Krista Allen vs. Rose McGowan by Interac 3-20-02

Rose McGowan was at a local pub with costars Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs.

Rose and Alyssa were trading war stories about their fights and Rose started going on about her war with Angelina Jolie. She was especially vocal about the way she lost out to Jolie for the supporting role to Winona Ryder in ‘Girl Interrupted.’

"I mean, she won an Oscar for that and it shoulda been mine. I beat her in out fight but, somehow, she came back and won. Physically I proved I was better physically just as I have over the last few months."

Just then, Krista Allen - who had guest starred on the first episodes of ‘Charmed’ as an Oracle - happened to pass by and overheard Rose’s comment. She let out a little laugh as she walked by. Alyssa looked up at the busty brunette, then glanced at her two costars.

Rose turned around and told Alyssa, "You’re wondering what that was about, right? Well, I'll just go find out."

Alyssa looked at Holly, "Think she can beat her."

Holly shrugged, “I don't know, Krista’s pretty tough. Rose might be biting off more’n she can chew this time."

Alyssa grinned, "That’s the same thing you said about her and Cat Bell. I’ll make you a little wager. If Krista wins, I owe you, a week’s salary. And if Rose wins, you owe me a week."

Holly extended her hand to shake on it, "Deal!"

Rose got up and sauntered to the bar, stopping right next to Krista and sizing her up before she spoke.

"I read where you were interviewed for the cover of ‘Stuff’ and said, I think this was the quote, ‘Angelina Jolie’s the woman I want most of all the women in Hollywood!’ Was that true, or just some publicity man’s wet dream?"

Krista replied, "Well, since you obviously know the answer, why are you even asking!"

Rose drew herself up to her full 5’3” height, puffed out her chest and announced, "Because, I kick her ass for fun, you hear me, FOR FUN! You oughta retract that statement and say I'm the best." Rose said touched Krista's cheek and added, "And say you want me now!"

Krista tilted her head like she enjoyed feeling Rose’s tender touch, "Well, you know what? If I wanted a ‘back-biting, wait-til-someone-already-fought whore’ then I WOULD retract my statement. But I don’t!"

Krista slapped Rose's hand away and turned to walk away. Suddenly, Rose shoved her from behind, knocking her down on her hands and knees.

Rose screamed, "You lousy whore! Wanna see what I do to Angelina? Then get up!"

Krista looked up at Rose who was red-faced and furious. She started to get up asking forgiveness but once she was on her feet, she dove in tackling the pale beauty down to the ground where she straddled her. Now, Rose was at Krista's mercy. She grabbed Rose's hair in one hand and started slapping. Rose reached up, grabbed Krista's hair and pulled her off to the side.

They both scrambled to their feet and put up their fists. Krista went for a roundhouse but Rose ducked and nailed a belly punch to her open stomach. Then Rose grabbed Krista by the back of the hair and slammed her backward hard!

Rose stood over Krista who was laying on her side holding her head. She kicked Krista in the stomach and she went tumbling over. Rose followed her, picking her up by the back of her tank top, standing her up straight and running her into the wall compressing Krista's breasts between her chest and the bricks.

Krista let out a groan but Rose held the back of Krista’s neck as she pushed her face into the wall. The men in the place were cheering their heads off, and Rose was truly enjoying herself. She rarely got into fights with such an appreciative audience before and it was a rush! Krista shoved her leg back and wrapped her foot around behind Rose's ankle, then she pushed off the wall, tripping Rose down on her ass.

Krista fell backward with her, driving her elbow back between Roses large boobs. As Rose lay gasping for air, Krista lifted her back to her feet by the front of her shirt, turned her around and slammed her into the wall with all her might. Krista pulled Rose off the wall and slammed her back into the wall again. As Rose clung to the wall trying to catch her breath, Krista yanked her arms down ripping the shirt completely off Roses body.

By now, Rose had caught her breath and she retaliated by throwing an elbow back, crashing it into Krista's temple. She staggered back a few steps holding her hand to her forehead. All of a sudden, Krista heard the scream of a banshee and when she looked up, Rose was coming at her with her fist raised!

Krista ducked the blow, turned and threw Rose over her shoulder, sending her crashing on her back onto a group of tables as the occupants scattered. Krista fell to her hands and knees for a second hoping to get a breather, but then she looked over at the ‘Charmed’ girls and flashed them a smile as she got up. Rose was sprawled topless on the floor, her chest covered with beer and hot sauce from several orders of Buffalo wings.

Krista came over to the fallen Goth beauty, picked her up by the hair and threw her nearly all the way across the bar. Rose flew backward. Suddenly, someone kicked Rose in the back and crashed to the floor near where her girlfriends were sitting.

"I guess it was someone who wanted to make sure Rose didn’t run out on Krista,” Holly said, convinced Rose’s rep was overblown in Hollywood.

"No,” Alyssa corrected her. “I think it’s something else. Just look at Rose, she’s looking over there,” Alyssa said, pointing toward the door in a puzzling tone.

Krista didn’t care though. She grabbed the back of Rose’s hair and slammed her knee into, the small of the Rose’s back. Then she started swinging the topless Rose around and around by the hair. Letting her go, Krista sent Rose flying until her stomach crashed into the bar and she was doubled over it with her hot saucy breast flattened against the bar top. Krista very pleased with herself at the way she was woman-handling the famous Rose McGowan. She grabbed a pitcher of beer from a table, took a drink and then poured the rest over Rose's head.

Krista started laughing at Rose as she lifted her head up again and prepared to slam it down on the bar. But Rose was less-than-pleased and she shot back her foot, catching Krista squarely between the legs. Krista gasped and her hands slid down Rose's bare back, over her round bottom and then wedged between her thighs. Krista’s eyes were closed and her mouth wide open. It seemed to everyone she was trying to scream but the sound couldn’t escape her lips.

Rose turned around in all her topless glory, the hot sauce slowly dribbling down her chest and dripping off her hard nipples and her hair was soaked with beer. Rose grabbed Krista by both sides of her hair, pulled her head down and rammed her knee up into Krista's face.

Krista's head shot back and she stumbled backward, desperately trying to keep her footing, but Rose came back in, driving her foot straight up between the former Baywatch star's legs again. This time Krista dropped to both knees, toppled over forward and curled up in a fetal ball, her body quivering as she sobbed in agony. Rose reached down, pulling Krista’s head up and then bending it back by the hair so Krista was looking up at Rose.

Rose spit in her face, then told her, "I'm going to make you my own little bitch now."

She started hitting punch after punch to Krista. With amazing accuracy, she kept hitting her in the eye until it was swollen shut. Then Rose reached down and started pulling Krista’s shirt off over her head. All those that could see her amazing body being revealed, their mouths just dropped open. Krista could feel one of Rose's hands groping her boob and, in defense, she pushed Rose away. Rose back crashed into the bar and a groan escaped her lips.

Krista struggled upright, pulling her shirt off her amazing body and wrapping it around Rose's throat as she pressed her own body into Rose's, getting more leverage as she choked the shorter brunette. Rose was gagging and gasping for air and no one who saw it could believe Krista was taking it to such a woman, not with the reputation as a catfighter Rose had.

But Rose wasn’t done though! She got her hands in-between their two massive chests and found what she was looking for - the Krista’s hard, erect nipple! Pinching it and twisting, Rose was rewarded for her catfight skill as Krista was forced to let go of the shirt to protect her breasts. Krista screamed aloud as Rose started to push herself off the bar. By this point, everyone could clearly see what Rose was doing to her. All the guys in the bar had their hands moving in unison going under the tables.

Krista refused to go down this way, even though Rose applied added pressure to her nipple twisting. Krista started swinging at Rose's unprotected face, landing three hard shots to Rose's cheek until, finally, Rose had to let go. She was trying to cover her face as a cut had opened over her eye and bruising was showing on her cheek.

As Rose covered up, Krista nailed a knee into her stomach that doubled her over. Krista lifted Rose's head up and nailed her flush in the face with a head butt. Rose fell back and again felt her back pressed against the bar. Krista was right on top of her though, sinking her hands into Rose's large, bare, breasts. Krista was gritting her teeth, adding more pressure until Rose was screaming in pain. Krista pulled Rose away from the bar by her boobs and slammed her down on a table, leaned over and squeezed even harder, slamming the two breasts together, then pushing them up under Rose’s chin.

"Give up and say you’re sorry, you albino whore," Krista grunted between sucking in mouthfuls of air to her burning lungs.

Rose was losing and Alyssa was cheering for her costar to get up. Rose was out of options though. Krista wouldn’t relent in the least bit. Then, as her hands flailed around and everything was starting to swirl in her head, Rose felt something. She opened her eyes and saw her hand was resting against a full ashtray. She flung it into Krista's face, the ash blinding her. Krista let go her breast torture to clear her vision and that gave Rose a chance to raise her foot between them and kick Krista off of her.

Krista was still trying to clear her vision when she felt Rose grab her from behind, haul back on her hair and slam her knee into her back. Rose dropped atop Krista’s stomach, grabbed two fistfuls of hair and lifted Krista’s head and shoulders off the floor as she pulled her face up and buried it in her expansive bosom. Rose threw herself forward, not only smothering Krista but also banging her head on the dirty floor of the bar while she was at it. After a few moments of this, Krista's arms went limp and her hands slipped down from Rose’s shoulders and dropped on the floor.

Rose let Krista’s head drop and raised her hands up in the air as she screamed, "I'M UNBEATABLE!"

Just as she was savoring her moment of triumph, Rose was sent flying forward as someone had kicked her in the back of the head. She tried to get to her feet, but someone kneed in the face, then grabbed her by the hair and repeatedly and viciously nailed knee's to Rose's face.

"Unbeatable? Only if you jump someone from behind."

Rose recognized the voice as the knee crashed into her face again. It was Angelina Jolie!

Rose's face was a mask of blood. Angelina dragged the dazed and disoriented Rose to her feet by her hair, looked at her and then Angelina started hitting hard knees into Rose's pussy.

"Did that hurt? Not so fun when someone jumps YOU after a fig..."

But before Angelina could finish her sentence, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs tackled her from behind. Angelina was fighting off the two women, and doing fairly well too. She had a little more trouble with Alyssa who was much tougher than Holly although, to giver her credit, Holly was persistent. Every time Angelina knocked Holly away and tried to tend with Alyssa, Holly kept coming back.

Holly grabbed one of Angelina's legs after Angelina had finally managed to throw Alyssa over a table. Angelina grabbed Holly’s hair and was about to deal with her when Rose came over and punched her in the back of the head. Alyssa quickly got back in the mix as she grabbed onto one of Angelina's arms as Holly held the other. Rose grabbed Angelina's chin and tilted her head back.

"When’re you gonna learn bitch,” Rose cackled. “I'm your better," she taunted as she ripped off Angelina's shirt baring her firm breasts. But just as she exposed Angelina’s boobs, Krista tackled Holly and knocked her off of the pig pile of thrashing arms and legs. Alyssa let go of Angelina to help the over-matched Holly, leaving Angelina and Rose to settle matters between themselves.

'Now what are you going to do Rose?" Angelina chided.

Rose answered by punching Angelina in the face so hard she almost went down. Angelina responded with her own punch that rocked Rose back on her heels. Neither woman went down, they just stood there toe-to-toe trading punches, their bare breasts bouncing and jiggling with each swing. Finally, seeing things were getting out of hand, the bar’s security came in and broke up the brawl. One man, either particularly brave or stupid, stepped between Rose and Angelina as the crowd hooted and booed the end of the free show.

"Everyone calm down,” he said. “I think I have a solution. You two have had problems for some time now, right?" he asked looking at Angelina and Rose who were still kicking and swinging from the arms of the security guards, calling each other bitches and whores as they tried to get at each other again.

"I guess that answers that! Well, I'm a promoter and sometimes when things get out of hand and hatred reaches a certain point, I step in with a solution that can make you happy and make me money. I talked to Jessica Alba (see Jennifer Garner vs. Alba) and I talked to Heather Graham (see Catherine Bell vs. Heather Graham). Then I called Eliza Dushku and Denise Richards."

Alyssa finally spoke up for everyone within the sound of his voice and said, "My God, do you just like hearing your own voice? Would you, please, finally get to the point!!”

"Very well then,” he said, shooting a glare at the petite warrior. “My point is, if you two agree right now, you can fight in a six woman tag match. Three on one side being Angelina and her friends Eliza Dushku and Heather Graham. Those on the other side, Rose, Jessica Alba and Denise Richards. Well?"

The sound of Denise Richards’ name lit up Angelina's face. She really wanted to avenge her loss to that bitch and any chance of destroying Rose was to good to pass up as well.

"I'm in" Angelina said without hearing any more and Rose immediately piped up, "Me too."

The two ladies then broke loose from security, ran at each other and tackling the other by the hair, rolling around for several seconds without either getting an advantage before they were pried apart still clawing, kicking and screaming. Pried being the appropriate word as the two women each had a death grip on the other.

"Well there is one more thing,” said the strange man, unable to stop yakking and let the fans watch a good catfight. “This will be a ‘war games’ setting; two women start and one more will be added every few minutes. Is that OK with you?"

Both Rose and Angelina nodded ‘yes’ neither taking her eyes off the other.

Krista, who’d already put on her jacket, picked up Angelina's coat and the two busty beauties headed out the door hand in hand. Angelina never took her eyes off of Rose and she never took her eyes off Angelina. Both knew they’d soon get their hands on each other with no security staff to interfere or stop them.

Once they were outside, Angelina turned to Krista and said sexily, "I read your interview in ‘Stuff’ hon. Your secret desire is about to come true. Billy Bob’s out of town all month, so we won’t be disturbed.."

Krista smiled as the two women slid into the back of a cab and Angelina pulled her against her, their coats falling open and their bare breasts rubbing sensuously as they kissed hot and hard. The cabbie almost had several accidents as he had some problems negotiating the streets while keeping an eye on the sixty-nining women in the back seat using his rear view mirror.