Eliza Dushku vs. Jessica Alba by Shanahan Jan 23-03 (Parts adapted with permission)

Jessica and Eliza had never met before this day, but that didn't matter. There was just no way the two bikinied brunettes were going to be able to co-exist, and angry words wouldn't be the only things exchanged between them before the night fell. They’d met earlier today by the pool at the southern California resort, beautiful bikinied young female celebs ranging from Britney Spears to Brittany Murphy abounding all over the place. Jessica and Eliza had bumped into one another, literally, and taken an almost immediate dislike to one another, perhaps because they were so similar in youthful good looks and talent.

Their conversation had been catty and brief, and so intense was their mutual dislike that they knew they would have to fight each other - and soon, once they were out of sight of all the other beauties. They met up not far from the hotel not far later, at midday in the small, adjoining forest up on the hill overlooking the resort, and after exchanging graphic insults they attacked one another vigorously, locking their hands in each other's raven locks and pulling like mad as they both cried out in agony, not caring if anyone heard.

It wouldn't really matter if anyone had heard, anyway. Neither woman gained an immediate advantage but Eliza eventually managed to push Jessica backwards, driving her back into the forest until she sent both brunettes crashing through a old, rotted wood gate in front of a dark enclosure. Neither woman let go of the other as they sought to keep their footing - only to fall. And fall ... and keep right on falling, head over heels, on an angle through the long-forgotten tunnel, moist chocolate earth greeting each interlocked tumble of the two beauties, a tangle of slender limbs, until finally the two women came to rest none too gently upon soft but stable ground.

The warm sunny afternoon above seemed like an eternity away as they struggled at the bottom of the pit after their long fall, damp earth caking their sweat-sheened skin as they grappled woman-to-woman in the old underground mine, but it was Eliza who had landed on top and was taking control of the fight. Jessica clawed and groped at her opponent's pretty face, trying to get out from beneath her busty brunette foe, but it was Eliza who gained the upper hand as she fastened hers tight about Jessica's vulnerable throat and squeezed like mad, thumbs pressing deep into Jessica's exposed windpipe as she began strangling her opponent lifeless.

"Dark Angel, my ass!" sneered Eliza as she squeezed even harder, fully intent upon on choking her lovely adversary to death. "It'll be 'Dead Ass Bitch' after I'm done with you, you little slut!"

Jessica gasped and coughed for air as her attacker's hands tightened more and more about her throat, the youthful actress musing that it had never been like this on the set of her show. As Dark Angel, she always won out, almost always dominated her enemies, always was the last one left standing ... This, however, was real life, and if she didn't break free soon from Eliza's ferocious grip, well, the fight wouldn't be the only thing Jessica lost this day.
Eliza tightened her hands even more about Jessica's throat, squeezing the life from her equally-beautiful enemy. Jessica coughed and sputtered below as she gripped her attacker's wrists and tried to pull her hands off, only to find that the task was impossible. Eliza was too strong, too determined, and had too much leverage from her vantage point atop Jessica's sleek shape. It was never like this on television, Jessica thought wearily as her consciousness ebbed - she always won her fights on her show, and handily, her character almost never even breaking a sweat in handling lesser opponents.

But this was different ... this was real ... and she knew her life would run out in minutes if she didn't do something quickly. Steeling herself to fight back, she then reached up and squeezed her bare hands about Eliza's luscious breasts, soft mounds barely cradled in their light blue bikini top. Cotton-sheathed white flesh swelled and oozed between Jessica's fingers as she poured on the pressure with all her might from her nearly-powerless position. Eliza screamed as her chest fell under assault, even as she tried to maintain her choking grasp and put Jessica away for good, but the agony was simply too much for TV's Faith to endure. She reluctantly released her hands from Jessica's throat, the victim sucking in sweet lungfuls of air as she began to breathe again, but in no way did she loosen her grip on her opponent's fleshy mounds. Eliza gripped Jessica's wrists and tried to snap them like twigs, but the newcomer was stronger than she looked, and she held on doggedly even as Eliza shrieked, unable to escape until she cut loose and punched Jessica square in the mouth.

The shock of the blow stunned Jessica, and Eliza took full advantage of the momentary distraction to pry those greedy fingers off of her pained breasts, her bikini top ripping away in Jessica's hands as she did so. Eliza's triumph was short-lived, however, as Jessica scooped up a solid clod of earth, mixed with a small rock or two, and slammed it hard against the side of Eliza's head. The sudden blow knocked the other brunette to the side, whereupon Jessica wriggled free from under her enemy and reached over to clamp her hands once more onto Eliza's firm boobs.

Eliza screamed again as her ample assets suffered, Jessica now rolling on top of her foe as she stepped up her breast-squeezing assault, Dark Angel's knuckles turning white as she increased the pressure. Eliza squealed and gasped as she beat ineffectually at Jessica's sleek arms and shoulders, trying to hammer her way loose. Jessica only laughed at her foe's clumsy efforts, and squeezed Eliza's tits all the harder, until she felt hands pulling at her darker blue bikini top, finally shredding the garment and ripping it totally away to expose Dark Angel's own pretty melons. Jessica blushed slightly as she was revealed, and then she started to howl as Eliza began squeezing Jessica's breasts mercilessly. The tit fight was on, and both women gave it all they had in an effort to destroy the other.
Jessica bent forward as she tried to gain greater leverage for her attack, tried to tear Eliza's tits loose from her body, only to find out she had played right into her opponent's hands - powerful hands, which darted upwards, shockingly quick, and coiled tight about Jessica's throat again, even harder than earlier.

"You little bitch!" cried Eliza. "I'll crush your frigging throat this time!"

Jessica began to cough horribly once more as Eliza's thumbs pressed deep into her throat, and she released her foe's fabulous boobs to clutch Eliza's wrists again, desperate to relieve the pressure. It wouldn't be enough.

"Forgot it, you little whore!" cursed Eliza. "I'm gonna squeeze the goddamn life out of you!"

Eliza began turning to her right as she issued her threat, her two-handed grip never softening about Jessica's exposed throat as the Slayer pulled her victim down to the soil with her, both beautiful, topless brunettes now resting on their sides just before Eliza rolled on top of Jessica and straddled her enemy in order to finish her off for good. Feeling her life running out between Eliza's murderous fingers, Jessica released one hand from about Eliza's wrists, intensifying her own agony as Eliza choked her enemy even harder.

The aggressor's face was colored with insane glee as she saw Jessica turning red and fading, as she felt the other woman's life draining right in front of her, and she smiled widely until she felt the fire growing between her legs and detached her fingers from the grooves they had depressed in Jessica's throat to once again grab Jessica's wrists, the wily little brunette having now brought her other hand over to squeeze Eliza's pussy in a vise-like grip. Jessica held on as long as she could, squeezing as hard as she could, until Eliza fired off a right hook that smashed hard into Jessica's cheek, and broke her grip and left her senseless. And helpless.

Eliza then got both her strong hands around Jessica's throat one more time, the Slayer shrieking as she bore down with all her weight. She still straddled Jessica's trim waist, and she again began squeezing with all her strength as she screamed bloody murder in her ecstasy and determination. Jessica gasped and coughed, choked and spluttered as she again tried to pry those clawed, killing hands from her throat, but getting nowhere fast she reached up and clawed her foe's hanging globes yet again. Eliza screamed once more and began pounding Jessica's raven-haired head against the soil, thumbs stabbing down harder and harder into Jessica's yielding throat as the Dark Angel was pulled up by the Slayer and slammed back down repeatedly. The pounding was too much for Jessica to take as her long arms splayed out uselessly to the sides, her strength just about gone as she felt the hands of death crushing her neck, and a peal of demented laughter ringing through her ears.

"You're dead, Jessica! You're dead, you little bitch!" shrieked Eliza with glee

Then she really bore down with all her might, hands squeezing harder than ever as she prepared to end the fight - and Jessica's life. Tears streamed down Jessica's cheeks, from fear and exhaustion as much as pain, as she readied herself for the end and thought of all the things she now wouldn't get to experience in her soon-to-be over existence...until she felt the cool touch of stone against her fingertips and lolled her head slightly sideways to see her right hand brushing a small but solid, dirt-encrusted rock. Straining her fingers to the utmost as she hoped the determined Eliza wouldn't notice, Jessica managed to curl her fingers around the stone and then summoned whatever strength had left to swing up her arm and smash the stone hard against Eliza's temple.

Eliza's shriek was unearthly, as were the several that followed as Jessica rammed the rock against her attacker's skull again and again, dirt whipping across the soil and its two topless combatants as Jessica struck Eliza over and over, wrenching herself free from the Slayer's grasp as Eliza tried to grab Jessica's right arm and fend off her foe's assault. Her ploy failed as stone struck her chin hard, sending the supernatural beauty sprawling again as her sci-fi foe rolled out from under her foe's furry crotch and great legs and continued her vicious counterattack.

Jessica had by now dropped the stone and began to smash her right fist into Eliza's face multiple times, dirt and soil, sweat and blood spilling about the floor with every blow as she held Eliza up by the hair with other hand and struck Eliza again and again with her balled-up right fist, over and over, harder and harder until she finally noticed Eliza wasn't moving, and barely breathing. Finally regaining her senses, Jessica looked down at her battered foe, small rivulets of red dripping from Eliza's nose and mouth, silvery sweat glistening off of Eliza's face and matting her dark hair, purplish bruises beginning to flower upon her face, a souvenir of Jessica's brutal boxing assault. The witchy young knockout lay there motionless, topless, and unconscious.

Jessica smiled. She slowly stood up, surveyed the savage scene in front of her, Eliza still unmoving and lightly breathing, blood and sweat and soil visible upon her shapely, half-nude form. Jessica could have cared less. She recalled Eliza's vise-like hands tightening about her throat, the unyielding pressure that soon followed, the burning dryness that grew in her throat, her horrible gasping for any air at all and the chilling fear that she was going to expire. After enduring all that, she thought, plus the bruises that were sure to soon color her own throat, the now-unemployed actress felt that whatever her foe had gotten was well-deserved. With a turn of her heel Jessica began to stride away, leaving Eliza to whatever fate awaited her. Maybe Jessica would call for help when she got back to the surface. Maybe.

"Going to take me out, huh, bitch?" mused Jessica out loud, smugly, as much to her surroundings as to herself.

She increased the distance between herself and the prone shape of her victim in the stillness of the old tunnel as she padded her way barefoot and topless towards the surface. Eliza's light blue bikini top swinging lightly in her left hand, a suitable replacement for her own shredded swimsuit garment.

"Well, you little whore, it looks like I got you first!"

And the one-time Dark Angel continued walking upwards, away from the shadows toward the light ...