She's All That In College: Laney Boggs (Rachel Leigh Cooke) vs. Taylor Vaughan (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) by Oberon

It had been a few years since Laney Boggs graduated from Torrance High School. Now, she was a junior in college but in that long a time, things had changed irrevocably. College wasn't anything like the way she remembered high school. Almost everyone was from out of state and few people came from her old institution where she had a reputation for being unpopular. Even if the situation was different, it wasn't likely anyone would believe she was a geek in high school. She'd long since blossomed into a young adult and despite not trying out for the cheerleading squad - art degrees and sports didn't usually mix very well - she earned a reputation as a real looker beside being one of the brightest students in her class. It was rare that a young college student would have the best of both worlds but Laney was one of the few who actually did.

Her graduation ceremony from high school forever had been relatively uneventful except for a certain acquaintance fulfilling a bet he'd made with his friends earlier that year before committing to her, relationship-wise. That moment she remembered as a high point of the day since he was one of the few people among a closely-knit circle of friends to sign her yearbook after the ceremony ended. She'd found she didn't much care about how popular she was back then either, now that she reflected on it. Especially the ones who judged her solely by surface impressions and her perceived reputation passed around behind the scenes among the cool students. The only way it affected her was inside - but before the night was over she would end up coming to terms with that in ways she hadn't thought possible.

Laney had seen Taylor, her foremost rival, only once when the graduation ceremony was drawing to a halt, but it was a moment she'd probably remember for a long time. In a bizarre turn of events, they became enemies whereas prior to that she had almost no knowledge of the fact that Taylor even existed except that she was another "nerd" excluded by the so-called "beautiful people." That year they'd gotten to know one another, that was for sure, and their mutual animosity hadn't ever wavered since then. Laney gathered this from when she bumped into Taylor by accident when everyone was leaving the graduation ceremony. She knew there was no love lost between them that day, and probably never would be from the look of things. Some might say it was understandable, considering Laney was the only other student competing against Taylor for prom queen and almost beat her out for the title - not to mention the one who was involved in a relationship with her former boyfriend Zach.

The fact that Taylor had dumped him to begin with didn't matter; neither did the fact he'd decided on his own free will to be with her. All Taylor seemed to understand was that Zach and Laney were an item and that it was a blow to her prestige. Taylor had flipped Laney the finger when they made eye contact across the field, but said nothing to her. Still, the look blazing in her eyes betrayed what was in her mind: that she was hoping for an opportunity to one day even the score with Laney somehow. Taylor appeared quite eager to continue the feud that began when Laney began seeing her ex-boyfriend, but the situation made it inappropriate to do anything then so she had to hope their paths would cross again. Laney imagined the day would probably be today since she'd heard from a mutual acquaintance that Taylor was to arrive at the same fraternity party she was invited to later that evening. The party was intended to introduce all the students who'd be attending classes together that year. Most of the students who were well-known academically or otherwise were going to be there, which meant Taylor would not want to miss a chance to be seen. Laney had an idea there would be some sort of confrontation between them if they happened to stumble upon one another.

Laney arrived at the party dressed to kill. The getup she wore was intended to cause heads to turn upon her entrance so hard a couple of the guys would probably end up with whiplash. Gone were her days of wearing glasses and baggy clothing; tonight she was dressed in a slinky black dress cut high on her thighs and hugging her girl-next-door figure like a second skin. If one looked close, and all the guys would, they'd see her derriere through the sheer material; her skin outlined beneath the dress like a wax likeness. The only thing she wore under the dress was tight-fitting, vinyl bikini underwear of the same hue, though you couldn't tell even by looking if she were wearing anything at all. In fact, more than a few heads turned as a group of people took notice of her in passing, offering wolf whistles as they walked on. Laney pretended to ignore them as she headed for the front door, but they made her even more confident of her allure. Inside, the party was in full swing with wall-to-wall people milling around or talking in small groups. Sometimes it was difficult to squeeze through the huge room without bumping into someone along the way but since the people she bumped into were mostly male none of them seemed to mind all that much once they got a good look at her tight dress.

One student in particular checked her out as she passed him. Laney could feel his eyes crawling over her legs and backside as her body fought for attention in the tight dress. The effect showed the softness of her skin, but with an adorable quality that denoted innocence and raw sexiness. The temperature was warm and she thought she may break out in a sweat if she stayed in the crowd too long. Eventually, Laney made it to the far end of the room and stopped for a drink while she scanned the room to see who was there, or who would be shortly. There was no sign of Taylor that she could see; but if she hadn't shown up yet, it was certainly possible she was planning on making a grand entrance of her own that would demand attention from as many onlookers as possible. Knowing the way she'd made entrances before, (even walking into classes) Laney figured it would probably be something grandiose and pretentious since Taylor loved to call as much notice to herself as she could. Laney waited coolly and watched the front entrance of the house in case Taylor should come walking in the door.

In time, Laney's attention was diverted and she slowly started to mingle with the other guests, some of whom knew her from her classes and around the campus. The warm reception she received from those who recognized her made her forget the possibility of a confrontation with Taylor. As time went on she hadn't had much to drink but she got caught up in the crowd of fraternity members throwing the party. But as she was turning back to the bar to accept her drink, a finger suddenly tapped her shoulder in quick haste. She turned to see who it was and found herself staring into a familiar face The woman was a good eight inches taller than Laney, clad in a tight-fitting red dress that left little to the imagination and, Laney noticed, who was wearing an expression of anger mingled with contempt. Laney immediately knew who it was but she got over her shock enough to put on an appropriately hard-faced expression to welcome the woman she'd expected to run into all along.

"We meet again, bitch," Taylor snarled.

Inwardly, Laney bristled at the arrogant tone of Taylor's voice, but she didn't allow this to show on the surface. "Funny seeing you here, Taylor," she retorted sarcastically. "What brings you out? They close the massage parlors downtown?"

"What I'm trying to figure out," Taylor shot back, giving no outward sign that she'd heard Laney's taunt. "Is why anyone'd let the likes of you in here," Taylor sniped, her scowl deepening as she stared down the shorter woman, her eyes flitting up and then down again taking in Laney's black dress. "As I told you, you're nothing but a waste of perfectly good yearbook space, remember?"

Inwardly, Laney bristled at the remark. That was exactly how Taylor had gotten to her before, at another party back in high school. And she was leaning on the final words of her question, deliberately reminding Laney of that moment, specifically to dredge up the bad memories. But now, Laney refused to show that her comment struck home by hardening her own expression as she stared back at the taller woman.

"Times change, don't they?" Laney intoned. "Besides, you faded into obscurity your senior year after I threatened your reputation, didn't you?" She had the satisfaction of seeing her remark hit Taylor right where she thought, judging by the expression on her face now. Pressing her advantage, Laney continued, "Must be embarrassing to be shown up by a 'waste of perfectly good yearbook space' as you put it." A small smile played on the sides of Laney's mouth at the increasing ire visible on Taylor's face as she waited for the taller woman's reply.

"As if you could do anything better than I," Taylor retorted, her tone of voice growing sardonic. "Remember that we know the reason you became popular in the first place, don't we?" She smirked at Laney, her face a mask of derision. "Shall I repeat it for everyone within earshot, so they all know the secret of your success?" As Taylor moved almost imperceptibly closer to Laney, she reached over Laney's shoulder and took the drink the barkeep held out to Laney. "In the end it doesn't matter, bitch, because by the time I'm finished with you, you'll consider your loser status in high school a pleasant little world compared to what your college status will be."

With Laney's drink in her hand, Taylor took another step forward. "You'll wish you'd stayed where you belonged!" she exclaimed as she emptied its contents over the front of Laney's dress, and held it so the contents streamed down into Laney's cleavage.

Her gesture was obviously intended as a reminder of the high school party where Laney had run into Taylor before The general area around them noticeably grew quieter as people saw what was happening. The drink Taylor poured on Laney's dress was seeping through the material to reveal her bikini underwear. She felt the same embarrassment she'd suffered the last time this happened; Taylor was really going all out to humiliate her; but still Laney refused to let it show outwardly even when the taller woman punctuated the gesture with a derisive sneer. Deciding two can play at that game, Laney reached back to the bar as if unfazed by what Taylor just did, grabbed a full pitcher of beer in one hand while staring Taylor right in the eye, she intoned, "If that's the best you can do to make me look like a fool, slut, it's going to take a helluva lot more than you've got! THIS is how you embarrass a woman by pouring a drink on her!"

With her dainty little smile broadening conspicuously, Laney turned the pitcher of beer over and emptied the contents on top of Taylor's head. It cascaded down over her face, her chest and into her cleavage where it soaked the entire front of her dress. Taylor gasped as the cold liquid hit her over-heated flesh and she stared in open-mouthed shock at Laney for a few seconds. Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to catch breath.

Then she reared back, delivering a stinging slap to Laney's cheek. The blow caught Laney off guard, knocking her back against the edge of the bar. The impact of Taylor's palm to the side of her handsomely natural-looking face wiped the smug grin right off and her pale cheek quickly flushed a light shade of red from the slap. More heads turned in their direction as Laney arched her back over the bar, realizing some kind of an altercation was erupting between the two luscious ladies.  Laney was slightly dazed and still recovering from the sudden slap when Taylor was all over her, seizing her hair with both hands and spinning her around facing the bar. Pulling her head back, Taylor rammed it forward into the unforgiving wood at the bar's edge, dazing Laney even more noticeably. Lifting her head again, Taylor repeated the head banging twice more before Laney was somehow able to turn around facing her. Lifting her left leg, Laney drove her knee up into Taylor's groin as hard as she could.

Her knee connecting with the fleshy patch just above Taylor's womanhood and made a sound that audible to everyone close-by. As the smooth skin of Laney's knee struck its intended target, the bone beneath her flesh drove into the softness of Taylor's lower abdomen. Taylor gasped and sucked in air as her grip on Laney's hair relaxed somewhat. Both women struggled to collect themselves after their mutual assaults. The shorter Laney twisted her fingers into claws and reached up to scratch and tear at Taylor's face. She perceived her nails had found the yielding skin of Taylor's cheek and she was about to dig in when the grip on her hair disappeared. A brief moment later, Taylor's fists slammed into Laney's groin with three hard blows, taking the breath from her for long enough that Taylor's fingers could scoop double handfuls of Laney's tresses.

Uttering an enraged yell from the pit of her throat, Taylor swung Laney from the bar as she instinctively reached for a couple of handfuls of Taylor's hair, grasping hard enough, she hoped, to return the agony Taylor inflicted on her. The inertia Laney used to maintain her footing drove her forward so their bodies collided and in an instant Laney felt Taylor's chest colliding with hers, Taylor's breasts and stomach slamming into her chest and the dampness of Taylor's beer-soaked dress mingled with the drink Taylor had poured over her before the fight. In seconds the two women danced and stumbling around amid the frenzied screams of "Catfight!" and "Rip her clothes off!" coming from every side. Their tightly clad bodies twisted and writhed as their considerable assets strained against the confines of their tight dresses that had been carefully selected for any number of reasons other than practicality for catfighting!

Their struggle was punctuated by stinging slaps to both of their faces and equally occasional but harder punches thrown to vulnerable chests and soft stomachs. As they were fighting in such close quarters, however, none of the blows thrown by either were hard enough to cause any damage. At this point Laney was more concerned with the growing number of onlookers pressing in to watch the fight than the effect of Taylor's blows striking her with open and closed hands. She was too occupied trying to fend off her taller foe to be aware of where the struggle was leading them, Then Laney felt herself crashing through a set of double doors into what looked to her to be a grassy courtyard with a swimming pool and hot tub.

Laney had indeed, been simultaneously shoved and thrown through the French doors into the courtyard outside by the feverish struggle with Taylor. As Laney's tightly-clad body was twisted at an uncomfortable angle when she collided with the door on her right and the enraged Taylor pressed tightly against her shorter frame on her left, Laney's ribs connected hard as the door gave way and she fell through the now opened entrance. Locked together, the two women went stumbling across the short distance leading to a grassy knoll. Laney felt a cool gust of air enveloping her body which came as a welcome relief after the heat back inside, but it was only a momentary blessing as the infuriated Taylor was still upon her and showed no sign of relenting. In the instant Laney recognized her surroundings, she felt a soft thigh forcing it's way between her naked thighs. Tripped, she went tumbling onto the grass and felt the wind knocked out of her when the heavier Taylor landed directly on top of her.

The next thing Laney became aware of was Taylor's pronounced breasts on her face, the beer-soaked cleavage bulging out the top of her dress smothering her as the taller woman crushed her into the grass underneath; threatening to flatten her into the ground. Next, Laney became aware of Taylor's clothed midsection slamming into her belly, expelling the air from her lungs. Hindered by the large breasts covering her face, Laney couldn't get any air! On the heels of that came the sensation of Taylor's smooth thighs kicking and struggling for purchase until her knees were planted on either side of the downed woman. As Taylor established herself in the position of dominance, Laney felt Taylor's inner thighs pressing against her sides as the smothering breasts heaved themselves off her face.

Laney sucked in as deep a breath as she could before she gasped at the searing pain of Taylor's fingers grabbing her by the hair, tightening her fists and then yanking all the way down to the roots. Grinning with malice, Taylor arched her body forward, bringing all her weight down on Laney's prostrate body. Taylor was a vision of physical superiority in the eyes of the crowd of partygoers who'd rushed outside through the open doorway to watch the catfight now in full effect. The fact the onlookers were witnessing her current predicament made Laney self-conscious that her rival was on top of her, although she did her best to shut this out of her mind as Taylor lifted her by the hair and slammed her head back down to earth, dazing her long enough for Taylor to reposition herself with a knee on Laney's stomach. She pressed down harder, gripping her hair tighter as she lifted Laney's head and slammed it to the ground a second time - then a third and a fourth!

Laney was becoming dazed by the repeated impacts and feared she would pass out if they continued. Deciding there was only one thing she could do at this point, she struggled to turn her head to the side as Taylor was lifting her yet again. Leaning over, Laney sank her teeth into the soft flesh of Taylor's forearm and bit down hard. She felt the smooth skin give under her teeth and heard the piercing scream from deep inside Taylor's lungs filling her eardrums over the shouts of encouragement from the crowd surrounding the warring hellcats. Taking advantage of Taylor's distraction, Laney pushed off her back against Taylor's knee still pressing into her midsection and reached for Taylor's hair. Grabbing hold tightly, Laney gathered the hair in her fingers and pulled hard just as her foe gathered herself with a snarl and re-established her own grip on Laney's hair. Not wanting to lose her retaliation, Laney whipped her body in one single fierce convulsive shake, toppling Taylor onto the grass beside her and twisting her body so she was on her side facing her. In a fluid movement, Taylor yanked at Laney while the shorter woman was twisting her body to the side, pulling Laney over even farther. In a flash, the hellcats were rolling over and over across the grass, pulling and tearing at one another's hair as the partygoers - male and female alike - cheered for their favorite woman or just screamed for one of them or the other for no good reason at all.

"Kick her ass, Laney!" "Rip her hair out, Taylor!" "Teach the rich bitch a lesson!" "Put the geek in her place!"

Over and over the two battling adversaries rolled on the soft grass, repeatedly trading positions as their mutual attacks moved from hairpulling to scratching and slapping. Finally they again rolled to a stop. Once again Taylor was straddling Laney, bearing down with all her weight on the shorter woman determined to demonstrate to everyone present she was the better woman. This time, however, her dominance was hindered by Laney's having her arms wrapped around her waist, seeking out the area where Taylor would most likely feel the full brunt of her assault. Finding the yielding area between Taylor's ribcage and her hips, Laney steeled her face in fierce determination as she grabbed one wrist with her other hand and squeezed hard, burying her face in Taylor's cleavage in her concentration. Taylor let out an involuntary gasp as Laney's arms tightened around her with surprising strength for a woman of Laney's size; compressing her soft middle as her muscles bulged under her skin.

Taylor had expected to show Laney up with this little maneuver, but the shorter woman had turned it around on her without even having to exert additional energy. Even though Taylor was the one who was on top, Laney's encircling arms pressed tighter and tighter against her midsection, squeezing off her breath as their legs slid and rubbed together, fighting for dominance, fighting their way out from beneath their dresses. The gasp from Taylor's throat was replaced by a pained groan as Laney crushed her tighter, her forearms forcing Taylor's waist into a more compact area.

Determined not to panic and to maintain her position as the better woman in this fight, Taylor leaned forward, pressing her large breasts down on Laney's cute face, remembering the muffled gasps that had come from her earlier when she had involuntarily smothered her. This time, Taylor was pressing down as hard as she could onto Laney, cutting off her air as she leaned over and whispered fiercely, "Leggo me, you little bitch!" As her response, Laney twisted their bodies over until they were side by side, freeing herself from the devastating breast smother Taylor was inflicting. Drawing in a long gasp of air as her face was extricated from the smother, Laney began to tighten her grip once again when, suddenly, she felt the soft boniness of Taylor's knee smash into her crotch, the impact jerking her body and sending her skidding over the grass.

Laney let out a startled grunt and found herself in a desperate struggle to regain her breath when Taylor used the momentum to break free from Laney's arms, throw her off and crawl onto her knees. Taylor dove on top of the shorter hellcat, reaching for her hair again. In a reflexive move, Laney slapped Taylor hard, pushing herself up into her heavier opponent and rolling her over as they again began to roll around in the grass again. Their entwined legs squirmed and writhed together like a nest of serpents as they twisted and bucked in every imaginable position until they came to a halt. This time with Taylor lying on her side on the grass, facing Laney. Before Laney could recover, she felt a pair of silky, slightly muscular thighs slammed around her neck, closing on her windpipe as Taylor crossed her ankles to complete the tight scissors around her throat.

Laney lay gagging and choking as Taylor stretched her legs as far out as they would go, tightening the leglock and strangling her hated rival in the process. Taylor was on her left side, propping herself up on her elbow as her legs crushed Laney's neck, depriving her of oxygen as the taller woman turned to look at her with condescension and utter superiority. Seeing the debilitating effect her legs were having on Laney, Taylor propped herself higher on her elbow and taunted, "You're not all that NOW, are you, bitch?"

"Get... off me... you're... choking...," Laney sputtered through quivering lips as the shapely thighs closed in from either side of her throat, leaving a smaller and smaller space between them for her to breathe.

"Nothing doing, whore. Not until I decide I wanna let you go!" Taylor snapped, jerking her legs to allow her to relax her muscles ever-so-briefly, then stretching her long limbs again, her ankles locked on the other side of Laney's neck and pulsing the leglock in short staccato bursts.

Laney was opening her mouth to protest again when Taylor kicked the scissors outward in a sudden jerk, choking off her rival's words before she had a chance to utter them. Her eyes narrowed, her face a grotesque mask of jealousy and anger, Taylor maintained the excruciatingly hold on Laney's neck with her legs, glaring at her enemy through narrow eyes as Laney ineffectually slapped at her thighs in outright defiance at the embarrassment she was being subjected to at the hands of her adversary. Laney's palms connected with audible smacks each time her hand made contact with the soft flesh cutting off her breathing. The pain of the impacts registered on Taylor's face but she stubbornly refused to let go of her prey, keeping her thighs pressed firmly on her neck.

Laney was beginning to feel woozy and light-headed. Fearing she might pass out, she started running her fingers along a smooth thigh until they reached the bottom of Taylor's asscheek. Curling her fingers, Laney dug them deep into the muscle in that area, clamping down hard on the back of Taylor's thigh, seeking the sensitive muscle tissue in an effort to loosen the tight leglock around her neck before it was too late. Laney's breathing grew hoarse as she gasped for breath as she dug her fingers around in the muscle and worked furiously. Laney began to feel Taylor's tight grip on her neck loosening but Taylor wasn't willing to give up her advantage so easily and she worked to maintaining the hold until it became a struggle to maintain the scissors on Laney without allowing her to extricate herself. Laney was just as determined to break the death-grip on her windpipe, however, and she redoubled her efforts to weaken Taylor's thigh muscles so she would be forced to retract and break the scissors.

Eventually, Laney's perseverance paid off and she was able to force Taylor's legs to open wide enough that she could wriggle her head out from between them and scramble away on her hands and knees, inhaling deeply and fighting to regain her breath as she crawled away to the cheers of encouragement from the partygoers. Taylor stretched and massaged her aching legs which were almost numb. The cheers had diminished somewhat when the warring ladies separated, but they started up again as Taylor struggled to her feet and approached Laney from behind while she was still on hands and knees. Taylor grabbed the back of Laney's black dress and hauled her up roughly, tearing the thin fabric in the process. Laney's back was exposed to the onlookers as she whirled around to face Taylor with the straps of her bikini underwear visible as evidenced by the shouts of enthusiasm from the people who could see them. But Laney controlled her embarrassment as she stood her ground prepared to meet Taylor who was advancing on her again.

The tall hellcat threw a punch at Laney's stomach which she dodged in the nick of time, then Laney threw a blow of her own at Taylor's breasts to defend herself. While Laney was moving to avoid Taylor's punch, her own shot didn't connect with her chest as she'd intended, just grazed the soft, sensitive orb from the side. But the connection was all it took to anger Taylor as she advanced on Laney again, throwing another hard fist to her belly. This one sank into her upper abdomen with enough force to double Laney over gasping in pain. Taylor was about to follow up with a punch to Laney's head but once again she moved and avoided it at the last possible second. Laney countered with another punch toward Taylor's breasts and this one connected harder, sinking into Taylor's generous bosom and forcing her back a step or two.

As Laney watched Taylor back up, something dawned on her. In the next few instants her mind formulated a plan to help her win the fight, something to kick off a series of tacks that would hopefully frustrate Taylor to the point of unbalancing her and making her angry enough to not think about her own tactics just enough time for Laney to mount a counter-offensive. Hoping it would work while ignoring the shouts of encouragement coming from the crowd surrounding them, Laney ducked a punch thrown at her head by Taylor and countered with one to her lower abdomen and another at her stomach. Taylor took the punch before narrowing her eyes and moving in to land a punch to Laney's face. Again Laney ducked and countered, this time with a punch to Taylor's solar plexus.

The shot struck home, but Taylor managed to grab Laney's wrist as her fist connected and twisted it behind her back. Clawing blindly at the front of her dress, Taylor ripped the front of Laney's dress at her cleavage exposing more of her bikini underwear when the dress ripped down to her waist. Laney was able to wrench herself free of the semi-hammerlock and whirl around just in time to avoid another punch at her head. Feeling her anger mushrooming at being humiliated by Taylor, Laney slipped her bare leg between Taylor's thighs and shoved. Uttering a startled yelp as she fell, Taylor reflexively grabbed the front of Laney's dress, pulling the shorter hellcat down with her and ripping her top completely in two. With her torso stripped almost naked for all to see except for her tight black vinyl covering her tits, Laney was aroused to wrath enough for her to land a hard punch to Taylor's face as she avoided a wild slap thrown her way.

The punch snapped Taylor's head back and Laney glowered at her, narrowing her own eyes as Taylor put her fingers to her nose, then took them away to see whether she was bleeding. Not caring whether Taylor was distracted or not, Laney advanced on her, grabbing Taylor by the front of her dress and yanking, smiling at the sound of Taylor's dress ripping. Laney balled her other hand into a fist that she drove into Taylor's mouth. This seemed to herald all hell breaking loose! As if by some unspoken signal, they tore into each other, with fists swinging and ripping their dresses until their tops resembled tattered rags and leaving both women's torsos completely exposed. Laney still had her bikini top for the time being, but the hoots and wolf-whistles from the gathered spectators came when everyone saw Taylor was naked from the waist up.

They exchanged a series of slaps and punches thrown to strategic parts of their bodies until Taylor made a grab at Laney's top, slashing out at her breasts as she tried to rip the tight black vinyl from her body. Taylor took a punch to the side of the head for her effort, which she returned with a shot to Laney's unprotected tits that caused her to gasp. At almost that same instant, Taylor tore the bikini from Laney's chest, exposing her breasts for the partygoers who erupted in an uproar of cheers and whistles. Not liking this humiliation from Taylor, Laney leapt forward as Taylor came at her and their bare, sweating, liquor drenched, chests colliding with a resounding SMACK. Their breasts ballooned and engulfed those of their rival as in unison they each grabbed the other's hair and twisted, tearing at it as they began to roll around on the grass again while taunting each other verbally.

"You call those tits, cunt?" Taylor sneered. "No wonder you were never as popular as me!"

"Yours must have been the only reason you were popular at all," Laney spat. "But I'm gonna shove them up your ass!"

"I'd like to see you try bitch!" Taylor snarled. "You're not woman enough!"

To demonstrate her threat, Taylor rolled Laney face up on the ground, lifted up and slammed her chest into Laney's, crushing the shorter hellcat's breasts beneath her larger ones. A groan escaped Laney's throat as Taylor's breasts engulfed hers. The intended psychological effect had taken its toll as Laney looked down and saw her breasts disappear beneath Taylor's. Grinning, Taylor lifted up a second time and slammed her chest into Laney's, this time adding the effect of plowing her belly into the shorter woman's and forcing a gust of air from her as she again was forced to watch Taylor's larger breasts envelop her. For a third time Laney felt the impact of silky flesh pounding into her body and another huff of air escaped her lips. Taylor grasped Laney's wrists and pinned them to the grass to prevent Laney from using her fingers to fight back against her tormentor. Then slamming herself into Laney's heaving naked chest a fourth time, Taylor sneered, "You're nothing, cunt. I'm the better woman; you know it, I know it, everyone here's gonna know it when I'm done with you!"

The combined effect of her breasts being dwarfed by Taylor's physical assets with each impact of naked flesh against naked flesh and the taller hellcat's verbal taunting filled Laney with both embarrassment and anger; the latter emotion eventually winning out. Deciding to use this to her advantage and recalling the strategy she'd devised not too long ago, Laney began to retaliate even with her wrists firmly pinned to the ground. Laney raised her torso to meet Taylor's each time the taller woman's body slammed down onto her, their stomachs colliding with a loud, resounding <b>SLAP</b> as their breasts fought for dominance between their writhing bodies. Laney grunted at the first belly-to-belly collision, her cute face registering the pain she felt from the effort, but she steeled herself and thrust her belly upward to meet each impact.

SLAP! Laney grunted again as their bellies collided, feeling more breath knocked out of her at the impact.

SLAP! Taylor emitted a startled Uh! as she herself felt their lower torsos ramming into each other.

SLAP! Laney groaned at the combined effort to resist Taylor's assault and fight to turn the tables on her adversary.

The expression on Taylor's face slowly changed from total arrogance to shock and then disbelief as she realized Laney was meeting her attacks with equal force, turning the tide of battle between them. Taylor felt the breath being knocked out of her each time Laney thrust her stomach up and rammed it into her smooth gut. In a split second, Taylor's shock and disbelief turned into rage. She bore down with her weight to pin Laney to the ground, her knees planting themselves firmly on the grass with her thighs pressing against the outside of Laney's legs as she lifted up higher, coming down harder onto Laney with a loud SMACK! Taylor leaned forward and ground her torso into the smaller hellcat's, knocking Laney back to earth as she brought up her own stomach to fight back, then bucking and rolling her breasts over Laney's. Using a short rolling motion, Taylor rubbed her tits up until they were covering the handsome face of the shorter woman, then she released her wrists and grabbed the back of Laney's head to secure her face firmly into her cleavage.

Laney began to buck and squirm feverishly, like a fish out of water. Her air was entirely shut off by the big, soft breasts molding themselves to her face, drowning out the frenzied cries of the partygoers. Her lower body writhed and jerked spasmodically as she fought desperately to extricate herself from Taylor's breast smothering trap; her legs flailing, kicking and slipping up and down against Taylor's inner thighs. Taylor grunted as she made a visible effort to subdue Laney, fighting to keep her breasts covering her face as she was struggling to subdue a ravenous boa constrictor. Gritting her teeth, Taylor bore down with her chest, leaning forward as if seeking to suffocate her smaller enemy while her thighs fought to keep Laney's legs trapped between them. The vision was as erotic as it was exciting to watch and the crowd gathered around them were eating it up, now shouting words of encouragement of a sexual nature.

"Bite the bitch!"

"Make the geek suck them!"

"Push them in harder!"

"Get out of it, Laney!"

Taylor's face was a twisted rictus of hate and concentration as she fought on to subdue Laney's struggles. Then, all of a sudden, her expression turned from concentration to open-mouthed agony, her eyes flapping wide open until she looked like Gowron in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as she inhaled deeply. In a few seconds, the partygoers realized what had happened. In a last-ditch effort to free herself, Laney had lifted her knee and slamming it directly into Taylor's crotch with brute force; the kneecap sinking deep into the sensitive tissue of her pussy beneath her panties.. Laney's leg, bent at the knee, rested against Taylor's crotch and ass for a few moments before she lowered it and repeated the motion; again pounding her knee up into Taylor's tender womanhood. Then, quite unexpectedly, Taylor let loose with a piercing scream and began fighting to lift her chest from Laney's face. As she struggled to rise, the crowd saw for the first time that Laney had her teeth in one of Taylor's breasts. She was chewing on the engorged nipple with mouth as if she wanted to tear if from Taylor's body.

Laney's face was deeply flushed from lack of oxygen after the merciless breast smother, but she kept her teeth firmly biting down on the nipple as Taylor pealed forth another ear-shattering scream. Laney arched her body upward as Taylor reared up on her knees. Laney formed her fingers into claws and raked them over Taylor's eyes, raking outward, blinding her for as long as it took for her to squirm out from under the taller, heavier hellcat. Laney was free! But her freedom came with a price! In a fit of blind flailing, Taylor managed to grab remaining half of Laney's dress, pulling at the material as Laney scrambled away and exposing the shorter hellcat's dimpled thighs when the bottom half of the dress was torn away from her body. Instinctively, Laney kicked her feet free of the entrapping material, freeing her legs as she rolled on the grass and sat up in shock at the realization that, except for her vinyl bikini underwear, she was now almost naked.

Taylor grasped Laney's dress with a reflexively closed fist as she blinked and rubbed her eyes, struggling to restore her vision. In a few moments her vision cleared and she stared blankly at the torn black cloth in her hand as if it was a dubious foreign object. Tossing the dress away, Taylor glared at Laney with pure venomous hatred as she got to her feet, bending down to peel away the remains of her own tattered red dress and baring her legs for the crowd of partygoers; still determined to show everyone she was the superior woman. Laney glared back at Taylor with equal animosity as she struggled to her feet facing her rival with a surprisingly unafraid expression on her face.

"That's it, whore," Taylor spat as she suddenly charged Laney, plowing into her and tangling together as their struggle carried them toward the pool.

They pushed past the scattering onlookers, bumping, jostling and even knocking down quite a few people as they tore into each other, stumbling across the grass and slamming to the concrete apron around the pool. Losing their balance as their legs entangled, Laney and Taylor plunged headlong into the shallow end of the water, completely disappearing from view before they emerged separately, sputtering and spouting water to cheers from the students who'd rushed poolside to watch the fight continue. Their hair matted against their wet, soaked flesh, they looked around briefly until they found each other, then glaring hatefully across the short distance between them they rushed together.

Taylor's damp, naked breasts came under fire first as Laney whipped a fierce slap that connected with a wet SMACK to the side of the taller hellcat's left breast. Returning the favor, Taylor backhanded Laney across the mouth with her right hand, knocking her back into the water up to her upper chest. Wading through the water towards Laney, Taylor grabbed for a handful of wet hair and almost got it before Laney ducked under her grasping hand and cracked her across the cheek with another fierce slap that twisted her head off to the side. With a guttural sound from deep within her lungs, Taylor surged forward in the water to where Laney waited and slammed a pair of fists into Laney's stomach.

The fleshy gut gave way and Laney doubled over from the impact of the two blows. Moving to within kissing distance of Laney, Taylor swept her arms around the shorter woman's middle, her arms sliding over the soft moistness of her sides until they locked together at the small of her back. Lifting Laney out of the water, Taylor leaned back and pulled Laney to her as the water from the swimming pool ran down the shorter woman's flashing thighs. Laney's head was thrown back, her chest flattened against Taylor's as she was bent over as the woman agonizingly tightened her bear hug. Their breasts mushroomed between them, their bellies rubbed against one another as Laney writhed in the crushing bear hug.

They looked like a pair of Siamese twins as Taylor reared back and screeched through clenched teeth in her exertions to crush the air from the smaller woman's lungs. Laney cried out in pain as she felt herself pulled inexorably into Taylor's larger chest, the sound lost in the cheers of the partygoers as they watched the big woman compress Laney's hourglass figure tighter and tighter. Defiantly, Laney persisted in her intense squirming, her legs thrashing up out of the water to brush against and finally wrap themselves around Taylor's silky thighs as with both hands she grabbed and yanked harshly at Taylor's wet, matted hair.

"Bitch..." Laney sputtered as she tried to use her own body against Taylor's crushing, unaffectionate embrace; whipping her dampened tresses with each convulsive shake of her head. ".....can't... breathe..."

"Awww, poor Laney," Taylor snarled. "I'm gonna squeeze you til your fucking eyes pop, slut!"

With that, Taylor pulsed her arms tighter around Laney's midriff, squeezing the bearhug tighter while Laney's legs struggled against her thighs, trying desperately to unbalance her in the pool, to make her lose her footing; tightening her fingers in Taylor's hair and tugging fiercely. Angered by Laney's attempts to fight back, Taylor walked her to the edge of the pool and slammed her back into the wall as she held Laney against her with a final Herculean tug. Taylor extracted her legs from Laney's and began slamming her fists into the shorter hellcat's curvy midsection. She followed that by lifting her leg out of the water and ramming it into her belly repeatedly. The successive impacts of Taylor's fist and knee, together with the lack of oxygen she suffered from the crushing bear hug was depriving Laney more and more of her strength.

Still determined not to fall to Taylor, Laney grabbed her face with her fingernails digging into the soft cheeks. Instantly, Taylor's hands went to her own face, grasping Laney's to pry her fingernails out of her tender flesh. With a fierce effort, Laney whipped her body around to and exchanged positions with her rival. Now Laney was pushing Taylor against the edge of the pool. With one hand, Laney supported her other hand holding Taylor's face, gripping the first hand to force her fingers into her deeper. Taylor screeched as the nails dug into her face and she redoubled her efforts to extract them. Realizing this was fruitless, Taylor lifted both legs and coiled them tightly around the shapely hourglass waist of her smaller adversary. Locking her ankles together, Taylor started squeezing hard. Feeling the moist thighs on her sides and back, crushing her already pained midriff, Laney threw her head back again as her wet tresses whipped across her bare upper back; gritting her teeth and steeling herself to hold the tight claw-grip she'd established on Taylor's face.

For long, drawn out moments the hellcats remained locked in their mutual positions, each trying to overpower the other, writhing and twisting their bodies as they fought for some unexpected advantage. This continued until a scream escaped from Laney's throat when Taylor bit into a couple of her fingers. Her hand reflexively loosened in reaction to the bite and taking immediate advantage, Taylor pried the other fingers from her face and punched Laney in the side of the head with her fist, dazing her for long enough to lift herself out of the pool while keeping her legs still firmly wrapped around Laney's waist. Taylor dragged Laney out of the pool with her and rolling across the concrete until they found themselves on the grass. They kept rolling until both were lying face up on the lawn, Taylor's legs across Laney's waist in the tight scissors. Propping herself up and leaning back on her hands to increase the power of the hold, Taylor squeezed as hard as she could, forcing the shorter hellcat to lean her head back and let loose a long, agonized wail of pain.

Taylor's shapely thighs around Laney's curvy waist closed remorselessly, forcing their way deep into the yielding bare flesh as the scissors tightened. Laney's body jerked and whipped convulsively in her efforts to free herself of the torturous leg scissors squeezed still more oxygen from her burning lungs. Kicking her own legs, Laney tried to force enough space to open between Taylor's limbs to escape the legs brutally crushing her. But Taylor was fully enraged now and as determined as ever to defeat her hated rival by using all the strength of her thighs to force Laney to admit defeat. Tighter and tighter the scissors closed as Taylor increased her power and Laney bucked furiously but futilely trying to escape the debilitating hold. Her energy slowly waned as she remained trapped between Taylor's legs, until the only thing Laney could do was to lie still and try to endure the pain caused by the thighs crushing her. In her exertions Laney discovered that in her a tear had escaped her eyes and was flowing down her cheek. Taylor also noticed and, laughing out loud, she taunted, "Awww, is poor Laney gonna cry now?"

Enraged by the taunt, Laney did her best to turn to the side to hide her face even though the crushing thighs around her increased in their force. "I'll give <b>YOU</b> something to cry about, bitch," Laney muttered as her hand stole to Taylor's crotch, pushing her fingers under her bikini bottoms.

Laney sought out a certain patch between Taylor's legs that had grown oddly moist during their fight and plunged her fingernails deep into her womanhood. Twisting her wrist, Laney gouged and ripped the tender, sensitive tissue of Taylor's pussy, her counterassault wrenching a long-winded, piercing scream of agony to from Taylor's lungs!Reacting to the burning pain of Laney's fingernails scratching the sensitive tissue of her womanhood, Taylor let out another ear-shattering scream as her legs sprang open freeing Laney from their crushing grip. As for Laney, she was utterly relieved that the squeezing pressure around her waist was gone and the only remnant of the brutally tight scissors was the feeling of Taylor's thigh still positioned under her back. She crawled painstakingly to her knees, her fingers digging harder into Taylor's womanhood as she reared up.

For the sake of payback, she leaned forward and used her other hand to force her fingers deeper still. Taylor's pussy was on fire from the unrelenting fingernail clawing; her near-naked frame began to rock violently back and forth in a desperate attempt to evade the agony of Laney's claw hold. Screaming louder as Laney increased the pressure on her crotch with both hands, Taylor kicked her legs up, wrapping them around Laney's forearms and applying pressure to force her fingers out of her. Screaming uncontrollably, she yelped fragments of sentence at Laney.

"My pussy! My pussy!" Taylor screamed repeatedly, like a bizarre mantra. Then, "Get me, Lane, you fucking bi- "

Taylor's words were abruptly cut off by another uncontrollable shriek as Laney continued to gouge the sensitive skin with her fingers. Taylor's legs loosened and then squeezed harder in an effort to expel Laney's fingers from her. Her thighs bulging with the muscles under her skin, Taylor flexed and squeezed her thighs on the arms punishing her until, little by little, she began to loosen the fingers digging into her inflamed snatch. As she worked, Taylor let loose ear shattering screams that threatened to shatter Laney's eardrums, not to mention those of the people within earshot. Flexing her thigh muscles yet again, Taylor slowly began to extricate Laney's fingers from her, retracting and extending her legs in her eagerness to free herself of the brutal retaliation. Laney gritted her teeth and fought the pain of the legs constricting around her, looking up into her rival's face.

Laney was profoundly surprised when she saw the tears streaming down Taylor's cheeks as she struggled to force Laney to release her womanhood. Laney chuckled at the sight of the otherwise characteristically bitchy face with tears in her eyes. With more volume than Laney felt, a brief, "Awww" from the short hellcat taunted her rival in the same tone of voice that Taylor herself had used to mock her earlier, "is big bad Taylor sobbing like a little baby? I told you I'd give you something to cry about," she added as her fingernails curled again, scratching brutally in Taylor's womanhood again even as the taller woman's legs were forcing her hand out of her tormented pussy. Taylor's efforts to force Laney's hands from her were meeting with success, albeit at great cost to her scratched snatch.

"I'm gonna tear you apart, Laney!" Taylor yelled as she forced her rival's fingers from her crotch, screaming in complete agony yet again as Laney's nails harshly ripped her tender crotch on the way out.

Somehow Laney managed to catch Taylor's bikini as her fingers slipped out of her womanhood and she pulled the sheer panties halfway down Taylor's smooth thighs as they forced Laney's hands away from her womanhood. In spite of her profound discomfort, Laney chuckled to herself at the sight of Taylor struggling on the ground with her panties at her knees. Glaring openly, Taylor pulled her bikini the rest of the way off, stripping to nakedness as she furiously rubbed her throbbing womanhood to alleviate her pain. Increasingly enraged at the sight of Laney laughing at her, in an instant Taylor was on her rival, tackling her to the ground and wrapping her arms around her midriff as she threw her to the soft grass.

Screeching gutturally, "You're dead, bitch!" through gritted teeth, Taylor threw herself on top of Laney.

"I'm not impressed - " Laney started to say, then quickly gritted her teeth as Taylor's fingers closed on her breasts, scratching the sensitive areola as she straddled Laney, bearing down with her weight to bring the pressure to new heights of agony.

Laney struggled to repress the cry from escaping her lips as Taylor squeezed her breasts with both hands; her lower body thrust upward against Taylor in short bursts as she tried unsuccessfully to buck the heavier woman off her. Although she hadn't noticed earlier, Laney now realized that Taylor's pussy had become progressively wetter than when she was clawing at her down there. She discovered this the third time she thrust her crotch upward into Taylor's and felt the wet love juice moistening her pussy with each thrust. Laney guessed Taylor was being physically excited by the constant rubbing of skin on skin during their fight. Deciding to use the knowledge to her advantage to distract Taylor, she concentrated on thrusting her pussy into Taylor's.

Just as Laney hoped, her movements quickly started to distract Taylor from assaulting her sensitive breasts. Soon, her expression of flushed arousal began to show on her exhausted, nail-ripped and bleeding face. Redoubling her efforts at diversion, Laney intensified the impact her crotch made when striking Taylor's. Laney's thick, wiry pussy hair was scrubbing against Taylor's dampening folds. Laney felt wetness in her crotch and discovered that she too had become aroused by the conflict and was becoming increasingly wet as well. That was when Laney noticed for the first time that her breathing had deepened and grown almost hoarse at her own excitement from the constant physical contact between them.

Taylor's fingers were still digging into Laney's breasts and, in an attempt to keep her focus away from her own arousal, Laney decided to return the favor. She reached up and took a firm hold of Taylor's tits, twist and tugging them in retaliation as the partygoers howled their appreciation at the highly erotic display between the battling hellcats. Laney was trying her damnedest to maintain her focus on squeezing Taylor's pained breasts in retaliation for the abuse hers were receiving but as time passed she found her own pussy was growing progressively damp from the constant motion of their sodden crotches one against the other. What's more, when she looked up at Taylor's face she saw recognition dawning in her of what was passing between them. Taylor too now realized how excited they'd both grown from their physical exertions against each other.

Noticing that Laney was making more of at least a partial effort to conduct a battle with their pussies rather than their physical strength, Taylor retaliated, meeting Laney's upward thrusting by pounding down with pelvic thrusts of her own, turning Laney's intended retaliation around on her by ramming her cunt into the upward motions Laney was trying to use to distract her. It was at that moment the fight took a sexual turn and Laney found herself making more of a conscious attempt to thrust her pussy directly into Taylor's. It wasn't long before the partygoers realized what was happening and they clearly couldn't believe their eyes. These women were on their way to making the fight a purely sexual one as their movements degenerated into smashing their pussies together, rubbing and grinding them with increasingly lustful fervor, as if deciding the course the fight would take from there.

Taylor was the first to step up the action, altering tactics from clawing Laney's breasts to kneading and massaging them fervently, teasing Laney's nipples with her fingers by pulling, pinching and then returning to knead the sensitive orbs. Leaning in until her lips were at Laney's ear, she whispered, "I'm gonna take you in front of all these people one way or another, bitch," punctuating her statement by extending her tongue outward and teasingly licking Laney's ear.

Laney found herself shuddering from as Taylor went back to work on her breasts and womanhood, kneading and grinding their pussies together as her shorter rival fought to match the pelvic thrusts being thrown down on her. In an attempt to fight back, Laney took to massaging Taylor's larger breasts, determined after all they'd been through to come out on top in this fight. Feeling Laney's hands working her breasts and nipples, Taylor sneered at her again and stepped up her own attack, her downward movements on Laney's cunt growing more fervent and passionate. Seconds passed as the physical exertion of the two women became wilder and more fervent as they mutually inflame the other's ardor in full view of those watching. Laney was gasping and sucking in breaths as Taylor's pussy ground down her labia and clitoris, working Laney's aroused sex into a frothing frenzy of lust. Laney was lying flat on her back on the grass under her rival, her head tilted back as the taller hellcat continued slamming their crotches together.

Laney knew if this kept up and she was unable to regain a modicum of control, she'd end up being pushed over the brink of orgasm. Exerting a massive effort, she pushed herself up, increasing the intensity of the fight that had taken a sexual course. She planted a lingering wet kiss directly on Taylor's lips as another uproar from the partygoers erupted all around them. Taylor's face her registered shock at the kiss, then as quickly as it had come it passed and she returned the kiss, plunging her tongue deep into Laney's open mouth to caress her teeth and tongue, sliding her lower abdomen forward as she wrapped her legs around Laney's curvaceous midsection once more. Taylor's thighs clamped onto Laney's sides with renewed strength as Laney groaned under the thrall of the passionate French kiss combined with the feeling of another scissors lock compressing her waist. But Taylor suppressed this as she leaned in close to force her tongue deep into Laney's gasping mouth. Her hands went from kneading Laney's breasts to pinching her nipples - hard - forcing a squeal of combined pain and pleasure to come from Laney's throat that was almost stifled by Taylor's long tongue plunging into her mouth.

Laney uttered another suppressed groan that degenerated into a low, animal grunt as Taylor's thighs compressed her tighter, pressing remorselessly against both sides of her waist as they sought to cut right through her body, cleaving her in two. With her ankles crossed at the small of Laney's back, Taylor took to increasing the pressure her thighs, forcing longer grunt-groan series from Laney. Seeing the effect she was having on Laney, Taylor began to pulse and retract her legs around Laney, each time squeezing a little tighter until a series of harsh grunts came from deep in Laney's throat. Releasing Taylor's generous breasts, Laney raked and clawed at the encircling legs torturing her agonized waist, scratching brutally down her thighs in an effort to loosen them while struggling to meet each thrust of Taylor's tongue plunging its way into her mouth by extending her own tongue. Soon their tongues were wrestling with the same fervor their bodies were displaying against each other.

Taylor reached behind Laney's head, grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her in closer to intensify the kiss as she squeezed her legs tighter still around her waist. The only sound Laney could make was a series of staccato breaths as her fingernails continued frantically clawing Taylor's full thighs. The thighs crushing her shifted uncomfortably then clamped down on her again with more vigor than ever. Realizing Taylor wasn't about to let up on the scissors despite her best efforts to tear at the smooth flesh of her thighs, Laney decided to use another tactic, slipping her hand between Taylor's legs an massaging her pussy, then plunging her fingers in and working her clit with quick, fluid movements.

Determined to maintain her crushing leglock, Taylor reflexively squeezed her legs in another mighty compression that forced another drawn out groan from Laney who, nevertheless, refused to halt her assault on Taylor's pussy, continuing to massage her clit with moistening fingers. The effect of the massage between her legs showed on Taylor's face as she began to breathe deeply between the French kisses she continued planting on Laney. Her tight scissors beginning to quiver and shake more violently as Laney massaged her clit harder and faster. Laney kissed Taylor more deeply now that she was in control of Taylor's pussy and she craned her neck forward and breathed in her ear, "Do you want to quit now and save yourself the humiliation, or do you want me to make you cum in front of everybody?"

Taylor returned Laney's kiss with a harder French kiss of her own and breathed, "That'll be the day, whore. I'm gonna fuck you harder than you've ever had it in your life!"

Then Taylor twisted her body to the side, wrenching Laney over and increasing the tightness of the scissors for a few more agonizing moments while also trapping Laney's hand between her thighs which hindered the movement of her fingers on her clit. Taylor gave Laney a final squeeze with her thighs before releasing her. Lying on her side, Laney had just the briefest moment of respite before Taylor slithered upward over her prone body and slammed her legs around her throat, locking her ankles behind her head. Laney's face was jutting up between the back of Taylor's thighs as the taller hellcat set her face in grim determination as she squeezed hard on the almost exhausted Laney's windpipe, holding her firmly in place with the leglock as she propped herself up on one elbow again so that she would have a clear view of her victim.

With Laney's head firmly trapped between her thighs, Taylor worked to choke the breath from her, stretching her legs outward and retracting them, alternating between these motions while pulsing her thighs in short bursts. Laney's cheeks lay just above the back of Taylor's thighs and she gagged and struggled for breath as her throat was crushed in the painful scissors. She slapped and clawed at Taylor's legs but Taylor wasn't going to be denied now and she clamped her legs tighter, resisting the pain she felt as Laney began to slap and claw at her legs while her face turned beet red. Laney's legs moved up and down, fighting for some kind of purchase on the cool grass underneath her, but to no avail. Taylor held her body at too awkward an angle for her to mount any effective counterassault. Still, Taylor persisted in tightening her thighs on Laney's windpipe, seeming to revel in the choked cries of agony issuing from her throat.

Taylor seemed aware that Laney had reached the end of her endurance and she propping herself higher on her elbow she demanded of her rival, "Are you ready to admit I'm the better woman, or do I have to keep humiliating you in front of everybody?"

Sputtering through her lips while helplessly caught in the scissors lock, Laney spat defiantly, "Go to hell, Taylor."

Enraged, Taylor squeezed her legs once more around Laney's throat, bringing another choked cry. Taylor released the leglock and rolled Laney on the grass. Planting a lingering kiss on her lips, Taylor snarled, "You asked for it. Now I'm gonna show everyone how much better I am than you!"

"Go for it, slut," Laney shot back, refusing to admit she was beaten.

Taylor was pissed at Laney's defiance, but as their eyes met, just briefly, Laney suspected there was something else lurking behind it. Something… the look struck Laney as particularly curious, but at the moment she had little time to consider it as the fight was on again!

Taylor flipped over facing Laney's feet and planted her ass on Laney's face. Hearing the roar from the crowd gathered around them as her bare ass settled itself on her rival, Taylor decided to give them a performance of rubbing and grinding her ass cheeks on Laney, rolling herself all around the smothered face of the shorter hellcat amid the renewed cries of encouragement spurring her on. She ground her ass on Laney, bearing down harder with each second as Laney squirmed and kicked her legs in protest, her curvaceous hour glass frame writhing to pull herself out from under the full backside planted on her. Responding to Laney's fevered struggles, Taylor bore down harder, humping and rolling all over her hapless adversary as Laney clawed her ass cheeks, scratching and attempting to bite her.

As Laney's lips and teeth slid over her skin, Taylor lifted her ass from her rival's flushed face as she gasped for breath, then dropped it down on her mouth and nose again, continuing her constant grinding. What Taylor was unaware of when she lifted her ass, however, but what Laney noticed at that instant, was the flash from a camera. Laney caught the barest glimpse of it just before Taylor's ass descended onto her face again. For some reason, the thought of someone recording the event for posterity encouraged her to continue the struggle against her tormentor. Laney's legs kicked higher than before in an effort to free herself as Taylor continued to grind her ass on her face. Pushing down even harder, Taylor captured the kicking limbs, her hands caressing the back of Laney's thighs as they moved toward her womanhood again. Once there, Taylor's fingers plunged into Laney's fully aroused pussy while hooking her thighs in place. As Laney's feet waggled in the air, Taylor massaged her labia and clitoris with furiously eager motions in her heated efforts to make her hated rival cum in front of the salivating crowd of college boys and girls.

Laney's struggle was visibly weakened when Taylor grasped her thighs, but she nonetheless fought on trying to free herself, yet only encouraging Taylor to redouble her effort to subdue her. Taylor's ass ground harder and harder into Laney's face as Laney's entire body writhed and squirmed with ever-increasing pleasure as the hand massaging her pussy stroked faster and faster, plunging in and out of her like a jackhammer. Laney's moans were muffled by Taylor's ass pressing down on her face; her nostrils hopelessly trapped by the musty scent of Taylor's womanhood as her lower body bucked and ground against her, Taylor's pounding increasing in intensity every second as Laney sensed her rival was steadily edging herself closer and closer to orgasm even as her insistent fingers forced Laney in the same direction. Laney had little time to consider Taylor's situation for she could feel Taylor's fingers expertly manipulating her clit, rubbing and stroking the hard nub and causing her stifled moans to grow progressively louder as her body seemed on sexual autopilot.

Despite her resistance to and hatred of, Taylor, Laney realized her hips were moving in time with the strokes of Taylor's fingers as they plunged into her over and over again, moistening her pussy and setting her clit on fire. She felt herself being forced closer and closer to the brink of an explosive release. Laney began to squirm until she started to shake and convulse in pleasure as the taller hellcat straddling her pushed her closer and closer to losing control of her body. Taylor seemed to grow excited as she felt Laney's writhing body struggle for control between her thighs. Bearing down on her rival to subdue her squirming, she enjoyed her position of sexual dominance over her rival. As Taylor increased the intensity of her bucking on Laney's face, she shuddered as Laney's nose was wedged deep into her. The feeling of Laney's face rubbing her womanhood exciting Taylor even as her fingers worked to push her rival relentlessly toward an orgasm. The fingers inside Laney rubbed her harder and faster than ever. It seemed to go on forever, as Taylor was determined to push Laney to orgasm.

Laney was losing more and more control over her body as evidenced by her spasmodic hip motion and louder moaning as Taylor worked her womanhood with a skill Laney had never felt before. Finally, her body stiffened as the first waves of the orgasm hit her, racking her body even as it held her in its throes. Then came a second and third wave followed by the overwhelming sensation of multiple orgasms assaulting her senses, ripping a long scream of ecstasy from her throat, her cries of pleasure muffled by Taylor's ass and pussy which remained firmly planted on her face. As Laney cried out in the explosion of her orgasm, Taylor felt the vibrations of Laney's cries on her own clitoris. In an utterly excited state of mind, she coiled her legs once more around the throat of her rival while pressing her womanhood right onto her mouth and grinding against Laney's quivering lips, pulsing her scissors as she rubbed her crotch on the lower half of Laney's face.

Taylor's tight leglock was squeezing the last of the air from Laney as the taller woman was increasingly excited by the face being ground into her pussy. As her oxygen supply was running out, Laney just barely heard the unmistakable sound of Taylor screaming in absolute pleasure as she too came in a shuddering climax. Knowing she'd pass out soon unless the tide of battle changed, she summoned the last reserves of her fading strength and heaved her body in one Herculean shake, somehow managing to flip herself and her tormentor over so that Laney was now on top. Snaking here legs underneath Taylor's armpits and spreading them outward so her rival wouldn't be able to move, Laney pressed down as hard as she could, grinding her ass hard into Taylor's mouth and nostrils and cutting off her breathing altogether.

She cried out weakly as Taylor's legs stiffened and pressed against the sides of her neck, as if sensing her own fading energy and wanting to be the one to squeeze Laney out before the shorter hellcat smothered her into unconsciousness. The sight was an erotic one to behold as the women struggled and strained against one another, fighting desperately to make the other pass out first. Their naked bodies squirmed and ground together harshly as the gathered audience screamed their encouragement to their favorite fighter, neither of them wanting to quit but knowing all the same it was just a matter of time before one of them went under. After the pain and humiliation she'd gone through, Laney resolved it would not be her as she ground her ass harder into Taylor's face, determined to walk away the victor. Taylor was writhing like a madwoman and screaming herself raw from underneath Laney's butt, oxygen-starved and desperate to breathe. After a massive struggle, Laney finally felt the larger body underneath her relax and become motionless.

At first she suspected it might be a feint on Taylor's part, so Laney remained in her position, her ass pressing into her rival's face. When she saw there was no movement; Taylor was out cold; she attempted to struggle to her knees but ended up flopping on her adversary's unconscious body. She lay on top of Taylor, utterly exhausted and out of breath. After a time she turned to the left and saw her top and bikini underwear was beside her where their struggle had moved it. Her body was in agony from the constant punishment she'd been subjected to at Taylor's hands. It was a long time before Laney could move, let alone rear up on her knees. With painstaking effort she struggled into her underwear and, leaning on a tree for support, she stood up on shaky legs, smiling despite the pain that racked her body with each move as she bent down to retrieve her top and put it on, opting to walk out of the backyard that way awash in the cheers of her side of the encouragement camp.

The next morning, Laney dragged herself out of bed through the pain that still racked her body and went downstairs to make coffee. When she got there she discovered there was a message on her answering machine, quite unexpectedly because she hadn't expected anyone to try calling this early in the morning. Her arm protesting against her movements, she pressed the playback button. She heard Taylor's voice on the other end of the line, her tone peppered with her usual bitchiness, but there was something different, something she couldn't quite put her finger on. "You cheated, bitch. I want to meet you again…" Taylor was saying, and left a number where Laney could contact her. Laney didn't know how she got her phone number, but the thing that struck her was the undercurrent in her voice, as Laney remembered the brief look they shared as they sexfought, and the strength in Taylor's cry of orgasm. She suspected the next time they met there would be something else at stake, something less violent, more…

Laney chuckled to herself at the thought. In the past she may have found the idea of Taylor having the hots for her a bit odd, but after the previous night she deemed it appropriate to take her rival up on her offer. She definitely resolved to return Taylor's call, possibly meeting her again that night and, who knows, maybe take their relationship to an entirely different level.