Jessica Alba vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by Jackflash 10/18/2000

Hollywood, of course, loves to pit its power players against one another. But Tinsel Town could not contrive a better rivalry if it tried than the one between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba!

The two had never gotten along, each ever-ready with a catty remark about the other. But their dislike reached a boiling point when Alba's new Dark Angel show was picked up by Fox and put on the Tuesday night schedule. That was the same night, incidentally, that Gellar's Buffy aired on the WB. And although the two programs are not directly broadcasting against one another, they are nevertheless in heated competition for the same viewers and advertisers.

Although Buffy was a popular program in the midst of a heavily-hyped storyline and with a loyal fan base, Dark Angel in its first two weeks literally kicked the vampire slayer's butt, averaging a 7 share in the ratings to Buffy's 5, a chasm of several million television viewers. For all intents and purposes, Alba had drawn first blood, and Gellar was bled white.

It didn't take much persuasion to arrange for the two highly competitive young actresses to "settle" their feud in a private wrestling match. Such confrontations were surprisingly common in the acting community (both Sarah and Jessica had been in such fights before). Gellar wanted to prove that, despite the clubbing she was taking in the Nielsen ratings, she was still the 'Queen of Tuesday Night' and Alba wanted to strip her of that crown. Besides, both relished the thought of putting a major hurt on the other.

The match was arranged to take place in the spacious living room in the Bel Air mansion of a film producer (who hinted that the winner might just be up for the lead in his next added incentive!)

For the fight, both wore one-piece leotards of identical designs, although brunette Jessica's was black and blonde Sarah's was red. Gellar had her long hair tied back into a pony tail, while Alba let her dark locks hang loose.

With the signal to begin the match given, the pair began to cautiously circle one another. Unlike most actresses, these two each have had ample martial arts instruction, so this would be a confrontation of skill, not mere fury.

Face to face, the differences in their sizes became obvious. The blonde gave up some 4 inches and nearly 20 pounds to the brunette. However, it was expected that Sarah's more extensive fighting experience would make up for the physical disparity.

After nearly a minute of slow, careful advancing, the distance between the two was short enough for Sarah to unleash a kick. Her foot caught Jessica hard in the lower abdomen, doubling her over; with a second kick, the ball of the blonde's foot caught the stunned brunette flush on the jaw, causing her to stumble backwards.

However, Sarah made the serious mistake of thinking the fight was hers for the taking. She lashed out with yet another kick...only to have her foe catch her foot before it could connect. Holding the blonde stationary by her leg, Jessica swept her other leg out from under her, sending Sarah crashing to the carpeted floor.

In a heartbeat, Jessica was atop her, raining down a hail of fists to the blonde's face and chest. Sarah whimpered under the assault, but she also grit her teeth and became determined to withstand it.

Gellar saw her chance and seized it by grabbing the brunette by the hair and yanking her off. As Jessica fell to the side, the blonde rolled with her, until she was astride her rival. Jessica didn't know what was happening until it was too late to do anything about it.

Grabbing Jessica by the wrists and pinning them above her head, and using her feet to grapevine the brunette's legs, Sarah had her helpless beneath her. The blonde then dropped her chest down, so that her opponent's face disappeared in the cleavage between Gellar's breasts. Jessica's muffled gasps and moans gave evidence to her distress. As the minutes ticked by, Alba's struggles grew weaker, and her breath was labored. Finally, she stopped struggling altogether.

Satisfied that she had finished off her hated enemy, Sarah got up off of her. Smugly, the blonde grabbed Alba by the hair and began to pull her up to her feet; Gellar wasn't done punishing her! But Jessica was far from defeated. With viper swiftness, she threw an uppercut squarely into the blonde's crotch. Sarah let out a blood-curdling shriek and fell to the floor. The "veteran" actress had fallen for the oldest trick in the book...the newcomer had been playing possum.

Alba wasn't going to take any chances...she stomped away at the prone body of her foe again and again and again, each blow robbing the blonde of her strength. Repeatedly, Sarah would try to get to her hands and knees and scamper away, or at least use her own arms and legs to protect herself. But Jessica was relentless, her muscular legs powering the devastating kicks. No part of the blonde's body was spared from the torment.

Ultimately, Sarah was rendered semiconscious by the pounding. Alba delivered the killing blow by jumping high into the air, her feet crashing down upon the blonde's breasts. The brunette stood there on top of her beaten opponent, bouncing up and down on her chest, forcing the air from the wheezing Gellar's lungs. Adding insult to injury, Jessica mashed her foot into Sarah's face, an act of cruel defiance, the equivalent of crushing a bug beneath one's heel. The blonde could offer no resistance.

As a trophy, Jessica took the ribbon from Sarah's hair and used it to tie back her own mane. The brunette's hair and skin were wet with sweat, her chest heaved as she drew in deep breaths, her pulse raced. She was literally aglow with the glory of triumph!

Nevertheless, despite the crushing finality of this match, it was clear to Jessica that this would not be the end. She knew Sarah would come back someday...she was too good - too proud, to be conquered by a single loss. With a satisfied smile on her lips, the brunette welcomed the rematch, and couldn't wait for the chance to finish off Gellar once and for all.