Jessica Alba Vs. Elizabeth Hurley by BenPhunk 27-Jul-99

This is the first part of my first wrestling story ever. It is based loosely on a character I play in the FWA.

Jessica "The Angel" Alba's heart raced. Tonight was her first match, and she wanted it to be special. She had come to the ring amongst enthusiastic cheers. The fact that she worn a sexy white slip dress with angel wings attached on the back, which she proceeded to shimmy out of to reveal a silky white bra and panty set probably helped. To finish her outfit she wore calf high white boots with gold trim. So far so good. All that was left was the announcement as to whom she was faced tonight, and of course the match itself. The fed heads always drew a lottery as to whom rookies would face in their debut matches. Jessica was confident though- she had trained long and hard, and was ready to kick some ass! She spent her time strutting around the ring, puckering those pouting lips and blowing kisses for the crowd. She decided to throw in a extra treat - she started stretching, putting those gorgeous gams, amazing ass, and lithe limbs on display. Then her opponent was announced and her heart sunk.

Jessica was facing "The Queen of The Ring"... Elizabeth Hurley, reigning Television champion, and one of the most brutal and sadistic competitors in the league. As "Hail Britannia" played on the PA, the crowd erupted in a wave of boos and jeers. The Queen strolled down the aisle, adorned in a 16th century gown, her title belt strapped around her waist, and a crown on her head. She was accompanied by her footmen- three former Chippendales dancers dressed in tight brown ridding pants, black boots, and powdered wigs. One opened the ropes for her, another offered a hand and escorted her onto the steps and into the ring, while the other immediately took off her belt and crown.

"Just try and sneak attack us, little girl" The Queen said with a sneer.

Jessica dropped her gaze and then turned to the crowd and pinched her nose, and gave a thumbs down- the throng was pleased, but Liz wasn't. Her men proceeded to take off her sleeves, and skirt- revealing a blue and black frilly corset, black panties, black garter, black stockings with embroidered roses on the thighs, and shiny black ankle length boots.

Elizabeth grabbed the microphone.

"We are in a generous mood tonight. We now offer you an opportunity to leave, to get out of this arena under your power, and with whatever little dignity you possess...bloody tart. What is it going to be?"

Jessica answered by charging out of her corner and landing a drop-kick square into the Queen's chest. Jessica sprung up, ran into the ropes and met the rising Liz with a flying clothesline that knocked her back to the mat. Alba plucked the hurting Hurley off the mat and sent to her the ropes meeting her in the center of the ring with another clothesline. Hurley again fell, clutching her throat as her feet pounded the mat trying to focus past the pain. The crowd swelled in more ways than one. Jessica, proud of herself, and really loving the attention started to strut around the ring, posing and blowing kisses. As she was facing the corner turnbuckle, completing her tour waving to the final fan, Queen Liz got up.

With a barbarian yelp, Liz charged the unsuspecting rookie, slamming Jessica's body chest first into the turnbuckle. The Angel's arms flew over the corner as Liz grabbed a handful of short cropped hair and slammed Alba's face into the turnbuckle. Jessica's knees buckled, but Liz still had an iron grip on her hair refusing to let the rookie slump to the ground. Instead she placed Alba's eyes onto the rope, and raked them over to the opposite corner. Jessica let out an earth shattering shriek that shrank to a soft moan when Liz slammed her head into the opposite corner. Jessica's body did a 180, her arms draped across this corner, while her ass sank to the middle turnbuckle.

Liz grabbed two handfuls of hair, brought her victim's close to her face, and shouted, "So little girl- you want to be a wrestler? Let us show you the ropes!"

With that, Liz head butted the sweet faced rookie, and Alba's great big brown eyes started to glaze over. But Liz wasn't done yet, not by a long shot.

Liz had promised to show young Jessica the ropes, and she was a woman of her word. Still holding the now rubber legged starlet aloft by her hair she dragged the barely struggling Jessica to the top rope, and forced her throat onto it. Liz leaned all her weight onto the back of Alba's neck, getting up to her tippy toes, while the Angel's legs dangled off the mat. The ref. counted, and Liz counted with him- 1 2 3 4. On the last number Liz grabbed the top rope with both hands and pulled hard. The Angel flew across the ring landing on her back in the center of it. Jessica started coughing, gasping and flopping around like a fish out of water.

It was now time for Liz to gloat, which she did- turning to the crowd and shouting, "Is this what you want? Is this what you call a wrestler?"

She was answered with a chorus of boos.

By this time Jessica had gotten to her hands and knees, gasping for air, and trying to regain her composure. Her prone form also presented a tempting target for Liz. Standing directly behind Jessica, The Queen punted a foot right between her legs. Jessica's lower body was lifted into the by the force of the kick. As her lower body descended towards the mat, the rest of her body followed, embedding her into the floor. Immediately Jessica's hands shot down between her legs, she rolled into a fetal position and rocked back and forth moaning. Liz watched for a few seconds, snickering to herself. She then plucked off the mat Jessica up by the hair.

Jessica knew she was in trouble. She had seen some tapes of Liz's past matches, and knew if she didn't do something fast...well she didn't want to think that far ahead. Liz grabbed her arm and was about to fling Jessica into the corner, when Alba planted her feet and used her momentum to reverse the move! The audience cheered as Liz landed back first into the turnbuckle. But this time Jessica didn't take the time to say thank you. Instead she started running towards her slumping opponent. As she approached Jessica leapt into the air spread eagle, and landed directly on top of Liz. Jessica grabbed the two corner ropes and started bouncing. Her magnificent ass and all of her 115lbs repeatedly landed on Liz's chest. The throng counted - after ten, Jessica dismounted, took The Queen's arm, and threw her to the opposite turnbuckle, as Liz slumped Jessica charged, and leaped, intending to repeat her success.

As Jessica ascended with her legs spread high and wide, Liz rolled out of the corner. Jessica's smile turned to a frown, which turned into a grimace as she landed crotch first into the lightly padded corner. Jessica was straddling the top ropes, as the rest of her body crashed downward, leaving her trapped and hanging.

Liz tapped her head with her index finger, saying how smart she is. She then went right back to work, stomping on Jessica's supple stomach and equally supple breasts. Jessica's body shook, convulsed and jiggled with each blow. After thirty seconds of brutality, Liz decided to end this particular little session with style. She wound up, and sent a fist right between Jessica's legs, once, twice, thrice! Liz stopped, sneered and flipped Jessica onto the mat.

Jessica landed in a writhing heap, her hands desperately trying to massage the pain out of her tender sex. Liz knew with a bit a small tinge of regret, that all good things must come to the end, and decided to enter the endgame for this match.

The Queen graciously knelt down and started stroking Alba's hair cooing into her ear, "Don't worry love, this will all end whenever We want it to."

With that, Liz picked Jessica's head up, placed one nylon encased leg underneath her opponent, shoved Alba's head into her crotch, and then closed the trap with her other leg, executing the ultimate scissors/smother hold. Liz started to grind, the straps of her garter and the nylon lace that topped her hose adding a chaffing sensation to poor Jessica's torment. Jessica immediately started to kick her legs, and slap the outside of Liz's thighs and ass.

Liz just smiled. Gradually, Jessica's struggles got weaker and weaker, until she finally stopped. The ref. raised her hand once, and it fell. He did it again, and once again it fell. Before he could lift it a third time to stop the match, Liz released the hold, brought her top leg to her chest, and kicked it out, smashing Jessica's face causing her to roll and regain conscienceless.

As Liz stood up, she picked her panty out of her butt. She then proceeded to pick the now sobbing Jessica off the floor, standing her up, and placing one hand on Jessica's crotch, the other around her throat, and while squeezing both, hoisted Alba up and over her head, Jessica flailing her arms and legs the whole way. Liz paraded her trophy around the ring. Finishing her circuit, Liz jumped into the air, flipped the young beaten starlet over, and power slammed her the unforgiving mat. Jessica convulsed and started to plead, as she was picked up again, whipped into the ropes, and flipped over crashing her already tender back into Liz's knee. Alba flopped onto the mat again cradling her back, now victimized by a brutal tilt-a-whirl back breaker.

Liz got up, kicked poor Jessica onto her stomach, and plopped down on her. She lifted Jessica's arms over her knees, and placed both her hands under Jessica's chin in a brutal camel clutch. To her credit, Jessica did not submit, even though her back and neck screamed in agony. Liz released the hold on Jessica's chin, and slid her hands down to Alba's bra-strap and started to yank hard. Jessica screamed again, her breasts being crushed while her back was being destroyed. Suddenly the bra snapped, and Jessica's face snapped into the mat. As the crowd booed fervently Liz handed the broken bra to one of her footmen. She then peeled Jessica off, stood her up, and grabbed her perfect full young breasts.

Liz pulled the submissive sobbing Alba by her tits to the ropes. Once there she draped them over the top rope, stepped onto the apron, grabbed them again, and jumped down. As Liz landed, she released them, shooting her victim back into the center of the ring, writhing in agony, and crying uncontrollably. Liz reentered the ring and drew her thumb across her throat.

Liz had two finishers. One was the "Hail Britannia" a bulldog, that ended most of her matches quickly. It was useful when Liz encountered someone just as tough, or tougher. Her second finisher was the "Tower of London." It was a torture rack, and she used it when, she was...feeling frisky. She placed Jessica over her shoulders, and started to press down, gradually shaking her quarry. Jessica immediately submitted. The bell rung, and rung, and rung. Finally Jessica was out of it. Liz dumped her limp body like a sack of potatoes.

Although Jessica was finished, Liz wasn't. The promoters really hated this part of the show, but the crowd and the ladies who won, loved it. So what was a showman supposed to do? Liz slid Jessica's sweat soaked panties off her body then placed her full, wide lips right on Jessica's neatly trimmed bush. She gently kissed Jessica's labia. Then she started blowing and Jessica started moaning. Just as Jessica was coming around and feeling some pleasure, Liz clamped on a vicious crotch claw. Liz smiled again as Jessica shook as if 10,000 volts of electricity shot through her body.

Mercifully she passed out again.

Liz picked her up, and screamed to the audience, "This is who you like? We don't know who is more pathetic!"

With that she threw Alba out of the ring, slid out herself, walked on top of Jessica and then through her over the guardrail.

Between sobs Jessica secretly vowed revenge.