her muscles against the hold. Then cupping her hands under Jessica's chin, Shannen rolled back again and her effort was rewarded with an tormented, but muffled scream.

"Wanna throw in the towel, Jess? I CAN call you Jess, can't I Jess?" badgers Shannen as she again throws her weight back, twisting Jessica's body backward in a grotesque arc.

"Mmmmmmnnnnn fcccckkkkkk uuuuuu!" intones the brunette, unable to open her mouth with her chin trapped by Shannen's expert hold.

"I thought you might say that," Shannen laughed, unclasping her hands from under Jessica's chin and sporting a devilish grin as Jessica's head flopped down limp.

Using her knees to keep Jessica under control, Shannen took a handful of Jessica's sweaty hair and lifted her head, then raked her fingers across Jessica's lovely brown eyes. Still holding her by the hair, Shannen proceeded to rub her taped wrist over Jessica's face, raking and scrubbing the rough cloth adhesive on Jessica's features, paying special attention to her eyes. After a few moments of the burning rub, Shannen released her head, slamming it down on the mat in disgust as Jessica wails at the burning pain spreading over her face.

Reaching her open hand around, Shannen slaps down on Jessica's freely dangling cleavage. Even with her bra hanging uselessly across her chest, the loud smack is clear in the furthest corners of the arena. The second open handed slap of the hot, damp flesh on Jessica's chest brings Jessica to full attention and she bellows in pain as Shannen winds up and boob-slaps her a third time.

Shannen leans close to Jessica's ear. "How about now...wanna throw it in?"

"Ahhhh...gaawwd... get your... hands ... off my tits... you...whore!" pants the teary Jessica.

" you're a tough one huh?"

Snaking her hand down the front of Jessica's loose vinyl bikini top, Shannen grabs her left breast, gently squeezing. Then Jessica squeals in agony as Shannen skillfully pinches the soft fleshy tissue at the base of her breast and the softest of the younger girl's soft flesh melts under the pressure of Shannen's fingernails.

"Yep...a surefire, grade A, tough bitch if I ever saw one."

Moving her hand a little higher, Shannen gently runs her fingertips over Jessica's nipple and feels the younger girl's flesh respond to her experienced touch. She continues, rubbing her rough palm gently across the now hard nipple, the friction sensitizing the tender flesh and making Jessica groan at the increased sensations. After a few more gentle touches, the oval of brown flesh is completely stiff and Jessica lets out another groan, either from the pressure on her lower back, or from Shannen's skillful manipulation of her breast.

"But I don't think you're THIS tough" Shannen spits.

She tears into the erect mean, twisting the nipple while Jessica jerks to her left and right as Shannen tortures her asset. Pinching the nipple between her fingers, Shannen delights as Jessica's mouth hangs open though no sound comes out.

"How about NOW?" Shannen asks, murmuring into Jessica's ear so that only the two of them can hear as she gives a cruel twist to the rubbery flesh, twisting it like taffy. "How about giving up? Just whisper it to me. Just you and one else ever needs to know. Come one... just give it up and we can both go home."

"I... DON'T... think... so..." Jessica hissed through clenched teeth between pained gasps.

Shannen was delighting in putting Jessica through the wringer, torturing her face and now her chest as she held her fast in the agonizing camel clutch. Jessica's back was practically screaming at her to submit, while the pain of the 90210 actress' fingers was burning her exposed breasts. Still, she fought against the pain, determined not to give in to the demands for submission - if for any other reason than she refused to let this spoiled, washed-up, has-been bitch, beat her in front of a capacity packed arena.

Fortunately, Shannen gave Jessica the advantage when she released her chin to abuse her breasts. Now, her arms were free to be put to work in retaliating in some way. When Shannen leaned over to whisper her demand, Jessica turned her head back as far as it could to verbalize her defiance, then lifted her arm and caught Shannen in a tight headlock. Shannen let out a choked cry of surprise as Jessica flexed her muscles, tightening the choke and preventing oxygen from entering Shannen's lungs.

As an afterthought, she continued to speak again while she established her hold, "But if you let go now, I promise not to hurt you too much when I get out of this."

Jessica flexed her muscles again, tightening the headlock as if demanding to be released from the painful Camel Clutch. Her biceps was lodged firmly against the side of Shannen's neck; her forearm across her throat as the headlock constricted and loosened, then constricted again.

As her surprise gave way to anger at the sudden retaliation, Shannen tightened her own grip on Jessica's breast, her fingernails digging deep into the sensitive flesh. Still, Jessica squeezed her arm tighter around her throat, further hindering Shannen's breathing. The intended effect worked as Shannen soon became more interested in being able to breath than in hurting Jessica's boobs. A few more times Shannen attempted to regain control by squeezing Jessica's inflamed breast, but Jessica persisted in tightening the headlock each time she did; wordlessly reiterating she wouldn't stop until she was free.

"Do you want me to snap your neck, bitch?" Jessica hissed, adding a threat to compound on the menace her tone of voice implied. "I could, you know, I'll snap it like a twig. And I might, unless you leggo my tits!"

To add a counterpoint to her threat, Jessica sucked in breath and her muscles strained, trying to choke the living daylights out of the 90210 star. Shannen could feel her lungs burning from lack of air; her head was a little off to the side with her neck caught in Jessica's arm, and now it was starting to droop, giving an impression she was weakening in the tight hold. Her grip on Jessica's breasts grew looser and Shannen was no longer bearing down with all her weight on Jessica's back. All her focus was being swallowed up by that tight grip.

Sensing the chance to get out from under Shannen was at hand, Jessica began to struggle to her knees, sliding her leg across the canvas until she was able to press her knee against it - then the other. With a maximum effort, Jessica struggled to rise to a kneeling position, then flipped Shannen over onto her back as she reared up on her knees. She looked down at Shannen who had the breath knocked out of her by the impact with the canvas and, after regaining her footing, Jessica reached down, grabbed Shannen's hair and hauled the 90210 actress to her feet.

Turning her hip into Shannen, Jessica hip-tossed her head over heels back down on the mat, knocking more air from Shannen as she slammed into the canvas. Jessica dragged Shannen up a second time and repeated the throw; again and again and again - three more times in all - before she pulled the now dazed brunette to her feet and wrapped her arm around Shannen's throat, flexing her arm to make the headlock even more unbearable.

Shannen was flailing her arms trying to extricate herself from Jessica's clutches, her bare feet scuffling on the canvas. But Jessica was in complete control now and she wasn't going to relinquish her advantage. Each time Shannen tried to reposition her legs or pull her head free, Jessica tightened her headlock that much tighter. In her manic desire to gain some payback, Jessica reached across Shannen's face with her free arm, curled her fingers into a fist and rubbed her knuckles hard in Shannen's eyes.

"This's for my tits," Jessica growled as her knuckles ground into the 90210 star's sensitive orbs.

Shannen wailed as Jessica continued her punishment for a time before she released her and flipped her back onto the mat once more. This time she slammed to the canvas after being flipped over onto her stomach. Jessica grabbed one of her ankles with her left hand and her wrist with her right. Before Shannen realized what was happening, Jessica was rolling her again, over onto her right side as she drove both feet into the middle of her back and leaned back as far as possible while pulling on Shannen's wrist and ankle.

"This is what you call a bow-and-arrow, you spoiled cunt," Jessica spat as she stretched her opponent's arm and leg enough to cause another cry of pain to issue from Shannen's lips.

Shannen's body jerked and writhed fruitlessly trying to break out of the agonizing trap, but Jessica just sniffed and pulled harder, saying, "What was that you said about me giving up? Hardly in a position to demand that of me now, are you?"

Shannen's belly and back erupted in agony as Jessica's bare feet pressed into her lower back, bending her sharply backward; stretching every muscle, every joint...every fiber in her body. Shannen struggled just to breathe as her ribs were stretched, the same ribs Jessica had nearly crushed between her anaconda thighs. Jessica rolled her shoulders back again, her proud breasts thrusting upward, standing proudly bare as she stretched Shannen from her ankles to her shoulders. Shannen's small, perky breasts jutted out from her pearly white torso as she let out a low groan of utter agony. Another rowboat stretching ...then a third.

Shannen started thinking about throwing in the towel, giving up...going back to the locker room, hitting the spa and living to fight another day...but the image of Jessica's firm behind smothering out her last opponent flashed into Shannen's mind; the images of Mariah's hand fluttering and then dropping still as Jessica's hips rhythmically rub and overwhelm her in a devastating butt smother face sit. Shannen knew that grunting and groaning as Jessica stretched her wasn't going to get her out of this hold so, totally relaxing herself, she went limp in Jessica's grasp, stopping all resistance.

"Had enough, sweetie?" cooed Jessica. "Just say "give" and it's over. Well, almost over..."

She leaned forward to see if the sweaty brunette had quit or passed out, making a small mistake because as she leaned forward, Shannen snatched her wrist from Jessica's grip, squirming away...almost. Tightening her iron grip on Shannen's left ankle, Jessica was able to corral the slippery veteran before she got away. Jessica dove across Shannen's trapped leg, pinning it under her weight to keep Shannen from escaping. Jessica rolled over Shannen's lower back, grabbing her damp hair while still holding her ankle.

"Going somewhere?" Jessica asked, leisurely rolling off of Shannen. "Don't go yet, we're not done here!" she spit as she slammed Shannen's face on the canvas, then released her hair and wrapped up Shannen's leg with both hands.

With Shannen flat on her stomach, Jessica positioned herself behind the 90210 star, twisting her leg in an ankle lock.


Using one hand to keep the ankle lock on, Jessica spanked Shannen's barely covered ass. Her nearly non-existent thong gave no protection to her cheeks as Jessica bore down on Shannen's bare ass with her open palm again and again.


"You've been a naughty girl, Shannie. You shouldn't have pinched my titties..." Jessica purred condescendingly.


"And pinching my nipple...tsk-tsk, now that's dirty pool!" she adds.


Jessica laughed as she watched Shannen squirm on her belly with each blow, clawing and scratching at the mat as Jessica viciously punished her butt with a whole series of stinging spanks. Jessica climbed to her knees, still holding Shannen in the ankle lock, clearly enjoying the way she was humiliating the older woman by leaving dark crimson hand prints on the bitches ass. But gloating was Jessica's second mistake!

While spanking her, Jessica didn't pay enough attention to the ankle lock, the source of her strength... her dominating position as she concentrated on humiliating Shannen in front of the crowd. Quick as a serpent's strike, Shannen's free foot slammed into Jessica's groin and as her body stiffened and she gasped in pain, a second kick by Shannen smashed into her unprotected crotch, staggering the brunette.

Jessica bent at the waist, stumbling away across the canvas with her hands between her legs. Shannen could only lay on her stomach, relieved that the agonizing torture of her back and abdomen had finally ended. Slowly, getting to all fours, Shannen stretched her aching sides and back as she rubbed her knotted muscles and twisted joints. With an assist from the middle rope, Shannen struggled to her feet and turned to see Jessica on her knees with her back turned as she massaged her injured womanhood with her head hanging down looking like she wanted to puke.

Fighting off the pain shooting up her own back, ribs and left leg, Shannen hobbled across the ring toward Jessica. Rapidly tiring, and having tried some of her best submission holds on the young girl without success, Shannen realized there is only one way to win the fight dirty! She walked to Jessica and drove the toe of her vinyl boot into Jessica's belly and then her ribs. Jessica's body spun in the air as she flew over onto her side to the mat, then rolled on her back clutching her ribs. Shannen followed those boots with a knee drop to the side, the she straddled Jessica as she rolled the knee back and forth into her abs and belly, using her body weight to further punish her.

Shannen ran her hands over Jessica's torso, pinching her exposed breasts and punching down into her quivering belly. After a few seconds of tenderizing, Shannen hauled Jessica up by the hair, pulled her to the ropes and draped Jessica across the middle strand. Shannen rubbed her aching lower back before leaning forward and choking Jessica on the rope. Shannen repeated the earlier torture, rubbing her taped wrists harshly on Jessica's eyes, knowing the cumulative affect of the eye rakes would pay dividends later.

Jessica struggled mightily as she was gagged by the rope, but Shannen was the one who relented first, easing the pressure on Jessica's throat long enough for Jessica to roll over, though her body still lay draped over the lower and middle strands. She groaned, rubbing her throat, coughing and spitting as she looked up and saw Shannen's clawed hand arcing down into her groin - Shannen's famed crotch claw submission hold! Quickly reaching down to protect her still throbbing crotch, Jessica headed off the Beverly Hills bitch at the last second, grabbing her opponent's wrists just as they reached her thighs.

"Give it UP!" Shannen spit through clenched teeth, leaning over trying to overpower the younger but stronger Jessica, pressing her clawed hand against both of Jessica's.

Shannen's other hand slid upward over Jessica's belly to her chest, grabbing a sweaty mound of titflesh and squeezing as she redoubled her effort, trying to get the crotch claw locked onto Jessica while distracting her with a little torture of her tender tits. But Jessica ignored the sharp pain of Shannen's dirty titty twisting and focused all her energy on preventing the brunette from slapping on what would surely be a submission gaining claw hold on her pussy. In frustration at her inability to finish off the youngster, Shannen abandoned the claw and moved her hand up to rake Jessica's eyes.

Panting with her effort, wincing in pain with each motion, Shannen stood in front of the kneeling Jessica and slapped a face claw on the trembling brunette. Smashing her palm onto Jessica's nose, Shannen's used her incredibly strong grip to clamp Jessica's temples, threatening to crush her skull as her thumb and fingers pinched shut the blood flow to her already reeling brain.

“GIVE IT UP BITCH!" Shannen spat through clenched teeth as she spitefully dug her digits into Jessica's face and head. "GIVE IT UP! COME ON!" Shannen snarled as she compressed Jessica's face with all of her strength, bleeding valuable energy from Jessica. There was a hint of desperation in Shannen's voice as she demanded a submission for a third time, "GIVE! GIVE BITCH!"

Jessica winced, choking back the agonized cries that escaped her pursed lips as Shannen assaulted her throbbing face. Shannen was in her element now, the tight face claw pushing its way into her nose and temples. The searing agony of Shannen's merciless digits washed over Jessica's voluptuous body in inexorable waves; her teeth gritted together so tight her jaws were grinding. She squirmed uncomfortably, attempting to unhinge the painful claw from her temples.

Straddling Jessica's squirming body, Shannen pulled her off the ropes and dropped her to the canvas, pressing her face down on the mat as she administered her punishment like a woman possessed as she glared down at Jessica's face with an expression combining rage with contempt.

"It won't do you any good, bitch," Shannen spat, referring to Jessica's weak attempts to pry her fingers from her head.

The Beverly Hills bitch voice spoke with complete and utter dominance as she tightened her grip on Jessica, alternating between clenching and loosening her grip, "I can keep this UP as long as I please! AS for you, I'd strongly SUGGEST you give up right NOW before I have to really make you SUFFER!"

Despite Shannen's arrogant confidence, Jessica stubbornly refused to give in. Narrowing her eyes, she shot Shannen a defiant look, the only answer she'd provide, her eyes glaring through the face claw. Although Jessica was defiant, she felt the inexorable waves of agony washing over her and knew she'd have to do something soon to extricate herself from this hold or she may very well pass out from the pain.

Shannen took Jessica's refusal to concede as a challenge, saying, "If that's the way you want it, cunt!" as she prepared to tighten the claw hold harder, expecting to emerge the victor in their contest.

There was just one small, even minor, detail Shannen had neglected in her effort to administer pain. While focusing on her devastating face claw and keeping her attention fixed on Jessica's upper body, she'd completely forgotten about Jessica's legs which were both free. Completely wrapped up in subduing Jessica, Shannen never even considered the move Jessica made!

Drawing in her breath as much as possible, Jessica swung her body around as far as she could so that she was staring up at Shannen, then she lifted both legs as high as they'd go and, with a long, drawn out guttural groan, brought them out with all the force she could muster - snaking them around the 90210 actress' throat! The feel of Jessica's smooth thighs around her neck and starting to squeeze took Shannen totally by surprise and she uttered a startled squawk as her breath was suddenly and rudely cut off by Jessica's muscular legs. Shannen was dazed enough that she was unable to interfere as Jessica tightened the hold as hard as her fading strength allowed, her fingers again working at trying to pull the face claw off her face.

Shannen's eyes squeezed shut as tears flowed from her tear ducts stinging her eyes before they rolled from her eyes down her cheeks. Jessica's almost desperate act of scissoring her filled Shannen's head with mushrooming agony as her air was shut off. Jessica kept gripping Shannen's fingers, bending them back in an effort to loosen them from her face while Shannen fought equally hard to maintain the claw. With a Herculean effort, Jessica was finally able to release the fingers tormenting her and, taking just a short breath and a sigh of relief, she tried to ignore the pain lingering in her head.

With her breathing cut off by Jessica's scissors, Shannen barely noticed her fingers had been pried from Jessica's throbbing face. She was too concerned with the cobwebs in her own head from Jessica's legs wrapped tightly around her as she twisted her body in an effort to free herself. But Jessica's legs clamped down on her throat again with renewed vigor, Jessica locking her ankles to further cutting off her precious air. Shannen opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was an upside down, birds-eye view of Jessica looking up at her, her pretty face twisted in a grimace of hatred and defiance. Jessica's teeth were clenched and her eyes set in grim concentration as she focused her energy into tightening the scissors on Shannen's throat.

The muscles of Jessica's shapely thighs bulged into rigid definition as she crushed Shannen's windpipe. Tighter and tighter her legs constricted, hindering Shannen's capability to breathe as Jessica exacted revenge for the devastating hold she'd been subjected to earlier at the hands of the cruel 90210 actress. The Beverly Hills bitches eyes bugged out as Jessica's encircling legs constricted her throat inexorably, like a pair of anacondas. Shannen's lips shortly began to emit agonized little choking sounds that Jessica took a great deal of pleasure in hearing.

Still, Jessica's strength was also waning and she knew she had to force a submission soon if she was going to win the match. Beginning to rock back and forth, she concentrated all her energy into taking Shannen down to the canvas. She gathered enough momentum to topple Shannen onto her side, where she thought she'd have much more leverage and could inflict crushing pressure with her legs.

Making a supreme effort, Jessica forced Shannen down onto her side and now it was Shannen's turn to reel mentally in desperation as the tight leg-scissors crushed her throat without compassion. The 90210 actress tried to coil her legs around Jessica, but their position made that impossible.

Grinning as she cinched the scissors tight at Shannen's throat, Jessica growled, "Payback's a bitch, and I'm paying all!" Holding on for a while and then releasing her leglock, Jessica repositioned herself straddling Shannen's face. "All's fair in love and war, right?" Jessica taunted as, with a sudden rage of malevolent fervor, she balled her fists and slammed them as brutally as possible into Shannen's crotch!

Each impact of Jessica's fist sent new waves of agony up Shannen's spine that then exploded in her head. She screamed piercingly as the waves of pain coursing through her body increased in intensity with each punch Jessica rained down. In desperation, Shannen lifted her legs, coil them around Jessica's neck and, locking her ankles, made an unexpected effort to shove forward and topple her from her perch. The move took Jessica off guard and sent her crashing head-first into the canvas.

"You're not getting off that easy, bitch," Shannen snarled between welcome gulps of air as she squeezed hard.

Surprised by this turn of events, Jessica attempted to turn her body around while still by Shannen's legs, but Shannen snarled, "Oh no! Nothing doin' bitch. I got you where I want you and I intend to keep you there 'til you GIVE!"

Shannen flexed her thighs as hard as she could, grunting with effort, determined to make Jessica surrender or to choke her into dreamland, whatever! Shannen's legs crushed Jessica's neck tighter and tighter, her hard little legs increasing the power and intensity of her scissors until Jessica let out an agonized cry that seemed to have been forced from deep inside her by the sexy, punishing limbs about her neck.

When Shannen felt she'd tortured Jessica long enough, she released the scissors and let her drop to the floor. Struggling up to her knees, Shannen stared down at Jessica for a few moments, then reached down to the young girl trying desperately to catch her breath, and hauled her up by the hair. Shannen snapped Jessica's head up, then delivered a sharp, stinging, slap to one cheek, then the other, then pulled Jessica's lush body tightly against hers in a bearhug. Jessica couldn't avoid an agonized groan; her head fell back as she gasped when Shannen snapped her arms tight. forcing the remaining air from her lungs.

Then, Shannen heaved Jessica off her feet and started to run across the canvas, carrying Jessica's limp body still wrapped tightly in the bearhug. Keeping the agonizing hold firmly on Jessica's squirming frame, Shannen dropped to one knee and smashed Jessica's crotch down onto her other knee. Pain exploded in Jessica's brain as the Beverly Hills bitch opened her arms briefly, reset the bearhug and cinched it tight again with a jerk, flattening Jessica's full, firm breasts between their tightly pressed bodies. Shannen did it again, repeating the pattern of alternately loosening and tightening her arms until she was satisfied punishment had been satisfactorily administered.

Then she pulled the gasping Jessica to her feet, stood her up and moved her face to within kissing distance as she whispered, "I'm not quite done with you yet, you bitch!"

Shannen yanked Jessica backward slamming her body over her knee, painfully bending her backward. Securing her grip, Shannen put the agonized girl's face in another tight face claw while continuing to bend her back over her knee. Jessica knew she was in a serious bind as Shannen pressed down, her biceps bulging as she clawed her face while trying to break her back all in one neat little package..

"Good lord the bitch sure can take a beating," Shannen thought to herself as her own back was screaming in agony, as were her ribs and neck. Indeed, each breath Shannen took felt like she was inhaling pure fire into her crushed ribs and chest. "Can't let pain distract me now..." she uttered silently, praying the girl being bent backward over her knee would quickly surrender. "Come on, WHORE!" she screamed, giving Jessica's twisted body another hard shove, bending her back a little further. Shannen smiled as she felt the crackling of Jessica's vertebrae on her knee. "Give it up before I break you in fucking HALF!"

Jessica's sweat-slick back slipped on Shannen's knee as the brunette struggled desperately to escape Shannen's spine-bending, torture rack.

Through she was still trapped by the face claw, Jessica murmured weakly, "Fuuccmmmmffkk uuuuuummmhhhh, bimmmmhch!"

Jessica's hands desperately groped Shannen's torso, seeking any weakness that would free her from the painful prison of Shannen's face clawing backbreaker. Her slender fingers found Shannen's firm, hard abs and then moved to her side. Balling her fist, Jessica banged her knuckles into Shannen's tormented ribs. Again and again she thumped that hard side of meat, but Shannen was intent, focused and she laughed off the weak blows even though each one felt like a sledgehammer on her shattered sides. Jessica moved her hand up over Shannen's ribs until she reached the soft dampness of the underside of Shannen's bra. As her fingers carelessly brush over Shannen's erect nipple, the soft touch brings a nearly silent gasp from the Beverly Hills Bitch.

Jessica blindly gropes Shannen's chest until her finger again return to the hard, stiff nipple. Grabbing it and twisting with the last of her strength, she finally gains a welcome respite from the face claw as Shannen releases her maniacal grip and, gritting her teeth in agony, she slaps Jessica's hand from her tender breast.

"Fucking WHORE..." Shannen screams, closing her eyes as she rubs her twisted nip.

Glaring down at the young girl draped over her knee, Shannen slowly runs her eyes down the luscious body before her, trying to decide which part of her vulnerable anatomy to strike next as Jessica lays helpless, a fruit ripe for the plucking. Rubbing the palm of one hand lovingly on Jessica's high, proud breasts, Shannen considers the double breast claw, but then seeing the red welts and purple bruises left by her earlier work, she realizes Jessica's too tough to succumb to that.

Jessica moans aloud as Shannen's hand roans on, away from her sensitive breasts. Sweeping further down, Shannen's fingertips stroke the flat, tawny and seemingly endless expanse of Jessica's firm abs; her tan skin glimmering with the light dew of her sweat. Jessica's belly draws taut as she feels Shannen's fingertips trace their gentle, meandering path on the sensitive skin of her abdomen. Drawing her fingers down below her belly button, Shannen feels Jessica's shudder and her body try to roll to the left. A belly claw crosses Shannen's devious mind, but she knows that only one hold can truly force the match to an end.

Looking down, her eyes fix on the completely unprotected mound rising just below Jessica's bikini line. Flexing her already sore hand, the pain fades and her knuckles crack as her excitement rises. Running her hand over Jessica's belly, past her navel, Shannen reaches the top of Jessica's vinyl briefs.

Then, with a smirking leer, she lifts the elastic waistband slowly as she murmurs threateningly, "Time to check under the hood, Jessy. Maybe yur low on oil?"

"No...No...I...," Jessica cries out, straining to lift herself from Shannen's knee.

But her protest is cut off by a guttural scream as Shannen viciously twists a handful of her pubes, again rendering Jessica totally helpless with a dirty move. Lifting her head, Jessica watches helplessly as Shannen's hand disappears into her panties.....then her world falls apart around her as she applies her dreaded crotch claw! Shannen just grins sadistically as Jessica breaks the sound barrier with a bawling cry that slowly trails of to end in a squeaky whimper. Just as before, Shannen tightens and relaxes her grip, punishing Jessica's pubic mound with her fingers digging deep into the sensitive area.

While the crowd can't see the devastation she's wreaking on Jessica's groin with her powerful fingers, they can all hear Jessica's agonized wailing at Shannen's hands... or hand, as the case may be. With her nubile young body draped limp over Shannen's knee, Jessica is further tortured by Shannen's other hand, squeezing her full breasts as it presses down on her chest, adding additional spikes of pain to her back!

"COME ON, BITCH... I can stay here all night!" Shannen screams in Jessica's face.

"Nuuhhh...never... never...give...AHHHHHHHohhhh!" Shannen punctuates her opponent's refusal to submit with an especially nasty twisting and wrenching between Jessica's legs. Jessica's right knee jerks upward briefly, then her leg quivers and drops again as the crowd lets out a "oooooh!" Sweat poured from Jessica's twisted frame as Shannen worked her wiles on her womanhood with cruel, deadly efficiency.

Shannen is shocked by Jessica's stubborn resistance to submitting to her fatal finisher, her coup de grace, as so many others have. Although reveling in the sight of the pain and agony she sees in Jessica's racking sobs, Shannen still can't convince the brunette to throw in the towel. Her increasing frustration only adds to Jessica's agony as Shannen digs that brutal claw deeper than she's ever done before. Jessica's arms snap upward, as if reaching to the heaven's in pleading....then flop limp and useless, hanging straight down beneath her bent and tortured body, her knuckles dragging on the canvas as she lets out a blood-curdling scream of blinding agony.

Disdainfully, Shannen's pushes Jessica's quivering body off her knee, letting Jessica drop on the mat with a dull thud. Still, her claw remains, even as Jessica weakly shakes her left leg and paws idly at her groin, trying to push Shannen's intensely focused fingers from her throbbing pussy.

"GIVE UP, WHORE! I own you!" Shannen screams, leaning over Jessica's flushed and tear-streaked face. "I own your body!"

"Never..." Jessica pants, her body racked by another wave of anguish as Shannen gives her tormented womanhood another squeeze that makes Jessica arch her back in agony.

Finally, unable to continue the pressure any longer, Shannen releases her grip and pulls her aching hand from Jessica's vinyl panties. She shakes her hand and as she massages her burning forearm, Shannen shakes her head in amazement at the way Jessica survived nearly five minutes of her crotch claw without giving in. She's rarely faced a woman who didn't give up after two minutes and the longest she can recall was around three!

As Shannon rejuvenates her hand and arm, Jessica quickly rolls onto her side and curls up in the fetal position with her knees under her chin, hoping to protect her pussy from further viciousness. Rubbing her aching hand, Shannen sits beside Jessica, wondering how to knock this tough brunette out. Knock her out? Knock her out! Of course... a quick image from the video tape she'd watched in the locker room flashes into Shannen's pain-addled brain. Duh!


"Jessica's so fervent in her movements that her adversary's nose is nearly all the way into the crack of her ass and her breathing is all but completely impaired now. But Jessica just smiles and continues her movement as her opponent's struggle fades to almost nothing. At this point, everyone knows it's just a matter of time before she fulfills her promise to send the songbird to dreamland."


"Mariah's entire body stops moving as things go dark; her body slowly relaxes until it's completely limp. She passes out beneath Jessica's round, thong covered ass. Jessica remains sitting for a few more moments to make sure Mariah isn't playing possum, then she stands on her long, shaky legs and raises her arms over her head in triumph, awash in the cheers of her fans in attendance. After accepting the cheers of her fans, she turns her back on the singer's unconscious body, steps through the top and middle rope and walks up the aisle to exit the arena."


Shannen climbs to her feet, grabs the waistband of her thong and pulls it down, exposing her pubic patch to the now red-lining crowd. After stepping out of her thong, she kneels at Jessica's head, takes her by the shoulders and rolls her onto her back. Pinning her shoulders to the mat with her knees, Shannen gives the stunning brunette a final chance to save herself from the ultimate indignity.

"I own you, bitch.. just say 'I GIVE'!" Shannen screams.

"Fuck you and the horse you..." Jessica begins, then she hesitates, looking up at Shannen's lushly forested crotch, the thick pelt only inches from her face. Then it dawns on her what Shannen intends! Bravely, she quietly finishes, "...rode in on."

"Funny you should mention RIDE, because that's where I'm going...for a ride." Shannen adds with a smile. "... a good long ride."

Fear creases Jessica's brow for a fleeting second, but even in the face of Shannen's bare womanhood, she is still stubborn and defiant. "Get offa me you cow. I'll kick you ass if you even think of sitting...mummmmffffff!"

Jessica's venomous threat is cut short as Shannen cautiously lowers herself onto her face. As her swollen labia open and spread over Jessica's face, she shudders and almost withdraws, like a bather testing the water with her big toe. After a few seconds, Shannen settles down easily in a faultless reverse facesit, her plumb butt resting on Jessica's forehead with her womanhood covering the warm sweaty features of Jessica's nose and mouth. Shivers of electricity run up down Shannen's spine as she goes about her work with a joy rarely seen in the ring.

Throwing her head back in ecstasy, Shannen mutters, "Gawd...I was HOPING you'd say that."

Jessica's arms flap and wave uselessly as she bucks her hips, kicks her feet in the air and squirms under the blackness of Shannen's nude butt smother. Gently rocking back and forth, taking in the sight of Jessica's soft breasts as they jiggle and roll on her heaving chest, Shannen revels in her victory ride, knowing Jessica can only take a few minutes without air in her weakened condition. Shannen's eyes flutter and close as she leans forward, pressing her bare buns hard on Jessica's face as she collects those bare breasts and gives them a gentle squeeze, flicking the hard nipples with her thumbs.

Shannen feels the gently sucking of her labia as Jessica tries and tries to draw breath, yet only pulls the vacuum seal of Shannen's labia even tighter to her. As Jessica's energetic flailing turned to listless floundering, Shannen took time to smell the roses - her hands filled with Jessica's breasts, squeezing them roughly and tweaking the large, stiff, nipples with her nails, sending shivers through both of their over-heated bodies! Shannen leaned forward, exposing Jessica's face for a brief, second, a last gasp of air.

"Give?" she asks one last time, but Jessica is too far gone to submit and her head lolls listlessly to the side. Grasping the sweaty hair atop her head, Shannen turns Jessica's face back up and wedges it back in the crevice of her ass, then settles back in the reverse facesit, reaching down between her legs to carefully arrange her labia over Jessica's nose and mouth once more.

Jessica lay still except for the light rocking motion caused by Shannen's slow hip thrusting. Finally, Shannen languidly rises to her knees, allowing Jessica's unconscious body to slump limp between her spread legs. Without so much as a look back at her victim, Shannen slowly gets to her feet, scooping up her thong and Jessica's vinyl bra.

"Stupid catsuit," she mutters looking down at the discarded vinyl wear.

Then, walking to the ropes with a slight limp, she climbs out of the ring and makes her way back to the interview area and locker room where she will proudly crow to the press about the importance of this overwhelming victory.

Mr. Skin