Lindsey Lohan vs. Jessica Alba by Freddy Roberts

What started as an insult at a club tuned into a challenge and then into a catfight! Lohan and Alba agreed to catfight with certain rules after a pre-fight beauty contest face-off. The rules are that the event will take place at Malibu Beach, California, in a special ring designed for this fight. There will be 200 special guests, 100 invited by each celebrity.

The pre-fight contest will feature a vote in seven areas: Breasts, Legs, Mid-section, Ass, Overall shape, Face and Sexiness.

The beauty contest will be judged by Madonna, Halle Berry, Vida Guerra, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Garner. After the beauty contest, there will be a catfight with the following rules:

Bikini's only allowed,
Loser must submit verbally,
Loser must end up nude,
Winner will be awarded a ten minute humiliation period to embarrass the loser,

All types of fighting are allowed; no holds barred!

The pre-fight beauty contest unfolds as below:

Breasts: Lindsey’s added back some of her lost weight and on her figure hers look spectacular. Winner Lohan by 3-2; leads 1-0.

Legs: This isn’t close, Alba wins by 4-1; contest tied 1-1.

Mid-section: both have great toned middles, but Alba wins this by one vote, 3-2 and takes the lead at 2-1.

Ass: while Lohan has a great ass that’s all snug in her bikini bottom, Alba has a GREAT butt and she breezes to a victory in this category to go ahead by 3-1. Lohan’s face shows not only her disappointment but also her disdain for the judges!
Overall shape: after a long discussion the verdict is in! Lohan wins by a 3-2 vote (after one judge changed her vote!) and she narrows Alba’s lead to just 3-2.

Face: both Lohan and Alba have great, pretty faces but this time there’s not much discussion before Lohan wins by 4-1 to tie what started out to be an Alba runaway at 3-3!

“Sexiness”: (however that’s defined). Both girls need this one to win and they both go “all out.” Alba comes out first and removes her top and then her bottom - to the surprise of the judges! She does a short dance during which she slowly bends over and gives a great cunt and ass shot to the judges who lean forward, studying closely. Madonna and Halle both scribble some notes on their pads while Cindy leans over and whispers something to Garner that makes her blush!

Lohan comes out next and does a very sexy dance. With Jessica having raised the bar - so to speak - Lindsey has no choice but to remove her top and bottom also. The judges are watching in amazement as Lohan approches the table, leans across it, takes Madonna’s face in her hands and then tongue kisses her as the other judges watch. Madoona reaches out to stroke Lindsey’s ass as they kiss, then gives it a hard SPANK as Lohan cups her titties and smiles.

The vote on sexiness and the tie-breaker and each judge is ordered to announce her vote out loud:
Berry winks at Jessica as she says, “Alba!”
Guerra frowns at Berry, then thrusts out her own impressive bosom as she announces her vote for, “Lohan.”
Crawford too believes in Lindsey as she murmurs softly, “Lohan, for sure!”
Garner, naturally, goes with the “Dark Angel-Elektra connection” and says, “Alba!”
Madonna goes last and she milks the moment for all it’s worth as she gets out of her chair, walks around and slowly runs her fingers over both women’s breasts before she nods to Halle, grabs Lindsey and bends her backward as she plants a rough tongue kiss on her. While Lindsey tries to catch her breath, Madonna announces her vote for, “My love, Lindsey Lohan.”
Lohan wins thi sexiness contest and the match 4-3! Alba is pissed and while Lohan pulls her suit back on, Alba storms back to her corner to change and wait until guest referee Angelina Jolie tells them to begin.

Alba has chosen a black thong bikini for the match while Lohan is wearing a Navy Blue two piece.


The fight is on and Alba strikes first with a solid kick to Lohan's belly. Lohan returns the kick with a good left that connects to Alba's cheek. They square off in the center of the ring and exchange punches and both grip the hair of the other

Lohan and Alba each pull on hair in a violent manner and they tug at each others tops. Lohan with her free hand pummels Alba's face and Alba uses her legs , kicks Lohan in her knees and thighs, all while the hair is pulled. The first break advantage comes when Lohan yanks off Alba top, Alba's tits exposed to the crowd. She screams as Lohan grabs her left tit and yanks on it. Lohan then flips Alba to the canvas by her hair and then straddles her stomach while still pulling her hair. Lohan goes down and slaps Alba's face.

Alba can only cover up as Lohan unloads slaps and punches to her head, neck and face. Blood trickles from Alba's mouth. Jessica is trapped under Lohan , but somehow Lohan while punching away moved her knee and Jessica uncorks a right that lands directly on Lindsey's jaw. This blow startles Lohan and she is hurt. Alba, her hand free lands another good right to her forehead and Lohan has to release her straddle as she falls to the side. Lohan's jaw was hit hard by the Dark Angel and she tries to recover, but Alba comes around behind her and punches her to the back of her head, knocking her down face first onto the mat.

Jessica quickly sits across her back and pins her arms. She unsnaps her bra and pulls it over Lohan's shoulders, but not off because she is on her stomach. Jessica punches her several times to the head and then grabs her by the hair and bangs Lohan's head into the mat. Her nose is bleeding and blood is now drawn from Lohan like it was from Alba. Lohans white skin and freckled back are now taking punch after punch from Alba.

“BITCH!” screams Alba as she continues to ride the squirming, bucking Lindsey.

Jessia now stands over her as the woozy Lohan can hardly move. Alba kicks her in the side and Lohan turns onto her back, her bra falls off and her very firm tits are exposed. They are bigger than Alba's and Alba goes to grab one and straddle her, but Lohan unleashes a kick to her belly that stuns Alba and surprises the crowd. The kick by the prone Lohan catches Jessica in her groin and doubles her over in pain. Lohan knees her to the face and Alba somehow grabs Lohans left tit. Lohan screams as the hurting and wobbly Alba somehow pinches and pulls on her tit. Both girls fall to their knees and face each other.

On their knees, they again grab hair and yank. Now both girls grab the others tits and it's a vicious tit fight. Lohan's tits are red and sore and the tanned Alba's tits are being squeezed for all they are worth. Pain is on both topless girls faces and they know whoever succumbs could lose the fight. This goes on to the cheering crowd for at least five minutes before Lohan releases her hold from the pain and leans forward. Alba keeps her tit hold as she covers Lohan's back in a straddle and pulls on her tits like milking a cow.

Finally, Lohan cries that she can’t take anymore, “Stop please, I quit…ohhhhh, my tits… pleeeeeeeese.”

Alba releases her tits and jumps in the air in victory. The tit hold has forced Lohan to submit. The crowd is stunned! Lohan is a bitchy tough girl but Alba tortured her massive tits until she forced her to quit. Lohan falls onto her stomach and writhes in pain on the mat.

Alba tells her, "Now I have 10 glorious minutes with fuck you up real good, and shut your filthy mouth, butch!!"

Lohan in obvious pain lays on the mat as Alba surveys her beaten warrior. She kneels at her feet and pulls off her thong to the delight of the crowd. RThe crowd was mostly anto Lohan and pro Alba as Alba has more of a nice girl appeal. Lohan's very white and very firm ass is exposed. Alba pushes her legs open , kneels between her legs and proceeds to open hand slap her ass. Lohan can do nothing but bite her lip as slap after slap reddens her sweet ass.

Alba enjoys this ass whipping as Lindsey is totally embarassed. Cameras and digital pictures are taken as Lohan is humiliated. Now , Alba, watching her time kicks Lohan onto her back. She exposes her red hair cunt to the crowd as she sits on her tis and pulls out several cunt hairs and Lohan screams. Jessica is really going bonkers as she pulls out the hairs and yanks on them. She really hates Lohan and wants to teach the little bitch a lesson not to fuck with her anywhere.

Jessica stands up and removes her thong.

“THIS IS WHAT A REAL ASS LOOKS LIKE, BITCH AND YOU WILL SEE IT SOON!" Then Alba lowers her naked ass on Lohan’s face, reaches around and positions her nose directly in her ass between her shapely cheeks. “Like it, bitch?” she asks as she wiggles her ass in her face. Lohan can’t take the suffocation and passes out. “No! Don't pass out, bitch!” Lohan's eyes are dazed , but she is conscious. Jessica tells her to kiss her ass as she leans up a bit. Lohan kisses her ass. “I'm done with you....just one more thing…” (the ultimate humiliation) “...lick my twat, bitch!” Alba reverses position and plants her cunt on Lohan's face. “Now!!!”

Lohan moves her tongue and licks and kisses Jessica's cunt. Jessica grinds her hips and moves up and down as Lohan continues to lick her. Suddenly, Alba explodes withan orgasm and cums into Lohan's face...Jessica enjoys the moment, relaxes and then stands over Lohan.

“Nine minutes and 40 seconds,” yells ref Angelina Jolie...20 seconds to go.

Alba puts her foot on Lohan's tits and presses down, flattening the full orbs on her chest as Jess raises her hands in victory. The cameras click. “One last thing, Lindsey...don't ever fuck with me again!"

Lohan, beaten and battered looks up and mumbles, “I'll get you Jessica, just wait"