Lauren Ambrose vs. Laura Prepon by Blizzard

It all started innocently enough....or as innocently as it’s possible to be on ‘The Howard Stern Radio Show’. Lauren Ambrose was enjoying a career breakout year. The 22 y/o flame-haired actress from the HBO sensation ‘Six Feet Under’ had taken the plunge and agreed to appear on Stern’s show. Taking several friend’s valuable advice, she had arrived dressed as provocatively as she dared in a low-cut top and short skirt with fabulous shoes - a prerequisite for acceptance by the acerbic shock jock. The outfit was quite unlike Lauren, but she figured, ‘What the hell - this was Howard Stern’ and any points scored on appearance might lessen her chances of being ripped on the air.

The auburn-haired girl was a bundle of jitters the first few moments of the interview but her choice of attire clearly pleased Stern who lulled her into a false sense of security with general, career-oriented questions. About ten minutes into the half-hour session, however, he steered the conversation to a more controversial area.

“I’m looking at a tabloid headline,” he said with a hint of craftiness. “It says, ‘Look Out Laura, There’s A New Redhead In Town’.” He peered at Lauren over his dark glasses and added, “There’s a picture of you and Laura Prepon, that smokin’ redhead on ‘That 70’s Show’.”

Lauren scoffed at the headline, “Now Howard, you know how inaccurate those tabloids are.”

“So, there’s no hostility between you two?” he asked with a raised eyebrow and a quizzical tilt of his head.

“Nope, I’ve never even met her,” answered the redhead. “Besides, I try to keep my nose clean and ignore crap like that.”

Lauren shifted her behind on the couch, showing a little discomfort. And with good cause. Stern is a master at riling up his guest’s to the point that they revealed things on air better left unsaid. This interview was no exception as he carefully guided the ensuing conversation into areas that eventually produced a false sense of animosity between the two redheaded actresses where none existed. Poor Lauren slipped into his intricately woven web, not realizing she was being had!

“You know, you got cute little boobies,” Stern praised. “But ya gotta admit, Laura Prepon has awesome cans compared to yours.”

“Aw, c’mon Howard!” retorted Lauren, playfully jutting out her chest, “I really don’t think hers are MUCH bigger. She must wear a push-up bra or something, ‘cause hers aren’t really that big.”

Naturally, as so often happens at moments like this, Laura was listening to Stern’s show that morning as she cruised the LA streets in her BMW SUV. Lauren’s brash comments set Laura’s blood boiling. She snatched up her cell phone and called her agents, asking them to find out how she could reach Lauren Ambrose. Before long she had Lauren’s phone number, and after dialing it, she left her a brief message in reference to the show - along with her home phone number. The message was firm but not aggressive, simply that she wanted to speak with Lauren.

When Lauren returned to LA from New York after appearing on Stern’s show, she got Laura’s message and felt a wave of embarrassment about her thoughtless comment. She quickly called the tall redhead, being sincerely apologetic for her remarks. Much to Lauren’s relief, Laura seemed unfazed by her stinging remarks on Stern’s broadcast.

“I just wanted to let you know not to worry about it,” said Laura with a husky laugh. “He has way of agitating his guest’s and bringing out their worst side.”

The comforted Lauren immediately wanted to make up for her uncharacteristic actions and she invited Laura to her home the next day for lunch.

“It’ll be just us girls,” Lauren said. “My husband’s out of town for a few days.:

Laura accepted graciously, and received directions to the house. When the 22 y/o Laura arrived, Lauren was overwhelmed by her guest’s size.

“What a freakin’ Amazon!” thought Lauren. “Christ, Howard was right, her tits ARE huge!”

Lauren was dressed casually, a pair of olive drab canvas shorts and a yellow tank top. Lauren wasn’t one to dress up unless it was really necessary and she wanted the lunch to be laid back and informal. Laura, on the other hand, had recently decided to shed the ‘tomboy’ image of her character on the show and she arrived wearing a slate blue miniskirt and white sleeveless blouse. She was quite an attractive woman when she wore such figure-flattering clothes. Not only did her big bosom fill her blouse near to bursting, but her mile long legs were stunning in the short skirt.

They engaged in small talk for a half-hour or so over drinks before moving to Lauren’s spacious kitchen with a large oval oak dining table. Lauren brought out food from the refrigerator as they continued talking, placing bowls of pasta salad and tossed garden salad on the table, along with a small platter of sharp cheddar cheese, carrot sticks, celery and sliced cauliflower with a veggie dip.

“You know, I have this persona of being a ‘tough bitch’ because of my TV character,” said Laura as the smaller redhead laid out the food. “Actually, I’m pretty laid back..........until someone insults me,” she added, her tone turning ominous.

Lauren stopped and turned to look at her as she stood in front of the open refrigerator door, “Would you like red wine vinaigrette dressing?”

Nervously, Lauren put down the bottle salad dressing and pitcher of iced tea she was holding on the counter.

“Your little ‘tit tirade’ on Howard’s show insulted me,” snarled Laura.

Lauren faced the big woman and swallowed hard, “Look Laura, we already discussed that. I thought everything was cool.”

Laura stared at Lauren icily and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. After shedding it, she reached behind her with one hand and released her sheer white bra, the straps snapping slack as they were released. Laura slid the bra down her arms and posed proudly with her hands on her hips and her huge tits thrust out toward the open-mouthed and gaping Lauren.

“W..w..what the hell are you d...doing?!” stammered the smaller redhead.

Laura picked a carrot stick up from the platter and bit into it with a loud snap.

“Take off your shirt,” she said as she munched, “This’s a little demonstration.”

Lauren’s face was tainted with fear as she slowly shook her head, “No, I don’t think so, Laura. I guess this was a bad’d better leave,” she added as she closed the refrigerator door firmly with a dull THUMP.

The tall redhead approached the smaller girl confidently, pressing up against Lauren and forcing the smaller girl back against the refrigerator. She crowded Lauren, who looked up at her with fright showing in her eyes.

“Let’s be adult’s about this, shall we?” Lauren said, her voice quivering.

Laura plucked at the plunging neckline of her rival’s tank top with her fingers and repeated her demand, “Off!” she growled.

Lauren had nowhere to run. It was time to act. She suddenly shoved the larger woman back, screaming, “Don’t fuck with me bitch! Now get out of my house this instant!”

But instead of leaving, the brazen redhead lunged at Lauren, grabbing her tousled mane and yanking her head down, bending her over forward. As she kept one hand wrapped in Lauren’s hair, pressing down on the back of her head, Laura’s free hand started to tug at Lauren’s top, pulling it up her back. The yelping redhead was staring at the floor, unable to lift her head as her tank top was rudely pulled over her head.

Laura let go of Lauren’s hair, whipped off her shirt and re-grabbed her hair again before she could straighten up. Laura kept her folded over at the waist as she deftly unhooked Lauren’s bra. Enraged by her assault on her, Lauren slapped at the big girl’s legs, spewing expletives as her perky little bare boobs shook and quivered as her bra dangled at her elbows.

Laura snapped Lauren upright and staggered the shrieking girl with a powerful face slap. Lauren slumped back against the refrigerator on wobbly legs, the room spinning and her ears ringing. Her Amazonian guest ripped the loose bra the rest of the way down her arms and flung it aside. Without a second of hesitation, the big redhead embraced her dazed opponent in a bearhug and pinned her against the refrigerator as her mountainous mammaries engulfed poor Lauren’s face in her cleavage. Lauren’s gasped protests were muffled by Laura’s huge heaving breasts.

“Now, let’s compare tits, shall we?” said Laura with a haughty grin. She stared at her foe’s bugged out eyes as poor Lauren whimpered and slapped feebly at her hips as Laura pushed her butt on the door of the fridge.

“How do you rate mine NOW, bitch?” Laura chuckled, proud of herself for so completely and easily dominating the smaller redhead.

Lauren squirmed helplessly, her breathing seriously hindered by the fleshy globes of flesh squashed onto her face. Her whimpering escalated to a panicked pitch as Laura grasped her hair at the back of her head and lifted her face out of her cleavage for an instant.

“Wait, maybe you need another look before you decide!” she teased.

Then Laura forced Lauren’s flushed face back into her cleavage. Suddenly, she felt a piercing pain between her legs and cried out in anguish as she shoved Lauren away from her. Lauren had slipped her hand under Laura’s skirt and was ravaging the big girl’s pussy, raking and tearing at the tender area ferociously with her manicured nails.

Laura lurched backward, exposing her tits as she screamed and grabbed at Lauren’s forearm trying to pull her hand away from her crotch. Lauren quickly latched onto one of Laura’s eraser-sized nipples with her teeth since it was nearly poking her in the eye, and bit down hard! A bloodcurdling shriek filled the kitchen as Laura went berserk with pain. She grabbed the arm of the hand beneath her skirt while her other hand groped for one of Lauren’s perky breasts. She was frantically trying to inflict any pain that might force Lauren to retreat.

The smaller redhead was like a pit bull in attack mode however. She kept both agonizing holds in place as she pushed Laura back and started to bend her over the edge of the table. Lauren released her nipple gnaw and instead grabbed both of Laura’s big tits in her hands, squishing and squeezing savagely as she forced Laura’s back down on the table top. The wailing big redhead groaned and grimaced as Lauren mashed and twisted her huge globes of tit flesh, sending waves of pain through her lanky body.

“You bitch!” hissed Lauren, her eyes afire as she tortured her devious guests big breasts.

Aaaaaannngghhhhhh!!!” cried Laura as her foe released one of her breasts only to delve back into her crotch when her hips hit the table edge and her thrashing legs were forced into the air.

Laura’s sheer white string bikini panties were viciously ripped from her hips and down to her knees as her nasty little red-haired hostess plunged her fingers into the big girl’s pussy, gouging and clawing relentlessly. Soon, auburn-hued pubes littered the table top between Laura’s legs as her bush was forcibly trimmed by Lauren’s busy fingers.

“Your fat tits and hairy pussy make easy targets, you stupid cunt!” snarled the smaller redhead.

Lauren persisted with her pussy punishment as she raised her foot and stepped on the crotch of Laura’s tangled panties, peeling them the rest of the way down her legs and off onto the floor. Lauren slipped her hips between the big redhead’s thrashing legs, leaned over her body and renewed her two-handed breast mauling attack. Laura frantically waved her hands as she slapped at Lauren; but it had little effect as the combined tit and pussy torture she’d absorbed had her senses reeling.

“You may be bigger than me, but my redheaded temper is just as dangerous as yours!” snapped Lauren as she clawed the yelping redhead’s red and ravaged boobs.

Laura gritted her teeth as she vainly pawed at her petite foe’s wrists, desperately trying to free her boobs.

“You little...OWWWW.....cunt!” Laura screamed. “When I get up, I’m gonna...OHHHHH!

“You’ll fucking wish you didn’t have tits after I’m done with ‘em!” hissed Lauren.

The big redhead’s eyes burned angrily into Lauren’s as she reached up and began to desperately pull and yank at her hair . Lauren squealed in pain, but continued tit mauling, intent on tearing the huge globes from Laura’s chest. Laura’s legs suddenly wrapped around the smaller redhead’s waist and she locked her ankles in a scissors around Lauren’s slim waist. She grunted as she squeezed like a boa constrictor, forcing a pained gasp from her smaller opponent.

The big redhead rammed the heel of her hand up under Lauren’s chin and began to force her head back. Lauren groaned and trembled as the pressures on her neck and back became unbearable. Finally, she was forced to release her claws from Laura’s tits to grab her wrist and relieve the pressure under her chin. That’s when Laura took the opportunity to rattle Lauren’s head with a sharp punch to the temple that dazed the grunting girl. Lauren’s hands went limp and dropped to Laura’s heaving belly and Laura buried her hands in Lauren’s shock of wild, disheveled auburn hair.

As Laura continued to viciously squeeze Lauren’s waist, she pulled Lauren’s head toward her, forcing the whimpering girl’s flushed face back down into her abundant cleavage. Laura wrapped her arms around the back of the smaller girl’s head and hugged tight, smothering Lauren in a sweaty, dark sea of soft tit flesh. Lauren’s feet scrabbled on the tile floor weakly, but she was unable to find a purchase or even buck herself free from her tightly secured, immobilized position.

“My ‘fat tits’ are lethal weapons, tiny tits,” growled Laura as she controlled her fading foe. “Say goodnight hon.”

Lauren mumbled incoherently into Laura’s tits as her hands vainly clawed at the bigger girl’s ass, hips and thighs. But her weak attempt to claw her way free did no damage and very soon her struggling ebbed and her moans trailed off as her hands flopped limp on the table top and her feet stopped slapping the floor. Lauren Prepon lay quiet and still, her topless body slumped lifelessly over the belly of the superior redhead who still held her head cradled to her bosom..

Laura smiled with satisfaction as she sat up on the edge of the table, holding Lauren by a handful of hair and her legs still wrapped securely around her waist. A small stream of drool dropped from the smaller girl’s gaping mouth onto Laura’s belly as Laura let her limp hostess slide down to her knees on the floor as she opened her legs. Laura raised her foot, planted it in the middle of Lauren’s chest, then let go of her hair and straightened her leg, letting Lauren topple over onto her back. She landed on the tile floor with a SPLAT, her legs spread-eagled and her limp arms flopping wide open.

The big girl winced as she gently massaged her ravaged tits for a moment, then glared down at her hostess, then back to the clock on the wall which told her it was lunch time.

“I’m ready for a snack,” she said smugly. “A good catfight always makes me ravenous. How ‘bout you?”

She slid off the table, but she quickly groaned when her feet hit the floor. Her hand shot to her sore, aching pussy and she knew that the mere act of moving her legs for the next few days would remind her of Lauren’s ‘hospitality.’ Laura glared down at the doer of the damage to her pussy, then slowly bent and retrieved her sheer panties from the floor. Stuffing them into Lauren’s open mouth, she muttered, ‘Bon appetite, bitch!’

Laura helped herself to the food on the table, munching the sliced veggies and helping herself to the pasta salad.

“Mmmm, pretty tasty, sleeping beauty,” she said between mouthfuls. “I wonder who catered this party for you.”

After her brief snack, Laura stepped over to the body of the still unconscious redhead and pulled the panties from her mouth.

“You finished munching on these?!” she asked snidely as the tall, flame-haired vixen gingerly raised her foot and stepped into her panties, then pulled them up under her tiny skirt, wincing as the material brushed across her wounded groin.

Then she spied the sweating pitcher of ice tea Lauren had put down on the counter at the start of their little ‘spat’. She picked it up, went over and straddled Lauren on her knees as she swilled the tea straight out of the pitcher.

“I want you to have nightmares about my beautiful tits,” Laura thought to herself as she spit a stream of tea in Lauren’s blank face.

The smaller girl was jarred back to consciousness and as she opened her mouth, Laura dumped the entire pitcher of tea in her face. Lauren jerked up coughing and sputtering as Laura set the pitcher on the floor beside her foot.

“What..are you......Hey, get the fuck off m....”

The drenched girl’s protest was cut off when Laura grabbed her bare boobs in her claws and squeezed.

OWWWWW!!! SHIT!” screamed Lauren, her feet beating a little tattoo on the tile floor.

“I’m only gonna say this one time, cunt, so listen up!” growled Laura with malicious grin as she yanked Lauren’s traumatized breasts, making the poor girl cry out.

“Little boobies..........,” said Laura, giving the redhead’s tits a hard squeeze.

Then she released her breast claw and threw herself forward, her full breasts mashing onto Lauren’s face as she pinned the protesting girl’s wrists to the floor and hooked her out-turned feet above Lauren’s heels, spreading the smaller girl’s leg wide in a painful grapevine.

“Big tits…..!” she snarled as she crushed Lauren’s face with her mountainous mammaries. “Any questions?”

Lauren squirmed weakly beneath the weight of her overpowering rival, desperately twisting her head from side-to-side in a frantic search for air. The only thing visible above the flattened mounds of Laura’s squashed tits was Lauren’s forehead and her red hair; wet and disheveled, stuck to her scalp. Her head shook modestly in vain, unable to escape the oppressive weight of Laura’s full breasts resting upon it. The result of the lack of oxygen came quickly and Lauren’s ineffectual quivering faded, as she whimpered a nearly incoherent plea.

“Nnmmoooo........,” she moaned softly just before she passed out again and once more her protesting voice fell silent.

“Yes!” corrected Laura as she rose on one elbow as she cupped one of her flesh weapons in the palm of her hand as she slowly and delicately traced the outline of Lauren’s full lip’s with the rock hard nipple and grinned.

The rugged girl finally arose from the unconscious body of her victim and returned her attention to the food on the table. Her eyes went to the edge of the table where several clumps of her auburn pubic hair had fallen when Lauren had ripped them out of her snatch.

“Yuck!” she said disgustedly.

Then she brushed them into her open palm and sprinkled them over the pasta salad and stirring them in.

“I’m guessing your hubby’s gonna be hungry when he gets home,” she said with an evil snicker. “This’ll sure be a treat for him…..lucky boy!”

Laura snatched her bra up off the floor and stood with her strong legs straddling Lauren’s waist. Looking wistfully down at the destroyed girl, Laura’s face suddenly brightened as she had an idea. She tossed her bra on the table and went over to her shoulder bag.

She took out a digital camera and put it on the edge of the table. Peering through the viewfinder, she established her point of reference on the refrigerator door. She set the timer before she hustled over to Lauren, hauled the bare-breasted girl up to her knees and knelt beside her. Laura jerked Lauren’s head up by her hair so that her half-closed, vacant eyes were pointed toward the ticking camera.

“Smile!” she giggled as she cupped her right tit and pressed it to Lauren’s slack-jawed lips as the camera began to beep, then flashed as it snapped a picture.

Laura dropped Lauren on her back and skipped over to the camera, picked it up and previewed the picture she’d just posed for.

“Perfect!” she gushed. “I’ll e-mail it to Howard. The comparison between us is quite dramatic.”

The big redhead put her bra and blouse on and nibbled on a stalk of celery. “I’m sure Howard’ll be dying to have you back on the show. I’m betting you’ll exercise a little restraint in your next interview.”

As she turned to leave, she dredged the half-eaten stalk of celery through the dip and took another bite.

“Ugh.......this dip sucks!” she said with a scowl, then grabbed the container and dumped it contents on unconscious Lauren’s chest. “And so do your puny little titties,” she said.

Laura spun on her heel, grabbed up her shoulder bag and left her messy redheaded rival sprawled on her back on her kitchen floor with her ‘puny little tits’ covered with veggie dip. A few days later, Howard Stern sat glued to his computer at the studio. Laura had sent the picture and Gary, Howard’s producer was leering over his shoulder at the jaw-dropping image of a topless Laura posing with her battered, topless foe.

“Get them on the show!” said Howard excitedly.

“Hell, Lauren’d never do it,” Gary whined dejectedly.

“Are you kiddin’ me?” Howard laughed. “She’s a redhead.......I don’t know any redhead who’d take that kind of embarrassment sitting down. Give her a chance for revenge and she’ll be eating out of my hand.” Then he said with a wicked grin, “And if that don’t work, tell her I’ll show the picture on my show so everyone’ll know why she’s afraid to come and sit in the same room with Laura. Either way, we get fantastic ratings!”