Krista Allen v. Kristian Alfonso by jackd 7/12/01

Here's a response to requests for more US daytime soap fights. Krista Allen played Billie, the tough but incredibly sexy bad girl. Kristian Alfonso played the gorgeous but innocent good girl Hope. The two beauties were long standing rivals, with each dating the same guy (Bo) at different times. Here's the untold storyline:

When Hope learned that Billie had been reduced to working as a wrestler at a local strip club, she finally felt secure with Bo. Surely, Billie had sunk so low this time that Bo would have no further interest in her. So Hope wasn't too worried when Bo suggested they both go to Billie's club to make sure Billie wasn't in any real trouble. Hope didn't like it, but it was better than letting him go alone see the lustful Billie.

As Hope got ready that night, she was a bit nervous, even intimidated, at the thought of making her first visit to a sleazy club. Not wanting to look too much the prude next to Billie, she put on a tight low cut white shirt that showed off her ample cleavage (lifted high and proud by her bra) and an incredibly tight pair of jeans (with several strategically placed spots of "worn-through" fabric in the seat of the pants meant to ensure attention was drawn to her sexy bottom)

She and Bo went to the club and got a table near the stage. When it was Billie's turn, she came bursting on like wildfire in a teeny electric pink bikini. Energy and excitement gripped the previously dead crowd, as Billie pranced around the pole shaking her huge breasts and sexy ass, both barely contained in her outfit. Hope looked on in disbelief as Billie's routine brought wild cheers from the crowd, but that quickly turned to jealousy as she saw Bo cheering and ogling along with everyone else.

Not believing he could lust after such a sleazy performance by her rival, Hope tried tugging at Bo, but he was too caught up with Billie's act and ignored her. Hope seethed with anger and jealousy through the rest of Billie's routine. After her act, Billie came bounding over to their table.

Still gawking Bo gave her a big smile, "Hey, sorry you have to work here, but wow you were great up there!"

"Yeah, real great," added Hope sarcastically.

Billie glared at Hope but ignored her comment and instead looked playfully back at Bo, "Thanks Bo. Stick around for the match. That's where you'll see the real skill we need to go along with these hot bodies."

With that Billie smiled at her former lover and seductively ran her hands down her awesome body. Hope couldn't stand the flirting anymore.

"Skill? Come off it Billie. I doubt it takes much 'skill' to roll around half naked in a wrestling ring with another girl."

Billie put her hands on her hips and turned back to Hope and smirked, "You think its so easy Hope? Why don't you come up as our guest wrestler tonight. You can show us all how 'easy' it is."

Hope was taken aback by Billie's challenge. She knew nothing of wresting and had no intention of degrading herself in the ring. But Bo was intrigued and said, "Hey, why not Hope? Sounds like fun. Maybe Billie can show you a few of her moves."

Hope seethed at his suggestion that she needed to learn any kind of 'moves' from her long-time rival.

"You CAN"T be serious Bo. I mean, I'm sure I could do it, I'm not afraid. But its degrading."

The comment now brought a rise from Billie, "Oh, I see. You're too good for us, is that it princess? I think you're just scared." Bo kept prodding also, adding, "Yeah, come on Hope, you're the one who started this by telling her it takes no talent and all that. You go on up there girl!"

Hope knew it was too late now. She had backed herself into it.

"OK, fine Billie, lets wrestle. You and me."

A wicked grin came across Billie's face as she nodded and hissed, "Well alright then."

Moments later the two ladies were in the ring.

The ringman announced, "The fans favorite, Billie the Bomber."

Still in her hot pink bikini, Billie appeared to the cheers and whistles of the crowd.

Then he announced, "And her challenger, our lovely guest wrestler, Hope. And I HOPE she knows what she's in for."

The crowd laughed but also cheered for this beautiful newcomer looking hot in her tight jeans and tight white button-down shirt. Hope looked down at the smiling Bo, who gave her a wave. She removed her high heels and headed to the middle of the ring to face her rival.

"So Billie, what exactly do we do now? What're the rules for this little show you put on for the boys?"

Billie got right in Hope's face and whispered, "This is no 'show' Hope my dear. There are no rules - except maybe just the one that has me kicking that stuck-up butt of yours all over the ring until Bo and everyone else sees what a loser you really are!"

With that, Billie turned and walked back to her corner.

Hope grew nervous as she realized the fight might be more than just she and Billie putting on a few good-natured acrobatic displays. But she hated Billie, more then ever now after seeing how Bo was so easily led on by her slutty advances. If Billie wanted a real fight to finally settle the score, Hope was determined to show both her and Bo she could beat her rival in any competition, even a wrestling match, or catfight, or whatever Billie had planned.

Hope tried to gain some confidence, but was visibly startled by the sound of the bell. Billie signaled for Hope to come at her, and Hope was more than happy to oblige. She marched up to Billie and went right at her with both hands. The two long time rivals locked up, grabbing each other's hair and struggling to throw the other to the mat. Suddenly, the stronger Billie grabbed Hope's arm and twisted her around in a power armlock. Hope rose on her toes in pain as Billie wrenched her arm behind her, crying out and pleading for Billie to release her arm.

"Oh does that hurt precious little Hope? Then maybe you'll like THIS move better."

With that Billie reached around Hope's waist from behind and applied a powerful bearhug.

"Not much skill needed for this one either, huh Hope?" she teased her gasping rival.

Billie squeezed Hope even tighter, now lifting her feet off the mat. In doing so, Billie's arms slid up Hope's body so they were crushing Hope's large, heaving chest from beneath. Again and again Billie jerked Hope into the air, only to dump her back down. Each crushing lift pushed Hope's breasts a little further up out the top of her bra.

With the air squeezed from her chest, Hope was soon barely able to stand, her arms falling weakly at her sides. Already in control of her weakened opponent, Billie took Hope by the hand, spun her around several times and sent her flying into the ropes. Hope bounced off back into Billie's waiting forearm, which smashed into her chest, flattening her stuck-out tits and sending her crashing to the mat on her back.

Seeing Hope laid flat out on her back rubbing her chest, Billie teased, "Did that hurt Hopeless?"

Then Billie stomped her bare foot down onto Hope's boobs. Hope yelped out in pain, shocked at Billie's dirty tactics. But Billie kept up her stomping assault, grinding Hope's tits flat and then knocking them every which way until so much of Hope was popping out from the top of her low cut shirt that the half her chest could be seen by the leering crowd.

Panicked and not knowing what else to do, Hope managed to roll over on her stomach, her hands instinctively trying to push her battered breasts back down into her shirt. But Billie had moved on to a new target. She stepped over Hope and dropped her own sexy ass down hard on the small of Hope's back.

Hope squirmed helplessly beneath her as Billie looked down at her opponent's prominently displayed rear end, covered by jeans so tight they looked painted-on.

Seeing the spots of 'worn' fabric Hope had added to attract attention, Billie smiled and teased, "Did you have to cut these holes out yourself so your stuck-up ass could get some air in these tight jeans?! Or were you just afraid no one would notice that scrawny ass unless you added some peekholes?! Well, you want the boys to get a look Hope, lets give 'em a look!"

Billie reached down to one of the tiny patches of worn-though fabric and began ripping at the material as Hope screamed for Billie to stop, her tight ass writhing as Billie tore at her pants. By the time Hope had bucked Billie off of her, there was a gaping hole in the seat of her jeans revealing much of Hope's bright red bikini panties that barely covered her tight, sexy ass. Hope seethed as she sat up, checked the damage and realized how much of her rear had been put on display for the crowd.

Hope screamed, "You bitch! What do you think you're doing?!"

But Billie was far from finished. Standing over Hope, Billie latched onto Hope's shirt, tearing it upward with a sudden jerk. By the time Hope reacted to what was happening, Billie had pulled the shirt over her head and down her arms. The two beauties were soon struggling in a tug of war over Hope's shirt, but it was a battle Hope quickly realized she couldn't win. The shirt had already been torn from her body, exposing a pair of bouncing boobs barely contained by her bra.

Overcome with embarrassment and humiliation at her predicament, Hope let go of her shirt and tried to cover her heaving tits now covered only by her red bra. She stood and retreated to the corner, cursing and trying to cover up while a confident Billie tossed the shirt into the crowd, then turned to close in on her trapped prey in the corner.

As the two dark-haired beauties grappled in the corner, Billie's huge chest, barely covered by her pink bikini top, mashed again and again into Hope's shapely but smaller breasts, protected now only by the red bra. Billie's voluptuous tits engulfed her rival's perky orbs, flattening them against Hope's chest as she forced Hope back into the corner.

Trapped and struggling in the corner, Hope looked up in shame and disbelief only to see Bo and the rest of the crowd grinning and cheering at her domination in a titfight with her bustier rival. Desperate to end the abuse, Hope took aim at Billie's stomach and landed several punches that finally forced Billie to back away.

"How'd you like THAT Billie?" barked the angry and vengeful Hope.

Having finally scored some points, Hope wanted to end the fight fast before Bo and everyone else got to see how else Billie might try to humiliate her in the ring.

"Your sick game's over Billie. I'm outta here," Hope said.

She turned around and tried to make a quick exit between the ropes while at the same time, trying to cover her shapely chest from public view.

"Not so fast Hope dear," commanded Billie, who reached out with one hand and caught Hope's long hair from behind.

Hope screamed as she was yanked backward by the hair. Billie used her other hand to twist Hope's arm behind her back agaom in another painful arm lock.

"Damnit! That's enough Billie, enough!" yelled Hope, struggling once again to free herself from her rival's grasp.

"Oh I don't think so, you bratty little princess," replied Billie. "Lets see how you like this!"

While still twisting Hope's left arm up behind her back, Billie released her grip on Hope's hair and reached her right hand around Hope's side, finding a new target in Hope's curvy right breast.

When Hope felt Billie's fingers close on her breast, she protested, "Billie - how dare you! Not my . . ."

But her words were cut short by her own screams when Billie sunk her long nails deep into Hope's tit.

"You like sticking these things out so much?!" yelled Billie, squeezing and flattening the breast back into Hope's chest as she dug in from behind.

Billie then slid her other hand around and grabbed Hope's left breast. With Billie mauling both her tits and squeezing away from behind, Hope struggled to escape. Her legs desperately kicked backward and her hands tried to pry Billie's claws from her boobs. But Hope couldn't break free, Billie wouldn't let go of her aching chest. She kept squeezing and squeezing, her fingers digging in and ripping Hope's tits, jerking and pulling at them without mercy.

While Hope cried in pain, Billie, maintaining her dominant position from behind, shoved both hands up under Hope's stained bra until it ripped and gave way, exposing Hope's beautiful breasts for the jeering crowd. With Hope's bra dangling uselessly around her belly, Billie's way was clear to pinch and claw Hope's bare, battered boobs. Poor Hope could only beg for mercy, unable to pry her rival's claws from her tender flesh.

Finally, Billie released her claws and shoved Hope forward. She stumbled into the ropes, her hands grabbing and rubbing her aching, throbbing, tits. Hope felt utterly humiliated as she turned around to face her tormentor with tears filling her eyes.

"OK, that's enough Billie. I give up. You proved your point. You can fight better, or at least dirtier, than me."

As Hope turned to leave through the ropes, however, Billie glared and snapped, "Oh, I'm more than just a better fighter than you little Miss Hopeless! You're not leaving till you admit I'm better at everything than you!"

The enraged Billie lunged and grabbed the fleeing Hope by the ankles as she bent over with her head and shoulders through the ropes, half in and half out of the ring. Billie pulled Hope back into the ring by the legs and Hope dropped on her stomach knocking the breath out of her. Billie dragged Hope backward to the center of the ring, her tattered bra trailing behind her as her battered tits scrubbed along the rough canvas mat.

Still in a rage, Billie grabbed Hope's torn jeans at the ankles and began trying to pull them off. Hope twisted and kicked her legs in protest, but she couldn't stop Billie. She soon had the pants down around Hope's ankles, exposing her long, thin legs and bikini covered bottom. A final tug completed the job and Billie flung the pants into the cheering crowd who were clearly eager to see 'Billie the Bomber' complete her destruction of 'Hapless Hope.'

Hope couldn't believe Billie had stripped her down to her skimpy underwear, but she knew she'd better try something fast if she wanted to avoid being completely humiliated in front of Bo and the rest of the crowd. As Hope looked up from the mat to see Billie approaching again, she sent a brutal snap kick up into Billie's open crotch which doubled her over in pain.

Trying to ignore her shyness and a scanty outfit more worthy of a sexy lingerie ad, Hope got up to press the advantage her 'low blow' had gained her. She brought her foot back and kicked Billie again - in the same spot! Billie collapsed groaning and holding her crotch with both hands.

Hope dropped astride Billie's stomach and grabbed her top and crowed, "Payback time Billie. Two can play this game!"

Hope ripped away Billie's bikini top letting her huge wide tits spring out, then sank her own nails into her rival's bounty.

Billie's legs kicked wildly as Hope squeezed and ripped her round tits with a vengeance. Billie was stunned both by the sudden turn of events and by Hope's savage breast attack. Eager to get back in the fight, Billie turned her gaze on Hope's own lovely breasts which were dangling inches from her face.

With Hope's attention focused on attacking her breasts Billie responded in kind, reaching up and grabbing Hope's own bare breasts. Hope shrieked when Billie grabbed her already tender and abused hanging tits. Billie latched onto Hope's erect nipples, pinching them between her fingers as she pulled and stretched her tits from side to side.

Finding herself out-dueled by her wicked rival in their colossal tit-torture battle, Hope had to relinquish her hold on Billie to protect her own tender tits. She tried to pry Billie's claws from her breasts but when she did, Billie yanked her tits to the side with a sudden jerk that sent Hope tumbling off her and sprawling face first on the mat.

With Hope flat on her stomach, Billie rolled over and pounced on her back, pinning Hope underneath her with her body weight. As they squirmed and wriggled on the mat, Billie reached back and grabbed Hope's red bikini panties, pulling them upward so the material cut deep into the (Y) of Hope's crotch.

"Owww my ass! My ass!" Hope screamed, pounding helplessly on the mat in front of her with her hands as the panty disappeared into her curvy ass.

After a few more jerks on her panties, Billie slid off and hauled Hope to her feet by her panties.

"Please Billie! Please let go, pleeease!" Hope begged.

But her gorgeous bottom was put on lewd display for the crowd when Billie led her around the ring by her panties. With the (apparently Republican) crowd chanting, "We want bush!" Billie released the exhausted Hope from her wedgie and dismissively flung her to the mat. Hearing the crowd's chant, the fearful Hope tried to pick her panties from her crack so it again covered her butt and crotch.

Hope pleaded, "No more Billie, please, no more."

But Billie was having fun and giggled, "Oh come on Hopeless, the boys want to see a real woman finish your sorry ass off!"

Terrified at what might happen next, Hope got on all fours and tried to scramble away and get out of the ring, but Billie easily caught her. She stomped on Hope's back, smashing her flat on her stomach once more, then she put one foot firmly on Hope's ass, grinding her heel into the soft flesh. The humbled Hope could only lay there and try to catch her breath as her prized ass was flattened under the grinding foot of her most hated foe.

When she grew tired of abusing her rival's ass, Billie used her toe to roll the sobbing Hope over onto her back. She sat on Hope's chest with her back to Hope and her eyes fixed on her rival's soft stomach and vulnerable crotch. Hope's proud tits were flattened by Billie's full, sexy ass as Billie smiled at Bo, enjoying her dominance. She bounced her ample butt up and down and wiggled it from side to side, further crushing her rival's flattened chest and increasing Hope's humiliation.

Then, Billie reached down, took Hope's stretched bikini panties by the waist and tugged. Hope's ass lifted up off the mat from the wedgie as the thin material cut deep into her crack, revealing a dark, hairy, crotch. Billie kept pulling until the tattered panties gave way and ripped clear off Hope's body.

Having been stripped totally naked in front of Bo and wildly cheering crowd, Hope pleaded for mercy as she struggled helplessly under her rival's bulk.

Billie condescendingly patted Hope's tummy and said, "I guess you showed us all how easy the wrestling business is, huh Hope?"

Still, Billie wanted more. She reached back down and grabbed a fistful of Hope's exposed bush and ripped out a clump of her hair. Hope's bare bottom bounced on the mat as she screamed in shock and pain. Her legs kicked and flailed for a moment and then flopped on the mat. Hope's belly pulsed up and down as she breathed hard and fast after screaming her lungs out.

Billie stood up straddling Hope's flattened chest and looked down over her rival's naked, beaten body and said, "Here's a little something to remember your pathetic performance by princess."

Billie let the hairs she'd ripped out fall down on Hope's heaving chest and stomach.

As the naked, beaten Hope rolled over in disgust and tried to crawl away, the grinning Billie danced a victory circle around the ring to the cheers of Bo and the crowd. Billie put her bikini top back on, then seductively slid out of the ring and planted her hot, sweaty body in the lap of the grinning Bo.

Vanquished and humiliated, Hope could only watch helplessly from the ring as her victorious tormentor snuggled happily in the arms of the man she'd lost to her fiercest rival.