Jessica Alba vs. Eliza Dushku by TheLopper

NOTE: This story has two (2) different conclusions, one with each winning. Read either or both and make up your own mind what “really” happened.
Jessica and Eliza had never been on good terms, in fact, they absolutely despised each other. The tension boiled over when they randomly bumped into each other on the street; voices were raised and profanity followed. But before they attracted too much attention, Jessica gave Eliza a note and whispered “Be there…and be sure you dress nice.”

Then he arrogantly spun around and walked briskly away. Eliza looked at the paper, crumpled it and muttered under her breath, “You got it, bitch!”

Later, Eliza pulled her cute little hi-bred sedan into an empty driveway, got out and made her way to the front door of an average sized house. No lights were on as she walked into the empty house. She felt around in the dark for the light switch, and finding it, flicked it on. Jessica was sitting on the couch against the far wasll in in a tight black dress and black stockings.

“Thought I said, ‘dress nice’,” Jessica hissed, looking at Eliza’s short black/purple pleated skirt and tight black shirt. “You afraid of it getting ruined when I completely destroy your sorry ass?”

Eliza crossed her arms, and stared coldly at Jessica as she said, “Are we gonna sit and chit-chat; or are you gonna get your ass up offa that couch so I can knock you around and have some fun?”

“Alright, but let’s get one thing straight,” Jessica replied, “You’re going to be a lot less cocky when you’re unconscious.”

The two brunettes ran at each other hurling insults, but Eliza stopped short jus before they slammed together, drew back her right fist and…Jessica ducked low as she kept charging, slamming her shoulder into Eliza’s tight belly. She kept driving her feet, carrying Eliza on her shoulder until she hit the wall and smashed Eliza into it.

Eliza let out a gasp as the air was driven from her lungs on impact. When Jessica stepped back, Eliza doubled over and started to drop, but Jessica sent her knee slamming up into Eliza’s face, straightening her back up against the wall. Once more Eliza’s body began to slide down toward the floor but Jessica again prevented it!

Jessica pulled Eliza upright by the hair, then grabbed her by the throat as she used her free hand to drive punch after punch into Eliza’s firm abs. Eliza grunted each time Jessica’s fist slammed into her, each blow sinking a little deeper into her smooth belly. And each time Eliza grunted, Jessica tightened her grip on her throat, preventing air from reaching her lungs.

Eliza was in big trouble and she knew it! If she couldn’t get loose fast, she was going to be humiliated by Jessica. Eliza’s fading mind came up with the only solution. She snapped her own knee upward…Jessica’s fist stopped abusing Eliza right after her knee made contact with Jessica’s groin and she dropped to her knees, both hands wedged tight between her thighs.

Eliza slumped to all fours facing Jessica, sucking air and wheezing, trying to recover. Jessica got to her feet while Eliza was still on all fours gasping for air and cautiously made her way to Eliza.

“That’s not good enough sweetheart,” Jessica growled as she pulled Eliza up by the hair.

On her way up, Eliza sent another knee into Jessica’s crotch, this one even harder than the first. Jessica again fell to her knees and this time she offered little resistance as Eliza rolled her onto her back and straddled her while Jessica’s hands were still tending to her pain wracked womanhood. With Jessica’s hands trapped under Eliza’s butt, Eliza was free to as she pleased to her tormentor.

“What’s the matter Jess? I thought that part of your anatomy was use to taking a beating on a regular basis,” Eliza taunted.

Jessica looked up at her tormentor and opened her mouth to make some snappy comeback, but Eliza silenced her with a hard SLAP! Then SMACK a second and, THWACK, a third!

Eliza picked up Jessica’s head and punched her square in the mouth. Jessica’s head flew back and bounced off the carpet. She groaned and saw stars as her head was again lifted by the hair. Eliza faked a punch and Jessica closed her eyes and flinched, but instead, Eliza clamped her legs around Jessica’s waist and squeezed as she rolled to the side, locking her ankles to complete the Waist Scissors.

“Gaaawd this feels good,” Eliza purred seductively as Jessica arched her back in pain.

Jessica’s hands were free, but now her arms were trapped at her sides by Eliza’s muscular thighs as she squeezed Jessica for all she was worth. Now it was Jessica in trouble and there was little she could do to escape. Things went from bad to worse when Eliza grabbed her head and tucked it under her arm, simultaneously Scissoring Jessica and painfully bending her head backward. Jessica let out a series of gagging moans as her body was being crushed between Eliza’s legs.

“Had enough?” Eliza asked grimly. Jessica could only mumble something, so she told her, “Stamp your foot three times if you want to submit. Otherwise, I’ll snap your spine.”

Unfortunately for Eliza, she’d underestimated Jessica’s flexibility, and as she leaned back to increase the pressure on Jessica’s back, Jessica swung her legs up and wrapped her legs around Eliza’s throat. Eliza had to let go of Jessica’s head to pry Jessica’s ankles away from her throat. Eventually, Eliza had to give up and she released the scissors, kicked Jessica and sending her rolling away.

Jessica just wanted to recover from the torture she’d endured, but she knew she’d to act fast if she wanted to take advantage of Eliza’s current condition. She struggled to her feet, looked back at Eliza and was surprised when she didn’t see her where she expected her to be!

Just then, Jessica felt an arm wrap around her neck and a leg force it’s way in between her legs. Eliza cinched the Abdominal Stretch tight and Jessica let out a wail of extreme agony as Eliza began to stretch her body. Jessica’s right leg was pulled out at an extreme angle while her head was bent back under Eliza’s armpit, putting her back in distress. She sobbed as she thought of a way to end this torture while Eliza laughed maniacally and continued to torque Jessica’s body against her thigh.

“Come on Jess. You came out strong, but this is pathetic!” Tiring of the hold - and growing aggravated by Jessica’s stubborn defiance - Eliza released her and let Jessica drop face down on the floor. Jessica rolled over and arched her back, trying to relieve the pain. “Jess, you spend more time on your back than...” she never got to finish the insult because Jessica whipped a foot up into Eliza’s crotch.Her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, Eliza groaned as she slumped to her knees holding her aching pubic mound.

Jessica took advantage of her incapacitated foe and pulled Eliza to her feet, spun her around and rammed her face into the wall! Jessica held Eliza’s face against the wall with a handful of hair, grinding it into the paint, while she pounded her fist into Eliza’s kidneys. When Jessica stopped punching, she put Eliza in her own Abdominal Stretch!

Eliza was in terrible agony so did the only thing she could think of; she lifted her foot and stomped down on Jessica’s foot. Jessica let go of Eliza, hopped a couple of times and then tripped and fell to the floor, rolling around on her back and yelping in pain. She barely noticed Jessica grab her feet as she waited for the right moment to strike.

“Awww, poor little Eliza,” Jessica said, taunting her downed foe.

Realizing her situation, Eliza’s eyes grew wider and wider as she pleaded, “No. Please, No. Oh, God.”
Ending Number One (Alba wins)

Jessica left her feet and came crashing down, driving her knee into Eliza’s groin. Eliza’s head flew up off the floor - just what Jessica wanted! Jessica wrapped both arms around Eliza’s head and pulled her face into her sweating cleavage. Jessica scissored her legs around Eliza’s waist and rolled onto her back with Eliza laying on top of her between her thighs. Eliza started thrashing frantically, desperate to escape a humiliating defeat. She started swinging her fists wildly, but Jessica held fast and tightened both holds.

In desperation, Eliza resorted to clawing Jessica’s tanned thighs but she still wouldn’t let her go. Eliza’s thrashing began to weaken, then slowed until it finally stopped completely. Jessica lifted Eliza’s sweat-streaked face from between her breasts and (thunk) dropped it on the floor.

Jessica realized the fight had gotten her “hot and bothered” and she took advantage of the situation to sit on Eliza’s sleeping face. After she made sure Eliza’s face had full contact with her female parts, she began to rock and grind, back and forth. As she picked up the pace, she held onto Eliza’s hair to force her face deeper into her crotch. After several sweet minutes of grinding and grunting, Jessica had the most powerful orgasm of her life. What made it even more sweet was that it her vanquished foe who got her off.

Jessica left a note tied to Eliza’s hand that simply read, “Let’s do this again sometime!”
Ending Number Two (Dushku wins)
“What’s the matter Eliza? Don’t cry because I kicked your ass... Cry because your humiliation is going to be epic!”

That statement caused a sense of fear, panic, and rage to course through Eliza’s body. She stopped sobbing, sat up and grabbed Jessica’s wrists. As she rolled backward, Eliza flipped Jessica over her, slamming her to the floor on her back. After letting out a surprised grunt, Jessica quickly rolled over and got to her feet, whirling around to face Eliza. She was greeted by Eliza’s right hand, SMACK, slamming into her cheek! Jessica went down like a sack of bricks and rolled onto her stomach, holding her face. Eliza was quick to take advantage, dropping hard straddling Jessica’s stomach.

“You’re done Jess; its over. What were you saying earlier…something about ‘humiliation’? You don’t know the first thing about humiliating, sweety. But you’re going to learn your first right now.”

Jessica offered little resistance as Eliza scooted up, grabbed Jessica’s arms and pinned them under her knees. Scooting up higher, Eliza straddled Jessica’s face, grabbed her hair and jerked her face into her crotch. Then she began grinding! Jessica squirmed, her legs pathetically sweeping back and forth across the carpet which only helped to spur Eliza’s grinding to be more intense. Eliza finally moaned in ecstasy, tossing her dark air as she sat atop her unconscious foe panting rapidly.

After catching her breath, Eliza left a note that read, “Call me when you’re ready for your second lesson in humiliation.”