Dark Angel vs. Faith The Slayer: Max=Jessica Alba vs. Faith=Eliza Dushku (from Buffy) by Majin Gojira

In post-pulse Seattle, blood sports were a thriving business, as was gambling on them. Sometimes, they turned deadly, but even when they didn't, injuries inflicted were grievous at best. One of the sub-genres of the blood sports was known as "Femmes Fatal" run at a club of the same name. Its combatants were women and the combat in the well-funded and well-hidden club was the most brutal non-weapons-fights around.

Max, after much prodding from Logan Kale, went to the club and signed up as a fighter in order to take down the club from the inside. After a few fights, she quickly earned a rep as one of the toughest fighters in the organization. The only person comparable was the current champion - a girl only a little older than Max - named Faith who, in the ring was known as simply, "The Slayer".

From what she heard at first about Faith, Max expected to see an overconfident bitch in need of an ass-whuppin' but when she first saw Faith she saw someone struggling to keep control of her emotions, though judging by the condition of most of her defeated opponents she really needed to work on it a lot harder!

Max first spotted Faith the night before, talking with the manager. Faith had apparently gotten in a fight with someone before she came to the club. The Manager tried to slap her like a pimp would one of his whores but what happened instead piqued Max's interest. Faith caught his hand, twisted it behind his back and dislocated it in one fluid motion without breaking a sweat. She then proceeded to chew out the overbearing owner. It was quite a sight!

But Max's mind was focused on Faith's abilities. She wondered if Faith was an X series like herself, or perhaps one of White's Familiars - or something else entirely? Tonight, she'd probably find out for she was going to face Faith the champion. For the first time in the entire mission, Max was nervous. She didn't know the full capabilities of her opponent; her limits. She'd have to tread cautiously with this one because after the fight, she planned to grab some sensitive documents she needed to expose the club.

Max's train of thought was interrupted when she was called to the ring. She'd already formed a battle plan -go on the defensive until she felt out her opponent - a simple plan; one that couldn't fail! She stepped out of the locker room and into the gray-floored, 15 square-foot steel cage; a well-built structure, sturdy and sound. The floor was hardwood, covered with thin padding and over all, a blood-stained gray canvas. Faith was already in the ring as Max entered, as was the announcer. This was the main event; the audience was in an uproar of anticipation. The odds were surprisingly even and the club's rich patrons were positively giddy with excitement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" the announcer droned into the microphone, "Tonight's main event is truly one for the ages! Two undefeated fighters vie for the championship! The following contest will continue until one fighter either taps out or is knocked out! In this corner, our current champion. Standing 5'5" and weighing a hard 117 lbs.; our Goddess of strength and power; our Athena...THE SLAYER!"

The crowd gave a well-deserved standing ovation to the undefeated champion as Faith showboated around the cage in attire that showed off every tight curve of her firm figure. Tight black-leather pants hugged her hips perfectly and a sturdy black sports-top left an ample part of her god-like flat stomach exposed. Faith's dark hair hung past her shoulders, her eyes were deep, dark, cruel and penetrating. Max felt as if they could see into her very soul. But Faith's dark features were a jarring contrast to her pale skin, which only added to both her attractiveness and her sense of danger!

"And in this corner, the challenger. At 5'7" and weighing 120 lbs.; she's a rising star of our organization; a slice of heaven on earth. Let's hear it for THE DARK ANGEL!"

The crowd again erupted in cheers nearly as loud as for the Slayer. Max's outfit was even more revealing than Faith's. She too was dressed all in black, but with hot pants and a black spaghetti-strap top with a sports-bra beneath. Max's dark features seemed to blend into her deep-tanned skin and her dark ensemble. The tension in the room was so thick you couldn't have cut it with a chain saw, but it was more than just the tension before a big battle. It was also an attraction-based tension that filled the air for Faith wanted to dominate Max two ways tonight; physically and sexually - although her plans were too good for her to let the losers in the audience watch when she enjoyed it!

"Ladies, you know the few rules we enforce here; you're not supposed to kill or maim your opponent. So, without further delay...FIGHT!" the announcer said as he dived out of the cage just as one of the stagehands slammed and locked the door behind him.

It wouldn't open again until the winner was decided - no matter how long it took; although in many of the Slayer's fights that wasn't long! The bell rang - a holdover from proto-pulse times - signaling the start of the fight and Max and Faith began to circle each other slowly, both wary of making the first move, and with it the chance to make the first mistake!

They ever so-slowly inched closer to each other, extended their arms and locked hands. A test of strength began as, slowly, each pored more and more her power into their clasped hands. Soon, Max was pushing with all her might, but not only wasn't Faith budging, she began to force Max's knee down to the mat! Max twisted her arms so she and Faith were now chest-to-chest, but even that didn't change her situation. Faith continued to force her down to the mat.

"This one's stronger than a normal human," Faith thought to herself. "Much stronger! But not strong enough!"

Faith grinned as she pushed Max over backward and tried to pin her shoulders to the filthy canvas. When Max was thrown off balance and her butt and back hit the floor, she pulled Faith down on top of her rather than release her hand hold. Both women grunted as their tight bodies impacted one another. Thinking quickly, Max then pulled her hands from Faith's and wrapped her arms around Faith's head in a combination reverse headlock/sleeper/chest-smother. She also clamped her legs around Faith's exposed midriff in a scissors, trapping Faith's arms at her sides. The Slayer was effectively cocooned from the waist up and soon found she couldn't breath.

Faith grunted and then growled in annoyance at this early set-back. She needed to get the Dark Angel off her and she needed to do it fast. She stood up with Max's body hanging onto her like one of those 'face huggers' from "Alien." Faith needed something to scrape Max off of her so she charged into the side of the cage, sandwiching Max's lush body between herself and the steel bars. Max grunted but her grip didn't loosen a whit. Faith ran to the other side, the crushing impact producing another grunt from Max as her back slammed into the reinforced steel cage. The Slayer felt her herself beginning to weaken but Max's grip was as tight as ever. Then an idea hit her!

Faith leaped more than seven feet in the air, bent forward and smashed Max down on her back on the thinly padded canvas with an odd sort of power bomb. The impact not only broke Max's grip, it knocked the breath out of her and left her in a great deal of pain! Beneath the wood was a thick layer of cement - which she heard crack under the force of the blow. Max rolled over onto her stomach in an effort to relieve the pressure on her injured back as Faith scrambled away on her hands and knees to catch her breath.

Faith crawled away to one side while Max pulled herself to her knees on the opposite wall. Faith had never faced anyone this strong before, nor had she fought someone so skilled since Buffy. But this 'Dark Angel' creature wasn't as strong as Buffy and Faith wouldn't lose to anyone other than another Slayer if she ever lost again at all!

Faith recovered first and charged toward Max with her right arm raised for a clothesline. Max looked up in time to see it and barely managed to outmaneuver the powerful Slayer. Max grabbed her arm and wrenched it behind her, again wrapping her legs around Faith's waist. Max had to use both hands to prevent Faith from escaping the hammerlock. They fell to the mat with Faith on the bottom, again struggling to escape one of Max's holds!

Faith's free arm flailed for a bit before Faith found her focus again. She first elbowed Max several times in the side, causing Max to loosen her iron grip. Max quickly altered her holds and put Max into a vice-like sleeper hold. Faith did not allow the hold to last that long, she reached behind her back and hooked Max's head in her arm. She slowly wrenched Max off her back and into a headlock. Max's holds were still firm though, and they were sapping Faith's phenomenal strength. She slammed her skull into Max's temple several times finally dislodging the Dark Angel.

As Max fell to the floor, blood peeking through her full lips, Faith stumbled back and fell to her ass breathing heavily. Max would have taken advantage of the situation, but she too needed time to recover. Faith flipped up to her feet as Max rolled over and slowly rose.

Faith decided to go on the offensive. Faith ran toward Max as she turned around. Caught of guard by the sheer speed at which Faith ran, she left herself open as Faith jumped up slightly with a powerful knee to the chest. Upon impact, both fighters heard the crack of Max's ribs as the knee was driven deeply into her body cavity. Max flew back several feet in the air before hitting the canvas covered cement floor. Max was nearly completely winded by the blow. She gasped for air as she gripped her body in an attempt to shield the damaged area.

The blow, however, did reveal one thing: Faith's true strength.

'Sweet Jesus, she's stronger than Joshua and even White.' Max thought. Now, Max knew how to handle the fight...if she could recover from that devastating blow.

As Max got to her hands and knees, Faith sent a devastating kick to her chest that sent the Dark Angel into the side of the cage. She moaned in pain as she hit the floor. More fractures in her ribs caused even more pain.

Faith swaggered over towards her moaning opponent and prepared to stomp away at the prone form. As she raised her foot, however, Max swung her feet and knocked the Slayer to the ground. With little time to spare, Max crawled as far away from Faith as she could-climbing up the side of the cage, and used the moment as a breather. Faith had landed on her head and was slightly dazed from the blow. Both girls took a breather, though Max needed it much more. She could feel her body starting to mend her ribs already, but not quickly enough to be of much use. Much sooner than she expected, Faith was already up and moved toward her.

"Think you're the Spider or something?" Faith taunted.

"If I did,” Max quipped. “Then I'd have some witty comment for you right now!"

"So do you?"

"Nah, I’m too focused on kicking your ass!"

"Oh, you're kicking MY ass?" Faith smirked.

Max used Faith's momentary distraction to her advantage. She jumped from her potion on the cage and gave a double-kick to Faith's chest, knocking the Slayer head over heals, landing face first on the mat. Max sprung off her hands as she approached the ground and landed on her feet.

Faith smacked her hands on the mat in frustration before she got up, only to be met with a foot to her face. Faith's head snapped back but she continued to rise undaunted. It was only when Max delivered a roundhouse kick did Faith fall to the mat again. Before Faith could get back up, Max was upon her and executed a textbook perfect reverse Grapevine pin. Max kept Faith's arms from doing any more damage by putting them in a full nelson.

Faith let out a small scream as Max grunted in order to keep the hold on. Faith noticed something about the tone of Max's grunt though. Max was enjoying this position, in a guttural way. To tell the truth, so was Faith. But that was a thought for after the fight, right now Faith needed to escape the hold.

First, Faith tried a reverse head-butt, but the full nelson kept her from executing the move effectively. Then she bucked her hips, desperately trying to dislodge Max’s grapevine. It worked after several attempts, and Faith rolled over so Max ended up on the bottom. Faith rammed her ass repeatedly into Max's body as Max groaned and grunted with each one. Eventually Max’s hold weakened to the point where Faith escaped. Even before Max could get up to meet her, Faith got wrapped her arms around Max's waist and put her through an atomic drop followed by a reverse suplex. Max screamed as even her sturdy body was crippled with pain. Her hip and one shoulders were fractured.

As Max writhed in pain, her high speed mind raced to find a way out of her desperate situation while Faith walked toward her seemingly incapacitated opponent. Max called on her vast reserves of strength and pushed her body up, throwing herself into a flying double kick, then expertly wrapped her legs around Faith's head. Max repeatedly punched Faith’s head before flipping the Slayer over and slamming her head first onto the hard floor. Faith bounced, then grabbed her head and neck and groaned in pain. There was a small cut on Faith's forehead but any normal human would’ve had their skull cracked or even suffered a broken neck-killing them - yet Faith was only in crippling pain.

Max ignored her own sore and sweaty body as she quickly clamped Faith in a sleeper hold and held her down. Max reinforced the hold with her other arm in an attempt to make sure that Faith couldn’t escape. But even before Faith's mind came out of the daze she in, the Slayer realized how deep the trouble she was in really was. If she didn't break Max’s hold soon, she'd pass out. For the first time in the fight, Faith's adrenaline kicked in!

Faith began to pull on the hold, loosening Max's grip despite the effort she put into it. This gave Faith a short breather, which she desperately needed. Faith elbowed Max simultaneously in both sides, swinging her arms backward with such force and power her breasts nearly burst through the front of her costume. The audible crunch of boney elbows on ribs was drowned out by Max's scream of pain. Max let go of the sleeper and fell backward clutching her ribs. Faith, weakened by Max’s hold, collapsed on top of her, adding even more pressure to her damaged ribs. Max curled up on her side in a fetal position; the pain more intense than any she’d previously felt.

Faith slowly got to her knees, leaving Max curled on the canvas. Faith leaned on the ropes while Max struggled to her knees and began to doggedly crawl over to her. Faith slowly stood up over her foe, smiling down at her. Max was almost out of it so Faith decided to toy with her for a little while. She grabbed Max by the head and brought her to her feet. Max clutched her ribs on both sides as she swayed drunkenly, her neural net overwhelmed by all the pain. Faith took hold of her by the neck and the crotch, lifted her straight up into the air and then paraded around the ring carrying the taller brunette in front of her vertically. With a shove, she heaved Max’s body into the air and caught her in both arms.

Faith sneered, using a bad Mexican accent, "Now, I break your back!"

Faith dropped Max over her knee in a textbook backbreaker, "LIKE SO!" as Max screamed in pain. "With my knee!" Faith finished.

Max’s body slowly slipped off of Faith's knee and crumpled on the mat. Max no longer felt the pain, only the wear and tear on her bruised, broken and battered body. Her brain had already shut of the pain receptors on her body but she knew any more battle could result in lasting damage. Again, Max felt her body jerked up by the more powerful Slayer.

"Let's see how YOU like it" Faith hissed as she wrapped her powerful arms around Max’s head, putting her in a powerful sleeper hold.

Max gasped and struggled with her failing strength; her legs kicking and her body bucking wildly as she tried in vain to escape. Her arms flailed wildly as she attempted to hit Faith's hard body, but her blows were too weak to cause any change in the strength of the hold. Faith ran one hand over Max's side, feeling her ribs. Then she grabbed Max's far side arm while she pinned the other with her elbow. With both arms immobilized, Max was reduced to kicking and bucking.

Faith said in a surprisingly soothing tone, "Don't worry baby, when you wake up, things'll all be better."

Then she gently licked Max's ear and purred with a feline malice that Max’s enhanced genetics instantly recognized. Faith continued to hold Max in her unbreakable hold as the Dark Angel’s struggles slowly grew progressively more feeble. Light choking sounds escaped Max’s lips as her kicking and bucking slowed until she was barely moving at all. Her eyes fluttered and closed. The last thing Max remembered was smell of both of their sweat filling her nostrils as it dripped from their bodies. Then Max gave a last gasp and Faith felt her body go limp. Faith held the sleeper for a few more seconds before letting go and dropping Max's limp body to the cage floor with an audible thud. She rested for a moment, then rose and posed with her legs straddling Max’s heaving chest, her hands raised in victory as the bell sounded and she was announced the winner.


When Max awoke some time later, she found herself in a strange place - a bed in an unfamiliar apartment. Her chest was bandaged as were the many other wounded parts of her body. She tried to sit up and felt a twinge of pain. Not enough to be a hindrance but more than enough that she felt it and reacted with a groan and a wince.

"'Bout time you woke up sleeping beauty," she heard Faith's distinctive voice chirp.

Max slowly looked around and saw the Slayer standing in the doorway leaning on the door jam still wearing her fighting gear. Max started to speak, but Faith cut her off with an impatient wave of her hand.

"Listen hon, you're at my place. I brought you here because I could. Now, I'm lookin' for more than a fight from you," Faith leered, running her hand slowly down the front of her leather pants and stroking her crotch.

"I don't swing that way," Max grunted sharply through teeth clenched against the pain she still felt.

Sitting up, Max realized her own body was still clad in her fighting outfit and she felt thankful her hostess hadn’t stripped her while she was unconscious as many others might have..

"Then explain the ecstasy you felt tonight!" Faith chuckled as she approached the bed slowly. "You felt it, don’t lie to me. I could hear it in your grunts; I could feel every time my hands touched your body." Then she smirked as she reached out and ran the back of her hand gently over Max's bruised cheek. "Ready for round two sweet cheeks?" she purred as Max’s body trembled.

Is this the end, or just the beginning of another of Max’s lusty adventures?

Mr. Skin