Jessica Alba vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by The Walkin' Dude

The hour had grown late in Darkside and the fans inside the R'lyeh Club had grown restless. While all the under card matches had been excellent (including the surprising debut of Amy Jo Johnson) the locals were getting anxious. Partly because they were anticipating the main event, but also because the Announcer had broken in before the last match to tell them that yet another strong hurricane, (Ivan was his name) was more than likely going to smash into the west coast of the sunshine state in the next few days. This announcement did nothing to lift their mood or sate their bloodlust. The crowd wanted to see someone hurt in the next match and as luck would have it the two ladies in the main event were more than willing to oblige. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba had been at each other's throats for months but had never had the opportunity to settle their feud one on one. They had first come to blows earlier in the summer when Sarah and her partner Neve Campbell narrowly defeated Jessica and her partner, Ashley Scott. And though Neve was actually the one to pin Jessica, Sarah had engaged in a little post match face grind on the defeated Angel. Finally at an innocuous charity event in a no name Florida town, the two would face off to determine who was the better woman.

The Announcer stepped into the ring for the last time that evening. "Ladies and gentleman," he said. "It's my pleasure to inform you that it's time for our main event. Before I bring out the participants, let me remind you that this is a two out of three falls affair, so the winner will have undeniable bragging rights over the loser. And if that's not good enough for you, let me remind you that both ladies have promised to dole out heaping helping of humiliation on their vanquished nemesis when they win the match!" This brought a boisterous cheer from the crowd. "Unfortunately, only one of them can be telling the truth, so lets find out which one of them is going to eat their words, and probably something else before this night is through! Without further ado, she stands at 5’7” and is known as the Dark Angel; ladies and gentleman, she is.......Jessica Alba!"

Soil's Halo erupts and the brunette makes herself known to the audience. Stepping through the curtain, she stops to pose for just a moment. Like her oft time tag partner Ashley Scott, Jessica is wearing a long black leather trench coat. But unlike Scott, the Angel's coat hangs open giving everyone who wishes a tantalizing view of her hard tanned figure, kept from complete nakedness only by the slimmest of margins thanks to a black vinyl two piece bikini. She moves confidently through the smoke pumped out during her entrance and rolls into the ring before shedding her coat. Slowly she moves to her corner and awaits the arrival of her nemesis.

Then the announcer prepared to bring out the second combatant. "And her opponent stands 5’3”; they call her ‘The Slayer’. She is....Sarah Michelle Gellar!"

Man in the Box roars to life and Sarah comes through the curtain. She is wearing her trademark red leather one piece outfit and the high black boots that go with it. The look is completed with a pair of fingerless black gloves. The Slayer's trademark grin and pre match enthusiasm are absent however, being replaced by a cold empty stare that is locked on the taller girl standing in the ring. Reaching the edge of the squared circle, she hopped onto the apron and through the ropes with an ease that was almost scary. She moved to her corner and waited for the referee to make his entrance and the Announcer to make his exit. On cue, the two officials switched places and the ref motioned for the timekeeper to ring the bell.

The bell clanged and the match was underway. The brunette Angel and the blonde Slayer strode slowly toward each other, eyes locked, neither one daring to avert her gaze. They stood nose to nose in the center ring, calm amidst the roar of the crowd, waiting for the other to speak.

Eventually Jessica broke the silence, "I finally have you right where I want you Sarah. One on one with no partner to bail you out. When I'm done with you, you won't be the Slayer anymore. You'll simply be another mouthy bitch I put out of her misery. After tonight, the world will know once and for all that I'm your better."

The Angel delivered her premonition with a sureness that would have unnerved a lesser foe, but the Slayer was not going to be put off by her rival's threat. Green eyes flashing, Sarah delivered her reply, "I don't think so Jessica! What you fail to understand is that I can see right through you. The lights, the music, the leather coat and bad attitude, it's all smoke and mirrors. You're nothing but a second rate wannabe. Tonight after I've stripped you of every ounce of mystique and pride you have, everyone else will know what I've known all along. You're a no talent fraud."

Sarah's taunt hit the one chink in Jessica's otherwise impervious mental armor. The Dark Angel absolutely LOATHED being regarded as a Slayer clone, it was a stigma she had battled most of her ring career. To have her nemesis throw it in her face was more than she could bear. With a feral snarl she lunged at Sarah and decked the unprepared blonde with a series of stinging jabs to the face. Sarah cried out at the assault but recovered quickly and fired some punches of her own, her gloved fists crashing against the taller girl's cheek and jaw. Jessica hissed in pain at her foes retaliation as she brought her claws up into Sarah's gold mane. Taking a two fisted grip of her opponent's locks, Jessica pulled ferociously from side to side, yanking Sarah back and forth while drawing an agonized cry of protest from the smaller blonde.

The Angel was just about to taunt the Slayer when Sarah Michelle brought her own claws into play, planting one in Jessica's dark hair while the other one clawed mercilessly at her face. The two rivals stumbled around the ring, digging at each other's hair and faces for a good thirty seconds before they finally broke the clench and shoved each other away in mutual disgust. Both ladies took a few seconds to survey the damage done by the other before locking eyes with her again. Dropping into differing Martial Arts stances, they approached each other more warily this time, both now well aware of what the other could do if given even the smallest of opportunities.

As they neared the point of no return, Jessica went on the offensive, firing several punches at Sarah Michelle's face. The lithe blonde saw the attack coming and dodged the Angel's fists as best she could before launching an attack of her own. Now it was Jessica's turn to block as Sarah Michelle came at her like a whirlwind, throwing palm strikes and snap kicks faster than the average person blinks. But to her credit, the brunette was no average person and she successfully blocked all of the Slayer's assault. As Sarah Michelle launched yet another punch at Jessica's face, the brunette stepped nimbly aside and shot forward, letting fly with a palm strike of her own. Her hand crashed into Sarah Michelle's wide open jaw and the blonde's head snapped back, a cry or pain escaping her lips. Not giving her foe a chance to regain her senses, Jessica fired another shot that smashed against Sarah Michelle's bottom lip, drawing blood. As the blonde staggered back, Jessica brought both hands together and pistoned them forward in a two handed smash against Sarah Michelle's chest. That last shot took the blonde off her feet and she landed on the mat hard, nursing her injured face and chest.

Watching her nemesis prone on the mat gave Jessica a sadistic thrill. With the Slayer helpless before her, the Dark Angel whispered hatefully "Get up Sarah Michelle.... Get up so I can knock you right the fuck down again."

Even though Jessica's taunt had been whispered, Sarah Michelle heard it over the roar of the crowd and it galvanized the blonde. Putting aside the pain momentarily she thought " I'm going to stop that bitch from running her mouth if it kills me." Clearing her head, the agile blonde leapt to her feet and went for a devastating Spin Kick on her domineering opponent. Against most ladies, the kick would have landed and taken them off their feet, but Jessica had been studying tapes of Sarah Michelle's matches for several months now and when she saw Slayer hop to her feet she knew what was coming. Seconds before Sarah Michelle's boot could connect with her temple, Jessica caught the incoming limb and held it aloft. She relished seeing Sarah Michelle helpless and surprised at having her attack countered so easily. With a sadistic gleam in her eye, the brunette pulled Sarah Michelle toward her and drove a knee up, sending it right into the blonde's midsection. The impact doubled Sarah Michelle over and as she tended to her abdomen, Jessica prepared to humble her foe in the middle of the ring. Stepping forward she trapped Sarah Michelle in a tight Front Face-Lock and fell to the mat, landing on her back with Sarah Michelle on top of her. Before the Slayer had time to react, Jessica brought her long legs up and around Sarah Michelle's trim waist locking them at the ankles. Her grip secure, she gave the trapped blonde a titanic double squeeze, crushing her middle with the Scissors and her head with the Face-Lock. The Guillotine Choke was a devastating hold and The Dark Angel had it locked on perfectly. Feeling Sarah Michelle writhe against her only motivated Jessica to squeeze the hold tighter and when her foe let loose with an especially pained gasp, Jessica smiled coldly and spoke to the trapped girl. " Go ahead and give up Sarah Michelle. After all you've got another chance at redemption. If you don't give up I'll be happy to simply choke you out right now and then sit on your face for the deciding fall. Oh and don't think I've forgotten the end of the tag match. I'm going to ride your face HARD after you're destroyed. You'll be tasting me for weeks bitch."

Suffering in the grip of Jessica's choke, Sarah Michelle listened to her foe's threat with a growing rage. Abandoning all hopes of reaching the ropes, Sarah Michelle chose brute force over finesse and simply began pounding punches as hard as she could into Jessica's unguarded ribs. The attack caught the brunette by surprise and she gasped for air as Sarah Michelle beat a ferocious litany into her ribcage. Gritting her teeth, Jessica tried to maintain the hold, but Sarah Michelle's fists were relentless. Seconds later, Jessica broke the hold and pushed the blonde away before rolling in the opposite direction to take stock of the damage done to her midsection. Sneering in pain and anger, Jessica got to her feet at about the same time Sarah Michelle was regaining her vertical base. The blonde was gingerly massaging her ribs and neck, trying to undo some of the pain caused by Jessica's choke. Staring daggers, the two women rushed each other and picked up where they left off. Jessica changed her strategy a bit, this time throwing several Roundhouse Kicks at Sarah Michelle's face and chest. But this time it was the blonde who countered, easily avoiding Jessica's attack and lunging in close to her rival. In the blink of an eye, Sarah Michelle snapped a hard Knife Edge Chop against the bridge of Jessica's nose that had the brunettes' eyes watering. Jessica stumbled back, holding her nose and Sarah Michelle followed. With the Angel preoccupied, Sarah Michelle launched three more chops, the first landing below her breasts, the second landing right across them and the third crushing against her windpipe.

That last strike dropped Jessica hard and for a moment she could do nothing but retch and cough as she tried to get her breath back. With Jessica down, Sarah Michelle took a moment to admire her handiwork. Enjoying Jessica's pain, she flashed a grin that had been stained crimson with the blood from her busted lip. Breaking her reprieve, she bent and pulled Jessica up by her long locks. Not wasting a second, the Slayer gripped the Angel's wrist and wrenched the captive limb in a full circle, eliciting a pained cry from her nemesis. Smiling again Sarah Michelle taunted. "Does your face hurt bitch? Let's see if I can't make it hurt a little more." With that, her whole frame tensed for a second and then she blasted a Hook Kick into Jessica's jaw while still holding the Arm Wrench. Jessica hit the mat like she'd been shot and just groaned, her senses reeling from the Slayer's vicious reprisal. Remembering the debilitating effects of the Guillotine Choke from only moments ago, Sarah Michelle planned her revenge. Flipping Jessica onto her back, Sarah Michelle straddled her chest, facing the Angel's legs. Reaching behind her, she pulls Jessica's face up, leans forward and locks her strong thighs around Jessica's head, cinching on the Reverse Head Scissors. The Angel's face almost immediately begins to flush a bright red as Sarah Michelle grinds her thighs against the sides of her head. As she chokes, Jessica gets a close up view of Sarah Michelle's pert, red clad ass as it sits mere inches from her face.

Disgusted and embarrassed by being locked in the humiliating hold, Jessica gasps, "Get your stinking ass out of my face you bitch!"

But Sarah Michelle was intent on making Jessica suffer and would brook no insolence from her captured foe, "Fuck off Jessica. I'll let you go when you concede this fall. Till then you can just KISS MY ASS. Just like you're going to do at the end of this match." With that, she ground her hips even harder, forcing her butt against Jessica's face, drawing a cry of indignation from the brunette and cries of joy from the audience. With the blonde's ass mere centimeters from her nose, Jessica was getting desperate. Thinking fast, she brought her hands up and began to viciously pinch the Slayer's cheeks. Her tactics wrenched a yelp of surprise from Sarah Michelle and after a few more pinches, Jessica had her freedom. She got to her knees and gasped for air. Watching Sarah Michelle get to her feet, Jessica realized she may have underestimated the power of the smaller girl's legs. It would be best for her if she could avoid getting trapped in the Slayer's Scissors any time during the match. As for Sarah Michelle, she was quicker in regaining her feet than the brunette, simply because she had to deal only with the sting of the pinches and not the crippling effects of the Scissors. Noting that Jessica was still on her knees, Sarah Michelle made a beeline for the downed Angel and fired a hard kick directly at her forehead. At the last possible second, Jessica brought her hands up and blocked the strike. With Sarah Michelle immobilized for the briefest of periods, Jessica lashed a foot out and caught the blonde's planted leg, dropping her awkwardly to the mat with a Sweep Kick. As Sarah Michelle recovered from the surprise attack, Jessica sprung to her feet and ran the ropes opposite the blonde. She had just bounced off them when Sarah Michelle stood up and that's when Jessica went on the attack. Still a few feet from her nemesis, Jessica sprang forward and extended one leg out directly in front of her, aiming for Sarah Michelle's face.

The Angel's aim was true and the Bicycle Kick caught Sarah Michelle directly across the jaw, dropping her like a puppet with cut strings. Jessica's supporters leapt to their feet and cheered as their heroine stalked her hated rival. " Time to end you, you miserable blonde farce." Jessica hissed as she brought the dazed Slayer to her feet by her hair. Pausing only a second to acknowledge her fans with a satisfied grin, Jessica tucks Sarah Michelle's head in her armpit, before bringing her arms up under Sarah Michelle's and locking her hands across the blonde's back. For a moment Sarah Michelle was held immobile by what looked to be some bizarre variation on the Full Nelson. But Jessica wasn't done yet. Making sure her grip was firm, she twisted her torso and went to the mat, taking Sarah Michelle with her, the blonde sitting on her butt, still bent in the awkward looking hold. Looking for the last piece of the puzzle, the Dark Angel scissored her legs around Sarah Michelle's waist, sitting on the Slayer's lap to make sure she couldn't escape. With a final grim leer, Jessica locked her ankles and began to squeeze, torturing her foe with a combination of Butterfly Lock and Body Scissors.

For her part, Sarah Michelle struggled valiantly against the hold but with her arms immobilized and Jessica sitting on her lap, she was helpless. Jessica was wearing her down on two different fronts and there was nothing the Slayer could do about it. Faintly, she could hear Jessica demand her submission, but she'd be damned if she'd give that bitch the satisfaction of a verbal submission. She'd rather pass out and get her revenge in the second round. That was her last coherent thought as consciousness left her and she went limp in the Angel's torturous hold. The referee saw Sarah Michelle relax and went to check her arm, knowing full well that the blonde was out of it. He raised her arm once....twice....three times. When her arm fell the third time, he rang the bell, signaling Jessica winning the first fall. Then he tapped Jessica on the shoulder and told her to release her hold so he could wake the blonde up for the second fall. Jessica looked sweetly at the ref as she held the momentarily defeated blonde. "Whatever you say." she said condescendingly before giving the hold one final wrench. She broke her grip and let Sarah Michelle slump onto the mat, unconscious but not completely defeated yet. Savoring her victory, Jessica stands over Sarah Michelle and slowly lowers herself down, her vinyl covered ass millimeters from Sarah Michelle's uncomprehending face. Licking her lips, the brunette grinned and bounced her ass on Sarah Michelle's features several times, much to the delight of the audience. The last time, she sat down hard, enjoying the feel of Sarah Michelle's face helpless against her. "Looks like you'll be the one kissing my ass.... Slayer." She spoke the last word with a venomous contempt that spoke volumes on her feeling for the blonde. Finally the ref pulled her off and she went to her corner. She watched the referee tend to the fallen Sarah Michelle and the Angel contemplated the next round of the battle. She was confidant that she would sweep the Slayer in their series and she looked forward to the humiliating end she had planned for the blonde when their war was finally over.

Consciousness slowly returned to Sarah Michelle's mind and the first thing that dawned on her was that Jessica had choked her out. Rather easily in fact. This bit of knowledge infuriated the petite blonde to no end and she pushed the referee away before groggily rising to her feet. Shaking off the cobwebs, she locked eyes with a stone faced Jessica. Eyes never leaving Jessica, she spoke softly to the referee. "Ring the bell." The zebra did as he was told and the second fall began. As soon as the bell had sounded Jessica went on the attack knowing full well that Sarah Michelle wasn't at a hundred percent. Acting mostly on instinct, the brunette charged her foe and unleashed a brutal sequence of punches and kicks, hoping to dismantle the Slayer right then and there and position her for a final humiliating stint in a hold of the Angel's devising. But Jessica had underestimated Sarah Michelle's resilience. The blonde countered every attack Jessica threw at her and fired back with some of her own for good measure. The two rivals went on this way for almost two minutes before Jessica ducked a Roundhouse from Sarah Michelle and buried her fist in the blonde's taut stomach.

Capitalizing on Sarah Michelle's prone state, Jessica changed her game plan a bit, whipping Sarah Michelle hard toward the ropes. But before the brunette could release her grip, Sarah Michelle put on the brakes and reversed the momentum, sending the Angel hurtling into the ropes instead. Disoriented for only a second, Jessica planned a counter for her nemesis' attack. Approaching the waiting blonde, Jessica saw that Sarah Michelle lowered her shoulders, looking for a Back Drop. Smirking inwardly at such a predictable tactic, Jessica leapt high into the air over the Slayer, leapfrogging her. She had just made contact with the ground when her left knee exploded in agony. Her legs flew out from under her and she hit the mat with an undignified thud. Gasping as the wind was knocked out of her, she clutched at her damaged knee. Looking up she saw a ferociously grinning Sarah Michelle standing over her. "Thought you could just jump over me didn't ya? Bet it hurts like a bitch having your knee kicked out from under you. Does it hurt.... Angel?" Sarah Michelle's voice was full of mocking contempt.

Still gasping for air and from the pain in her knee Jessica still had enough energy to give voice to a response, "Fuck off bitch. I'm still gonna break you."

Smiling again, Sarah Michelle's voice dripped malice, "No, no, no. The only thing breaking around here is your knee."

With that said she raised her foot and slammed it down hard on Jessica's injured limb. The brunette howled as Sarah Michelle repeated the move several more times, stopping every now and then to grind her heel into the injured joint. After several rounds of the painful stomping Sarah Michelle decided on something a bit more visually impressive. Hooking Jessica's injured left leg in both hands, she held the brunette helpless while she saluted the crowd.

"Listen closely!" she shouted "This is the sound of an Angel's knee popping!"

Finished with her threat, she ducked low and slung the injured leg across her shoulders, Jessica's tender knee coming to rest along the back of her neck. One arm hooked around the brunette's thigh and the other looped across her shin. Securing the Stretch Muffler, Sarah Michelle pulled down hard on the tortured limb and extended to her full height simultaneously. The effect was to pull the crippled Angel off the mat by her injured leg, the top of her head brushing against the canvas mat as Sarah Michelle wrenched the hold tighter. Jessica screamed in agony as her hands scrambled for purchase, she would do anything to alleviate the pain in her knee. Seeing only one chance for freedom, the Dark Angel pulled her unobstructed leg back as far as she could before driving it forward into her foe. The desperation kick caught Sarah Michelle unaware and it smashed right into her injured jaw. The blonde cried out and fell to her knees, releasing the hold and dumping Jessica awkwardly to the mat in the process.

Grateful just to have escaped the diabolical submission, Jessica was too weak to go on the offensive. However, fortune smiled on her because her opposition wasn't faring much better. Sarah Michelle was on one knee massaging her injured jaw and just hoping she wouldn't need orthodontic surgery when this match was over. After a short time nursing their injuries both ladies made to their feet, Sarah Michelle still rubbing her jaw and Jessica heavily favoring her wrenched knee. Seeing Jessica favor her bad leg gave Sarah Michelle an idea. Moving swiftly but silently, she charged forward, looking to engage her enemy yet again. Jessica braced for impact and blocked low as she knew Sarah Michelle would zero in on her knee. She had just set up her defense when the Slayer went high and drilled a Forearm Shiver across Jessica's jaw. The simple blow dazed the brunette and she was helpless when Sarah Michelle executed her next move.

Pulling in close to the Angel, Sarah Michelle wrapped one arm around her rival's waist and threaded the other between Jessica's legs. And with one brutally smooth pop of her hips she tossed Jessica up and over her, the brunette landing high and tight on her head and shoulders. Jessica flopped lifelessly to the canvas as the full effect of Sarah Michelle's Exploder Suplex ravaged her anatomy. She could only moan as Sarah Michelle pulled her to her feet by her sweating hair. Looking into Jessica's dull eyes, Sarah Michelle delivered a final proclamation. "This is where you end Jessica." She then ran the ropes and bounced off, hurtling toward the hobbled Angel. Seconds before colliding with her rival, Sarah Michelle went low, looking to Drop-kick Jessica's knee into oblivion.

But this time it was the Slayer who had underestimated Jessica's wherewithal. Inches before impact, Jessica pulled her leg up and watched the blonde slide harmlessly by, looking more like a runner stealing home than a participant in a wrestling match. Sarah Michelle's mistake gave Jessica just a second to regain her composure and she used every bit of it as the Slayer was up like lighting and charging at her again. Seizing the opportunity, Jessica shot forward on her good leg and gripped one of Sarah Michelle Michelle's incoming arms. With one graceful pivot, she took the blonde off the canvas and tossed her down unceremoniously on the mat. The simple Judo throw had worked to maximum effectiveness and Sarah Michelle was gasping for air as Jessica calculated a brutal revenge. Fully realizing that one leg wasn't up to snuff, she quickly bent and flipped Sarah Michelle onto her stomach. Resting her bad knee on the mat, she proceeded to bring her good knee up and then down over and over again, slamming the bony joint into Sarah Michelle Michelle's head, neck and shoulders. The blonde cried out in terrible pain at this sudden reversal of fate, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as Jessica continued to rain down a brutally simple destruction on her hated foe.

After an especially hard smash seemed to drive the last of the fight from the Slayer, Jessica remembered her vow to humiliate Sarah Michelle. Taking a deep breath, she sat heavily on the canvas, extending a leg on either side of the blonde's head. Grabbing a handful of Sarah Michelle's damp golden locks, the Angel wrenched her head up and stared into Sarah Michelle's teary eyes. Breathing heavily Jessica sneered "'re gonna find out........what humiliation.....tastes like." Speaking no more, she clamped her strong thighs around Sarah Michelle's head and squeezed as tight as she could. The blonde's reaction was immediate and intense. She began to scratch futilely first at Jessica's thighs and then at her breasts. Each of these attacks the Angel shrugged off and she rocked her hips up and down, thrusting her groin roughly against Sarah Michelle's screaming face. Drinking in Sarah Michelle's humiliation, Jessica grabbed another handful of hair and really ground the Slayer's face against her snatch, all the while belittling her captive. "Worship it you slut! How do you like the feel of pussy smothering your face? I bet a cunt like you actually likes this. Well I hope you do cuz this is never gonna stop! Who's the wannabe no talent fraud now huh? Who Sarah Michelle? WHO?" With her air passages blocked by the reeking furnace of Jessica's groin, Sarah Michelle was quickly running out of escape plans. Her attempts to claw her way free had both failed and if she didn't do something in the next few seconds, Jessica would sweep her in the series and then do unimaginable things to her when the match was over. Sarah Michelle was just too proud a warrior to let that happen without one hell of a fight. Calming herself, she relinquished her feeble claw holds and instead wrapped both arms around Jessica's slick waist. Then she put every ounce of her considerable strength into pushing herself up to a vertical base. In this she was completely successful, despite the choking numbness of the scissors.

With the Angel's thighs still firmly locked around her head, the blonde steeled herself again and pulled up with all her might. An incredulous crowd saw the Slayer pull Jessica off the mat and high into the air, her crotch still grinding Sarah Michelle's face, but now her shoulders were almost nine feet off the ground. Realizing too late what Sarah Michelle was going to do the brunette tried to let go, but Sarah Michelle held her fast. With her vision quickly darkening, Sarah Michelle turned in two quick circles and fell hard to her knees driving Jessica head and shoulders first into the canvas. On impact, Jessica's legs popped open and Sarah Michelle gulped in mouthfuls of life giving oxygen. Jessica on the other hand simply moaned and held her battered head. The roars for both ladies were immense, half the crowd cheering for Jessica to get up and finish the Slayer while the other half wildly applauded Sarah Michelle for being able to hit her deadly Spiral Bomb from such a dire position.

Both combatants stayed down for almost 20 seconds before they slowly regained their feet. Looking across the ring at each other, both ladies faces were transfixed with expressions of nearly primal hate. Still in slightly better shape than Sarah Michelle, Jessica shot forward on her good leg and launched a beautiful Superkick at the point of Sarah Michelle's chin. But Sarah Michelle caught the incoming foot at the last second and tossed it down hard, leaving Jessica open for her own Superkick. But again, the hours spent watching her rival's matches paid off and Jessica trapped Sarah Michelle's foot on the way in. Holding her awkwardly on one foot, Jessica tossed the limb hard to her right, hoping that the nauseating spin would disorient the blonde long enough to deliver a knockout shot. Well a knockout shot was delivered but it came courtesy of the Slayer. For when Jessica spun her around, Sarah Michelle used the thrust to her advantage by leaving her feet entirely and nailing a beautiful Spinning Heel Kick (she actually called it The Dragon Whip) right to the side of Jessica's face. The Angel went down moaning in a heap in the center of the ring, Sarah Michelle standing wobbly over her.

Seeing her last chance to end the round present itself, Sarah Michelle grabbed Jessica's ankles and pulled them up. Taking a deep breath, she put one leg between her opponent's, planting her foot right by Jessica's hip. In the same motion she crossed Jessica's captive legs across her threaded leg and turned over, locking on perhaps the most effective submission in all of wrestling. This modified Boston Crab had many names, but The Sharpshooter was the one that everyone knew it by. Sitting on Jessica's sweat drenched lower back, Sarah Michelle pulled on the Angel's legs and leaned back as far as gravity would allow. Jessica shrieked in absolute agony, but like Sarah Michelle before her would not give her opponent the satisfaction of a verbal submission. Both ladies gritted their teeth for different reasons, Sarah Michelle to cause pain, Jessica to endure it. But at this late stage of the match it was Sarah Michelle who lasted longer and shortly thereafter the referee raised Jessica's limp arm three times to demonstrate what was obvious to everyone else: The Slayer had taken the second fall.

Dimly aware that she had won the fall, Sarah Michelle released the hold and tossed Jessica's legs disgustedly to the mat. Taking a long, deep breath she looked back at her opponent and sat down, straddling her injured back, facing the Angel's ass. Knowing that Jessica had demeaned her at the end of the first fall, Sarah Michelle took this brief window to get her revenge. Using her left hand she hooked the Angel's black bikini bottoms and hiked them up, giving her a sadistic wedgie. Her other hand, she brought up and then down again and again, spanking her rival's ass hard.

With each scorching slap she exclaimed, "WHY..(SLAP!).. DON'T..(SLAP!).. YOU..(SLAP!).. GET..(SLAP!).. THAT..(SLAP!).. THIS..(SLAP!).. IS..(SLAP!).. WHAT ..(SLAP!)..HAPPENS..(SLAP!).. WHEN..(SLAP!).. YOU..(SLAP!).. FUCK..(SLAP!).. WITH..(SLAP!).. ME! WAKE YOUR FAT ASS UP AND BE READY TO GET SPANKED EVEN WORSE NEXT ROUND!"

She ended this statement with a vicious pair of pinches to Jessica's upturned cheeks. Sarah Michelle pulled and tweaked in a fury, hoping the pain of her belittling derriere destruction would roust the Angel from her involuntary slumber. Finishing up, the blonde stood and went to her corner waiting for Jessica to regain a semblance of consciousness. Her small smile revealed her inner thoughts almost word for word. This last fall would prove once and for all that it was the Slayer, not the Dark Angel who was Queen of the Squared Circle.

Two separate thoughts occurred to Jessica as she rose slowly to consciousness. The first was the both her left knee and her lower back ached like a rotten tooth. The second was that she didn't know where her opponent was. She started at this, pushing quickly to her knees only to see Sarah Michelle on the far side of the ring, grinning malevolently at her. The Angel thought "Why the hell is she over there? Shouldn't she be trying to.....SHIT!" The realization of her defeat set in quickly and the brunette did not take it well. She rose in a fury and stalked toward the center of the ring. Eyes and voice both blazing, she screamed at the smaller blonde "What're you waiting for bitch? Afraid you can't beat me again?"

Sarah Michelle responded to the challenge instantly, almost flying from her corner to stand nose to nose with her nemesis. In a voice no louder than a whisper she taunted "I was just waiting for you to wake your pathetic ass up. By the way Jessie, how does your ass feel?"

Taken aback for a moment, Jessica just then noticed the stinging tenderness in her backside. Running her hands up and down, it didn't take her long to identify the telltale signs of Sarah Michelle's heinous wedgie and pinching. Flushing a deep embarrassed crimson, the Angel hissed at her enemy, "You fucking slut, I'll kill you for that!"

Not giving the blonde a chance to reply, Jessica lashed out, hoping her fists would break something fragile on Sarah Michelle's face. But the Slayer had foreseen the brunette's anger and blocked the strikes, countering them with a deftness that was amazing considering how long the match had gone on. Spying a minuscule opening in Jessica's defense, Sarah Michelle fired in a Forearm Smash right across the brunette's jaw that dropped her to one knee. Looking to end the deciding fall as quickly as possible Sarah Michelle ran the ropes and bounced back before leaving her feet, intending to pulverize Jessica's head with a Calf Kick. The Angel would have none of it however and dropped all the way to the canvas, leaving the Slayer to fly awkwardly over her, landing roughly on the mat. Sensing the blonde's distraction, Jessica hopped to her feet and lunged forward two steps before firing her good leg up, driving her foot full bore into Sarah Michelle's temple. She let out a loud grunt and flopped over onto her back, doing nothing but breathing hard. Not looking to prolong the match itself (the post match would be another story she thought) Jessica moved in and sat hard on Sarah Michelle's stomach, facing her legs. In the same breath, Jessica pulled her fist back and then forward, burying it in the blonde's gut. Her foe's only response was to cry out louder and Jessica smiled, repeating the brutal tactic over and over again, each blow driving more wind out of the blonde. Sarah Michelle knew she was on the verge of passing out and it was only the terror of losing to Jessica that kept her awake. Drawing on the last of her reserves, she put everything into the punch she drove into the brunette's bad knee. Jessica screeched with the impact but wouldn't relinquish her mount position. Only when Sarah Michelle drove two more fists into her inured joint did she get off the blonde.

Gritting their teeth against their respective aches and pains, Sarah Michelle and Jessica got to their feet and locked up again, for what many in the audience believed would be the last time. Locked in their sweating, steaming clench, the two women were beyond words, the only thing that mattered was putting their nemesis down. Sarah Michelle tried to take advantage of Jessica's wounded leg by attempting an Irish Whip into the ropes, but Jessica put the brakes on and pulled the blonde back toward her. Seeking to repeat her earlier success, the brunette launched a knee into Sarah Michelle's gut and immediately hooked the Slayer's head and arms, knowing there was no way Sarah Michelle could fight off the Butterfly Lock at this stage. The Angel put all her might into taking the Slayer to the canvas, but the blonde was aware of what would happen if she lost her footing so she planted her feet. Before Jessica could do anything else to topple her, Sarah Michelle broke her arms free and wrapped them around the brunette's waist. Instantly, Sarah Michelle took her up and over again, tossing the Angel halfway across the ring with a Release Northern Lights Suplex. The landing forced the air from Jessica's lungs and she was focused so closely on breathing that she almost didn't notice when Sarah Michelle gripped both of her ankles and hoisted them into the air. Breathing became a secondary concern for the brunette when she realized the Sarah Michelle was trying to lock on the Sharpshooter a second time. She pulled her legs in tight and then shoved out, pistoning her legs into Sarah Michelle Michelle's midsection, knocking the blonde down.

Both injured amazons scrambled to their feet, assuming Martial Arts stances before beginning to circle on another. Over the pandemonium of the crowd, Jessica delivered her final challenge. "Hit me with everything you've got." The Slayer didn't need to be told twice and she fired a scintillating shot into Jessica's shoulder that shook her, but didn't take her down. Smiling, she whispered "My turn." and then fired a shot of her own, her kick taking Sarah Michelle high in the shoulder as well. The blonde shivered with the kick but didn't fall. Regaining her composure, the Slayer fired another hard kick. Again Jessica took the shot and stayed on her feet. The brutal contest continued for almost three minutes, until Jessica finally aimed a little higher and crashed her booted toes right against Sarah Michelle's temple. The blonde moaned softly and fell forward onto both knees. Knowing she was seconds away from finishing the blonde, Jessica stepped forward and launched a Palm Strike into Sarah Michelle's forehead that bowled the Slayer over backwards. Taking a deep breath Jessica paused to acknowledge the audience. "Looks like I broke her!" she shouted before hoisting the semi-conscious blonde to her feet. Moving with a practiced ease, Jessica moved around behind Sarah Michelle and bent her back awkwardly, her neck in the crook of Jessica's armpit. The crowd knew what was next, in seconds Jessica would bring Sarah Michelle off her feet only to drive her back down again with the wicked Elevated Reverse DDT she used as a Finisher. She called it "The Future Shock."

With one last sadistic grin, Jessica lifted Sarah Michelle off the mat, at the apex of Sarah Michelle's momentum, Jessica began to fall back, but something went wrong. Instead of falling back to the mat, Sarah Michelle kept rising. She continued arcing up until she flipped all the way over Jessica's head and broke the hold, landing heavily behind the surprised brunette. Before Jessica could turn, Sarah Michelle fired a foot out, catching the Angel in the back of her twisted knee. She went like a downed tree and would have hit the canvas if Sarah Michelle hadn't caught her. Acting solely on instinct now, Sarah Michelle pulled Jessica's head back and captured it (along with the brunette's right arm) in the crook of her arm pit. In the same instant she locked her hands together, creating a tight loop with her arms, from which escape was virtually impossible. Jessica fought wildly against the Dragon Sleeper, but Sarah Michelle kept her grip tight, putting incredible pressure on Jessica's neck and lower back.

Fearing Jessica might still be able to escape the hold, Sarah Michelle went for the Coup de Grace. Pivoting hard, she turned both herself and her foe over while still maintaining her hold. Jessica lost her footing and slipped forward and that spelled her doom. Sarah Michelle simply sat down on the brunette's back and pulled up on the hold as hard as she could. The audience went wild for this hold with no name, only realizing that it was some bizarre melding of Dragon Sleeper and Camel Clutch. Sweat poured off both gladiators as the Slayer bent the Angel at a hideous angle. Her eyes pinched shut with all the energy she was exerting, Sarah Michelle put one last demeaning touch on the hold, bouncing her ass hard up and down into Jessica's pain wrenched back. To her credit, Jessica fought till the very end, but even she couldn't hold out forever in Sarah Michelle's unrelenting grip. Hating herself for what she was about to do. She slowly extended her free arm and wearily slapped her hand against the canvas. "I give up." She said very quietly. It could be considered a mercy that she remembered nothing after that point. Darkness claimed her and when she awoke, everything had been over for quite some time.

Hearing Jessica tap out, Sarah Michelle pulled back one more time on the Dragon Clutch and then released it, letting Jessica slump forward on the mat. As the Announcer declared her the winner, Sarah Michelle wearily acknowledged the cheers of the crowd before slipping under the bottom rope. Some of the fans began to boo this move, remembering that each lady had promised a total humiliation of their foe once the match was over. Their boos quickly turned to cheers though when the blonde reached under the ring apron and pulled out a little black bag. Smiling, she got back into the ring and stalked over to where Jessica was laying. Dropping the bag, Sarah Michelle straddled Jessica's face and slowly lowered herself until her ass was resting on the brunette's nose.

With a smug little look over her shoulder, Sarah Michelle said, "This is only the beginning Jessie. You're never gonna live THIS down; I swear!"

Speaking no more, she began grinding the brunette's features, pushing and slapping her ass against Jessica's face. She took special care to really keep Jessica's nose wedged between her cheeks, the helpless proboscis being targeted as the focal point of her victory ride. With a derisive slap of her foes vinyl covered tits, Sarah Michelle gloated, "Looks like it's you who's going to be tasting me for weeks sweetie."

After a few more grinds, she spun around, bringing her crotch to rest on her victim's chin. Grabbing a double handful of hair, Sarah Michelle really started to go to work. She pulled Jessica's face as far forward as she could and ground her hips ceaselessly against the sleeping face. Nose, cheeks and chin were smashed mercilessly against the battering ram of the Slayer's groin and everyone in the audience loved it. The blonde had worked the brunette's face over thoroughly and she seemed on the verge of bringing her face humping frenzy to a climax when suddenly she simply dropped Jessica's head and stopped her grind. Catching her breath, Sarah Michelle scooted up a bit and sat down so that her groin was pressed directly against Jessica's mouth and nose. Only the brunette's closed eyes were visible. Amidst the puzzled cries of the audience, Sarah Michelle slowly continued her grind and spoke to her defeated foe at the same time. "I'm sure if you were awake you'd be wondering why I just don't frost your ugly face and get it over with. It's simple Angel, everybody gets their face ridden now and then, it's virtually inevitable in this business. And what's so humiliating about the inevitable? Nothing really. Sure you'd be the butt of some jokes for a while but eventually you'd just return the favor on some lesser bitch and my erasing your face would be forgotten. Well I'm not going to let that happen. I might not ride your face, but I'll make sure NO ONE here tonight forgets what I'm about to do. Especially you."

With that, she stood up and reached into her bag. What came out were two fairly common objects. A can of red spray paint and a Polaroid camera. Shaking the can of paint, Sarah Michelle slipped a boot under Jessica's midsection and flipped her over onto her stomach. Bending down, she removed Jessica's top and flung it into the audience, saying "Compliments of the house, one losers top." Already Sarah Michelle's promise had come true for one lucky fan. With the top out of her way, Sarah Michelle pointed the can and pressed down. A fine spray of red paint jetted out hitting the canvas next to the brunette's shoulder. Sarah Michelle moved the can up, out, down and back again, spraying what appeared to be a random pattern alongside her defeated foe. Finished with one side, she went to her rivals other side and repeated the same pattern. Afterwards, she shook the can one last time and began spraying what was obviously a word in large letters along Jessica's back, but no one in the audience could see what she was spelling. At that point it became obvious what the camera was for. Dropping the can, Sarah Michelle grabbed the camera and began to snap picture, after picture after picture of her cruel handiwork. Finally running out of film, she picked up all the photos and left the ring. Walking around the squared circle, she handed out the pics to the fans who by this point were dying to know what she had done.

As she handed them out she said cheerfully, "Hope you enjoyed the show tonight. Here's a free souvenir. Feel free to make copies, I want everyone to see this."

Running out of pictures she made her way up the ramp and disappeared through the curtain, just as her humiliating deed was bearing fruit. A collective roar rose in the crowd as Sarah Michelle's art became known. The pictures revealed the seemingly random scrawls to be crudely drawn wings sprouting from Jessica's shoulders, giving her the appearance of an Angel crashed to Earth. And the word written on the brunette's back? That was the kicker, everyone agreed. Indeed it was a word that would haunt Jessica in her dreams for the rest of her career. Written in 6" high red letters, the five letter message read simply, "SLAIN"