Krista Allen vs. Angie Everhart by Mr. Chris

It is always interesting to observe those times when actresses or models, whose careers in their principal professions may be on the decline, go on to find great success on the celebrity fight circuit. Krista furnishes a good example of this phenomenon. Her career as an actress has been “OK” at best, and at this point it is clear that major stardom is unlikely to come her way. And yet, within the Female Entertainers and Models Worldwide Association of Rasslin’ (FEMWAR), Krista is among the elite. She enters this match ranked #4 in the 54-woman Lightweight Division of FEMWAR. The only ones ahead of her at this juncture are #3 Ali Landry, #2 Charisma Carpenter and - of course - the Division Champion, Jessica Biel. Tonight Krista takes on Angie, who is being introduced to the packed-house audience…

“Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, hailing from Akron, Ohio, at 5’10” and 130 pounds, ANGIE EVERHART!”

The tall, gorgeous redhead smiles confidently as she acknowledges the cheers of the crowd. She is attired in a light blue bikini. She is lean and fit, but with curves in all the right places. She’s in good shape from recent participation in the annual Lingerie Bowl; in fact she captained one of the scantily-clad football teams.

“And in the opposite corner, from Ventura, California, standing 5’8” tall and tipping the scales at 125 pounds, KRISTA ALLEN!”

Boo’s emanate from the audience to greet the heartily disliked Krista. Her curvaceous, toned figure is accentuated by the skimpy black bikini she wears. As always, an aura of incredibly hot, sensuous eroticism emanates from her, an aura vividly evidenced by the pleasurably overpowering pheromone-musk that wafts in the air around her as she stretches her limber body.

Krista has claimed to be the physically strongest woman in the FEMWAR lightweight division, but it is a contention that Jessica Biel and probably Ali Landry would take issue with. Krista recently released a red-hot workout routine to psych-out her opposition. Among other things, the youtube clip shows her doing bench row reps with a 35-pound barbell in her strong grip. After seeing the impressive workout routine, even Krista’s many detractors found themselves looking at her with new respect.

The ringside official sounds the bell and the match begins. Each fighter without hesitation moves out of her corner to engage her opponent. After some initial parries and thrusts the longer-armed Angie reaches out and secures a reverse headlock on Krista, simultaneously kneeing her in the stomach to get Krista to further bend over. Krista is surprised that those relatively slender thighs can pack such a forceful punch. Angie plants two more Kneelifts into the belly of the bent-over Krista, and then pushing the brunette’s head a little lower, Angie released the headlock and shoved Krista’s head between her thighs and squeezed them inward. Now Krista is even more impressed with her opponent’s leg strength, as the velvety vise of constricting thighs crushes inward upon her skull. After making sure the standing head scissors was clamped securely in place, Angie raised her arms upward in a big celebratory “V” gesture and smiled as the audience cheered.

Krista began to try to stand up and pick Angie up off the mat, but the tall redhead would have none of it, and began slamming two-fisted ax-handle punches onto Krista’s back until Krista was forced to relent in her lifting attempts. Angie brought her fists way up high and brought them down, smashing one last spine-crushing double-fisted ax-handle punch to Krista’s back while simultaneously releasing the head scissors, and Krista collapsed belly-down onto the mat, holding her back in pain.

Angie stood along side her prone opponent and dropped both her knees down onto the small of Krista’s back. The brunette howled in pain. Angie stood back up and once more did a double-knee-drop to the same spot on Krista’s back. Once more Krista cried out. The red-haired amazon stood up and dropped her knees back down onto the small of Krista yet a third time. Only this time she remained sitting on Krista’s back with her knees poking into the brutalized flesh. Angie reached to either side of her and wrapped one arm around the front of Krista’s collarbone and the other around the front of Krista’s thighs, and began to try to matchbook Krista in the wrong direction. Krista cut loose with another screech as Angie continued with the back-breaking move. But the on-the-mat Backbreaker did not give Angie enough leverage – and her arms were not strong enough – to do a proper job of snapping Krista in half. So Angie decided to try something else, much to the relief of Krista.

Angie flipped Krista over onto her back, then lifted her up and draped her over an outstretched knee. Then Angie with one hand on Krista’s chest and the other on her thigh continued to once again focus on destroying Krista’s back. This over-the-knee Backbreaker by Angie drove Krista into new realms of pain. The audience was loving it – somewhat surprised for sure – but still enjoying seeing the mighty Krista on the losing end for a change. Angie was making a statement tonight! And Krista couldn’t believe she was being handled like this.

Using the hand on Krista’s chest, Angie ripped off her foe’s black bikini top. She then grabbed one of Krista’s well-rounded boobs and used it as a handhold for continuing to pressure the Backbreaker downward, causing the tit-flesh to stretch upward. Krista let out a screech.

“Why don’t you submit,” Angie suggested as she gritted her teeth and pushed down harder. “And we can both go home early.”

“Submit? Actually I’m enjoying this. Please continue.” Krista defiantly replied, managing to put a smile on her face.

Annoyed with her foe’s sarcasm, Angie said, “Well, there ARE other ways to end these affairs.” And she stood up letting Krista’s body tumble to the mat.

The tall redhead reached down and grabbed a wrist of Krista and hauled her back up to her feet and immediately took that same hand and twisted up and around, Hammerlocking it painfully behind Krista’s back. The brunette grimaced as Angie shoved upward on the hold with both hands. Then Angie removed one of her hands and while keeping the Hammerlock tightly in pace hooked the other arm tightly around the front of Krista’s neck and pulled backward. Krista’s one free hand went up to try to pry the imprisoning arm off of her throat.

Then Angie released the Hammerlock – but the freed arm of Krista was painfully contorted enough to be temporarily useless to her. Angie then took the arm that had been Hammerlocking Krista and used it in combination with the arm wrapped around the front of Krista’s neck to execute a Sleeperhold.

Krista knew she had to act fast or else lose consciousness -- and the match. An unthinkable outcome for her. She tried to ram an elbow backwards into Angie but the taller woman dodged it. Then Angie tightened the sleeper and leaned way backward pulling Krista’s feet right off the mat and shaking her back and forth. Krista began to see stars. Angie lowered Krista back down to the mat and the desperate brunette immediately planted her feet and slammed an elbow back into Angie and this time she connected!

Just the day before Angie had sniffed dismissively at those pre-fight hype videos showing Krista doing those reps of 35-pound dumbell rows. But now she was directly feeling the results of Krista’s arduous strength-conditioning. The elbow-slam into her ribs felt to Angie like someone had just swung a lead sash-weight into her. It took her breath away, and her eyes opened wide and began watering. But still she clung to the Sleeperhold hoping to end the fight with it. Once more Krista slammed a big elbow back into Angie into the same spot on her torso and this time Angie screamed when it landed. It felt like a rib-bone had caved in from the tremendous force of the blow. Angie tried to maintain the Sleeperhold, but the devastation wrought by the two elbow blasts was too much. Her Sleeperhold was now only loosely maintained and Krista pried it off of her with contemptuous ease.

Krista kept hold of the arm of Angie, which she had just pulled from around her neck, and pulled it out to the side in an Armbar. Krista yanked the arm outward as Angie gasped, feeling as though her humerus bone was going to be pulled out of her shoulder socket. Krista yanked hard again trying to wrench the arm off Angie’s body (a move Krista calls ‘the Allen Wrench.’) When Krista began to cruelly twist the arm as if she were wringing out a wet towel. Angie screamed. Then, still holding the arm, Krista smashed a kick upward into Angie’s stomach, then a second, and finally a third upward kick so powerful that it lifted the 130-pound redhead’s feet off the mat.

Krista whipped Angie into the ropes and as she came flying back outward Krista lifted the model off her feet, held her in mid-air for a spectacular moment, then slammed her backbone across her extended knee. Then the brunette wildcat shoved Angie off onto the mat in a crumpled heap. Krista strutted around the moaning figure of Angie; she smiled with her arms raised triumphantly. The audience showered her with boo’s and catcalls. Krista leapt upward and came crashing down onto Angie, Krista’s well-rounded ass smashing down directly onto Angie’s taut stomach causing a tremendous “oof!” and jackknife of the redhead’s body.

Krista gracefully spun off of her perch on top of Angie and the next thing Angie knew, Krista’s legs were wrapped tightly around her injured stomach. Krista gave her a sample of her power with a mighty squeeze that caused Angie to throw her head back, loudly crying out, “aaarhhh!”

“You think that hurts, sweetcakes?” crowed Krista. “Wait til I really get going.” She smiled, gritted her teeth and really poured on the leg-power. Angie’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream, never having experienced such a powerful body scissors before. She let out a loud gasp as the savage brunette reached out and grabbed her head and pulled her face into her ample bosom, maintaining the crushing Waist Scissors.

Hearing Angie’s muffled screams, Krista chuckled, “Having trouble breathing?” Then laughed cruelly. She probably could have ended the match then and there, knocking out her redheaded opponent. But instead she released both scissors and breast smother and stood up. Angie sucked air into her lungs.

Smiling evilly, Krista kicked Angie onto her stomach. Then the brunette villainess crouched upon the small of the redhead’s back. She violently jerked Angie’s arms back and under her knees. Then Krista reached forward and clutched her hands under the model’s chin and began to pull backwards. Angie’s initial gasps of pain soon turned into screams of agony.

Krista determinedly pulled back on the camel clutch, not caring if she snapped a spine or not. But Angie still had some gumption in her: “I won’t submit, you bitch, no matter what you do, you hear me?”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Krista laughed. “Do you think I’m doing this to make you submit? Shit girl, this is just for the fun of it – no, I’ll show you how I’m going to finish you off. Right now.”

And Krista released the punishing hold and stood up. She reached down and grabbed Angie by her long red tresses and dragged her to her feet. Once the wobbling Angie was upright, Krista clamped on a tight bear hug. Angie groaned.

The shapely brunette mockingly declared, “Nothing I like more than snuffing a girl out in my signature bear hug.” And she ratcheted up the pressure.

“Oh my God!” moaned Angie, as she experienced arguably the most powerful Bearhug in the women’s Lightweight Division.

Krista grinned as she ground Angie’s body into her. Angie’s breasts weakly flattened under the assault of Krista’s more powerful mammaries. Belly to belly, hip to hip, Krista poured on the pressure. With a grunt, the smaller brunette leaned back and lifted Angie off the mat, continuing to squeeze.

As Krista continued to squeeze, she began to experience erotic stirrings in her loins. An openly avowed bixesual, Krista’s Achilles heel was her enjoyment of close bodily contact with her female foes. Her eyes fluttered and closed as she unconsciously allowed her Bearhug to transform from a crushing match-ender into a sexual encounter. Slowly, Angie was lowered back to the mat. She sensed the transformation to be sure. Krista’s Bearhug still held the redhead in a vise-like grip, but Angie noticed Krista’s heavy-lidded drooling as she tightly held the model’s long, sexy body. Krista opened her lipsticked mouth and brought it forward towards Angie’s lips, seeking the additional stimulation of devouring her prey.

Angie felt Krista’s grip loosening slightly. Sensing this was her last chance, the tall redhead quickly gripped her arms around the aroused Krista and hoisted her upward and smashed Krista’s wet pussy onto her upraised knee. Krista’s eyes opened wide in shock and pain. Angie followed up with a second atomic drop, crunching Krista’s pubic bone on to her knee. Krista stumbled backward.

Angie stepped forward, grabbed Krista’s head and plunged it downward onto an up-rushing Kneelift that knocked Krista halfway across the ring.

Krista got to her hands and knees and shook her head to clear it. But then a look of dark malice suffused the features of her face. The erotic yearnings of moments go were now replaced by sheer hatred and a desire to destroy her opponent.

Krista stood straight up and raised her fists and approached her foe. Angie did not back down but came right out to meet her, she too had put up her dukes.

Krista immediately tagged Angie with a couple of straight left hooks, snapping her head back. Angie had not even seen the rapid-fire punches coming and really felt their sting –she quickly decided she’d better return to grappling where she could use her bigger size to advantage. The redhead advanced on Krista, looking for an opening that she could use to grab her and tackle her to the floor. But Krista kept Angie at bay with stinging jabs and the model was unable to get close to her. In the next few minutes Krista scored several times to Angie’s face and belly. Unable to get into Krista to wrestle on the mat, and getting hurt by the punches, Angie backpedaled away to regroup.

But Krista gave her no time to regroup. She followed Angie step for step, throwing punches like mad. Not all of her wild punches landed, but enough did to do some damage and make Angie feel increasingly dazed and weak. A solid left connected with the redhead’s jaw, a right hook landed on the model’s eye snapping her head around, a left to the belly, and an uppercut to the chin had the taller woman reeling. Angie’s guard was down and she was wide open for the big roundhouse right Krista threw that sent her spinning to the floor where she lay, woozy, blood trickling from her nose. An involuntary sob escaped from somewhere deep inside the outclassed redhead.]

Krista grabbed Angie by the wrist and hauled her to her feet. She whipped her hard into the ropes and as Angie came rebounding back out into the ring, Krista nailed her with a devastating clothesline. The audience booed and shouted out their disapproval.

The mean-spirited brunette reached down and clamped her hands around Angie’s throat in a stranglehold. She then used this Chokehold to lift Angie upright off the mat. The poor redhead gurgled in wide-eyed fear. Once Krista had her upright, the tough brunette jerked her hands up and held Angie up off of the mat with the Two-handed Choke, letting the model’s long legs dangle helplessly below her.

Angie could make no sound, but her face soon began turning a scary-looking magenta color. Krista sneered and continued to hold her up off the mat, squeezing the Two-handed Chokehold. The audience was yelling at the ref to stop this. Krista continued to hold Angie aloft. The seconds slowly ticked by. Finally, the referee ordered Krista to release the hold. She did not immediately comply. The ref began the disqualification count, so Krista released her left hand from the choke and simultaneously with her right hand executed a brutal One Handed Chokeslam, driving Angie’s skull into the mat with such force that it was a wonder it didn’t tear a hole in the canvas mat. Of course, Angie was immediately KO’d.

The bell rung ending the match, Krista was declared the winner, and triumphantly placed her foot on Angie’s unconscious body and raised her arms in celebration. The crowd booed and threw paper cups into the ring.

The next day the league authorities moved Krista up one spot in the Lightweight Division past Ali Landry. Now Krista was ranked #3 behind Charisma Carpenter and Division Champ Jessica Biel. Krista was eager to have at them!
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