Jessica Alba vs. Cristina Scabbia by Boeing666
Cristina Scabbia walks into Commissioner Sharon Stone’s office looking angry. She’s wearing a black leather low cut dress that is pretty short in length. “What was the big idea about last week?”

Sharon looks up, “What are you talking about?”

“Putting me in a match with Jessica Biel!”

Sharon smiles, “When you joined the HFWA, you signed a contract to ‘face anyone at anytime.’ Jessica falls under the category of ‘anyone’ and last week was ‘anytime’.”

“Yeah, but how’m I supposed to compete with HER when I am half her size?”

Sharon said, “You shoulda thought of that before you interfered in her match with Cucinotta.”

Cristina protested, “After the match she took my underwear!! Can you believe it? I’m just grateful I was still covered and my privates weren’t shown to the crowd!”

Sharon chuckled, “You’re gonna have to get used to ‘letting it all hang out’ Cristina. And stop being a prude about showing some skin, that’s what the fans pay to see. Hell, how do you think Theron got to be the biggest draw in the show? It damn sure isn’t the SIZE of her tits; it’s because they ‘somehow’ are always getting exposed!”

Cristina pouted, “I show some skin.”

Sharon shook her head, “No, I mean ‘T&A.”

Cristina huffed, “That is NEVER going to happen to me!”

“You might be surprised Cristina. However, you have an opportunity to make up for last week.”

Cristina looked at her suspiciously, “How? Doing what?”

Sharon pointed to a sheet of paper on her desk, “You got a match tonight.”

“But I don’t have my gear.”

Sharon smirked as she repeated, “Anyone, at at anytime; you should always be prepared.”


Sharon leaned back and put her feet on her desk, “You’re facing Jessica…”

Cristina interrupted, “NOT BIEL? Not again?”

Sharon shook her head, “Different Jessica.”

Cristina blinked, “Jessica who?”

“Jessica Alba.”

Cristina relaxed. “Like I said, ‘Jessica who?’ That’ll be an easy match.”

Sharon shrugged. “Yeah, whatever! Just get out there, Alba’s ready and waiting.”
Jessica Alba is already in the ring in a black leather two piece top with boy shorts. Her hair still dyed blonde as she waves to the cheering fans.

“Heaven’s a Lie” plays over the speakers as green white and red spotlights shine around the arena as Cristina walks out to the ring to boos looking very angry and still wearing her black leather short dress. She gets in the ring, flips off the fans and gives Jessica an angry glare.

The ref calls for the bell as Cristina and Jessica lock up. Jessica shoves Cristina down. Cristina gets up angrily and glares at Jessica locking up again, but Jessica shoves Cristina down hard, flipping her over onto her chest!

Cristina gets up as Jessica goes for a Clothesline, but Cristina ducks it. As Jessica turns around she is met with a Spin Kick to the face. Cristina grabs Jessica by the hair to stand her up, then hits her across the face with a Forearm!

Cristina runs to the ropes, bounces off as Jessica attempts a Clothesline but Cristina ducks under, bounces off the opposite ropes and leaps for a Cross body - but Jessica has other plans - falling to the mat as she catches Cristina in mid-air.

Cristina kicks her legs back and forth, but Jessica drops her down in a Backbreaker; slamming her back over her bony knee. Jessica covers Cristina, but fails to hook the leg.


Jessica grabs Cristina by the hair, grabs her by the side of her leather dress and hits a Snap Suplex. Jessica stands Cristina up and gets behind her and goes for a Release German Suplex, but Cristina manages to land on her feet.

Jessica turns around and is met by a standing dropkick to the face. Cristina quickly scales the turnbuckle and leaps off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick that almost sends Jessica out of the ring. Jessica starts to get up as Cristina leaps off the top rope again landing on Jessica’s shoulders and turns it into a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors.

Cristina gets up and waits for Jessica to stand, then comes up behind her and dives down clipping the back of her legs with her shoulders causing Jessica to collapse to the mat. Cristina gives Jessica a Leg Drop across the stomach. Jessica folds up holding her stomach. Cristina lays her back down and hits a standing 450 splash on Jessica and hooks the leg.


Cristina rolls Jessica over onto her stomach and locks her thighs around Jessica’s waist and her hands around Jessica’s chin pulling back locking Jessica in a Body Scissors around the waist and STF combo known as the “Lacuna Coil.”

Jessica screams in pain, but manages to crawl her way over to the ropes dragging Cristina with her. The ref orders Cristina to break the hold, but Cristina waits until FIVE! Then she drags Jessica to the middle of the ring and tries to lock Jessica in the “Lacuna Coil” again, but Jessica manages to kick Cristina off. Cristina gets back up and gives Jessica a forearm to the face. Cristina Whips Jessica to the corner, Jessica hits the corner and starts to slide down with her back against the corner. Cristina charges Jessica, but Jessica suddenly runs out of the corner with a running lariat across Cristina’s neck that flips the tiny Italian nearly 360 in the air and corkscrewing in the air landing her on her chest.

Cristina lies still on her stomach, her black leather dress hiked up exposing her black lacey thong panties. Jessica grabs Cristina by her hair, shoves her head between her thighs. Cristina is bent over, head between Jessica’s legs with her thong showing under her dress. Jessica hoists Cristina up so she is sitting on Jessica’s shoulders with Jessica’s face up Cristina’s dress face in her crotch before sitting out giving Cristina a big Powerbomb that bounces her at least twice off of the mat.

Jessica grabs Cristina by her hair and carries her over her shoulder in a fireman’s carry and takes her to a corner slamming her back first into it. Jessica takes Cristina’s right leg and lifts it hooking it over the second rope, then does the same with Cristina’s left leg so she is hooked up in the corner with her legs spread wide, but upright.

Jessica backs up as Cristina starts to beg off. Jessica runs across the ring and right as she reaches where Cristina is goes for a Cunt Punt to Cristina’s crotch. Cristina howls and goes to cover up her aching pussy before falling face first to the mat. Jessica does not let up on the small Italian and gives her a hard Irish Whip to the corner. The force sends Cristina tumbling into the corner upside down with the impact sending her spilling out of the ring to the outside mats.

Jessica runs out of the ring and grabs Cristina slamming her head first into the metal steps. Jessica grabs Cristina by her hair and Slams her again face first into the steps, Cristina bounces up spinning in air and landing on the mats. Jessica grabs Cristina by the hair, stands her up and hoists her overhead and drops her neck first across the guard rail. Jessica grabs Cristina by the hair again, this time lifting her up in what looks like a Back Suplex or regular Atomic Drop but then slams her down hard onto where the guard rails meet in a 90 degree angle, her thigh over each side of the corner.

Jessica pulls Cristina backwards by her hair so the back of her knees rest over the metal guard rail and she is hanging upside down from the guard rails in a modified Tree of Woe! Cristina hangs upside down, her black leather dress folding up covering her face exposing her black lace thong and matching bra. Jessica hits a Scissor Kick to Cristina’s crotch! She moans and covers her sore spot while Jessica runs across the outside floor and springboards off of the ring steps; landing a Missile Dropkick to Cristina’s neck tumbling her out of her inverted predicament.

Jessica sends Cristina back into the ring, lifts her by her neck and gives her a sit out choke bomb and goes for a pin…


Jessica puts Cristina in an inverted face lock and gives her a Diamond Cutter, in what she calls Paradise Lost, then hooks Cristina’s leg.


Jessica lifts Cristina up in a Vertical Suplex, holding her upside down letting her blood rush to her head and her dress folding up to her chest exposing the black lacey thong and bra before Jessica walks forward and drops Cristina on her stomach on the top turnbuckle with her thighs over the top rope in a Reverse Tree of Woe.

Jessica runs to the corner and gives Cristina a scissors kick across her lower back. Cristina doesn’t fall however as Jessica Double Underhooks Cristina’s arms and gives her a Pedigree from the turnbuckle slamming Cristina face first to the mat. Jessica rolls the motionless Cristina over onto her back, resting her elbow on the side of Cristina’s face holding her down.

Cristina’s foot is on the rope.

Jessica Whips Cristina to the ropes and on the rebound lifts Cristina high overhead in a Gorilla Press. Jessica is not that big, but Cristina is even smaller so the Gorilla Press doesn’t take much strength. Jessica turns around with Cristina, dropping her in front of her then pins her by again hooking her leg.


Jessica grabs Cristina, prepares for a Double Underhook Suplex, lifts her up before somersaulting backwards setting up for the “Angel Wing” landing on Cristina’s lap and attempting a waist scissors and a Butterfly Lock.

Suddenly, Cristina - out of nowhere - gets her short but strong legs wrapped around Jessica’s waist and locks on a vice-like Body Scissors and rolls Jessica onto her stomach maintaining the Body Scissors and locking on an STF at the same time known as one of Cristina’s finishers “The Lacuna Coil.”

Cristina pours on the pressure as Jessica howls in pain. Cristina pours on more pressure and then Jessica starts frantically slapping the mat with her hand. She’s quitting! Alba's tapping out!

The ref calls for the bell, but Cristina keeps going! The ref yells at Cristina, “Let ‘er go!” but Cristina refuses and keeps the hold locked on until Jessica has passed out!

Several refs come to the ring to pry the barely over 5’ and 100 lb Italian hellcat off of the larger, defeated, Alba. Cristina raises her arms in victory, then kicks Jessica in the ribs as she steps over her writhing body before she struts back to her dressing room grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

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