Krista Allen vs. Nikki Cox by The Masked Avenger 1-2-01

Nikki Cox was feeling fine. She was enjoying her favorite pastime - riding her horse - on a Saturday afternoon. It was a fine summer afternoon, warm and sunny without a hint of humidity. Her long red hair flowed behind her, and she enjoyed the feeling of her breasts rising and falling along with the horse's galloping rhythm. Trees passed her as she rode through a small wooded area. Ahead of her, she could see the forest open up into a grassy clearing. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the surging of the horse beneath her.

Concern broke her pleasant mindset as she spied out of the corner of her eye another rider several yards to her right. Most likely due to the partial cover of the trees, the other rider did not seem to notice her. Almost too late, Nikki realized that the two horses were on a course to collide as they entered the clearing.

At the last moment, just as her horse cleared the woods, Nikki yanked hard on the reins, forcing the animal sharply to the left. She brought the horse around in a tight circle. Her heart pounding from the near collision, Nikki was startled to see the other rider and horse a few feet away.

"Well, well, well," came the sneering voice.

Nikki immediately recognized the other rider as Krista Allen, current 'Baywatch' star and seductress of the 'Emanuelle' movies. The two redheaded actresses did not know each other, but always regarded each other icily whenever they found each other at the same Hollywood parties.

"You need to take a couple of lessons to learn how to control that thing," Krista mocked. "Somebody could've gotten hurt."

"What the hell are you talking about, bitch!" Nikki spat back at Krista, who was 6 years her senior. "I was doing fine. YOU weren't watching where you were going."

"I guess you're just not able to handle having something between your legs," Krista retorted. "I can see how it would take some getting used to for you."

"Whatever... The way you spread your legs so much...." Nikki began, but couldn't find a way to finish the insult.

"How droll." Krista said, eyeing

Nikki. Both actresses were wearing traditional riding garb, tight black pants tucked into riding boots and a simple white blouse. Krista noted with a tinge of jealousy that Nikki's breasts bulged beneath her shirt much more than hers. While Nikki's hair draped to her shoulders, Krista's red hair was tucked neatly into a brimmed hat. They were almost the same height, but Nikki's body was fuller and more curvaceous while Krista had sleek, smoldering sensuality.

As they sat staring at one another, Krista reached into a black leather satchel attached to her saddle and took out something.

"Got something for you in here," she said as she withdrew the small metallic item and put it to her lips.

Nikki's horse whinnied loudly and reared in response to the shrill whistle. Startled, she clutched the reins tightly, but couldn't keep her seat. She tumbled out of the saddle, landing hard on her hip on the ground. She rolled away from her horse, not wanting to catch a hoof from the skittish beast. She rose to see with dismay that Krista had maneuvered her horse - trained against reacting to her whistle - alongside Nikki's stallion. A gentle touch of her hand instantly quieted the beast as she gathered the reins in her hand.

"Have a nice walk back, you bimbo," Krista said.

Before Nikki could leap forward, Krista dug her heels into the flanks of her horse and galloped off with Nikki's horse in tow.

Nikki fumed and screamed, "That bitch!" as she stomped her foot in frustration.

She watched as Krista guided the two horses across the clearing, up and down a series hillocks. She kept the three within sight until they stopped at a building at the far end of the valley. The structure, which Nikki correctly guessed was a stable, stood the better part of a mile away. She swore as she brushed dirt from her bottom and resolved to get her horse back. Mumbling, she started the long walk across the fields to the stable.

Almost half an hour later, Nikki stood at the large doorway of the barn-like structure. Crossing the glade, she had kept her eyes on the building and hadn't seen anyone enter or leave. Krista and the horses had to still be inside, she reasoned. Nikki craned her neck around the corner of the doorway and peered into the barn.

The dirt floor, punctuated by scattered pieces of straw, stretched fifty feet to the far wall. The sturdy wooden wall on the left was adorned with hooks and shelves holding the tools of the equestrian trade. On the right were the stalls for animals. All were empty except the two most distant stalls.

Nikki's horse paced in the closer of the two while Krista's horse, having been brushed and tended to, stood in the far. Next to the last stall was a large pile of hay with a pitchfork stuck in it.

Nikki wrinkled her nose at the musty smell of the barn and cursed. Krista appeared to be nowhere in sight. Nikki sighed and was about to leave when she heard a small cry from the far end of the building. Squinting, she made out a movement in the shadows. As the shape lurched, she wondered, could it be? Yes! It was a pair of boots!

The peering redhead almost gasped as she saw Krista stand up between the far stall and the pile of hay. To her amazement, Krista's denim shorts were around her ankles. The actress still wore the tight white tank top and brown cowboy boots, but nothing covered her in between. Krista pulled a cylindrical object from the area of her groin. Nikki groaned when she realized that Krista, having tended to her horse and changed, had apparently used a vibrator to masturbate!

Nikki ducked behind the doorway and watched as Krista rubbed herself in a sensual cool-down. She bent down, put the vibrator in a leather satchel at her feet and pulled up her shorts. She brushed a few pieces of straw from her hair, smoothed her tank top over her bosom and walked toward the doorway where Nikki was hiding.

Nikki couldn't believe what she'd seen. She shook her head to clear the most curious scene from her mind and pulled herself around the corner of the door where she couldn't be seen by Krista.

Nikki's heart raced as it dawned on her she'd have her revenge after all. She clenched her fists and waited. After a few moments, she could hear Krista's footfalls nearing the doorway. Wait, Nikki told herself. The timing had to be just right. Almost here ... almost ... almost ... Her timing was perfect!

Just as Krista came around the corner, Nikki's fist sailed through the air. The right cross-slammed into the unsuspecting woman's chin and Krista never stood a chance. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her lean body crumpled to the floor at Nikki's feet. Nikki could barely contain herself. Blushing and looking around, she decided to get Krista's body back into the barn.

"Then," Nikki said as she walked around Krista's body to her boot-clad feet, "it's time for some payback."

Nikki stooped and took hold of Krista's legs above her boots. Tugging, she dragged her out of the doorway and started pulling the woman's body toward the far end of the barn. Nikki quickly worked up a sweat.

"Geez," she muttered, "this is slow going."

Two minutes later, perspiration spotting her white blouse, she had almost reached the stall where Krista's horse stood nervously pawing the ground. As if sensing his mistress' plight, he neighed. Nikki paused and looked up at the hulking beast.

"Oh, hush up, you!" she hissed, then resumed dragging Krista's body.

Krista's eyes fluttered open as her momentary unconsciousness ended. She lifted her head and realized her predicament. Her fingernails scraped against the dirt-strewn floor but she couldn't slow Nikki's progress. She kicked her right leg. The kick didn't have much power, but it was enough to break Nikki's grip. She lost her balance and fell backward, losing her grasp on Krista's other leg as well. Nikki popped up to her feet, stepped toward Krista and grabbed at the older woman's legs again.

Krista hadn't tried to stand up, instead she'd planned an attack. When Nikki leaned over reaching for her legs, Krista drove her right foot forward. Her heel smashed into Nikki's chest, leaving a dark smudge on Cox's white shirt. The impact brought a loud, "Ouuf!" from Nikki.

Before Nikki could react to the kick, Krista snapped her foot up and the toe of her boot caught Nikki under her chin, stunning her. Nikki gurgled and toppled over backward.

Desire for vengeance for Nikki's sneak attack burned through Krista, erasing the pain of Nikki's opening blow and the confusion of the sneak attack. Krista leaped on top of Nikki, sitting on the fallen redhead's belly and digging her thighs into Nikki's ribs.

"Whaddya think you're doing, you bitch?!?" Krista shouted. "Who do you think you're messing with?"

She clutched the front of Nikki's shirt in her hands and yanked. Fabric tore and buttons popped as the shirt rent down the front. Nikki's large breasts, covered in a lacy pink bra, bulged from the remnants of the torn garment.

"Krista I'm sorry, we can talk about this!" Nikki squealed as Krista tore the bra off.

"Krista, pleeeeease!" Cox wailed as Krista sank her fingernails deep into the soft flesh of her large mammaries.

Nikki tossed her head and arched her back in response to the searing sensation. Krista almost lost her seat atop the tortured redhead, but clamped down with her strong thighs as Nikki's hands scrabbled on the dirt floor in desperation.

Almost without thinking, Nikki grabbed a handful of dirt and straw and flung it in her assailant's face. Krista screeched and released her breast-claw as her hands went to her face to clear her eyes of the blinding dirt. Nikki raised herself to a sitting position, firmly grasped the sides of Krista's head in both hands and delivered a crunching head-butt!

Krista fell backward between Nikki's legs.

Taking a moment to stare in horror at the red welts on her magnificent breasts, Nikki stood up and shook off her tattered shirt. A few feet away, Krista moaned and continued to rub the dirt from her eyes. Nikki hair-hauled the older woman to her feet, grasped the back of her skull and ran Krista into the nearby wall.

"Taste barn!" Nikki growled as Krista's forehead smashed into the wall.

Nikki caught Krista under her by the arms to hold her up, spun her around and threw her back against the wall. Her head swimming, with limited escape options, Krista could do little but absorb the punches that Nikki threw into her belly. Then Nikki spotted a large hook sunk into the wall a few inches above Krista's head. She straightened the doubled-over woman, scooped her up under the arms, and lifted. Krista's tube top caught the hook and held fast when Nikki let go.

Nikki smirked, "Looks like you'll have to hold still, there, darlin'."

Krista could move only a few inches away from the wall.

"Crap," she muttered as the weak punches she could manage fell far short of the far more mobile redhead. Nikki danced around, landing hook after cross to Krista's face, chest, and tight abs. Krista ineffectively raised her arms in defense, but the onslaught continued. Nikki paused to catch her breath and eyed Krista's breasts straining at the tube top which, in turn, strained against the steadfast hook.

"Time to work those later," Nikki thought.

Nikki dropped to one knee and, before Krista could kick her, fired two quick fists into Krista's unprotected crotch. The standing woman moaned and lurched forward. The strain on the fabric of her top made by her weight on the hook ripped the top from her chest as she fell forward. Topless, Krista tumbled on top of the surprised Nikki.

The redhead's bodies pressed together but Dame Fortune continued to favor Nikki. As she opened her eyes, she saw one of Krista's breasts inches from her mouth. Krista screeched as teeth sunk into her tit.

"Gawwwwd!" she wailed.

Nikki held the painful hold as she rolled Krista off her. Shaking her head for good measure before releasing the breast, Nikki climbed on top of Krista and planted her ass on the supine woman's stomach, facing toward Krista's feet. Nikki dug her hand into Krista's denim shorts, wedging it beneath her panties.

Krista attempted to sit up, wanting to rake her fingers down Nikki's back but as she felt three of Nikki's fingers slip inside her vagina she involuntarily arched her back and fell backward.

"I saw how you like to get off after riding," Nikki taunted her. "Now let's see what happens when you're the one being ridden."

Nikki could feel the body of the redhead beneath her involuntarily shudder as she worked her fingers in and out, in and out, around and around. With her free hand, Nikki loosened the waistband of Krista's shorts and pushed them, with her panties, down her thighs. Nikki herself was panting from the exertion and thrill of conquest.

"Giddyup ponygirl," she crowed, smacking Krista's bare hip.

Krista raised her hands above her head as she struggled to avoid climaxing submissively in response to Nikki's intimate assault on her senses. As she did, her right hand hit something solid in a small patch of hay on the floor. Clearing the hay away, Krista felt a hard metal object and realized she held a horseshoe. She was tempted to bite down on the rusty metal 'U' as orgasm approached but instead she steeled her body and will and raised up on one elbow - then slammed the horseshoe into the back of Nikki's head.

Pain cut through Nikki's excitement as the horseshoe impacted on her skull!

"FUCK!" she screamed.

Withdrawing her fingers from Krista's warm, moist snatch, Nikki put a hand to her skull. There was no blood, but she could already feel a lump rising. Krista took advantage of Nikki's distraction, sat up with her hands on Nikki's sweat-slick back and pushed. Nikki fell forward, face-down on the dusty floor between Krista's feet.

Krista pulled herself from under Nikki, stood using a hand on the wall to support herself and kicked her feet free of her shorts and panties. Now completely nude save for her cowboy boots, Krista saw Nikki's legs spread apart as she started to get up. Carefully lining up for the kick, Krista booted Nikki sharply in the cunt. Nikki collapsed forward, then rolled onto her back, drawing her legs up and clutching at her injured pussy with both hands.

Krista stepped forward and stomped on Nikki's stomach.

"Get up, you cow, I'm just getting started!" Krista panted as she glowered down at Nikki.

Straw and dirt clung to Krista's firm breasts as they rose and fell. She bent and pulled Nikki up by her auburn hair. Spurred on by the pain as she was, Nikki could barely rise to her knees. Both women knew the tide of the fight was turning. Krista stood in a power stance over Nikki, legs wide, cupping the subordinate woman's chin in her hands. Krista raised Nikki's face and reveled in the wide-eyed fear she saw in her eyes.

Krista opened her mouth for a carefully worded taunt when her legs felt as if they shattered. Making her way to her knees, Nikki's hand had brushed the floor and come up with a branding iron. Basking in her sudden dominance, Krista didn't see Nikki swing the long metal object from behind her back and smashed the wrought iron against the front of Krista's thighs. Nikki swung again, driving the object into the back of Krista's knees. Her legs folded at the knees and Nikki met her as she bend down with a sharp jab under her chin.

"Bitch," Nikki yelled over Krista's pained cry.

Krista curled up in a ball on the floor, her bare chest heaving as she massaged her beaten knees and thighs. As Nikki got to her feet she was a handsome sight indeed; raven hair falling tousled over her shoulders, hands on her hips, her lower body packed into the tight black pants while her bare upper body sported a gorgeous pair of glistening nude breasts.

"That's that, you two-bit whore," Nikki said, turning on her heel.

She took one step toward the exit of the barn on the far end of the floor, but Krista crawled to Nikki and as she turned, grabbed her left leg. Krista's fingers dug into the leathery black fabric and held on for all she was worth. Unable to shake the defeated woman, Nikki cursed, unzipped her pants, and wiggled out of them. Krista wailed as she pulled the pants down Nikki's legs, leaving her in only a small black thong. Nikki stepped out of her pants and walked away leaving Krista blinking back tears in frustrated determination.

"I had that bitch where I wanted her," Krista whimpered through gritted teeth. "I can't let her get away with this!"

Krista tried to stand, but her legs couldn't support her. Sinking to her knees, Krista looked around and spotted a lasso lying coiled on the floor. She looked from the lasso to Nikki, standing ten feet away. Krista knew she couldn't catch Nikki on foot. This was her only shot. She scrambled to the lasso, swung it above her head, and threw it.

A one-in-a-million shot is what Krista needed, and that's what she got! Incredibly, the lasso dropped around Nikki, cinching her waist as Krista yanked on it. Nikki was jerked backward, losing her footing and dropping squarely on her near-bare ass. Krista began to pull, dragging the roped woman back across the floor toward her. Nikki tried to pull the rope, attempting to stop Krista's progress. Nikki tried unsuccessfully a number of times to make it to her feet, but she couldn't get her footing with Krista tugging at the rope whenever she tried to rise.

With one last pull, Krista brought Nikki to within a few feet. She dropped the rope, and as expected, Nikki tried to stand. Just as Nikki made it to her knees, Krista launched a kick to Nikki's side then grabbed Nikki by her hair and hauled her to her feet. Invoking a move Nikki had used on her, she propelled the large-breasted woman into the wall face-first. Nikki staggered backward from the impact and Krista caught her, steadied her with a hand on her shoulder, then punched Nikki's chin - hard!

Nikki's legs wobbled and before Nikki could raise her hands in defense, Krista landed another punch, then let the busty woman collapse to the floor flat on her stomach. Nikki lay sprawled face down in an empty stall near the mound of hay.

Before Nikki could rise, Krista grabbed the pitchfork from a nearby pile of hay and pressed the tool into Nikki's near bare butt. Krista could hear Nikki's surprised gasp as the tines of the fork dimpled her pink ass flesh when Krista applied downward pressure.

"Hold it right there, Nikki," Krista barked. "Time to finish you off."

Keeping her hold on the pitchfork, Krista reached over to the wall and retrieved a pair of metal cuffs. They were joined by a length of chain and, she surmised, was used to temporarily immobilize a horse's forelegs. She figured if they worked for a horse, they'd do the trick in this case.

"Here, you can help," she said to Nikki as she tossed the cuffs on Nikki's back. "Cuff your hands behind your back."

"Are you insane?" Nikki stammered.

Nikki realized Krista was quite serious, though, as the tines of the pitchfork bore down harder into her butt. She choked back a desperate sob as it dawned on her she wouldn't be getting out of this situation. She snapped one cuff closed around her right wrist, then after a brief hesitation punctuated with another jab from the pitchfork, her left.

"Much better," Krista smiled.

Krissta turned the pitchfork so one of the tines slid under the waistband of Nikki's panties. With a sharp upward tug, she snapped the cloth in two. The remnants of the thong slid off Nikki's hips, leaving the handcuffed actress completely naked.

Krista continued her work.

She knelt on the cuffed woman, pinning her to the hay-strewn floor and yanked at the chain attaching the cuffs, making sure they were fastened firmly. After removing a pin from each cuff (locking them, she guessed) Krista wrapped a sturdy leather strap around each wrist before tying it off. Then, she loosened the lasso that was still cinched tightly around Nikki's waist.

"Krista, please...!" Nikki sobbed as her tormentor slid the rope down her body.

Krista tightened the lasso around Nikki's ankles and looped the free end around the knot several times to ensure the rope would not loosen. She looked up and spotted a sturdy-looking ceiling beam fifteen feet above her head.

"Perfect," Krista said.

She stood up and gave a sharp swat to Nikki's bare rump, then flipped the end of the rope over the beam and caught the end as it fell back down. Nikki's heart jumped as she felt the rope binding her legs jerk suddenly upward. She knew Krista was pulling on the rope, raising her feet and, eventually, hanging upside down.

"Jeez, you weigh a ton," Krista panted after a few pulls. "This'd be a lot easier if you ate a little less."

Another tug, and Nikki's legs and butt were already off the floor. Only her shoulders still touched the dirt floor.

"Or maybe, " Krista mused, pulling again, "all that weight's in those boobss."

Krista pulled three more times and Nikki was completely suspended in mid-air, her voluminous breasts sinking toward her throat. As she pulled on the rope, Krista backed across the floor to the opposite stable wall. When Nikki was upended, Krista wrapped the thick rope around a hook in the wall and tied it off.

Turning around, Krista beheld her handiwork.

Nikki, slowly rotated, clockwise then counterclockwise, struggling meekly against the bonds immobilizing her hands and feet, tears streaming from her eyes mixing with the perspiration that rolled down her gorgeous, naked, body.

"Now, just a little fun then, I'm outta here," Krista said.

She strode toward Nikki, snatching a heavy leather bridle from the wall. Kneeling facing Nikki, Krista slapped the suspended redhead's face. When she cried out, Krista forced the metal bit into her mouth. A few seconds later Krista had the leather straps fastened behind Nikki's head.

"Sorry, doll, but I don't think you're gonna like this from here on out," Krista taunted her.

Pausing a moment, Krista put a hand on Nikki's right breast.

"My, what a pair you have there," she cooed.

The helpless woman bucked fruitlessly as Krista caressed her breast. With her free hand, Krista reached into her bag and brought out the vibrator.

Sliding it into her own cunt, Krista put her mouth to Nikki's large, stimulated breast. She nibbled and teased the nipple as she suckled the aroused nipple with varying intensity. With one hand, she swirled the vibrator inside of her; the other, cupped Nikki's unmouthed tit. Krista was in a world of sheer delight and the desperate, horrified and humiliated expression on Nikki's face was the perfect compliment to the sensations racing through her own body.

Krista kept up the sexual assault, savoring the pleasure and revenge for the beating she'd suffered earlier. From time to time, Krista let her hand wander from Nikki's breast to caress the suspended actress's other breast, or delve inside Nikki's cunt. Finally satisfying herself, Krista orgasmed, biting down on Nikki's tit as she did. Afterward, Krista collapsed backward to catch her breath, withdrew the vibrator, then got back to her knees.

"It'll be OK, darlin," Krista told Nikki as she brushed the tears from the eyes of the upside-down woman. "Just make sure, before you try a stunt like that again, you know who you're fuckin' with."

Krista punctuated her final word by digging her fingernails into both of Nikki's breasts. Then Krista rose, crossed the floor to her discarded clothes and got dressed.

"Here," she said, returning to Nikki. "One last thing to help you remember our little adventure."

She bent, picked up her vibrator, flicked a few pieces of hay from it, forced Nikki's legs apart and easily slipped the tool into the moist opening of her pussy.

"Nnnnng!" Nikki grunted as her weeping resumed.

But her protestations fell on deaf ears. Krista spun on her heel and started walking away. She opened her horse's stall and led the proud animal out, then paused at Nikki's horse's stall. Patting his nose, Krista clucked and whispered, "Now you watch over my little prize there, pal. Make sure whoever finds her doesn't go too hard on her."

She winked and Nikki's horse whinnied in response. Krista shrugged, smiled, then opened the stall and led Nikki's horse out as well. "Best not to leave witnesses, I guess," Krista said as she guided both animals down the floor.

Reaching the doorway, Krista paused and looked over her shoulder. She tittered in delight as she saw Nikki, stripped nude and suspended above the stable floor, bucking against the sensations caused by the gently buzzing vibrator in her pussy.

"Heaven help whoever comes into the stable next," Krista thought. "They'll be in for quite a surprise."

The End?