Jessica Alba vs. Eliza Dushku by Interac 7/4/01

After months of each of them badmouthing the other's talents and looks, Jessica Alba and Eliza Dushku, the hottest two stars under 25, finally get to settle their differences. Private wasn't good enough for them, they wanted this to be a spectacle. All Hollywood types. In a Wrestling ring, they'd battle until one said, "I Quit!" There was no other way to win. The words I Quit had to be muttered, or until one was beyond consciousness.

The producers also added some extra incentive, the winner would go on to film the sequel to 'Tomb Raider' with Angelina Jolie. They would play her counterpart and arch nemesis who was also Lara Croft's little sister. As they prepared in their dressing rooms, both assigned sparring partners. Both tortured their sparring partners, perfecting moves they wanted to use on the other.

Eliza made her way down to the ring first, wearing leather pants and a very tight white tank top with a black bra beneath.. She came into the ring and paced around, even got into a face to face staredown with the referee, Angelina Jolie, whose husband, Billy Bob Thornton, a huge girlfight fan, was seated ringside. Finally, Eliza went into her corner and waited for her opponent. More music came on and out came Jessica. She was wearing the same black leather pants she wore on her hit show, 'Dark Angel' on Fox. Jessica had on a black see-through top with her black bra visible under it.

When Jessica entered the ring, she and Eliza immediately started to fight, each getting a quick right hand in. But Angelina got in between them as the fans started to boo. She pushed them apart, then pulled a microphone out of her pants pocket. She smiled at the crowd as their mouths dropped at the sight of Angelina pulling the mic out. (They must have thought she was glad to see them!)

Angelina, dressed as Lara Croft slowly brought the mic to her wonderfully full lips. Eliza and Jessica never took their eyes off each other the whole time.

"Now you both know what's at stake here," Angelina said. "A major role in the next 'Tomb Raider' film. We all know you two have had fights broken up in the last few months so this is also a matter of respect as well as to find out who's better. You fight till one of you quits or can in no way shape or form go on any longer. Who decides that? I DO! We want to see all you two know, do what you want, however you want. This is where the two of you finally show us who's the Darkest and Baddest lady on Primetime.

Angelina stepped aside and watched the two women circle around each other, calling each other bitches and slapping the other's hands away each time one went to make a move. Caution was the watchword at the beginning of this battle. Finally, Jessica ran in and forced Eliza back into the corner as she rammed her shoulder into Eliza's midsection. Eliza's mouth went wide as she gasped and vainly tried to suck in air. Her eyes slammed shut as Jessica rammed the shoulder into her belly again

Eliza raked her nails over Jessica's back while Jessica used the ropes for balance to stay on her feet. Eliza repeated the scratching and it send Jessica to one knee. Eliza grabbed the back of Jessica's hair and slammed her with a vicious knee lift that made even Angelina cringe.

Jessica started to stumble back, her nose bleeding as Eliza bored in and followed up her advantage with a kick to Jessica's stomach that dropped the lovely young Hispanic starlet to her hands and knees. Eliza wrenched Jessica up by the hair and threw her facefirst into the corner, ramming once perfect face into the turnbuckle. Eliza threw herself on Jessica's back and began brutally kidney punching Jessica who clung to the ropes and grunted with every punch. Frantic to escape, Jessica sent her elbow straight back and caught Eliza, stopping her punching. Jessica turned around, grabbed Eliza by the hair and tossed her out of the ring over the top rope.

Eliza fell hard to the floor and lay there for a while as Jessica took a breather to get her wits back about her. After catching her breath, Jessica slid out under the ropes after Eliza. Eliza was on her hands and knees when Jessica ran in and kicked her in the stomach, flipping her over onto her back gasping and heaving like a beached whale.

Jessica raised her foot up and stomped the helpless Eliza in the belly, then hair-hauled her up just to throw her back down on her back. Eliza screamed in pain as her back slammed the mat. She writed in pain, arching her back and sticking out her chest. Jessica stood aside, watching and gloating until Eliza managed to get to her knees. As she rose, Jessica ran toward her to finish her off, but Eliza ducked low and back dropped Jessica over her back, over the top rope and down into the fans. While Jessica was trying to untangle herself from a couple of graspy, grabby mouth-breathers, Eliza vaulted over the guardrail and snatched Jessica up by the hair so she was looking up at her. Then Eliza rammed down her fist.

Jessica took the punch surprisingly well and even leg swept Eliza down on her ass. Jessica pounced but Eliza kicked her away and got up. The two women ran at each other in the crowd, grabbed each others hair as they flailed around the outside area until they tumbled over the guardrail together both crashing hard to the cement where they rolled around sending punches to each others bodies.

Eliza finally stopped the rolling with a well placed knee to Jessica's groin. Jessica screamed in pain as Angelina turned her back and looked away, winking at her Billy Bob who was on his feet with both hands in his trouser pockets. Eliza grabbed Jessica by the hair, pulled her to her feet and rolled her back into the ring under the bottom rope. Eliza climbed onto the apron, and then up the outside of the corner to the top turnbuckle. As the crowd rose to her feet, she steadied herself and then jumped off and landed a double foot stomp to Jessica's belly.

Eliza hauled Jessica to her feet and held her up with a handful of hair while she ripped her shirt off over her head. Then Eliza threw Jessica into the corner where she slumped with both arms draped over the top ropes. Eliza took her own shirt off and threw it in referee Angelina's face. After those two jaw-jacked back and forth a while, Eliza turned back to Jessica but was nearly cut in half by Jessica spearing her!

Jessica grabbed Eliza by the hair and started to slam her head up and down on the mat. She dragged Eliza to her feet, but Eliza quickly slapped her hands away and nailed her with a hard right that put a wobble Jessica's legs. Not to be outdone, Jessica hit Eliza with a punch of her own. The two women forgot all their defensive training and stood in the middle of the ring trading smack for smack.

Then Jessica ducked one of Eliza's wild swings, moved in, drove her shoulder into Eliza and picked her up over her shoulder. As Eliza kicked her legs, Jessica ran across the ring and slammed Eliza into the corner - hard. Jessica stepped back and started sending a flurry of punches to Eliza's sides as Eliza tried to cover up to protect herself. Then Jessica upper cut Eliza's breasts.

Jessica grabs Eliza by the hair, yanked her head back and screamed in her face, "YOU LIKE THAT BITCH?"

Before Eliza could reply, Jessica kneed her in the crotch. Eliza folded like a dishrag so Jessica grabbed her head, ran a few steps and bulldogged her to the mat. As Eliza lay on her belly, Jessica started to strut around the ring with her arms raised. But then she stopped, went back and kicked Eliza in the back. She sat down straddling Eliza's back and unfastened her bra then used it to choke Eliza as she pulled her head back in a camel clutch type move.

"Give It Up, bitch. That role is mine!"

Angelina was on her knees on the mat, her firm round bottom raised and straining at her skin-tight shorts as she checked Eliza who had tears in her eyes but stubbornly refused to give. Eliza tried to push herself up with all her might but Jessica crashed her ass down on her back flattening her chest on the mat. Desperate for air, Eliza was trying to pry her own bra from her throat and get up but Jessica got up to crash down on her back again. But this time Eliza was ready and she rolled and lifted her knee.

Jessica's eyes went wide as she came down on Eliza's knee. She rolled off of Eliza and both women lay gasping on the mat, trying to get their bearings. Eliza started to pull herself up the ropes when Jessica jumped her from behind again and pinned her with her breasts on the ropes. Jessica slowly dragged Eliza down the ropes, giving her bare breasts a carpet burn.

Jessica then lifted the second rope up over the top one and let it snap back, trapping Eliza's breasts between the two cables. Eliza was screaming in pain as Jessica continued to lean on the rope to increase the pressure on her squashed mammaries even more. Tears welled from Eliza's eyes as Jessica grunted at the exertion she was using to force Eliza to submit.

In a last ditch effort to escape, Eliza sent a back heel kick that nailed Jessica not once, but twice, right up into her pussy. Jessica stepped back and crumpled to her knees, her face white. Eliza struggled with the ropes until she got her breasts free and then turned around and leaned on the ropes massaging her aching orbs. When Jessica started to slowly get to her feet, Eliza quickly grabbed her by the hair and threw her as hard as she could through the ropes and out of the ring. Jessica landed awkwardly on her head dazing her.

Eliza dropped to her knees in the ring and took a breather. After a half a minute or more, she rolled outside and picked up Jessica, scooped her up and slammed her head down on the announce table. She followed that by Irish Whipping Jessica into the steel steps, bending her backward and then watching satisfied as Jessica's body slid down the steps to the arena floor.

Eliza unfastened Jessica's bra and let it drop, then dislodged the top part of the steps and placed Jessica with her oh so soft breasts on the top step. Eliza jumped off the apron and came crashing down on the two breasts. Jessica screamed in pain, thrashing and flailing in pain on the floor as the crowd watched the brutality in awed silence.

Angelina Jolie checked on Jessica to see if she wanted to continue, but before Jessica could say anything, Eliza shoved Angelina aside and screamed, "I'M NOT DONE YET!"

Eliza picked up Jessica and wish-boned her crotch down on the ring post. Jessica collapsed on the ring crying, holding her pussy and begging Eliza to stop. But Eliza would hear none of it. She slid a steel folding chair into the ring and picked Jessica's head up and then drove her head into it.

While Jessica lay stunned, Eliza slowly undid Jessica's leather pants, pulled them down over her hips, thighs and legs, off her feet and threw them into the audience. Eliza picked Jessica up but Jessica surprised her and pulled the belt off of Eliza's pants, then knocked her to the side of the ring. Eliza rolled out of the ring to get a break and tend to her wounds. Jessica slowly got to her feet, her tears dried on her cheeks and blood coming from her breasts and nose. She was quite a sight!

Eliza slowly and carefully got back into the ring and Jessica immediately went after her but when she got close to Eliza, she was very surprised to get slapped in the face by Eliza's leather belt.. Eliza cracked the belt back and forth as she backed Jessica into the corner. Jessica wasn't able to do anything until she kicked Eliza's arm causing her to lose the belt. Then Jessica jumped up in the corner and dropkicked her two feet into Eliza's breasts knocking her down.

As Eliza got to her feet Jessica stood up, looking at her. The two stood face to face.

"Let's finish this au natural," Jessica dared Eliza. "Take them off. Angelina'll make sure I don't cheap-shot you."

Angelina stepped in between the two of them as Eliza took off her leather pants, proving she believes in going commando. Jessica too slid off her panties and, when Angelina stepped aside, they locked hands in a test of strength. Hands locked, they pressed their raw and battered bodies against one another trying to gain the advantage. Arms straining, tears flowing, teeth bared, they were deadlocked. Then, Jessica slowly started moving Eliza backwards, but Eliza quickly pushed her way back to the middle and then started to bend Jessica's wrists back. Her breasts were in pain and she couldn't offer any defense or muster enough strength to balance Eliza's power.

Even though Eliza's breasts were not much better than Jessica's, she proved stronger then Jessica thanks to them. She forced Jessica down to the mat where she was able to swing a leg over and mount Jessica. Eliza released Jessica's hands and started to choke her out. Jessica looked up as if to make some snide remark. She had fallen right next to the steel chair that Eliza had thrown into the ring. Just when Eliza thought she had won, BOOM, Jessica nailed her with the chair.

As Eliza fell to the mat, Jessica started to feel how sore her beaten, battered breasts and body were. Angered, she started to destroy Eliza using the chair, focusing on Eliza's breasts. Then Jessica put the chair underneath Eliza's head and started to bang Eliza's head onto it.

Eliza was motioning frantically with her hand and Jessica asked, "What? Do you want to give up. Too bad for you."

Then all of a sudden, Jessica saw the bottom of a foot hitting her square in the face. Angelina Jolie had attacked her just when she was about to win the match! Eliza rolled off the chair and crawled to the corner as Angelina went about destroying Jessica. She picked Jessica up and POWER BOMBED her down on the steel chair. Eliza started getting to her feet still a little shaky but Angelina stopped her in her tracks, grabbing her by the hair and then........


Right there in the middle of the ring Eliza Dushku and Angelina Jolie were kissing! Jessica couldn't do a thing, she was done.

When they stopped, the crowd started making some more noise. They were all shocked at what had transpired.

Eliza started slowly making her way over to Jessica's prostrate body. She threw the steel chair out of the ring and started to rain down punches on Jessica's face. After that she got down on one side of Jessica and Angelina took her place on the other. They started giving Jessica's breasts the Indian Sunburn, abusing them even more then they already had been.

When they were done destroying the young starlets breasts, they got up and shared another kiss. Angelina whispered something in Eliza's ear and Eliza nodded 'yes' then retrieved the chair from outside the ring. As Angelina held Jessica's legs spread wide apart, Eliza raised the chair and drove it straight down into her unprotected womanhood.

Jessica gave a short, strangled cry and collapsed. She was out of it now, still conscious but fully knowing resistance was futile. Still, Dushku wasn't done. She facesat Jessica and demanded satisfaction or, she said, Angelina would continue to attack her pussy. With no other choice, Jessica meekly followed directions. Finally, Eliza moaned in ecstasy as she climaxed on Jessica's once perfect face. Angelina, a little jealous, then took her own turn riding Jessica's pretty up-turned nose and pouty lips until she too came all over Jessica's violated visage.

Then the two conspirators started to leave together. As they stepped through the ropes, Angelina looked down at Eliza's beaten and battered body.

Angelina lovingly caressed Eliza's bruised bosom and asked, "You went through all of that, knowing you already had the part. Why?"

"Because, I hate her that much," Eliza said. "She and I had to settle our differences."

Angelina nodded understandingly. "I know, I feel the same about that bitch Theron!"

After their exchange, Eliza returned to the ring to continue her attack on Jessica's battered body but by then the event staff was in the ring and they, plus Eliza's friends and even Billy Bob stopped her.

"Well, tell the bitch I'm not done with her yet," Eliza screamed as Angelina led her away to the locker room.

'I...I'm not done with you either," Jessica sobbed just before she passed out again.

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