Jessica Alba vs. Jennifer Garner by Interac 1-21-02

After they presented an award together at an awards show, Jennifer Garner, and Jessica Alba went backstage where they headed to the ladies room to reapply their make up.

Jessica smiled, "So, you got the hot new show this year. Well I guess they had to settle for something. I can't believe that show is actually trying to compete with mine."

Jennifer snorted, " What is your problem? Ever since you took out Eliza Dushku, you've become more arrogant than ever. I mean look at the facts. My show gets higher ratings, is more critically acclaimed. What else in the world would I have to do?"

Jessica turned around and said, "Well, after that tirade you are going to TRY and get to my house. So you can TRY and back up all you just said"

Jennifer smiled sweetly, "No. YOUR going to TRY to get a hotel room in the next few hours so WE can settle this THEN"

Jessica nodded, "Lemme say bye to my date and you're on!"

Jennifer nodded back, "Same here. You just follow my limo."

A few hours later, they had a room at a downtown Motel 6 where neither was known. Jessica came up second so no one would think about what was going on. Despite their caution, however, a few people saw Jessica go in and one called a reporter for the Enquirer. The front desk clerk also went to the phone and made a call.

As Jessica entered their room, Jennifer was already waiting in bra and panties.

Jennifer smiled coyly, "Sorry, but I like that dress. No need to ruin it on a brat like you."

Jessica grinned, "Good idea, hon! I'll follow suit. My dress cost something, unlike the trash you were wearing, I got one plan take you out, so I don't lose my spot and I'm gonna do it here tonight"

Jessica got out of her dress revealing a much better body than Jennifer's. Jessica's amazing full, round ass; large, firm breasts and firm, muscular thighs were a stark contrast to Jennifer's flat ass, small perky breasts and long, wiry legs.

Jessica eyed her rival as she ran her hands up and down her voluptuous young body as she said, "Here's what this is about. God, you really are pathetic you know that?"

Jessica walked up and stood facing Jennifer who's eyes narrowed as she replied, "Oh Yeah really"

Before Jennifer could say anything, Jessica buried her fist deep in Jennifer's flat stomach. The hard punch doubling the 'Alias' star over, knocking the wind out of her. Jessica grabbed Jennifer's shoulders and slammed her back against the wall, then buried another fist into the gasping woman's belly. Jennifer slumped forward, her weight falling onto Jessica's shoulders.

Jessica snarled, "Oh, you fucking skinny bitch! I'm going to so enjoy doing this."

But as the Dark Angel said that, the redhaired 'Alias' star brought the fight to another level. She drove her knee into Jessica's pussy. As Jessica gasped and her knees buckled, Jennifer immediately grabbed Jessica by the hair, spun her around on the wall, and slammed her knee into Jessica's stomach. Jessica doubled over holding her stomach.

Jennifer took hold of the young Latina by the hair and her panties and ran with her, turning around and ramming Jessica's head into the wall, cracking the plaster. Jennifer brushed her hands together and watched as Jessica slid down the wall and curled up in a little ball at her feet holding her head.

Jennifer kick pushed Jessica's body up against the wall and muttered, "I guess that ends that."

She turned and picked up her dress but as she started to step into it, she was grabbed by the shoulder and turned back around! Jessica was standing in front of her with a little trickle of blood running down from a cut on her face. Jennifer was shocked since she thought she'd knocked Jessica cold.

Before Jennifer could drop her dress to protect herself, Jessica snapped a kick right between her legs. Jennifer pitched forward into Jessica's arms. Jessica caught Jennifer, lifted her and then slammed her onto the floor. Jessica reached down, grabbed Jennifer's bra and lifted her up a little and slapped her face, then came back with a back hand. She repeated this three times - whipping Jennifer's head back and forth with a total of six brutally hard slaps.

Jessica let the 'Alias' star drop back to the floor, her face red and bruised from the slapping. She picked up one of Jennifer's legs but before she could capture the second one, Jennifer kicked and thrashed, avoiding getting caught and somehow managing to (accidentally?) clip Jessica on the jaw. Shocked and hurt by the kick, Jessica lost her hold on Jennifer's leg.

Jennifer brought her knees to her chest, then kicked straight out at Jessica's muscular leg knocking her down. Jessica lay holding her leg where it was charlie-horsed by the kick. Jennifer was quick to pounce and she got atop Jessica, grabbing her hair and ramming her fist into Jessica's perfect face. Jennifer then stood up, her hands still entangled in Jessica's hair and threw Jessica back. At the last second, Jessica shifted her feet and instead she threw the lighter Jennifer through the air into the wall.

Jennifer's body cracked the plaster and crashed to the floor. Jessica turned around a couple of times dazed, rubbing her Charlie-horsed leg. When she looked over, the Alias star was struggling to get up. Jessica ran at her screaming "bitch" at the top of her lungs and driving her foot into the skinny brunette's woman's ribs.

Jessica kicked Jennifer so hard she lifted her body in the air. Jennifer crashed back down to the floor and, as soon as she hit the floor, Jessica jumped up in the air. She came crashing down with her knee on Jennifer's left boob. The pain forced a struggled gasp from Jennifer's succulent lips and Jessica loved hearing it, so she reached down and pulled Jennifer up by her hair.

"See that," Jessica pointed to the wall where her own face had been slammed into it.

She ran Jennifer facefirst into the wall, returning the favor. Jessica held Jennifer's face on the wall, grinding her face in the broken plaster.

"It don't feel so good now.. DOES IT JENNIFER?

Jessica pinned Jennifer's limp body to the wall as she unclasped her bra. Jessica turned Jennifer around and slammed her head against the wall once more. Jennifer's bra fluttered to the floor at her feet as tears of pain rolled down her pink cheeks and fell on her bare breasts. Jessica maniacally went to work on Jennifer's nipples, twisting, pinching, pulling like a woman possessed.

Not only had Jennifer not been expecting this kind of fight, she was really confused when Jessica started screaming, "How does that feel Eliza?"

Jessica hip tossed Jennifer over her hip by her nipples and as she slammed to the floor on her back, Jessica mounted her and, pinching her breasts with her thumb and forefinger, she leaned back stretching the areola. When she released Jennifer's nips, and Jennifer was crying and sobbing, saying her surrendered.

Jessica kept muttering, "Fuck you Eliza!"

Jessica kept hitting Jennifer with smack after thunderous smack after smack; rocking Jennifer's head side to side. Finally, Jessica got off of her and started kicking Jennifer's body. Eventually, she stopped as she realized what had happened. She'd won and Jennifer was now curled up in a little ball, no longer crying, unconscious!

Jessica kicked her a little more and when it got no response she smiled. Jessica hummed happily as she put her dress back on and the tossed Jennifer's dress and bra off the balcony into the alley below. Jessica strode proudly back down to the lobby and went to the front desk. As she was giving the clerk the room key she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Did I hear my name up there?"

Just as Jessica spun around, Eliza Dushku nailed her with a single straight punch. Jessica just collapsed and the front desk clerk stared in awe at Eliza. She took off the pair of brass knuckles she'd been wearing and dropped them daintily in her purse. Then she knet and tore off Jessica's dress leaving her naked on the lobby floor. Eliza went over behind a potted plant where she'd hidden a bucket of hot tar. She took off the top and winked at the desk clerk.

"Now, about the theater. Remember that hot butter? How hot is hot tar?"

Eliza poured some hot tar over Jessica's body, laughing as the knocked out Jessica awoke screaming in pain and panic. Eliza stopped, put the bucket down, grabbed Jessica by the hair and dunked her head in.

Eliza was holding the flailing Jessica's face under the hot tar when she was hauled off her and dragged away kicking and screaming from the hotel. Her hatred had taken over her, just as Jessica's had moments before.

Eliza was screaming, "Tar Baby! I'm not done with you yet."

Jessica was out of it. She had tar all over her hair, her face, her magnificent body.

She was screaming, "It ain't over bitch," when she was awakened.

A man came over, helped her up and held out his hand, "If you want to get even, I think I can help. Here's my card."

It was the same man who gave Heather Graham a week ago his card.

While he and Jessica were chatting, a sheepish Jennifer Garner was skulking down the back steps of the motel, her naked body hidden by a motel sheet; her bruised face beet red with embarrassment as she padded in her bare feet to her limo and sped away muttering, "I'll get that bitch for this if it's the last thing I do!" Asset e107f926.

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