Ask Men Dot Com Fight: Jessica Alba vs. Jennifer Lopez by Freddy Roberts

A recent post told of the drop in this poll by J-Lo. At age 37, it was felt that younger stars were ranking higher than the older superstars. Just look at Jessica Alba, who was ranked #1. She jumped from #78 to #1 in a single year while Lopez dropped from #17 to #61 to #81 in three years...barely making the top 100 in the most recent poll.

At the party held for all 100 ranked woman, it so happened that Jessica ran into J-Lo in the ladies room. Jessica, the reigning #1 brushed by Lopez and J-Lo grabbed her by the arm. "Who do you think you are, little Miss Hollywood blow-job", What, screamed Alba. "Didn't you star in some movies a few years back. I thought you retired with your pipsqueak husband."

A crowd had gathered when the voices became loud. There was a large open area outside the bathroom and the woman faced off after leaving the ladies room. Beat it, said Alba, you are washed up. Alba, in unreal shape was wearing an evening gown, black over her shoulder and low cut with a plunging back of the dress, cut down to her shapely ass. Lopez was wearing a red mini-dress that was see thru at the top.

Several men and other stars were in a circle around the ladies.

Lopez attempted a right hand smack, but Alba was ready and punched her directly in her mouth, a hard punch that rocked Lopez and landed her on her ass. Lopez was drinking and Alba was not. The woozy Lopez disgusted at her sudden drop in popularity is on her ass. Alba wasted no time and reached the bottom of Jen's skirt and pulled it over her face, leaving her in bra and panties., bright red. Jen , still a bit stunned by the punch and woozy is embarrassed in front of the celibate crowd. Alba lifts her to her feet. Jen then is back slapped and her hair is pulled violently. The crowd is excited as Lopez is stripped to bra and panties and is hurt. Jessica then hauls off with a kick to her twat, that doubles Lopez over and she lands spread-eagled on her back, her head hitting the marble floor and nearly knocking her out...Hey old lady, let's see those titties. Alba pulls off Jen's bra, her jugs popping out for all to see. Jen's 36c's are exposed and she is groggy and out of it. Had enough old timer says Alba. Well, I want you to remember this night and I want the world to see why I'm #1 in the polls and the #1 fighter too. She kicks J-Lo with her heels and makes Jen land on her tummy. She smacks Jen's head on the floor and Jen is out from the booze and the beating.

"The world may want to record this." She waits until photo reporters flash pictures of the knocked out Jen Lopez. "One last thing, Ms. former booty champ..."

Alba strips off Jen's g-string, leaving her naked and her fabulous ass, nude. I could slap that fat ass, but I want to show the world that I stripped your sorry ass. She whispers in Jen's ear, "Now go home and don't ever challenge me again."

As she leaves, Jessica Biel rushes over to Jen and covers her up. Lopez shakes her head and cries, embarrassed as to what just happened. 'I'll get that little bitch, just wait, said Lopez as Biel helped her to the door in a robe that someone threw to them. Lopez vowed to get Alba when she recovered.

"You'll get your chance," said Biel as the stunned crowd watched in disbelief as the curvy Latina star dragged herself into her limo...
After Jennifer Lopez, drunk, had confronted Jessica Alba at a swank reception and gotten her ass kicked, she went back to the gym, practiced her dancing routines for an upcoming special and called her trainer from the movie 'Enough' to brush up her boxing and self defense techniques.

Today the scene is Malibu Beach where Alba is doing a photo spread for Maxim. A TV crew is setup as the bikini clad Alba poses in the shallow beach water. Many employees are shocked when Jennifer Lopez shows up at the beach with an entourage of about twenty people. She bursts right next to Alba's group and Jen in a black thong bikini has her pictures taken. This pisses off Alba as several people walk over to see Lopez.

Alba walks over to Lopez and tells her to get her fat ass off the beach or she will kick her ass again.

Lopez just laughs, knowing that she is in better shape than the last time and is sober.

Alba walks towards Lopez in the shallow water and the two stars face off in the water. Alba throws a left that is blocked by Lopez. The beachgoers gather around, not believing what they are seeing on the isolated beach. Alba's punches are blocked and Lopez puts her in a side headlock and drags her onto the beach. Jen then pulls Alba to the ground and sits across her chest. She pins Alba's arms and curses at her. "What now, little bitch, not so easy!"

Alba tries to wiggle free, but cant, her arms trapped. Lopez punches her face several times and Alba is groggy. Jen bangs her head on the beach and then suddenly Alba goes out...knocked cold on the hot beach. Lopez stands over her and quickly removes her bikini, leaving her face up and naked under the hot sun. Jen pinches her tits and then does the unimaginable on the beach. Lopez removes her own bikini and struts around the beaten Alba.

“You’ll remember this day forever…“

Alba starts to wake up, but Jen lowers her ass onto her face with the most famous ass smother in all of celebrity fighting. She sits squarely on Jessica's face, covering her face as Alba cannot breathe. Lopez wiggles her ass all over her face until Alba's arms go limp and she passes out...Lopez sits on her face a bit longer, enjoying the moment and her comeback, beating the younger superstar into oblivion and sitting on her face. Lopez, also naked, stands over the knocked out Alba and kicks her over on to her belly. Jen in front of all the witnesses then straddles her, sitting across her back and facing her very shapely upturned and highly ranked bottom.

J-Lo says, "You had your chance to paddle my butt…you should have done it them, because now YOUR ASS IS MINE!" She slaps the young superstars ass as cameras flash and it is taped. "That's enough for now, bitch."

Alba, her ass totally red awakens and is helped to her trailer, shocked at the beating and stripping she got from the veteran Lopez. Lopez calls to her...anytime you want so more , just call me...The crowd applauds Lopez as she puts her bikini back on. Lopez is vindicated...but for how long. Alba, now conscious, tells her assistant that she wants two weeks off to train...then, "I want that fat ass bitch. I want her beaten and humiliated. Just wait...Set up a match!"
A third of three matches is coming up for these two adversaries. There's no love lost here as Lopez challenged the younger Alba at a party and got her ass kicked, then Lopez surprised Alba at a photo shoot. Now their third battle is on!

The girls decide to meet on a secluded beach with entourages for both women in attendance. Jen Lopez brings her favorite photographer and so does Jess Alba. This will be a submission-strip match, meaning not only must the loser submit, but be naked before the winner is determined.

Both girls have trained for the fight and both have well-earned reputations as being tough fighters. Lopez a trained dancer has done many physical roles and the ‘Dark Angel’ is very fit and in shape. Alba has chosen to wear a red bikini tied at the hips and between the breasts; Lopez decided on a silver bikini.

Jessica's entourage escorts Lopez to the beach where, after a special female assistant adjusts her top, she gets checked by her male assistant. Alba surveys the scene before she arrives with her group, keeping J-Lo waiting impatiently.

After J-Lo squashed her in her last fight and actually spanked her numero uno behind, Alba - like Lopez - hit the gym. She’s determined to dump the 37 year old Lopez for good and, at age 25, Alba is in her career prime and peak physical shape. She stands at 5'7 and around 118 lbs. to Lopez’ 5'6” and about 128#. J-Lo has a bit of a weight advantage and she’s been in more tough fights.

A large area is cleared at the beach, the crowd backs up and awaits the match. Alba tosses away her cover-up, revealing her fabulous bikini and figure. J-Lo and Alba approach each other and they immediately start punching and kicking away at each other. Lopez looks a bit behind in her punches as Jessica connects with a few punches to Lopez chin that hurt a bit, but neither fighter is hurt in the early going. Lopez slaps Alba's face and then surprisingly tugs on Alba's bikini top, temporarily moving it off Jessica's tits. Alba backs up and unleashes a drop kick to Jen's belly, knocking her off her feet for the first time.

Lopez on her back, struggles to her feet before Alba could pounce on her. Jen knees Alba between her legs and quickly in a move to upset the younger fighter, she pulls her bra off . Alba's spectacular tits are seen. Her nipples round and firm...a very firm set of tits. The crowd is in awe. Lopez tries to grab her left tit, but is met by a vicious right hand punch to her jaw. Alba topless is very pissed off and grabs J-Lo by the hair and then she kicks her directly into her twat. J-Lo screams in agony and doubles over and then falls to her knees. The topless and surging Alba then drives her foot into Jen's head, knocking her on her back. Alba pounces on J-Lo's belly and nearly knocks the wind out of her. Lopez is now mounted by Alba who stares down at her in disgust.

She pins Jen's arms and elbows her to her face. This shot may have broken Lopez nose. Another elbow drop to her face has Lopez groggy and in pain. But Alba doesn’t strip Lopez - not yet. Instead, she continues to smash her head into the beach. She lifts J-Lo head by her hair and slaps her face and backhand slaps it until Lopez is almost in tears. Now for the bra.....she tugs on Jen's top and rips it off. Jen's ample tits are exposed. In the last fight. J-Lo twisted and hurt Alba's nipples. Now Alba returns the favor with a series of tit pinching moves and she squeezes Jen's tits, causing her to ask Alba to stop....

"Give up, bitch?"

"No!" screams J-Lo as Alba mauls her mammaries in front of everyone...

Alba appears in total control as the trapped and topless Lopez continues to get pounded. Jen is a cagey veteran however and the fight is young. Alba continues to assault Jen's face. Lopez frees her left arm and stuns Alba with a solid left. Alba stays on top until another left to the jaw knocks her off. Jen is hurt, but she’s determined to upset the younger Alba and as Alba struggles to get up, Lopez and she tangle together, rolling on the sand.

J-Lo gets Jess in a midsection leg lock, squeezing Alba in an attempt to cut off her oxygen. Alba fights on, but Lopez tries again to distract her and with one free hand she quickly undoes Alba’s bikini bottom and slips it down and off her legs. Alba is naked - stripped by Jennifer Lopez!

Now Lopez needs only a pin to win it all. They struggle to their feet but Alba slips out of J-Lo's leg lock and they back apart from each other, cursing, spitting and snarling like cats at each other. Suddenly, the fresher Alba uppercuts J-Lo, knocking her head straight back but Jen doesn’t fall. Then Alba knees her to her cunt and slams several punches to Jen's belly.

Jen is outstanding shape and while the belly punches hurt her, they can’t knock her down - not until Alba unleashes a tremendous straight right directly into J-Lo's already battered nose, smashing it flat! The next one catches her in her eye which swells up and almost closes.

Now the wobbly Lopez is in deep trouble as Alba grabs her by the hair and yanks her around the beach, getting her dizzy before she swings her around the throws her onto her belly. Alba straddles Jen's back and the crowd watches in excitement as she faces J-Lo's feet and traps her arms under her legs as she straddles her back. The moment the crowd and Jessica have been waiting for is upon them as Alba pulls J-Lo's silver bikini down to her knees, and then off; leaving her powerful and famously round butt naked in front of them.

“Not this time!” says Alba as she proceeds the SPANK Jen's nude booty. SPANK after SPANK rain down andLopez can do nothing to prevent it. Her ass becomes a virtual slapping pad as Alba goes berserk on her shapely, huge ass. She SPANKS each cheek more than thirty times. Under the hot sun, Alba’s flashign palms turn Lopez’s butt a very bright red but while she is totally embarrassed, J-LO has NOT submitted...

"Give yet?" Alba asks as she gives Jen’s jiggling cheeks another couple of WHACKS!

"NO!" screams Lopez. "You’re nothing but a whore...I do not give up...I'll still kick your ass!"

"Really?" chuckles Alba as she pulls Jen's legs up and fold her body into a reverse matchbook pin. Higher and higher she bends her legs. Still no give from J-Lo but her stretched cunt can be seen by the whole crowd.

Alba reaches down and pulls a few twat hairs and Lopez screams. "You're one tough bitch," says Alba as she releases the hold and stands over the groggy, woozy, J-Lo who looks up at her from flat on her back. “Say goodnight Jen!”

Alba sits on Jen’s face in an ass smother of her own. “Guess I’ll use her own move on the old bitch...

“AHHHHHHH !!!!” screams J-Lo as Alba’s highly rated rump slams down on her face. Alba’s alabaster ass completely covers Jen’s face and Alba wiggles it front-to-back and side-to-side, covering all of Jen's red face as she keeps her arms pinned. Jess even reaches down and again pulls a clump of pubic hair from Jen's pussy.

“Give up...” Alba demands. There is no sound from Lopez as Alba inserts two fingers into Jen's warm pussy. Alba lifts Jen's arms and they fall to the ground. J-Lo has been stripped, soundly beaten, facesat and pussy mauled! “DON'T EVER CHALLENGE ME AGAIN OR YOUR FAT ASS WILL BE MINE - AGAIN!” Alba says as she continues to play with J-Lo’s pussy. Jen can really feel it as she writhes and squirms on the hot sand of the beach as - in a final insult - Jess rubs her hairy pussy all over Jen's face as she forces Jen to climax on her pumping fingers in a humiliating, unwanted orgasm in front of the awe-struck spectators.

Alba raises her ass off of Lopez and poses standing over her as the crowd applauds her. Lopez is covered with a towel and led away to a nearby cottage on the beach for medical help while Alba dances and prances in the sand for a few more minutes before she finally departs - the new champion!