Jessica Alba vs. Megan Fox by Cletus VanDamme

It's pretty clear by now that 2009 is becoming the year of Megan Fox; she's already starred in the highest grossing film of the year so far and has no less than 5 movies coming out within a year and a half. But wind the clocks back a couple years and Jessica Alba was in the same position and after a few mediocre films she seems to have slightly fallen out of the spotlight. 'Jealous' wouldn't be the word Jessica would choose to describe her feelings on the situation, but she deeply resented that fact she was no longer the sexiest woman in Hollywood. In order to prove (mostly to herself) that she is still hotter than Megan Fox, Jessica decided to pay Ms. Fox a visit at a hotel she was staying at while promoting her new Transformers movie.

Jessica booked a room in the same hotel Megan was staying at and got a star struck hotel attendant to give her Megan's room number. Jessica waited in her room, trying to calm her nerves and prepare herself for what would likely turn into an all out brawl. She waited until around 1:00am before making her way Megan's room wearing a tight pink tank-top cut off a few inches above her belly button and tight white short-shorts. Jessica reached Megan's door and was about to knock when she saw a light come on inside the room from under the door.

For whatever reason she hesitated for a moment and re-thought exactly what she was doing and why. She didn't have long to think, however, as the door suddenly swung open and she was face to face with Megan Fox. Megan had opened the door wearing a black night gown over her black bra and boy cut panties intending to get some ice as she was holding an empty ice bucket. A gasp of shock escaped Megan's lips as she was completely awe struck by Jessica's beauty. Megan's eyes slowly made their way up Jessica's long, bronze legs, taking in every detail of the perfect skin of Jessica's toned stomach and intently gazing at the soft flesh of breasts before losing herself in Jessica's doe eyes. The ice bucket dropped out of Megan's hands and fell to the floor as Megan's jaw dropped while she blinked rapidly to regain her focus.

The two beautiful women stared open mouth at each other for several seconds before Megan attempted to break the silence. "...hhmm... wha...? here..?" was about all she could muster before Jessica walked past her and took a seat on the couch in very spacious room.

"Look" Jessica said with authority, "I'm sick and tired of everyone saying you're the sexiest thing ever and I'm going to prove that's a fallacy."

"Well, I'm not sure what I can do about that." Megan replied. "I'm not the writing the articles or voting in the magazines..."

Jessica stood up and walked over to Megan, looking into her striking blue eyes. "Well I guess I'll just have to show everyone that I'M STILL and will ALWAYS BE better looking than a tramp like you." She then drove her clenched fist into Megan's firm stomach, grabbed her hair and shoved her back into the wall.

Megan groaned but was able to push Jessica away. "What the hell is your problem? I haven't duh…" Megan was cut off as Jessica's open palm smacked Megan's cheek. By this point Megan was losing her temper, "I think you better leave Jessica, before you start someth…" She was again cut off before she could finish, this time by a hard shove to the chest, slamming her back against the wall.

"Damn, Megan, I guess you ARE as dumb as I thought." Jessica laughed.

Megan was furious but was still awe-struck by Jessica's beauty and couldn't decide whether she wanted kick Jessica's ass or make love to her. That decision was made for her as Jessica drew her fist back and threw it towards Megan's face, Megan ducked under the fist and slipped behind Jessica as she grit her teeth and winced in pain when her fist made contact with the wall. Megan grabbed Jessica's long brown hair, swung her around and threw her to the floor. She then took the opportunity to slip out of her night gown, which would only serve to get in her way if she left it on.

"Well, well, well." Jessica sighed, "Kitty's got some claws after all."

Megan put her hands on her hips as she watched Jessica get up. "I've got nothing against you Jessica, but if you don't leave right now, I'm going to keep you in here and have lots of 'fun' with you," she said with a sly grin.

Jessica made it to her feet, "Oh, you have no idea what you're in for Ms Fox." Jessica then ran at Megan and tackled her to the floor, landing on top of the other brunette.

She took a seat on Megan's stomach but didn't stay there for long as Megan grabbed a handful of Jessica's hair with one hand and punched her in the face with the other, knocking her off to the side. Megan then climbed on top of her, but she was slammed hard to the floor on her back when Jessica brought her legs up in front of Megan and pulled her to the floor. Jessica quickly got to her feet and began kicking the downed woman. Megan attempted to roll to her knees and crawl away, but any progress she made was quickly met with a powerful kick from Jessica's legs.

"What's the matter Megan? Not so tough now are ya?" Jessica reached down and wrapped her hand in Megan's brown hair, bringing her up to a kneeling position. Yanking back on Megan's hair, Jessica forced the other brunette to look up at her helplessly as she drove her knee into Megan's chest, knocking her back down to the floor. Jessica sauntered towards the down again brunette and as she got within striking distance she caught a look of pure rage in Megan's eyes and immediately felt excruciating pain in her crotch when Megan's foot crashed into it.

"Unnnnnnngh..." Jessica moaned as her hands covered her crotch and she sank to her knees.

"Alright Jess," Megan said calmly as she got up. "I warned you. This is not going to be enjoyable for you... well at least not right now, but maybe later." Megan walked over to Jessica who was still in extreme pain, and cockily strode around the downed brunette as she tousled Jessica's hair in her fingers. Megan leaned down so she was eye level with Jessica and clamped her hands around the soft flesh of her breasts, squeezing hard!

Megan brought shrieks of pain out of Jessica's throat as she stood up the other brunette and shoved her to the wall by her tits. Letting go of Jessica's breasts, Megan clamped one hand around Jessica's neck and began driving the other over and over into Jessica's bronzed stomach, eliciting a pain filled gasp of air every time her fist drove itself into the soft flesh of her antagonist. Megan released Jessica's throat and let her slide down wall, but not before grabbing onto her tank top and letting Jessica's body slip right out of it. Megan twirled the garment on her finger a few times before flinging it across the room onto the bed.

She then bent down and lifted Jessica's chin up forcing her to look into Megan's eyes, before Jessica realized what was happening, Megan had one hand in her hair and was forcing her tongue past her lips into her mouth. Her body still wracked with pain, Jessica was confused but let Megan push her to the floor and even began to kiss her back.

The two sexy young stars began rolling on the floor, breathing hard while they were locked in their passionate embrace. Megan began groaning in delight as she sensually bit down on Jessica's lower lip while she fondled her breast and slipped one hand down Jessica's pink satin shorts. Jessica, however, had decided she had let Megan go far enough and slammed her forehead into Megan's face.

"You fucking bitch!" Megan spat, bringing her hands up to cover her injured nose.

By now Jessica had just about fully recovered from Megan's earlier assault and was now ready to follow through with her threat. Jessica grabbed Megan's bra strap and yanked, pulling her towards Jessica's incoming knee. Megan gasped in pain when Jessica's knee contacted her sternum and was bent double while Jessica buried her fist, piston-like into Megan's unprotected stomach.




Were the agony filled sounds emanating from Megan's lungs each time Jessica's fist made 'thumping' impact with Megan's stomach. Jessica let Megan fall to her hands knees and gasp for air at the statuesque beauties feet before kicking her in the side and rolling her on to her back. She then climbed on top of the equally beautiful Megan, grapevined her legs and pinned her arms to the floor above her head.

"So, you've got a thing for the ladies eh, Ms Fox?" Jessica playfully asked as Megan stared feebly into Jessica's eyes, almost admirably. "Well if you enjoy my body so much you won't have a problem with me doing this..." Jessica scooted up and planted her perspiring breasts onto Megan's face. "You like that bitch?" Jessica asked rhetorically.

But Jessica quickly realized something wasn't quite right as Megan wasn't struggling or squirming in any way, and then she felt Megan's tongue licking the outer edge of her right nipple until it was fully erect. She then heard a gentle slurping sound coming from beneath her and felt a wave of arousal pass through her body as Megan pleasured her. Almost by reflex, Jessica jumped up to her feet and looked down at Megan in confusion, while Megan returned a look that could only be described as 'bedroom eyes'.

"What's the matter Jess? Didn't you like that?" Megan asked as she sensually licked her lips and gave Jessica's body a once over with her eyes. "That's just the very beginning of what I've got in store for you, babe."

Enraged, Jessica launched herself at the still down brunette but Megan was ready for her and used her feet to catch Jessica and launched her backwards into the foot of the bed. Jessica was dazed when Megan walked up to her and her backwards over the bed, locking eyes with her foe, Megan gave Jessica a smirk and then once again slipped her hand into Jessica's tight pink shorts. Megan began stroking Jessica's nether region while she grabbed Jessica's hair with her other hand and forced her face into her tightly packed cleavage. Short gasps of breath began escaping from Jessica's lips as Megan gratified her, she finally got her wits about her and yanked Megan off of her by her hair and kicked her away.

Jessica struggled to her feet looking around the room for Megan, "Over here babe." Jessica heard from behind her. "Come on up here and join me." Megan motioned to Jessica for her to get on the bed.

"In your dreams, tramp." Jessica responded.

"Precisely." Megan said as she got up on her knees and removed her bra. "Don't you wanna taste?" Megan gave Jessica a pouty look that only resulted in further angering the other brunette.

Jessica leapt onto the bed and threw a punch to Megan's head, but missed as Megan ducked under it. Megan then grabbed Jessica by the hair and slammed her face first into the head board, knocking her senseless and onto her back. Jessica came to her senses rather quickly but soon realized Megan had her legs wrapped around her neck and she was staring directly at Megan's panty covered crotch. Megan locked her ankles together squeezed her legs together as tight as she could, cutting off the blood flow to Jessica's head, it didn't take long for Jessica's wildly thrashing body and flailing limbs to slow considerably as she lost massive amounts of energy. But Megan stopped just before Jessica lost consciousness and let her cough a few times before sitting on her chest with her toned thighs framing Jessica's angelic face.

"As much as you're going to hate admitting it, you're going to enjoy this Jessica, but I'm going to enjoy it a little more."

Megan scooted back onto Jessica's stomach and slipped her hand under Jessica's pink shorts a final time and once again began fingering the other brunette. A few languid gasps escaped Jessica's lips as she closed her eyes and accepted her fate; Megan then leaned down and planted a long wet kiss on Jessica's mouth as her fingers continued their work on Jessica's loins.

Megan stopped the kiss and turned around so she was facing Jessica's feet, keeping her hand in Jessica's shorts; Megan scooted back and planted her moist center over Jessica's face. In complete ecstasy thanks to Megan's magic fingers, Jessica felt an odd sensation course through her body at the sight and smell Megan's groin coming towards her face. It wasn't revulsion as she expected, quite the opposite actually, something Megan had done to her earlier must have flipped a switch in her brain somewhere because now she was almost salivating at the thought of pleasuring Megan Fox.

Megan began grinding her hips in slow circles around Jessica's face; using her free hand she ripped her panties off herself and was pleasantly surprised to find Jessica's tongue probing its way inside her. Megan felt Jessica's body tense for a moment and then shudder violently, seconds later she closed her eyes, threw head back and let her jaw hang open as climaxed over Jessica's sleeping face.

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