Jessica Alba vs. Laura San Giacomo by nyc renegade

Jessica was relentless in pursuing Laura San Giacomo's latest love interest, Francisco while for three months Laura tried to turn a blind eye to the young vixen's attempts to score her man. Jenny McCarthy wanted to see the two TV stars go at it and she began to spread rumors that Jessica had been successful in her pursuit on more than one occasion. Laura believed the rumors just as Jenny had hoped and Jenny was also smart enough to offer to host the fight at her house. It was scheduled for the first Friday night of the next month.

There were several reporters present at the first fight ever publicized in which Laura as a participant although she’d had several that didn’t make it into the tabloids or onto the Internet. Jessica thought she could exploit the fact that Laura seemed publicity shy to dominate the much older rookie. Laura, however, was coming to the fight with passion, and she’d taken a look at Jessica's past fighting history. It convinced her she was going to teach the young home wrecker a lesson.

Both women arrived at the same time, but they walked from their cars to the front door without speaking to each other; the tension in the air was palpable and undeniable. Jenny answered the door in a white spaghetti-strap shirt and very short black shorts. At the sight of the two women who were about to claw into each other, Jenny's nipples hardened noticeably.

"Come on in," Jenny said, unable to hide her excitement. "I'll show you to the fighting area."

Jenny led the two tense women to her living room. Both women stopped in the doorway, looking at the room where one of them was going to be left lying in defeat. There was a couch at one end of the room but everything else had been removed to minimize the chance of injury. The floor was carpeted, so they both knew they were going to get rug burns. Finally they noticed that beside the door where they were standing, there were two other doorways - one leading to the kitchen which was blocked by the news reporters and another that led to a narrow hall to the bathroom and a second bedroom.

"OK ladies, lemme explain the rules," Jenny said. "There aren’t any! Do whatever you have to do to win. The match will end only when one of you submits. Oh yeah, and the winner gets taken out to dinner and a party to celebrate the victory. Now, take your jackets off and FIGHT!"

Jessica was the first one to remove her jacket proudly showing off her amazingly firm young breasts held together by only a small bikini top. She also had on denim cargo pants, riding low to show off her tight mid-section. Laura then took off her jacket which revealed a pair of enormous breasts snugly contained in a white tank top. Her nice legs were clad in a pair of khakis.

They stepped to the middle of the room and glared at each other until Jessica made the first move. She threw a punch at Laura's jaw that connected, dropping Laura to the floor on her ass accompanied by a gasp from the crowd. Laura popped back up and back pedaled under Jessica’s windmill attack until her back hit the wall by the kitchen door where Jenny was loudly egging the fighters on.

"Come on! Kick her ass!" Jenny shouted.

Laura raised her hands attempting to block the fists raining down, but unfortunately, she couldn’t block most of Jessica's shots. Even though the punches weren't that powerful, they were rapidly wearing out the bigger but older Laura who was forced to one knee with her hands folded back over her head covering up as well as she could.

"Now why don't you eat me out, you bitch!" Jessica demanded as she roughly thrust her pelvis into Laura's red face.

She gyrated her hips and winked at Jenny but just as she was getting comfortable embarrassing the older fighter, Laura bit Jessica on the inside of her thigh.

"Owwwwww!!" Jessica screamed as she grabbed a handful of hair and slammed Laura's head into the wall.

She battered Laura’s head into the wall twice more before Laura’s teeth lost her grip on Jessica's thigh.

"Get your fat ass up!" Jessica demanded of the dazed Laura as she pulled off her pants to tend to her bitten thigh.

Even though Laura was dazed, she took full advantage of the preoccupied Jessica. She sprang to her feet and charged into the unsuspecting younger competitor, smashing into her with as much speed she could generate in only the six feet that separated them. Laura’s attack was effective as she knocked her curvaceous young opponent down. They fell to the floor together, with the heavier Laura on top of the petite young girl. Laura grabbed Jessica’s hair and pounded her head into the floor.

Jessica pulled Laura's hair with one hand and her tank top with the other, but all she succeeded in doing was tearing Laura's top down the side and exposing her full breasts. As Laura kept beating on her, Jessica soon went limp, curling up in a fetal position.

"Look at you now, you stupid slut!" Laura exclaimed as she stood up over her rival.

Laura grabbed Jessica's ankles and dragged her across the floor with her breasts being scraped and burned by the carpet. She threw the beaten Jessica onto the couch, then pulled off her bikini top and began twisting her nipples until Jessica’s screams of submission filled the house.

"Pleeeasssssseeeee stopppppp!!!" Jessica pleaded. "I give up! You win! Please, stop-you win!"

"Oh no! You're not getting off that easy!" Laura jubilantly yelled as she threw herself on Jessica and lowered her enormous breasts onto Jessica's sweet face.

"Well, that's that," Jenny said as she watched Jessica squirming in vain to escape. "I'm gonna start dressing for Laura's party."

While Jenny went to get dressed, Laura decided she didn’t want to end the match until Jessica apologized to her. She removed her giant tits from Jessica's face and let Jessica get a gasp for air which left her bare chest heaving.

"Now bitch, I want to hear an apology!” Laura demanded. “Repent your sins, you slut!"

"For....what?" Jessica gasped between breaths.

"You really are stupid!" Laura said, but as she stared into Jessica's eyes she could tell she really didn't know what she was talking about. "You mean you didn't fuck my man?" Laura asked incredulously.

"I.....tried,” Jessica pouted. “But....but....he didn't....wanna," she blushed between gasps for air.

Well, that made the beating and the suffocation all worth while, so Laura again dropped her breasts on Jessica's face. While Jessica's struggle to survive was being smothered between her gargantuan tits, it dawned on Laura that Jenny McCarthy must have been behind the rumor.

Jenny came out of her bedroom in a couple of minutes later all dressed up for a night on the town. She was wearing a pink dress and no panties, expecting she would ‘get lucky’ before the night was over and wanting nothing to come between her and her coming. She looked hot, but Laura didn't care how she looked, she wanted revenge! Laura got up off the limp body of Jessica and walked to Jenny.

"You really whupped that sluts ass, huh?" Jenny said, realizing that something was going to spoil her perfect evening.

"Yeah, I guess you can say one down, and one to go!" Laura said as she stepped closer to the obviously nervous Jenny.

"What are you....," Jenny couldn't finish her sentence because she was struck with a fist to her jaw that sent her tumbling on her ass and sent the crowd in a frenzy. They were getting two fights for the price of one! But this one was more of an ass kicking and humiliation than a fight. The better woman was obviously Laura, and she took delight in the ease with which she beat the hell out of the woman who’d instigated the fight between she and Jessica.

Laura took Jenny by the hair and beat her head with hard fists for more than a minute. Then she stripped Jenny out of her new dress, leaving the disheveled blonde in only a white bra. The middle of the living room was where Laura decided she’d end this fight. She bent down on the weeping blonde and planted her lovely tits on her face, wrapping her arms around Jenny’s head and pulling her face deep into her cleavage. In just a few moments Jenny went out.

Laura took everyone out for dinner and drinks - except Jenny and Jessica who she left at Jenny’s house. Laura charged half the expenses to Jenny and the other half to Jessica. Meanwhile, back at her house Jenny got into another catfight with Jessica and, again, she was dominated. What goes around does indeed come around!

Final vote: Laura San Giacomo-571; Jessica Alba-468