Long Legs & High Heels India Allen & Shannon Tweed

Because of a hard weekend of drinking, sex and partying, India missed work at the office on Monday. Tuesday morning when she showed up a few minutes late, she found an attractive blonde sitting at her desk.

"Uh, excuse me," said India, in a less than pleasant voice. "What are you doing? This is my desk."

The blonde looked up, pushing her hair behind her left ear. "I'm sorry. What?"

Disgusted, India repeated herself. "You're at my desk. I work here."

"Oh, I'm sorry," said the lovely blonde. "Yesterday was my first day, and they told me to sit here."

"Well," said India, moving around the desk, "you'll just have to move."

As India came around the desk, the blonde rose up...and up...and up, nearly 2" taller than the 5-11 brunette. Rarely did India ever have to look up to another woman, but because she wore her flat shoes today with her slacks, the blonde was taller in her heels.

"And go where?" asked the blonde, in her sexy skirt as they locked eyes.

To hell, India thought as Mrs. Jones, the supervisor of the secretaries happened by.

"Mrs. Jones," spoke India.

"Well, India. Nice of you to make it this morning...even if it is a little late," said Mrs. Jones harshly.

"Mrs. Jones, this girl's at my desk."

Girl! The blonde's eyes cut across the rude brunette.

"Yes, India, this is our new employee, Shannon," said Mrs. Jones, introducing the two.

"Hi," said Shannon.

"Yeah, hi," said India.

Clasping hands and locking eyes, India squeezed a bit too hard. Shannon squeezed back a bit harder, raising an eyebrow in the process.

"Come, Shannon, you'll be working with Mr. Roberts this morning."

India's jaw dropped. The new bitch gets to work with the young, handsome John Roberts. India fumed as she watched Mrs. Jones lead the tall, leggy blonde in her tight blouse and short skirt to his office. Throughout the day, India and Shannon asked around about each other. India learned that her co-workers were in a buzz about the attractive blonde, and that personnel had been very impressed with her. Shannon learned that India was spiteful and one not too be trusted, and rumored to be sleeping with one of the top, married executives.

"Watch yourself," said another female to Shannon. "She's jealous and a back-stabber." Shannon nodded, realizing that someday the two of them would probably tangle.

The next day India dressed accordingly. Her wardrobe was full of tight blouses, short skirts and high heels, and she could look just as sexy as the blonde if she wanted too. Yesterday India had lost, but today she thought she would win.

That morning, Shannon spotted India in the break room getting a bottle of water. She looked much sexier today in her short skirt and 3" heels. Shannon was impressed; obviously she'd gotten India's attention and the brunette was showing her assets. Still, Shannon thought she'd first give friendship a try; after all, if they were going to work together, it would be better if they got along.

"Hi, India," said Shannon, walking up behind her.

India turned. "Oh...hi," she mumbled. Now face to face in their 3" heels, it was Shannon's turn to look up. At 5-10, rarely did she ever have to do this, especially with an equally attractive female.

"About yesterday morning...at the desk," said Shannon. "I'm sorry if we got off on the wrong foot."

Thinking she might have the upper hand at this show of weakness, India decided to take advantage and test the blonde's spine. "That's okay, new girl. You just didn't know better."

Shannon didn't like the brunette's tone, nor being call 'new girl'. "Well, all of this could've been avoided if you'd been here Monday," said Shannon with a hint of anger in her voice.

India raised an eyebrow, but it was true. "Maybe."

"Well," Shannon sighed, extending out her hand. "Friends?"

India looked at her for a second. "Sure...why not."

Again the two leggy beauties clasped hands. India squeezed a little hard.

"I hope so," said Shannon, eyes locked and squeezing a little harder.

India matched her squeeze as they both very lightly put a couple of fingernails into the back of each other's hand. Their eyes flashed and their lips curled a little on the side. They'd never be friends.

"So do I," said India, as this handshake sealed the deal for a future catfight.

As Shannon turned and left, she mumbled 'bitch', and India said under her breath, 'fuck you'.

For the next several days, the war of the wardrobe was on as both girls spent over two hours each morning getting ready. As the hemlines on their skirts got shorter, the heels on their shoes got longer. Both spent nearly $1,000 on new clothes, shoes and accessories, and they made damn sure that the other one noticed it. Things between them grew even worse as young John Roberts requested Shannon three more times, and on Wednesday the girls were thrown together on a project that took them all day to do. It was so bad for Shannon that on Thursday she called in 'sick' and moped around her apartment all day wondering how much longer she could put up with India and all the shit they were dishing out.

"India, we've got to talk," said Shannon, Friday afternoon, catching India in the bathroom after waiting all day for the perfect moment.

"Oh yeah? What about?" India asked coolly.

Shannon sighed. "Look, let's just do it and be done with it."

India folded her arms over her chest and played dumb. "Do what? Be done with what?"

Shannon was getting pissed. "Don't!" she said, pointing a finger. "You know damn well what I'm talkin' about, bitch."

Now India was pissed. Dropping her hands to her hips, she spat. "No, bitch, I don't. Why don't you spell it out."

Shannon took a step and reaching out for a handful of India's hair, said, "I'm sick of your fuckin' shit..."

India ran a hand in Shannon's hair and agreed with her. "I'm sick of your shit too, bitch."

"...and this place isn't big enough for the both of us," Shannon continued, taking another fist of India's hair.

"Fuckin-A, bitch!" said India, grabbing a second handful of hair. The girls didn't pull, but simply held each other's head firmly in place as they put their noses together and glared hatefully and jealously into each other's eyes.

"Let's end this, bitch," snarled Shannon as she and India shuffled on their 5" black heels and knocked their knees together.

"I've been waitin' to hear you say that, bitch," growled India, as their black nylon hose whispered at the thigh.

As their long, black nylon-clad legs touched, India and Shannon kept shuffling on their 5" heels while their breasts joined in on the fray. India's plump 35C's mashed with Shannon's ripe 36C's as their snarled lips almost kissed while they firmly gripped each other's hair at the side.

"I knew you were trouble from the start," said Shannon.

"I wanted to kick your ass that first day," said India.

They both added a nice, good yank as they staggered on their heels, and Shannon pinned India up against the wall.

"After work, bitch?" asked Shannon, pressing her inner thigh against India's inner thigh.

"Definitely bitch!" answered India, rolling off the wall and reversing the position.

"Then my apartment, bitch?" asked Shannon, hooking her right calve behind India's left one.

"Fine, bitch," said India, giving Shannon's hair a nice tug, "and I'll give you all you want."

Shannon tugged back on India's hair, saying, "And you're in for the fight of your life, bitch."

India staggered back as Shannon came off the wall. They both called each other a 'bitch' as they brushed out their hair and tried to shake off the excitement of this little engagement and for the next couple of hours, Shannon and India could hardly concentrate on their work. All they could think about was each other and the catfight that they were going to get into. It had been awhile since either had been in a fight, but both girls were in good shape and itching to get it on. Luckily it was a long holiday weekend, and the brass decided to let everyone go home early and get a jump on the weekend's fun.

For Shannon and India, it happened to be a jump on each other an hour sooner. They met in the parking lot, and India followed Shannon back to her two-bedroom apartment. Once inside, Shannon locked the door and faced-off with India in the living room.

"There's not much room, bitch," said India, surveying the situation.

"Bitch, we're fighting in the hall," announced Shannon.

India looked over her shoulder. Then shrugged. "That'll work. Let's do it, bitch."

"Let's undress," suggested Shannon. "Unless you want too leave here in shreds."

"Alright, bitch. I was just about to say," said India, stepping out of her shoes.

Quietly the girls undressed as they sized each other up more completely now. No wonder they were jealous of each other. Both girls were very sexy and beautiful standing there in black lace bras and garter belts with black, silk panties and matching black nylons.

"Not bad, bitch," admired Shannon as they gave each other the eye and circled 180 degrees.

The sultry, sexy brunette stood 5-11 and weighed 127 pounds. Behind her lingerie she sported a tan 36c-24-34 body that was just a pleasing in the bed as it was out of it.

"Not bad yourself, bitch."

The hot, lovely blonde was 5-10 and 128 pounds, and her measurements weren't to be outdone as she topped out to be 36c-25-36. Like her brunette counterpart, the blonde also knew how to shake her body in the sack and out of it.

"But you're gonna look like shit when I'm done with you," said Shannon.

"Why don't we just find out who's gonna look like what, bitch, and stop all this useless talkin'."

Shannon backed up down the hall as India walked after her a few feet away. "You're right, bitch. It's time to settle this."

"Loser leaves?" asked India.

Shannon nodded, "You leave, bitch."

"We'll see, bitch. We'll see," said India, her fingers twitching.

"That's right, bitch. We'll see!" Shannon said, flexing her fingers.

Calling Shannon a 'slut', India sprang forward trying to land a slap and get her by the hair. But Shannon blocked one hand and ducked under the other, and came up with a fist that jarred India under the jawbone. India's head snapped and popped and she doubled over where Shannon quickly applied a headlock with one hand and grabbed a handful of her right tit with the other.

"Take this, bitch!" shouted Shannon, jerking down the black bra and getting a big handful of plump, round tit.

"Yeeeeoooowwww!!" Dancing on her toes and squirming, India cried out as her left nipple came under attack.

While Shannon twisted the nipple, India grabbed her hair from the back and jerked. "Ooooowww! Mmmy hair!"

"Le' go my tit, bitch!" yelled India, stretching Shannon's blond locks at the roots.

Shannon let go of the nipple only to grab the right tit and squeeze it again. "No! You le' go!"

India jerked back hard, very hard. Shannon could feel a lump of hair leaving her scalpe.

"Ssssssshhhhhit!!" cried Shannon, loosing her headlock as a big fist of hair left the back of her head.

Freed, India spun around behind Shannon and put her knee into the small of her back and pulled back on two handfuls of hair. Shannon screamed as her body bowed backwards, and she scratched and clawed at India's wrists and forearms.

"I'm gonna tear this fuckin' dishwater shit out!" promised India, bending Shannon like a bow as she was about to tear out more hair from the top of her head.

"Fuuuuuuck!! You're killin' mmmeee!!" screamed Shannon as more hair left her head.

Pulling out that second handful of hair caused India to lose her balance, as she still had one leg lifted in the small of Shannon's back. Falling down on her ass, India bounced twice as Shannon doubled over holding the back of her head.

"Oh gawd, my hair," whimpered Shannon, seeing her hair on the floor and feeling some blood on her fingers. "I'm bleeding!"

"Had enough, bitch?" asked India, still on her ass and catching her wind. "Or shall I tear it all out?"

"You...you...fuckin' bitch," gasped Shannon. "You'll pay for this!"

India got up, but not before an enraged blonde charged her and helped her up by the hair. "Ooouuch!" wailed India, the top of her hair stretched out. The two girls shouted and screamed as they threw each other back and forth against the walls pulling hair.

"Slut!" yelled Shannon, slamming India against the wall and striking her across the cheek with her palm.


"Ssshhit!" wailed India, but driving Shannon against the other wall by the hair and slapping the shit out of her face.


"Ooooww!" screamed the blonde, shoving the brunette back across the hall and against the wall hard. "Bitch!"

POP! India's cheek was blistered again.

Grabbing the brunette's panties, Shannon ripped them halfway off as she dove her hand inside and threw her face into a tit. India cried bloody murder as her left areola was chomped down on and her fuzzy love box painfully squeezed. Throwing a left uppercut, India connected on Shannon's jaw and jarred her mouth loose. Shannon staggered back a step, but countered with a looping right hook that clipped India across the mouth. India's head spun, but she returned fire with a right hook of her own that nailed the blonde under the left eye. Shannon's head snapped backwards, but she unleashed a left cross that smashed the brunette's upper lip open. India's left uppercut to the chin slammed Shannon's teeth together, chipping a front one, and causing her to bite her tongue. Shannon doubled over instantly, holding her mouth as India lifted her back upright with a knee to the belly.

"Bitch!" cursed India, sending her right fist across Shannon's lips, doing further damage as her knuckles peeled the hide off of them. India then took Shannon by the hair and flipped her to the floor, landing on her with both knees to the top of the blonde's thighs. Shannon was in severe trouble, but she fought back as they grabbed each other by the hair and rolled back and forth between the walls trading the upper position.

"Fuuuuck!" cried India, losing a fist of hair as she was thrown off.

As Shannon got to all-fours, India grabbed her by the side of the hair and pulled her down. Shannon fell back first on top of India, but India threw her legs around the blonde's hips and forced them to roll, with Shannon's front pinned to the floor and India now perched up on her back.

"You fuckin' bitch!" said India, planting her 34" ass on top of Shannon's 36" ass and taking her by the back of the hair. "I'll teach you to pull my hair!"

"Aaaahhh...fuuuuuuck! Mmmmy hair!" cried Shannon, her neck bent back from the force of the double-handed hair pull.

India pulled on a fist of hair as she reached around with her left hand and squeezed Shannon's left tit. Shannon cried out again as her tit was pulled from it's cup and the nipple pinched.

"How'd you like this, bitch?" shouted India, pulling hair and pinching nipple.

Shannon bucked and got to all-fours. "Geee' ooooffff!" she yelled, falling sideways and throwing India up against the wall dislodging her. India fell sideways and then went head-over-heels backwards as Shannon scurried away on all-fours. A brief pause was taken as both girls were separated by a few feet, catching their breathes and licking their wounds. This catfight had turned out to be more raw and savage than either expected, and it showed as both were bleeding, busted and bruised in multiple places.

"You...ready...to...quit?" asked India, summing up her breath.

Shannon glared at her. "Are...you?"

India wiped the back of her hand across her lips and saw blood. Shannon spit blood from her bleeding tongue, but hadn't yet noticed her chipped front tooth. India got to her knees. "Fuck you."

"Then fuck you too, bitch," said Shannon as they both got up to their feet.

Adjusting their bras back in place, India and Shannon stared at each other for a few seconds, and although they were both hurting and tired, the hate they felt for each other still burned brightly and made them fight on.

"Let's finish this, bitch," said India.

"Bring it, bitch," replied Shannon.

Making like they were going for each other's hair, India and Shannon stepped forward and exchanged nasty slaps.


Their heads turned and their cheeks burned. They slapped each other hard again.


India pushed Shannon up against the wall and drilled the nails of her right hand into her stomach. Shannon winced as her soft, belly flesh absorbed the angry, turning nails sinking in.

"Uuummpphh!" grunted India as her left tit was punched out of it's bra by a driving right uppercut.

India swiped her fingernails thru the blonde's right cheek.

"Yeeeeoooww!" cried Shannon, her right hand going for India's pussy.

With the front of her panties already torn halfway off the waistband, India's bush was exposed to Shannon's long, plucking fingers. "Yeeeeeoooowww!!'' cried India. But while Shannon was pulling on India's bush, she was also pressing her face into her bosom. India wailed out even louder as her bare left tit (already once bitten) got bitten again above the areola.

Half out of her mind with pain, India swung wildly with punches. Her right uppercut caught Shannon under the jaw and knocked her off. Shannon staggered back against the wall and was clipped across the chin by India's left cross. Stunned and rattled herself, Shannon also started to swing wildly with punches of her own. A right hook to India's jaw buckled the brunette's long, tan legs. A left hook across the mouth had India's knees knocking as blood from her lips sprayed across the wall.

Both girls were wobbly; Shannon was seeing double but India was seeing stars! Another right fist to the jaw knocked India back against the wall, then she slowly slid down just as Shannon nailed her with a left over the eyebrow that left a 2" gash above it from her ring. India crashed face down on the floor at Shannon's feet, out cold!

Shannon staggered back shaking her head, then leaned forward with both hands on the wall for support, looking down at India's body beneath her. Shannon's legs were like noodles and it felt as if she were standing in quicksand…but at least SHe was still standing; at least she could say that!