Cybill Shepherd vs Kirstie Alley Wrestling by Blue Rook (05-Aug-99)

Suddenly the bell rang, and the waiting was over, and the two women charged. Cybill focused all of her attention on her opponent, the rest evaporated from her mind. She circled the ring cautiously, as did Kirstie, each staring tenaciously at the other. The crowd roared in anticipation of the action, but the two wrestlers were being extremely cautious. After almost a minute of inactivity, the crowd grew impatient and started to voice their displeasure.

Realizing this, the two women moved towards each other slowly. Alley moved first, thrusting her arms towards Cybill's throat, but the silver Cybill quickly pitched to the side to avoid it. She kept her upper body moving in a circular motion and then bent forward and lunged her head forward into Kirstie's gut all in one motion. Kirstie groaned as her body doubled forward just as Shepherd straightened herself up.

She stood upright with Alley's body draped over her shoulder, her legs hanging in front of Cybill and her head hanging in back of her. Shepherd wrapped her arm around Kirstie's waist to hold her in place, and then began to stomp around the ring, displaying her prize to the crowd. Kirstie kicked her legs and began to scream, smashing her hands into Shepherd's back, but Cybill continued her march, parading Alley around the ring. Completing the tour of the ring, Cybill marched back to the center and then tossed Kirstie's legs backward, flipping the ebony warrior off of her shoulder and sending her toward the mat. Alley flipped onto her back and then smashed to the canvas, her body sprawled out upon contact.

Cybill quickly marched alongside her and prepared to stomp her barefoot into Alley's stomach, but Kirstie rolled onto her side and Cybill missed, stomping the mat instead. Alley then rolled back, grabbing hold of Cybill's legs in the process. She wrapped her arms around both of Shepherd's legs, pulling them together before leaning up against them and knocking Cybill off of her feet. Shepherd tumbled backward, her butt crashing against the mat as she fell. Kirstie maintained the hold on her legs as she pushed herself up onto her feet, lifting Shepherd's legs with her. She stood up, pulled Cybill's legs straight up into the air and then began to stomp her barefoot into Cybill's rear end. She stomped quickly and forcefully, landing 10-12 hard kicks before relenting and rolling Shepherd onto her stomach. Cybill slapped at the mat, angry with herself for letting Kirstie get the upper hand.

The crowd began to cheer, finally getting a chance to witness some wrestling as Kirstie went right to work. She tightened her grip on Shepherd's legs and began to push them back towards Cybill's head, arching her back in the process. Kirstie was beginning to apply a Boston Crab, and Cybill knew that she was in trouble. Kirstie placed her legs so that they straddled Cybill's lower back as she faced her head, still forcing her opponent's flaming legs up toward her head.

Shepherd's back began to stretch painfully as it curved into a "U" shape while Kirstie continued to press her legs forward. Shepherd began to scream as the pain mounted, wretchedly trying to figure out a way to break the hold. Kirstie, meanwhile showed no mercy as she pushed Cybill's legs so
that her feet were now even with her shoulders and about two feet above them. The crowd roared their approval as Cybill moaned in pain. Cybill's legs were spread apart as Kirstie had her arms wrapped around each of her thighs to hold them in place. Shepherd's shiny stomach was lifted completely off of the mat and was facing the side of the ring as she began to panic, not able to endure the pain much longer. She feared that what was supposed to be a glorious night would end up in a quick and devastating defeat.

Despondent, she decided to try to roll her body back and forth in the hopes of forcing Alley to lose her balance and grip. She began to rock herself from side to side, but Kirstie planted her feet firmly and easily thwarted the attempt. Cybill could bear no more and was about to submit when Alley finally relented and released her grip, freeing Shepherd's legs. The aching Cybill rolled onto her side, arching her back as she tried to rub the pain away. Kirstie quietly walked up in front of her and in an instant, kicked the ball of her foot into Shepherd's elongated stomach. Cybill let out a painful scream and quickly curled herself into a ball, protecting her injured stomach. Alley smiled, realizing that she had her blonde adversary at her mercy. Shepherd was in tremendous pain on both sides, both her back and stomach were aching and wounded. She knew that she had to act fast to prevent a slaughter, but she was in tremendous pain.

Alley reached down and grabbed a handful of Cybill's hair and tugged her up onto her feet. She let go of Cybill's hair and prepared to begin working over her stomach, but Shepherd acted fast. She propelled her head forward and smashed the top of it into Alley's face. Kirstie moaned as she lifted both hands to her face, cupping the spot which Cybill had just head-butted. Cybill tried to straighten herself up, knowing that she didn't have much time to make her next move.

Alley took a few steps back as she covered her face, trying to clear her head. Shepherd walked gingerly over toward her and rammed her knee into Kirstie's unsuspecting stomach. Alley
folded in half before Cybill then quickly raised her elbow and rammed it into the middle of Kirstie's bowed back. Kirstie crashed to the mat, moaning from the force of the blow. Cybill
took a few seconds to recuperate, but then quickly turned her attention back to her fallen foe. Cybill walked up alongside Kirstie and stood directly next to her lower back. She then jumped into the air and pulled her knee out in front of her as he began to descend. Her knee landed directly into the center of Alley's lower back, mashing the pretty woman's back.

Shepherd jumped to her feet while Kirstie screamed loudly as she rolled onto her back, trying to comfort herself. Cybill then repeated the move, this time landing her knee into Kirstie's stomach, but holding it in place after landing. Kirstie gasped as the air drained from her body, her stomach flaming with pain. Shepherd continued to kneel on her midsection, driving her knee further into the devastated area. Alley rolled her head from side to side in agony. Her long, brown hair fell over her face as she gyrated her head back and forth, Shepherd still mashing her knee into Kirstie's gut. Finally Cybill pressed her knee down and then pushed herself up, using Kirstie's tummy as the launching pad. Shepherd stood over the bruised Kirstie, listening to the crowd. Her body was shimmering with sweat as she looked around.

Cybill reached down and grabbed a handful of Alley's thick chestnut locks and yanked her onto her feet, Kirstie's eyes rolled as she was lifted up, her body contorted in pain. Cybill continued to yank on her hair until Kirstie stood completely upright. She then launched her knee forward, driving it into Alley's beleaguered belly. Kirstie hunched forward, but was able to quickly lift herself up to avoid a further attack on her back. As her upper body lifted however, Cybill was reaching down to grab her by the hair again. Because Kirstie had lifted herself up so quickly, Shepherd's hand instead grabbed her top accidentally and pulled it down unintentionally. Cybill paused for a second, not realizing what she had done as Kirstie's large breasts bounced out of her lowered top and bounced around freely. Shepherd was stunned, she had meant to grab Kirstie's hair, but because of Kirstie's quick movement, she had yanked her top down.

The crowd erupted cheering the display of Kirstie's firm, round breasts as her face turned deadly serious. It began to turn bright red as she hastily tucked her breasts back into her top. Cybill was startled and didn't move, staring at Kirstie as she struggled to cover herself. Able to slip her top back on, Alley's face revealed her anger. She seemed to disregard her pain as she grew increasingly furious at Shepherd for ripping her top off.

Shepherd attempted to continue, but Kirstie instantly pushed her, driving her backward toward the ropes. Alley forced Shepherd back against the ropes and then cocked her arm, delivering a powerful right cross to Cybill's jaw. Cybill's whole body slumped against the ropes as her head catapulted backward and then bounced forward before settling in front of her. Just as Shepherd lifted her head however, Alley unleashed an even mightier jab into Cybill's kisser, snapping her head back again. Cybill's head bobbed backward and then forward as if on a spring, but Kirstie again punched her in the face and knocked her backward. This went on for several more shots, Alley mercilessly ramming her fist into Cybill's face over and over.

Finally Kirstie blasted one more violent punch and Cybill bounced back against the ropes and then fell straight forward, her arms at her sides. She crashed to the mat without even lifting her arms to break her fall. The crowd howled their praise of the brunette beauty as she continued to steam.
Showing no mercy, she reached down and grabbed Shepherd's wrist, pulling her up onto her feet. Cybill's eyes were glazed over and her face was bruised as Kirstie hauled her onto her feet. She then cradled her arms behind Cybill's back and lifted her up, holding the limp body of her adversary in her arms. She then dropped to one knee and pulled her arms back toward her body, sending Cybill's outstretched body tumbling downward. Shepherd's back smacked against Alley's knee in a painful back-breaker as her body bent on either side of the enraged woman's leg. Kirstie then raised her hands over her head and began to slam her fists into Cybill's extended stomach, driving shot after shot into her firm abdomen. Cybill's body jerked up and down with each painful blast, but Kirstie continued to pound away, pulverizing Shepherd's belly.

After what seemed like minutes, Kirstie finally relinquished the beating and pulled her leg back in toward her body, dropping Shepherd's bruised body to the mat. Kirstie stood up and adjusted her top, staring maliciously at her battered foe. She then reached down and grabbed hold of Shepherd's now jumbled locks, violently yanking her up onto her feet. Cybill was oblivious, her eyes rolling helplessly in her head. Kirstie straightened her up and then rammed her knee into Cybill's flat, battered stomach. Shepherd moaned softly and then fell forward, her arms wrapped around her mangled midsection.

Alley stood in front of her and placed her knees on either side of Cybill's head, squeezing her legs up tightly against it. She then bent forward and wrapped her arms around Cybill's waist and with a mighty tug, pulled her into the air. Cybill's legs hurled into the air and immediately stood erect as her body hung down below her. Alley pulled her arms in tightly, compressing Shepherd's already smashed stomach. Cybill's arms fell helplessly below her as Kirstie spread her legs apart, releasing the grip on Cybill's head. She took a few deep breaths and then jerked Cybill's entire body into the air before driving it down toward the mat. Cybill shot like an arrow toward the canvas before her head smashed into it, her body collapsing upon impact and tumbling to the ground.

The crowd jumped to their feet as Shepherd laid motionless, her shimmering body trembling from the quick and vicious beating it had sustained. Kirstie was known for her temper, but the extent of this beating had surpassed even her reputation. Cybill was completely senseless, her made-up face now a blur of smeared make-up and bruises. Alley stood over her, unrepentant and looking to abuse her victim further. She kicked her foot forward, striking into Cybill's side and rolling her over onto her back. She then walked up toward Shepherd's shoulder and placed her barefoot over Cybill's throat, slowly pressing more of her weight down on it. Cybill's body began to quake and she raised her hands toward her throat to try and relieve the pain, but Kirstie just smiled as she pressed her weight down on Shepherd's esophagus.

Cybill's legs danced wildly as she tried to kick her legs to free herself, but it was no use. Sensing that her opponent was at the point of passing out, Kirstie lifted her foot off of her throat and walked away, strutting over to the side of the ring and gazing back at her helpless prey. Cybill was laying calmly, her shiny body still twinkling under the bright lights as it heaved up and down as attempted to catch her breath. Her battered stomach, taut, massaged and oiled before the match, was now a battlefield of bruises. Her bellybutton looked like a deep valley as her body trembled. The crowd cheered as Kirstie, now calm, finally acknowledged them.

She strode around the ring with her arms raised over her head. Her strong body was moist with
perspiration and it too shimmered, but without the bruises. She circled the ring before sauntering back toward Cybill. Standing alongside her stomach, she stomped down on it one more time
for good measure before walking toward the corner of the ring. She slowly climbed the ropes in the corner until she reached the top, balancing herself as she looked out into the crowd. She then spread her arms and leaped into the air, spreading her body in a swan dive as she descended on the
defenseless Cybill. Kirstie splashed across Cybill's shoulders, landing all of her weight on the beaten blonde. The crowd began to count in unison, slowly and loudly before finally reaching ten. Kirstie then slid herself off of Shepherd and knelt down alongside her. She looked into Cybill's vacant eyes and began to taunt her.

"Don't you ever think you can rip my top off and get away with it. You wanted to see my chest so bad, well how about I give you an up close view!" she whispered angrily at her conquered opponent.

With that she began to lean forward, lowering her chest onto Cybill's face. The crowd jumped to their feet, cheering the spectacle as Kirstie placed her large bosom over Cybill's face, engulfing the victim. Shepherd had no fight left in her, so her legs remained on the mat as her body quivered. After a few seconds, Alley lifted herself up, removing her chest from Cybill's face.

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